EarlyWord GalleyChat, #ewgc, October, 2021 -- Titles discussed, by pub. date
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DRC = Digital review copies, also called "digital ARCs". Unless otherwise noted in comments, all titles are available from Edelweiss and may also be on NetGalley
Diversity = by or about people from under-represented communities
HOT = has come up many times. Multiple chatters have read and loved.
Interest = One or more GalleyChatters are interested in reading
LMR = Library Marketing Rep recommendation
LR Deadline = LibraryReads voting deadline,
NO DRC -- Digital Review Copy not yet listed
New = first time title has been mentioned on GalleyChat
PAST DUE = Library Reads voting deadline has passed
WARM = Gaining attention, several have read
Bisac Category Description
Publisher Name
Format Description
EANList PricePubDatePrint RunLR Votes DueNewDiversityComments
Alexander, ClaireMeredith, AloneHachette
Grand Central Publishing
HardcoverNot listed0Fall, 2022N/ANew
The Anglophile Librarian @anglophilelibr, “Very much looking forward to reading Meredith, Alone by @ClaireAWriter Claire Alexander coming out in the US next fall from @GrandCentralPub #ewgc The premise is so intriguing @MichaelJBooks I’d adore a proof if you have an extra “
Fiction / LiteraryArmfield, Julia
Our Wives Under the Sea
MacmillanFlatiron Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
DRC, NetGalley -- DEBUT, Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "Is it too soon to read a book that doesn't come out until July 2022? Because OUR WIVES UNDER THE SEA by Julia Armfield sounds like everything I want."
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Slaughter, JodieBet on ItMacmillan
St. Martin's Griffin
Trade Paperback
Fiction / Historical
Beer, Jade
Last Dress from Paris
Trade Paperback
Nanette Donohue @surferrosa, "Are books about the House of Dior going to replace books about Coco Chanel? One can only hope. THE LAST DRESS FROM PARIS by Jade Beer looks promising."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Byrne, JamesGatekeeperMacmillanMinotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
sKellytAnn Librarian @kellywellread, "Not much is known yet, but I'm already eager to dive into THE GATEKEEPER by James Byrne, which has a lot of in-house enthusiasm from @StMartinsPress @MinotaurBooks @MacmillanLib. Great reviews already from Robert Crais, Nelson DeMille and Mark Greaney."
Fiction / Family Life
Waxman, Abbi
Adult Assembly Required
Trade Paperback
Robin B @robinsbooks, "Who mentioned the next Abbi Waxman? DRC just appeared."
Family & Relationships / Parenting / Fatherhood
Wolf, KimberlyTalk with HerPRH/PenguinPenguin Life
Trade Paperback
Andreen @deienara, "And here's one for the dads. TALK WITH HER: A Dad's Essential Guide to Raising Healthy, Confident, and Capable Daughters by Kimberly Wolf."
Fiction / WomenJenner, NatalieBloomsbury GirlsMacmillan
St. Martin's Press
Hardcover with dust jacket
Shari Suarez @ShariSuarez, "Excited to read BLOOMSBURY GIRLS by Natalie Jenner. I enjoyed Jane Austen Society so much."
Fiction / GothicCañas, IsabelHaciendaPRH/PenguinBerkleyHardcover9780593436691275/10/2022N/A4/1/22
DEBUT, Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "Currently reading: THE HACIENDA by Isabel Cañas. Haunted house vibes, set in the aftermath of the Mexican War of Independence. All the gothic feels- perfect for spooky season! (even though it's not out until May!) Loving it."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical
Hawtrey, EvieAnd By Fire
PRH/Random House
Crooked Lane Books
DRC, NetGalley -- Beth Mills @BethMills2, "Really enjoyed Erie Hawtrey's dual timeline AND BY FIRE: a conspiracy involving 1666 Great Fire of London links to bizarre series of fires in the present."
Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Saint, JenniferElektraMacmillanFlatiron Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
Andreen @deienara, "More Greek myths! ELEKTRA by Jennifer Saint (I loved her book on Ariadne). No DLC yet as of today but I am so looking forward to this!" -- Several others anticipating.
Fiction / HorrorLloyd, Stephen
Friend of the Devil
G.P. Putnam's Sons
Lucy Lockley @colldev00, "Anyone read FRIEND OF THE DEVIL by Stephen Lloyd? Described as 'a lightning-fast horror/noir mash-up for fans of Jim Butcher and Joe Hill' (definitely my kind of read!) Coming May 2022 from @PutnamBooks; listed on Edelweiss but hoping there's an ARC?"
Fiction / CrimeGentill, Sulari
Woman in the Library
Poisoned Pen Press
Trade Paperback
sKellytAnn Librarian @kellywellread, "A book, about an author writing a book, about an author writing a book, set in a library? Oh, yeah. THE WOMAN IN THE LIBRARY by Sulari Gentill …great, so far." -- Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_ "Love how #meta this is and especially that it's set at Boston Public Library (from a former BPL librarian!)" -- LMR, Sourcebooks Library @SBKSLibrary, "…a puzzle within a puzzle about an author trying to write her own fate without losing control of the story (I CAN'T stop talking about how GOOD this book is!)" -- strong GalleyChat interest
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Henry, EmilyBook LoversPRH/PenguinBerkleyHardcover9780593440872275/3/2022N/A4/1/22NewInterest
Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Guillory, JasmineBy the BookHachetteHyperion AvenuePaperback978136805338915.995/3/20221500004/1/22NewDiversity
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- Highly anticipated
Fiction / Romance / LGBTQ+ / Gay
Janovsky, Timothy
Never Been Kissed
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Trade Paperback
No DRC as of Oct 10 --DEBUT, LMR, Sourcebooks Library @SBKSLibrary. "We've been talking about a lot of rom-coms today, so I just HAVE to introduce you to NEVER BEEN KISSED by @timothyjanovsky--a book that is basically a love letter to rom-coms!"
Fiction / Women
Richardson, Kim Michele
Book Woman's Daughter
Sourcebooks Landmark
Trade Paperback
sKellytAnn Librarian @kellywellread, "I'm looking forward to revisiting Kim Michele Richardson's historical Kentucky and the packhorse librarians in THE BOOK WOMAN'S DAUGHTER …Love the continuity of the cover design from THE BOOK WOMAN OF TROUBLESOME CREEK." Hardcover 9781728252995<br>
Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary
Black, HollyBook of NightMacmillanTor Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
NO DRCs as of 10/8 -- Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_. "Attention adult readers of YA: @hollyblack is releasing a fantasy book for adults. I repeat: HOLLY BLACK is releasing a fantasy book for ADULTS. BOOK OF NIGHT will be published in May '22. Commence anxious stalking of?egalley?sites."
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
O'Leary, BethNo-ShowPRH/PenguinBerkley
Trade Paperback
Robin B @robinsbooks, "The next book by Beth O'Leary just appeared on @NetGalley [and Edelweiss] -- THE NO-SHOW" -- Several interested.
True Crime / Murder / Serial Killers
Holes, PaulUnmaskedMacmillanCeladon Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_. "Attention all Murderinos & Murder Squad sleuths: our department's true crime fans applauded when we learned @PaulHoles has a book coming out: UNMASKED. You can't discuss the Golden State Killer without mentioning his name. CAN'T WAIT!"
Fiction / HorrorKatsu, AlmaFervorPRH/Penguin
G.P. Putnam's Sons
Fiction / Women
McMahon, Jennifer
Children on the Hill
Gallery/Scout Press
Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_, "Yeah, yeah, we know the sage advice: don't judge a book by its cover. But the one for Jennifer McMahon's new novel THE CHILDREN ON THE HILL blows that advice away. Becky judged it as immediately going to the TBR pile!"
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Fisher, TarrynHonest LieHarperCollinsGraydon House
Trade Paperback
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- HARDCOVER LIBRARY EDITION, 9781525899898
Fiction / Short Stories (single author)
Rubio, Marytza K.Maria, MariaNortonLiverightHardcover978132409054024.954/26/2022N/A3/1/22NewDiversity
No DRC as of Oct 10 --DEBUT, LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads -- Publishers Summary, "For fans of Kali Fajardo-Anstine and Lesley Nneka Arimah, a darkly funny and imaginative debut conjuring tales of Mexican American mystics and misfits. "
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Private Investigators
Gordon, DavidWild LifeNorton
Mysterious Press
LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Family Life
Brown, JanelleI'll Be You
PRH/Random House
Random HouseHardcover9780525479185284/26/2022N/A3/1/22New
Robin B @robinsbooks, "I loved Janelle Brown's PRETTY THINGS and am very much looking forward to her next book, I'LL BE YOU."
Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Jimenez, Abby
Part of Your World
No DRC as of Oct 10
Fiction / Literary
Mandel, Emily St. John
Sea of Tranquility
PRH/Random House
Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "I like to brag that I've been a fan of Emily St. John Mandel since I read her debut in 2010! Super excited for her upcoming book: SEA OF TRANQUILITY." -- AUG, Susan Balla @suebee135, "Really enjoyed SEA OF TRANQUILITY by @EmilyMandel . I just love the way she writes. Great story." -- much anticipation
Fiction / Fantasy / Historical
Martinez, Gama Ray
God of Neverland
HarperCollinsHarper VoyagerHardcover978006301463327.994/12/2022750003/1/22Diversity
Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "Pirates, crocodiles, and the boy who refuses to grow up. Who can resist a retelling of Peter Pan, starring the now all grown up Michael Darling? Not me, that's for sure. GODS OF NEVERLAND by Gama Ray Martinez." -- Publishers Note, "DIVERSE VOICES: Gama is of Mexican descent, and while this is not an #ownvoices story, it's important to have more BIPOC authors in the fantasy space in keeping with Voyager's commitment to having stories told from as many perspectives as possible."
Fiction / LiteraryChen, Lisa Hsiao
Activities of Daily Living
W. W. Norton & Company
DEBUT, LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Thrillers / Psychological
Pinborough, Sarah
InsomniaHarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006285684527.994/12/2022750003/1/22New
Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "BEHIND HER EYES is a book I still regularly think about. One of the best thrillers ever. Hoping Sarah Pinborough's upcoming INSOMNIA is just as gripping! -- Cari Dubiel @caridubiel. "Sarah Pinborough's INSOMNIA hit a little too close for me (turning 40 next month) but I couldn't put it down. Emma's perfect life is marred by the insomnia that begins in the lead-up to her 40th birthday. Just like her mother... A thriller with a twist like BEHIND HER EYES."
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Sosa, Mia
Wedding Crasher
Interest. Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_, "I'm really excited for THE WEDDING CRASHER. I loved @miasosaromance first novel so much. It was super steamy. - Laura" -- Publishers Summary, "another hilarious #ownvoices rom-com about two strangers who get trapped in a lie and have to fake date their way out of it… "
Fiction / Historical
Barenbaum, Rachel
Atomic AnnaHachette
Grand Central Publishing
Nanette Donohue @surferrosa, "ATOMIC ANNA by Rachel Barenbaum just dropped on NetGalley [also on Edelweiss] and I'm super excited to read it." -- Ingram Library Services, "Yes! Heard about it this week and it sounds super intriguing. Time travel in the soviet era and it mentions Chernobyl?"
Fiction / WomenGreen, JaneSister StardustHarperCollins
Hanover Square Press
Robin B@robinsbooks, "Jane Green has a book coming with the popular 1960S/70s vibe, SISTER STARDUST. It's based on a real person and set in an exotic area, both of which are right up my alley". -- Several eagerly awaiting.
Comics & Graphic Novels / Nonfiction / Biography & Memoir
Ewing, RheaFineNortonLiverightPaperback9781631496806214/5/2022N/A3/1/22NewDiversity
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- DEBUT, LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads -- Publishers Summary, "Graphic artist Rhea Ewing celebrates the incredible diversity of experiences within the transgender community with this vibrant and revealing debut."
Fiction / LiterarySpaar, Lisa RussParadise CloseNortonPerseaHardcover978089255551225.954/5/2022N/A3/1/22New
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Aguirre, AnnBoss WitchSourcebooks
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Trade Paperback
DRC added since Sept chat -- JULY, Lucy Lockley, "I enjoyed WITCH PLEASE & am hoping an ARC for Bk 2, BOSS WITCH (coming out April 2022), will be coming my way."
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Croucher, LexReputationMacmillan
St. Martin's Griffin
Trade Paperback
Ingram Library Services @TheLibraryLife_ " 'Bridgerton meets Gossip Girl' in REPUTATION by Lex Croucher. SAY NO MORE!"
Fiction / Thrillers / Domestic
Hepworth, SallyYounger WifeMacmillan
St. Martin's Press
Hardcover with dust jacket
Several anticipating.
Fiction / Coming Of Age
Kazbek, Katya
Little Foxes Took Up Matches
Tin House Books
DEBUT, LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads -- From publishers summary, "A COMING-OF-AGE NOVEL THAT EXPLORES GENDER IDENTITY IN POST-SOVIET UNION MOSCOW: At the precarious intersection of society and sexuality, Kazbek's protagonist, Mitya, explores late 90s Moscow, where crime, inequality, and social dogmas create a surreal backdrop to this unforgettable coming of age tale."
Fiction / Asian American
Li, Grace D.
Portrait of a Thief
Tiny Reparations Books
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- DEBUT -- From publishers summary, "Grace Li is a Chinese American writer who is currently attending medical school at Stanford University, and who looks forward to the opportunity to tell more stories of diaspora and identity."
Fiction / Action & Adventure
Gelernter, J. H.
Captain Grey's Gambit
W. W. Norton & Company
LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Heath, Lorraine
Girls of Flight City
William Morrow Paperbacks
LMR, Virginia Stanley @VStan523, "THE GIRLS OF FLIGHT CITY by Lorraine Heath. Female pilots who helped train British pilots in the days before and after America entered World War II."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective
Sutanto, Jesse Q.
Four Aunties and a Wedding
Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "DIAL A FOR AUNTIES has been one of my favorite reads this year, so I'm stoked the crew is back together in the upcoming FOUR AUNTIES AND A WEDDING/ Jesse Q. Sutanto. I'm so ready for all their shenanigans."
Fiction / Historical / World War I
Gray, Philip
Two Storm Wood
W. W. Norton & Company
LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Quinn, KateDiamond EyeHarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006294351427.993/29/20222000002/1/22New
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- Nanette Donohue @surferrosa, "I have loved Kate Quinn's books since her first series about ancient Rome. I will drop everything to read THE DIAMOND EYE."
Fiction / WomenColgan, Jenny
Welcome to the School by the Sea
William Morrow Paperbacks
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth
Pandian, Gigi
Under Lock & Skeleton Key
MacmillanMinotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
sKellytAnn Librarian @kellywellread, "In UNDER LOCK & SKELETON KEY by Gigi Pandian I've been told there are sliding bookcases, intricate locks, secret reading nooks, and a dead body behind a wall. Count me in on this #ownvoices mystery!" -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In this series launch from the multi-award-winning Pandian, actress Tempest Raj recovers from a terrible accident by returning to her childhood home in California, where she ends up working for her father's construction company. The company reinvents family homes by installing such amenities as secret staircases and hidden nooks, and one project delivers an unexpected surprise: the dead body of Tempest's former double, encased within a supposedly long-sealed wall. Was Tempest the intended victim? And is the Raj family curse for real? With a 50,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
Mueller, Sara A.Bone OrchardMacmillanTor Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, " I'm seriously obsessed with this cover. And it sounds like the gothic-mystery-fantasy mashup of my dreams. THE BONE ORCHARD by Sara A. Mueller." -- Several others agree.<br>
Fiction / Thrillers / Domestic
Coben, HarlanMatchHachette
Grand Central Publishing
No DRC as of Oct 10
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Collections & Anthologies
Walker, Martin
Bruno's Challenge
PRH/Random House
Beth Mills@BethMills2, "Enjoying Martin Walker's BRUNO'S CHALLENGE: ss cozy mystery collection full of good food & loaded with charm," -- Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "Such a great series. Recommended it to someone last week and they loved it. Bruno for the Readers Advisory score."
Fiction / Cultural Heritage
Abu-Jaber, Diana
Fencing with the King
W. W. Norton & Company
Jennifer Dayton @jenniferdayton, "FENCING WITH THE KING by @dabujaber was wonderful. Her books never fail to delight. Family returns to Jordan to reconnect with its past." -- Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "I didn't want this book to end. The writing is sublime." -- LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Family Life
O'Nan, StewartOcean State
Ingram Publisher Services
Grove PressHardcover9780802159274273/8/2022N/A2/1/22NewInterest
Fiction / Historical
Kravetz, Lee
Last Confessions of Sylvia P.
DRC added since Sept. chat, DEBUT -- LMR, Virginia Stanley<br>~@VStan523 "THE LAST CONFESSIONS OF SYLVIA P. debut novel reimagines a chapter in the life of Sylvia Plath, telling the story behind the creation of her classic semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar." -- SEPT, Nanette Donohue @surferrosa, From my "highly anticipating" shelf on Edelweiss."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth
Garrett, KellyeLike a SisterHachette
Mulholland Books
Cari Dubiel @caridubiel, "I must talk about LIKE A SISTER, @kellyekell's latest …Go get galley now! About a young woman reckoning with her famous sister's death, sure it might be murder, perfect for those thriller fans who are clamoring for more." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "When the body of Black reality TV star Desiree Pierce is found in a Bronx playground, the police quickly surmise death by overdose. But estranged half-sister Lena will have none of it; despite Desiree's hard partying, she would never have sojourned above 125th Street in Manhattan, far south of the Bronx. Now Lena is hunting for the ugly truth. From Agatha/Anthony award winner Garrett, cofounder with Walter Mosley of Crime Writers of Color; a 35,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / SportsCranor, Eli
Don't Know Tough
PRH/Random House
Soho CrimeHardcover978164129345724.953/8/2022N/A2/1/22
DEBUT -- Interest -- Publishers Summary, "Fright Night Lights meets Southern Gothic, this thrilling debut is for readers of Megan Abbott and Wiley Cash."
Fiction / Thrillers / Domestic
Hendricks, GreerGolden CoupleMacmillan
St. Martin's Press
Hardcover with dust jacket
JW Bookworm @jwbookworm, "Been turning to my 'comfort reads' lately FIND ME Alafair Burke and GOLDEN COUPLE Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen always love a good twisty psych suspense." -- SEPT, KC Davis @kcdvs, "I just finished THE GOLDEN COUPLE by @greerkh and @sarahpekkanen A delightful domestic slow-burn. Well done girls, well done." -- Strong interest plus several Much Loves on Edelweiss
Fiction / Psychological
Searles, JohnHer Last AffairHarperCollinsCustom HouseHardcover978006077965827.993/1/2022750002/1/22
Robin B @robinsbooks, "Next up is @searlesbooks novel, HER LAST AFFAIR. I've been waiting a loooong time for this! Loved his HELP FOR THE HAUNTED." -- LMR, Virginia Stanley @VStan523, " I triple love the way John Searles writes. HELP FOR THE HAUNTED was SO good (and it was on the inaugural LibraryReads list!) It's been a while but HER LAST AFFAIR was WORTH THE WAIT!"
Fiction / Family Life / Siblings
Cockram, JaneWay from HereHarperCollinsHarperHardcover978006293932627.993/1/2022750002/1/22New
Jennifer Dayton @jenniferdayton, "In the middle of THE WAY FROM HERE by Jane Cockram. Three generations of women, three generations of secrets."
Fiction / LiteraryEdwards, Megan
Coin for the Ferryman
Ingram Publisher Services
Imbrifex BooksHardcover978194550115929.953/1/2022N/A2/1/22New
LMR, Imbrifex Books @ImbrifexBooks, "A COIN FOR THE FERRYMAN creates a world in which Julius Caesar emerges as a colossal figure who is depicted as both storied and human, unperplexed by any quest-including a visit to the modern-day Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas …Scrupulously researched, @MeganEdwards takes the reader on an entertaining, fast-paced voyage alongside an unforgettable cast of characters-including Julius Caesar himself! She reminds us that when all is said & done, history, ambition & love contain the power to transcend time." -- check out the book trailer
Social Science / Popular Culture
Yang, JeffRiseHMHMariner Books
Hardcover Paper over boards
JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "RISE: A POP HISTORY OF ASIAN AMERICA FROM THE NINETIES TO NOW by @angryasianman, @originalspin, and @philipwang is a deeply moving, joyful, & powerful read. It's also gorgeously illustrated." -- LJ Fall Preview, "Jeff Yang, Phil Yu, and Philip Wang's RISE: A POP HISTORY OF ASIAN AMERICA FROM THE NINETIES TO NOW (Mariner, Jan. 2022) offers a visual exploration of how Asian American culture became a key touchstone of worldwide pop culture"
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Finlay, AlexNight ShiftMacmillanMinotaur Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
Robin B @robinsbooks, "For thriller/suspense, prominent on the list, Alex Finlay's THE NIGHT SHIFT (loved EVERY LAST FEAR)."
Fiction / World Literature / Mexico
Melchor, Fernanda
ParadaisNortonNew DirectionsHardcover978081123132919.953/1/2022N/A2/1/22NewDiversity
LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads -- From the Publishers Summary, "Born in Veracruz, Mexico, in 1982, Fernanda Melchor is 'one of Mexico's most exciting new voices' "
Fiction / World Literature / Japan
Tawada, Yoko
Scattered All Over the Earth
NortonNew DirectionsPaperback978081122928916.953/1/2022N/A2/1/22NewDiversity
LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Thrillers / Psychological
Lloyd, SamRising TideNortonScarletHardcover978161316271225.953/1/2022N/A2/1/22New
LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Eddings, MazeyBrush with LoveMacmillan
St. Martin's Griffin
Trade Paperback
DEBUT, Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "So excited I got a copy of A BRUSH WITH LOVE by Mazey Eddings! Sounds so cute and fun and swoony. Bonus: neurodiverse character & author!" -- From publishers summary, "MAZEY EDDINGS is a neurodiverse author, dentist, …She's made it her personal mission in life to destigmatize mental health issues and write love stories for every brain."
Social Science / Anthropology / Cultural & Social
Krasnostein, Sarah
Tin House Books
LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / HorrorWard, CatrionaSundialMacmillanTor Nightfire
Hardcover with dust jacket
Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "I gasped and clicked download IMMEDIATELY when the SUNDIAL arc dropped. Gimme all the horror from Catriona Ward!" -- AUG, Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "I know I've mentioned it before and others have mentioned it today already, but I really really really loved THE LAST HOUSE ON NEEDLESS STREET by Catriona Ward. Am now anxiously waiting for an ARC of her March 2022 title SUNDIAL."
Medical / EssaysGilsinan, KathyHelpersNorton
W. W. Norton & Company
LMR Norton Library Mktg @WWNortonLibrary suggestion for LibraryReads
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths
Bennett, SJ
All the Queen's Men
HarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006305114027.993/1/2022750002/1/22
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- LMR, S&amp;S EducationLibrary @SSEdLib, "Oliver Clements' 'The Agents of the Crown' series returns with THE QUEEN'S MEN, a riveting novel which follows the original MI6 agent as he is assigned a dangerous mission to recreate a weapon from antiquity." --Robin B @robinsbooks, "For those eager for the next book featuring QEII solving mysteries, ALL THE QUEEN'S MEN is due to be published this spring. No DRC but I'm sure one will appear at some point. " -- Ed. Note, previous title, THE WINDSOR KNOT was a LibraryReads pick.
Fiction / Thrillers / Technological
Hart, RobParadox Hotel
PRH/Random House
Ballantine BooksHardcover9781984820648282/22/2022N/A1/1/22
Dan Brooks he/him @danthebookman71, "Loved @robwhart 's THE PARADOX HOTEL! Excellent #scifi #thriller where January, a detective at a hotel for time travelers, must solve a 'locked room' mystery while experiencing increasing effects of becoming 'unstuck in time' herself. "
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Jackson, Kosoko
I'm So (Not) Over You
Trade Paperback
DEBUT -- Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "inject all the queer romances into my veins please: SOMETHING FABULOUS/ Hall, COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS/ Bellefleur, I'M SO (NOT) OVER YOU/ Jackson, LOVE & OTHER DISASTERS/ Kelly."
Fiction / LiteraryMorris, AmeliaWildcatMacmillanFlatiron Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
Cari Dubiel @caridubiel, "…still thinking about this story of parenting and loss)."
Fiction / Coming Of Age
Katz, EricaFakeHarperCollinsHarperHardcover978006308258826.992/22/2022500001/1/22New
LMR, ibrarylovefest @librarylovefest, "Hey everyone! Absolutely loving FAKE by Erica Katz coming in February. A woman gets a job in a trendy art gallery and gets wrapped up in some risky business. Also explores 'real' art versus the art of influence on social media."
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Jance, J. A.Nothing to LoseHarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006301006228.992/22/20221500001/1/22New
No DRC as of Oct 10
Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense
Foley, LucyParis ApartmentHarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006300305728.992/22/20223000001/1/22
No DRC as of Oct 10 -- LMR, librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "A trip to Paris is supposed to be the perfect escape--but not when your brother is missing, and every neighbor has something to hide. THE PARIS APARTMENT by the incredible @lucyfoleytweets is sure to make you sleep with the lights on--so you can stay up and read of course!" -- AUG, Robin B @robinsbooks, "No DRC available but looking forward to Lucy Foley's next book, PARIS APARTMENT,"
Family & Relationships / Life Stages / Teenagers
Cohen-Sandler, Roni
Anything But My Phone, Mom!
PRH/PenguinPenguin Life
Trade Paperback
Andreen @deienara, "Practical advice for 'modern challenges' for moms handling teenager girls, sign me up. ANYTHING BUT MY PHONE, MOM! by Roni Cohen-Sandler."
Fiction / Fantasy / Historical
Morgan, Louisa
Great Witch of Brittany
sKellytAnn Librarian @kellywellread, "I plan on re-visiting the historical, witchy world of @WriterLouisa in THE GREAT WITCH OF BRITTANY."