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3/26/2020 21:12:219:00:00 AM2:00:00 PMVideo GamesBlaž
join it here
3/26/2020 21:29:15Civilization 69:00:00 AM3:00:00 PMVideo GamesBlaž
3/26/2020 21:34:54Nose drilling11:00:00 PM11:01:00 PMHandycraftJens
Just your finger!
3/26/2020 21:38:35sdfsdf10:00:00 PM11:00:00 PM
Discussion (known subject / prepared)
3/26/2020 21:46:50Civilization 610:00:00 PM11:00:00 PMVideo GamesBlaž
3/26/2020 21:47:07Dumping Donuts11:45:00 AM11:50:00 AMBoard GamesJens
Take a donut, open the toilet, and well ... flush it real good
3/28/2020 8:26:04Nova3/28/2020 9:00:003/28/2020 11:00:00MusicBlaž
3/28/2020 9:06:39Bla bla bla3/29/2020 10:00:003/29/2020 1:00:00Video GamesBlažThey can't.none, 3 peopleYou're the best
3/28/2020 9:12:19bfddfb3/29/2020 9:00:003/29/2020 11:00:00Video GamesBertafdadfsdffsdfsdfsdffsdfsdfsdf
3/28/2020 10:25:26Testing the mirical mashine4/8/2020 8:10:004/11/2020 0:00:00EducationSimonNo, just noNonoYes, need more beer
3/28/2020 11:06:13Winning the Basement4/1/2020 10:00:004/2/2020 6:00:00
Conversation (unknown subject / unprepared)
Piadiscordjoin how many want toNo
3/30/2020 (Pictionary online)4/5/2020 17:00:004/5/2020 19:00:00Video GamesAri Björn Össurarson
Facebook messenger / Discord
Pretty simple it would be nice to have everyone talk on a voice chat like discord but all you have to do is go to and We can make our own private game with even our own imwe themed words to draw
No but I'm open to ideas :)
3/30/2020 19:53:45DIY IMWe Badge - Workshop4/6/2020 15:00:004/6/2020
Make your own IMWe badge this year! Use whatever crafting technique you want from woodcraft to embroidery, from 3D printing to, well, just printing out your badge on paper. Spend 5 minutes to 5 days on your own project and share your progress and results... We will meet after Chatting Time on Discord (our own workshop room) on Monday and again at least on Wednesday. We will be working using Discord, Padlet and AwwApp. Later you'll need your own crafting materials (whatever they are)!
3/30/2020 20:02:01DIY IMWe Badge - Workshop4/8/2020 15:00:004/8/2020
The second meeting of the Badge Workshop that started on Monday. If you are new - no problem, just please contact me per email or on discord before the workshop! For details on the workshop, check the announcement on Monday ;)
4/2/2020 15:16:39Int. Recipe Collection4/7/2020 17:00:004/7/2020 18:00:00Art ProjectSchabi --> please send me your skype name

Why? --> International Evening at IMWe always has great snacks to offer. This year we can share our dishes online for everyone to try out at home.

How? --> We'll have a SKYPE meeting on tuesday to discuss several ways of documenting our recipes; for example with fotos (old or new), drawings or perhaps even with Play-Doh.
The idea is to collect recipes over the rest of the IMWe-week in a GOOGLE-DOC (we will finish by Saturday night). In the end we'll share the compiled recipes with everyone.

What recipes? --> Any good food from campfire popcorn to pizza shaped like an Easter egg or your favourite family meal...

Who should participate? --> Anyone who likes to eat (and cook)! Invite your partner or your children to join you in documenting the cooking process...
no, thanks
4/2/2020 21:28:56Pub Quiz4/9/2020 14:00:004/9/2020 15:30:00pub quiz!!Georgie
discord, whatsapp, fb, carrier pigeon
I'll include a zoom link, so as many people as would like to can join. I would recommend mostly being muted on zoom and then maybe having a google hangout or discord channel open as well so that you can be in teams
nah I'm good
4/3/2020 12:19:48Reverse Video4/8/2020 16:00:004/8/2020 17:00:00Video ProjectSchabi (send me your skype name, please)

We will meet on skype to collect ideas for reverse videos.
In the course of the IMWe-week everyone can shoot a scene at home and send it to me (reversed or not reversed - does not matter). - I will compile all clips to make one video.
I don't think so. This is a bit of a trial-and-error-activity :-)
4/3/2020 13:21:52Crocheting "Corrina Virus"4/7/2020 15:00:004/7/2020 17:00:00HandycraftLuisa Staltmann
lumann(at) or Facebook
Anyone with crocheting needles, wool, and a little bit experience can join.
There is an easy virus instruction in English and German available and a more time-consuming pro instruction in Englisch and Dutch.
You can join me at the IMWe Discord server in our own channel.
You can contact me via Facebook or lumann(at)
I am looking forward to seeing you and producing some cute Corrina Viruses. :)
Can you please set up a discord channel (language and chat - and with video if possible)? Otherwise please write me an email and I'll set up a jitsi-room. Thank you.
4/3/2020 13:56:05Jesus Christ watch-a-long4/10/2020 18:30:004/10/2020 21:30:00
Live streaming of Jesus Christ, Superstar! On youtube.
Heather Newton
Facebook, discord, smoke signal
Jesus Christ superstar is being broadcast on YouTube at 7pm BST. Idea is we all start watching at same time and have discord chat at the same time. Popcorn optional!
Just a specific chat room on discord
4/4/2020 10:05:08Egg dye-along4/10/2020 10:00:004/10/2020 12:00:00HandycraftDesi & Paul
Facebook (Desi Dyankova), Discord (Desi#7641)
We will be dying/beautifying some Easter eggs and thought we might as well turn it into an activity because others might be interested in doing it as well. We can chat, exchange tips and tricks, share traditions and make a mess together.
You will need to prepare: boiled or hollowed out eggs and decorating materials of your choice (e.g. dye, paint, stickers, wax...).
If you've never done this, but want to try, you're also welcome. Message me if you need help getting prepared :)
4/4/2020 11:39:15Upcycling your recycling4/6/2020 9:00:004/11/2020 11:00:00HandycraftEle or on Facebook
Anyone can join, it can be added as an all day every day workshop. I'll put up details and links and ideas on a Discord channel.
Can you add it to the calendar please? (I still can't get it to work)
4/5/2020 2:20:07IMWe Viral Concert (Live Stream)4/11/2020 20:00:004/11/2020 23:00:00MusicJens & Simon
Discord or mail to
There will be a livestream on YouTube for the audience and a Zoom call for performers. For more information visit:
Send in contributions to our concert
4/5/2020 11:42:50
IG: How to crochet colorful flowers (beginners Level)
4/7/2020 16:00:004/7/2020 17:00:00HandycraftStefanie
Via Discord or Zoom / I will share my link/ max. 8?
Is my timing ok for schedule?
4/5/2020 11:47:12Dreamtime/ Closing of the day4/6/2020 13:00:004/12/2020 20:00:00
Podcast / Story Telling / Meditation
I want to provide my dreamtime audio story of 2018 + I plan recording more peaceful stuff to listen to and relax. B
Where to store files? Google drive? Where provide Info about it?
4/5/2020 13:12:57Newbies Welcome4/5/2020 19:00:004/5/2020 20:00:00
Discussion (known subject / prepared)
Newbies: Check your Mail for the GoTo Meeting link!
4/5/2020 15:04:37Living Library4/7/2020 10:00:004/7/2020 12:00:00
Discussion (known subject / prepared)
Piapia.ruttner@gmail.comIt will happen on ZoomNo
4/5/2020 19:54:55GPS Doodle4/6/2020 10:00:004/10/2020 17:00:00ChallengeKirstyOn Discord!
Check out the Discord Channel for information on what a GPS Doodle is, and how you can make a masterpiece with just a bit of planning, and your feet (or a bicycle!) Note: This activity is only suitable for participants who are permitted outside for exercise (but if you're not, you can still get involved in planning some doodles for when you can!)
Just a Discord area where I can share information, and participants can share what they've done :D
4/5/2020 20:52:09Yoga for your eyes4/8/2020 21:00:004/8/2020 21:30:00MeditationVera or "Vera" on Discard
I just need to be able to speak to people, like for example on discard in a group chat. No limit for people to join.
If you can provide me with a room on discard, or another way of contacting people, I am happy.
4/5/2020 22:20:09
Making a songbook all together (pls make this name better for me idk)
4/7/2020 14:30:004/7/2020 15:00:00MusicGeorgie
discord, whatsapp, email
We're going to have an shared overleaf document and I'll explain how to use LaTeX so if there are any songs you want people to learn, you can put it in this shared songbook with the chords and everything, and then everyone can have the PDF at the end of the week.
I think it's fine? But I was aiming for this to happen half an hour after chatting time, so if I/time zones have screwed that up, please fix that :)
4/6/2020 0:56:46Living Library - Book Briefing4/7/2020 9:30:004/7/2020 10:00:00
Discussion (known subject / prepared)
4/6/2020 1:13:33
Creating an IMWe style „Game of Quotes“
4/7/2020 18:00:004/7/2020 19:00:00Board GamesGesa
facebook, discord,
„The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.“ - Corona Virus

Inspired by Orestis Kyriakides and Paolo Coelho I‘d like to introduce you to the „Game of quotes“, which is all about mismatching quotes and their creators in the funniest way possible. There is an existing card game as described - unfortunately, it‘s in German though :-(
So => I´d like to create an English/IMWe version with you IMWe folks!
Basically, we´ll be browsing the world wide web, find nice quotes of famous people, and write them in a shared file.
We´ll meet on Discord on Tuesday for short instructions, then work together on padlet or google.doc (chatting and laughing together via discord while „working“ is optional but recommended).
You can contribute to the quote collection at any time of the week, continue to work on the file whenever you like, hop on and off as you wish!
At the end of the week we´ll hopefully have created a nice and funny game and are able to offer a print@home version to the IMWe crowd.

Please note:
There will be another offer for actually PLAYING our game together - stay tuned!
4/6/2020 10:58:50Sport IG4/11/2020 10:30:004/11/2020 11:30:00Interest Group SportVera or "Vera" on discard
I would need some technical support because people need to see and hear me. E.g. Webex would work, Youtube or Zoom. But I do not have a licence. I can ask René if I can use his Webex account, but if you guys have something anyways, it would be easier.
No limit regarding people to join
Yes, an online platform so people can see and hear me
4/6/2020 14:39:31Role-Play with Max 4/9/2020 17:00:004/9/2020 22:00:00Board GamesMax Crouch
Discord- Im Max-Chesh
I have a lovely easy system called dusk city, can take like 5 people or i can run a second game if its more. I believe all you need is a D100
a chat room and assess to a voice Chanel
4/6/2020 15:57:47Wiki wiki TMI4/8/2020 16:00:004/8/2020 17:30:00Web based ActivityGer H
discord @gerh,
up to 20 people, wiki beginners, or veterans
just a discord channel
4/6/2020 21:27:03
Karaoke night Discord and Watch2gether
4/7/2020 18:30:004/7/2020 20:30:00MusicAri Björn
Discord or facebook messenger
No limit on participants we will use discord and a site called watch2gether which plays youtube videos for a group of people at the same time
I need you to bring good fun to this :)
4/7/2020 18:33:22Int. Recipe Collection - PART 24/11/2020 11:30:004/11/2020 12:30:00mhmmm ProjectSchabion discord
By Saturday 11:30h we will be finished collecting recipes. We will have a skype-meeting over the layout of our shared recipe document then.

Everyone is welcome to add recipe(s) as well before Sat. morning.
Check out the link for the recipe document and our skype meeting on discord!
4/7/2020 20:43:59Game of Quotes (Creating mode)4/7/2020 20:30:004/10/2020 22:00:00Board Games
G&G (Gesa and Ger) - the German and Ger, man
find us on facebook or discord, leave a text in the IG channel
"We´re halfway there, wow, living on a prayer"
- the Game of Quotes creators

Wanna contribute to creating a funny card game? We´ll be collecting quotes, both funny and serious ones, until Friday, 2pm, then sort them and provide a print version for all that want to play. You´ll find instructions, the rule book, and forms on discord in the text chat "creating-game-of-quotes"! Join the voice chat "creating-game-of-quotes-wois" to work and giggle together.
4/7/2020 21:06:10Closing of the day4/8/2020 22:30:004/8/2020 22:40:00Closing of the day
Enikö ans Christoph Hellmann
You Tube video
4/8/2020 15:34:56DIY Badge Workshop4/11/2020 17:00:004/11/2020
This is the last meeting of the Badge Workshop! Let's see what we've achieved, and prepare a small album/presentation for the evening!
4/9/2020 9:27:42Karaoke against Corona part 24/9/2020 19:00:004/9/2020 22:00:00MusicLillidiscord
Join the voice chat Karaoke against Corona. It´s open for everybody.
4/10/2020 3:45:33IMWe Movie Sneak Preview4/10/2020 9:30:004/10/2020 9:45:00MovieJensDiscord
11/26/2020 12:03:00Monthly IMWeb Meetup11/28/2020 19:19:0011/28/2020 23:59:00
Conversation (unknown subject / unprepared)
IMWe Team
Welcome to spend some time with the IMWe crowd on our Discord Channel! At 20:00 we will join the online Rieneck concert, but before and afterwards the basement is open for all friends for IMWe!
11/28/2020 15:11:02IMWeb Hangout11/28/2020 19:19:0011/28/2020 23:59:00
Conversation (unknown subject / unprepared)
Welcome to hang out with other friends of IMWe on our discord channel!
2/12/2021 19:23:33IMWe Discord get together2/28/2021 19:19:002/28/2021 23:00:00
Conversation (unknown subject / unprepared)
IMWe Team
3/1/2021 20:20:33Test 3/2/2021 10:00:003/2/2021 11:00:00TestSebi
3/4/2021 21:11:33Living Library Brunch3/30/2021 11:00:003/30/2021 11:30:00
Discussion (known subject / prepared)
3/4/2021 21:17:34Scouting Café4/2/2021 16:00:004/2/2021 18:00:00
Discussion (known subject / prepared)
Ronja & Josie
3/8/2021 9:28:56Yoga4/1/2021 11:00:004/1/2021 12:00:00
Entspannung und Bewegung zu hause
Nina KettenbachE-Mail
Laptop oder Handy mit Internet, Decke, großes Handtuch oder Matte und eine ruhige Umgebung
Mit welchem Programm wird die onlinestunde abgehalten, und wie bekommen die Teilnehmer*innen den Link zu dem Meeting?
3/10/2021 21:37:18Sport IG4/3/2021 10:00:004/3/2021 11:00:00SportVera Discord
Everyone can join, you just need sport clothes, a bit of space and something to drink
No, just uploading the video when it fits. I am not fixed to a date as I will record the video before. You can plan it in whenever you want to, it takes approx. 1 hour
3/13/2021 15:58:10A friendly round of poker3/31/2021 19:00:003/31/2021 23:00:00Board GamesBlaž Zupančič
Till the event you can leave a comment inside the app or send me a message on Facebook - On the event itself, we'll be talking trash on a dedicated IMWe Discord channel - search for "poker" in the name of the channel.
We'll be playing through the mobile app Pokerrrr2. Our "club" code is #ck60t. Receive extra 10 free gold coins by downloading here : We'll be limited by the number of tables of 6 people we can open, but I think we can accomodate at least 12, let's say...
If someone could open (or just rename) a Discord voice channel, that'd be great. Thank you!
3/13/2021 16:33:18ddsf4/3/2021 10:00:004/3/2021 11:00:00
Discussion (known subject / prepared)