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NameSpeciesGenderAgeHeightFactionStatusBrief Description / ImageMain Character NameRelationshipAircraft
Duxe Brackenridge
WolfishM306'1"ReichlandSomewhere and breathingGruff, not happy, wet.MainSoloingDoesn't own one
Unique CharacterTabbyF265'3BlueConsidering her optionsUnique CharacterCR4P since the reset :/
Azlynn BairdGrey FoxF235'8"MarauderOwns the local shooting range. Trying to figure out her life.Grey fur, dark markings, blue eyes, shoulder-length hair dyed midnight blue. Black bomber jacket, cargo pants and combat boots, charcoal T, blue officer's cap. Plain, thin gold chain around neck.Imgur: Azlynn Baird (Out of Date)Duxe Brackenridge (complicated)
Ashley Sanderson CloudchaserCommon OtterM205'6"IndependentLithe build, slightly unkempt. Left-handed. Tan work boots, canvas cargo shorts, tight blue t-shirt, long black fingerless gloves. An old Mauser on his left hip, khaki survival strap for a belt, carries a satchel and wears large swim/flight goggles on forehead. Scars on legs, arms (under gloves) and torso.Voyager (Spectre)
Unnamed Seaplane
Aspira DouglasWhite ferretF175'1"Azure LeagueFollowing the wind.Grey eyes, white fur, three large scars across her back. Fitted T-Shirts of varying colours, blue jeans, knee boots and a black belted long coat. Favors long range or large, blunt weapons, but always packs a boot knife. Pirate Fodder (Hades)
Tall and lanky with blue eyes, average length brown hair and a generally friendly attitude. most often seen in a forest green flight suit and leather jacket with crew and Azure League patches, topped with a white fedora with blue band.
Naes DrawSable FerretM256'Azure LeagueIn and out on League business, or checking on his friends and family. Commanding the Indigo Air Defence wing. (IDAD)Skybrary: Naes DrawNaesa
Lena DrawSable FerretF255'1"IndependentFreelancing in the courier profession.Young-looking, high energy, compulsive stretcher, hip length hair. Short, thin, green eyes. Tall boots, dark orange glasses, tunic with undershirt, bullet graze on right forearm. Skybrary: Lena DrawNaesa
Mary Ann Forrester-RiceRussian Blue CatF265'6"Azure LeagueLiving on Juliet with Natalie and getting their catering service started up.Heavy set, blue-grey fur, white spot on belly, brown hair, brownish eyes, generally relaxed, sometimes a little out of her element. Sometimes a blue beret, comfortable clothing and a diamond ring. Left leg in a full brace.Skybrary: Mary Ann RiceNaesa
Natalie Forrester-RiceWhite FerretF285'4"Azure LeagueLiving on Juliet with Mary Ann, getting their catering service started up, and occasionally sneaking off to the R&P for some more Blue.Leather bomber jacket, a nice dress shirt, and some smart slacks, all thanks to KPLY. Also has a police revolver in a holster (except in the R&P). Performance plane enthusiast.Skybrary: Natalie Forrester-RiceJenevive and Roger (Parents); Kyrien Luciano ("Brother", Unrelated); Michael Forrester (Actual Brother); Mary Ann Forrester-Rice (Wife)Big Adventure II (Interceptor Nova)
Emil ThistledownGrey Long-haired TabbyM195'8"Crimson ArmadaWorking as an underworld informant/enforcer for CA anti-crime operations.Slight but dense, with fluid and precise movement; quite fit. Gray tabby coat with white belly and paws. Very boyish face, but with significant scarring from burns and lacerations. Wears black boots and fatigues with thin, loose white knitted sweatshirts. Carries a Stechkin APS in a shoulder holster and a tanto dagger hung from the back-right of his belt.Shrike
Anino MortenaRed FoxF195'2"Crimson ArmadaWorking with her partner Sabrina, training hard in hopes of being noticed by one of the higher-uppers of the Armada.Petite, with bright green eyes and a bushy white-tipped tail. Her hair is generally pretty wild and mussed, but never tangled, giving her a perpetual wild wind-swept look. Typically wears an olive green jumpsuit, even when she isn't flying, having adorned it with an Armada symbol. Carries no weapons to speak of.
Chandra MeadeOrange Manecoon CatF265'3"Azure LeagueWorking against the Pirate menace, annoying former Jade Hand comrades.
Short, stocky, and generally with a bottle of Grog that "fell off the back of the plane" in her paws. Often messy and wearing pirate garb just a little too well-made and tailored for the average raider to own.
Fordham YatesWestern Grey SquirrelM225'4"Emerald RepublicWorking a freight route around the Eltsina cluster, patiently waiting for an Emerald resurgenceScrawny, but with enough apparent muscle at least on his arms to show that he puts at least a minimal effort in staying in shape. Black fur, black hair, brown eyes. tan Boss-of-the-Plains hat, red scarf, grey hardshell flight jacket, grey cargo pants, black boots, black gloves. Often stone-faced, but in such a way that his emotions are not that difficult to read. A bit suspicious of others, but opens up pretty quickly once his shell is cracked. Quiet. Always keeps his M1911 in a left-handed holster, and sometimes brings an M2 Hyde when particularly threatened. Trade-Hybrid Type Planes. Fordham Yates on deviantARTNampa (Bolo)
Micheal CerberusGray Wild BoarM27 (when he started flying) 40 (recent age)5'11"IndependentPatrolling Alpha 5, Shariff, Tehras and New Hovlund together with his wing -1 cause the other member is stranded at Echo. Occasionally tuning to the radio to talk to anyone, listen to Bandit Radio, or listen to Hard Bass. or listen to some good songs.Tall, mildly-tempered and a little off to anyone who met him. His the kind of guy you don't wanted to be with because he is kind of weird and sinister, however, he is a kind man. He allow himself carry a fellow soldier all the way back back from Getty to Shariff, just to make sure the fellow comrade sees his family once again. He also had once to deliver of candy that is near impossible to do but he managed a way to knock down a "couple" of pirates, sell his plane and bought a Mastiff and brought the cargo to Echo so the children could be happy. But the most outstanding part of him is not his kindness but his shear bravery and dignity in aerial combat. Using only a Mastiff, he knocks down every pirate and pilot passing by, no matter who faction is, if they mess with the good people of skyland they are messing with him and messing with him means a big price. He flies his Mastiff called the "El Dorado" known for its massive guns and plated armor plating that make him fought along the way. When he is not fighting he is sleeping at the pub at Alpha 5 to remove the weariness from the journey his been through and to adjust for the next one ahead. He is always seen carrying a old blued SAA revolver with ivory grips, but in some cases when is so lazy, he usually carry a KA-BAR knife.Micheal CerberusAffiliated with Lavinia Strauss, Pavlov Sidrovich, Tanya Barizov, "Dimittri de Large", "Marzia de Ber", Billy Vhilly "Natacha de Bold"; Single and alone, most of the time but friendly, associated with Sir Lawrence Islo during Principality Wars and as a childhood friend.Aircraft Name: El Dorado Aircraft Type: Mastiff/M2 Wardog Condition:Custom Made Engine: 500 hp Corsair engine with Improved exhaust and reinforced engine parts Wing: Reinforced Carbon Steel wing Hull: Armor reinforced hull w/ the addition of extra ammo crates Guns: Schwarz Ops Munitions SM-61 Vulpine autocannon (modded), Machine Gun (S) (modded), 42mm howitzer (modded) Note:"This aircraft is quite good but the engine is tearing me apart and not par for extreme combat. Need early decomissioning especially to inexperienced pilot" Aircraft Name:No Name Aircraft Type: CR4P "Junker" Condition: Standard Model Engine:700hp Mercedes Mk 3 Inline Wing: Standard reinforced wing Hull: Standard reinforced: Guns: Schwarz Ops Munitions SM-61 Vulpine autocannon (unmodded) Note: "This is a deathwish to anyone who wanted to fly. An engine less powerful than a turtle, and a turn rate of a rock.Lucky me I sold this thing before this cause me another major injury, I don't want to spend another few months int he hospital just because of a bad aircraft." Aircraft name: Mabolo Aircraft Type: Phantom/ La Cessna Condition: Custom Made, High Range Econo-class Engine: 1435hp naturally aspirated Veruteleska Gasoline Type "Krait" Engine with armor reinforcment. Wing: Drop Tanks and additional wing armor, Hull: Armor reinforced Hull+ additional ammo crates. Guns: 2x forward mounted medium Long Arms (both modded) Note: "This aircraft is a beaut. Not to costly to maintain and not costly to buy. The spontoons is a nice touch and I can land on the water without me needing to go on the port to fetch a boat. The room is spaceious and has a room for another teammate.Installing the "Krait" engine make it 10x more better and faster. Might use for a long time because this aircraft guranteed satisfaction. I knew Islo can make a good plane if only he was still alive...."
Lavinia Strauss (a.k.a "Lavi", "The War-Like Lady", "The Mother Coonel")Swedish California Black BearF 356'5"IndependentCurrently hunting and downing every single plane in existence. Has been hunted down by the Hidden, only for them to loss more planes in the process than having more success. The Pirates ,however, are enjoying her company as someone has finally have a little fun with them in the area of Valvia and Olio.She may be a female bear but she is not a bear to messed with. She is a known aviator from Fuseli's Armada, one of the bast and most feared. However, dishonorably discharged due to her behavior. Her well known battle is with Micheal Cerberus- A.K.A The Black Boar of Uurwerk. The fought over a dispute on a political matter concerning the reign of the Armada and the reign of the Court of Violets. Because She has happened to serve the Armada for a long time, her loyalty belongs to them. She then challenged Micheal Cerberus in a Pirate Crusade to see who can knock down more planes. Unfortunately for Lavinia, Micheal Cerberus is a seasoned fighter from Islo's fleet and he gunned more than she can handle. She would not forget that day but also Micheal earned her respect as the "only one that has enough courage to face fear". She then join Micheal's wing -The Protection Racket, whom she said that it sound like a generic name. With a good pay and good comaraderie in the wing, Lavinia found a new team to be with to set the sky ablazed once more.Michael CerberusMicheal Cerberus, The Protection RacketAircraft Name: Studebacker LS-55 Aircraft Type: CR4P/ Coronadal Condition: Stock with minor modification to armor and armaments Engine: Stock engine parts for the said model Wing: Stock Hull: Armor reinforced hull Guns: Modded Schwarz Ops Auto-Cannon (Small) Note:" I hate to use this plane, the armor is a good touch but the plane is horrible"- Lavinia Strauss
A. Name: Moskovich mk.4 A. Type: Mastiff/ War Carbinal Expt. Condition: modified war model Engine: Polished and heavily bored out enigne optimized for 525 m range but has been hadded with diversion plates Wing: Up armored wing with drop tanks Hull: Up Armored with bonus ammo crates, Guns: 2x Flak Guns modified for high spray and 1x flak cannon (All armamanets are small) Notes: "This plane is good but I need a bigger plane"- Lavi A.Name: Alvoningsdag -"Payday" A.Type: Excelsior/ Minotaur Condition: Heavy fighter mofication/ Heavily Used Engine: Modified Verutaleska engine for Minotaur war plane and long range mod. Wing: Armor reinforced wing with drop tanks Hull: Heavily armor reinforced hull with internal ammunition magazine modifcation Armaments: 1x Machinegun (modded) (Small), 1x Autocannon (modded) (Small), 1x Flak cannon (Modded )(Medium) Notes: "This plane is by far the best experince I ever had. I got hard feelings selling the plane over Islo because of the fun we had together with my crew. My crew ,however, is urging me to sell this junk and buy a new plane already because the plane has been repaired many times and it looks like it could fall apart at any minute. Anyway I sold my plane over a bigger plane cause I needed an upgrade and due to my crew's request"- Lavi A.Name: Krigsmaskin- "War Machine" A.Type: Econoclops E100/ Warspite III Condtion: A heavy bomber class mod. Engine: Stock rebored engine with some used parts Wing: Modified with wing slats, winglets and drops tanks and armor Hull: Modified hull with Light Armor, and Aluminum Armor Armament: Main :Schwarz Ops Medium CLass Autocannon (modded), Secondary: Howitzer "Holy Trinity" mod.- 2x medium Howitzer and 1x small howitzer (modded) Notes: " After selling my plane over this I have my doubts. However I stand corrected. The plane can be heavy armored and the armaments are more than enough to handle an entire flet of pirates (ofcourse my crew would not like me to go hogging on pirates while they take cover in the plane). The Holy Trinity mod. 2 on the rear of my plane is proven to its capability, teraing planes into shreds before they can fly away. "- Lavi
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