Doomsday Public Sheet
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PlayerDateEvent TypeEventOpposing DeckOpponentResult
Opponent Result
Final Result
Die RollG1 P/D
G1 Mulligan
G1 W/LG1 EngineG1 Notes
G1 Combo Turn
G2 P/D
G2 Mulligan
G2 W/LG2 EngineG2 Notes
G2 Combo Turn
G3 P/D
G3 Mulligan
G3 W/LG3 EngineG3 Notes
G3 Combo Turn
NotesDeck Subtype
Doishy02/11/2017PaperThurs 8-bitShardless BUGMatt Hayden12LWinP7LN/AForces and Hymns get me3P7WBW EtW14 Goblins3D7LN/AN/AN/A
Faced Force, Hymn, Mindbreak Trap, Thoughtseize. Annoyingly had to allow an Ancestral Visions to resolve as game went too long looking for Discard.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy02/11/2017PaperThurs 8-bitRG LandsChu20WLoseD7WPTT DD CB Loop ToA14 Storm5+D7WDD BW12 Storm1N/AN/AN/A
Additional 2 friendly games went 2-0 again.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy02/11/2017PaperThurs 8-bitGrixis DelverRichard Broker02LLoseD7LN/AN/AN/AP7LPTT DD SILost to Thought Scour :|3N/AN/AN/A
Faced CT, Counterspell, Force, Hymn, Thought Scour(!). Had cleared his hand of counter magic then he topdecks a Thought Scour.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy07/11/2017PaperTuesday ExcelU/W StonebladeJiao20WWinP7WDD BW11 Storm5+D7WBW EtW14 Goblins3N/AN/AN/A
Faced Flusterstorm, Force, Counterspell, EE. Goblins line was a risk as he has mass removal in deck. Had the T1 G2 but on play and chose not to go for it, he had the Fluster.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy07/11/2017PaperTuesday ExcelGrixis DelverAdam Barnett12LWinP7WEtW and ToA10 Goblins, 2 Storm4D7LN/AN/AN/AP7LPTT DD CB Loop BWDied to daze + Wasteland5+
Faced CT, Force, Stifle, Daze. G1 he stabilised at 2 after Goblins then died to LP into ToA to play around his Daze. G3 was off by 1 mana.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy07/11/2017PaperTuesday ExcelBristol PileMark Rickell20WLoseD7WDD BW11 Storm3D7WOtherET on WDN/AN/AN/AN/A
Faced Force, SP, Fluster. G2 would have lost without ET topdeck and LED to pay for SP. Had the T1 G2 but on play and chose not to go for it, he had the SP.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy09/11/2017PaperThurs A51Grixis DelverJoseph Talbot21WLoseD7WDD CB Loop ToA17 Storm3D7LBW ToAMini ToA to delayN/AP7WBW EtW14 Goblins4
Faced CT, Force, SP, Daze. G3 floated a BW on top of deck with a CB to draw out counters then cast through Dazes via LED.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy12/11/2017PaperSunday FPU/W StandstillOlly green20WWinP6WDD BW10 Storm3D7WBW EtW18 Goblins3N/AN/AN/A
Faced Forces, SP, Flusterstorms, V-Clique, Daze.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy12/11/2017PaperSunday FPGrixis PyromancerRichard Broker12LWinD7LN/ADrew 4 lands in a rowN/AP7WDD BW10 Storm5+D7LN/A1 Mana off win through CspellN/A
Faced Thought Scour, Counterspell, FoW, CT.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Doishy12/11/2017PaperSunday FPGrixis DelverJoseph Talbot12LLoseD7WBW ToABait Force (DD), 7 Storm 5+D7LN/AN/AN/AP7LDD BWT5 of Turns. Die to bolt.5+
Faced CT, Force, Stifle, Daze. G3 could have drawn it out but I had win on T5 and only died to Bolt. He had used 3 already.
Bauble list. ToA main.
Hulahula28/11/2017OnlineLegacy League4c LoamMatsOle20WWinP7WBW EtW9 Storm3D7WDD BW
Killed two Bobs with Massacre, Hurkyl's Recall chalice @ 0&1
5+N/AN/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula28/11/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueCzech pilemortr3d02LLoseD7LPTT DD LM
Got my hand shredded by discard, took a big risk with a PTT pile
Opponent managed to put enough permanents in play to survive Emrakul and kill me on the swing back
5+N/AN/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula29/11/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueRG LandsBenzyne20WWinP7WDD BS BW11 Storm2D7WDD BW
Duressed a sphere on turn 1, Bounced a Marit Lage on turn 3
4N/AN/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
heat_wave28/11/2017PaperTuesday DSUR DelverStuart21WLoseD6WDD BW ToA
Discarded a FoW, comboed off relatively safely
3 Swiftspears and burn never left me enough breathing room to combo off
N/AP7WDD BW ToADD at 5 life, lethal tendrilsN/A
Faced enough pressure, but not much countermagic (which I could discard)
Stock UBr. No Baubles.
heat_wave28/11/2017PaperTuesday DS
No real pressure, went for Telemin Performance and won
Faced Sphere of Resistance, 2 Eidolon of Rhetoric and T0 Leyline of Sanctity
G2 pile was SI, LM, Emrakul, BS, DD. Perilous Voyage let me bounce a Parallax Wave and win safely (no Emrakul was cast)
Stock UBr. No Baubles.
heat_wave28/11/2017PaperTuesday DSGrixis DelverMikko02LWinP6LN/A
Never drew anything relevant and died to beats
Shredded opponent's hand, didn't manage to find business even with 8+ cantrips, got DD discarded and Surgical'd, finally opponent found a Gurmag and killed me quickly
Really bad draws this match; couldn't do much
Stock UBr. No Baubles.
heat_wave28/11/2017PaperTuesday DSReanimatorPatrick20WLoseD7WBW ToA
Opponent T1 Reanimate'd Griselbrand (down to 11 life). I managed to Tendrils him for exactly 12 on my T1. Lucky me!
Opponent mulled to 5 and couldn't do much early; I had a resillient hand but no fast combo. Discarded him several times, opted to Telemin Performance, milled half his business, stole Griselbrand, won
This was some hybrid as it had Shallow Grave and Emrakul as well as traditional Reanimator package
Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Grapeshot20/11/2017OnlineXmageSI-21WLoseD7WDD BW
My discard dirupts combo, T3 kill when he can't rebuild
3D6LN/AT1 killedN/AP7WDD BWT1 kill1G3 was lucky, didn't expect to win
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 of Manamorphose.
Grapeshot20/11/2017OnlineXmagePox-12LWinP7LN/ADiscard annihilated my slowish handN/AP7WPTT DD LM
Grind back and forth with discard, PTT and pray he doesn't draw instant speed removal
5+D6LN/ADiscard is too much to overcomeN/A
Not sure if this is a good matchup or not
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 of Manamorphose.
Grapeshot20/11/2017OnlineXmageCzech pile-02LLoseD6LN/AHymnN/AP6LN/AHymnN/A
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 of Manamorphose.
Played LEDs out early, discard war -> Telemin kill after finding a wish
Opp kept a fast hand that folded to a duress and I had a turn 3 kill that he couldn't disrupt
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 of Manamorphose.
Grapeshot21/11/2017OnlineXmageCzech pile-21WLoseP7WPTT DD LM
Trade discard, he has no pressure besides DRS and I can PTT
5+D5LN/A5 was mediocre, opponent's 7 was notN/AP6WMan Plan
Lake of the dead into turn 3 Titan is forced, later wish for Reanimate which resolves and Titan takes the game
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 Sphere/ 1 Edge/ 3 Preordain. 1 Lake main, 1 side 4 Grave Titan side
Grapeshot21/11/2017OnlineXmageLands-20WWinP7WDD x2
G1 is pretty unfavorable for them and I had a great hand, double DD was showboating.
3D7WMan Plan
Won with a turn 2 Titan through Tabernacle/Maze using LED to get some zombies through
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 Sphere/ 1 Edge/ 3 Preordain. 1 Lake main, 1 side 4 Grave Titan side
Grapeshot21/11/2017OnlineXmageUR Delver-21WWinP7WBW EtW
Opp has a weak hand with a Daze, Delver, Swiftspear and lands
Killed quickly by swiftspear/stormchaser
N/AP7WDD BS BWGet there at 2 life just before dying4
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 Sphere/ 1 Edge/ 3 Preordain. 1 Lake main, 1 side 4 Grave Titan side
Same pox player as before, destroyed by discard
He didn't have a removal spell, but I made a pile with sphere to blank any possible removal
I had the option to make 12 Goblins, but he had nether spirit in hand so I went all in on Telemin, he also plays 2 bloodghast
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 Sphere/ 1 Edge/ 3 Preordain. 1 Lake main, 1 side 4 Grave Titan side
Grapeshot22/11/2017OnlineXmageBurn-21WWinP7LBW EtW
10 Goblins wasn't enough, opp blocked enough with Eidolon/Switspear/Guide
12 Goblins is enough this game paired with Therapy
Therapy Pyrostatic pillar, Brainstorm nat drawn Empty to the top, sphere into it, 12 goblins get there paired with discard to slow opp down
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 Sphere/ 1 Edge/ 3 Preordain. 1 Lake main, 1 side 4 Grave Titan side
Grapeshot29/11/2017OnlineXmageSoldier Stompy-21WLoseD7WDD BW
Hand is Rit, Rit, Duress, Probe, Probe, DD, Land. Drew LED for turn. he played plains go into this godhand
Keep a hand with too many 1 drops, but an echo truth in hand and the potential to BS putting back empty, LED, Probe Empty if I find another land to truth their chalices. I don't.
Grind game. Echo truth 2 chalices, wish for massacre to kill thalia allowing 2 LEDs through, DD in hand. with 4 lands stack Edge, AoI, LM, Echoing, Git probe. This beats his chalice 1/0 that he replayed. He recruiters for a Thalia on his turn and I get LM out with no cards in library. He doesn't draw an answer
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 Sphere/ 1 Edge/ 3 Preordain. 1 Lake main, 1 side 4 Grave Titan side
Grapeshot29/11/2017OnlineXmageSneak and Show-21WWinP7WEtW
Had a hand with a Therapy and Wish with rits to work towads an empty. Blind name Fprce T1, miss, see he has 2 SnT. He ponders and plays petal, I nat draw Empty, make 8 Goblins, flashback therapy, he brainstorms. I name a preordain I had seen before and hit. He has a sneak attack and fatties, but another Brainstorm locks him and the Gobbos get there.
2D7WMan Plan
Duress twice, taking Sneak attack and later a Show and Tell. Make a Grave Titan on Turn 3 off Lake after opp forces a dark rit. Grave Titan gets there as he's left with onyl Omniscience in Hand.
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 Sphere/ 1 Edge/ 3 Preordain. 1 Lake main, 1 side 4 Grave Titan side
I make 10 Goblins since I don't know what he's on. He makes 12 Goblins and I couldnt get there before he killed me. He had Tutor in hand after he made goblins
Kept a hand with probe, therapy, duress, duress. Eventually I can cast a Doomsday off ponder cracking an LED to PTT but he has a PiF to cast off exactly 5 mana with LED to surgical from the yard and misstack my pile
I actually think I could have beaten the surgical, but I'm bad and made the wrong pile, also stacked it wrong and just shame conceded
UBR. 3 Wish/1 Empty main. 1 Sphere/ 1 Edge/ 3 Preordain. 1 Lake main, 1 side 4 Grave Titan side
Hulahula29/11/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueTurbo Depthssolnox12LLoseD7WDD BS BW
Duressed my opponent t1, he had no interaction
2D7LN/AN/AP7LN/AOpponent got a quick Marit LageN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula29/11/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueMiracleshelvetti02LWinP7LBW EtW
Kept a weak hand, Opponent played counterbalance t2
Pile got destroyed by a predict, had LM as backup but opp had a force
2N/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/02/2017OnlineLegacy League4c Loamhigor20WWinP7WDD BW4D7WDD DC LMFaced Gaddock Teeg and wasteland3N/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/02/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueRG LandsSpellSlinger22B20WWinP7WDD BW3D7WDD LM
Hurkyls Recalled his moxes and a sphere t3. Had multiple ways to kill him.
4N/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/02/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueGrixis Controlzumekun1985020402LWinP7LN/A
Tried to go for EtW t2 but opp had force. After that I got Hymn'd three times..
N/AP7LN/AN/AN/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/02/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueCzech pileChaliceX102LLoseD6LN/AOpponent played Leovold t2N/AP7LN/A
Lost to a misclick. Was going for 14 goblins after duressing opponent t2 but missed the ctrl key....
N/AN/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/02/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueGrixis Delveraltniccolo02LWinP6LN/ADouble wasteland + cabal therapyN/AP7LN/AN/AN/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueCzech pileM0ller12LWinP7WBW ToAstorm 84D7LN/AFaced a Leovold t3N/AP6LPTT DD SI3Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy League4c LoamMo-Tackt12LWinP7LN/AChalice@1 on turn oneN/AP7WDD BW BW3D5LBW EtWstorm 84Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueHypergenesisCaveman5620WWinP7WBW EtW18 goblins + cabal therapy1D7WPTT DD SILeyline of Sanctity3N/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueSneak and Showdappermuis21WWinP7LN/AN/AP7WPTT DD SI1D7WPTT DD SI4Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueU/B ReanimatorYENKO8812LLoseD7WDD BW1D7LN/At2 IonaN/AP7LN/At3 IonaN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueJundswordmaster8502LLoseD7LN/AN/AP7LN/AN/AN/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeaguePoxdungeonshade02LWinP7LN/AN/AP7LN/AN/AN/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueTesacidicslime4412LLoseD7LN/ADied on t2N/AP7WPTT DD LM4D7LN/AKilled on t1N/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueMiraclesAlakazimdk21WLoseD7LN/AN/AP7WDD SI4D7WPTT DD SI
Had to do a wierd pile because of Emrakul in hand
3Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/03/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueEldrazi Postoarsman21WWinP7LN/ATrinisphere on t1N/AP7WDD SI5+D6WBW EtW5+Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/08/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomANTSuabe20WWinP7WPTT DD LM2D7WBW EtW
Played three discard spells and made 12 goblins
2N/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/08/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomJundluispsoares20WWinP7WPTT DD LM2D7WBW ToA
I got my Doomsdays and Underground Seas hit by surgical extractions. 8 Storm
5+N/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/08/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomOmni-ShowLuminousSTC21WLoseD6LN/AN/AP7WPTT DD SI1D7WBW ToAStorm 103Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/08/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomBUG LandstillVoidTerraFirma64620WLoseD6WDD BW ToA4D6WPTT DD SI3N/AN/AStock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/08/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomBurnasetter2112LWinP6WDD BW5+D6LN/AN/AP7LBW EtWStorm 64Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/08/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomRG LandsTZ12302LWinP7LN/A
Played 10+ turns with me not having any lands.
I really missed having a second basic island in this matchup. Both games I got destoyed by multiple Ghost Quarters.
Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Hulahula12/08/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomUWR Stonebladedomingosfh21WWinP7WBW EtW12 Goblins3D5LN/AN/AP7WBW ToAStorm 102Stock UBr. No Baubles.
Doishy12/12/2017PaperTuesday ExcelJundBen Whitmell21WLoseD7LDD CB Loop ToA
1 Mana off in the face of active DRS at 3 life :(
4P6WDD BW12 Storm2D7WDD BW10 Storm3
Saw Chains of Mephistopheles and managed to hit many a Hymn with Thoughtseize.
2 CB, 4 BW, MD ToA
Doishy12/12/2017PaperTuesday ExcelInfectBruno12LWinP7WPTT DD LMPlayed around Daze and Trickbind3D7LN/A
Misplayed T1 as acted too scared vs a Mull to five.
N/AP7LN/ANeeded one extra R to win.N/A
Got the sick calculated blind name on a lethal Berserk with blind CT. Had a G3 scenario where one extra R would have allowed DR, LED, LP, BW (CT), CT (FoW), BW (ToA), ToA. He killed me a turn prior however.
2 CB, 4 BW, MD ToA
Doishy12/12/2017PaperTuesday ExcelGrixis DelverJoseph Talbot20WWinP7WToA
T5 win. 8 Storm. Dead on board, went LED, DR, LP, GP, BW (IU), IU and managed to find the the MD ToA.
5+D7WDD BW10 Storm32 CB, 4 BW, MD ToA
Doishy12/12/2017PaperTuesday ExcelUWR TwinCallum11DWinP7LBW ToA
Went off T1 to hit for an early ToA without LED so still had gas. Game went super long and after a mini EtW being Terminus'ed had three draw steps of nothing but discard and land whilst he got Azcanta going.
1P6WPTT DD CB Loop BW8 Storm. Beat Surgical.4D7A draw!N/A
Game 3 went long. Ended with turns and him entreating but only for one as he couldn't let Counterspell mana go down as my hand was ready to explode. Due to aggressive countering of my cantrips he stopped me winning but ended with the angel not getting there.
2 CB, 4 BW, MD ToA
Hulahula15/12/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomUR Delverthescuba9602LWinP7LN/AN/AP7LN/AN/AN/AN/AUBr. 3 CB, 3 BW
Hulahula15/12/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomEldrazi StompyE4ter12LLoseD7LN/AN/AP7WDD DC BW1D7LN/AN/AUBr. 3 CB, 3 BW
Hulahula15/12/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomRG LandsMrEvolution20WWinP7WDD BW5+D6WDD DC BW3N/AN/AUBr. 3 CB, 3 BW
Hulahula15/12/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomU/W LandstillSasquatch202520WWinP6WDD BW5+D7WDD BW3N/AN/AUBr. 3 CB, 3 BW
Hulahula15/12/2017OnlineMTGO TP RoomDeath & Taxesnayuu21WWinP7WDD BW13 Storm2D5LN/A
Kept a five card hand with two probes but no lands, got punished.
N/AP6WBW EtWTwelve goblins1UBr. 3 CB, 3 BW
15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueGrixis DelverCapnDaWg20WLoseD7WDD BW9 Storm3D7WDD DC BW11 Storm4No sideboarding.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueDredgegunofmercy21WLoseD7WBW ToA10 Storm2D7LPTT DD LMDied to triple CT1P7WDD BW10 Storm2No sideboarding.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueDeath & TaxesJewky20WLoseD6WDD LMCould also have gone DD BS BW N/AD7WPTT DD LMCould beat StP. Killed Thalia and Spirit.5+N/AUBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueGrixis Delverazareal0121WWinP7WBW EtW18 Goblins. Could have won with ToA.2D7LN/AWalked into stifle on 1 Land.N/AP7WDD BW11 Storm. Beat Fluster.N/ANo sideboarding.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueUR Delverqbturtle1502LLoseD7LN/A
Force, Daze, Bolt, Stifle. Could do a line that beats 3/4 of them.
N/AP6LN/AN/ANo sideboarding.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook10/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueNic FitChainer909020WLoseD6WPTT DD LM2D7WDD BWBeat Lost Legacy on DD5+N/AUBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook10/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueGrixis DelverSpoonDonkey20WWinP6WBW EtW14 Goblins2D7WDD BWBeat Stifle and FoW5+N/AXantid Brought in.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook10/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueGrixis Delverkuramija20WLoseD7WDD BW3D7WDD DC BW11 Storm4N/AXantid Brought in.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook10/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueGrixis Delvercanderson300020WWinP7WBW EtW16 Goblins. Double BW to beat Snare4D7WDD BW13 Storm. 4N/AXantid Brought in.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook10/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueUR Delverkoura20WLoseD6LBW EtWStopped by FoW. Killed by 2 x Delver3P7WDD BW13 Storm. Beat Force and Daze.4D7WBW EtW14 Goblins. Beat FoW and Daze.3UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueUW Standstill1337erhosen21WWinP7LDD LM
Beat Force, Force, Mindbreak, Swords. Die to bolt.
5+P7WDD BW11 Storm. 5+D7WBW ToA
12 Storm. WUBRG in pool. Beat 2 FoW and 2 R Blast
5+Xantid Brought in.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueANTGuiltarmy02LWinP5LN/AN/AP7LN/AHas T2 setup, dies on their T1.N/AN/AN/AUBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
Luchius13/12/2017OnlinePractice RoomDeath and Taxesdeathandcatmix20WLoseD6WDD LM
2nd island was amazing, needed to do labman
Decay then Void Snare revoker to win, Kill could be storm or Labman
Luchius17/12/2017OnlineLeagueBR Reanimatorkmueller45820WLoseD7WEtW
Turn 2 Empty for 14 Goblins, Turn 3 Duress
Bauble allowed for Burning Wish for Doomsday into Labman Pile
Luchius17/12/2017OnlineLeagueDoomsdayCalebD02LLoseD5LN/ANo lands till 5 cards in handP6L
Mulled to 6 and had a turn 3 through a duress. He turn 2'd me
Luchius17/12/2017OnlineLeagueCzech Pilebasilnabi12LWinP6WDD BWTurn 3 Kill3D7LTurn 1 thoughtseize derailed my handP6LEmpty The Warrens
12 Goblins turn 3 with opponent having 2 pyroblast and 2 surgical in hand
I was stupid I could have won, He Toxic and sable at 4 life, I BW for Tendrils and play (petal cause if he surgicals petal I lose) and Pass turn but he eats lab man goes to 6 and I need the petal for storm count to kill him, he finds a thoughtseize 3 turns later.
Luchius17/12/2017OnlineLeagueEldrazinavi_stabber12LWinP7WDD BWPlayed around thoughtknot4D6T1 Thorn T2 Chalice on 1P7
T1 Chalice on 1, t2 Thoughtknot, t3 Thoughtknot
Luchius17/12/2017OnlineLeagueGrixis DelverRey 092012LWinP7LN/A
Turn 2 Lab man after fighting 2 daze and a force, die to a wasteland
P7StormNatural Storm via BW for Act6D7L
g0ld_rook15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueShow and TellAndyGrey02LWinP7LN/AN/AP7LN/AN/AN/AN/ABlergh. UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueMiraclesMDA1102LLoseD7LDD BWStopped going off twice by CSpell4P6LPTT DD SIFoW and Canonist4N/AN/AUBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook15/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueSoldier StompyDudeItsCorey02LWinP7LBW EtW
8 Goblins vs Chalice = 1. Nu Thalia plus Jitte says no.
CalebD18/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueBR ReanimatorSlater11702LLoseD7LN/AMan just concedes T2 :/N/AP7LN/AN/AN/AN/ASeems suboptimal.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
CalebD18/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueBR Reanimatorkmueller45820WWinP6WDD LMOpp had T1 Gman and did not do it.3D7WPTT DD LMDouble PTT with Void Snare?4N/AN/ASeems suboptimal.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
CalebD18/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueMiraclesVedX12LWinP7LN/AActual Counterbalance.N/AP7WBW EtW10 Goblins beats Surgical3D5LBW EtWWastes 2 Storm, loses to Balance5+Seems suboptimal.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
CalebD18/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueNic ShiftIcedDarjeeling21WWinP6LN/AShitty keep, concedes via no land.N/AP7WBW EtW14 Goblins. N/AD7WDD LM4Seems suboptimal.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
CalebD18/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueDoomsdayLuchius20WWinP7WBW EtW16 Goblins2D7WPTT DD LMHad the T2 ToA DC win...... missed it.2N/AN/ASeems suboptimal.UBr. 4 CB. 3 BW
g0ld_rook06/10/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueTurbo DepthsFinntinsic21WLoseD7LN/A
Just need lands or DR. They get fast Lage
Beat Leyline of Sanct. Delayed by needle on Fetch.
3P7WPTT DD LMAlso made 10 Goblins on the PTT T14Xantid brought in just to block Lage?0 CB. UBrg. AoI SB.
g0ld_rook06/10/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueNic FitTestacular20WLoseD7WPTT DD LMBeat many CT.4P7WDD BWFuck you vet Explorer2N/AN/A0 CB. UBrg. AoI SB.
g0ld_rook06/10/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueDeathbladefunkydude78702LLoseD7LN/AN/AP7LN/A
Zealous P stops Massacre on Canonist. Possible Window if had cast SE EoT for SI.
N/AN/AN/A0 CB. UBrg. AoI SB.
g0ld_rook06/10/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueShow and TellRagingMachismo01LWinP7LN/AShow and Tell does its thing....N/AP7WDD BWXantid Bugs do Bug things.5+P7WDD BW5+0 CB. UBrg. AoI SB.
g0ld_rook06/10/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueANTPjMizzle01LLoseD7WDD BW13 Storm2D7LN/AOpp gets T2 revengeN/AP7WBW ToA10 StormN/A0 CB. UBrg. AoI SB.
Hulahula26/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueRUG Delvertbr8702LWinP6LN/AN/AP7LN/AN/AN/AN/AUBr. 3 CB. 4 BW. 4 Dark Confidants in SB.
Hulahula26/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueMiraclesValdeGray21WWinP7LN/A
Opponent played a very unsuspected t4 Ruination and destroyed all my lands...
N/AP7WBW ToA10 storm3D7WDD BW
Drew a lot of cards with two unanswered Dark Confidants. Opponent had Fow, Flusterstorm and Surgical Extraction on my combo turn.
5+Dark Confidant was great G3UBr. 3 CB. 4 BW. 4 Dark Confidants in SB.
Hulahula26/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueDeath & TaxesJewky20WWinP7WPTT DD CB Loop BW(Massacre, AoI, LED, CB, BW)5+D7WDD BW12 storm1N/AN/A
I got my LM exiled G1 but the baubles made it possible to win with ToA.
UBr. 3 CB. 4 BW. 4 Dark Confidants in SB.
Hulahula26/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueJundqbturtle1512LLoseD7WDD BS BWOpponent played Thoughtseize t1.2D7LN/AN/AP7LN/AN/A
I had Dark Confidants in the sideboarded games but I'm not sure if they are good enough in this matchup. Jund can be really aggresive and it feels like you don't have time to draw cards with him. Also there is LotV edict.
UBr. 3 CB. 4 BW. 4 Dark Confidants in SB.
Hulahula26/12/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueRG LandsShinta092620WLoseD6WDD BW5+D7WDD ConcessionOpponent took a mulligan to 2 cards.3N/AN/AUBr. 3 CB. 4 BW. 4 Dark Confidants in SB.
g0ld_rook10/04/2017OnlineLegacy LeagueRG LandsSabertG20WWinP7WDD BS BW10 Storm3D7WOther
Could have made 16 Goblins T1 with protection. Opp concedes T2.
2N/AN/AUBr. 1 CB. 3 MM SB
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