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sl.nocountrystatedistrict / countyPlace Namemetro/city/town/village/hamlet/street/localityu/otherslanguageAnimal / Bird /Tree-plant / Marine / Reptile / Other DescriptionScientific NameConservation Statusref1ref2ref3newspaper articleCurioswikiyoutube / google videos / vimeoGPS CsPIN CodeContributed byContact Numberemail idpostal addressSTD CodeBiodiversity element in Englishadditions by
1IndiaAndhdra PradeshHyderabadDongar Sing ka TabelaLocalityUrduAnimal stableA stable for buffalos and cows was here and thus the place became famous and got its name after that
2IndiaAndhra Pradesh?Pamulapadu
3IndiaMadhya PradeshBurhanpurTota Mainahistorical graveHindiParrot and MynaTota and Maina, the 16th century bird couple, helped in getting water to the Burhanpur city.Psittaciformes and Leucopsar rothschildiVulnerable (IUCN 2.3)
/IndiaAndhra PradeshChittoorSrikalahastipilgrim centresanskritSpider, Snake and ElephantThe name of the place comes from three animals, Sri (spider), Kala (snake) and Hasti (elephant) who worshipped Shiva and gained salvation here. A statue that shows all three animals is situated in the main shrine. Popularly known as kalahastiProboscidea Elephantidae /Elephas maximus; Serpentes; Araneae Panday
5IndiaAndhra PradeshEast GodavariKakinadaDistrict headquartersTeluguLotusthis place was full of ponds filled with red lotus which is called as Kokanadamu in Telugu. Eventually this became CoCanada during the British rule. Over a period of time it has become Kakinada. Interestingly the name has nothing to do with cros [kaki in Telugu].Nelumbo nucifera Panday
6IndiaBiharGayaUruvelaancient village, present Bodh GayaParrot and Mynathe village was given the name on account of a vilva tree (Aegie marmelas) growing nearby. It seems that within two centuries of the Buddha's enlightenment, the name Uruvela fell into disuse and was replaced by Gaya. Common Name: Bilva, Bilwa, Bael, Sirphal, Wood apple, Bengal Quince,Maredu,Aegie marmelas Panday
7IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadAlugadda baviLocalityTeluguPotato means aalugadda in Telugu. bavi refers to a well.Solanum tuberosum
8IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadAshoknagarLocalityHindiAshoka treepossibly it is named after the sacred and sorrow-less tree ashoka. needs to be vetted.Saraca asoca,_Hyderabad17.407036°N 78.488691°E500020
9IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadChilkalagudaLocalityTeluguParrotsNear Secunderabad railway station, named after parrots which is Chilakalu in TeluguPsittaciformes Panday
10IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadDomalgudaLocalityTeluguMosquitoIn Telugu Mosquitos are called Domalu. Probably this place got its name because of mosquitos in the area. It is also believed that the locality gets its name from the fact that two wrestlers ("do mall" in Urdu or Hindi) used to have their gym / akhada there. It is also said that the locality was earlier known as Do Mahal Guda, deriving its name from Do Mahal - a mosque. The popular Indira Park is located in this place which is adjacent to Hussainsagar lake.Culicidae
11IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadGhasi bazarLocalityUrdu/hindiGrassGhans is grass in Urdu and Hindi. May be grass bundles are sold here in the market in the olden days. needs to be verified
12IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadGhasmandiLocalityUrdu/hindiGrassGhans is grass in Urdu and Hindi. May be grass bundles are sold here in the market in the olden days. needs to be verifiedGramineae (Poaceae)
13IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadGhode ki kabarLocalityUrdu/HindiHorseHorse in Hindi is Ghoda and Khabar is grave.Ghode ki kabar (apparently the grave of a warrior’s horse) this in Nampally, Aghapura. 17°22'42"N 78°27'48"E
14IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadHyderabadCapital city. MetropolitanUrduGardenOriginally called Baghnagar meaning city of gardens. A garden is called bagh in Urdu [In Hindi Bagh also refers to Tiger in addition to Garden]. This is one version of toponomy among the many in circulation. We can see Public Garden , Bagh i am in,_India
15IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadImlibanLocality in HyderabadUrduTamarinda small Island in Musi river that had many Imli [Tamarind] trees. Imlibun (meaning forest of tamarind trees) is a bus Terminus in Hyderabad, India is the fifth largest bus station in Asia. It is unofficially known as the Imlibun bus station. This bus terminus is situated at Imlibun island on the Musi river. Tamarindus indica,_HyderabadGangadhar Panday
16IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadJeeraLocalityUrdu/HindiSeedsJeera [also Zeera] area extends from kavadiguda to bible house in Secunderabad. Jeera is Urdu for Cummin seeds. Etymology needs to be confirmed.Cuminum cyminum
17IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadKoti
18IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadMaredpalliLocalityUrdu/HindiTreePossibly the locality got its name from vilva trees growing here [Maredu in Telugu]. There are East and West Maredpallis. Common Name: Bilva, Bilwa, Bael, Sirphal, Wood apple, Bengal Quince,Maredu,Aegie marmelas
48IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadNimboliadda
19IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadSeetaphalmandiLocality in SecunderabadTeluguSeetaphalTropical fruit tree seetaphal [also known as…]. A market of these fruits used to be here.Gangadhar Panday
20IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadTappachabutaraLocalityUrduPegionIt used to be a place where pegions would deliver the post in the ancient times. Tappa or Tappal in urdu means post. chabutara is a platform
21IndiaAndhra PradeshKadapaKandimallayapallepilgrim centreteluguKandi [toovar]Named aftert Kandi / toor dal [to be verified] Panday
22IndiaAndhra PradeshKrishnaMachilipatnamtownHindifishFish is called Machli in Hindi. This place is also known as Masula, Masulpatam, Bandar. Possibly there are other versions of how the name derived. Hint: kalam kari patam. It is not known if the Hindi meaning of Bandar [monkey] has anything to do with this palce. Panday
23IndiaAndhra PradeshKrishnaNandigamatowntelugubullNandi is name of Bull, vehicle of Lord Shiva. Gama in Telugu means Baby Ant. Nandi + Gama has become Nandigama Panday
24IndiaAndhra PradeshKurnoolChintakunta
25IndiaAndhra PradeshKurnool
26IndiaAndhra PradeshKurnoolMahanandipilgrim centreTeluguBullTown gets it name from the temple Mahanadi [ one of 9 nava nandis] located 15 km from Nandyal. a famous shiva temple with a svayambhu linga. Nandi is name of Bull, vehicle of lord Shiva. Water of the main Koneru [tank] has a perennial flow irrespective of the seasonall changes, is crystalline pure, tepid and believed to have healing qualities. Bos taurus indicus°28′14″N 78°37′34″E518673Gangadhar Panday
27IndiaAndhra PradeshKurnoolNandyalTownTeluguBullsurrended by 9 Nandis [in 9 temples of lord shiva] known as navanandi. Nandi is name of Bull, vehicle of Lord Shiva. Nandi aalaya [temple] has become NandyalBos taurus indicus°N 78.48°E518501Gangadhar Panday
28IndiaAndhra PradeshMahbubnagar Pillalamarri
29IndiaAndhra PradeshMahbubnagarAmarchinta
30IndiaAndhra PradeshMahbubnagarKalvakurti
31IndiaAndhra PradeshMahbubnagarNaguldinne
32IndiaAndhra PradeshMahbubnagarThummenpeta
33IndiaMaharashtraMumbaiKalaghodaBusiness centreHindiHorseKala Ghoda means Black Horse, a reference to a black stone statue of King Edward VII mounted on a horse. Panday
34IndiaAndhra PradeshNalgondaMarrigudem
35IndiaAndhra PradeshKurnoolMamidalapaduvillage teluguplant/treeMamidi - Mango [ In Telugu]Mangifera indica L. pandaymango
36IndiaAndhra PradeshRanga ReddyBonguluru
37IndiaAndhra PradeshRanga ReddyChampapet
38IndiaAndhra PradeshRanga ReddyChintallocalityteluguplant/treechinta - tamarind [ in Telugu]gangadhar pandaytamarind
39IndiaAndhra PradeshRanga ReddyGaddiannaramLocalityTeluguGrass / HayGaddi Annaram means Haymarket. Gaddi means grass in Telugu. people used to ride their horses / wagons and stop here as the grasslands on the low Musi riverbank closeby produced succulent feed.NA
40IndiaRanga ReddyGurramguda
41IndiaAndhra PradeshRanga ReddyJeedimetla
42IndiaAndhra PradeshRanga ReddyPuppalaguda
43IndiaAndhra PradeshRanga ReddyVanasthalipuram
49IndiaAndhra PradeshRanga ReddyVattinagulapally
44IndiaGujaratVadodaraVadodaracitySanskritBanyan treeThe city gets its name from Vad [Vat/Bat/Bad] trees which are found on large scale in and around the city. Also known as Brodera and then later on it came to be known as Baroda.Ficus benghalensis Panday
45IndiaGujaratValsadValsadDistrict headquartersGujrati / SanskritBanyan treeValsad derives from vad-saal, a Gujarati language compound meaning "hampered (saal) by banyan tree s (vad / vat also pronouncen as bad/bat). Valsad also known as Bulsar is famous for mango and chickoo orchards and the area was naturally rich in banyan trees.Bombax ceiba Panday
46United StatesNew YorkBuffaloEnglishBuffalo
47IndonesiaKomodo IslandKomodo Island, near Indonesia. The name is derived from the Komodo dragon.Acharya Deepak [FB]
50IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadSabzi mandi
51IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadDal mandi
52IndiaAndhra PradeshAnantapur TadipatritownTeluguPalm treeTadipatri got its name from Tatipatri which means garden of palm trees.°N 78.02°E515411
53IndiaAndhra PradeshVisakhapatnamtatichetlapalemlocalityteluguPalm tree
54IndiaAndhra PradeshAnantapur TaticherlavillageteluguPalm tree
55IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabadSapota BaghLocality in HyderabadTeluguSapota tree & fruitSapota, called chiku, is cultivated in India for its fruit value, while in South-East Mexico, Guatemala and other countries it is commercially grown for the production of chickle which is a gum like substance obtained from latex and is mainly used for preparation of chewing gum. The fruit is a native of Mexico and other tropical countries of South America.
Achras zapota 17°21'51"N 78°30'33"EGangadhar Panday
56IndiaAndhra Pradeshkadapa YSR DistPulichintalavillageteluguTamarindpossibly this place got its name from PULI and CHINTA which mean tiger and tamarind respectively in telugu. needs to be confirmed.
57IndiaAndhra Pradeshkadapa YSR DistYeddulayyagari KottapalliLocality in Pulivendulateluguoxpossibly this place got its name from YEDDU which means Ox/Bull in telugu. needs to be confirmed.
58IndiaAndhra Pradeshkadapa YSR DistPulivendulatowntelugutigerpossibly this place got its name from PULI which means tiger in telugu. needs to be confirmed.
59IndiaUttar PradeshMathuraVrindavanPilgrim centreSanskritTulsi Basil plantThe ancient name of the city, Brindavana, comes from its groves of 'Brinda' meaning Holy Basil or tulasi with vana (Sanskrit: वन) meaning a grove or a forest. also called as BrindavanOcimum tenuiflorum°N 77.7°EAnuradha Goyal
60IndiaJharkhand-JharkhandState in IndiaHindiforests / woodsThe name "Jharkhand" means "The Land of Forests". Jharkhand is a word developed from the original tribal language meaning "the land of the jungles." Goyal
61USACaliforniaHollywoodcityEnglishToyon shrubsIt is believed that the city of Hollywood got its name from the abundance of toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) shrubs in the area. Toyons (also known as California holly), are a large shrub or small tree in the rose family and are extensively used for home landscaping.Heteromeles arbutifolia
62IndiaMaharashtraNagpurNagpurCityMarathiReptilePossibly got its name from the abundance of snakes which is called NAG in Hindi and Sanskrit
63IndiaAndhra PradeshVisakhapatnamSimhachalamVillageTeluguAnimalIn Telugu Simha means Lion and Achala means Hill (one which cannot be moved, viz. hill). Atop the hill is a famous temple said to be the abode of Varaha Narasimha Swami, and hence the hill itself is called Simhachalam.Panthera Leo
64IndiaMadhya PradeshBetulGhoda DongriVillageHindiAnimalGhoda means Horse in Hindi. Probably this place got its name from Horse. to be verified.Equus ferus 22°7'32"N 78°0'8"ERenu+918897357731
65India MaharastraKolhapurKolhapurCityMarathiAnimalIn Marathi Kolha means Fox. It is possible that the place got its name from this. Needs to be verified and confirmed as there are other versions in circulationVulpini
66United KingdomIrelandNorthern IrelandLondonderrycityEnglishTree-PlantThe name Derry is an anglicisation of the Irish name Daire or Doire meaning "oak grove". "London" prefix was added to Derry, changing the name of the city to Londonderry, the second-largest city in Northern Regan linkedin
67IndiaAndhra PradeshKurnoolChagalamarritownTeluguTree-PlantMarri in Telugu is Banyan tree. Abundance of these tree species here has probably lead to this name. needs to be verified.Ficus benghalensis°N 78.5833°EGangadhar Panday+918897357731
68IndiaTamil NaduThoothukudiKalughumalaitown in kovilpatti taluktamilBirdThe village may have got its present name from the hill Kalugumalai ("Hill of the vulture").Gyps indicus indicusIUCN 3.1 Critically endangered°N 77.72°Egomathi nagarajan linkedin
69indiaAndhra PradeshNizamabadNemalivillage in Varni TalukteluguBirdnemali means peacock in Telugu. abundance of these birds the village got this namePavo cristatusLeast Concern IUCN 3.1 Ahamed9059391590
70indiaTamil NaduKancheepuramThirukazhukundrambirdThe word Thirukazhukundram comes from the Tamil words Thiru (Respectful), Kazhugu (Eagle), Kundram (mount). The town is famous for its Hindu temple, Vedagiriswarar temple, popularly known as Kazhugu koil (Eagle temple). The town is also known as Pakshi theertham because of a famed pair of
birds( Pakshi in Sanskrit means Bird, Theertham means a holy lake or
Haliaeetus leucocephalusIUCN 3.1 Critically endangered Vultures- that have reputedly visited the site for "centuries". These birds are traditionally fed by the temple priests. to verify Srinivasan linkedin
71indiatamil NaduChennaiMylaporeLocality in Chennai metrotamilbirdThe word Mylapore is derived from Mayil arparikum oor, which means "Land of the peacock scream".Historically, peacocks have been known to thrive in the area, which is evident from the emblem of the Portuguese-built Santhome Church.Pavo cristatusLeast Concern IUCN 3.1°N 80.2687°E600004Krishnan Srinivasan linkedin
72indiatamil NaduNagapattinamMayiladuthuraiancient towntamil /sanskritbirdMayiladuthurai gets its name from the peahen form in which the Hindu goddess Parvathi worshipped the god Shiva at this place. It was formerly known by its Sanskrit names Māyavaram and Mayūram (English translation: Peacock town). The town is one of the 274 Saiva holy places in the world.Pavo cristatusLeast Concern IUCN 3.1°N 79.64°E609001Krishnan Srinivasan linkedin
73indiakarnakataBengaluruBannerughattaLocality in Bengaluru and also a National and Biological Park nameKannadaAnimalmeaning of the place in Kannada is Abode for BisonBos gaurus Srinivasan linkedin
74indiaKarnakataBengalurubasavanagudiLocality in Bengaluru KannadaAnimalThe name "Basavanagudi" refers to the BullTemplethat is located here. It is a monolith statue of the Nandi Bull. Basava in Kannada, the local language, means Bull and Gudi means temple.Bos taurus indicus Rao
75indiakarnakataBengalurudomlurtownship in BengalurukannadaTree-Plant There is a debate over the exact   meaning of Domlur. From what can be deciphered from old people living in  
 the area, Domlur is a word derived from Tombalur, a kind of flower which   is used to worship Lord Shiva. This is further supported by the   inscriptions found in Chokkanathaswamy temple in Domlur Rao
76indiakarnakataBengalurunagarbhavitownship in BengalurukannadaReptileNagarbhavi means literally "a well of snakes". The name is due to the high number of snakes present in the area. Also, some believe that it is called a "well" because of the surrounding hillocks that are no longer present due to urbanization. Nagarbhavi is located between Mysoreroad and Magadi road. Rao
77indiaAndhra Pradeshveera ballitelugu
Durga Narayana Rao P9393449499
78indiaAndhra PradeshlepakshiteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
79indiaAndhra Pradeshpashuvula rudravaramteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
80indiaAndhra Pradeshbasava puramteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
81indiaAndhra PradeshballikuruvateluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
82indiaAndhra PradeshjeelugumilliteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
83indiaAndhra PradeshrouthulapooditeluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
84indiaAndhra PradeshnakkapalliteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
85indiaAndhra PradeshrambilliteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
86indiaAndhra Pradeshgurugu balliteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
87indiaAndhra Pradeshpenu balliteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
88indiaAndhra Pradeshashwarao petteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
89indiaAndhra PradeshashvapuramteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
90indiaAndhra Pradeshchintakomma dinnateluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
91indiaAndhra PradeshmarripaduteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
92indiaAndhra Pradeshvarikunta paduteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
93indiaAndhra PradeshyadamarriteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
94indiaAndhra Pradeshtadi marriteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
95indiaAndhra Pradeshvatti cherukuteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
96indiaAndhra PradeshnimmakooruteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
97indiaAndhra PradeshjonnalagaddateluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
98indiaAndhra Pradeshtotla valluruteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499
99indiaAndhra PradeshkankipaduteluguDurga Narayana Rao P9393449499