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ScheduleLocationTimeSession TitleClinician, Title, InstitutionSession Description
LUNCHAtrium / Kansas City / Lincoln1C 12:00 pmBox lunch - provided to the Adjucator Training (registered conference attendees) and Academy (pre-registered) Additional are available on a first come first serve basis for $10
Thurs AM/PMCP CarnegiesVocal Jazz Ensemble rehearsals
Thurs AM/PMCP LincolnShow Choir Rehearsals
2G Thurs 4:15 pm
Fri AM/PMCP AtriumRegistration/Exhibits
CP Lincoln/Jefferson
Community/Church Honor Choir Rehearsals
Fri AMCP Missouri3A Fri 7 amMeal Plan Breakfast
Fri AMCP St. Louis3A Fri 8 amPreparing Choral Teachers Through Community PartnershipsBrandon A. Boyd, Assistant Director of Choral Activities, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO; C. Amon Eady, Director of Choral Activities, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI; Hillary K. Ridgley, Visiting Professor of Music Education, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.Preparation of university music education students has evolved across time into a more balanced offering between music and pedagogy, both greatly enhanced by field work which forces pre-service teachers to continuously practice skills. Benefits to participants in programs such as a prison choir and a middle school partnership are particularly helpful in determining teacher disposition while also developing confidence and expertise in pedagogy. This session will detail specific procedures for establishing community partnerships within the scope of choral teacher preparation programs.
Fri AMCP Truman3A Fri 8 amThe Girl Changing Voice(part 2)- How to work with a girlChristy Elsner- Allegro Childrens Choir Founder Hands on session featuring benefical warmups, vocal placement, vocal range, part assignments, and music examples for girls (grades 6-12) in all stages of vocal change.
Fri AMCP Capitol3A Fri 8 amThree Variations of ChoreographySteffi Quinn, ChoreographerThis sessions will cover three different types of choreography that you can use for your show choirs. Easy/Medium/Stupid Hard. The different varieties will be explained and what is best to choose for your show choir.
Fri AMCP JeffersonFri 8 amBOOKLET #3: New Music for Progressing Voices / ACCOMPANIST: CATHY BOEMLER
Fri AMCP St. LouisFri 9 amVocal Jazz TechniqueJohn Stafford, Director of Choral Activities, Kansas City Kansas Community CollegeInterested in programming a vocal jazz piece? Looking to start a jazz choir? Learn more about vocal jazz singing & performance techniques in this interactive session!
Fri AMCP TrumanFri 9 amFind Great Literature *Faster*! Strategies For Any Level to Find Quality Music In Less TimeRyan Main, Artistic Director, Youth Chorus of Kansas CityIf you’ve ever felt like your search through the haystack of literature isn’t turning up enough needles, this session is for you. Topics covered will include: strategies for more efficiently searching popular retailer websites, finding music off the beaten path, crowd sourcing literature recommendations, and resources for future reference
Fri AMCP JeffersonFri 9 amBOOKLET #4: New Music for Advanced Voices / ACCOMPANIST: PATRICK DELL
Fri AMCP CapitolFri 9 am Teaching Concepts Through Choral Music / ACCOMPANIST: CHRISTY SHINNCristi Cary Miller Teacher, conductor, and composer
ideas on how to incorporate the theory learning through the music they are preparing for concerts
Fri AMCP TrumanFri 10 amBegin With The End In Mind For Your ChoirDr. Anthony Maglione, Director of Choral Activities, William Jewell CollegeHow do we get from notes on a page to art? What are the building blocks of great rehearsal technique? Beginning with the end in mind, this workshop will provide rehearsal examples and techniques designed to help new and developing teachers incorporate musicianship, music literacy, and artistry into their everyday rehearsal plan.
Fri AMCP CapitolFri 10 amThe 10 Best Reasons to Sing in a Community or Church ChoirMark Hayes, Composer While students are still in school, there are variety of ways for them to share their musical abilities every day. But as an adult, our responsibilities at home, work, or other activities sometimes keep us from pursuing artistic opportunities. Mark will share with us the many reasons to keep singing as an adult! This session will help you identify a few of the reasons lifelong singing is beneficial and will also assist you in recruiting and maintaining your ensemble.
Fri AMCP JeffersonFri 10 amBOOKLET #5: Tried & True Music for Developing and Intermediate Voices / ACCOMPANIST: TIM HERCULES
Fri AMCP CapitolFri 11 amHow to Teach Close Harmony in Jazz, Pop, and Other GenresBrian Parrish, Director of Choirs, Parkway West High School, St. Louis, MOBrian Parrish outlines his best tricks and methods for teaching tough close harmonies in Jazz, Pop, and other genres at all levels
Fri AMCP JeffersonFri 11 amSuperb Solutions for Smaller Choirs and Training Choirs / ACCOMPANIST: CHERYL NICHOLSMary Lynn Lightfoot, Founding Editor of Sing! educational choral line, Choristers GuildJoin Lightfoot in this dynamic reading session and explore creative choral pieces in a variety of styles and voicings for smaller to medium-sized choirs and training choirs. Helpful teaching tips will be offered that will help promote learning skills for choral singing. Participants will receive a complimentary music packet or booklet.
Fri AMCP TrumanFri 11 am Do the hustle(!):Making efficient use of your time in rehearsal.Dr. Adam Zrust, Director of Choral Activities, University of Central MissouriResearch supports using sequential patterns of instruction (1–2–3's) to deliver content to students. In other words, give​ ​​an instruction (1), let students complete the task (2), and​ ​provide them feedback (3). Concurrent instruction (hustling) is the act of delivering information to students while they are in performance of assigned tasks. If used correctly, this process can help save time and expedite student learning.
Fri PMCP MissouriFri 12 pmMeal Plan Lunch
Fri PMCP SpringfieldFri 12 pmCollegiate Luncheon / Reading Session
Fri PMCP Carnegies - this is a change of locationFri 1:15 pmFinding a Legacy: Discussion on Children's ChoirsJon Logan, Director of Choirs Knob Noster Middle School and Music/Arts Institute Young MAIsters Children's Choir. Kellyn Button, Director of Choirs Osage Trail Middle School and Allegro Choirs of KCThis would be a roundtable discussion along with some Tried and True unison/2part music for the children's choir directors. Discussion topics could include: rep, rehearsal techniques, auditioning, this would be a continuation fron last summer.
Fri PMCP CapitolFri 1:15 pmTraining the adolescent female voiceDr. Luke Williams, Voice/Opera Workshop, University of Central MissouriWorking with women's choirs as a male conductor. Tips, tricks, repertoire, motivation.
Fri PMCP TrumanFri 1:15 pmMusic Technology Round Table Baker Purdon - Assistant Director of Choirs, Liberty High School
Melynda Jane - Director of Choirs, Pattonville High School
This session will be an open, collaborative work group discussing how we use technology in the secondary choral classroom. The session will be moderated by Melynda Jane and Baker Purdon, and participants are encouraged to prepare/bring shareable folders of their favorite tech tools to discuss with the group.
Fri PMCP Capitol - This presenter is unable to be with us due to an injury. Look for it next year!Fri 2:15 pmBetter Vowel – Better Sound: Practical Applications in the Choral SettingDr. Aidan Soder, Associate Professor of Voice, UMKCThe vexing Vowel – whether we sound amazing or not-so-amazing, we can be sure that Vowel had something to do with it! In our collaborative session, we’ll begin by discussing the “anatomy” of a vowel and singing with vowel integrity, two ideas which likely will spark a robust dialogue about how we teach and sing vowel in a choral setting.
Fri PMCP TrumanFri 2:15 pmT/B Repertoire That Works / ACCOMPANIST: DANA SELFDustin Cates, Artistic Director, Heartland Men's ChorusDustin Cates will share T/B repertoire that works for men's choirs of all levels.
Fri PMCP Carengies - this is a change of locationFri 2:15 pmAncient/Future Choral Music: The Works of Michael Engelhardt / ACCOMPANIST: WARNER BAILEYMichael Engelhardt, Composer & Arranger -, St. Louis MOGo behind-the-scenes with Michael as he deconstructs several modernized treatments of historical choral material, such as Gaudete, Wayfaring Stranger, O Antiqui Sancti, and Victimae Paschali Laudes. He will also discuss the stylistic, technical, and instrumental considerations involved in performing these works successfully. Reading packet included.
Fri PMCP TrumanFri 3:15 pmChildren's Choirs: Get 'Em Hooked While They're YoungBlake Richter Inman Intermediate Music Teacher Nixa, MO Focus on making before and after school choir fun and engaging. Also focus on use of technology and keeping parents informed.
Fri PMCP Carnegies this is a change from the printed program!Fri 3:15 pmBeyond Parking and Barking - A Guide to Enhancing Choral Music in ConcertsSam Brukhman, Artistic Director, Verdigris Ensemble, Dallas, TXA guide to making choir concerts more meaningful, connected, and fun through movement, use of space, concert programming, and modern instrument technology. Join us as we explore the application of this from the perspective of middle school to professional ensembles.
Fri PMCP SpringfieldFri 4:00 pmDistrict and All State Choir Cooridnators MeetingDana Self & Janice Bradshaw
Fri PMCP LincolnFri 4:15 pmSpecial MasterclassClosed event.
Fri PMCP BallroomsFri 6:30 pmCommunity and Church Honor Choir
Fri PMCP BallroomsFri 6:30 PMBanquet / Key Note / Awards Presentations
3I Fri 5:15 pm
Sat AMOPEN ACCESS DAY - Welcome Table - Lobby
Sat AMCP Pre-con AreaSat 7 amCoffee & continental Breakfast
Sat AMCP MissouriSat 8 amFind the Choreographer Within!Sherry Francis, Director of Choral Music, Blair Oaks High SchoolThis is an interactive session- dance steps, formations, staging and practical choreography tips! Directors will leave with a choreographed dance that can be used with any show choir, while being inspired that they too can be their own "choreographer" with success and ease! (I am sharing from 21 years of teaching experience with dance and choreography for choir.) So....put on your dancing shoes, and come discover the "Choreographer Within" You!
Sat AMCP CapitolSat 8 amEngaging Elements in Elementary Choir
Jennifer Patterson Warren Hills Elementary Music Teacher
Learn Kodaly and Orff-Schulwerk approaches to engage and excite your elementary choir.
Sat AMCP MissouriSat 9 amChildren's Choir in the Urban settingCorbin TrimbleThis session will include warm-ups, classroom management, and joy =)
Sat AMCP CapitolSat 9 amGo for Baroque: Developing student musicianship and artistry through baroque choral repertoireDr. Jerry Myers, Director of Choral Activities, Saint Louis Community College at Meramec and Dr. Trent Patterson, Director of Choral Studies, Webster UniversityWhat opportunities for developing students’ musical skills are inherent in baroque compositions? What are some of the most accessible baroque pieces for treble and mixed choirs? What teaching strategies are particularly effective in rehearsing these pieces? This session will present a sampling of shorter baroque selections appropriate for developing and advanced choirs from assorted publishers as well as CPDL. Teaching strategies to facilitate successful rehearsals of each selection will be emphasized. The clinicians will share their rationale for including baroque music in the curriculum and strive to empower directors to fully explore the programming possibilities of this rich body of choral literature.
Sat AMCP MissouriSat 10 am(Repeated Session)There's More to Yoga Than Touching Your Toes: Incorporating Yoga and Kinesthesia into the Choral RehearsalDr. Barbara Lamont, Director of Choral Activities, Southeast Missouri State UniversityIf you're interested in more movement in your choral rehearsals but don't really know where to start, this is the session for you! Explore how to incorporate yogic movement and breath into your warmups and rehearsals, as well as other ideas about how to get your singers moving creatively.
Sat AMCP CapitolSat 10 amChoral Gems of Our Early Years / ACCOMPANIST: CHERYL NICHOLSVarious Leaders of our LegacyLiving The Legacy reading session of quality literature from our early conferences that we may have forgotten or need introduction.
Sat AM
CP Jefferson/Missouri
Sat 11 amSpecial Performance: Kansas City Metro Mens ChorusKansas City Metro Mens Chorus, Noel Fulkerson Director NOT TO MISS performance of this fabulous men's community ensemble. This is the embodiment of what we do - singing for life. This is Living the Legacy.
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