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IN 50 words, Is the Duct-Taped Banana Art?Word Count
Allen,Arianna MalindaThe Duct-Taped banana is not art because it lacks uniqueness and creativity. I feel as if the Duct-Taped Banana did not have any thought put into it and that the artist just threw a banana on a canvas and duct taped on there then called it art. To me it doesn't have any idividuality and can be esily replicated.59
Barnett,Glaston DI personally do not think that the Duct-Taped Banana is art because I don’t think it required a significant amount of creativity to make. It doesn’t really have any substance or meaning, it doesn’t represent anything at all and when you compare or put it next to something that actually is considered art this Duct-Taped banana would be ridiculed and laughed at. 62
Berry,Carlynn AyannaI don't think the banana taped on the wall was art. To create art, it takes a effort and creativity. Also, The banana had to be replaced every few days, so the original piece wasn't even up long enough to be considered art. Anyone can tape a piece of art to the wall. 53
Boldin,Kajuanjanae AThe banana is not art, it basic with no substance. To the person that purchased "foolish mortal". The artist did try something unique but the "art" however serves no purpose. It is not something to put on display and people would love. The duct-tape made it worse.47
Butler-Porter,Alexia DLooking at the Duct-Taped Banana just by visualizing it you can tell there is no meaning to it. Art is supposed to have a meaning to it understanding what you are looking and also being able to put yourself in the painting . It had no type of purpose to serve when it came down to even being shown as a painting . Personally maybe if the banana portrayed better it would have a different outlook on what it really means .82
Campbell,AlexiI would not say this is art all for the reason that it can be easily replicated or falsified. The artist is not innovative and the original piece cannot be original in a sense that when the banana rots it has to be replaced with a new banana therefore voiding it's authenticity. I believe the buyer just wanted to be able to say he spent $120,000 on a banana, in other terms gaudy wealth. 74
Campbell,CierraIn my opinion I do not think that the Duct-Taped Banana is because it is not creativity and it is not valueable however, yes it is a form of art. Although the ducted-tape banana is a very basic thought, it is still art because it displays some type of visual form of creativity from someones imaginiation.56
Coley,Trekeria Ayanna
Davis,Demyja LI would say that the Duct-Taped Banana is art because someone put time and effort into it . However I wouldn't pay for it because i can make it myself.30
Dixson,Quenteria XemariThe banana duct taped to a piece of paper is a form of art, but it’s stupid. A 3 year old could have came up with this. Seeing that someone paid $120,000 for a banana being duct taped to a piece of paper shows how stupid people are with their money.51
IN 50 words, Your comments about the work of Sandy Skoglund
Allen,Arianna MalindaIn my opinion, I like Sandy Skoglund's art due to the fact that it contains individuality. This is my first time seeing this type of art and I enjoy all the pieces that I've seen in class. After looking at her work, it makes me want to search and look up more of her art to see all that she's created. Also, if I were to look at another piece of installation art I would instantally think of Sandy Skoglund from now on.83
Barnett,Glaston DI really liked Sandy Skoglund ‘s art because of how different it is and outside of the box it is; I’ve never seen art quite like hers before, its very unique and her use of vibrant and contrasting colors is what stood out to me the most and makes her art very much creative.54
Berry,Carlynn AyannaSandy skoglund is unique, and I personally like it. It looks animated mixed with real people. I like she use of color and animals. It doesn't seem like it has any meaning but it's light and fun. My favorite ones are the painting with the Cheetos and the fish in the bedroom. 52
Boldin,Kajuanjanae ASandys art is actually ART. Her work is creative,colorful and unique. It is like art I've never seen before. The implimentation of animals surrounding the room or outdoors in color shows how diverse she is. I think animal lovers would enjoy her art. The cheetos art is kind of creepy but still creative.53
Butler-Porter,Alexia DDue to the fact this is my very first time witnessing some type of at like this , but just by looking at Sandy Skoglund art you can tell that she felt this when painting. You can actually look at her artwork and feel the amount of work she put into her work . My favorite piece of work was with the Cheetos that was very unique and creative .70
Campbell,AlexiI like Sandy Skoglund's work as she uses contrasting colors to force the eye to move around to the different vantage points of the image. The creativity she possesses causes her to be successful as no one has been seen utilizing the same methods in creating art. I can say with confidence that her work is the definition of art. 60
Campbell,CierraSandy Skoglund art is very interesting to me because she incorporates very bright colors in her art, something that she is very big on. Her art work includes animals and posed humans which is pretty unique since I love animals. Also, what I like about her art is that they art very detailed and creative in each setting.58
Coley,Trekeria Ayanna
Davis,Demyja LI think Sandy Skoglund has nice art work. I like how she uses bright colors in all her art pieces and that it holds interest. Her art pieces also make want to see more of her art. I also like how she used some of the same shapes and images to create repetition. 53
Dixson,Quenteria XemariI like her artwork. It's not just some random paint splatter all over a piece of paper like I've seen with previous artwork. You can tell with her artwork that she has a lot of patience and takes her time with being creative. In the artwork with the Cheetos it looks kind of 3D.54
IN 50 words, Your comments about the work of Paul Klee
Allen,Arianna MalindaPaul Klee's artwork is was appealing to me because most of the paintngs has a variety of different geometry. I like the warm colors he uses in most of the paintings that I saw. In some of his paintings it looks as if he painted stick figures and letters. His art is very different from the artwork you see from others.61
Barnett,Glaston DPaul Klee’s work to me was very interesting, I liked how a lot of his work has heavy involvement and use shapes, patterns, buildings and a wide variety of colors ranging from bright to dull; It reminded me a lot of Pablo Picasso and his work with Cubism in those exact regards.52
Berry,Carlynn AyannaPaul Klee's work is not my cup of tea. His work doesn't look like it took any effort. I like his use of bright colors, but there is nothing special about his work. Anyone could have drawn the shapes and painted color in the back. Out of all of his work, I like the first one the most. That one look like it too the most effort, and he used lots of vibrant colors. 74
Boldin,Kajuanjanae A
Butler-Porter,Alexia DPaul Klee's artwork was something that i wouldn't find myself very interested in . Paul works just look as if he just put it together, you can tell just by looking at his work their wasn't no time and effort put into it . The usage of the colors were duable but their is more to painting then just its colors that are being used . 66
Campbell,AlexiI like Paul Klee's line drawings, however I'm not a big fan of his paintings due to his use of contrasting color blocks. I like the minimalism of the line drawings and how it appears there is only one long pencil stroke to create the drawing. I don't know what style of art he falls under, it appears his art could possibly fall under cubism.65
Campbell,CierraPaul Klee's work has lots of emotions in his work such as anger, passion, dreamlike etc. His paintings appear to be abrasive with his choice of using bolder lines and darker shapes which makes his work very diffrent from other art work that I have seen. In my opinion his artwork is not the most interesting because he incorpates simple things like shapes which is not very eye catching to me.71
Coley,Trekeria Ayanna
Davis,Demyja LPaul Klee is a very interesting artist. Paul Klee has some great paintings but also some that are not as good. One of my favorites is the first one that we were showed. I liked the first picture because of the uses of the bright colors that Paul Klee used. I believe adding those bright colors draws attention to his work. My least favorite were the ones looked scribbled and rushed. Although it's art it something that wasnt thought out. 80
Dixson,Quenteria Xemari
IN 50 words, Your comments about the movie La Jetée
Allen,Arianna Malinda
Barnett,Glaston DLa Jetee was a good short film but to me personally it was somewhat boring in the sense that it’s kind of hard to keep up with exactly what’s going on and it’s easy to get lost in all of the dark imagery and subtitles but, the intriguing storyline makes up for it.53
Berry,Carlynn AyannaLa Jetee was a interesting but weird. I was kind of hard to keep up with the story line. It was very dark and confusing, However despite the weirdness, it kept me interested. I was intrigued to see how it ended. I liked the interaction between the man and the woman from the airport.54
Boldin,Kajuanjanae A
Butler-Porter,Alexia DPersonally the film could have been better then what it was simply because not it was all over the place and to much i to try to keep up with . The theme could have been more clear and understandable. I tried to make a connection with the film as viewing it but i just could not 57
Campbell,AlexiI personally did not like the short film La Jetée as I found it not only creepy, but boring. It was hard to keep up with the subtitles and understand what was going on in the story. From what I could comprehend and see, the dark theme of human experiments, loss of freedom and minute torture is my least favorite although thought provoking. I feel this short film can be comparable to the scene in 1984 by George Orwell where the head takes the protagonist into room 101 to strip him of his memories.94
Campbell,CierraThe movie La Jetee was not interesting to me at all and was somewhat boring and creepy. It was not to easy to understand because so many things where going on at one time which made me wonder what really was happening. Also, I did not like the black and white imagery because it did not keep my attention along with the music choice which also wasn't really good. 69
Coley,Trekeria Ayanna
Davis,Demyja LThe movie La Jetee was okay. I did not really care for it because I thought it was boring. I also La Jetee was hard to keep up with because I could not read the subtitles from my seat. Also it was in black and white. When I watch the older films with no color it is harder to pay attention to. If i gave the movie a grade it would be a C. 74
Dixson,Quenteria Xemari
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Kajuanjanae Boldinhttps://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-9YoOe1XrXC-c-SNTVLmXLQxsz7kviiAuvwPsWIc96o
Garysha Francishttps://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16N4PuajzfHgvs8HUMNFluon4qbgz6uLEfxIIl_4B6qI/edit?usp=sharing
IN 50 words, Your Favorite Wonder of the World
Allen,Arianna MalindaThe Great Wall of China is my favorite wonder of the world because it is a place that I have always wanted to visit. The Great Wall has been shown in many movies such as the Karate Kid and it has always something that caught my attention in movies. I like The Great Wall because of how historic it is and I would like to see how long the walk is for myself. 73
Barnett,Glaston D
My favorite wonder of the world would have to be the Statue of Zeus at Olympia. Greek mythology as a genre has Been a Favorite of mine for a long time, with Zeus being my favorite Greek God. The statue is amazingly sculpted and I actually hope I get to see it person one day.
Berry,Carlynn AyannaMy favorite wonder of the world is Machu Picchu in Peru. I have always wondered how the Inca built it and how long did it take. I would love to visit it in person. I wonder how the Incas built a whole city in a mountain. Also, I wonder what it was used for. Its mysteriousness makes it more interesting.60
Boldin,Kajuanjanae ATahj Mahal is my favorite wonder of the world because of its rich history. Shah Jahan made a tomb in memory of his beloved with Mumtaz.It is one of the greatest Masoleum of all times.Lastly the main expression of the building is pure love.44
Butler-Porter,Alexia DMy favorite wonder of world would be the Great Wall of China's . Since elementary school this is something that i have always heard about and always wanted to visit when i got older and got the chance to . However of the illness that is going around in China currently that is killing many individuals there , when the right time come i choose to visit 67
Campbell,AlexiMy favorite wonder of the world is Machu Pichu in Perú because of it's mysterious origin. It is almost like the egyptian pyramids with it's grand structures that scientist are still curious as to how an early civilization had the technology to build these structures. It is also a mystery as to what these structures were used for whether it was for the worship of their Gods or for sacrifices. 70
Campbell,CierraMy favortie wonder of the world is the Great Wall of China because it has also been very interesting to me and I have heard alot about it and I wish to visit there one day. The Great Wall of China is very interesting and it amazes me how long it took to build it and it has been around for many years (BC).64
Coley,Trekeria Ayanna
Davis,Demyja LMy favorite wonder of the world is the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal has always been super interesting to me because of the beautiful body of water that is in front of it. I also like the shape of the building, because you don't see that a lot. Most building are just repetitive.53
Dixson,Quenteria XemariMy favorite 8th Wonder of the World is The Great Barrier Reaf in Australia. I like this because it's colorful and makes the underwater look alive. It seems as if all of the plants are healthy, and the sea creatures seem healthy. Also, I like how blue the water is.50
IN 50 words, Your opinion on Pablo Picasso