Connecticut Police Asset Forfeiture Funding
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FEDERAL asset forfeiture funding, CALENDAR year 2013STATE asset forfeiture funding, CALENDAR year 2013, according to policeFEDERAL asset forfeiture funding, FISCAL year ending June 2013, according to Department of JusticeSTATE asset forfeiture funding, FISCAL YEAR ending June 2013, according to state COMMENTS from Police Department on how funds used
Ansonia$48,149/ per PD and US AttyAbout $4,200 per PD$101,916, according to DOJ$0, per stateWe did not make any purchases from the state program funds. We did purchase items with federal funds - computer equipment, sent officers to training classes, bought a fingerprint system, upgraded the radio system, and bought uniforms for bike patrols. (Training was at the Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association conference in Newport, Rhode Island and we also sent sergeants to Roger Williams University in Rhode Island for supervisor training)/ Lt. Andrew Cota
Avon$0 per US Attorney$2,231, per PD$0$0, per stateWe have $2,231.31 from the State and had expended no funds in 2013. / Mark Rinaldo, chief of police
Berlin$0, per US Attorney$7,052, per PD$0$5,600, per stateThe Berlin Police Department received $7,051.64 in asset forfeiture funds in calendar year 2013. We spent $1,180 as part of our awards program the same year. The balance is maintained in an asset forfeiture fund to be used at a later time as the need arises. We did not receive any property.
Bethel$0 per US Attorney$0, per PD$0$0, per stateNo funds received
Bloomfield$45,058 per US Atty$4,345, per PD$45,058$4,345, per stateOur records mirror the US Attorney. I show $45,057. We used a portion of the funds to upgrade equipment in our dispatch center, and another portion for the purchase of a K-9 and associated training for the handler. / Chief Paul B. Hammick
Branford $46,246.48 - acc to Branford, / US Attorney reports $39,639$0, acc. to PD$21,787$0, per stateWe have expended $23,253 on the following: Local DNA program: $22,000; Crime Reports Program (for our Internet Homepage) $1,188; Other evidence expenses $65.00 / Capt. Geoffrey Morgan.
Bridgeport$45,113, per US Attorney$19,500 in 2013; and $19,703 in 2014$47,541$48,436, per stateIn 2013, the PD seized $119,609 in cases that currently are still being adjudicated. In 2014, $171,964 was seized in cases still being adjudicated.What if any amount from those cases that comes to the police department through asset forfeiture would depend on the final disposition in court. As far as expenditures, the majority of the funds are being held in reserve to help fund a proposed indoor firearm training range that the department plans to build. / William Kaempffer, Public Safety Spokesman, Bridgeport Police Department
Bristol$50,382, per US Attorney(Police report combined 2013 calendar year total of state and federal asset forfeiture funds at about $110,000)$66,958$12,187, according to stateBristol PD received approximately $110,000 in 2013 through the State and Federal asset forfeiture process. This year we were able to purchase a shooting decision simulator to train our officers. The cost of the simulator was approximately $50,000 and was entirely purchased with asset forfeiture proceeds. We also anticipate purchasing speed enforcement (radar/LIDAR) equipment later this year with those monies. - Chief Thomas Grimaldi
Brookfield$4,972, acc. to US Atty and PD$4,040 per PD$611$1,999, per stateWe have used some of the funds to enhance our booking area that needed technological improvements./ Chief Robin L. Montgomery
Canton$0, according to US Attorney and PD$5194 according to PD$0$0, per state$5,194. – state program. The forfeiture monies have not yet been allocated or spent. Will be used to support/enhance drug/narcotic investigations (i.e. narcotic detection equipment, informant funds, communications, salary), officer training regarding investigation practices, drug education and abatement programs. / Christopher Arciero, chief of police
Cheshire$1153, acc. to US Attorney and town$14,369.95, according to town$0
$8,835, according to state
No federal or state expenditures for 2013, according to Hope Larson, town of Cheshire, budget/treasury analyst
Clinton$0 according to US Atty and PD $6,005, according to police department$0$4,544, according to state Spent $1,500 on training, according to police chief
Coventry$0, acc. to PD and US Atty$0, according to PD$0$0No funding
Cromwell$0, acc to PD and US Atty$0 acc. to PD and state$0$0The Cromwell Police Department did not receive any money or property through asset forfeiture for 2013. Based upon money in the fund from previous years we used money to make improvements to the Detective Sergeant's office, building a wall and providing a door. Denise Lamontagne, Captain
Danbury$44,196, according to US AttorneyPD tracks by fiscal year only/ reports $13,103 for FY ending June 2013$48,554$13,103, acc. to stateFederal and state forfeiture funds are tracked in our records by fiscal year, not calendar year. For the most recent fiscal year (7/1/12 to 6/30/13):
Federal funds received - $9859.08
Federal funds spent - $21,065.73
All federal funds were spent on law enforcement expenses (Rental of vehicles, alarms, CCTV upgrade, and vehicle purchases).
State funds received - $13,103.38
State funds spent - $0
Al Baker
Danbury PD
Darien$0 acc. to US Atty$1,324, acc. to PD$0$0In 2013 we received one check for $1,323.70 from one of our cases.  These funds have not been spent as of yet. /  Lt. R.W. Bussell
Derby$2,645, acc. to US Atty/ $176 acc. to PD$0, acc. to PD$0$349, acc. to state Money hasn't been spent yet, but plan to use it toward drug education. / According to Terri Kuskowski, chief's secretary
Division of Criminal Justice$25,438, acc. to US AttyDivision receives 10 percent of total of state asset forfeiture funds.$12,808Division receives 10 percent of total of state asset forfeiture funds.Federal: purchased 94 Glock pistols; 80 sets of handcuffs and handcuff pouches; and 78 raid jackets, for inspectors who are law enforcement officers assigned to State's Attorney offices and specialized units. State funds: Administrative costs such as salaries of two employees in the office's Asset Forfeiture Bureau.
East Hartford$0 acc to US Atty$8,249, acc. to PD$0$3,762, acc. to state The money was spent on a van for the narcotics unit. / Sgt. Michael DeMaine
East Haven$5218, acc. to US Atty and PD$4064, according to PD$0$2,394, acc. to stateFederal - spent $2525.50 / State asset forfeiture revenue was $4064.10, of which $1183.45 was expended. The funds were used for drug interdiction and training. / Lt. David Emerman
East Windsor$4,557.60, per PD and US Attorney's office$0$4,558$0, according to stateIn calendar year 2013, the East Windsor Police Department received $4,557.60 in federal asset forfeiture money. No asset forfeiture money was spent, used, or allocated during that time. Re: how would like to spend it - initial thoughts are for drug testing equipment, field tests, undercover narcotics buy money, but primarily used to support drug investigations, arrests, and prosecution. We would consider educational components to assist our youth and parents as well. / Edward J. DeMarco Jr., chief of police
East Hampton$0, per US Atty$0$0$0No funding
Easton$0 per US Atty$0/ per police chief$0$0No funding
Enfield$0 per US Atty and PD$1,000, plus sold confiscated items at public auction for $725, acc. to PD$0$8,152, acc. to state.In 2013, Enfield PD received no Federal monies. We did receive $1,000
from the State on 10/30/13. Additionally we sold confiscated items at
the Public Works auction in September for a total of $725. In
January 2013, we purchased 20 Dell lap top computers ( MDT’s ) for
patrol vehicles with Federal and State money ( $23,351.20 and $2767.72
respectively). / Deputy Chief Gary Collins
Fairfield$0 per US Atty$57,571, per PD$0$11,160, acc. to state Here is what we received from asset Forf. this past year
.$57,571.73. / We spent a little over 1000.00 this year on public relation related items. Gary MacNamara, police chief
Farmington$0 per US Atty$3,811, acc. to PD $0$3,101, acc. to stateState Asset Forfeiture/ Farmington PD was awarded $3,810.80 in 2013. We have not spent any of the money yet, and have deposited it in our existing Asset Forfeiture account. Our immediate plans for the money are uncertain./ Lt. Colin F. Ryan
Glastonbury$0 per US Atty and PD$69,786, acc. to PD$0$0, per state Used $18,800 of seized assets to further the task force’s activities in the detection, investigation, apprehension and prosecution of persons for the violation of laws pertaining to the illegal manufacture, possession and sale of controlled substances. This includes funds to be used as “buy” money, training opportunities and equipment. We used funds to pay for a portion of the costs associated with taskforce offices, utilities and equipment./ David A. Caron, chief of police
Granby$0, according to US Atty$0 cash, per PD, but they report getting a 2003 Hyundai for property$0$0, per state Granby had only one AF matter in 2013. Following a criminal conviction (State), a 2003 Hyundai was ordered forfeited to this agency from a joint investigation with the CSP Statewide Narcotics Task Force. No cash was involved. The trade-in value is applied to the next regularly scheduled purchase of an investigations or patrol vehicle. That approach provides a better benefit to local taxpayers than auctioning./ Capt. William Tyler
Greenwich$4,207, acc. to US Attorney; $19,556 acc. to PD$3,433 according to PD$0$3,122, per stateFor 2013, the Greenwich PD received $3,433.49 in State Asset Forfeitures and $19,555.85 in Federal Asset Forfeitures. During the same period, $15,000 was spent on electronic equipment for law enforcement purposes. The department was awarded title to four vehicles with a total estimated value of $21,028, based on condition and Kelly Blue Book values. These vehicles will be sold at auction and the proceeds will be credited to the appropriate asset forfeiture account. / Gregory S. Hannigan, director of general services, Greenwich PD
Groton City$0 per US Atty and PD$543, per PD $573 acc. to state Funds spent on education, such as the DARE, or Drug Abuse Resistance Education, program.
Groton Town$5141, acc. to US Atty and PD$344 per PD$5,142$343, acc. to statePortion spent on narcotics enforcement and to attend a International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Philadelphia. / Acting Chief Steven Smith
Groton Long Point$0, acc. to US Atty$0$291, according to stateNone during the second half of 2013, but checking on the first half. / Chief Jeffrey Nixon
Guilford$0, per PD and US Atty$0, per PD$0$0, per state No funds
Hamden$57,114, per US AttyInformation not yet provided$48,853$1,006, per stateFor training and equipment, rental cars for undercover work, purchase of a police K-9, motorcycle equipment like extra lights, SWAT uniforms and equipment, out of state lodging for class attendance / Chief Thomas Wydra
Hartford$102,985 acc. to US Atty$105352, per PD, track fiscal year, not calendar year$128,632$105,352, per stateOvertime, supplies, attendance at professional convention or conference, computer equipment
Madison$0 per US Atty$1,325 per PD$0$2,026 acc. to statePlan to spend it on investigative equipment. / Chief Jack Drumm.
Manchester$93,359, per US Atty$71,312 per PD$90,362$89,840, acc. to state / ECNTFI know you said the federal government shows us getting $93,358 for 2013 (although I show $88,623.71, I would trust their figure) and $71,312.26 in State asset forfeiture. We spent the money mostly on renovating/upgrading our dispatch center as well as some narcotics training and the purchase of some undercover vehicles/repairs for use in narcotics investigations. / Capt. Christopher A. Davis
Meriden$61,365 per US Atty$10,265, acc. to PD, but for Fiscal year end June 2013, don't track calendar year.$38,030$10,265, acc. to stateDepartment does fiscal year, not calendar year, and for 2012-13 FY, took in $10,265 state and $23,853 federal. Used money for unmarked Ford Fusions, new computer equipment, cardio equipment at PD gym; the unmarked cars get used for undercover narcotics work. /Sgt. Darrin McKay
Middlebury$0, per PD and US Atty$0 per PD and state$0$0None for 2013, however, there was a conviction in 2013 that I may get forfeiture money from but have not received any notice. / Acting Chief Richard Wildman
Middletown$0 per US Atty$46,953 per PD$0$19,084, per stateWe have only used it to repair/repurpose undercover vehicles and for confidential informant funds. We use their education money to pay for their NEOA (Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association) conference (in Newport, Rhode Island) also. / Lieutenant Heather Desmond
Milford$41,129 per US Atty/ City reports $42,029$0 per city.$25,275$2,495 per stateTo date, put $8,635 toward training and tuition; $5,621 toward training equipment; $920 toward payment on a new boat and $500 toward investigations/ per letter from department.
Monroe$0, per PD and US Atty$0, per PD $0$0No funding
Montville$0 per US Atty$500, per town finance department$0$206, per stateFunds not spent yet, according to finance director
Naugatuck$0 per US Atty, $28,650 per Police Dept.$0 per PD$0$0, according to state On June 17, 2013, the Naugatuck Police Department received $28,650 from the U.S. Treasury, Department of Homeland Security, Immigrations & Customs Enforcement. Of this, $3,014 was for office furniture replacement and $5,875 was used for monitoring equipment. The remainder is being held for future use. / Lt. Bryan Cammarata
New Britain$67,040, per US Atty $0$80,173$21,866, acc. to stateFederal money - purchased a command vehicle and digital cameras for evidence technicians. State money - bought fitness equipment for new gym at new police headquarters, bought new performance evaluation software, event simulation technology, training, training equipment/ Chief James Wardwell, New Britain / NOTE - UPDATE JULY 2: The amount of state asset forfeiture funds spent on fitness equipment is a total of $93,586.30. The amount of federal asset forfeiture funds spent is zero. Kristen A. Perugini, Executive Secretary to Chief James Wardwell, New Britain Police
New Canaan$0, per PD and US Atty$0, acc to PD$0$464, acc. to state N/A for Calendar Year 2013
New Haven$71,159, per US Atty and PD$49,307, acc. to PD$64,380$35,602, acc. to state STATE funds spent to date: $772 for cell phone for narcotics unit supervisor, $8,635 for management training, $20,000 for informant money, $590 for equipment for narcotics unit vehicles, $883 for tactical equipment, $263 vehicle graphics logo, $354 bank service fees. FEDERAL funds spent to date: $38,584 lease of undercover cars, $12,516 for cell phones. / Lt. Joseph Witkowski.
New London$5,141, per US Atty and PDAbout $22,000 acc. to PD$5,142$22,517, acc. to state We plan to spend our funds on technology upgrades, crime prevention/drug education materials, crime scene and surveillance equipment. / Chief Margaret Ackley
New Milford$82,686, per US Atty, $80,892, according to PD (fiscal year)$803$11,001$803, acc. to state and PDPolice boat & equipment, mobile command post, video monitoring equipment, police bike and K-9 equipment, narcotic testing supplies, photography equipment.
Newington$98,075 (includes about $74,000 cash plus the value of transferred vehicles), per US Attorney and PD$11,790, acc. to PD$81,014$9,194, acc. to stateSo far, $38,275 federal spent on items such as: Upgrade SWAT vests, purchase of used vehicles for undercover operations, added security camera, soundproofing interview room, prescription drug collection box, computer system. Plus, $5,339 state spent on sound proofing, scrap fees and mounts. Total spent - $43,614
Newtown$19,890, per US Attorney and PD$9,305, acc. to PD$2,445$2,494, acc. to stateSpent $5,980 for police K-9. / Chief Michael Kehoe.
North Branford$0, according to US Atty$5,145 acc. to PD$0$0, acc. to state While we have not utilized that specific money as of yet, our most recent purchase using these monies was the purchase and outfitting of an enclosed trailer that is being utilized by the North Branford Police members of South Central SWAT. This trailer allows a permanent storage facility for team members and allows for a more rapid deployment. / Sgt. Gary J. Ripa
North Haven$32,577, per PD and US Atty.$0/ per PD $15,406$0, according to state Spent some of the funding received on the lease of an undercover vehicle, the impending purchase of a Use of Force Training Simulator and other training initiatives.
NorwalkFederal Revenue – $43,818, (US Atty reports $43,487)$9,578 per PD$37,560$16,625, acc. to stateExpenses - $24,966 / Examples: Training $8,995; police boat $4,225; vehicles & repairs $2,239; transportation (prisoner pickup) $1,041; computer software subscription $3,700; fitness equipment HQ gym $1,000 / Chief Thomas E. Kulhawik
Norwich$4,285, per US Atty$15,509, per PD$4,285$21,632, acc. to stateWe spent the asset forfeiture funds in the following manner in 2013: $4,425, software; $1,504.80 training; $ 3,709.94, car rental; $8,249.90, body armor; $2,000 misc. equip.; $10,000, vehicle / Louis J. Fusaro Sr., chief of police
Old Saybrook$0 per US Atty and PD$803$0$803, acc. to state Nothing expended so far. / Chief Michael Spera
Orange$3,470 per US Atty and PD$9,426 acc. to PD$1,741$1,792, acc. to state In 2013 we received $9,426.34 on the State side, which was spent on a portable traffic analyzer and new batons and holders for all of our officers.We received $3,470.01 on the Federal side, which we are using in our K-9 program. K-9 "Trent" is a purebred Labrador, the department's first narcotics detection dog. / Chief Robert J. Gagne
Plainfield$0 per US Atty$1,098 acc. to PD$0$0, acc. to state Spent $2,500 on a new police K-9. / Michael G. Surprenant,
chief of police
Plainville$0 per US Atty and PD$0 per PD$0$7,043, acc. to state No funds for CY 2013
Plymouth$0 per US Atty$1,612 per PD$0$1,290, acc. to stateChief - funds not used to date.
Portland$0 per US Atty and PD$0 acc. to PD$0$0, according to state N/A, no funds
Putnam$0 per US AttyInformation not yet provided$0$229, acc. to stateInformation not yet provided
Redding$0 per US Atty$0 acc. to PD$0$0, acc. to state Nothing from 2013, but we spent some money — about $5,500 — from 2012 on a state mandated router to better improve data communications statewide. / Douglas S. Fuchs, chief of police
Ridgefield$0 per US Atty$8,000 acc. to PD$0$0, acc. to state For officer education. / Chief John Roche
Rocky Hill$0 per US Atty and PD$5,359, acc. to PD$0$1,865, acc. to state In combination with prior funds, money was used for upgrading firearms and training of a new K-9 unit in drug detection. / Deputy Police Chief William Keehner
Seymour$0, per PD and US Atty$0 acc. to PD$0$1,199, acc. to state None for calendar year 2013
Shelton$5,437 per US AttyInformation not yet provided$5,437$499, acc. to state Asset forfeiture funds were spent on the new AFIS machine (automated fingerprint identification system). We used both Federal and State funds. / Chief Joel Hurliman
Simsbury$6,390 per US Atty$0 per PD $0$0, acc. to state Some of funds have been used to outfit two police cars with lights and sirens and for cruiser computer batteries. Haven't decided on how to use the rest of the funds. / Lt. Fred Sifodaskalakis.
South Windsor$0 federal, acc. to PD and US Atty$70,479, acc. to PD$0(Towns in the East Central Narcotics Task Force got total of $88,317 in revenue, according to state, which doesn't track ECNTF disbursements) South Windsor is in the East Central Narcotics Task Force w/ Manchester, Vernon and Glastonbury. For 2013, our share was $70,479 (state, not federal). We used $58,900 to further the task force’s activities in the apprehension and prosecution of persons pertaining to the illegal manufacture/ possession/sale of controlled substances. This includes: funds for “buy” money, training opportunities and equipment. Bought new automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) livescan workstation for $23,087. Used $ for costs associated with taskforce offices, utilities and equipment. /Chief Matthew Reed
Southington$0 per US Atty$20,135 acc. to PD$0$11,839, acc. to stateMoney used to secure frequency radios for narcotics unit and detective bureau, communications surveillance equipment for narcotics unit and detective bureau, Renbar Kennels purchase of a K9 training in narcotics detection, patrol and tracking. Partly used funds from prior balance. / Sgt. Jeffrey Dobratz
Stamford$115,642 acc to PD, US Atty reports $75,766.91$58,200 acc. to PD$64,335$44,484, acc. to stateDuring calendar year 2013, the Stamford Police Department received $115,642 from the Federal Asset Forfeiture program and $58,200 from the State Asset Forfeiture program. The monies received were spent on items such as undercover/patrol
vehicles for our Narcotics Unit, drug “buy” money, undercover surveillance equipment, drug sniffing canine expenses, and narcotic enforcement training classes for our officers. / Lt. Scott Duckworth
State Police$271,761 acc. to US Atty(State doesn't track figures according to calendar year.)$162,332REVENUE (for fiscal year ending June 2013): Troop B - $3,500; Troop D - $5,676; Troop F - $450; Troop G - $6,196; Troop H - $10,721; Troop L - $14,341; Statewide Narcotics Task Force - $51,347; Total - $92,231 Asset forfeiture disbursement for FY 2013 — education and training for employees ($4,550), in-state travel ($4,735), out-of-state travel ($34,260), conferences, law enforcement and security supplies ($137,206), equipment, motor vehicle equipment.
Stonington$0 per US Atty; $496.30 according to PD$0$0$0, acc. to stateStonington received 496.30 which was deposited into the Federal Asset Forfeiture account. Nothing was spent last year. / Chief J. Darren Stewart
Stratford$64,221 per US AttyInformation not yet provided$52,583$9,575, acc. to stateInformation not yet provided
Suffield$0 federal acc to US Atty$5,194, acc. to PD$0$0, acc. to state Got $5,194, There are specific statutes regarding the spending of asset forfeiture money. Typically, it will be used for educational/training purposes or for expenditures related to future narcotic investigations.As of this writing, we have not earmarked these funds for any particular event./ Chief Michael Manzi
Thomaston$0 per US Atty$0 acc. to police chief and state$0$0No funds.
Torrington$0 per US Atty$20,535, acc. to PD$0$18,905, acc. to state$2,500 for narcotics buy money for narcotics investigations, $400 for National Night Out, a community relations / crime prevention program, $9,400 for a new telephone recording system for department, $1,395 for a bite suit to protect K-9 handler during training, $660 to update policies and procedures through an attorney. Total spent - $14,355/ Lt. Bart Barown
Trumbull$22,102 per US Atty $820, acc. to PD, Fiscal year, not calendar year.$2,445$820, acc. to stateFor last FISCAL Year (July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013) Incoming funds were as follows:$2,444.56 from Federal & $820.08 from State. Expenditures were: $125 for training, $1,595.00 for communications and computers, $4,400 for weapons & protective gear, $995 for surveillance equipment. Because the deposits in the next fiscal year are all clumped together, I cannot differentiate State from Federal, at this time. / Denise Sepot, administrative financial assistant, Trumbull PD
Vernon$0 per US Atty$76,739, acc. to PD$0$2,285, acc. to stateSpent on training for the narcotics officer assigned to East Central Narcotic (regional drug task force), training equipment for the departments two drug/patrol dogs and educational programs for the community outreach school programs. Also, dispatch renovations, emergency/crime scene shelter heater, forensic equipment, computer equipment for department records management system/network, patrol vehicle equipment and ballistic protective equipment for officers. / Chief James L. Kenny
WallingfordTown reports $0 federal, but US Atty reports $10,469
$6,643, according to PD$8,907$5,297, acc. to stateIn 2013 the Wallingford Police Department took in $6,643 on the state side and nothing on the federal side. We didn’t spend any of the funds in 2013. / Lt. Marc Mikulski
Waterbury$22,490, per US Atty$92,818, acc. to PD, but fiscal year figure, not calendar year.$2,445$90,961, acc. to stateMoney used for drug buy money, training, and surveillance camera system for downtown. / Deputy Chief Chris Corbett
Waterford$3,142 per US AttyInformation not yet provided$3,142$879, acc. to stateInformation not yet provided
Watertown$0, per PD and US Atty$1,764, acc. to PD $0$1764, acc. to statePolice said they got a big federal amount in 2012, $105,000, but no federal in 2013. They still have $4,665 left of it. The big amount was used for surveillance van, tasers, computer upgrades and a citizens police academy.
West Hartford$34,962, per US Attorney$12,563, acc. to PD$25,537$4,694, acc. to stateDepartment reports money used for overtime for drug and alcohol investigations, drug buy money, liquor enforcement, cell phone forensics training, computer forensics equipment, police canine w/equipment and training, and aimpoint prop optic equipment.
West Haven$94,958, per US Atty$9,884.30, acc. to PD$28,506$4,427, acc. to stateWe spent none of the state forfeiture funds yet. The U.S. Attorney’s office report includes both funds and retail value of property received. Federal funds were spent on: $10,026.74 on overtime reimbursement for officers assigned to Federal Task Forces; $ 9,992.90 on the purchase of special-use vehicles; $2,665.26 on vehicle repairs; $1,700 on the purchase of a vehicle license plate reader; $750 on the rental of a storage unit; and $283.80 on the purchase of weapon magazines. All remaining forfeiture funds are being saved in case of future needs. / Sgt. Robert Urrata, Records Supervisor, West Haven PD
Weston$0, per PD And US Atty$0, acc. to PD $0$0, acc. to stateNo funding
$19,902.09 from the federal government as a participant in the Equitable Sharing Program. None of that money has been spent as of yet. In addition, we received a 2010 Lincoln Town Car related to a narcotics case. That vehicle replaced an older, high mileage vehicle in our Detective Bureau fleet. -/ Per Chief Dale Call (U.S. Atty - total value cash and property - $44,633.92)
$0$24,814$0, acc. to stateUp until the fall of 2013 we had a detective assigned to the DEA so we did receive funds through the Equitable Sharing Program. Thus far we have not used it for anything but have earmarked it for various equipment and projects that are not funded through the department's budget. This includes in-car video equipment and the possibility of work within our facility that cannot be funded otherwise. The last purchase made with these funds occurred in 2010 (3 used motorcycles for traffic enforcement). / Dale E. Call, chief of police
Wethersfield$56,909, acc. to US Atty/ $58,912 acc. to PD$4,116, acc. to PD$63,997$1,869, acc. to stateFunds received for calendar year 2013 - $63,028.71, combined federal and state funds, acc. to PD. Spent in 2013 - $16,640.51. We made several purchases using asset forfeiture money in 2013 such as audio-video equipment for our Community Room where we have training and allow the public to have meetings; repairs to our undercover vehicles; a camera for the Detective Division; a breaching kit for our SWAT team; surveillance cameras; a bite suit for our canine unit. / James Cetran, chief of police
Willimantic$0 per US Atty$743$0$743, acc. to stateI have not spent any of the monies in our assets forfeiture accounts in 2013 or thus far in 2014. I do hope to purchase a K-9 dog at some point during 2014 with asset forfeiture funds but that purchase is only in the planning stages.
Chief Lisa Maruzo-Bolduc
Wilton$5,760 per US Atty$0 / according to PD, info. provided July 9$0$0, acc. to stateFunds are used to purchase equipment and/or for training law enforcement officers in combating drugs. / Deputy Chief Robert Crosby, Wilton Police Department
Windsor$0 per US Atty$3,567, per PD$15,014$3,567, acc. to stateNone of the monies have been spent to date. / Christine Rogovich, management information supervisor, Windsor Police Department
Windsor Locks$0 per US Atty$0 acc. to PD$0$3,728, acc. to stateNo funds spent.
Winsted$0, per PD and US Atty$0, per PD and state$0$0No funds.
Wolcott$19,890, per US Atty, $16,083 per PD$2,400, per PD$2,445$267, acc. to stateWe did use some of the money to purchase computers, a camera, and evidence collecting supplies in the detective division as well as used some of it for iPads for the patrol division. The rest will probably be used for controlled buys or informant pay. For federal, we show $16,083.24, and for the State we show $2,400.30. Total of Asset Funds was $18,438.62 for calendar year 2013, not the fiscal year. / Chief Edward Stephens
Woodbridge$1,153, per US Atty$1,932, acc. to PD$0$1,932, acc. to stateWe utilized the funds to offset the purchase of our Onsite 75 Solar Pole Sign which costs $3,490. The unit is a speed sign with a solar panel that attaches to a telephone pole which we put on various town roads as a reminder to motorists about speeding and reducing accidents. In the future we will use the funds to offset purchases for items normally not budgeted for that will help with enforcement and education and drug related activity. / Lt. Jeff Leiby

University of CT
$1,635, acc. to state
Kansas Highway Patrol$320, acc. to state