2020-2021 NADC Event Log
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Date TimeWhich Adult or eagletEventDescription of EventRecorded by
8/29/202012:00 PMSeptemberLatest updatesPlease click "September" at the top or bottom of your page for the newest updates.earlybird_AEF
8/29/202011:13 AMSub-adultArrival/Perching/DepartureA lovely sub-adult stopped by for a very brief visit at 11:13 am. Such a beauty with specks of black in her/his head feathers and dark streaks through her/his tail. S/he explored the nest a bit before hopping over to the Lateral branch, moving up to the OH branch and over to Cam A. As our young explorer turned around, s/he appeared to lose her footing and slipped off the cam. But no worries, she flew right down past the V Perch and out of sight at 11:18 am.earlybird_AEF
8/28/20206:26 AMMrP & EagleReturn/Nest Work/DepartureMrP is the first to return at 6:26 am but the other eagle is not far behind. MrP moves up to perch on the Right V branch just before the eagle returns at 6:29 am. This appears to be the same eagle who was here yesterday. S/he takes care of some nest work before making her way up to the OH branch at 6:32 am. MrP departs and flies the skies on Cam A at 6:35 am. The eagle flies off from the OH branch at 6:50 am.earlybird_AEF
8/28/20206:01 AMMrP & EagleArrival/Nest Work/DepartureMrP arrives in the nest at 6:01 am and it appears that he’s waiting for someone to join him. Sure enough, another eagle flies in right behind him. This may be the same eagle who was here yesterday but the cams seem to be having a slight problem focusing this morning. They take care of some nest work together before flying off one behind the other at 6:16 am.earlybird_AEF
8/27/20204:19 PMMrP & EagleNest Work/Perching/DepartureMrP makes his way to the nest and gets back to some chores at 4:19 pm. The other eagle flies over to join him at 4:22 pm but quickly moves to the Lateral branch. MrP fiddles with his sticks for a bit before marching up to perch on the Left V branch at 4:29 pm. The other eagle sends some soft chirps his way before hopping back in the nest at 4:34 pm. MrP hops in the nest to join the eagle but s/he flies off at 4:36 pm. Well, how rude! Lol MrP wing walks up to the OH branch and watches over his territory at 4:40 pm. He finally returns to the nest and the other eagle quickly follows at 6:58 pm. They have a slight disagreement and MrP gets a peck for his trouble while they attempt to move a stick together. At just that moment Nutterbutter decides to venture up to the nest. Obviously, he doesn’t realize that the nest is occupied at the moment. Nutterbutter and the eagle both appear startled to see each other, no doubt Nutterbutter more so. Nutterbutter quickly scurries down to his Nuthouse while the two eagles peer over the side of the nest. No worries. Our bushy tailed friend is safe and secure. MrP marches up the Right V branch at 7:07 pm while the other eagle tidies up a bit more and heads up to the OH branch at 7:16 pm. MrP flies off to the NW branch at 7:20 pm but returns to the nest at 7:43 pm. Both eagles depart by 7:52 pm.earlybird_AEF
8/27/20201:59 PMMrP & EagleArrival/Nest Work/PerchingAn eagle flies by the nest at 1:59 pm. Could it be MrP? Perhaps it was. MrP arrives in the nest and gets busy with some nest work at 2:06 pm. Oh my MrP. You have your work cut out for you. What happened to your neat and tidy nest? He fluffs and fluffs and fluffs some more before flying over to the NW branch at 2:16 pm. What a surprise to see another eagle perching there. TFL or her look-a-like? That’s still to be determined. They both continue to quietly perch at 2:40 pm.earlybird_AEF
8/26/20206:45 PMMrPArrival/Perching/DepartureMrP quietly arrives on the OH branch while his fans send out a cheer at 6:45 pm. How wonderful to see him back! He looks so handsome this evening, sporting his narrow white tie as he proudly surveys his domain. His visit doesn’t last long but it makes us smile nonetheless. It’s always a delight to see MrP. He flies off just as quietly at 6:56 pm.earlybird_AEF
8/21/20204:54 AMGreat Horned OwlArrival/Departure“Whoo” stops by for a visit at the nest on this early Friday morning? A Great horned owl, that’s “whoo”. S/he ever so quietly lands on the Lateral branch at 4:54 am and just as quietly moves into the nest. Not a hoot can be heard as s/he makes her/his way to the other side of the nest and flies back out into the darkness at 5:01 am.earlybird_AEF
8/20/202012:11 PMUnidentified EagleArrival/Perching/DepartureAn eagle arrives on the OH branch without any fanfare at 12:11 pm. This nest sure has been busy the last couple of days. In a good way, I might add. It’s always nice to see an eagle here regardless of who it may be. This eagle doesn’t have the dark spots on the tail as did the previous eagle from the days before. It may have been dirt and it’s now washed clean or it may be another eagle entirely. More question than answers lately. lol I guess that’s one of the things that make the eagles so fascinating. We’re always learning something new and we’re never sure what to expect. This beauty continues to quietly perch and preen until flying off at 2:13 pm. Can’t wait to see who stops by for a visit next.earlybird_AEF
8/19/20204:36 PMUnidentified EagleArrival/Perching/DepartureA lovely eagle arrives on the OH branch at 4:36 pm. It’s always special when an eagle stops by but it would be even more special if this beauty was TFL. We thought it might be TFL on 8/17 and 8/18 and again today but now we’re not so sure. There are some similarities but some differences too. All of us want it to be MrP’s pretty Lady but the differences outweigh the similarities. We want to be sure to give you the most reliable information and we don’t feel like we can do that right now. It could be TFL but right now we think it most likely is not. Regardless of who s/he is, we’ve enjoyed every minute of her/his presence. S/he takes one final look around, opens her/his wings and takes off for the skies at 6:37 pm.earlybird_AEF
8/18/202012:49 PMMrP & Unidentified EagleArrival/Perching/DepartureThe unidentified eagle who was perched on the OH branch earlier today returns to the OH branch at 12:49 pm. S/he scans the sky and sends out some vocals at 1:01 pm and again at 1:05 pm. MrP flies by and perches on the Balcony Branch at 1:05 pm. The eagle on the OH branch continues to intermittently send out vocals as s/he preens her/his feathers. S/he departs while MrP remains on the Balcony branch at 1:33 pm. MrP flies over to the OH branch and shows off his fancy tie before departing at 7:44 pm.earlybird_AEF
8/18/20206:16 AMTwo EaglesArrival/Perching/DepartureTwo eagles arrive on the OH branch and share some animated conversation at 6:16 am. One of them hops down to the nest, rearranges a stick or two before flying off to the Parking Lot perch at 6:21 am. S/he departs at 6:26 am while the other eagle remains on the OH branch. Meanwhile, Nutterbutter decides to stop by for breakfast. Silly squirrel. The eagle intently watches as Nutterbutter scampers up to the top of the tree and has a bite to eat. Big sigh of relief when Nutterbutter finally descends and safely returns to his Nuthouse at 8:04 am. The eagle continues to perch and preen on the OH branch at 8:20 am. The beauty hops down in the nest and checks things out at 9:24 am. S/he returns to the OH branch and intently scans the skies before departing at 10:03 am.earlybird_AEF
8/17/20202:45 PMTwo EaglesArrival/Perching/DepartureAn eagle arrives on the OH branch at 2:45 pm and gets buzzed by another eagle just two minutes later. The other eagle flies off and perches in the Big Branch tree before flying to the nest at 3:39 pm. S/he makes her/his way to the Lateral branch while the eagle on the OH branch sends out some vocals. The second visitor departs from the Lateral branch at 3:55 pm while the first visitor remains on the OH branch. S/he flies off to the Parking Lot Perch at 5:41 pm.earlybird_AEF
8/12/20205:13 PMMrPArrival/Perching/DepartureWhat a thrill to see MrP arrive at the nest at 5:13 pm. Our very handsome MrP has even worn his fancy tie for this very special occasion. We’re so happy to see him back. He flies in through the back door and lands on the Left V branch. We can only imagine his surprise when he sees that a big piece of the OH branch is now gone. Gone but not forgotten MrP. We’ll always have those special memories to hold on to. MrP doesn’t appear too pleased about losing one of his favorite perches. He takes one look at that branch and then another before flying off to the Balcony branch at 5:15 pm. He flies off from the Balcony branch and into the nest at 7:51 pm.He makes a brief survey of his now slightly overgrown nest, moves up the Left V branch and flies the skies at 7:54 pm.earlybird_AEF
8/6/202011:23 AMEagleArrival/Perching/DepartureAn eagle arrives on the OH branch and down both go at 11:23 am. The eagle is fine but the OH branch is not. A large piece of it snaps off and falls to the ground. Such a special branch full of such special memories. It’s sad to see it fall. The eagle immediately returns to perch on what’s left of the OH branch but quickly flies off to the NW branch at 11:25 am. This beauty appears to be the same visitor who was previously at the nest on 8/2/2020. S/he crouches down and appears to be watching something at 11:33 am before departing for parts unknown at 11:50 am.earlybird_AEF
8/6/20206:50 AMMrP8/4/2020-8/5/2020 Update; Arrival/Perching/DepartureUpdate: We had two visits by a mature eagle on 8/4/2020, one brief, the other not so much. The first visit was Tuesday night at 8:20 pm. A mature eagle quietly arrived on the OH branch and just as quietly flew off at 8:24 pm. Unfortunately, it was too dark to identify who it may have been. But wait, there’s more. A mature eagle arrives on the OH branch and is not nearly as quiet at 10:41 pm. This one has a few things to say. It’s still too dark to be able to identify her/him or even know if it’s the same eagle from earlier but it doesn’t appear to be the previous visitor from 8/2/2020. Could it be MrP? Believe you me, we can’t wait to find out. The eagle settles down on the OH branch and remains here throughout the night while we settle down in our nice comfy chairs and wait for first light. Finally, the sky begins to brighten and we get a better look at the eagle. We believe this handsome eagle is MrP! He appears to have MrP’s signature dark feather on his neck and the white patch of feathers on his lower left leg. To say we’re thrilled to have him back is an understatement. We’ve missed him so much. He watches over his territory for a short while before flying to the Parking Lot Perch at 5:55 am. He scans the area and flies out of sight at 5:57 am. Come back and see us soon MrP. We’ll be waiting right here for your return.earlybird_AEF
8/2/20202:55 PMEaglePerching/DepartureThe visiting beauty appears to finally get tired of waiting for Nutterbutter. Once again, the very clever Nutterbutter has outwitted an eagle and we’re sure happy about that. The eagle makes his/her way up to the OH branch at 2:55 pm and takes care of some more preening. I do believe this beauty preens almost as much as TFL. Lol S/he flies off and out of sight at 3:15 pm.earlybird_AEF
8/2/20201:20 PMEagle & NutterbutterIn NestThe visiting beauty continues to perch and preen on the NW branch, losing a feather along the way at 1:20 pm. S/he appears to be laser focused on something at 1:55 pm, head crouched down and ready to fly. Fly s/he does at 2:01 pm, straight to the nest and straight towards Nutterbutter. Nutterbutter quickly scurries down to his Nuthouse chattering his annoyance all the way. Whew! That was a close call. It’s a good thing that Nutterbutter has nine lives like a cat. I think he may have already used more than a few of them. The eagle peers over the side of the nest and waits and waits. I very much doubt if Nutterbutter is coming out anytime soon.earlybird_AEF
8/2/20201:16 PMEaglePerching We find an eagle perching on the NW branch at 1:16 pm and it appears to be the same visitor that was at the nest yesterday. S/he keeps watch on the area and takes care of some preening as the wind ruffles her/his feathers. S/he isn’t MrP or TFL but s/he sure is a beauty.earlybird_AEF
8/2/202012:25 PMEaglePerching/DepartureWhat a beautiful sight to see an eagle fly by the nest and disappear in the trees at 12:25 pm. Our cam op goes in search and lo and behold, there s/he is perching in a tree south of the nest. This beauty has found a good hiding place behind the leaves but thanks to the breeze, we’re able to catch a glimpse of her or him every now and then. There’s no way that we can identify her/him just yet but it sure is nice to see an eagle on our cams once again. Hmmm… It looks like the rascal may have snuck out the back door at around 12:45 pm. Clever eagle. Where did you go? Come out, come out, wherever you are!earlybird_AEF
8/1/20204:23 AMMature EaglePerching/DepartureThe sky is still dark, the melodic sounds of the creatures of the night echo throughout the Arboretum as the cam slowly pans around. We see an image emerge out of the blackness, an apparition of sorts at 4:23 am. What could it be? It’s an eagle! What a wonderful surprise. The eagle awakens and takes care of some preening at 4:29 am. Could this be TFL or MrP or another eagle just passing through? It’s too dark to tell just yet. We’ll have to wait until first light to get a better look. Our anticipation grows as the sky begins to brighten and we finally get a good look. Alas, it’s not our beloved MrP or TFL but a beauty nonetheless. The lovely eagle flies over to the nest and up to the OH branch at 6:20 am. S/he takes in the scenery and sends out some brief vocals at 6:55 am before flying out of sight at 7:15 am.earlybird_AEF