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Degree and Certificate Programs in IA
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AustraliaCharles Sturt UniversityMaster of Information Studies, Specialization in Information Architecture@CharlesSturtUni 8,817 Master of Information Studies is designed to reflect the critical importance of information and knowledge management across a wide range of fields and institutions. The course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the creation, evaluation, collection, organisation, utilisation and dissemination of information.

Specialization in Information Architecture aims to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to practice as an information architect, or in allied information professions. The specialisation focuses on the design and development of effective websites and intranets across different organisational contexts. Students choose from a range of subjects that cover all facets of information architecture, providing them with a practical understanding of what makes for an optimal user experience.

Masters in Information Studies contains exit points for a Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate. Online available.
phone: 61 2 6338 6077
Online inquiry form available:
AustraliaCanberra UniversityMaster of Information Studies, Specialization in Internet Communication (online)@UniCanberra10,700 Architecture for the Web PG (7606) is a postgraduate course within the Master of Information Studies program. The unit covers user research, navigation and search systems, taxonomies and labelling systems for web sites. It emphasises the goal of facilitating intuitive access to information and task completion by web site users. (Degree accredited by Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA))phone: 61 2 6201 5342
AustraliaUniversity of QueenslandGraduate Certificate in Interaction Design@UQ_News24,100 study the Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design?
In the past, computer work was a profession for specialists. Today, and even more so in the future, interaction with electronic devices is a major part of our daily lives. From early childhood onwards we are connected to networks, telecommunications and computer-based technology, therefore the focus of systems design and design in technology consequently is destined to change. These programs train students to understand and solve usability problems.
phone: 61 3 8676 7004
Online inquiry form available:
AustraliaUniversity of QueenslandMasters of Interaction Designsame as above?? study the Master of Interaction Design?
In the past, computer work was a profession for specialists. Today, and even more so in the future, interaction with electronic devices is a major part of our daily lives. From early childhood onwards we are connected to networks, telecommunications and computer-based technology, therefore the focus of systems design and design in technology consequently is destined to change. These programs train students to understand and solve usability problems.
phone: 61 3 8676 7004
Online inquiry form available:
BrazilWeb para DesignersInformation Architecture course module@arteccom7,307 course in Portuguese, from the Brazilian company Arteccom, which has a specific module about IA. Very 55 21 2253-0596
Canada: AlbertaUniversity of AlbertaMaster of Library and Information Studies (or Master of Library & Information Studies/Master of Arts in Humanities Computing)@UAlberta45,200 Architecture: Web Design for Usability (not available Winter 2013)
An examination of the principles and practice of web usability, with a focus on information architecture, layout and design, metadata and other topics related to effective web design and management. Includes an introduction to XHTML, CSS and other web coding.
General inquiries: Contact: Sophia Sherman
phone: (780) 492-4578 email:

Admissions: Contact: Lauren Romaniuk
phone: (780) 492-4140 email:
Canada: HalifaxDalhousie UniversityMaster of Information Management@dalsimnews485 Experience:
Understanding theories and practices of human-computer interaction is critical to organizational success. This class explores how technology affects human use and examines the process (from conception of an idea to design and evaluation) – with a particular emphasis on web-based activities. The class discusses individual and group information-seeking behaviours in public and private contexts – along with the theories and models of information-seeking behaviour that contribute to a nuanced understanding of the user experience.

Information Systems and Technologies:
This class makes clear the relationship between IT and information management, often misconstrued in organizations. The class includes theories of databases and integrated systems design, allied with practical applications of a wide range of information technologies to support organizational goals. These include traditional intranet and extranet applications, along with emerging web 2.0 technologies. Concepts of information architecture (IA) relating to the design of shared and often web-based information environments (including intranets, databases and online communities) are introduced. The practices of IA are examined through analyses of real organizations and how the information environment can best serve their missions, goals, processes and their clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.
Contact for Admissions, Registration, and General Inquiries:
Deborah McColl
phone: (800) 205-7510
Canada: LondonUniversity of Western OntarioMaster of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Information and Media Studies@westernuFIMS552 Web Design and Architecture
Skills needed to produce a good basic Web site. Concepts of information architecture as they apply to Web site design. Methods of navigation and searching on Web sites. Forms of discourse and text structure suitable to the Web environment. Importance of creating user-centered Web designs and understanding user groups.

Course: Web Usability: Theory and Practice
This course offers an examination of the principles and practice of usability, with a focus on information architecture, usability testing and other topics related to determining the effectiveness of web sites. Students critically review the literature on usability research, learn techniques for usability evaluation, conduct usability tests on web sites and write usability reports.
phone: (519) 661-4017
Canada: MontrealÉcole de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information, Université de MontréalMaster of Library and Information Science
Information Architecture Track
IA Summer School

MLIS program:

IA track:

IA summer school (2013 website - Look for the 2014 version soon):
École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information, Université de Montréal has an Information Architecture track (Parcours en architecture de l'information) in its Master in Information Science program as well as an annual summer school on information architecture (École d'été en architecture de l'information). Please note that the information is in French only.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Christine Dufour, Ph.D.
Professeure agrégée
École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information
Université de Montréal

Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, Bureau C-2072
3150, rue Jean-Brillant
(514) 343-6111 poste 4164 (tél.)
(514) 343-5753 (fax)
Canada: MontrealMcGill UniversityMaster of Library and Information Studies, Knowledge Management Specialization@umontreal @McGillU67,900 System Design and Management:
Library & Information Studies: Principles and practices of designing websites in the context of libraries and information centres. The course focuses on a conceptual approach to organizing information for the world wide web including design, implementation and management issues. Topics include web development tools, markup languages, internet security and web server administration.
Database Design and Development:Library & Information Studies: Theoretical and applied principles of relational database design. Includes relational theory, conceptual design, database normalization, relational database management systems, SQL queries and database management.
Contact for Admissions, Registrtaion and General Inquiries:
Kathryn Hubbard
Canada: Québec CityLaval University, School of DesignMaitrise en design multimedia@universitelaval17,600 Architecture course: The Master in Multimedia Design (MDM) aims to develop skills regarding information architecture, interaction design, interface design and UX.Email Professor Isabelle Sperano
Canada: TorontoUniversity of TorontoMaster of Information
Information Systems and Design (IS&D) concentration or Knowledge Management and Information Management (KMIM) concentration
@ischool_TO3,118Information architecture: lectures are divided into three rubrics: Information Design Fundamentals (design principles), Information Architecture Development Process (development methods), and Professional Practice (working as an information architect). An explicitly user-centred (‘bottom-up’) approach to the development process will be taken throughout. At the end of this course, students will be able to differentiate between the various disciplines implicated explicitly or implicitly in the development of information architecture. They will be able to understand and apply basic principles of cognitive psychology, industrial design, systems analysis and human-computer interaction to the practice of information architecture. Student will also learn to apply simple user-centred methods to address information architecture problems in the context of work places and practices. Finally, students will learn to apply information architecture principles and development methods to create and refine an information architecture schema to address an information design problem, and to create a rapid prototype to demonstrate information architecture schemata. The format of the course comprises lectures, reinforced by two assignments, a quiz and a final (416) 978-3234
Canada: TorontoUniversity of TorontoMaster of Information
Information Systems and Design (IS&D) concentration or Knowledge Management and Information Management (KMIM) concentration
same as above??Information Management and Systems:
This course examines various notions of information architecture, systems architecture, and organizational architecture, and their inter-relationships and interactions. Examples will be drawn from a wide variety of systems types, including traditional information systems, document management systems, workflow systems, groupware, Internet and intranet systems, enterprise systems, data warehousing, metadata repositories, and intelligent agents. Issues will include dealing with legacy and change, enterprise-wide interoperability and beyond (e.g., e-commerce), convergence of information content and processing, and support for knowledge management. Frameworks and techniques for architectural modeling, analysis, and design will be (416) 978-3234
Canada: TorontoUniversity of TorontoMaster of Information
Information Systems and Design (IS&D) concentration or Knowledge Management and Information Management (KMIM) concentration
same as above??System Requirements and Architectural Design
Designing information systems in the face of competing goals from multiple stakeholders, e.g., efficiency, cost, reliability, security, privacy, usability, adaptability, reusability, time-to-market. Systematic techniques and models for identifying and evaluating alternatives. Non-functional requirements and architectural design. Organizing design knowledge for (416) 978-3234
Canada: TorontoUniversity of Toronto-Centennial CollegeJoint program in New Media Studies@UTSC7,877Interface Design, Navigation and Interaction II
Students in New Media can earn an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree and an Ontario College Certificate while learning from leading academics and professionals. The program focuses on the critical thinking, research, design, and communications skills and experience needed to analyze the impact of media on culture today. Students master the techniques necessary to transform the world in a knowledge-driven society. Graduates take with them a portfolio demonstrating their creative abilities and academic expertise and are ready for careers in any organization requiring creative thinking in media and communication.

Interface design, navigation and interaction II:
Extends work on interface design. Students have opportunities to gain real world experience in the techniques of user interface design. Participants learn to do a "requirements document" for projects, how to design an interface which meets the needs of the requirements of the document and how to test a design with real world users.
Canada: TorontoSheridan CollegeBachelor of Design@sheridancollege16,200's bachelor's degree in design, offered jointly with York University, combines practice and theory to create a truly unique design degree. The program’s rigorous design course sequence emphasizes innovation, creativity and strategic thinking. You’ll develop outstanding ideas as well as the skills to execute them. You’ll also get the practical experience and professional contacts to launch a career in graphic design, product design, digital media, broadcasting or another related field.

Includes courses on interactive design, information design, typography, graphic design, design research and visual language.
Canada: TorontoOCAD UniversityInclusive Design (Master of Design-MDES)@OCAD45,200 Master of Design (MDes) in Inclusive Design offers graduate students a unique opportunity to become global leaders in the emerging field of inclusive design in information and communication technologies (ICT) and practices.

Inclusive Design encompasses the full range of human diversity including ability, language, culture, gender and age.
Canada: TorontoOCAD UniversityDigital Futures Initiativesame as above?? Digital Futures Initiative at OCAD University is a collection of research laboratories, graduate and undergraduate programs that sit at the cutting edge of creative digital technology and industries.

The programs respond to the increasingly important and sophisticated role of digital media and technology as a magical catalyst for change. Students participate in and prepare for Renaissance 2.0 – the global digital revolution that fuses together disruptive technology and new thinking.

In games, smart phones, digital enterprise, e-books, social media, wearables and new forms of art practice, our graduates are creating the digital future – a future demanded globally by industry that encompasses design, arts, culture, creative services and new media.
ChileUniversidad del Pacífico de ChileAI+UX Diplomado?? de la Información y experiencia del usuario
Área: Comunicaciones
Características Generales: El programa ofrece un programa específico para ambas disciplinas, abordando la teoría y práctica de los elementos más usados en ella, de tal manera de preparar profesionales que puedan desempeñarse adecuadamente en proyectos de Internet, empleando las metodologías más usadas y que mayor éxito aseguran a los proyectos que las incluyen.
Fecha de Inicio: 26 de abril de 2012
Fecha de Término: 11 de agosto de 2012
phone: 28625300 - 28625204-28625321
DenmarkAarlborg UniversityMaster in Information Architecture?? master program in Information Technology (Information Architecture) at Aalborg University, Denmark, focuses on communication and interaction through websites, social networks, portals and e-learning systems. As a student, you will learn to design, developed and analyze information systems, while understanding the user, the use context and the technological limitations. This enables you to take part as a design or a project-manager in the design process. Please note, that this master’s programme is offered to international students, and thus, al teachings will be in Aalborg:
Pia Amtoft
Phone: 9940 9015

Eva Althoff Bengaard
Phone: 9940 3606

in Ballerup:
Lone Nørstad
Phone: 9940 2404
FranceEcole Normale Supérieure de LyonMaster in Information Architecture@UniversiteLyon10,300 is the first Information Architecture program in France. It provides students with a strong background in information science, design and computer science. Four specializations are proposed :
- Information and communication technologies in education,
- Corporations and institutions,
- Heritage and culture,
- Digital Humanities.
More information, including full course description, is available at
The degree is based on three disciplines:
Information Sciences, Web IT, and User Experience
ItalyDomus AcademyMaster of Interaction Design@DomusAcademy4,479 (English)The Master in I-Design is born from a challenge: to bring into the world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) the originality of the culture of Italian design. The program objective is to train designers the conceptual and practical tools necessary to develop concepts and strategies for the world of ICTOnline inquiry form:
Skype call also possible:
ItalyUniversità per Stranieri di PerugiaMaster in Arquitettura dell'Iinformazione@UNISTRAPG660’architettura dell’informazione è un sapere trasversale il cui obiettivo è organizzare informazioni, servizi e percorsi all’interno di spazi complessi – sia digitali sia fisici – per migliorare l’interazione uomo-informazione e uomo-ambienteAntonio Catolfi (Università per Stranieri), antonio.catolfi (at)
PolandLibrary and Information Science Institute at Pedagogical UniversityInformation Architecture: Web Sites Information Management?? study in Information Architecture
Topics of study include:
Internet for social communication
On-line services - classification, structure, and evaluation
Search Engine and language information retrieval
Information behaviour for users of information retrieval
Management of project teams
Web design
Graphic design for websites
Usability Information Architecture in IT
Electronic publishing
phone: 012 638 66 86
SwedenMalmö HögskolanInformationsarkitekt (Diploma in Information Architecture)@malmohogskola5,229 year, programs in Information Architecture leading to diploma in Computer Science or Information Technology
We live today in an information-intensive society. As an information architect will be your task to bring order into the multitude of information flows. At the training you will learn to analyze, organize and integrate information and information flows. Topics covered include information technology, web design, web design, information design, programming, quality, cognitive science, human-computer interaction, project management, information security, and much more. Teaching is based primarily on a project-driven learning, which means that the project work permeates the entire education. Projects are carried out in collaboration with industry, which not only enables the training is constantly updated and modified, but also allows you to back in his student make contacts with the labor market. Study design is intended to give you the opportunity to grow in the ability to work both in groups and independently.
phone: 040-665 76 70
SwedenBorås HögskolanSchool of Business and IT (Bachelor and Masters programs)
Informationskarkitekt (Bachelor)
@hogskolaniboras2,580 of Business and Informatics includes Information Architecture in its program. The 3 year IA Bachelors degree does not appear to be available at this time.Online inquiry form:!ut/p/c1/hc3LDoIwEAXQLzIzpbXgsggtIIIvKrAhjSGEhIcLY-LfC3Fngs4sz725UML0g3m2jXm042A6yKHklb8Pso1LBKZCS7SoI7b0KCi7kMkLXiWplUkWEuJwn6DFA-bGOkTl0T_t67z3uz87LpzAjy8trOmXo3-0J1dKJ3HocYWQBGNfQwGlXUm28_SZU0R1mFLRKYhc20V0EIqubsztBfc-xzZcyTfoxpl9/dl2/d1/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnB3LzZfRU1IVTlCMUEwMEVRNzAyM0dHVk5MSUQ2QjI!/
United KingdomCity University, LondonMSc course in Human-Centred Systems@CityUniLondon19,000 Architecture is a core module of the MSc course in Human-Centred SystemsDr Simone Stumpf
Lecturer, Course Director for MSc Human-Centred Systems Centre for HCI Design, School of Informatics City University London
Phone: +44 (0)20 7040 8168
United KingdomUniversity College LondonMaster of Science in HCI@UCLU12,000 and HCI Masters programsphone: 44 (0)20 7679 0686 (x30686)
United States
USA: CaliforniaUniversity of California - Berkeley School of InformationPhD and Master of Information Management and Systems@BerkeleyISchool3,472 design and architecture is one of five areas of concentration in the iSchool's Masters and PhD programs
Possible courses of interest include:
Web Architecture and Information Management
Web Architecture
User Experience Research
phone: 510-642--1464
USA: CaliforniaUniversity of California - Berkeley School of InformationMaster of Information and Data Science@BerkeleyData7,818 UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) offers the only professional Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) delivered fully online, in a web-based learning environment that blends live, face-to-face classes with online course work. The degree is designed for professionals who want to solve real-world problems using complex and often messy data from clickstreams, transactions, archives, sensors, and beyond.

MIDS will prepare you to apply disciplined, creative methods to define a research question; to gather, store, retrieve, and analyze data; to interpret results; and to convey findings effectively. The multidisciplinary curriculum will expose you to the latest tools and methods for identifying patterns and gaining insights from data.

University of California, Berkeley
102 South Hall #4600
Berkeley, CA 94720-4600
USA: CaliforniaCalifornia State - FullertonUser Experience and Customer-Centered Design Certificate@csufuee287 State Fullerton's Certificate in User Experience and Usability<> is an affordable, hands-on professional development program focusing on the fundamental elements that comprise User Experience and Usability. Get started with an overview of this industry with the first course, Introduction to User Experience and Usability. This one day course provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the topic and can be taken independently. Scheduled for Saturday, February 12, 2011, you will get an introduction to the varied disciplines, methods and sound business principles that comprise a user-centered design process. Using real-world examples and discussions, the class will examine the make-up and implementation of a user-centered process within an organization.Contact: Mimi Lawson
phone: 657-278-3313
USA: CaliforniaUniversity of California - Los Angeles, ExtensionAdvanced Web and Interaction Design Certificate@uclaextension4,214 Experience Design [X 481.99AF] and User Experience Research [X 481.99C] are part of its Design Communication Arts extension program and is a requirement for the Advanced Web and Interactive Design Certificate.Contact: Erich Bollmann
phone :310-206-1422
USA: ConnecticutSouthern Connecticut State UniversityInformation and Library Sciences Department@SCSUtweet5,281 Architecture
An in depth study of the concepts and practices of information architecture (IA). Students will read the existing literature related to IA and build complex web sites to address issues specific to information and library science based on current best practices.
phone: 1-888-500-SCSU, then press 4
phone: 203-392-5781
USA: ColoradoUniversity of Colorado at Denver & Health Sciences CenterUsability Testing course as part of Graduate Certificate in Technical and Professional Communication@CUSystem8,923 longer offering Graduate Certificate in Usability Testing and Interface Design

Official Course Description

CMMU 4510-3. Usability Testing. Teaches students how to evaluate technical documentation testing needs, evaluate testing options for their feasibility and costs/benefits, design and carry out a usability testing plan, evaluate and write up test results for actual client documents and products. Cross-listed with CMMU 5510.
phone: 303-860-5610
USA: FloridaFlorida State University School of Library and Information StudiesMaster of Science in Library and Information Studies, Information Architecture & Technology program of study@FSUlibIT957 Master of Science in Library and Information Studies: Master of Science in Information Technology: Architecture & Technology: prepares students to meet the information needs of users by developing and managing information technologies, including web-based resources and networks. Includes specializations in Web Design and Technology & 850-644-5775
USA: FloridaFlorida State University School of Library and Information StudiesInformation Archtiecture CertificateSame as above FSU School of Library & Information Studies Information Architecture Certificate program prepares information professionals to design, build, and manage a web site as an information resource. This certificate program offers opportunities to enhance skills in areas of web design, web applications, administration, and usability, building on students’ existing knowledge of web 850-644-5775
USA: FloridaUniversity of South Florida@USouthFlorida46,500Master of Arts in Library and Information Science
USA: GeorgiaGeorgia Tech School of Literature, Communication and Human CultureMaster of Science in Human Computer Interaction@gtHCI212 HCI program's mission is to provide students with the practical, interdisciplinary skills and theoretical understanding they will need to become leaders in the design, implementation and evaluation of the computer interfaces of the future.
Combination of a fixed core set of courses (Human Computer Interface, Engineering Psychology courses, Research Design, Professional Practice Seminar), flexible core courses and specialization courses
Contact: Jessica Celestine, Graduate Program Coordinator, Academic Advisor
phone: 404-385-7205
USA: GeorgiaGeorgia Tech School of Literature, Communication and Human CulturePhD and Master of Science programs in Digital Mediasame? Master of Science in Digital Media program at Georgia Tech (formerly known as Information Design and Technology) offers arts and humanities based advanced study in digital media design and critique. The MS program focuses on practical applications of interactive and information design, while the doctoral program explores the social cultural basis of information and knowledge transmission.

LCC participates in Georgia Tech’s Center for Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU). All DM students are invited to join the GVU and to attend the weekly “Brown Bag” Thursday lunches, in which GVU members report on their research. Brown Bag Lunch can be taken as a one-credit course. (Past GVU Brown Bag events can be seen online at
General contact:
phone: 404-894-2601
(more contact information:
USA: GeorgiaSavannah College of Art & DesignB.A., B.F.A., M.A., M.F.A. Degrees and Certificate program in Interactive Design and Game DevelopmentInteraction Design minor@SCADdotedu28,600 minor in Interaction Design, includes a class on Information Architectureemail:
USA: GeorgiaSouthern Polytechnic StateMaster of Science program in Information Design and Communication@kennesawstate22,400 MS IDC degree is a comprehensive online program of study that allows students to master the skills needed to: design information for today's business and technology; use graphics communication technologies effectively; plan, create, and manage business communication projects; design and create content for the web; and plan, design and create instructional systems. The program includes coursework in information architecture, website design and usability testing.Contact: Graduate Admission:
phone: 678-915-4600
USA: GeorgiaSouthern Polytechnic StateAdvanced Certificate in User Experiencesame? for individuals who already hold an advanced degree in technical communication or an allied field, the Advanced Certificate in User Experience includes coursework in information architecture.
User experience is at the heart of design, communication, and deployment of new products and processes. Your coursework will center on projects that build a portfolio of deliverables you can use to enter or advance in the field of user experience.

You will learn how to:
become the user's advocate;
design communication products that reflect knowledge of how real users work with products;
create products for the Web and other online media, as well as for mobile platforms;
become a content strategist who leads the content creation effort in the companies and organizations you work for;
create information architecture structures that reflect principles of effective navigation and terminology; and
apply skills and knowledge as a business analyst so you can successfully compete for this rapidly growing job opportunity in your field.
Contact: Graduate Admission:
phone: 678-915-4600
USA: GeorgiaValdosta State UniversityMaster of Library and Information Science@valdostastate17,700
MLIS 7370 Information Architecture: Theory and techniques of designing Web sites for effective information delivery. Study of organization, labeling, navigation, and indexing systems is 229-333-5966
USA: IllinoisDePaul UniversityCollege of Computing and Digital Media, School of Computing@DePaulU14,500 Design and Information Architecture:
Information architecture and interactive page design. Perception and use of menus, labels and user controls. Structuring information for navigation and presentation. Selecting and placing user controls for optimizing task flow on pages and across pages. Creating wire frames and using content managers. (Renamed in 2012 to include Information Architecture in the course title)
USA: IllinoisIllinois Institute of TechnologyMaster of Science in Information Architecture@illinoistech5,831 Master of Science in Information Architecture enhances a technical communication core with specialized concepts, skills and tools for designing, implementing and managing Web sites and related media such as CD-ROMs. This degree provides students with expertise for a number of tasks relevant to mid-level and advanced positions in the workplace: Web site design, Web site project management, information retrieval, knowledge management, usability testing and 312-567-3020
phone: 866-472-3448
USA: IllinoisUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Information SciencesMaster of Science in information management@gslis2, to meet the demand for a larger and better prepared information management workforce, the Master of Science in information management (MS/IM) prepares students for information-intensive professional roles in a broad range of sectors. The curriculum emphasizes a deep understanding of the interplay of people, information, and technology and reflects a professional commitment to advancing the well-being of society through the use of information. The School's world-class faculty are leaders in the field who provide the knowledge and skills required for successful careers in the design and management of information systems.

The MS/IM degree can be completed on campus or online and consists of 40 hours of coursework including three required courses. Additional, elective courses are chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor. MS/IM students may choose one of four pathways of professional focus including information architecture and design, which prepares students to address challenges of information interaction with expertise in theories of information organization and design paired with the technical ability to implement complex interactive solutions.
phone: 217-333-3280
USA: IndianaIndiana University, School of Informatics, Bloomington, INMaster of Science in HCI@iusoic2,700 interaction (HCI) has traditionally been the domain of engineering and psychology. Here, we approach it from the perspective of design. Our focus goes beyond simply using technology to solve a problem. It is about creating a technology experience that will be functional, intuitive, and even delightful for the people who use it.

The goal of the human-computer interaction design (HCI/d) program is to teach you to think like a designer. Our approach is research-based, but never rigid. Though students follow a highly structured curriculum that prepares them for a professional career, there is plenty of room to pursue individual interests.

During your time here, you will refine your personal design philosophy through course work that:

Teaches you the key history, literature, and research of HCI design (HCI/d)
Introduces you to multiple frameworks, research techniques, and creative exercises
Helps you learn the skills necessary to use and design current and emerging applications
Explores the socioeconomic consequences of implementing technologies in different cultures
Contact: Eli Blevis, Director, Human-Computer Interaction Design Program
phone: 812-360-3533
USA: IndianaIndiana University, School of Library and Information Science, Bloomington, INMaster of Library and Information Sciencesame Architecture - Required course
Effective information system design integrates knowledge of formal structures with understanding of social, technological and cognitive environments. Drawing from a range of disciplines, this course investigates how people represent, organize, retrieve and use information to inform the construction of information architectures that facilitate user understanding and navigation in conceptual space.
phone: 812-855-2018
USA: IndianaIndiana University, School of Library and Information Science, Bloomington, INMaster of Library and Information Sciencesame with a Specialization in Library Technology Management includes the course, Information Architecture for the Web.Focuses on web site development. Students study information architecture as an approach for site organization and design, and learn about project management for complex web development tasks. In lab sessions, students work with advanced markup languages and scripting and develop sites, typically for real clients.

The Dual degree program MLIS/MS in Health Informatics specialization offers an HCI elective. Interesting Note: Indiana's information architecture course is the longest running IA course that we are aware of, with syllabi going back to 2001.
phone: 812-855-2018
USA: IowaIowa State UniversityGraduate HCI program (Certificate and Masters programs)@isuhci251 HCI graduate major reflects a broad recognition in academia and industry of the need to train researchers to meet the challenges faced by this rapidly evolving area of technological progress. Quote from a Student:

HCI program @ ISU:
1) Pursue a certificate AND a masters degree simultaneously - It is possible to have a member of the faculty 'sponsor' a student's admission into the masters program while completing the certificate program.
2) "In State tuition" for out of state students. This is offset by a 'delivery fee' for online classes, which is about $150 per credit hour....
3) No official meeting times - The assignment due dates are set and you may need to meet up with team members.
4) Flexible payments - Iowa State University will allow students to pay their tuition in monthly increments throughout the semester. They charge anywhere from $20-$100 for this, but I think its worth it if your current employer won't provide tuition assistance for a non-degree program, which goes right back to #1. Find a faculty member and apply for degree admission, and next thing you know, your company is paying for both programs!
HCI Graduate Program
1620 Howe Hall
Ames, IA 50011
USA: MarylandUniversity of BaltimoreDoctor of Information and Interaction Design@EubieBee1,586 doctoral program requires most of the same courses as the Master's of Information and Interaction Design (see next item). It is housed in the same department and is intended for students who already hold master's degrees related to the humanities and want to apply them in the field of interaction design. The D.S. in Information and Interaction Design requires a minimum of 48 hours of course work beyond an appropriate master's degree. Students are required to take courses covering various aspects of design, business or public sector management, history, economics, and cultural theory. As students move through the program they will specialize in one of the following areas: user research, interaction design for new media, government and public-sector applications, and educational applications.Contact the UB Office of Admissions at or 410.837.4777 or 1.877.ApplyUB (1.877.277.5982) for more information, or visit
USA: MarylandUniversity of BaltimoreMaster in Interaction Design and Information Architecturesame a student in this program you will become proficient in specific applications of significant information technologies, well-versed in methods for understanding and structuring human interactions with those technologies, and critically aware of social and cultural implications arising from technological developments.Contact the UB Office of Admissions at or 410.837.4777 or 1.877.ApplyUB (1.877.277.5982) for more information, or visit
USA: MassachusettsBentley CollegeMaster of Science Human Factors in Information Design? the Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design (MSHFID), working professionals learn innovative approaches to product development that integrate the goals of the business and the end-user.Use form at website or email
USA: MassachusettsBentley CollegeUser Experience Certificate? UX certificate serves a wide range of individuals, including user-experience professionals, usability specialists, product managers, user researchers, marketing specialists, information architects, UI designers, product designers, engineers, and business analysts.Gail Wessell, Sr. Program Assistant
781.891.3167 or
USA: MassachusettsBentley CollegeUser Experience Boot Camp? week long program highlights the growing importance of the user experience as a strategic business advantage and a point of differentiation in mature or hypercompetitive markets. As a leading business university, Bentley is uniquely positioned to deliver this perspective in a thoughtful and challenging learning experience. The five-day program is organized around five themes: •Elements of the user experience •User research and market segmentation •Design Implementation and innovation •Assessment and measurement •Process improvement and success metrics.
USA: MassachusettsSimmons College, Boston, MAGraduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS)@SimmonsCollege9,101 Development and Information Architecture elective course as part of the Masters of Science
USA: MichiganUniversity of Michigan,
School of Information,
Ann Arbor, MI
Master of Science in Information, Library and Information Science Specialization@umsi5,042 Architecture course is one of several courses of the Library and Information Science specialization for this degree.The HCI Faculty coordinators are Mark Newman ( and Eytan Adar (
USA: MichiganUniversity of Michigan,
School of Information,
Ann Arbor, MI
Master of Science in Information, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Specializationsame Architecture course is required for completion of the HCI specialization for this degree.The HCI Faculty coordinators are Mark Newman ( and Eytan Adar (
USA: MichiganUniversity of Michigan,
School of Information,
Ann Arbor, MI
STIET - A Multidisciplinary Doctoral Training Program at the University of Michigan and Wayne State University focusing on Incentive-Centered Designsame newer program in incentive-centered design is an interdisciplinary program using game-theory models as the starting point for analyzing strategic interactions. The faculty take a broad view of individual motivations for strategic behavior, drawing on economic, psychological, and sociological theories, and also draw on computer science for the engineering of systems.For more information, write to
USA: MichiganWayne State University, Detroit, MIMaster of Library and Information Science@waynestate28,700 offers the Master of Library and Information Science graduate degree and certificate programs. Course in Information architecture (IA) involves the dissemination of information in a manner that takes into effect context, content, and user. While typically associated with website development, information architecture is also key in technical writing, presentation preparation and report generation. Librarians have been pioneering the practices and developing the core tools of information architecture (IA) for hundreds of years. While it’s true that there is no one official certification process or academic programs for information architects, an ALA-accredited MLIS degree continues to be one of the key credentials for IA practitioners. The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the history and practice of information architecture for the World Wide Web, and to help students to leverage their skills and knowledge in the field of librarianship within the broad context and practice of information architecture.
Competencies Expected: By the end of the course students will be able to:
Understand the basics of optimizing websites for search engine fundability
1. History of Information Architecture
2. Influence of traditional librarianship on the modern practice of information architecture,
3. Roles for IAs in web design / redesign teams,
4. Basics of IA practice
5. Understanding content, context, and users
6. Heuristic evaluation
7. Organization structure, labeling and taxonomies
8. Optimizing search
9. Deliverables
106 Kresge Library
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-1825 or (877) 263-2665
USA: New JerseyNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyCertificate in the Practice of Technical Communications@NJIT7,349 Technical Communication Essentials Graduate Certificate prepares students to communicate in rapidly changing technology fields. Students gain skills and knowledge in technical writing and editing, documentation, content management, and web-based training.New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
Newark, New Jersey 07102
(973) 596-3000
USA: New JerseyRutgers UniversityMini-MSE in User Experience Design@RutgersU66,700 Mini-Masters in User Experience Design (UXD), art of the continuing studies curricula, teaches you how to design easy-to-use, engaging, and valuable interfaces that help users efficiently and effortlessly complete their tasks. The course provides an immersive, hands-on experience on how and where the User Experience Design (UXD) fits within business, IT, and development. It explains the underlying psychology and sociology that guides user design, and demonstrates common techniques for making an interface usable.Contact information for Continuing Education offerings at Rutgers University:
Email us your questions:
Telephone: 732-932-7323
Fax: 732-932-7164
Address: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Division of Continuing Studies
attn: Assistant Director of Enrollment Services
303 George Street, Ste. 610 - C
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
USA: New JerseyRutgers UniversityMasters of Business in Sciencesame Experience Design concentration does not contain a specific course called Information Architecture, but the term Information Architecture is a major topic in the description of the concentration: The objective of the Master of Business and Science with a concentration in User Experience Design (UXD) is to train students in the essential skills of designing engaging, easily learned and usable computer-based interfaces whether they be web pages, mobile phones or lawnmowers. Students will learn the current methods and practices involved in gathering user information, creative designing, prototyping and testing a wide range of interface media. The program will also give students a basic understanding of human computer interaction (HCI) and the underlying psychology, communication and sociology theory that guides design plus training in visual design principles. Portfolio preparation is a key element of the program as are current interface design techniques such as building personas, using design patterns, content management, information architecture, card sorting, online usability testing, eyetracking and workflow analysis. A key difference between this program and most other UXD masters degrees that are offered is its second focus on the business side of design. Students will learn project management, accounting, marketing, business communication, creating a business plan and financial decision making. This will enable graduates to move into roles managing user experience design, establishing a consultancy that provides UXD support or launching a new enterprise in which the product is primarily UX design-based.Concentration Coordinators:
Dr. Marilyn M. Tremaine
Contact Form:
USA: New YorkPratt School of Information and Library ScienceMaster of Science in Library and Information Science@PrattInstitute23,900 available in Information Architecture and the Usability of Digital Information. The MILS concentration in Cultural Informatics focuses on research in usability, human computer interaction, cultural heritage description and access, and digital archives and libraries in global information environments.
The 3-year dual-degree MSLIS/MFA Digital Arts prepares students to work at the intersection of digital arts and information, to use digital tools for the design, organization and preservation of digital art and cultural objects and to create digital and virtual environments for cultural and educational institutions.
Professor Craig MacDonald
Pratt Institute
USA: New YorkRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteBS in Communications@rpi2,986 School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences includes a course on Information Architecture in its Communications B.S. program This course examines theoretical and empirical issues in the field of Information Architecture, aiming to identify and utilize principles of information organization, collect and interpret empirical data on human information behavior, and develop and apply methods of information design all in the service of creating usable architectures of information. Focus is on developing experience for professional information architecture projects. Requires basic knowledge of Web design.Mailing Address:
School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Russell Sage Laboratory (SAGE) 5304
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street
Troy, NY 12180
Phone: 518-276-6575

Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Nancy Campbell
Phone: (518) 276-6065
USA: New YorkRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMaster of Science in HCI?'s approach to human-computer interaction differs from other HCI programs by being centered in communication rather than computer science. While the program will provide HCI implementation skills, the focus is on understanding and addressing basic problems in human-technology interaction, including the support of social interaction. Students will learn about cutting edge areas of HCI research through advanced seminars. They will leave the program with a portfolio-ready final project that demonstrates the integration of the skills they've acquired in the program.Department Inquiry:

For more information, or to apply online, visit Rensselaer�s Graduate Admissions website at
USA: New YorkSchool of Visual ArtsMaster of Fine Arts in Interaction Design@svaixd3,906http://interactiondesign.sva.eduThe MFA in Interaction Design program trains students to research, analyze, prototype, and design concepts in their business, social, and cultural contexts. Today, business success depends on the presence of a well-designed, engaging experience, and the new MFA in Interaction Design program explores the strategic role of interaction design in shaping everyday life. Dot Dot Dot lecture series is open to the public covering current topics in Interaction Design.MFA Interaction Design
School of Visual Arts
136 West 21 Street
New York, New York
Tel: 212-592-2703
Fax: 212-592-2135

Liz Danzico, Founder and Chair
USA: New YorkState University of New York OswegoMultimedia/Hypermedia Design and Authoring?? course focuses on the design and authoring techniques of multimedia and hypermedia. The World Wide Web is an example of a hypermedia system which is becoming dynamic. Multimedia and hypermedia link text, sound, graphics, and video information together in a non-linear fashion. Techniques to organize and access personal, course, and business information (such as tying together papers, citations, and databases), designing and developing hypermedia and multimedia applications will be explored.Instructor: Dr. Youngok Choi
Office: 108 Snygg Hall
Telephone: (315) 312-2684
USA: New YorkSyracuse UniversityMaster of Science in Information Management
Master of Science in Information Management Executive Program
@iSchoolSU8,827 MSIS contains course on Information Architecture for Internet ServicesEmail:
USA: OhioKent State UniversityMaster of Science in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management@KentStateSLIS779 offers an online graduate program in user experience design (including information architecture and usability), health informatics, and knowledge management through an interdisciplinary Master of Science program, certificates and online courses. Basic and Advanced courses on Information Architecture, as well as special topic courses in IA, seminars, independent study and internships are offered.Mailing Address
Information Architecture and Knowledge Management
Kent State University
314 Library
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242-0001

Phone and Email
Phone: 330.672.5840
Fax: 330.672.2118
USA: OregonThe University of Oregon, EugeneApplied Information Management (AIM) master of science degree@UOAIMProgram311 to give mid-career professionals relevant skills in information management, information design, business management, and applied research that can be used immediately on the job. Courses like Information Design and Communication and Managing Information Assets cover IA topics such as information organization, presentation, improving understanding, findability, etc.Mailing address:
1277 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1277
Contact: 541-346-4231, 800-824-2714, or
USA: PennsylvaniaCarnegie Mellon University Human Computer Interaction InstituteMaster of HCI and Undergraduate major in HCI@cmuhcii1,323 orientation, with faculty from Computer Science, Design, Psychology, Social and Decision Sciences, Robotics, and Business Administration The HCII program focuses equally on strategic, research, design and implementation aspects of product development.
The Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) at Carnegie Mellon University offers a professional Master of Human-Computer Interaction degree. The pprogram is known by the software and technical industries for its interdisciplinary nature, rigor and deep knowledge in Computer Science, Psychology and Design. It is a two year masters degree set into a twelve month duration. During their first semester, students learn core knowledge in programming, design, psychology and HCI methods. During their second and third semesters the students can choose any electives across the University, while they participate in a substantial industry capstone project with an external client.
General information:
Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII)
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
Fax: 412.268.1266

Director: Justine Cassell
For information about the Ph.D. program

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For information about the undergraduate program
USA: PennsylvaniaCarnegie Mellon University School of DesignMaster of Design in Interaction Design@cmudesign5,769 model of designing for interaction involves multi-disciplinary teams engaged in the planning, conception, design, implementation, and support of products, services, and systems that meet human needs and desire. This human-centered model, with a concern for psychological, social, and cultural factors on the one hand, and technical and economic factors on the other, was pioneered at Carnegie Mellon and is now widely embraced as a design standard around the world. The School of Design programs puts more emphasis on visual/aesthetic aspects of interaction design (more like an MFA, usually a strong portfolio and BFA is required to get in) whereas the HCII program focuses equally on strategic, research, design and implementation aspects of product development.For undergraduate information

For graduate programs
Interaction Design (IxD), email
USA: PennsylvaniaCarnegie Mellon University School of DesignMaster of Design in Communication Planning and Information Designsame Master of Design in Communication Planning and Information Design (CPID) is a two-year professional degree program for students who want to explore:
• Communication design and strategy
• Communication planning related to contemporary social and political issues
• Information design
• The creative potential of the interplay between words and images in traditional and innovative media.
With the broader view of the information landscape that’s now possible, designers are expected to tackle the planning of complex communication systems, and to take increasing responsibility for the verbal as well as the visual aspects of their work. This program explores the need to convey more complex information to a greater variety of audiences and therefore, encompasses all the disciplines required for the conception, planning, production, and delivery of effective communication.
The School of Design and the Department of English offer this unique program jointly.
For undergraduate information

For graduate programs
Communication Planning and Information Design (CPID), email
USA: PennsylvaniaUniversity of PittsburghMaster of Library and Information Science@iSchool_Pitt753 Technology Program of Study offers courses that address Information ArchitectureFor more information about this specialization, please contact our Student Recruitment Coordinator at or 412-648-3108.
USA: South CarolinaUniversity of South Carolina@UofSC_CMCIS817School of Library and Information Science
USA: South DakotaDakota State UniversityBachelor of Science in Digital Arts & Design
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
@DakotaState1,587 course Information Architecture is required for the Web Design & Production Specialization of the DAD degree and for the Multimedia/Web Design Minor and is an elective for the Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems. This course is currently only offered in the Spring.Contact the Office of Extended Programs
For information request:
(605) 256-5049
Toll-Free: 800-641-4309
Fax: 605-256-5095

Mailing Address
Dakota State University
Office of Extended Programs
Tunheim Classroom Bldg
820 N Washington Ave.
Madison, SD 57042
USA: TexasThe School of Information at the University of Texas at AustinMaster of Science in Information Studies@UTiSchool1,995 in Information Studies with focus on IA. Two courses specifically focusing on Information Architecture and others on Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management and the Semantic Web.General Information:

Tel: 512-471-3821
Fax: 512-471-3971

The University of Texas at Austin School of Information
1616 Guadalupe Suite #5.202
Austin, TX 78701-1213

Information Architecture and Design Instructor:
Fleming Seay
(512) 471-3701
USA: Washington, DCCatholic University of AmericaSchool of Library and Information Science@CatholicUniv15,000 programs highlights develop and apply classification systems and database schemas, business processes and workflows to manage complex data sets and information resources. Their work often involves researching, acquiring and integrating diverse datasets. They design and evaluate information environments that are as varied as shopping sites, web portals, databases, search engines and directories, online financial services, social media sites, online communities and mobile (PDA) applications.
Information architecture draws on many fields, including library science, computer science, social informatics, information design, visual design, and engineering psychology (Morrogh, 2003, p. 5). The IA course of study reflects this diversity.
The School of Library and Information Science
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave., N.E
Washington, DC 20064
Phone: 202-319-5085
Fax: 202-319-5574
USA: WashingtonWashington State UniversityBachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Technology and Culture@dtcv429 Creative Media & Digital Culture Program offers a major and a formal minor program of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Technology and Culture. One of the learning goals of this program is: 5.Identify and explain key principles of information architecture, effectively manage knowledge for both information retrieval and archival purposes, and evaluate and choose appropriate information architecture and knowledge management strategies for a given situation The course that best addresses this goal is "Electronic Research and the Rhetoric of Information"The Academic Advisor, Teresa Phimister, can assist with general university requirements and can be reached at 360-546-9664, The Program Director, Dr. Dene Grigar, can provide guidance with specific program information, courses, and career advice at 360-546-9487,
USA: WashingtonThe University of Washington iSchoolMaster (MLIS and MSIM)@UW_iSchool2,119 of Library and Information Science

The MLIS program prepares students to become leaders in the library and information world. Equipped with a keen understanding of the uses and users of information, graduates use their knowledge and determination to lead in a world where information is increasingly the most important commodity.
MSIM studentsMaster of Science in Information Management

The MSIM program prepares students for careers in data management and transfer, business intelligence, information assurance and security, and information system design. Graduates gain critical analytical and management skills necessary to lead the complex information-intensive projects most organizations struggle with in the information age.
UW Information School
Box 352840 - Mary Gates Hall, Ste. 370
Seattle, WA 98195-2840

Prospective Students
USA: WashingtonThe University of Washington iSchoolBachelor of Science in Informaticssame Architecture is a primary area of study for the Bachelor of Science in Informatics. 16-20 additional credits in Information Architecture are required beyond the Informatics core courses to complete the degree in this specialization. The Informatics program allows students to develop the skills and knowledge to design, build, implement, and secure information systems. As they explore rewarding careers as business analysts, user experience designers, information architects, and product managers, they move organizations and society forward.UW Information School
Box 352840 - Mary Gates Hall, Ste. 370
Seattle, WA 98195-2840

Prospective Students
USA: WashingtonKnowledge Management InstituteThe Certified Knowledge Specialist Information Architecture@KMInstitute914 core of the acclaimed CKM Program combined with a deep-dive into Information Architecture Business SolutionsKM Institute
1414 Wynhurst Lane
Suite 300
Vienna, Virginia 22182 (USA)
USA: WisconsinThe University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Library and Information StudiesInformation Architecture@UWMadison118,000 861 Information architecture: Covers how traditional library science concepts such as organization of information and users and uses apply to web design, and examines the basics of usability, navigation, project planning, project management, web evaluation, and ongoing web information system management.School of Library and Information Studies
Room 4217
Helen C. White Hall
600 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-2900
Contact us at:
USA: WisconsinThe University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Information StudiesBachelor of Science in Information Science and Technologysame? the courses, Information Architecture I, II and III, as part of its degree program. Learn how information is retrieved, organized, manipulated, repackaged and applied in nearly every aspect of our increasingly digital culture and economy. The Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology immerses students in information science; information architecture; information organization, storage and retrieval; and applications of the Internet.General Information
Off campus: (414) 229-1122
On campus: Dial 0
Mailing Address
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
[Department/Unit Name]
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Contact Form:
USA: WisconsinThe University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Information StudiesMaster of Library and Information Sciencesame? the course, Information Architecture and Knowledge Organization, as part of its degree program. A course within the Information Organization concentration prepares students for careers in cataloging, indexing, metadata work, or archival organization in a wide variety of settings, including libraries, archives, museums, private corporations, government agencies, and other organizations; the Information Organization (IO) Concentration provides a way for students to formally focus their studies on information organization within the context their MLIS degree program and its requirements.
717 Information Architecture and Knowledge Organization. 3 cr. G.
Introduction to the interdisciplinary field of information architecture, with focus on designing user-centered organization, labeling, navigation, search, metadata, and knowledge organization systems for web sites. Prereq: grad st; L&I Sci 511(531) (P).
Phone: (414) 229-4707
Fax: (414) 229-4848
Online Courses
Online CoursesAIIMOnline Web Certification programs in Search, Information Organization & Access, Enterprise Content Management, etc. for IA Institute Members: Contact for details
Online CoursesUniversity of California - Berkeley School of InformationMaster of Information and Data Science UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) offers the only professional Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) delivered fully online, in a web-based learning environment that blends live, face-to-face classes with online course work. The degree is designed for professionals who want to solve real-world problems using complex and often messy data from clickstreams, transactions, archives, sensors, and beyond.

MIDS will prepare you to apply disciplined, creative methods to define a research question; to gather, store, retrieve, and analyze data; to interpret results; and to convey findings effectively. The multidisciplinary curriculum will expose you to the latest tools and methods for identifying patterns and gaining insights from data.

University of California, Berkeley
102 South Hall #4600
Berkeley, CA 94720-4600
Online CoursesUniversity of CanberraMaster of Information Studies in Internet Communication (online) Architecture for the Web PG (7606). This is a course that equips students to create a logical architecture for the information on a web site; use research methods to better understand the environment within which a web site will be created or revised; discuss the principles of Information Architecture and its benefits to organisation/audience communication; construct content hierarchies and categories, label web content for optimal discovery and implement optimal navigation systems; use appropriate diagramming techniques to communicate an IA design to all stakeholders.University of Canberra, ACT 2601 Australia, Switchboard +61 2 6201 511

UC Bruce Campus
Full/Part Time, Online - Convener: Dr Sally Burford (Ph: +61 2 6201 5958)
Online Courses
Online CoursesCharles Sturt UniversityMaster of Information Studies Master of Information Studies offers specialisations in Information Architecture that aims to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to practice as an information architect, or in allied information professions. The specialisation focuses on the design and development of effective websites and intranets across different organisational contexts. Students choose from a range of subjects that cover all facets of information architecture, providing them with a practical understanding of what makes for an optimal user experience.Within Australia: Call 1800 334 733
International: +61 2 6338 6077
Fax: (02) 6338 6001
Online Enquiry:
Online CoursesDrexel University in Philadelphia, PAOnline MLIS with a concentration on Management of Digital Information 658 Information Architecture - 3.00 credits

Introduces fundamental concepts, methods and theories in Information Architecture for virtual, physical, and hybrid worlds. Focuses on organization, representation, and navigation of conceptual space. Topics include foundations, Web design, cognitive aspects, search, interaction design, knowledge organization, and user experience.
Phone: (877) 215-0009
Fax: (215) 895-0525

Mailing your application or other supporting documents to:

Drexel University Online
Attn: Applicant Services
P.O. Box 34729
Philadelphia, PA 19101
Fax: (215) 895-0525
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