HU Summer 2016 Free Agent List
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Instructions: Type in your information below if you're looking for a team. It will save automatically. If you end up finding a team, **please come back and update/remove your information**.

Leagues run from the last week of May to the 2nd week of September.
Skill level legend
1: Absolute Beginner
2: Beginner, minimal experience but athletic with sports background
3: Comfortable in recreational league
4: Key player in recreational league, or lower player in intermediate league
5: Comfortable in intermediate league
6: Key player in intermediate league, or lower player in competitive league
7: Competitive league player, minimal/no touring experience
8: Key player in competitive league, or lower calibre touring player
9: Medium calibre touring player
10: High calibre touring player (team was top 4 at nationals)
NameEmailMale or Female?Skill levelDay(s) looking to play (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)Cutter/HandlerComments
Wayne Gretzkywayner@halifaxultimate.caMale10Tuesday, SundayHandlerI'm looking for a fun team that concentrates on fun first, then winning. Would like to find a team with someone who can drive me from the south end.
Andrew McClellanandrew.mcclellan@pomerleau.caMale6AnyBothUltimate Enthusiast  : D
Matthew Marshall 3-ish Any Not sure? I'm very comfortable throwing & catching, but I really don't know anything about the strategy of Ultimate.
Jean-Michel LeBlancjleblanc_09@hotmail.comMale6AnyCutter preferablyPick me !! Pick me !! lol... New in town* played the past 2 summer seasons in Moncton, I specialize in diving catches
Myles Knight male 2-3any not surehaven't played since school, looking to get into a league.
Kenny Zhankennyzhan@gmail.comMale6Any DayEither (want to work on handling more)Relatively new to Halifax been here a year, I handle or can cut. I'm athletic and fun on and off the field.
Cale KilyanekCJKilyanek@gmail.comMale5 or 6Tuesday, ThursdayBothWould prefer a fun and relatively competitive team.
Jordin Fletcherjordin.fletcher@dal.caFemale2AnyCutterNew to Ultimate, just started in the spring. Learning fast and bring lots of enthusiam.
Sarah Rosssarahlbross@gmail.comFemale5Tuesday & ThursdayBothHappy to handle or cut, whatever's needed.
Said Arabsaidarab3@gmail.comMale5 or 6Thursdayboth
Jeff Blairjbblair@outlook.comMale6Tuesday/ThursdayBoth
Justin Sparksjustinsparks@gmail.comMale5 or 6Tuesday or ThursdayCutterPlayed a few seasons out outdoor including this years indoor league. Dedicated and looking for a fun/competitive team!
John Graveljohnathan_gravel@hotmail.comMale7Tuesday or ThursdayBothMoving from Vancouver and looking for a fun and competitve team. I currently play in high division teams and usually handle, but like to cut as well.
Brock Hopkinsbrock.hopkins@bellaliant.netMale7Tuesday or ThursdayBothThis will be my third year playing and what I may lack in experience, I make up with athletic ability. Im 6'2" and can run like the wind. I am very strong on defence and love catching the disc in the endzone... I love it!
Scott Readread_sr@yahoo.caMale5TuesdayCutterHave played for about four years, and am interested in playing on Tuesdays either as a full time player or a sub
Kelly or ThursdayBoth (Better Cutter)I have been playing for the past 5 years, two in High school and three in a summer league in BC. I'm generally easy going but like to play hard. I am a strong defense on fast paced players and great at dangling and cutting on offense. Catching the impossible is my area of expertise
Chris Hamiltonchris.hamilton137@gmail.comMale1Tuesday, SundayI have never played, however I was watching last night at the Burnside turf and it peaked my interest.
Noah wadenoahwade1999@gmail.comMale7anybothI have played 4v4 and 7v7 inside and out, I am a great handler and I can also cut, looking for some fun this summer!
Alec StratfordAl.stratford@gmail.comMale 3AnyBothI have played in both fun leagues and winter leagues for the last 5 years in Edmonton and Calgary.
Cameron Masonhockeyboy1094@gmail.comMale 6TuesdaybothI've been playing for quite a while. Can pick up on Tuesdays most nights with a little heads up.
Breanna Wilkesbreannawilkes@hotmail.comFemale3AnybothStarted playing ultimate in the fall with my school, also played 7v7 and 4v4 spring leagues. Comfortable with throwing/catching and handling the disc.
Scott Melvinscott.melvin@gmail.comMale5Tuesdaycutter
Shawn Shearershawn.shearer.38@gmail.comMale5 - 6Tuesday/ThursdayCutterPretty good cutter/receiver. Looking for a team to play with/sub on Tues or Thurs. I have car, so I can help with the drives to far away fields if that helps :)
David Hogenbirkdave_hogenbirk@sympatico.caMale4Tuesday/ThursdayBoth (Better cutter)Looking for a recreational level team that focuses on skill development
David McDonaldd.mcdonald222@gmail.comMale3SundayBothPlayed a little ultimate in high school but that was about 9 years ago. Looking for a team where I can have fun and get in shape at the same time. Would want to play on a team with my partner Amanda Curren.
Amanda Currenajcurren@gmail.comFemale2SundayWhat?Have never played ultimate frisbee before but played competive sports in the past. Would want to play on a team with my partner David McDonald.
Mark Bin used to play a lot back then and planning to get back on it. Can drive anywhere. I'm a runner so I would say my speed and endurance are my asset.
Ben Poulinpb399255@nspes.caMale1AnyWhat?Played only inside frisbee so far.  Would like to increase my skill level and play outside.
Matthew Robert robert.lee@pwc.caMale9anyday starting mid JulyBothI'm an out of towner working in Halifax for a little while and would really love to get out and play and meet the locals. Any calibre is great, just looking to get out for some fun.
Paul Redskypasivetoproductions8@gmail.commale2any weeknight or weekendI'm looking for a co ed team that concentrates on the fun/social aspect of it as a great way to meet new people and have fun
Ryan StewartPhuzenator@hotmail.comMale7/8Any BothMoving to Halifax middle of July and looking for a team to call home! Been playing in the Atlantic are for years on both touring and rec to play any level!
Nick Renoufnickrenouf@hotmail.commale 3Tuesday, Thursday, Sundaybothplayed ultimate for 2 years and am moving back to halifax after 4 years of school. I'd like to find a positive fun team to get back into it and meet some awesome people :). look forward to seeing everyone on the field.
Courtney Munncourtmunn@gmail.comfemale 5anycutterjust moved here, searched for a team too late. Just looking to play!
Justin d'EonJustindeon0@gmail.comMale7anybothMoved here from PEI last year. played 2 years of ultimate there but learned quickly. Me and my girlfriend Monette are looking for a team together. She is a absolute beginner but I've been teaching her. Sundays would work best but open to any day.
Emily Ritchieemyritchie@gmail.comFemale5ishAllCutterJust moved here mid June, played on and off the last few years in Fredericton.
Eric Tremblayzambonieboy@hotmail.comMale4Tuesday, Thursday, SundayBetter cutter and developing my handling skills and I'm tall (6'4'')Looking for a fun team in either rec or competitive that plays for the love of the game but that enjoys playing hard! I've played a few summers and have a good grasp of the game and love running hard! All about the spirit of the game and would love to be on a team that might even have a practice here and there to work on skills as a team! Was in Fredericton for May/June playing with Spawn and now moving back to Halifax July 2nd. Let me know know if you have a spot on your team! Thanks :)
Laura Fitzpatricklaura.fitzpatrick@uottawa.caFemale3Any? CutterLooking for a team to join for the summer months. Just moved to the city. It has been a few years since I last played, but I am hoping to brush up on my skills in a Rec league. Would be great if my friend, Meghan Boswall, and I could play on the same team :) (see below) Thanks!
Meghan Boswallmeghan.boswall@medportal.caFemale3Any? CutterPlayed in a summer league a few years ago - I would still consider myself a beginner! Looking to play on a team for the summer months with my friend, Laura (see above!).
Jesse Robsonjesse_robson@hotmail.comFemale2Any?Played in a rec league a few years ago. Would love to play again this summer!
Luke ParkinLuke.Parkin@dal.caMale6Tuesday.bothLooking for a fun time in the sunshine.
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