Colorful SL Inventory 2020 - 2021 Working Copy
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TimestampLibrary or Organization Name:Sim:Explore-SL -- Libraries, Museums, Exhibitions, Tutorials, Galleries, and more...Short DescriptionContact:Description:URL:
4/26/2020 21:43:00Cushing Memorial Library 12th Man HistoryHumanitiesPedagogy & EducationRandom Cole and TAMUSLAdmin Skytower and Xandi MarsThe second floor reading room is great for sorting inventory, but the main floor lobby features mock ups of web pages that lead to exhibits and media worth a second, third, and fourth look. Topics covered include African American history, Rudyard Kipling, and more. Alas most of the exhibits no longer appear to be online. A web master or mistress has got to care to keep these things going.The sim is gone.
4/26/2020 21:43:00Display Plaza12th Man (Diverse Topics)ExhibitDiverse TopicsPedagogy & EducationRachelle Munro and TAMUSLAdmin Skytower and Dr. Snell (display) /Jims Seid (SL) Enjoy a three dimensional model of Bloom's Taxonomy. There are also single or double poster PowerPoints with teh rest of the slides placeholders. These come from an eight-to-nine year old first year experience class.The sim is gone.
4/26/2020 21:43:00Virtual E-Tours12th Man
FacilitySecond LifePedagogy & EducationRachelle Munro and TAMUSLAdmin Skytower and Random ColePosters that lead to web pages that feature Etours of various educational, health, and promotional sims within Second Life. Note: This exhibit is more than five years old which means a lot of SLURL's either lead nowhere or to surprise destinations.The sim is gone.
4/26/2020 21:43:00Dr. K's Chemistry Place12th Man (Chemistry)TutorialChemistryWendy Keeney-Kennicutt (RL) / Julia Tiraxibar (SL)A sandbox full of videos, quizzes, dancing molecules, a video, and a periodical table. There are molecule rezzers that are free for the taking, and you can even take a copy of the periodical table home with you.The sim is gone.
12/26/2019 21:19:00Symposium and LibrariumAbitibi (Sculpture and Art)ExhibitSculptureArtSecond LifeZero Ball and Spiral Walcher and Djenna LefebvreAt ground level, there are reproductions by the old masters. Fly up and explore a two dimmensional, cartoon universe complete with Snuggles.
5/3/2020 15:59:00AbTec Private SetsAbTec (Art and Architecture)ExhibitArtArchitectureSocial IssuesAbbi BigBoots and the Ab Tec Builders and AbTec Nancy (display) / Abbi MacBeth (SL)This sim which celebrates an idealized future is the brainchild of Mohawk Indians who live along the New York State, Quebec border. There is a small museum, a costume exhibition, a docked and humanized space ship, a longhouse, and more.
7/31/2019 19:02:00The BreweryAcademy of Industry (Brewing)ExhibitDiverse TopicsArchitectureHumanitiesBrunel Hall Restaurant and Hotel (Group_)3 Floors that are a replica of a 20th Century brewery complete with copper kettles, barrels, bottles, and crates. Platorms on the ground floor let you look at the kettles from both sides. No notecards needed.
12/24/2019 0:34:00Academy of IndustryAcademy of Industry (Architecture in two worlds)ExhibitArchitectureSecond LifeMr.Tenk (display)/ mosseveno.tenk (SL)There are two exhibits here, one about mesh decay (which is similar to sculptie decay) and which is useufl to anyone who builds with either, and there is another exhibit about Victorian architecture in "real life."
12/26/2019 21:24:00ACC Alpha plus SparquerryACC Alpha (Art and Architecture)MuseumArtArchitectureSecond LifeSparcurian Builders and Sparcuirous Artisans' Guildthree sims covered with buildings, topiary, painting, sculpture, several train rides, a horse and carriange not for the faint of heart, endless paths, bridges, stairways, textures, plants, and animals. This reviewer's words can not do this place justice.
11/14/2020 23:58:00Kungler'sAccidentally in Love (Sculpture and Second Life Building_ExhibitSculptureSecond LifeAva KunglerThe real attraction on this sim is not the store, but the landscape. Just step outside and wander among glass flowers, mirror balls, soft purple leaves, and an amazing teal and amethyst landsape.
1/3/2020 12:42:00Zen Gardens of AchemonAchemon (Zen Religion and Japanese Gardening and Architecture)ExhibitReligionArchitectureOther CulturesKyuubi DavidStroll through several examples of vernacular, Japanese architecture. Enjoy statues, gardens, sand sculptures, and other religious and aesthetic delights. No notecard givers, but you don't always need them.
1/3/2020 13:11:00Yoruba Light ProjectAfrica Illuminated (Life in early Colonial Nigeria)ExhibitOther CulturesNonWestern HistoryTasmin BarzaneA third of the Africa Illuminated sim is an old-school (2009), partially built,Yoruba village. The exhibit covers dress, some agriculture, religion. There are notecard givers. The posters are gone, and the chat bots' brains are offline but you can still get something out of this exhibit.
1/3/2020 13:18:00Humanity BibliothecaAfterchills (Genaeology and History)FacilityDiverse TopicsKilandra Youxdoux
In one large empty space, there are comfortable desktop computers tuned to Google. Do your research and then party at the Tiki bar next door.
1/27/2020 5:17 PMRadio Kaikan GalleryAkiba (Art)ExhibitArtArchitecturePhotographyunico BaileyThe pictures are big here. They have meaning but no notecards. There are photos of the moon and night sky. There are maps of a real or imaginary city in Japanese. There are advertisements for appliances, also in Japanese. There are no notecards, but maybe art is a universal language.
4/28/2020 21:53:00Art BoxAloft Nonprofit Commons (Second Life and Sculpture)
MuseumArtSecond LifeSculptureFrankie RockettChoose from more than a hundred sculpted scene on the second and third floors. The scene will temporarily rezz on the first floor. You can then use the poseball in front of the scene to take a photo.
1/2/2020 15:58:00Dream Quest Enterprises Inc.Aloft Nonprofit Commons (Art)ExhibitPhotographySecond LifePriceless FallAt the back of a well-appointed space sits a small gallery of fantasy-themed photos taken in Second Life and a notegiver that dispenses a poem. There is now a softspot in the middle of the floor due to a possible rebuild.
1/2/2020 16:07:00Hope 4 SATOBSAloft Nonprofit Commons (Chronic Illness)ExhibitSculptureSocial IssuesSecond LifeSATOBS Alien (Display) / Christina Soulstar (SL) and Hope (display) /Hope4Satobs (SL)A parcel-size sculpture depicting the Hope4Satobs sim which has now vanished. The sign at the edge of the property asks for volunteers for and announces a grand opening that happened two years ago. The website is gone.
1/2/2020 16:18:00Campbell Hero WalkAloft Nonprofit Commons abstract images arrayed about a colorful roulette wheel-like sculpture. There is supposed to be a single notecard giver, but it doesn't have to work.
1/2/2020 16:29:00Preferred Family HealthcareAloft Nonprofit Commons (Mental Health and Substance Abuse)Library
MedicineSocial IssuesPsychologyCoughran Mayo and Brena BenoirWeb sites on prims lead to resources at Preferred Family Health's web site and promotional YouTube videos. Old school computers with links to websites about mental health and substance abuse in England, Canada, and the US on the left side of the common room. Note: about half the links on the computers have died.
1/2/2020 16:38:00Protect Yourself 1Aloft Nonprofit Commons (Social Issues and Eduation_)ExhibitSocial IssuesPedagogy & EducationDiverse TopicsMarianne McCann and ChayennA video shows a project to teach children about AIDS, building, and Stem Skills, The AIDS awareness and building takes place on a juvenile grid, but the video is worth a watch.There is also a video about teaching children boxing.
1/2/2020 16:49:00Elder VoicesAloft Nonprofit Commons (Human Rights)ExhibitSocial IssuesMedicineDancers Yao and Elder Voices Second Life (Group)Enter the cave under the mountain and behind the waterfall to find a link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an inspirational quote, and a link to a web page called the HUB which includes human-rights related videos. There is also a Youtube video. Thankfully, the chronic lyme disease info is gone.
1/3/2020 13:52:00AlphatribeAlphaTribe
Exhibit (Art and Architecture)ExhibitArtSecond LifeArchitectureAlpha AuerThere are at least three levels and all are high quality grayscale. There is ground level with its flower jewels, merrygoround, and courduroy sand. There are the midnight wastes which play with mirror images, and there is the blueprint city as well as the store, but looks are unlimited and free.
1/3/20 2:11 PMCaz's Imagination-Land of PlayAmazing Dreams (kawaii, architecture, and sculpture)ExhibitOther CulturesSculptureArchitecturecarolq111 (SL) /ObsessiveHoarder (display)In a small space, you'll find fifty shades of pink, surprizingly well made kinetic sculptures, a rainbow fountain, a bounce ride, and a gogo dance pole -- and it's all terminally cute or kawaii!
1/27/2019 16:26:00Anne Frank HouseAmsterdam (Holocaust)ExhibitWestern HistoryArchitectureBonke BonettoView the small collection of memorabilia on the brick wall at street level, and then enter the "shop" and try to find the Frank's hidden apartment. There are no notecards, but the exhibit does a credible job communicating the claustrophobia of a hideout. This is on an Adult sim so payment info is required.
1/27/2019 16:34:00Gallery SquareAmsterdam
Exhibit (Art and Humor)ExhibitArtSocial IssuesHumanitiesStarshine (Display) / starshine halasy (SL)A whole block full of art galleries featuring everything from abstracts and Moya to surrealist nudes. Much of the art is political and/or humorous. No notecards required, but payment info on file is since this is an adult sim.
1/3/2020 14:21:00Emergency ClinicAngelo State (Emergency Nursing) ExhibitNursing & Allied HealthMedicineProfessor Chatterbox and Serena Offcourse and Professor McDowell (display) / mmcdoe5 (SL)A modest clinic with one and a half beds, plenty of anatomical charts, posters describing medical protocols, and a long PowerPoint on patient-centered care. For added fun, compare the patient's chart to their notecard
11/15/2020 0:01:00GalleryAngler GalleryExhibitPhotographySecond LifeJames72Jone48 (SL) / James Texan Jones (display)Two floors of photos. The first features 1930's style, black and white shots of the Seneca Square sim, while upstairs there are nudes, portraits, and some color works.
1/3/2020 14:31:00Art GalleryAnima MuseumMuseumPaintingSculptureOther CulturesDenise InfinityReproductions of masterpieces in a wide variety of styles and from all over the world. There are rudimentary link/notecard givers on some items. The exhibit is more than five years old but has aged well, except for one broken video link.
1/3/2020 14:47:00BathAntiquity Texas CulturesArtJacon Cortes de Bexar and antiquityeconomicsystem (SL)/ AES Admin (display)Stroll through the Orangery (no oranges there) to look at pictures of lords and ladies. Visit an early, twentieth century hotel. Stop by a stable filled with both horses and horseless carriages, and of course there are the Roman baths where your avie can take the waters.
1/3/2020 14:59:00Buckingham PalaceAntiquity Texas (Architecture, Art, and Ostentation)MuseumArchitectureArtOther CulturesJacon Cortes de Bexar and Tiamat WindstormFind out how England's one tenth of the one percent live in an elegant palace full of graceful furnishings, roaring fires, gilt, fine woods, and miles of crimson carpet. If you love interior spaces, you wil love this one. Note: the whole palace is mesh and it is slow loading even on a fast connection. There is also an exhibit on political cartoons about King George IV.
1/3/20 3:02 PMANWR Channel StationANWR (Oil rig, shipping station, and class/cultural appropriation)ExhibitSocial IssuesDiverse TopicsSecond LifeMichael LindenThis beautifully walkable, engineering marvel looks very much like a real, offshore oil rig, and if it doesn't, how many in Second Life know someone who actually worked on one or worked on one themselves.The rig flare off gas, handles shipping containers, but processes prims instead of crude. Does humor meet cultural appropriation? It's up to you to decide.
5/3/20 3:49 PMOrian Dou and moreApoda (Traditional Japan)ExhibitOther CulturesArchitectureSecond LifeOiran Dou Satff (group)Close to a sim worth of temples, rice paddies, zen gardens, and stores (They have to pay tier). There is also a love hotel and a pirate ship.
1/3/20 3:14 PMRue des GalleriesAquitaine Coeur Nord (Art)MuseumPaintingPhotographyArtDuche de Coeur (Group) and Bedrich Panacek-Guisse (display) / Bedrich Panacek (SL)Several galleries featuring everything from SL photographs, to kinetic art.
11/1/2019 15:01:00Language HubARCHI21 (Architecture and Multilingual Pedagogy)ExhibitArchitectureForeign LanguagesSocial IssuesBusy Link (SL) / Moira Hunter (RL) abd Cunningham Docherty and Lesley Scopes (display)/Light Sequent (SL)A collection of PowerPoints and YouTubes about teaching language through the content areas and rusty cubes that link to multi-lingual architectural dictionaries.
11/1/2019 16:57:00Star Gazing on the Discovery DecksARCHI21 (Comets)ExhibitAstronomyDark Sequent and Cunningham Docherty and Light SequentLook at more than half a dozen comets, moons, and stars through an indoor telescope. Don't ask how it sees through walls. Hitting escape helps it work correctly.
11/1/2019 17:25:00CybergogyARCHI21 (Education)TutorialPedagogy & EducationArchitectureDark Sequent and Lesley Scopes (display)/Light Sequent (SL)A giant Web 3.d taxonomy of learning, posters, amazing spiral walkways, and models greets the viewer interested in the methods of teaching and learning, and if you are not interested, teh Cybergogy deck will change your mind.
11/1/2019 15:15:00MetaREZ Fragile PlaceARCHI21 World (Architecture, Sculpture, and Oops!)ExhibitArchitectureDiverse TopicsSecond LifeBounty Gandini and Cunningham Doucherty and quentinirez A rainbow walkable sculpture, half maze, half art, and full of several soft spots. There is lots to explore complete with the requisite spills and soggy thrills. This is a reminder that in Second Life, buildings don't have to stand straight to be fun and work.
9/21/2020 9:26:00Crit-ImpactARCHI21 World
Exhibit (Architecture)ExhibitArchitectureJon Bouchourd (Display) / Keystone Bouchard (SL) and Cunningham DouchertyLook at architectural drawings and watch a Youtube about an assortment of architectural projects. Projects range from imitating real world cities in Second Life, to austere modern structures, to at least one colorful, fantasy, Second Life build.This sim is gone
9/21/2020 9:26:00MediamorphosisArs Simulacra
Museum (Art)MuseumSculptureArtDjehuti-Anpu (display) / Thoth Jantzen(SL) and Tayzia Abattoir (SL)A kalaidoscope's innards await any avie brave enough to try this out. The ground based teleport has gone so any trip to the ground is pretty much one way.This sim is gone
9/21/2020 9:26:00IndivisibleArs SimulacraExhibit (Art)ExhibitSculptureArtSecond LifeDjehuti-Anpo (display) / thoth jantzen (SL)
The robots are here and they dance. There is an Egyptian shrine, kaleidoscopic fractal art, a ches board, roller coaster, and more.This sim is gone
12/20/2019 17:07:00Maze GardensArt Cafe (Art, Architecture, and more)ExhibitArchitecturePhotographySecond LifeLily Bieler and ArtCafe3 KiraWalk through the maze to views of art and interesting builds in Second Life. There are occasionally captions but no notecards. Try to see if you recognize the places and if they still exist. This exhibit is nine years old.
12/20/2019 17:07:00Above the SeaArt Cafe (Sculpture and Collage)ExhibitSculptureSocial IssuesSecond LifeShulamite Artful and Shandrine Han (dispplay) / Kristy HandrickSink your teeth into a garden of kinetic sculptures many of them with a theme about candy and animals. They are also turned up to full bright so they hurt your eyes.
12/20/2019 17:59:00Orientation Center and Art CafeArt Cafe (Painting and Sculpture)ExhibitPaintingSculptureKristy Handrick (SL) / Sandrine Han (Display), Lilly Bieler, and Rex XuA multi story exhibit of paintings and sculpture by students in a studio arts course at a college/university. This exhibit probably dates for 2011, but a rebuild/remodel is in progress!
12/20/19 7:10 PMEleusian MysteryArt Cafe (Art and Sculpture)ExhibitArtSculptureOther CulturesTer SerendipityA model of two Greek temples complete with murals and sculptures that depict the myth of Persephone/Kore, Hades, and Demeter.
12/20/19 7:13 PMWasteful WorldArt Cafe (Machinima and environmentalism)ExhibitSecond LifeSocial IssuesDiverse TopicsNikki 525 and Lily BielerWatch a machinima that is a take off of Dickens' A Christmas Carrol but with an environmental twist.
12/20/2019 19:20:00Wasteful Past Wasting the Present and Wasting the Future??
Art Cafe (Poverty and Sculpture)ExhibitSculptureSocial IssuesLPJunior59 Resident
We have too many homeless. We waste too much food, and garbage is disgusting, though this is one wonderful dumping ground with a message.
12/20/2019 19:22:00AC BeachArt Cafe (Kinetic Sculpture)ExhibitSculptureSocial IssuesLily Bieler and Rex Xu (Thursday XU SL)Surround yourself with colorful, kinetic sculptures many of which are children's games. The exhibit now also has an undersea theme.
12/20/2019 19:24:00Candy UtopiaArt Cafe (Sculpture)ExhibitSculptureHumanitiesSocial IssuesMylesmanA dizzying and disorienting array of dancing candy and a few cute posters. This one doesn't need any notecards to overwhelm and communicate.
12/20/2019 17:29:00Land of ParodyArt Cafe (Graphic Arts)ExhibitArtDiverse TopicsSocial IssuesLily Bieler and Sandrine Han (Display) /Kristy Handrick (Second Life)The name says it all. Parodies of assorted works of pop culture stand side by side and over and under one another. Note: the cow bell is really a shopping bag.
12/20/2019 19:30:00Art GardensArt Cafe (Sculpture and Conceptual Art)ExhibitArtSculptureSocial IssuesGerry Osterham and Jacksmadulaoblongata DeedContemporary sculpture that satirizes art but makes the viewer wonder: What is art? When is a project completed? What is a derivative work? What is satire?
1/2/20 10:47 PMStatic and Interactive ArtworkArtCafe Nebraska Omaha (Kinetic and Static Sculpture)ExhibitSculptureSecond LifeLily Bieler and ArtCafe7Roam over land populated by static and interactive sculptures. Some look like builds by beginners lucky enough to get rezzing space, others are more expert. Pretty much anything goes, and you can climb the interactive pieces.
1/2/20 10:50 PMArt VillageArtCafe Nebraska Omaha (Second Life and Architecture)ExhibitArchitectureSecond LifeLily Bieler, ArtCafe7, and Andrew(display) /bibi(SL)The skyboxes have landed! And since no one need actually live in them, they are pure fantasy and fun. They are also inspiration to beginner builders everywhere.
9/21/2020 9:26:00Dangerous OfficeArts and Letters (Computer Lab Administration)ExhibitComputersSocial IssuesDiverse TopicsHKU MonitorFind the potential dangers in this office and server room. This is a variation of the scuzzy house and laboratory exhibits, but it is fun. Look at the workers' monitors and what is lying around. A three dimensional picture speaks a thousand words. The sim is gone.
1/2/2020 22:17:00Hospitalizacion ASCosta del Sol (Medlical Spanish and Medicine)ExhibitMedicineForeign LanguagesOther CulturesAdministrador AS Costa Del Sol (display) / supercs (SL)Tour a hospital in either Spain or Mexico. Notice the signs and what they mean literally. Try out the equipment. Pretend you are a loved one visiting a patient or a patient here to see his/her doctor. You are probably too sick for culture shock but you will feel it anyway. This is a very old exhibit, but it has aged well due to lack of link rot.
1/2/2020 22:25:00EmergenciasASCosta del Sol (Medical Spanish and Medicine)ExhibitMedicineForeign LanguagesOther CulturesAdministrador AS Costa Del Sol (display) / supercs (SL)An emergency ward wtih signs in Spanish and some interactive exhibits. Don't forget to wash your hands and try out the pose balls. There are no notecards, but the signage and culture shock and general spooky feel are worth a visit.
1/2/2020 22:39:00Exposicion de InformacaoASCosta del Sol (Medicine and Medical Spanish)ExhibitMedicineForeign LanguagesOther CulturesAdministrador AS Costa Del Sol (display) / supercs (SL)View poster presentations on emergency medicine, including CPR, convulsions, athsma, and handling an accident with mass casualties. Note: these posters are all in Spanish. The websites are gone, and most of the poster pieces are blank.
1/2/2020 18:16:00Carl Sagan PlanetariumAspen (Astronomy)ExhibitAstronomyJosh NitschkeClimb to the second floor and learn about the solar system, planets, moons, rockets, galaxies, nebulae and more.
1/2/2020 18:00:00GeoLiteracy Power PointsASU Alt (Geography Instruction)TutorialSocial SciencesPedagogy & EducationEarth ScienceElleMelle Resident and Janice (display)/ Jbarden02 (SL)Two longish PowerPoints explain a lesson plan for teaching about geographic literacy in combination with physics and geology. The physics plan covers rollercoast ers and environmentalism. Both PowerPoints are in education-ese. This area received a rebuild in 2018.
1/2/2020 18:07:00Resonating and MoreASU Alt (Sculpture and Education)ExhibitSculptureDiverse TopicsPedagogy & EducationEdo Autopoesis and Superficial BurnsClimb the mountain to walk among the spinning sculptures, watch PowerPoints on science education, and then take the "Transporter" to ride among an endless farm of red and white windmills. This exhibit ditched the PowerPoints but now features more sculptures and a VantaBlack tunnel.
1/2/2020 17:30:00ASU Virtual Heritage IslandASU Virtual Heritage (American History)ExhibitRegional HistoryArchitectureSocial IssuesProfessor Caproni and Painter MerimanA replica of a small town in Arkansas during the Depression. Visit the stores for an exhibit of 20th Century furnishings available for sale elsewhere in Second Life. Visit the Tenant Farmer museum and farmer's shack to learn about tenant farmers, and stop by the architect's office. The large house with the porch is a high lag area. Ernest Hemingway's barn studio from Piggot, AR is now here too!
5/12/2020 23:34:00Royal Palace of Lois IAtlantis City (Sculpture and Architecture)ExhibitSculptureArchitectureSecond LifeAlexandreLois1Someone had fun building this. Someone has fun owning this. You can have fun walking through a maze of spinning sculptures, moving walls, and optical illusions. It was never so easy or enjoyable to get lost in a small space.
5/2/2019 19:35:00Ancient Minoa (Crete)Auraria (Ancient Mediterranean)ExhibitHumanitiesOther CulturesArchitectureHelena Kiama and Artemis CurtisA charming setting for any number of classical myths, complete with a fishing village, inn, ,store rooms, temple, and several kinds of boats. You don't need notecards. Use your imagination. The village is Minoan, and the sim is one of the last belonging to a USG institution. This build now includes a sea side palace with pleasure garden!
12/24/19 2:02 AMR.F. Burton Public LibraryBabbage Canals (Fiction)LibraryHumanitiesDiverse TopicsSera (display) / Serafina Puckina (SL)A small collection of books in a big space. Click on them to obtain their full text. Alas, only about halfof them work.
12/24/19 7:57 PMDagger Art at the Fonzarelli Docks
Babbage Canals (Photography)ExhibitPhotographySkusting DaggerAn outdoor collection of dark and elegant, black and white, real life photos.They are for sale but looks are free, and the retouching and development tricks are subtle enough to look real!
12/24/19 8:05 PMBow Street StationBabbage Canals (Imaginary Engineering)ExhibitHumanitiesSculptureSecond LifeNathaniel LorefieldDownstairs there is a huge screw and gear structure and a pendulum sculpture all made of bright, brass. Upstairs are dancing bells that rotate out on a platform, like a cuckoo in a clock.You can walk among them and out on their platform.
12/24/19 8:16 PMMCM Engine WorksBabbage Canals (Englines)ExhibitDiverse TopicsE'Quinn McMillan (display) /equine mcmillan (SL)Fly over the metal gates and push open the small green door. There is a tidy, well oiled engine with belts, gears, and a hot water or oil tank for steam or fuel.
12/23/2019 19:34:00Ying IndustriesBabbage Palisade (Industry and Nostalgia)ExhibitArtSecond LifeHistoryKimika YingIt's a twentieth or nineteenth century rope factory that never finishes making rope. There are cables and gears and pulleys. Rube Goldberg would laugh and so will you, especially at the computer-free office with an overflowing inbox.
12/23/2019 19:44:00Fosdick's Astrobiology ExhibitBabbage Palisade (Astrobiology)ExhibitAstronomyBiologyChemistryFosdick (display) / electronicdetectivesubstitute (SL)Slow-rezzing posters explain the biology, chemistry, and other science of how life could evolve on worlds in our solar system. This is microscopic and simple life, not necessarily intelligent beings.
12/23/19 8:00 PMPolish EmbassyBabbage Palisade (Poland)ExhibitWestern HistoryOther CulturesDiverse TopicsLayla de First (Display)/ martamarta18 (SL)Two floors featuring, posters with factoids on the outside fence, photographs of Polish country and cityscapes, and model ships. Don' ignore the secret passage.
12/23/2019 16:41:00Medical LibraryBabbage Square (Medical Art)ExhibitMedicineArtSculptureJimmy BranaghThe books may just be for decoration but on the walls and between the shelves are old and well made anatomical posters, and models. You do not need a pass to reach the second floor, but there is not much there to see.
12/23/2019 16:31:00Babbage Urchin FactoryBabbage Square (history, social issues, technology)ExhibitWestern HistorySocial IssuesDiverse TopicsLoki EliotNo one who built this exhibit had a parent work on an assembly line or themselves worked "industrial." This is a send up of the Dark Satanic Mills complete with a poster for the child laborers whom one can imagine.The clueless and crass poster says "Work Hard and Avoid Death on the Streets." The invisible youngesters pack boxes of Krackenwell Blacking and help spin cotton thread on some very realistic machinery.
4/5/2020 23:03:00City Art GalleryBabiarz (Art_)MuseumArtPhotographyPaintingAbby FairladyTwo buildings and at least one outdoor display area full of photos (real life and Second Life), paintings, and more. The landscaping around the gallery is a sight for sore eyes, but the region is Adult. Payment info on file required.
5/10/2020 17:49:00Our Dream by the SeaBanneker (Art, Architecture and Second Life)ExhibitSculptureArchitectureSecond Life~2 Peas In A Pod~ (group)The dream consists of flowering trees, gem and stone sculpture, and in the pyramid a solar system and a secret meditation chamber.
7/7/2019 14:11:00SlopCoBarcola (Environmentalism)ExhibitEarth ScienceSocial IssuesDiverse TopicsCienna RandThis is not really an oil refinery or storage tank farm. Clearly whoever built neither worked in such a place nor knew anyone who did. Rusty barrels and smoke stacks (If you pump oil you put it in pipes and put asphalt in clean barrels, but there is no asphalt here because this facility lacks a cracking tower) belong to another line of work, but the satire and environmental message are clear.
3/25/2020 12:40:00Bay City Brew ReduxBay City - Argos (Humor)ExhibitDiverse TopicsSecond LifeKinn (SL) / Kinnaird (Display)While not as realistic as the brewery at Keuda, this brewry features a fermentation tank and bottling machine. There is also an alien on hand, a bar to refesh yourself, and either the aliens have taken over or it is still St. Patrick's Day. Maybe every day is St. Patrick's Day.
3/24/2020 21:03:00Jazzy Machine and FabricatingBay City - Argos (Shop as Soulcraft)ExhibitDiverse TopicsJazzy CollinsIn case you've not been around a shop lately, refresh your memory or make new memories with this room full of machine tools. There are no notecard givers, because this is a workshop, not a museum.
3/25/2020 12:33:00Bay City CinemaBay City - Argos (Photgraphy,)ExhibitPhotographyPrime (SL) / Prime Antiglitch (SL)It's not quite a cinema, but instead of a movie, you can watch a motage of photos that are a changing texture on a prim.
3/11/2020 19:25:00Bloomsbury HouseBay City - Barnstable (Art)ExhibitArtPaintingSculptureAruba DeCuirThree and a half floors of original abstract works in bright colors. Notecards not necessary. There are also sculptures on the top floors that are a must-see. The artwork is for sale but looks are free and unlimited.
3/10/2020 15:02:00DeCuir Fine ArtBay City - Barnstable (Art)ExhibitPaintingPhotographyArtAruba DeCuirA village of cozy stores full of paintings, prints, and vintage photographs. Some are for sale, but looks are always free, and poking into buildings to find individual works is more than half the fun.
3/15/2020 23:56:00discoverA GalleryBay City - Brewster (Art)MuseumPaintingPhotographySculptureVioletta CarolinaThree floors of original art work featuring everything from larger than life abstracts to Second Life photos with much retouching. No notecard givers, but you don't need them.
3/11/2020 19:11:00Bay City History PavillionBay City - Dennis (History of Bay City)ExhibitSecond LifeDiverse TopicsMarianne McCannPosters, three D models, and videos on prims that detail the history of Bay City in Second Life, though a knowledge of Second Life economics puts this exhibit in context.
3/11/2020 19:03:00Arboretum of Atypical VegetetationBay City - Dennis (Second Life plants)ExhibitSculptureSecond LifeZyx Flux and Uccie Blue Galway (display) /Ucello Pountry (SL)If you've ever wondered where all those glowing, weird colored, and otherwise fanciful plants come from, this could be a possible source. The exhibits have labels and don't forget the potting shed and poison mushrooms out back.
3/11/2020 18:44:00ETv! Bay City - Dennis (Nostalgia and Art)ExhibitArtDiverse TopicsHumanitiesRCM Inc. (Group)Floors three and four are a mid-20th Century newsroom and TV station in the days before streaming on demand. Yes, there are manual typewriters on the reporters' desks, and a Bay City Post truck rumbles all over surrounding sims. The second floor is a small and pretty art gallery, a bonus.
3/20/2020 1:30:00Bay City VRC WarehouseBay City - Docklands and LibraryExhibitSecond LifeDiverse TopicsVRC HoldingsLearn all abouat Second Life's railroad. There is a small landmark library of stations where you can rezz trains; free, modifiable trains to rezz, and a Machinima about Second Life railroad.
3/20/2020 1:24:00Inspired Creativity StudioBay City - Docklands (Art and Second Life)ExhibitArtPhotographySecond LifeRobin IvoryThree galleris of larger than life images ranging from sketched portraits to landscape and portrait photographs from Second Life. There's a ticky-tacky box with a security orb here now.
3/24/2020 21:11:00Art Deque Oh! Bay City - Falconmoon (Art and Sculpture)ExhibitArtSculptureSecond LifeOona Pinion and Nico TimeA small, outdoor space full of posters, kinetic images, humorous sculpture, and a small wooden, stool.
3/24/2020 21:14:00Sri Sri RadhaBay City - Falconmoon (Hinduism)ExhibitReligionOther CulturesArchitectureRadha HillA small Hindu shrine that resembles a Ziggurat. Climb the decorated stairs to where Krishna and his consort await. If the door is locked, just cam inside.
3/26/2020 18:17:00Bay City Inari ShrineBay City - Handa (Religion)ExhibitReligionOther CulturesYasashi Akuma No Jinja (Group)A small but extremely detailed Shinto/Bhuddist shrine complete with lottery, water well, donation box, and more.
3/26/2020 18:10:00Argon Engineering: For the Very Best in Mind ControlBay City - Handa (assorted stuff)ExhibitSculptureArtDiverse TopicsEngineer Argon (display)/ argonthedevil omega (SL)Multiple floors featuring sculture/furniture, old fashioned technical equipment, plenty of open space, and photographs and abstacts. There are even freebies for those that are not faint of heart.
3/26/2020 18:26:00Bay City Botanical Spa and Fitness CenterBay City - Handa (physical education)ExhibitPhysical Education & SportArchitectureBelle Mistwallow (display) / mistabelle mistwallow (SL)Second Life's prettiest gym. Nestled among the flowers and bushes, there is yoga, weight lifting, treadmills and a rock climbing wall.
3/13/2020 17:35:00The Universe is at this LocationBay City - Harwich (Photgraphy, Astronomy, and space exploration)ExhibitPhotographyAstronomyDiverse TopicsGalileo MolenoTake the elevator to the second floor to see photographs of the Shuttle as well as planets, stars, asteroids, and more. The other two floors feature a club from some time before 1970. For those who did not grow up in the late 1960's, the little details are wonderfully instructive.
3/22/2020 20:11:00Molexandria Archaeological SiteBay City - Imaginario (Second Life Building)ExhibitSecond LifeArchitectureDiverse TopicsGovernor LindenThe moles have dug up a bit of their own history, the Second Life Moles that is. A humorous take on most educational exhibits with stained glass, mole holes, mole houses, and a labyrinth to boot!
3/15/2020 23:15:00Time Lost Cafe & Xi-ArtBay City - Maddequet (Painting)ExhibitPaintingSculptureXirana and Time Lost Land (group)Two buildings featuring abstract paintings and a dynamic sculpture or two.
3/19/2020 0:35:00Kaas FactorijBay City - Mashpee (Factory and Art)ExhibitArtDiverse TopicsVick ForcellaOutside are cows that have a job to do. Inside is a cheese factory or a replica of one and a few paintings and upstairs is a cozy place to relax.
3/19/2020 0:17:00Who ya Gonna Call?Bay City - Mashpee (Humanities)ExhibitHumanitiesMolly MontaleIt's not your average garage. From the Ecto license plate on the remodeled hearse to the Prime before You Slime poster, you are in a one room homage to the original movie Ghostbusters and its sequels.
3/19/2020 0:18:00Church of St. LazarusBay City - Mashpee (Religion)ExhibitReligionArtSem (display) / senenmut flanagan (SL)This catholic church features icons, tryptics, a cloistered chapel, a full organ, an altar, and more.This land is for rent.
3/26/2020 13:53:00Lucky LindyBay City - Molesworth (Aviation History and Machinima)ExhibitSecond LifeDiverse TopicsEwan Mureaux and Metaverse Land SalesYou won't be able to stop watching a simple Machinima of Charles Lindburgh's trans Atlantic flight. Remember there was no color and sound film back in the 1920's. Enjoy.This land is for rent.
3/26/2020 14:09:00Mole ExpositionBay City - Molesworth (Second Life)ExhibitSecond LifeNikoKito AriesThere are sculptures, SL bears (which used to be quite a good deal), and pictures of scenic places in Second Life that make you want to grab the available landmarks.