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Archive 002 2011-2012

Wednesdays @ 1 pm ET on Twitter
Note: Evening #hcsmca chats on 4th (last) Wednesday of the month 9pm ET.
This document serves as an archive. PLEASE do not over-write previous weeks' questions.
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96Sept 19-12Happy 2-year birthday #hcsmca@colleen_young@colleen_youngLink to Transcript53
T1: What can we learn/research from 2 year's of #hcsmca data and transcripts?@colleen_young
T2: What questions should we ask? What answers do we need to improve, grow, build capacity in #hcsm?@colleen_young
95Sept12-12T1 What are the benefits and limitations of using social media to educate decision-makers?SPECIAL EDITION Focus on advocacy and educating decision-makers via social media.@laurendhughes @laurendhughes Link to Transcript39
T2 What examples have you seen of successful, or unsuccessful, social media education campaigns?@laurendhughes
94Sep5-12 1pm ETT1: Empowered patients exposing gaps in clinician training & education. How to bridge the gap?With patients having access to more health information online and starting to access their test results online, there is a push back from some clinicians that patients shouldn't view their test results without physician presence. However, some patients have observed that their physicians may not always understand those test results fully. This is just one gap that's been identified. What others can you think of and how can feedback from empowered patients help bridge this gap?@YaserAlyounes@QuintePediatricLink to Transcript23
T2: How can we improve health literacy in order to empower more patients & improve the in-office experience for both ptnt & HCP? #hcsmcaOn the other side of the coin presented by T1, what can be done to improve health literacy in order to help empower more patients & improve the in-office experience for both patient and HCP? E.g. "AskMe3" http://bit.ly/OmWubO
93Aug29-12 9pm ETT1: Campaigns like #GetFit encourage sharing yr healthy lifestyle through SM. Do u think this creates lasting healthy change?http://www.ge.com/getfit/@AshleyWeinhandl @AshleyWeinhandl Link to Transcript
T2a: From a patient perspective, are analytics like Top Influencers helpful as discovery tool in their disease experience?
T2b: Do you see a ethical problem with companies mining people's public tweets for analytical purposes? Where should the line be drawn?
http://t.co/a5PeNaWW See blog post for more details.@audvin
92Aug22-12 1pm ETT1: Did you take a holiday from social media this summer? Discuss maintaining life balance in the always-on nature of sm.@colleen_young@HC_Link Link to Transcript
T2: How do you find good social media advice? How do you weed out the bad?@samanthajung
91Jul 18-12T1: how can health promotion social media campaigns support one another across Canada? RT's are good but what else can we do?Using the #hcsmca community, how can we best spread health promotion messages and help each other build communities?@robynsussel@AlainaBCyrLink to Transcript
90Jul11-12T2: Is publishing ER waittimes online for good or evil? Do you think this info benefits patients?Some emergency depts are starting to report real-time wait info on the web. Read this @healthydebate blog by @FrontDoor2HC for background: http://healthydebate.ca/opinions/publishing-wait-times-for-good-or-evil@frontdoor2HC@bornkLink to Transcript
Facebook plans organ donor option for Canada http://bit.ly/NnUGNg Will this be as successful as U.S. initiative?@pamelamtoman
89Jul4-12T1:Why should a busy doctor care about social media?Many MDs say they have little interest and no time to become involved in social media. What are the good reasons they might want to reconsider.@cmaer@cmaerLink to Transcript
T2:Social media and health care - how have things changed since 2010?Two years ago many felt social media would transform health care and the way it is being delivered. Has that happened?@cmaer
88June 27-12 9pm ETT1: As healthcare consumers, how do we know which info & orgs are trustworthy? How can we ensure a safe online patient experience?@mandieh03 @mindthecompany Link to Transcript
T2: As healthcare providers, which health information would you like your patient's to be looking for? What is helpful, what is not?@mindthecompany
T3: What health information sourced via social media do you consider reliable, credible and relevant?@colleen_young
87June 20-12 1pm ETT1 What's the "return" in return on investment when using social media in non-profit sector?Most tips on proving the value of using social media in practice rely on figuring out the Return On Investment (ROI). In the non-profit sector, how do you prove value when money isn't directly involved (as in, there are no sales stats or profits to measure)? What "return" do you measure instead?@alainabcyr@Arjun_S07Link to Transcript
T2 With apps like myvoice changing the mobile health app industry, where do we see the future lie with all the innovations today?Today there are various mobile apps in the health field for health and disabilities. Some apps like Myvoice are just the beginning to the future. Where do we see the innovations continuing towards? Especially in a booming market with the apps@Arjun_S07
86June 13-12 - 1pm ETT1: What are the key ingredients to developing a social media plan?So we've talked strategy. We're all on board with 2-way communication. But what does your sm plan look like? @colleen_young@colleen_youngLink to Transcript
T2: What are benefits of virtualizing health-specific hackathons to allow cross-province collaboration?Hackathons or Coding Marathons are events held over one weekend where subject matter experts present a problem and work with developers through a rapid software development session over a weekend to develop a prototype and polish the conceptual design of the solution. With healthcare funding being cut, how can leverage such a model, using social media to connect a wider audience to solve healthcare problems?@YaserAlyounes
85June 6 - 1pm ETT1: Can new healthcare organizations be 'born digital'? What examples, best practices and learning opportunities can we identify? How do these organizations differ from traditional organizations in terms of communications expectations and strategies?The Association of Registered Nurses of BC (@BCRNs) is using social media platforms to engage nurses in the development of a new nursing association. Has anyone noticed? What can we learn from their experience? How does an organization that is 'born digital' differ from organizations that have to make the transition/adaptation from traditional communications?@seancranbury@seancranburyLink to Transcript#nurses #nursing #ARNBC
84May 30 - 9pm ETHow can physicians (and other health care providers) use social media for advocacy, such as with the #refugeehealth issue?Discuss good examples of advocacy using social media, how people can use it, how physicians in particular can use it, and brainstorm ideas particular to #refugeehealth. For more background: http://www.smich.ca/?p=454 @AnnFuller@AnnFullerLink to Transcriptadvocacy, physicians, health care, refugee health,
83May 23-12 1pm ETT1: How can SM help improve healthcare decision making through real-time quality, safety, efficiency data?Today healthcare ecosystems are pressured to improving on quality, safety and efficiency. Measuring the success of efforts in these areas on a day-to-day or hour-by-hour basis is essential to engage staff, physicians and patients. What data/information do you need now to improve the decisions you make around quality, safety, or efficiency that you don't currently have or which data you wish you had faster?@carlosrizo@carlosrizoLink to Transcript
T2: What SM data/information can make it easier for patients to navigate the healthcare system seamlessly?Besides access to the electronic health record, what other information or data could improve the patient experience?@carlosrizo
82May 16-12 1 pm ETT1: How can a team of people managing an organization's social media channels well?Discuss best practices. Pros and cons.#hcsmca participants from last week@CIHR_CTN (also @MelKux)Link
T2: How can we convince funders/sponsors that SM efforts require long term dollars to receive net returns?There is little to no long term money for social media/marketing efforts - Discuss experiences and develop talking points to use in proposals.@JATetro
81May9-12 1pm ETSPECIAL EDITION with guest Mark Farmer from the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. We'll be discussing the pros and cons of organizations with multiple Twitter accounts. How does this translate for health care?What #hcsmca can learn from the ROM@colleen_young@colleen_youngLink
T2: How does the ROM use its other social media channels? http://www.slideshare.net/Markus6464/markfarmer-podcamp2012
see slide 8.
80May 2-12 1pm ET T1: Facebook adds organ donations to timeline. Good, bad, your thoughts? http://stwem.com/2012/05/02/facebook-taste-maker-mould-breaker-earth-shaker-in-the-health-conversation/
@AnnFuller @QuintePediatric (@SaraHamil)

T2: Why do you want healthcare institutions to communicate with you (member of the public) via social media?@colleen_young
79Apr 25-12 9pm ETT1: What strategy lessons can you offer on success & challenge implementing sm to > quality in healthcare/orgs/population?Various stakeholders in healthcare/health experience differing levels of success with implementing social media to improve quality in health care/health organizations and the population at large.. What successes/challenges have you either directly experienced or are you aware of? What words of wisdom can you offer to others approaching health organizations regarding their social media strategy? See Recent Survey Results on social media strategy & presentation to BCPSQC Social Media Camp via Slideshare See esp slides 9-12 http://www.slideshare.net/mobile/paulwgallant/survey-results-social-media-health-care-2012-paul-gallant-che@HealthWorksBC@HealthWorksBCLinkstrategy, Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA), quality improvement (QI),collaboration, engagement, adoptionSee Esp slides 9-12
and http://www.slideshare.net/mobile/paulwgallant/mind-the-gap-socialmedia-sm-strategy-relationship-building-for-health-system-improvements-paul-gallant-che Slides 7-9 & 16-18
T2: (other topic welcome: but if not...) Privacy & health social media co-existing for the greater good? What r the "must dos" & definitely "don'ts"? (other topics welcome from other contributors/feel free ot update with your topic (paul @HealthWorksBC)
78Apr 18-12 1pm ETT1: How can #hcsmca raise geospatial literacy, and what role does Gov2.0 have in promoting geospatial interoperability standards?@MappingResearch@d_bourneLinkhttp://www.opengeospatial.org/blog/1568 http://www.slideshare.net/NBHub/essdwg5
T2: How can #hcsmca help to promote online safety, and help those who are more vulnerable to spam/hackers to be safe online? Members of our offline and online communities with developmental disabilities and/or special needs are often easy prey for spammers, hackers or other online predators. How can we help support, educate, and give them and their friends and families the tools to be safe online? @safeonlineCLBC & @alissasadlerhttp://www.icanbesafeonline.com
77Apr 11-12 1pm ETT1: How are Provincial health ministries contributing to the HCSMCA conversation? Should they be leading or listening more?The BC Health Minister just announced ThinkHealthBC last week. Take a look: http://www.thinkhealthbc.ca/.@seancranbury@seancranbury Link
T2 Are the provincial ombudsmen using social media? What role do they play in the hcsmca conversation?We need transparency in all facilities, eg to protect our elderly. Does sm play a positive role in protecting our health care rights? Ontario is only province w/o ombudsman oversight.@NatriceR
76Apr 4-12 1pm ETT1: What social media tools do family caregivers use and why?@CanadianHPCAssn @kathykastnerLink
T2: Do family caregivers use sm to coordinate care services? How can this be supported? @VirtualHospice
75Mar28-12 9pm ETT1: Can social media peers help enhance the life experience of people with special needs, especially children and their caregivers?How can social media support children with special needs and their caregivers? Do we have a social responsibility to promote health, acceptance and understanding for children living with special needs? How can the #hcsmca community help? @mindthecompany & @CfCOntLTCHomes@NaheedDLink
T2: Learning about sm for health & #meded - how did you learn or teach? Have you seen @berci's online course on sm and medicine?Here's info about the course
This is the link to sign up and try it out http://thecourse.webicina.com/pages/
74Mar21-12 1pm ETT1: How can social media support human physical contact for people with chronic and life-limiting conditions?I believe that people with advanced conditions need human contact more than ever. Can social media help these people get what they need? @klimaz@AlainaBCyrLink
T2: Ontario hospital-funding is changing. Does this open new possibilities for social media in healthcare? How?See related Globe & Mail article http://bit.ly/GCnPHY Are other provinces also changing their funding structure?@ogradylaura & @colleen_young
73Mar14-12 1pm ETT1: How can social media help put new research findings and/or clinical guidelines into practice?Evidence into practice: New research findings and clinical guidelines can take a long time to make their way to the people practicing health care. Can social media help GPs unable to read all the journals stay on top of new best practices and research? Can social media help patients get the latest findings or guidelines that they can share with their doctors?@CIHR_CTN@CIHR_CTN (also @MelKux)Linkresearch, knowledge transfer, KT, KTEE
T2: Knowledge Translation: What are the best ways to share/exchange/translate health knowledge online? Knowledge translation can take many forms. What is most effective for health info online?@CIHR_CTN
72Mar7-12 1pm ETT1: There are 17000 mHealth (mobile health) apps now. Which ones do you find most useful/suitable for Canadian healthcare?With thousands of mobile health apps, which are the ones you use, which do you think patients need, which do you think doctors need, which do you think are useful and suitable for the Canadian healthcare ecosystem?@carlosrizo@carlosrizoLinkmhealth, health_apps, iPhone, Android, app_market
71Feb29-12 1pm ETT1: How can we encourage further social media adoption/collaboration among HCPs?Following from the #hcsmca panel at #pcto2012 this past weekend, let's discuss how we (patients, advocates, HCPs, etc) as health care "consumers" can encourage more patient-provider, provider-provider and provider-administrator collaboration via social media.@QuintePediatric @QuintePediatric (@SaraHamil) Linkphysician, collaboration, adoption, Pinterest,
T2: How can we collaborate to create social media campaigns on selected issues?how can we 'go viral' together by using the power of collaboration (patients, advocates, etc.) to create strong social media campaigns on selected issues (e.g. facebook status campaign for a national day)@AdvanceCarePlan
T3:Has anyone explored Pinterest?Pinterest is the much talked about social media network that appeals to women (although men use it). Does it offer potential for health communicators? Has anyone seen a potential use for it?@impactbc
70Feb22-12 1pm ETT1: Patient inclusion at medical conferences: Share your pros & cons. Ask guests (conference organizers & patient participants).Increasingly medical conferences (such as Med20, Doctors2.0 and others) are encouraging patents participation. I think this in part thanks to social media, participatory medicine, recognition of value of co-design, etc@colleen_young@colleen_youngLink
69Feb 15-12 7pm ETSPECIAL: Livestream of #hcsmca Toronto meetup http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=2033@colleen_young@colleen_youngLink
68Feb8-12 1pm ETT1: Changing jobs, changing accounts: How do you manage your social capital@GET_ENGAGED, @CCRM_ca, @colleen_young,  @colleen_youngLink
T2: What happens to your online life when you die?http://scienceroll.com/2012/02/04/what-happens-to-your-online-life-when-you-die/
Update: PulseCheck at #smwTO http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=1267@colleen_young
67Feb1-12 1pm ETSPECIAL EDITION: focus on HealthyDebate.ca
T1: How to increase reach for websites aimed at informing public on health care policy? (eg @healthydebate)
Special focus on healthydebate.ca given new expansion of 'Opinions' section and 1 year anniversary.We want to engage the #hcsmca for new ideas around increasing reach, evaluation strategies.@bornk@bornkLink
T2: How to evaluate 'impact' of healthydebate.ca & similar sites?@bornk
66Jan 25-12 9pm ETT1:What Role for #hcsmca in Community Based Primary HealthCare Centers eg CSSS?
65Jan18-12 1pm ET[revised] T1: What do you share with health professionals via soc med (particularly peer exchange)? What do you do when you get no response?

[original] T1: Do you communicate with other Doctors/Dentists/Healthcare Professionals local to you; even if they are sometimes in competition with you? If so, what if you are willing to communicate with them but they do not respond?
Local to me (Calgary), there are 15 other Dentists on Twitter. However, countless attempts to communicate with or interact with them has been fruitless. Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems. @DrDeborahCooper@AlainaBCyrLink
T2: What tool/resource/strategy would you recommend to help SM newbies manage their presence?We all have our favourite tools, strategies or resources for keeping on top of social media. What have you found helpful in your own practice? What helped you get started?@AlainaBCyr
64Jan11-12 1pm ETT1: Do you think we over do it regarding privacy and mental health?Where are we right now and where do we need to be with growth into online care? Does extreme privacy encourage stigma and the idea that mental health should remain hidden?@aidanBOX@colleen_youngLink
T2: How can we best use SocMed in healthcare advocacy?How does SocMed help us advocate for changes to healthcare systems and practices?@roseneath_rd
63Dec 21-11 1pm ETT1: How does the exclusion of voices on social media impact discourse?@kkrisfalusi @YaserAlyounesLinkExclusion, elimination, listen, engage, audience, limitations
T2: Strategies for Better Communication using SocMed in 2012?@seancranburyMetrics, change, needs assessment, multimedia, education, engagement
62Dec 14-11 1pm ETT1: How to improve accountability & cost of health care? Consider: social media, Ombudsman oversight@GKonjarski@andrewspong Linkhealth care accountability ombudsman oversight
T2:Should we be encouraging greater openness with personal health data in order to improve health, medicine and society?@alex__butlercrowd sourcing, open data, analytics, statistical analysis, data sharing
61Dec 7-11 1pm ETT1: Gamification for health: Is this a useful model to incentivize healthy behaviours? http://airmilesb2b.com/social-change@smokershelpline@SafeCareSMLinkgames, healthy habits, problem solving, education, entertainment
T2: Who in healthcare is "doing social media right"?@Gursharn
60Nov 30-11 1pm ETT1: Can social media motivate behaviour change, ie, safe sex or self care practices? Any good examples?@CANFAR @CANFAR Linksafety, education, campaign, barriers, accessibility, awareness
T2. How does social media foster or restrict HIV stigma?@CANFAR misinformation, misperception, information exchange, education
59Nov24-11 9pm ET Physicians and social media. Who's doing it and why? Why do you want docs on sm?CMA published Furture Practice a focus on physicians and social media. If you're a doc, how are you using sm? If you're not a doc, which docs are you following, talking with and what about? http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/71a919a6#/71a919a6/1colleen_young@eHealthMusings LinkHealth Literacy, barriers, policy, privacyhttp://viewer.zmags.com/publication/71a919a6#/71a919a6/1
SM failures, whether in healthcare or not@eHealthMusingsFailure, challenge, Interaction
58Nov16-11 1pm ETSocial Media & Electronic Health Records: the key to enabling better relationships for health? (patient and provider)Sarina Cheng director of eHealth strategy at @SunnybrookHSC will be joining the chat to answer questions about MyChart@colleen_young@colleen_youngLinkEHR, PHR, Electronic health records, personal health records, Sunnybrook, MyChart
57Nov 9 1pm ETDiscuss the effect of soc med and health conferences like #HealthAchieve on users (patients & health professionals).@NatriceR@CraigTyyz LinkBridge gap, wider audience, information sharing
Social media related highpoints from the recent #Healthachieve, #PtDestiny and #healthcouncilca conferences@CraigTyyzInnovation, takeaway, transformation, Crowdsourcing
56Nov3-11 Meetup transcriptLink
55Nov2-11 1pm ETEveryone brainstorm! How can we use social media to recruit healthcare workers?@AnnFullerLinkRecruitment, job, work, Vacancy, Organizational Culture, Interview
Nov2-11 Everyone brainstorm! How can we use social media to improve staff and physician engagement?Engagement, Employee, Healthcare Practitioner, ePatient, patient, online community
54Oct27 9pm ETWho are the e-patient leaders in Canada? Are we maximizing sm to encourage participatory medicine here?The e-patient movement has a strong foothold in the US. e-patients.net, journal of participatory medicine http://www.jopm.org/, etc. Increasingly patients are being included in healthcare conferences. Is Canada keeping pace?@colleen_young@HealthWorksBCLinkepatient, e-patient, participatory medicine, electronic health records, privacy, confidentiality, forum
How can we improve patient engagement online without compromising confidentiality?@DrCooperLallPrivacy, Confidentiality, security, patient, ePatient
53Oct 19 1pm ETHow can HCPs provide better patient engagement in the health care process using social media? Good examples, links? @seancranbury @seancranbury LinkEngagement, Healthcare Practitioner, ePatient, patient, online community
52Oct 12 1pm ETHow do you fit social media into your work flow? How do you find the time?@colleen_young@colleen_youngLinktime management, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Radian6, Sprout Social, community, edutainment, awarenesshttp://sproutsocial.com/
How can we best use content integration to entertain & educate? This article from Huffington Pos gives a few good examples. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/peggy-conlon/content-integration_b_1000326.html?@Driven2Quit (now as @SmokersHelpline)
51Oct 5 1pm ETAre healthcare organizations open to patients sharing their experiences on sm; warts and all? What are some of the issues?Focus on "Patient Experience"@CraigTyyz@CraigTyyz Linkpatient experience
Are there examples where sm is being used to capture patient experience data? What are some ideas?@CraigTyyz
50Sept. 28 1pm ETANNIVERSARY SPECIAL.What is your most memorable #hcsmca conversation or moment? #hcsmca is celebrating its one-year anniversary today.@colleen_young@colleen_youngLinkcelebration, one year, anniversary,
Sept. 28 Can you name one #hcsmca conversation/inspiration/advice that you converted into an action?@colleen_young