ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT - please read this full page first
With the troubling news that has recently surfaced regarding ChiZine Publications (CZP), many horror and speculative fiction fans have suggested boycotting the publisher. However, publisher boycotts also hurt authors through lost sales of specific books and lost opportunities to build audiences generally. This document offers one solution to readers who want to continue to supporting CZP contributors without supporting CZP. I have compiled a list of most current and some former CZP authors, artists, and other contributors; and have provided links to their social media accounts, personal sales outlets, Patreon accounts, and other places where they can be found online.
My name is Dora Badger. I'm a (very slow-producing) horror writer and was a cheerleader for CZP from way back when they were a 90% text HTML-only black-and-white website. I spent years actively promoting an organization that, in retrospect, had several red flags. It isn't like I'm some major horror influencer or anything...but I've gone out of my way to recommend them over other excellent small presses and in that way have contributed to perpetuating harm they've done. This is my way of making amends.
This document is my creation. I compiled it using publicly available information. I take responsibility for any errors and am happy to correct them. I have also done my best to honor authors' preferred pronouns, but if I have made a mistake I do apologize and, again, I will correct the error in a timely fashion. There is a link at the bottom of this worksheet where you can submit corrections and suggestions. Please allow two business days for me to make requested updates. If I am unable to make changes in that time, I will let you know ASAP and give you a timeline for when the corrections will be completed.
This document is a work in progress and is currently less than 20% complete (please see Row 12). As of 11/8/2019, the ETA to complete this document is by Cyber Monday. I'll post an update on Twitter (@dorabadger) and publicly on Facebook (I'm the Dora Badger with the black cat profile pic) if that changes by more than a day or two.
This document is intended to support authors and contributors who are at risk of losing income from a boycott of CZP and does not serve as either an endorsement or indictment of any particular author(s). I don't know everyone's stories and I don't know who may or may not have already made amends to people they have harmed. Unless I have received or read a direct report of bullying or other deliberately harmful behavior by a particular author, I have added them to this list. At the time of publication only two CZP authors were not included.
Any contributor who does not want to be listed here can use the link at the bottom of this sheet to request removal. I will honor all personal removal requests ASAP (please see Row 5).
I am filling this out more or less at random. I started going alphabetically but this is a PROJECT and I quickly realized it would be unfair to the back half of the alphabet if I didn't mix it up. I have completed the basic information for all of the listed contributors (website, social media links, online stores, etc.) and am now going through and posting individual product links for each contributor. I added Ed Kurtz's work first, to thank him for putting himself on the front lines. For the rest, I'm just sort of scrolling through and completing a few names at a time on each tab. In the interest of prioritizing those who would suffer most from a CZP boycott I'll probably hold off on the bigger names until the end, but I will keep going until everyone who has a non-CZP product or service available has something listed.
I've posted a MAXIMUM of 3-5 individual product links for each contributor. The number I add is pretty random and is mostly based on my available time and energy level at each data entry session. For this first pass, I have mostly skipped anthologies unless a contributor has no other non-CZP work available. I have provided links to contributors' websites, Amazon pages, and/or other sales channels wherever possible so supporters can find other works if the ones I've selected don't quite catch their interest. If you have a work you'd like me to feature, please use the link below and let me know so I can make the change. Once every contributor's listing has something up, I'll start listing contributors whose stories were slated to appear in upcoming, announced anthologies. After that I will add more works to existing listings as I have time through January 2020.
A few contributors have no publications or products outside of CZP. I have noted where this is the case. If I was able to find a Ko-Fi or other cash app link, an online shop, or another business I could point you to that would directly benefit those contributors, I have provided it. Even if they don't have anything listed, you can still support them in other ways! You will find information about how to do that in the Resources tab.
If you don't have a lot of books, products, or services listed here and don't have a cash app link, please reach out and let me know how you'd like readers to support you. Community members who are reading this document want to support you! If you're a freelancer, I can link to your site; if you're an artist, I can link to your online sales channel(s)...and so on. Just let me know what you'd like, and I'll do what I can to help.
With few exceptions, I have only added contributors who are listed on the current CZP Authors/Editors page. This means I haven't added most anthology contributors or past contributors who are no longer listed. If you fall into one of those categories and want your information listed here, please contact me via the link below and I will update the spreadsheet as soon as I can. Because I want to prioritize those who may be most affected right away, I may not get to your listing for a week or more; but I will keep you in the loop and let you know when it's been posted.
CZP contributors (especially those with releases slated for 2019): if you haven't already, please consider setting up a Patreon account and/or an online tip jar through Ko-Fi, Venmo or another cash app. It isn't a magical solution to the problem of discoverability, but readers who have been looking forward to your upcoming release(s) but who don't want to support CZP may be willing to support you on an alternate, established platform while you work on your next book. Even if you don't use it right away, it may be a good idea to lock down your name and/or a project title on those platforms for future use.
Updates will be posted to my Twitter account (@dorabadger). Check in or follow to get the latest news.