Alumni Interview Availability
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Candidate ClassGraduation YearEmailPhoneAvailability MondayAvailability TuesdayAvailability WednesdayAvailability ThursdayAvailability FridayAvailability SaturdayAvailability SundayNotes
Joe 999-9999after 6pmafter 6pmafter 6pmafter 6pmafter 6pmusually all dayALL DAY!Can meet in person on weekends, but Skype only on weekdays
Art KerdmaneeBeta 926-9769After 5pmAfter 5pmAfter 5pmAfter 5pmAfter 5pmAll dayAll dayLive in the Bay Area, but am available on FaceTime/Google Hangout/ Skype
Andrew VegaBeta 921-4178After 5pmAfter 5pmAfter 5pmAfter 5pmAfter 5pmAll DayAfternoonWork in South LA and will happily drive to UCLA after work. Skype/FaceTime work as well.
Jason BarbatoBeta 390-0426After 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 5pmAll dayAll dayI work in Westwood as an attorney, so meeting up shouldn't be an issue. Happy to meet over lunch or dinner.
Jason ScapaBeta Lambda2011jasonscapa@gmail.com949-784-9197Varies, we'll can figure it out but generally after 6pm on weekdays (I work at UCLA Medical Center)I am a resident physician and work on campus at UCLA Medical Center. I live about a mile from campus so we can find time after I get off or on the weekend :)
Derek LeeBeta Mu2012dhlee7570@gmail.com650-440-0806After 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 6pmFlexible Flexible Located in LA and happy to chat in person. Weekends work best for me, but occassionally can meet after work. Happy to talk about Psi (Director of Service, Western District VP), Band (Alto Sax, Rank Leader), professional development (MBA at Northwestern, work in Management Consulting at Bain)
Trevo Hershberger
Beta Mu2012
(530) 574-5577After 4 PMAfter 4 PMAfter 4 PMAfter 4 PMAfter 4 PMVariesVariesLikely only available for video/phone interview. May be unavailable some evenings. I'm a past president, VP, and ARO.
Jacob FerrinBeta Xi 2013jcbferrin27@gmail.com714-469-4444Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable After 6 All day All day I teach in the valley, but I can come to you. Just give me a little time.
Jowilyn UnderhillBeta Nu2013jowi.estrada@gmail.com706.631.7371VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesEmail for availability
Anne LumBeta Nu2013amarielum@gmail.com949.510.9804VariesVariesVariesAfter 5pmVariesVariesVariesI work in DTLA and in Beverly Hills throughout the week!
Anthony SanchezBeta 686-7157After 3 pmAfter 3 pmAfter 3 pmAfter 3 pmAfter 3 pmAll dayAll dayIn person is definitely possible with some advance notice, but also open to Skyping or FaceTiming any day of the week.
Kim BowenBeta Xi2014k.bowen85@gmail.com510.759.4907FlexibleUnavailableFlexibleFlexibleFlexibleFlexibleFlexibleIf you want to come visit Portland, OR, we can make that in-person interview happen ;)
Nathaniel ClarkBeta Pi2014
Josh EpportBeta 488-1904After 6pmAfter 6pmUnavailableAfter 6pmAfter 6pmUsually all dayUsually all dayWork in Hollywood and live near LAX, so after work is best and I can meet in Westwood. I can also Skype/FaceTime
Cameron LundyBeta 608-6999After 8PMAfter 8PMAfter 8PMAfter 8PMAfter 8PMAll dayAll dayI am fairly unavailable weekdays, but have made it work in the past. I never check Facebook, so text me a few days in advance to set something up!
Jorge ParraBeta Omicron2014parra1025@live.com626.234.5705AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableI'm a police officer in Orange County with lots of days off... So let me know and we can set something up! Texting or Insta (bruininblue) work for me.
Vincent ChouBeta 434-0450After 6PMAfter 4PMAfter 4PMAfter 4PMAfter 4PMUsually all dayUsually all dayI work in Dallas at Southwest Airlines as a data scientist. I am available via Skype, phone call, or depending on my personal and airplane space availability I can fly to LA or fly you to Dallas for a day or so. I'm on CST.
Andrea Chaikovsky
Beta 433-5730After 7PMAfter 7PMAfter 8PMAfter 7PMAfter 7PMVariesAfter 1pmSadly I'm in up in NorCal, so I can only do phone or Skype interviews, but I'd love to chat! You can contact me through FB message, text, or email.
Caitlin ThompsonBeta 433-4807After 5pmAfter 3:30PMAfter 7PMAfter 4:30PMAfter 7PMVariesVariesI'm a grad student at UCLA and am on campus for classes Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I'm interning with the LA Fire Department all day Wednesdays and Fridays but am happy to meet up at night! I studied anthropology for undergrad, I got a Master of Public Health in epidemiology at Oregon State, and now I'm studying public policy. Spent two years in Theta where I was brotherhood chair and was Director of Service my senior year in Psi! Happy to meet on campus, off campus, or skype! Facebook or text is probably the best way to get ahold of me
Laura YraceburuBeta 977-6737Before 10am; 12-3pm; after 6:30pmbefore 10am; 12-1:30pm; 3-5:30pm; after 7pmbefore 1:30pm; after 3pmbefore 10am; 12-1:30pm; after 5:30pmAll dayAll dayAll dayI am at the law school so I am happy to meet on or off campus.
Kim LiangBeta Omicron2015kimberlieliang@gmail.com626-827-6682After 6PMAfter 6PMAfter 6PMAfter 6PMAfter 6PMVariesVariesI work in Century City which is close to UCLA-love to meet up for dinner after work sometime. if you give me a few days in advance, can make it work! Text, email, FB
Tommy ReyesBeta Pi2015
805-558-8140VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesAll DayAll Day
I live in Whittier and I'm open to setting up an interview via Zoom, Facetime, or
just via call. I graduated with my Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics. I'm currently
working toward becoming a high school math teacher. While in KKPsi, I served as
Alumni Relations Officer. Feel free to contact me via text or email.
Kevin HudsonBeta Xi2016kchudson@g.ucla.edu714-335-0885SomewhatFlexibleAsMyScheduleIsSporadicI live and work in Orange County, so the drive is inconsequential.
Tony RescignoBeta Sigma2016
(424)207-7995VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesI'm in the area but my work schedule varies. If you're interested in anything recording studio/voice over, or teaching music, hit me up. We'll work it out.
Zack JonesBeta Rho2016
(714) 566-5943After 7pmAfter 7pmAfter 7pmAfter 7pmAfter 7pmUsually all dayUsually all dayI work M-Th in Irvine and Fridays in Ontario, but definitely don't mind making the drive up on a weeknight. Weekends are also almost always free for me, and I love coming back to visit campus (and get swiped!). ;-P
Lauren PayneBeta Pi2016
(951) 505-0409All dayBefore 5PMAll dayBusyBusyBusyBusyHi, Everyone, My name is Lauren Payne and I graduated in 2016. I was the flute section leader and rank leader from 2014-2016. I studied Political Science and Gender Studies during my undergrad; however, during my third year, I decided I wanted to pursue medicine. I am in the process of completing my pre-medical requirements through a certificate program at UCLA so I can meet either on the hill or on campus Mon - Wed! Feel free to email or text me; I am always down to meet new people/offer my Psi perspective :)
Willa KangBeta 228-2601After 7PMAfter 7PMAfter 7PMAfter 7PMAfter 7PMVariesVariesI live in South Pasadena and work in DTLA at PwC doing tax accounting (we got famous this year with the Oscars fiasco, if you recall). I was an adequate tenor player although I was never awarded the prestigious Most Adequate. Feel free to FB message, text, smoke sgnal.
Justin SunBeta Pi2016
(909) 618-7158After 6PMAfter 6PMAfter 6PMAfter 6PMAfter 6PMVariesVariesI work for a biotech company in Beverly Hills, so I could swing by UCLA after work on weekdays. Feel free to message me about weekends too and I'm sure we can work something out!
Clare McCrearyBeta Tau2016clare.mccreary@gmail.com818-397-5098After 5pmAfter 5pmAfter 5pmAfter 5pmVariesVariesVariesHello! My name is Clare and I graduated with majors in Political Science, Global Studies, and Italian in 2016. I now work at a school in Sherman Oaks and get off at 4 pm so I could easily meet up for dinner at UCLA Monday-Thursday. I do tend to schedule a lot of things after work pretty far in advance, so it would be great to plan at least a week ahead of time. I had a pretty unique band experience; I joined in my fourth year so I was only in Psi for a short amount of time, so I love staying involved as an alum and meeting new people! Text me and we can work out a good time :)
Mark Cunningham
Beta 749-9256UnavailableUnavailableUnavailableUnavailableAfter 5pmAll DayAll DayLiving and working on the East Coast these days, but I would love to Skype any weekend!
Nishi IntwalaBeta Tau2017intwala.nishi@gmail.com909-677-8782After 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 6pmAfter 6pmUsually all dayUsually all dayI live and work in the Bay Area now (I was previously Webmaster), so phone calls or Skype would be best unless you're up here to meet in person! Text or fb message me to figure something out :)
Annie ChengBeta Rho2017
(510) 709-5523All day (phone or Skype)All day (phone or Skype)Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableAfter 7pm (phone or Skype)After 7pm (phone or Skype)Available for phone calls or Skype, or in person if you happen to be in the Bay Area during your spring break! I'm a past Treasurer and ARO. I currently work in the education and guest experience department at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito--if you like sea animals, we'll have lots to talk about! :)
Julia KarstensBeta 850-1146variesvariesvariesvariesvariespossiblepossibleI'm always looking for an excuse to come out to campus, I just need a week or so advance notice so I can make plans to come up. (Alternately, if anyone is in the San Diego area I could meet there as well!)
Jeremy RotmanBeta Sigma2017
925-783-4917After 6pmNoon or LaterAfter 6pmNoon or later
Flexible (preferably afternoon)
VariesVariesCurrently a Graduate Student at UCLA (Computer Science) so I'm generally on campus and available. I'm pretty flexble, just needs to be outside when I'm TAing. Easiest would be to just get in contact with me and we can figure it out from there.
Amanda AlbiniBeta Tau2018ar.albini@yahoo.com415-860-0146VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesMy schedule is all over the place, so just conact me and we'll make it work! Texting is the best way to contact me.
Noah AshmanBeta Sigma2018ntashman96@gmail.com626-678-7661VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesUsually all day Usually all dayI’m going to school in Oregon currently, so feel free to text me to plan a skype interview! I’m usually pretty flexible with time on weekends.
David EgenBeta Sigma2018davidegen13@gmail.com408-930-6043VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesI'm going to graduate school at UCLA, but am always free for coffee!
Sukhi BassiBeta Tau2018
209-585-62645:30PM-7:30P5PM-7PM 12PM-2PM12PM-2PM (off-campus), 5-6:45PM (Can meet on campus)6PM-8PMVariesVariesI live about 10 minutes away from campus and I work around the UCLA area, travel past UCLA to work, and on Thursday afternoon’s I work at UCLA, so for most days, except Thursday evenings, I will be available for an interview in the Westwood area (for coffee or lunch/dinner). On Thursday evenings, I can meet on campus! If you would like to interview on the weekends, please send me a text for the following weekend as I usually have my upcoming weekends already planned out. Besides the scheduling, I work in Education, graduated in Psychology, was the DoBSR in Psi, and was in BOOT.
Christine HirataBeta Sigma2018christine.hirata@gmail.com949-861-0397Before 3PMVariesBefore 3PMVariesBefore 3PMAfter 11amAfter 3PMThe only day I'd be able to come up to meet in person would be on Saturdays after my language classes that end at 10:30, but other than that, I'm totally open to Skype or phone interviews! My weekly schedule can change at the drop of a hat, so texting and Facebook messaging would work best for scheduling purposes.
Steven KingBeta Sigma2018
Lunchtime or after 5
Lunchtime or after 5
Lunchtime or after 5
Lunchtime or after 5
Lunchtime or after 5
NoneNoneI work at UCLA Luskin, so I'm pretty flexible! Go Bruins! I can do most days for lunch on campus or after 5 pretty much anywhere.
Christina MartinBeta Sigma2018mc2157@g.ucla.edu214-708-2596After 3pm PTAfter 3pm PTAfter 3pm PTAfter 3pm PTAfter 3pm PTVariesVariesHi!! I live in DC now but would love to skype, FaceTime, or call anyone who wants an interview! I graduated in 2018 with a major in Communication and minor in Public Affairs, played mello and was a rank leader/section leader, and served as BRO, DoS, and President in Psi! I work at the Kennedy Center now and I’m super passionate about the arts & ice cream so HMU and let’s chat!! Just text me at 214-708-2596 :)
Jordan TinkerBeta Sigma2018jtinker6171@gmail.com909-670-4768VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesCurrently located in San Diego, so a Skype interview is priobably the best bet. My schedule is pretty open usually, but that's subject to change here soon, but evenings should generally be okay! Facebook message or text me and we can work something out
Charlie HallBeta Omicron2015charlieh15@ucla.edu9517043059VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesI work for UCLA at the Lake Arrowhead Conference Center running the Bruin Woods program :) I am on campus off and on during Winter Quarter so please text me and we can set up an in-person interview. I also have experience/connections in market research industry and taught English in Korea. Played trombone and waved my arms in band. Was Brotherhood Relations Officer, VP, and Western Distrct VP in Psi.
Joey AuerBeta 476-8403VariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesI work for the LA County government and live in the area! I majored in political science and economics and minored in French, played tuba in the band, and was VP in Psi. Would love to talk about cool UCLA programs I did like study abroad and UCDC or anything else. Text is the best way to get in touch with me.
Ivy KwokBeta 238-5584
Varies, text me!
Varies, text me!
Varies, text me!
Varies, text me!
Varies, text me!
Varies, text me!
Varies, text me!
I am currently a PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCLA! In undergrad, I majored in MCDB and minored in Environmental Engineering. In Psi, I served as secretary, and in band, I served (well, serve LOL) as flute section leader. Would love to meet y'all and chat about anything, but especially sustainability, music, spreadsheets, and anything interdisciplinary! Also, I joined band as a second-year and Psi as a third-year, so if you're looking for someone to chat with about some non-traditional experiences, I'm your gal. :')