UUCPA curriculum plan for 2012-2014
The following are *suggested* lessons for each week. Teachers should adjust lessons depending on the interests of the children. Some lessons relate to specific holidays, so check to be sure the lesson falls on the Sunday nearest the holiday and adjust the schedule if you need to.
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TopicPreschoolPreschoolUU identityUU identityUU identityUU identityUU identityUU identityUU identity
We Are Many...Chalice ChildrenCreating HomeAround the ChurchSpirit of AdventureSpirit of AdventureIn Our HandsStepping Stone YearRace to JusticeNeighboring FaithsTraditions with a Wink
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Week 1Name games and fun1:Welcome to Chalice Children1: On the Threshold1: Knowing me, you1: Fave sport5: Medicine saving lives1: Define peace17: Arthur Lismer1: Establishing a covenantIntro1: Opening
Week 21: Each of us2:A Tour of the Church2: Symbol of Faith (chalice)2: Our room, our c.2: Sports lessons6: medicine special doc2: Define justice18: Vil. Stefansson2: Sharing our heritages1.1: What is religious2: Morning has broken
Week 32:Here we meet friends3:Making Clay Chalices4: Animal Homes3: Walk mtg place3: Sports in cong.7: medicine first aid3: A framework19: Emily Stoewe3: Unlearning stereotypesOther UU congs.3: You!
Week 427: SE Asian mid-autumn festival4:Memory Game5: Home in Nature (Thoreau)4: More ch. friends4: Sports good & bad23: Building Jell-O4: Affirm self20: Lewis Latimer4: Stories of prejudiceVisit a UU cong.4: Cyberspace
Week 526: Halloween6:Fall Plantings9: Our Ancestral Home6: Halloween19: Science take apart24: Building FL Wright6: Deciding for P/J21: Clara Barton5: Personal experiences of prejudiceProcess visit5: Visit Sun. service
Week 65: Each tree is special8:Chalice Flannel Board11: Bless This Meal7: Fall walkaround20: Science Comets26:Building A visitor7: Respect others22: Bela Bartok6: Outlanders game4.1: Protestant6: Rosh Hashana
Week 76: We must care for trees9: Helping Others12: John Murray8: Fall walkaround21: Science inventions28: Explore Try new!11: 2 Stories23: Josiah Wedgwood7: The Game of Real Life4.2: UCC visit7: Mem. services
Week 86: We must care for trees16:Thanksgiving with Chalice Children13: Our Worship Home23: Thos. Starr King22: Science a visitor29: Explore Treas. map12: Local UUs24: Fannie Farmer8: Game of Real Life revisited4.3: Process visit8: This little light
TopicPreschoolPreschoolJ/C heritageJ/C heritageJ/C heritageJ/C heritageJ/C heritageJ/C heritageJ/C heritage
We Are Many...Chalice ChildrenStories about GodStories about GodTimeless ThemesTimeless ThemesKingdom of EqualsKingdom of EqualsGod ImagesNeighboring FaithsTraditions with a Wink
Week 129: Hanukkah17:How Many Days Until Christmas?1: Hide & Seek w/God1: Hide & Seek w/God2: Adam and Eve23: Flight to Egypt1:9: Beatitudes2: God as that which creates (Genesis)3.1: RC / Orthodox15: Love & joy
Week 230: Christmas18:Candles for Winter Holidays2: God has many name12: God inner eye3: Cain and Abel24: John the baptist2:14: Jesus' birth3: God as "is-ness" (burning bush)3.2: Orthod visit16: Birth legends
Week 312: Differences are interesting10:A Special Jigsaw Puzzle4: God is like mother13: God in silence4: Noah28: It's a miracle3:10: Treat Others as You Would5: God as ruler who wants fairness (prophets)3.4 Process visit11: Intro to Bible
Thanks- givingintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergen
Week 413: Both girls and boys12:Feeling Sad5: God is like father15: God like light7: Abraham & Isaac29: Healing power4:11: Love Your Enemies6: God as forgiving (prodigal son)2.1: Judaism12: Conflict resolution
Week 532: Chinese New Year13:Weddings and Services of Union6: God & prayer16: God like darkness9: Joseph & brothers31: Jesus' teachings5:12: Jesus' Style of Prayer7: God as mysterious (Job)2.2: Jewish guest13: Isaiah
Week 633: Valentine's Day14:Babies8: God & joy17: Good things10: Joseph & dreams32: Crucifixion6:13: Get in Touch w/Inner Self10: God as freedom giver (Exodus)2.3: Visit synagogue14: Spirit of Life
Xmas pageantintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergen
Winter breaknonenonenonenonenonenonenonenonenonenonenone
Week 715: Everyone is afraid15:A Visit from Baby9: Mystery of God18: Forgiveness12: Moses & burning b.33: Mary Magdalene7:15: Who Is My Neighbor?God as healer (Jesus healing story)2.4: Process visit19: James Reeb
Week 816: We can be angry without hurting27:Rainbows10: Diff. points view19: Creates & names13: Let my people go34: Good Samaritan8:16: Every Person Is Worthy13: There is one God (Shema)7.1: Black church20: We shall overc.
TopicPreschoolPreschoolWorld relig.World relig.World relig.World relig.World relig.World relig.World relig.
We Are Many...Chalice ChildrenPict. Book World Rel.Pict. Book World Rel.From Long Ago+Many LandsHolidays & Holy DaysStepping Stone YearBeginningsWhy Do Bad Things Happen?Neighboring FaithsTraditions with a Wink
Week 117: Our good wishes19:Celebrate Love for Valentine Day1:Introduction - Sacred Places2:Hinduism - Rama and SitaThe Two FriendsChinese dragon1: Intro. to myths1: Moon and HareI: Because 1st people or gods did wrong7.2: Visit AME church21: Cong. survey
Week 218: All kinds of families24:Wondering about Stars10:Buddhism - Tenzin’s Deer5:Hinduism - Lights for GitaKing Saul's HarpistMardi Gras2: Kalahari myth2: Floating Bridge of HeavenII: Because you were bad in past lives7.4: Process visit22: Cong. survey
Chalice serviceintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergen
Week 319: We need families25:Wondering about the Moon11:Buddhism - The Brave Little Parrot3:Hinduism - Mama's SariDavid and JonathanPowamu3: Miwok myth3: The Golden ChainIII: Because of wrong thinking5.1: Islam28: Genesis & evolution
Week 420: Family of earth28:Dreams12:Buddhism - Buddha in the Garden6:Islam - The 100th NameKing's SpearHuichol Indian4: Early Greek myth4: First Seven DaysIV: Because of evil spirits5.2: Visit mosque29: Black box
Week 534: Easter29:Imagination13:Buddhism - The Mountains of Tibet7:Islam - Sitti’s SecretsDamon & PythiasSt. Patrick's Day6: Mayan myth5: Garden of EdenVII: Because good is fighting evil5.3: Process visit30: Last supper
Week 68: We need rain30:My Shadow14:Buddhism - Zen Shorts8:Islam - Fasting and DatesWise King SolomonNo ruz8: Stories in stars6: PanguV: Because upset harmony of universe6.1: Quakers31: Creating worship
Week 79: Spring makes earth beautiful31:Block Sunday3:Hinduism - Savitri9:Islam - Ahmed’s SecretWho Ate the Squabs?Japanese Children's Day9: Stories in water7: NuwaVIII: Because of fate6.2: Visit Quakers32: Dona Nobis
Week 810: Spring brings changes32:Teddy Bear Month: Friendship4:Hinduism - Lighting a LampConclusion - FaithWee, Wise BirdClosing party10: Stories in rocks8: PurushaIX: Because that's the way it is6.3: Process visit33: Golden rule
Easter (moves)intergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergen
TopicPreschoolPreschoolSpring proj.Spring proj.Spring proj.Spring proj.Spring proj.Spring proj.Spring proj.
We Are Many...Chalice ChildrenJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playSpring playNeighboring FaithsTBD
Week 111: We must care for earth33:Teddy Bear Month: Fixed!Judean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playSpring play9.1: Buddhism
Week 221: Cooper. means helping34:Teddy Bear Month: Lost!Judean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playSpring play9.3: Visit Buddhist ch.
Week 322: People of all colors35:Teddy Bear PartyJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playSpring playProcess Buddh. visit
Week 436: Our year together23:May DayJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playSpring playWrap up
Week 5Judean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playJudean VillageSpring playSpring playWrap up
Flower communionintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergenintergen