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Arcana SymbolForum NameSkype NameCharacter NameCharacter CHTitleLandDenizenConsortsLususDream MoonBlood ColorQuirkStrife SpecibusCaptchalogue StylePowersAgeHeightAncestorAncestor chumhandle1st tier Prototype2nd Tier ProtoypeConsort noise
0The FoolvirtuallyGazingvirtuallyGazingOrphen SangrnrepeatingVirtueBard of TimeConfusion and Noise???Sparrows (All dead)Pawbeast (Dog named Spot)ProspitDarkGreen (#006400)It changes depending on his moodGlaivekind??? ModusIllusionary powers, in short he can stimulate the senses into sensing things that arn't there or even real.7.4 sweepsOreagus MindflayerrisingVirtue
1The MagicianglowarmypateryoEsculu AliquiarcaneWeaponsmithMaid of SpaceLand of Fire and Frogs (LOFAF)EchidnaDragonsLionmomDerseRust (#9a0002)Replaces all vowels with capitals2xbladekind, ThrowingkindForgery ModusElemental control7.5 sweepsThe Archmage, Vireas AliquicataclysmicSavant
2The High PriestessarmyUnicornyemeyashaloameEeriee PsycosaquaticHistoryNurse of MindLand of Rain and Knowledge (LORAK)MenrvaRabbitsSharkdadDerse Violetblood (#6a006a)Types with proper spelling, grammar, syntax, and capitalization.2xpistolKindRiddle ModusN/A7 SweepsThe PriestesshighestMindA CluckbeastThe High Priestess's JournalGrowling
3The Empress
4The EmperorRallasassasinblade12Rallas PisicocaffienatedCommanderThief of CalmLand of Dust and Circuits (LODAC)ChimeraCrowsRice Pudding (Raven)DerseTeal(#005A55)Replace A with 4's and have ellipsis every 3 wordsCanekind, RiflekindChess ModusN/A7.5 SweepsThe StrategistcaptiveStrategistBwak
5The HierophantAachenerAachener A.Orsini PietroconstantRepentanceWaste of DreamsslitherbeastDerseYellow (#a1a100)Capitilization of LORD, GOD, VOICES, PREACH, etc...whipkindPenance ModusHears the VOICES of the LORD(S?)8 sweepsThe Prophet
6The LoversmelodiousMadnessmelodiousMadnessDonnia MeraincaramelizedPropagandaWitch of HeartLand of Dolls and Feathers (LODAF)PsycheSwansSheepmomProspitRust/Maroon (#cc0000)Uses a * instead of an s, and will sometimes add hearts to the end of her sentences <3Throwingkniveskind, WaraxekindSmooth talking abilities.7 sweepsThe Marionette
7The Chariot
8JusticeKrackerJackButch SassidyCadena LanackhangingChainsPriest of DoomLand of Rust and Plague (LoRaP)BaalRoachesUrsadad (Deceased)ProspitBright blueReplaces O with ₪, which looks like chainlinksChainkindHangman ModusDoom Whispers: Senses what he must do to ensure others meet their doom. Is free to act on it or not.8.5 Sweeps6'1"The WardenbenevolentWardenThe Warden's JournalChak
9The HermitlyricalLeverageMaeglin/RaymotheBaidar OtsalatravellingMerchantMonk of LightLand of Sand and Enlightenment (LOSAE)CetusOwlsVulturedadProspitYellow (#9d9d00)He brackets his o's and 0's like so: [o], [O], [0]StaffkindWallet ModusResiliant Mind7.3 sweepsThe Merchant, Alacar OtsalacraftyInsightVulturedadOwl noises
10Wheel of FortuneTurnerZach (Turner)Terock KorselshatteredReflectionWard of StarsLand of Shards and Symphony (LOSAS)FortunaWispsArmadillomomProspitYellow (#ffd966)Flips 'R's; 'Я', 'я'Dblglaivekind, 2xglaivekindAlpha ModusEmpathic6.5 SweepsThe Soother, Aramin KelsonsoothingSerenadeChimes
12The Hanged ManHessianAndrewYakeub PolastdisenfranchisedDeadeyeAce of SpiteLand of Pines and Inversion (LoPaI)OsirisGazelleOrioledadDerseRust (#982101)BEGNIS WHIT SPELLING ERRORS BUT Then steadies his words.bltactionKindReload ModusMarksmanship, Physically Weak8 Sweeps5'6"The VagabonddirectedDestitutioni'm just a gazelle
13DeathPoohf2deathDepartsSilvia YadithdeathDepartsSeer of Ends (dat rump)Land of Sickles and Dread (( LOSAD))MorrCatsPantherdad ( Named Anubis )DerseColbalt Blue (#0020C2)Replaces o with ʡ. Types without capitals. No exclamation marks or question marks.Scythkind(Not sure )Physic visions. Can't remeber them without writing them down imediently afterwords.6.5 sweeps.The EndbringerMoew?
14TemperancemineralsDezElrond StareltemperedTambourinerMage of LifeLand of Books and ComfortersHemeraMooseLizarddadProspitBrown (#b45f06)Use / instead of I.Tambourinekind, 2x/1x smgkindCALMING AURA- Temperance/Mage of Life power. Can mentally shooshpap ERRYBODY. Also- Able to focus on dumb western books for >1 hour.8 sweepsThe PeacemakersensibleSixshooterNimbus (Pet Wolfbeast)moose noises idk
15The DevilThebluemageBlueOzeath CyroossecularBaneKnight of ChillsLand of Stagnation and Igloos BoreasPenguinsPenguindadDersePurple (#631db4)O=() A=/-\, can get pretty...honkyhammerKind, hornKindPray for it (?)Stupidly tough, Highest of Highblood for a Landdweller8The HuntsmanreigningHunterCAW
16The TowerHanPOMPONLumino ChironpettishSovereignPage of BreathLand of Tempest and FlagsTypheusDolphinsSky Otter DadProspitViolet (#6a006a)Replaces i with ! and b with 6. Disregards capitals.rapierkindPoint ModusN/A6The ViscountCHITTER AND CHATTER!
17The Starjadeangel22jadeangel22Oanine FefikeaquaticOptimistRogue of HopeLand of Gold and Caverns (LOGAC)AbraxasCrabsGiant Squid (Bubbles)DerseFuschia (#980049)Replaces I with * and follows o,v, and w with ~. Uses fish puns whenever she can, glubs when angry. Occasionally when happy as well.SpearkindCode ModusN/A7 SweepsBlackfin/The Gatherer, Teuida FefikeimperiousCapitalBubblesKlack
18The MoonmuffledchaosMC GlitchElhamm LevanainconspicuousArchiveSylph of VoidLand of Towers and Tundra (LoTaT)NyxHaresK-9mommiesProspitJade (#4fa859)Replaces M for ∑ and N for ŋ. lanceKindTree ModusN/A7 sweeps5'3''The FabricatatreasuringScapegoatTaT
19The SunXeta JazzCrowNemean TeroisradiantPteroianPrince of BloodLand of Tide and Chains (LoTaC)HeliosPenguinsGl'bgolybDerseFuschia (#cc0066)Use of the sun symbol for O's (☉) and the seadweller glub.bowKind, harpoonKindTarget ModusSee note.~7 SweepsThe AnarchisttyrianAdversaryWek
20JudgementFieryMoonlightnaTraewn RotaelgraphicTestimonyFey of SoundLand of Knowledge and Stability (LoKaS)AstraeaAnts SnakeDadDerseLime (#00FF00)replaces "s" with "sss" does not use punctuation often and only uses caps when angry. will make the occasional emoteRiflekindbookshelf modusshe has above average hearing other than that not much7.7 sweeps5'0"The RegulatornocturnalRegulatorSnakeDadSKRAK
21The WorldDragoRune123Thomas Captor (Skype)Dhrago SohnuscrystalWarlordHeir of RiftsLand of Shards and Holes (LoSaH)JanusFerretsBatdad (Shale)ProspitOlive (#587F0B)<Surrounds his words with greater/less than symbols. Usᴇs sᴍᴀʟʟᴄᴀᴘs ᴡʜᴇɴ ʜᴇ ɪs ᴀɴɢʀʏ.>gloveKind, clawKindPrey ModusLargely increased agility and stamina7.5 Sweeps6'0''The Acrobat, Achroh SohnuscrystallineAcrobatShaleCrystal ShardWub
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