First NameLast NameEmailInstagram HandleFacebook Personal PageBusiness WebsiteWhat city, state/province, and country are you in? You never know, there could be someone in this group that lives close by for you to connect with! What is your main offering? (Example: Impact Accelerator is a 9-month coaching program that helps entrepreneurs create a successful and joyful business through our 3P framework of publicity, partnerships and promotions.) Who is your ideal client? (Example: Coaches, experts, and service providers who want to go from best-kept secret to admired industry leader.)Please share your expert topics. (Example: Publicity, Partnerships)What do you like to do for fun? (Example: Eating out, playing with animals, hiking, photo shoots, personality psychology, and getting massages)Share your Myers-Briggs type. (You can take the test here: your Horoscope sign. Share your Enneagram. (Example: is a fun fact about you?
2, Canada
Unwife is an Interactive and Immersive community and coaching experience that helps women thrive through divorce by transforming their lives through the personal and business of divorce that is self-worth, healthy boundaries and communication with confidence as well as project management, financial independence, negotiation, team building and co-parenting.
Women who are contemplating, separated or divorced
separation, divorce, co-parenting, blended families, single parenting, self-care, and mindfulness
Outdoor activities - skiing, hiking, cottage, beach, retreats, travel, coffee in bed, oracle cards, spinning, yoga, meditation, girls trips, foodie, wino, tequila and tacos
100% 7, the world is primarily a place to be enjoyed. They build their lives around the exciting, the stimulating and the entertaining.
I am ride or die - until 10P
www.alisaowens.comBay Area, California (Soon to be digital nomad)
Alisa works female service based entrepreneurs to help them grow their business by empowering them on the sales call, scaling their sales team and increasing conversion rates.
Service based entrepreneurs with scaling businesses that are selling digital products via phone.
Cooking, traveling, sitting on a beach with a cool drink and listing to the ocean waves,
Leo8-3-2I used to be a professional studio singer as a side hustile
www.climateofawe.comPortland, OR, USA
Creating experiences and copy at the intersection of arts and ecology to spark curiosity and engage the senses such as quizzes, children's books, summits, documentaries, festivals, etc
Thinkers & Tinkerers, 5 & 45 year oldsAWE: Arts WITH Ecologydancing, hiking, cuddling, kundaliniAt age 20 INFP. At age 37 ISFJ. Now at 45 ????Pisces
Labeled a 4 when working for a nonprofit 10+ years ago, boyfriend that studied deeply gave me info on Sexual 6 that made lots of sense 10 years ago, just took test now and got 1 as highest with other 2 at 70%
My last name comes from the Town of Peebles in Scotland
angelicarodriguez.comAustin, TX - USAMy main offering is to help executives step into their power.Mid-level managers to senior executives who identify as femaleHealthy Empathy, Boundaries, Sovereignty
Ride my bike, dance, play with my nieces, Taco Tuesday with my parents, decorate my journal and planners with stickers.
ENFJ-TLibratype 2I love stickers (especially ones of hearts, flowers, succulents, unicorns, and llamas) more than anyone I know (including my 8-year old nieces).
BlairKaplan, British Columbia, Canada
Empowerment is a 90-day group coaching program for entrepreneurs and marketers who are ready to uplevel their social media skills, be empowered to tell their story and stand out as a voice of authority. The next group kicks off May 2022.
Coaches, marketing experts and entrepreneurs who want to learned how to tell stories on social media while using those platform to become a recognized thought leader
Social media marketing, Entrepreneurship, Resilience
Camping, hiking, paddle boarding, travelling and being creative (art, writing and beyond)
ENFJLeoThreeI wrote and published a practice book so that I could learn how to write a book for The Global Resilience Project and my practice book became a best seller.
7, GA, USA
I am a building, life safety, fire, and accessibility code specialist that provides consulting services directly to architects and developers, helping them cut through the red tape of government regulation.
Architects, Developers, and anyone building something that wants the design to be safe and efficient.
Building code, life safety, accessibility, building regulation
Anything on or near the water! We enjoy boating to all the remote beaches and islands only accessible by boat, and sunset cocktails on our local waterways.
@CarolineGuntur, IL, USA
Productivity Powerhouse: my coaching program that helps creative entrepreneurs up-level their organization and productivity skills.
Creative Entrepreneurs and Digital NomadsOrganization, Productivity, Course Creation, Digital Nomad LifestylePhoto Shoots, Snorkeling, Horseback Riding, DancingINFJVirgoThreeI used to perform professionally as a Belly dancer.
CaseyO'RoartyCASEY@JOYFULCOURAGE.COM@Joyful_CourageCasey O'Roarty
My main offer is parent support for people raising teens through one on one coaching, 6 week Positive Discipline Classes, and a year long membership program for mamas.
Parents of tweens and teens
Parenting with Positive Discipline, Nurturing relationships with out teens, personal growth on the parenting journey
Dancing to live music, stand up paddle boarding, belling laughingENFPVirgoI have mad hula hooping skills, and there was a time that I would have had 20-30 huge hoops on top of my car that I would sell at music festivals.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I help CEO's, Entrepreneurs and Influencers create Mindful Media to help their customers think and act differently. Everyone has a story worth sharing, and I help others use their voice to make an impact through Ghostwriting and Content Creation.
My ideal clients are coaches, network marketing leaders, product + service providers who want to use their voice for impact.
Storytelling, Ghostwriting + Mindful Media
Love dinner with friends in new restaurants, travel, documentaries + autobiographies and a delicious glass of Malbec
INFJLibraType 8 (887%), Type 5 (80%), Type 2 (77%) I love watching jeopardy -- gives me even the tiniest bit of info to take part in a wide range of conversations.
Longmont, Colorado
Your Thriving Pregnancy Circles are a 6-month online, small group coaching program for women in their third trimester through postpartum who want to thrive in parenthood with a community that lasts a lifetime.
Pregnant women
Midwifery & natural birth, healthy pregnancy & postpartum, holistic health for women, and the integration of birth with environmental & social justice.
Backpacking the Colorado mountains, traveling with my husband, doing a puzzle, gardening and cooking amazing vegan food!
ENFPLeo sun, Pisces Moon, Taurus rising9, 3, 1I love pole dancing and perform with my dance studio every chance I get!
12, Auatralia
I help people with health issues or chronic illness discover that healing is possible
People with chronic illness like autoimmune disease or cancerInflammation, Healing, Motivation to get health on trackRestaurants, fully engaging in life’s experiences, personal growthENFPAriesI have a Guinness world record for the Worlds Largest Risotto
www.claudinechi.comGold Coast, Australia
High Performance Mindset Coaching. I empower leaders & athletes to create a winning mindset that they love!
Leaders, entrepreneurs, and athletes who want to win in business, competition, and in life!
High Performance Mindset. Winning. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (certified practitioner). Fulfillment.
Study Mindset because I'm obsessed! Also, surfing and surf trips! Nature. Hikes. Boxing. Healing power of food and vitamins. Enlightenment.
SagittariusReverse parking is my hidden talent!
ClaytonBorahclayton@cborah.comcbborahhttps://cborah.comNampa, ID USA
1-on-1 resilient mindset coaching that helps struggling leaders lead with confidence and by example.
C-Suite Execs, Successful EntrepreneursUnshakable Mindset for Leaders, Leading by example,
Hiking, good food, good coffee, deep conversations, and watching movies.
INTJVirgoEightI started my career as a Graphic Designer and have a master's degree in Strategic Design.
www.drcynthiahawver.comClarks Summit, PA
I am a licensed psychologist who specializes in eating disorders, chronic illness, parenting, and helping moms over 40 parenting young child achieve work-life balance incorporating mind, body, and spirit. I am offering high end coaching to parents who have a child with an eating disorder and to moms who want to enjoy parenting with ease and engage in self-care without guilt.
parents with a child that has an eating disorder and Moms over age 40
Eating Disorders, Chronic Illness, Parenting, Self-Care without guilt for moms over 40
Being near water (especially the beach), traveling, sitting in the sun, being in nature, hiking, yoga, getting a massage, meditation, reading, writing my book, engaging in spiritual interests, taking long baths, learning, spending time with my rescue puppy, 2 boys, and husband.
INFJAquarius 1-2-3 (wish I was a 7-9)I have been obsessed with Jon Bon Jovi since I was 12 years old, seen him in concert more times than I can count, and I used to be an actress before becoming a psychologist
www.dijanallugolli.comStockholm, Sweden
Launch Academy - 5 Step Launch Blueprint and group coaching program for online experts who want to learn the easiest way to launch an online product or service, make more income, influence and impact, doing what they love.
Online experts Mainfestation, Launch Strategy, Podcasting Dancing, reading, ENFJCancer7I am addicted to chai, chocolate and chat, and love to multitask doing these 3.
EmilyMayhello@msemilymay.commsemilymayauemilymay17www.msemilymay.comMelbourne, Australia
Mindful Marketing Foundations is a 3 month coaching program that helps Corporate Escapee women to build and grow the business of their dreams through my M3 Method of Mapping, Marketing and Mindset.
Corporate Escapee female business ownersMapping, Marketing and Mindset
I live an active and healthy life filled with lots of walking, scooting, yoga, gym workouts and going out on my SUP in Summer. I'm an avid reader and also love listening to music. I've even seen my fave band 63 times!
INFJLibraSixI've seen my favourite band Pearl Jam 63 times in 13 countries!
HannahStrengerhstrenger@gmail.comhannahstrenger/hstrengerwww.hannahstrenger.comEden Prairie, MN USA
3-month 1:1 coaching program that empowers queer entrepreneurs to bring their full self to business and life.
Queer entrepreneurs who want to stop hiding core pieces of themselves so that they can make the impact and income they desire.
Coming out, queer spirituality, visibility as queer entrepreneurs/creators
Any kind of creative projects, walks around the lake, going to breweries with friends, reading suspense/thriller novels
INFJTaurus6I am a bunny mama to 3 rescue rabbits.
HeatherGuntherinfo@heathergunther.comHeatherGunther.comBoulder, CO but moving to Noosa, AUS next year
6-months of mentorship for OTs, PTs, Therapists, and Coaches looking for tools to help their clients get unstuck and make deeper, faster progress through their developmental trauma and nervous system hijacking.
Change-makers and weirdos of the world - those who experience this world, their bodies, and relationships differently than the status quo - who’s stress is stealing their joy and who’s clients are struggling to move forward.
the hard work of play, parenting, and personal growth
Love my acupuncturist Tuesday, Movement Feedback in the Quantum Field, reading and nerding out on neuroscience, personal development, and how to transform the world through the education around developmental trauma resiliency.
INFPcapriquariusINFPI'm part mermaid.
Jisun SunnyFisherdrj@urlifeinspired.comwww.urlifeinspired.comParsippany NJ
[Under Construction]

(Book) The Samson Download, How to Conquer the Three Cardinal Fears that Make Living your Dream Life Impossible.
(Signature Offer) The Bodhi Mastery is an online course for mastering the human life to ensure that we're living a life that matters. Following the insights of the book, it walks us through three areas of our lives we must learn to master if we want to live a life of purpose, intention, and freedom. Bodhisattva means one who is on their way to enlightenment - this program is for those who wish to fulfill actualize their potential and remember who they are beyond the human experience.
Heart-centered, service-driven leaders and high achievers who want to live a life of authenticity, congruence, love, and inspiration.
Mental Fitness (confidence, clarity, conviction) and Sacred Resonance (heart-healing, essence-expansion, divine connection)
Hikes with my two puppies
Dabble on the piano
Have a good laugh while watching funny dog videos
Have a good cry watching compassionate humanity videos
Listen to music
Past life regressions
Read tarot
Engage in soulful conversations
ENFPAquarius sun, Aquarius rising, Libra Moon8 or 4 (depends when I take the test)I like to eat ice cream with a fork
21 Australia
Mindset Unleashed™ is a 3 month coaching program that helps aspirational, growth-minded professionals to reach their Highest Potential so they can be who they came here to be.
The framework helps them to
Unearth old thinking, habits & patterns
Unlearn old stories & behaviours of limit replacing them with powerful resources to UNLEASH their growth mindset & Highest Potential
Aspirational & growth- Minded professionals who are ready to reach their Highest potential
Growth Mindset, Resilience, Wellbeing
Stand Up Paddle-boarding, spin classes, hanging with my family, back massage
ENFPLeo - Pisces Rising 7I am an identical twin, for many years even friends couldn't tell us apart.
Although she's passed away we are still tightly bound & connected beyond the veil.
https://brandstrength.coJackson, TN USA
BrandStrength helps coaches, consultants, and service providers finally reach their revenue goals by identifying missed opportunities in their current marketing strategy.
Coaches, consultants, and service providers who know they're meant for great things but frustrated with their current results.
Standing out from the competition, mastering your messaging, and creating a compelling online presence
Personal development, baking, cooking, knitting, jigsaw puzzles, spend time with loved ones
ESFJLeo3I have literally traveled the world in a rock band, entertaining tens of thousands of people.
https://marthanicholson.comRedmond, WA USA1 to 1 Self-awareness & Embodiment Coaching and Energy Healing
My ideal clients want to go from resisting the very things they desperately need and want to being able to feel confident, clear and self-directed in living a life they enjoy with more ease.
Nervous System Capacity & Resilience, Leading with innate gifts/skills, Cultivating Inner truth + confidence
Travel, good food, wandering in nature, dancing, laughing.INFPPisces / Fire-Goat in Chinese Astrology9My first cat could astral travel.
MireyaQuiton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Mia Strada is a multi brand independent store in the U.K. specialising in sustainable clothing and gifts. We are passionate about supporting our own high-streets and shopping local, but believe we can all help change the world by choosing better and more carefully. That is the promise of our offering in both our brick and mortar stores and also on our online store.
People that love to wear and gift items that are special, most of them are women and all of them would choose to shop more ethically if they knew where they could easily find things that are special and keep in giving and invest in real people and empower real change
No idea. Sustainable business practices for the future? How to change the way people shop. Helping people reduce their negative footprint on Earth.
I don’t have much spare time so when I have it I spend it with my boys and my partner. If I have time to spans with friends, that’s also a treat.
INFJCancerType 8 challengerThe more I know, the more I know how little I know. Perspective is everything and I can see things form many different perspectives, therefore you could find me saying one thing and the complete opposite and they would both end up being absolutely true to me.
And I can sing in Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Italian.
NatalieCutsforthnatalie@nataliecutsforth.comfollowthedivinemystery, Oregon, United States
Sacred Mentoring a 6-month program that helps energy sensitives decode what they are experiencing, set healthy boundaries and refine their empathic skills to help them in their life and business.
Successful women who know they have an intuitive gift and want to integrate their sixth-sensory nature into their life and work.
Empathic Intelligence, Your Soul’s Purpose, Karmic Connections, Psychic Reading, Energy Healing
Gardening, travel, women's drum circle, arts and crafts, bike riding, hiking, snowboarding, yoga, ecstatic dance, seeing live music, Burning Man.
Protagonist ENFJLeo Sun, Taurus Moon, Pisces Rising3I planted a lavender field in 2020, had my first harvest in 2021 and will plant 1400 more lavender plants this spring.
https://fetchingfinn.comCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Unseen to Unforgettable: 60 Day Brand Transformation -- This full service, done-for-you Personal Branding and Design package includes everything you need for strategy and growth.
Personal brands ready to step into the spotlight! This includes coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and service providers.
Personal Branding, Business Branding, Website Content Strategy and Design
Travel, eating out, local adventures, esthetics, massages, and anything puppy related.
ISFJCancer4I was once the top ranked female in the world in my style of karate.
@bartonpamelaPamela Barton
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Metabolic Energy Reboot program is a 3 month energy accelerator program for busy professionals who want to move from tired and overwhelmed to energetic and productive. This implementation program focuses on short action steps each day to improve nutrition, stress perception and sleep.
Busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want to increase their physical and mental energy to be the leader they are set out to be
Nutrition / meal planning / MIndset+ habits / Hormones
Reading / Nature walks / Eating out / Personal development / Having inspiring conversations
INTJLibra3-2-8I used to sing in choir/chorus settings for 13 years (before CoVid)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
One on one coaching (authentic communication and leadership in relating to others) and Personal Self Mastery group program
People who care about their relationships with other people and want to BE the change in that relationship
Presence (mindfulness), Play (curiosity as a way of life), Pleasure (embodiment to the fullest!)
Rituals for pagan sabbats and moon cycles, kitchen witchin', binge-watching singing competition golden buzzer moments
ENFPTaurus2, 8, 3 - all above 80%I am also a 20 year bureaucrat and have worked with the United Nations, the World Bank and the Canadian Federal Government in a variety of roles. Currently leading a team drafting the policy for the Future of People Management - pretty cool stuff!
New York City
I help people feel better and take control of their lives with easy, effective, accessible Reiki self care.
Anyone who would like to feel better and optimize their health and wellbeing, even if they're facing a medical challenge.
Reiki self care and professional practice, Reiki & conventional medicine, self-care advocacy (wellness & spirituality)
travel, photography, art museums, ballet, eating out with friendsPiscesI occasionally enjoy a well crafted margarita or artisanal mezcal.
PennyCasselmanpenny@pennycasselman.comPenny_CasselmanPennyCasselman1PennyCasselman.comCleveland, Ohio3-month 1:1 coaching - 360-degree holistic approach to life
Professional women who feel stuck and are ready to explore new ways of thinking, planning, and acting by harnessing their power of choice. Together we create a unique, delightful, and delicious recipe for success.
The power of choice, Keep it flawsome, and Your Red Market Moment.
Meeting friends out for cocktails, planning DIY projects around my home, and naps.
ISTJTaurus3My favorite entertainment genre is Sci-Fi/Fantasy
www.cpennies.comSt. Elizabeth, Jamaica
The Finance Academy (current name) is a 12-month program that combines the teaching of financial topics with one-on-one coaching that helps business owners make it to the next level of their business.
Business saavy solopreneurs making $85,000 or more who want to learn how to hold on to more of their hard-earned money as they approach their next level of success while navigating the ups and downs of business.
1. Proactive Tax Planning To Pay Less In Taxes 2. Negotiating With the IRS to Reduce Large Tax Balances 3. Helping Businesses Save Thousands With Small Changes
Watching Movies, Watching Football Games, Travelling the World, Being With Close Friends
ENFJ-A1. Improver 3. Performer 8. ChallengerI am fluent in American Sign Language! ;-)
@RoseStellaPierreLouis@MsRoseOTRWww.RoseStella.comElk Grove, California
3 Month coaching program that helps first generation women entrepreneurs overcome being workaholics by prioritizing their wellbeing so they can finally enJOY the lifestyle they worked so hard to create!
Purpose driven First Generation Women who are cycle breakers🙌🏾
Science of self care in Black women, Generational Healing of Black Women and First Generation Women, Entrepreneurship as a generational healing experience for Black Women.
DANCE! Salsa, hip hop, afro beats, kompa. ( Im also a dance teacher for 7-9 yr olds😃) I'm resident DJ in my living room😆. For relaxation I love spa floating.
INFJScorpio/Sagittarius cuspI was adopted...but didn't find out until I was an adult!
ruth@ruthcummings.comAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Athlete Performance Booster is a 3-month coaching program that helps high school & college athletes (and their families) transition into & excel in college & beyond through 4 key areas: awareness, communication, picturing what's possible, accessing confidence in the moment.
High school & college athletes
Stress reduction for athletes, Body-mind-spirit self-awareness & how it effects performance in athletes, Athlete's high performance, Injury Care: PRE-awareness before injuries happen & home-care after it happens
Traveling, hiking, snuggling with family, trying & enjoying different Chai, drumming, dancing
ESFPCapricornType 8: ChallengerI have 100 plants
Samrah KazmiNew York, conference producers, event plannersLeadership, Publicity, Personal & Organizational Resilience
Eating out, attending live performances (especially Ballet), attending networking events (yes, I actually like it), traveling
ENTP (VISIONARY)Sagittarius8
@sw_whit, @swhitdesign, @swhitdesign_mentoring
coming soon! NYC
[Interior Design] 1:1 Customized Interior Design services [ID Students] 'Unstoppable Designer' is my 8-week online course that teaches smart + ambitious students how to be the ‘1 in 3’ who makes it as a designer by standing out as a top performer, becoming known as sought-after talent, and creating dream career opportunities.
[Interior Design] I help bold, compassionate visionaries uplevel w a dream interior: 🌟elevate your brand, confidently increase visibility, and inspire your best self to show up consistently. [ID Students] I help smart + ambitious design students navigate this competitive industry w ease.
Interior DesignSoccer, hiking, scuba diving, exploring near + far, reading, spa time! ENFPAries2! I'm an omni-vert! I recharge with certain people + by myself at different times:)
36, NYI offer 1:1 physical therapy and yoga sessions.Successful working moms who are CEO at work and home.Musculoskeletal Pain, Integrative Health, Stress management Theater, Museums, Travel, Cooking, MoviesPisces
37, BC Canada
Unstoppable 10-Session Program: Using my unique skills, techniques and R3 formula, I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders become unstoppable in every area of their lives so that they can achieve their big, audacious vision.
Purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders.
#1 EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) #2 Personal Development and Transformation #3 Mindset Blocks and Triggers
Long coffees on the weekend/holidays with my husband, connect and talk with my adult twin daughters and siblings, be/read/hike in nature, play board/card games with my family, garden indoor and out, do pottery (I have my own studio), color.
ENFJ and INFJ – Because you appear to have marginal or no (3%) preference of Extraversion over Introversion, characteristics of more than one personality type may apply to you: ENFJ and INFJ.
Scorpio3/8/2When my husband and I were engaged we had a psychic tell us that we would have twin girls and we did!
Vacaville, CA, USA
Leadership Growth Mastermind is a 3 month coaching program that helps business leaders build emotional intelligence and influence in the workplace through the 6 domains of influence framework.
Business managers, directors, project managers, consultants Emotional intelligence and leadership skills Yoga, hiking, coffee, personal development junkie INFJGemini I once won a silver medal in Tae Kwon Do
SoodabehMokrysoodabehm@yahoo.com, Oregon, United StatesTwelve-week manifesting abundance course that helps entrepreneurs to re-program their mindset to create more abundance in their personal life and businessHighly motivated female coaches and service providers who want to scale their business to the next levelTransformation, Empowerment, Personal development, Spirituality, Meditation, Hypnosis, Mindset, Overcoming self doubt and self sabotage, Holistic health and wellness, Stress management, Confidence buildingDancing, writing, familyENFJPiscesEight, Seven, ThreeI was a ballroom dancer and competed in pro AM division in smooth ballroom and Latin.
www.YourVeganFamily.comEastsound, WA USA
Fierce Health is a 4-week diet and lifestyle program that helps entrepreneurs cultivate consistent energy, focus, and stamina for sustained, high performance in business and an enriching, full and joyful life.
Entrepreneurs ready to build high performance health for outrageous success in life and work.
High performance lifestyle, plant based diets, Healthy family habits
Travel, hike, camp, scuba dive, garden, cook, go on picnics, dance, listen to great music, outdoor family activities, soft pastel art, try to satisfy my insatiable curiosity :-)
INFJVirgo sun, Pisces moon, Sag rising.1and 5I fire-walked across a bed of hot, glowing coals with my 5 year old daughter.
IamStephanieZhongstephaniezhong.comLos Angeles, CA
Own Your Message is a course, group program, and framework that helps women and BIPOC entrepreneurs and thought leaders clarify their zones of genius into authentic brand stories only you can tell to grow your business and impact with more ease and joy.
Heart-centered founders, coaches, consultants and visionaries who don't neatly fit a mold, who know they have something uniquely vakuable yet struggle to talk about themselves in a cohesive, compelling way. They are uncomfortable (or even dread) marketing and putting themselves out there but know they're meant to ignite a movement with their work, play on bigger stage and want to shine unapologetically to serve the most people possible. They want to bring together multiple dimensions of who they are into their brands and show their unrivaled value.
Branding, storytelling, marketing
Karaoke, swing dancing, hiking, adventure travel, foodie, personal growth, yoga, interior design, creative writing, reading, knitting (new), always chai chats with friends, korean day spas,
I/ENFPGemini2 Wing 3I was terrified of karaoke but loved to sing. After I kicked my fear, I accidentally became to go-to gal to help you kick your fear too.
42 City., Utah
Rise + Repeat is a 6-week marketing implementation program that teaches entrepreneurs (and their team) how to create a powerful strategic content plan that grows sales using clear, concise messaging, sales funnels, and repeatable systems.
Entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business to the next level and know they need consistent, strategic marketing.
Digital marketing, customer messaging, brand positioning, content strategy, being a working mom
I love to alpine and skate ski during the winter and hike in the summers. I also love doing yoga, reading, and digging into the Enneagram.
I am on the cusp - April 20. Sometimes listed as Taurus, other times as Aries. I think I draw from both but am more Aries.
3I have my yoga teaching certification, a deep faith, and, yes, my real name is Sunny.
4 month Career / Life Balance Breakthrough through Breathwork, astrology, and positive Neuroplasticity.
Spiritual moms and conscious female entrepreneurs Breathwork, Astrology, Neuroplastcity, Career/Life HarmonyMarathoning, yoga, family, entertainingINFPCancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Capricorn rising3I want to own a vineyard