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BG>500BG 400-499BG 300-399BG 200-299BG 100-199BG 40-99 U-40 Prozin. u-100 syringes and all Fancy Feast <10%carbs
DateAMPS U+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+11PMPSU+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+11Remarks
11/15/112381.252121871631850.25All fancy Feast classics(less than 10% carbs). +6hrs he drank some chicken soup left out from the kids. Hope that doesn't skew the readings. He seems happier today
11/16/112041.00 skinny197235230261 Shot1.50210Not sure I got the insulin in right place this time to absorb correcly. Sleeping alot today. Not as active today, although alert and eating well. Ck'd @+6hr and very alert n prrrrring. Ate 3oz
11/17/112001.002562632291.50211Very alert and bright this am. Eating well. Wanting outside to play w/other cat. This afternoon not doing as well.
11/18/112441.50201209Neg KetoneGlucose 1000+2411.50382Not doing as well today. Sleeping a little more, but went outside a little bit. Neoropathy seems worse today. Checked PMPS with current meter Freedom Freestyle Lite and got 241. Checked immed w/Relion Micro Meter and got 362. Have checked several Freedom meter readings the last couple of days at same time w/alpha meter and got 100pts more on alpha meter. Switching to RELION MICRO METER on all readings after pmps. Finally got urine sample today and showed neg on Ketones and +1000mg Glucose.
11/19/113032.001943612.00210Much more alert today and walking around better. Still neuropathy, but seems stronger today. Outside in yard all afternoon chasing squirrels, hunting moles and playing w/our other cat. Can jump up on things today. YAHOO! So happy to see his +6 readings go down.
11/20/113832.00213165414**2.0? Fur Shot379Seemed tired this am. Within 1.5hr of shot this morning running in yard and chasing squirrels and hunting moles again. Gone all afternoon until tonight, so not sure how low he got or how he was acting. Surprised to see the pmps reading 414. ***Gave shot of 2.0 and think i got a fur shot. Dr. P thinks either no insulin got in or maybe a unit.*** Too nervous to shoot more tonight. WIll start over in the morning. Prepared to see high numbers in morning and a not so good day tomorrow because of fur shot.****
11/21/113742.00281285169158no Shot @ +12147He was very wiggly this am for pricks and shots. Hope i got this one in him. Doesn't feel as good today bc of fur shot last night. Sleeping more and not as active today. Seemed to pick up and be more active @+6hr. Tonight he was back to his normal sweetness and wanting to be a part of the family again. Since BG keeps dropping, decided to not give shot tonight. He is doing great tonight and so happy. Ate very well today.
11/22/113532.002441993542.00164165234Seemed to be doing good this afternoon. Tonight he doesn't want to join the family much. Panic @ +4reading tonight. Feed 9% FF. Then retested in 1hr. Seems to be resting well. Ears r sore. Still prrrrrr through the ear pokes.
11/23/114552.001622171301001141610.50He looked really good this am. Very alert and happy. Surprised to see 400+. Might be a bad reading. He looked to0 good. * Fed 1.5oz of FF@(+3). Think the +4reading is food spike. Did alpha test and relion meter reading @+5 same blood drop and alpha was 160 and relion 130. Very interesting. He is doing good this afternoon. Chasing squirrels. Not happy about all the ear pricks though. +5 i fed 3/4oz of food. +6-almost a green. Also, fed 1oz food.
11/24/113821.503523361.50303Wasn't going to test him today, but had a moment and wanted to see where he was. He seemed to be doing really good today clinically. Very active and playing outside with everything. Surprised to see the +6 reading.
11/25/112841.503063122761.50Not as active this am. Neuropathy is worse today. Still very active and walking around outside and inside.
11/26/112551.802032302853341.80Sleepy boy today. Got outside a little and played. But mostly slept. Neuropathy still bad.
11/27/113492.002361261413292.00316Active and alert today. Very hungry all day. Ate 4oz between +6 and +7. Does not like his ear poked at today. Sore! Was up late so tested him @ +4. He didn't seem to feel good @+4.
11/28/112881.803202682671.8(skinny)226Neg KetonesGlucose 1000mgA little grumpy this am on ear prick. Not as active today, but it is a cold rainy day. Was up @+4.5 so decided to check BG. Resting well. So is mommy soon! Got a urine sample- NEG KETONES, GLUCOSE 1000+mg. TRACE PROTEIN. Everything else normal.
11/29/113842.002721971893652.00283Very alert this am and very hungry. Woke me up early to get food. Surprised so amps so high. Restful day. Didn't go outside much because of weather (Cold, rainy and now snowy). HATES the ear pricks. Fights it now. Otherwise seems alert.
11/30/113142.00991013342.00Much happier and better today. Got to go outside and explore. Yea, got a green!!! He ate between +5 and +6.
12/01/112851.802492633112.00204Not as active today, but did get around a little. Very cold outside so didn't want to go out much. Not as interactive with family. Slept a lot on his bed. Still HATES ear pricks.
12/02/112771.803373422781.60Not the greatest day. Got outside a little. Thought maybe 1st cycle was too much insulin, so decided to try reduced dose for nighttime. Was planning to test, but fell asleep and too tired to ear prick in middle of night, but did check on him and was fine.
12/03/113752.002913163152.00NEG KETONES POS +2 GlucoseNEG KETONES. +2GLUCOSE in am. Cycle looking high and flat again so didn't bother testing @+6 plus his ears are sore. He was feeling better today. Went outside and walked around a lot.
12/04/113142.003002893042.00325Seems really good today and roaming around outside all afternoon. Caught eating crumbs of a muffin kids dropped on floor around +4. Wonder if that effected +5reading. Can't go on highter dose yet because not going to be around the next couple of days to watch too much. Will go up to 2.25 on tues when i can watch him
12/05/113172.252041321602602.25361260270NEG KETONES POS +2 GlucoseGave the amps shot on side of belly this am. Not sure if it will make a difference or not. He is very active today. Chasing squirrels.Can only test first +5 hrs. Will be gone rest of day, so can't observe. NEG-KETONES POS +2 Glucose TRACE-Protein. 2nd cycle pmps +5 was really +5.5.
12/06/112832.002193432.25141110Seemed good today. I wasn't home to observe after +4 today. Cold and rainy outside so stayed inside all day and slept. Seems calmer tonight and did well on his ear pricks. He not begging for food like he usually does, but eats well when i feed him.
12/07/113482.252292374002.25121Slow today. Of course rainy and cold again, so doesn't want to go out much. Went outside a little this am and ate grass and vomited. So tested and feed @ 4.5. PMPS cycle: Tested @ +5.5. Found small amount of vomit on floor near his bed. He seems more content and alert tonight wanting to interact with family members. Very Hungry this evening. Seems like i had to feed him every 2hrs small amounds.Fell asleep from +3 to +5.5. Found vomit near his bed @5.5. Tested right away. He seems good and ate very well (2oz)
12/08/113482.251934092.25NEG KETONES POS +2 GLUCOSEHe seems so much better today. Too cold and snowy to go outside, but he stepped out a little. Very alert and joining the family. Sleeping a lot today. The PMPS was @ +13hrs. NEG KETONES AND POS +2 Glucose. No testing tonight. Going to bed early......
12/09/113092.252733152.25 FUR SHOTOk today. Haven't been home too much today to observe him. Had to test early+10 and give shot because gone all evening until late. Unfortunately, i was in a rush and gave a fur shot.
12/10/113882.251793682.25291Just ok. Again, haven't been home again too much today to ovserve him. Had to test early +11 and give shot because gone all evening until late. Tested pm @5.5.
12/11/112532.252953012.25Amps taken @ 13.5. Had to give pmps shot early @+10 because not going to be here tonight to watch
12/12/113082.502292023332.50349Amps taken @ 13.5. +5 actually @ 5.5. Pmps taken @12.5. Had moments where he felt good and got outside and played with my other cat. The rest of time sleeping. Neuropathy still bad.
12/13/113302.60191972202.60209268Amps tested @+11 and shot given. +5 actually @5.5. Yea, finally a green! Pmps +4 actually @4.5. Walking a little better tonight. Really hungry tonight. Pmps given @+11
12/14/113382.803163123262.60231amps tested @ 13.5 and then shot given. Pmps @+13.5 and 1/2hr after eating. Wasn't home and DH had to give food before i could come home to test and shoot. So don't really know he real pmps. Wasn't home after +6 today so not sure how he did all day. He seems good tonight. Went to the 2.6u dose tonight because i need to get a good nights sleep. Will start back on 2.8 @ amps.
12/15/112262.602952392732.8 Skinny244Surprised to see a low amps so will stay on 2.6u for another cycle. Am +3 is @+3.5. AM +5 is @ +5.5. Been outside walking around a lot today. Nice day outside. Pmps @+10.5. Shoot @ +11. PM +3 @ 3.5
12/16/113722.8 (Partial fur shot?) 23317190/86/125 Fed low carb food1.2u (+15)226 (+14)254 (+15) Shot Surprised to see the HIGH amps. Not sure why? Amps shot was partial fur shot. A drop bubbled out after pulled neddle out. Very hungry today and a little grumpy on the ear pricks. So surprised to see his pmps number @90. Fed treat and retested in 5min. Was @ 86. Fed normal low carb food 1.5oz and retested 1/2hr later. Was @ 125. At +15hrs i shot 1.2u and will test 8-10hrs from now to decide what dosage next. I didn't want him to be without insulin tonight.
12/17/113122.8 skinny2892011491621.2 (+14)329Neg Ketones Pos +2 glucose350334Had to start day late @11amEST because of schedule mess up last night. Might give shot earlier on sliding scale. He is alert,active and hungry this am. Slept most of the day and didn't go outside. Too cold i guess. Fed 1.5oz low carb @pmps shot. NEG-Ketones and Pos+2 Glucose. He is much calmer and happier tonight. Can tell a big difference in attitude when he is feeling better.
12/18/113552.8015276/29 HYPO812544355080.5 (+14)What a WILD day!!!! Thank God for Carl and Lori helping me through the hypo. He crashed big time. Had to give karo and high carb food. He ate about 6oz of high carb food and lots of karo mixed in food and on his gums. Shot .50 @ +14 to help through the night. He seems good now and sleeping.
12/19/114521.503762582913063761.5 (+13.5)311Reduced dose today because of hypo yesterday. Had to leave house @ +1 this am so left 3oz of low carb mixed w/tiny bit of high carb just in case he went to low while gone. I knew wouldn't be back until after +4.5. He ate all of it. Sure his +4.5 reading would be lower w/o the high carb in it. He is doing ok and outside enjoying the day. Neuro really bad today. He is walking on hocks now and limping and arched back. Peeing and drinking so much more! Always hungry again!
12/20/113061.501941841781423041.50NEG Ketones +2glucoseI woke up early this am w/him vomiting. Didn't want to eat. After an hour later he ate very well and has done fine since. Been outside a little. Neuro bad. Had to go leave after amps so fed before i left. I came home 4hrs later and he was starved. Got reading and fed 2oz of low carb. +5reading is with food spike, so probably could of been lower.Sleeping this afternoon. +8 actually @8.5. Slept all afternoon and nighttime. Seems happy and calm.
12/21/112891.502301962342783411.5 (fat)288Amps is @ +11. Have to leave early. Seems alert this am. Neuropathy is SO BAD. He can't even walk up stair, walk or hardly stand in litter box. +2 acrually +2.5. He ate 2oz between +4 and +5.
12/22/112411.002312613841.50378Neg Ketones +1 glucoseNeruo so much better today. Gone all afternoon couldn't observe. +8 actually @ +8.5. Very hungry tonight. pm +1 @ 1.5. Neuro bad tonight.
12/23/112991.502712402583001.60Bright and alert today and outside roaming a little today. Neuro back to the way it was, bad. He still gets around though. +8 actually @+8.5.
12/24/112541.603183391.60318Gone all day, but DH feed him throughout day and said he looked good and ate well. Neuro still bad.
12/25/113181.802792302451.6 (+13.5)Looked good today. Outside playing a little in yard today. Was unable to get mid cycle number, but he did look fine.
12/27/114351.802962842463241.6 (fat)281Slept most of the day. Neuro still the same. Went to the 1.6u(fat) tonight to see where he will go for amps. Also, i need my sleep.
12/28/113411.802561921491661761.6 (+14)316328(+14) SHOTDoing good today. Seems like his neuropathy is a tad better, but still not the norm. He got outside today a little, but very cold so came back inside. He is really hungry nadir time and had to feed a little of food between +5 n +6. The +6 acutally +6.5.He seems much calmer to me.Yea, blues and yellows.
12/29/113331.803682243183191.60Thought i would give him a rest tonight on the ears and me also.
12/30/112851.602823053071.6(partial fur shot)Did a trail today since his amps was lower, i decided to try lower today and also continue to give his ears a rest. He did good today. He got out and played some today. Numbers stayed flat so will go up tomorrow to 1.8u. Darn, he moved while giving shot so partial fur shot tonight. Oh well. Another day tomorrow.......
12/31/123401.802402843241.6(fat)HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
01/01/123011.80192126107992521.50Ketone- NEG Glucose- +2Had a great day! He was out a little this am, but all afternoon he slept. He was not as starved this afternoon. Still no improvement in neuro, but looking forward to that improving with BG lower. I pray! What a nice New Year's Day present. I really needed the encouragement.
01/02/122801.602642742483031.6(fat)Too cold today w/snow to go outside. So slept most of the day. He did play with his toy mouse today in house. Seems calm today. Neuro still the same.
01/03/123091.803062893201.60The +6@ +6.5. He hadn't eaten for 4.5 hrs for+6 reading. That is why it was lower. He is the same as most days.
01/04/122601.603022972491.50Tested amps and 1st @245. Couldn't believe it,so tested again 3min later and was @260. Gave food between +4 and +5.
01/05/123481.6(fat)3283092971.6(fat)Dog food got left out by mistake tonight @(11pmEST) and for 10min and he gobbled down as fast and much as he could before i could get to it. Expect it to have a high amps.
01/06/123741.802852922871.6(fat)slept all morning. Went outside to enjoy beautiful afternoon and walked around. Neuro still the same. Real calm tonight and not begging for food like this am.
01/07/122961.801211051073331.6(fat)Ketones- NEG Glucose-+1 +4@ 4.5. +7 @ 7.5. Slept most of day and calm. Not begging for food anymore. Really slowed down on eating. Not sure if he feels good.
01/08/12362 (+13)1.803083142711.6(fat)Didn't eat a lot last night, but did eat. Had a morning commitment so pmps and shot 1hr late @+13. Seems good this afternoon and is outside playing. Has diarriah today. Looks better tonight and hungry finally.
01/09/12117no shot151206 Shot.6u (+23)219Surprised by amps. very calm today and not starving as usual. Still eating ok, just not as much.
01/10/123191.603102122231.0u(fat)73856761Looks good today, although not eating much at meal times. He picks at his food instead of being ravenous. He does still eat some. He jumped up on my lap and layed with me on couch tonight. Pmps +4 actually @4.5. Fed him low carb and 15min later (+5) his BG @85. +6 actually @+6.5. Feed low carb FF. So glad i stayed up to test tonight. Looks like 1u was the trick. +7 is actually 7..5
01/11/1298no shot209shot .8u.8u (+19)264Hunger seems to be back to normal. Must of been the zobaline pills. I will wait a day or two and then start back slowly.
01/12/122731.002522622140.80222Much more active today and back to begging for food. Appetite is back. Started Zobaline 1x/day. Neuro still bad. Found him peeing in a corner tonight. First time that has happened since being dx. Not sure what is up with that. Surprised by the pmps. He must of gone down after +6.
01/13/123681.00298191117No Shot124Very active and hungry today. Back to his old self and begging for food. +3@3.5. Very peaceful tonight and happy. PMPS-What in the world is going on? No shot tonight. Start again in am. Neuro still bad.
01/14/12*320 (+23)1.002662843430.80314Ketones- NEG Glucose +1/2*Amps is @ +23hrs since last insulin shot. New shot time @8:30amEST. Ate very well all night long. Ketones-NEG Glucose +1/2 (getting better on the glucose in urine). Caught a mole today and almost ate it. Still a mighty hunter.
01/15/122790.803363012190.80257slept a lot today. Very hungry. Neuro bad. Very constipated, althogh still pooping. Poop very hard-OUCH! Zobaline 1x/day
01/16/123230.803553342920.80152301Slept agian today and a little more active. Seems hungry all the time now. Started miralax 1/4tsp 2xday. Pooped tonight with no problem or straining. Poop still a little hard, but not as bad. Zobaline 2x/day. Oh Sh..! Waited up to do +4 and now dropped to 152. Guess it's an all nighter again. Fed almost 3oz of low carb food @+4. +6 must of been a food spike. Got up 2hrs later and fed him. Decided not to test bc of sore ears. He was doing good. Went to bed.
01/17/122540.80229314 *NOTE0.80292He is doing great today. He is very active and wanting to go outside and play with the birdies. Wanting to hang out with family more today. Not begging for food like usual. NOTE: Was gone all day and DH fed him before i could get home. So not sure pmps is accurate. Could be a food spike number. Pm +3@ 3.5.
01/18/122920.802790.80Gone most of the day. My girls said he looked good all day and very active. See a slight improvement on neuropathy. He went up and down stairs good today. Still walks funny though. He layed on my lap tonight and prrrrrr. Getting my kitty back.
01/19/122210.802192482912860.80Very active today and went outside several times to look at birdies and hang out. Walking down stairs good. Still walking floppy. Seems very hungry.
01/20/122801.002351892770.80Very active today and outside visiting birdies at feeder all afternoon. Still having trouble walking and is floppy. Very hungry and begging for food at his feeding times. Miralax is working. On 1/4tsp 2xday.
01/21/123211.002501743300.80Ketones: NEG Glucose +2Not as active today and didn't want outside, but rainy, cold day. MIralax wo;rking good, almost too good, diarrah. So cutting back on miralax, Back on the Zobaline 2x/day.
01/22/122911.002742613220.80302Hungry all day. Doesn't look as good as other days. Miralax still working well and zobaline 2x/day.
01/23/123191.00 *(Fur Shot)3282920.80* CRAP-Fur Shot. Bad day because of fur shot in am----
01/24/123001.002292593501.00276Same as always. Started Zobaline 3x/day. Miralax 1/4tsp 2x/day. Works great!
01/25/123161.002492022961.00299Ketones-NEG Glucose +1Hungry today.He has drainage coming out of both eyes since last night. Doesn't look infected. A little more active today and got ouside some. Worried about his lack of muscles in legs. Waiting to hear back on bloodwork. Missed am nadir-was out. Stayed on 0 carbs food all day. Amps Shot on side above leg (R).Pmps shot in scruff(L)
01/26/122841.002741.00(skinny)245Amps shot on side(R). Eyes just have goopies today. Pmps shot on side-stomach(R)
01/28/122441..00(skinny)3002393031.00292amps- used alpha track for comaprison and was @261. +4 on AT @269. +6 on AT @250. Pmps Relion @303 AT@277. Not very active today. Still eating well.
01/29/12227 (+11.5)0.8(fat)2271592991.00311Had to give shot 30min earlier(+11.5). So went a little lower. AT@190(amps), Very active today outdoors. He seemed like he was feeling good today. Gave pmps (+11.5).
01/30/12265 (+10.5)0.403361.00211Gone all day and had to give amps 1.5hrs early. So gave .4u. When i got home he went outside and walked all over the yard. Progress, i think. All bloodwork came back in the normal range(Kidneys, liver , RBC, WBC, thyroid)
01/31/122751.0(fat)202175 3101.00244Very active today. Hungry all day.
02/01/122951.0 (fat)2682583001.00(fat)298Ketones- NEG Glucose +2Slow day. Cold and rainy day. Didnt go outside much. Layed around, watched movies and ate popcorn. Just kidding. He cat napped most of the day.
02/02/123091.202442241722331.00202 MTHLY FRONTLINE263amps+3 @3.5, +7@7.5 Very active today and wondering all around yard. Hunting moles and birdies again. Walking a little better, although still on hocks. Trying to get him to excercise more and get some muscle back.Used AT comparison on pmps+3 @210. Yea finally works. Put on Frontline Plus After pmps+7
02/04/123261.202812602422751.20224Fed 1oz @+4. am+6@6.5(2hrs post feeding 1oz)- Fed 1.5oz@+7(he was starved). +7 was @7.5. Not too active today. took him outside and made him walk around with me. It was cold and misty and he wanted back inside. It least i tried.
02/05/123241.203062922530.8 (NEW VIAL)271212am+6 @6.5. Started NEW VIAL on pmps. Went down on dose because of new vial starting and his wacky numbers lately. Will go up tomorrow. Test pm+1.5 because he was acting strange and really hungry. He is better now(+2.5)
02/06/122910.802682963101.00255Fed 1.5oz @+3(starving).
02/07/123461.0(fat)2382582631.00(fat)257Very active this afternoon. Out chasing squirrels and moles. Looked very happy.
02/08/122421.0(fat)2522992701.00(fat)82/67137156Very active today. Went outside twice and played. Pmps +4 @82. Fed 1tsp of low carb and retested in 15min and was @67. Fed 1tsp of high carb and waited 30min. +5 held the food. Symptoms: VERY HUNGRY and not acting himself. A little wobbly and seemed to be starring. He finally settes down and goes to sleep. Retested +6 and he is ok. Sleeping +7 so going to bed and wake up and feed him in 2hrs.
02/09/122691.002532742861.00216Ketones-NEG Glucose +2Got him outside today twice and made him excercise. He seemed a little more hungry today. Neuro still bad Ketones-NEG Glucose +2
02/11/123091.0(fat)2412312532961.0(fat)191196Got outside to excercise a little. Wanted to come in only 22F today.
02/12/123231.0(fat)263320303 (shot)1.0(+11)173253weepy eyes today and sneezy once in a while. Doesn't look like he feels good today Had to give pmps shot 1hr earlier so reduced dose to 1u.
02/13/122831.0(fat)1931512981.0(fat)274Looks better today. Got outside and excercised some. Gave some Feline's Pride-Chicken food mixed with Turkey this afternoon and he liked it. I think it made his BG rise a bit though. Shall try it and see for a day.
02/14/122741.0(fat)2692912781.0(fat)251240Wasn't around until +7 so don't know what the nadir was at today. He seems good and got outside a bit to excercise, but not long. Too cold.
02/15/122671.203332972973191.20225Got outside a little today.
02/16/123361.202912652683261.0(fat)324Ketones- NEG Glucose +1Cold and rainy so didn't want to go outside today. No excercise except up and down some stairs in house. Crap! Guess i need to go higher.
02/17/122821.002912913001.0(fat)171Very active during the day today. Went outside for most of day and chased squirrels and moles. Seemed very happy and content. Surprised he was so high all day. Mixing in half raw chicken and half FF.
02/18/123161.202252503591.0(fat)251Fed @+5 and +10. Active today and went outside for a long time
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