2018 Conference Schedule and Descriptions
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TitleDescription PresenterCompany or DistrictPathwaysRoomThurFriVendor?
Advanced Custom Reports - Exporting Data as an Extract FileDo you need to move your data from Illuminate to a server or another service? If you’re a champion at building Custom Reports, improve your data-related skills and learn how to export this data to a server!Joseph BonifacioIlluminate EducationISI - District AdminRoom 30BX8:30, 2:10
Advanced Custom Reports - Grouping and Window ColumnsLearn custom reporting beyond the basics. Get a better understanding of grouping and window columns. Examples of when to use these will be shown.Natalie HowellIlluminate EducationReportingRoom 28ABCX1:10
Advanced Custom Reports - Tips, Tricks, Filters, Calculations, Translations, and Performance Bands Become a custom report expert. Learn how to utilize filters, calculations, translations and much more.Natalie HowellIlluminate EducationReporting Room 28ABCX10:30
Assessment Resources, Prebuilt Assessments and Itembanks, Oh My!Did you know that Illuminate has built over 9000+ assessments that are available to you? A variety of resources will be reviewed as well as some tips and tricks in the itembank that can be used for sharing, collaboration and ultimately save you and your teachers time!Beth WilliamsIlluminate EducationAssessments, System Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA LeadRoom 25C2:108:30
Beginning Custom ReportingAre you new to building your own reports, or have you braved the world of custom reporting with other systems but have always wanted to build reports based on all the data you are interested in viewing? Well, now is your chance. In this session we will cover how to create and display your first custom report.Natalie HowellIlluminate EducationReporting, Beginning Admin, MTSS/RTIRoom 28ABC9:308:30
Beginning Custom Reports for ISIThis session will show you how to build powerful custom reports with no previous or little experience. Not only that but you will be able to add data to the report and manipulate the views!Hang NguyenIlluminate EducationISI - District Admin, ISI - End UserRoom 23B10:308:30
Behavior 101Interested in keeping your behavior data with your assessment data?  Come and participate as we show you the Behavior Module and its uses!Rick FranceIlluminate EducationISI - End UserRoom 23C1:102:10
Better Data Visualization: Using Illuminate & TableauWant to create better and more intuitive reports? We use Illuminate data to craft engaging reports for our teachers, who interact directly with the data by using the free software: Tableau Reader. Learn how to connect your data, build interactive visuals, and share data-driven insights! James Lee, Daniel HaymanAscend Public Charter SchoolsReportingRoom 30D1:101:10
Biased Algorithms - Student Predictions and ProtectionsPredictive technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are coming to K-12. These tools will bring exciting advances in instruction, but they also come with hidden dangers. In this session, you will learn how predictive systems can unintentionally create biased algorithms. Then, you will learn the key questions that will empower you, as a buyer and user of these systems, to protect your students.Chris WalkerIlluminate EducationEquity, District LeadershipRoom 29A2:108:30
Building Assessments with Rigor and TechnologyHow often do your students experience SBAC style questions with technology enhanced items? Once a year? Twice? Let’s change that! Assess the standards you are teaching in a variety of ways, and keep the data where you need it. In this workshop session you will build an assessment from a professional Itembank, administer online, and view data reports in one session. Sound incredible? Be ready to build an assessment using MATH and ELA common core standards you can use when you go back to your school. Learn how assessments are published and scheduled for online testing with your kiddos. This session is for beginning Illuminate users, or folks new to our assessment module. We will keep it simple, but move quickly. Please have a standard or 3 in mind to assess with your class. Requirements: access to a computer, Illuminate account, positive outlook. Jim HudsonIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Beginning Admin, AssessmentRoom 26B2:108:30
Building Systems for Daily FeedbackWe've built a standards-based data set and connected dashboard of what math students have mastered which gives teachers a way to focus on the highest leverage topics to review with students. As a result, teachers and students see immediate daily turnaround on their data. Administrators are able to compare across classes and our network at a glance, allowing them to direct support where needed.Dipti Dedhia, Matt DickelAlpha Public SchoolsData AnalysisRoom 29B10:3010:30
CALPADS On the FlyWe know that working through CALPADS submissions can be really tricky sometimes. If you have questions specific to your site, come and hang out with the CALPADS team for ISI and get your questions answered. This is an open, drop in style question and answer session. CALPADS questions should come to this session rather than the 'Meet 1:1 with a Support Agent' Sessions. Rebecca ColemanIlluminate EducationISI - District AdminRoom 21X1:10
CALPADS Updates for Illuminate UsersThis presentation will give users the latest updates on state reporting requirements in CALPADS and system defects and technical issues. This session will also include an Illuminate representative that will provide users guidance on how these data are entered and extracted from the student information system.Brandi Jauregui, Rebecca ColemanCalifornia Department of Education, Illuminate EducationISI - District AdminRoom 23B2:102:10
Coaching with Data: A Collaborative Activity for LeadersEngage in a collaborative activity with other attendees to analyze mock data from Illuminate Reports and discuss Implementation Scenarios. Walk away with guiding questions to use with Illuminate to support a better implementation and data coaching cycles. Some initial experience with Illuminate may be helpful, but is not required for this session. This session should be paired with Assessment, PLC or Data Analysis, On Track, and Custom Report sessions for a deeper dive with hands-on use of the reports and ideas discussed in this overview.Katie SellstromIlluminate EducationBeginning Admin, Assessment, Reporting, Data AnalysisRoom 25A2:101:10
Come Get Your Fill of Skills and ThrillsSkills assessments have been an evolving component of Illuminate's Assessment module. We will address how to create, give, and report using Skills Assessments. Skills Assessments can record data for anything that is assessed one-on-one. Come see the latest and greatest in Skills Assessments.
*Skills Assessments is permission based. To get the most from the session, have the permission already enabled from your IM.
Katie Knickerbocker, Margaux CruzAlta Loma School DistrictData AnalysisRoom 30A1:101:10
Cool Things In IlluminateLooking for some cool "hidden gems" within Illuminate that could be instant wins, and increase usage within the district? Join me as we explore some of the new and some of the tried and true cool features that could take your users to the next level in Illuminate.Tony BadellaIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA LeadRoom 30E2:102:10
Courage Under Fire: Equity-Driven Leadership in Troubling TimesDuring this racially divisive period when hate crimes are proliferating in schools, and “education reform” appears to be going backward, education leaders must be courageous advocates for African American and other historically underserved students. This session will help leaders identify roadblocks, differentiate between effective and toxic leadership, and equip them with personal and professional growth strategies in order to become the “Equity-Driven Leaders” that students, parents, and educators so desperately need.Gail ThompsonIlluminate EducationEquityRoom 24C1:102:10
CRDC for ISI ClientsJoin us as we walk through the CRDC reporting tool. 2017 - 2018 is a collection year - meaning the data you put in ISI this year will be the data that you are reporting in 2018 - 2019 submission year! We will be walking you through what data points are captured by Illuminate and what data points need to be gathered from outside systems. This is for ISI clients only. Rebecca ColemanIlluminate EducationISI - District AdminRoom 21X10:30
Creating a User Friendly System that On-boards New and Veteran TeachersThis presentation will explore Madison’s journey towards making Illuminate DnA useful, usable, and used by new and veteran teachers. Topics will include: planning professional development based on teacher need, providing teachers with a rational for using Illuminate to support the PLC process, building collaborative interdependence and leveraging Illuminate as a guide for classroom test talks to encourage refection among students and teams.Nicole Scales, Andrea Verley, Lindsay Murray, Jason PiontkowskiMadison Elementary School DistrictData Analysis, System Admin/ImplementationRoom 21, Room 25B9:308:30
Creating Hybrid AssessmentsLearn how to use your own, pre-existing assessments (paper, publisher, previously created) to assess and track student standards progress in Illuminate. Also examine our AMAZING prebuilt reports to analyze that data and drive instruction!Jill AlbrachtIlluminate EducationAssessmentsRoom 26A10:302:10
Creating Trauma Informed Educational SpacesA recent study reports that nearly 35 million US children have experienced one or more types of childhood trauma. Childhood trauma has a direct effect on educational outcomes. In addition, students who are already traumatized are often, unknown to educators, re-traumatized repeatedly if the school environment is not trauma -ensitive. For these reasons, it is more important than ever to recognize what the symptoms of trauma look like and how we can create trauma-sensitive environments in our schools nationwide. In this session, learn about risk & protective factors, escalation cycles and Tier 1 interventions that you can take back to your district.Julie Ziegler, Leilani Carbonell PedroniIlluminate EducationEquityRoom 27ABX10:30, 2:10
Creative Ways to Train Teachers: Tiles, Interactive Guides, etc.Come learn new and creative ways to train your teachers to use illuminate. We will review tools to empower your teachers to become more knowledgeable and proficient in the system.Kaitlyn JacksonIlluminate EducationTraining/DnA LeadRoom 29B1:108:30
Data ConversationsTeachers are using DnA for assessments, now what? Come learn how to use Illuminate’s suite of robust reports to start and guide your conversations around student needs, gaps, progress and growth.Val CoffeyIlluminate EducationData Analysis, ReportingRoom 30D2:1010:30
Developing a Coherence Protocol and becoming "Data Wise"Do your district initiatives have coherence? In the session participants will walk through Harvard University's Data Wise Project's "Coherence Protocol." This process acknowledges the work already being done to use data to improve learning and teaching, and create a sense of coherence between that work and a clearly developed data analysis protocol. Participants will also explore the protocols and free resources offered through the Data Wise Project.Jennifer HurstIlluminate EducationData AnalysisRoom 31BX2:10
DnA for NewbiesHaven't used DnA much? Forgotten how it all works? Haven’t had a training yet? Want a refresher? If so, this session is for you. In this session we will cover the basics: everything from learning navigation, to creating assessments, to viewing prebuilt reports and more.Ben StarIlluminate EducationBeginning Admin, District LeadershipRoom 28DE, Room 24A9:309:30
Effective Use of the New Tile LayoutsNow that Illuminate has the ability to push out tiles from the System Admin level, come learn best practices in planning, organizing and creating layouts to fit the needs of your teachers and administrators. Yes, you can differentiate how different roles, schools and grade levels can see these tiles. I will share creative ways that other districts have used tiles in the past to make searching, filtering and finding reports and assessments much easier. We will have a sharing period where districts can share innovative ways that they have used tiles as well as brainstorm possible new uses.April BeasleyIlluminate EducationAssessments, System Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA LeadRoom 25B9:302:10
Equity in Action: Building Resiliency in Students Through Transformational TeachingMany teachers are struggling to educate children who may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or experiencing other forms of adversity that make it difficult for them to focus on learning. This session will provide teachers with strategies, templates, and examples of how they can teach conflict-resolution skills through culturally responsive lesson plans, which can transform students’ lives and increase their chances of having a bright future.
Gail ThompsonIlluminate EducationEquityRoom 24C2:101:10
Everything GradebookIlluminate offers both a points-based and standards-based gradebook. Learn the differences between the two and how to maximize the potential in Illuminate. It's the perfect beginner's course if you are new to using our gradebooks!Nikki BrownIlluminate EducationGrading for LearningRoom 24B, Room 25AX9:30, 2:10
Extreme Beginner: Custom ReportsDoes the thought of a creating a custom report scare you? Are you a new administrator in your district? Come learn how to create a basic custom report and how to apply colors to your data fields.Alina GonzalezIlluminate EducationReportingRoom 25C1:101:10
Fast-tracking Fastbridge Learning! From Pilot to Full ImplementationIn the spring of 2016, San Leandro USD was in search of moving away from the traditional paper/pencil assessments given at the lower elementary level. A pilot of Fastbridge Learning benchmark assessments was given and the quality feedback from users is what prompted a full-scale transition to FB as our benchmark assessments for lower elementary. This is our implementation story.Ruben AurelioSan Leandro Unified School DistrictSystem Admin/ImplementationRoom 29B9:309:30
FastBridge Research Labs: A Unique Partnership Between Research and Industry to Advance Student AssessmentFastBridge Learning, a learning company that bridges research-to-practice and assessment-to-intervention, maintains a unique and close tie with university research teams through the FastBridge Research Labs. This talk describes the people, process, and technologies used by FastBridge Research Labs to combine university research with the for-profit FastBridge Learning to create and introduce innovative K-12 assessments across reading, math, and behavior. This session is for current FastBridge users.
Eric Rohy, Jay Anderson
FastBridge LearningMTSS/RtIRoom 29D9:302:10X
Finding Your District’s “Why”: Cultivating Commitment in Rolling Out IlluminateCultivating commitment often starts with a simple question: “Why?” Come to this session to learn more about how this simple, one-word question can return major gains in your district around buy-in and commitment. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of what to ask and steps they can take to create district-wide commitment to a shared vision around using Illuminate as a tool to promote student and educator success.Julie Ziegler, Debra RussellIlluminate EducationDistrict LeadershipRoom 27AB9:309:30
Five Steps to Creating an Early Warning SystemMany schools and districts struggle with creating processes for identifying at-risk students. In this session you will learn a research-based process for creating early warning systems to identify students at-risk for dropping out, academic progress, academic disengagement or mental health issues. We will briefly review the On-Track reporting features in Illuminate that will allow schools and districts to create a variety of weighted at-risk models for various grade levels that includes important indicators such as achievement, credits earned, attendance, social, emotional, behavioral and bullying data.Chris BalowIlluminate EducationMTSS/RTI, District Leadership, Data AnalysisRoom 25A1:1010:30
Form Letters - From Custom Reporting in Illuminate!Did you know that Illuminate had a built-in feature to generate PDF documents from custom reports? Well if not, then this might be the session for you. We'll travel from the front office, into the classroom and explore the various uses of our form letter feature from the obvious use cases to those that are outside of the box. All participants will receive a digital file containing templates. Knowledge of custom reporting is recommended.Rufus ThompsonIlluminate EducationReportingRoom 24A2:108:30
Forty-Five Minutes: Running a Data Protocol That Goes From Analysis to Action Steps in a Succinct Amount of TimeWe all know that time is a limited resource in the school setting and that every minute counts! Come join us as we take you through a data protocol that brings teachers from analysis to action using Illuminate reports, strategic questioning, and thoughtful but quick pre-work; all within one typical class period.Daniel Hayman, James LeeAscend Public Charter SchoolsReportingRoom 30C10:3010:30
From Paper to PortalIn this session we will be presenting how our district moved from traditional paper and pencil Back to School forms to using custom forms through Parent Portal to obtain the information and reduce redundancy for parents. ALSD's trials, tribulations, and workflows will be addressed. We will not be creating custom forms in this section.Margaux Cruz, Katie KnickerbockerAlta Loma School DistrictISI - District Admin, ISI - End UserRoom 229:309:30
Future of ProductCome learn about Illuminate's more recent development achievements and goals for 2018. Topics covered will include User Experience Design (UX), system performance, and data insights plus the tools to get you there!Illuminate Product TeamIlluminate EducationRoom 28ABCX2:10
Getting Creative with Illuminate: Creating Your Own Items Using the Latest Online Tools in IlluminateThis session will cover all of the different types of items you can create in Illuminate's Itembank and many different ways you can get creative using our drawing tools, math equation editor, advanced rubric scoring and more. We will show you how you can create things like diagrams that illustrate the food chain, maps that can be labeled by students online, create your own Math task and many other ways you can leverage the tech tools in Illuminate for online tests that can mimic SBAC-like items.Justin GarciaIlluminate EducationAssessmentsRoom 26A2:101:10
Getting Started with SQLUse SQL, the lingua franca of databases, to get past "a Custom Report can't do that." Simple, yet limited only by your ingenuity, it's a tool that you won't be able to put down once you've used it. If you can create formulas in Excel, you could have a bright future with SQL. We'll go over how to get started using this ultimate problem solver with Illuminate, with plenty of focus on the basics. Our central example is grounded in DnA: how to pull together scores from hundreds of benchmark assessments at once for district-wide reporting.Casey MirchLeadership Public SchoolsReportingRoom 29C10:3010:30
Got Tiles? Give Your Teachers a Daily Dose of Illuminate That Will Have Them Begging for MoreWhatever your teachers need, bring it to their fingertips with the tiles. Tile layouts will give teachers the differentiated tools that they need to harness the power of Illuminate. Link assessments, link custom reports, link standards, link documents, and link outside sites. We will provide steps to create, pitfalls to avoid, as well as suggestions for useful tiles. You will learn to create custom tiles and the ease of sharing them out. Your teachers will be thanking you! You will need permissions for "Tile Layout." Stephanie Williamson, Debbie ClarkBuena Park School DistrictSystem Admin/ImplementationRoom 29D1:101:10
Grade Less, Teach More! Let Illuminate Grade and Aggregate Your AssessmentsTired of hours of grading and data input? We can change that! Build an assessment from your own material, administer online, and view data reports in one session. It’s really easy. Be ready to work live on an assessment. In this workshop, we will be creating an answer key, tagging questions with standards and question groups, scheduling your students online, viewing data live, and analyzing data with our pre-built reports. This is for beginning Illuminate users, or folks new to our assessment module. Please bring a pdf version of an assessment you’d expect to use in your class. We will have a sample assessment available during the session. This is for ALL subject areas and grade levels. Requirements: access to a computer, Illuminate account, positive outlook. Jim HudsonIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Beginning Admin, AssessmentRoom 26B9:302:10
Grading for Learning: How to Pilot & Plan for NEW Grading PracticesThe Grading for Learning session will provide a glimpse into Illuminate’s Professional Development (iPD) offering for leaders and educators interested in piloting standards-based grading. During the session participants will access a digital playlist of resources that your team can use right away to (1) explore current research about standards-referenced, standards-based and competency-based grading, (2) reflect on current grading practices, (3) create a pilot and implementation plan, and (4) choose the right gradebook for your pilot. This session is intended for: Pilot Gradebook Leaders, District Leaders, Curriculum & Instruction Leaders, and Professional Development Leaders. This session should be paired with Gradebook and Report Card sessions to dig deeper into the possibilities.Katie SellstromIlluminate EducationGrading for Learning, Training/DnA Lead, Sys Admin/ImplementationRoom 25A9:308:30
Hacking Illuminate for Rubric DataIlluminate is great at multiple choice tests, and great at data analysis. Some teachers have complex writing rubrics and would like to see some data on how their students are doing. During this workshop, I will share my experiences in hacking Illuminate's basic data analysis to do my bidding for something more complex.Schecky MilusoSteele Canyon Charter High SchoolData AnalysisRoom 29C1:101:10
Hands-On: Advanced Custom Reports Work SessionBecome a custom reports expert in this hands-on session! We will cover time-saving tips and tricks as well as advanced features such as sorting, advanced filters, calculations, translations, and much more. This session will include time to work on your report with Illuminate experts in the room and leave with actionable data to share with your colleagues at home! In order to expedite the process, please come with a report in mind and make sure the data you will need is already available in Illuminate.Natalie HowellIlluminate EducationReportingRoom 28ABC1:10, 2:10X
Hands-on: Assessment Creation - ItembankHave you ever wished that you could have an Illuminate expert right next to you while building an assessment within DnA? Here is your opportunity! Bring a pdf version of your favorite assessment and you will be guided through the making of an itembank assessment with the support of an Illuminate Implementation Manager!Kim FoleyIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, AssessmentsRoom 32A1:109:30
Hands-on: Assessment Creation - Manual/HybridHave you ever wished that you could have an Illuminate expert right next to you while building an assessment within DnA? Here is your opportunity! Bring a pdf version of your favorite assessment and you will be guided through the making of a Manual/Hybrid assessment with the support of an Illuminate Implementation Manager!Kim FoleyIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, AssessmentsRoom 32A10:308:30
How to Pilot a Ship That Has Already Set Sail: Jumping into a District That Uses Illuminate with No Prior ExperienceStarting a new position at a school can be overwhelming, but even more so if the district is using Illuminate, and you have no experience with the program. Where do you begin? What are your priorities? And how do you take over from someone who has been leading for a long time? Get some tips and tricks to make a smooth transition!Jena CooperPickerington Local SchoolsDistrict LeadershipRoom 31C9:309:30
Hybrid Assessments: Create, Accommodate and DifferentiateDo you have students with IEPs that require less answer choices?  Are there ELL students who have difficulty with the text in story problems?  Are there students who need additional supports?  Come learn how you can use Hybrid assessments in Illuminate to address these needs for students in a way that is fairly easy for you and your students.  Bring an electronic version of your test with you and try it out.Krista DelkIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Training/DnA LeadRoom 22, Room 29A2:101:10
Illuminate Attendance Procedures ReportsAttendance reporting, at best, is tricky and at worst, is downright frustrating! This session provides additional information on essential reports and processes that help make monthly ADA reporting a simple month-end procedure rather than a month-end nightmare! Also, hands-on troubleshooting will be provided during the final 15 minutes of this session.Kendall BakasIlluminate EducationISI - District Admin, ISI - End UserRoom 23C9:309:30
Illuminate for Teachers New to DnA - What's In It for Me?Is your district new to Illuminate? Need a refresher? Have general “I wonder if…” questions? If so, this session is for you. We will cover the basics: finding your way in the system, managing your Illuminate tools, creating Assessments, Student Groups, Prebuilt Reports and more.Bill StormIlluminate EducationBeginning TeacherRoom 29C9:308:30
Illuminate Hidden FeaturesThere are so many features in Illuminate, how will you ever learn them all? This session covers features found in both ISI and DnA that are both helpful and fun such as hall pass, phone number searches, tiles, search bar tricks, search 2.0, interactive guides, quick switcher, student custom fields and more.Hang NguyenIlluminate EducationISI - District Admin, ISI - End UserRoom 23B9:3010:30
Illuminate Student Knowledge: Assessments Shine the WayAssessments equal lost instruction time. Assessment data is simply evidence to help us understand how students are progressing. How do we ensure we’re aligning assessments with instruction? Assess our own understanding of the tasks we're putting in front of students? Maximize the power of Illuminate reports for data inquiry? Check out how Boston Public Schools builds assessment and data literacy around district interim assessments.Mike RubinoBoston Public SchoolsBeginning TeacherRoom 30B, Room 30C2:101:10
Illuminate Students' Understanding and Monitor LearningAre you sure your students are “getting it?” See how EMUHSD used Illuminate’s DnA tool for intentional checks for understanding to provide just-in-time interventions. Discover innovative ways to develop “assessments”-- from close reading tasks to lecture and collaborative activities--that TOSAs and teachers can embed in their lessons to truly monitor student learning.Hillary Wolfe, Debra RussellEl Monte Union High School District, Illuminate EducationDistrict LeadershipRoom 30E1:101:10
Illuminate-ing Social Emotional Learning Needs of StudentsThe Woodland Joint Unified School District recognizes that the social-emotional learning of students is as important as academic learning. We must focus on the whole child rather than just looking through the lens of academic needs. One of the district’s five Local Control and Accountability Plan goals focuses on the development of targeted and coherent systems of support and the district has undertaken actions which are designed to support the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students. This session will address how the district has started using Illuminate to collect data from teachers on the social-emotional needs of students, and what the district is now doing with that data.Gurpreet KaurWoodland Joint Unified School DistrictMTSS/RtIRoom 31A10:30X
Illuminate-OARS Redux!Now that you have some Illuminate experience under your belt, let's revisit some of the perks of being a former OARS user! That includes where to access assessments and items that were created in OARS, historical Individual Student Reports, as well as archived Report Cards. The session will also review how to export student response data out of OARS, and import it into Illuminate. (NOTE: This session is for former OARS clients only.)Shea Miller & Katy NipperIlluminate EducationTraining/DnA LeadRoom 32B9:302:10
Illuminate's Brilliant Teacher Resources!Discover a wealth of amazing lessons, brilliant videos, complete curriculum units, Illuminate how to's, and more! Come and explore Illuminate Resources.James StatonEncinitas Union School DistrictBeginning TeacherRoom 31A, Room 26A1:109:30
Illuminate's Lightning Grader: Making Grading (even essays) Lightning Fast!Have you ever wanted to have multiple choice and constructed response questions on the same test and capture student's work on paper? Wouldn’t it be great to score student's handwriting inside DnA? Illuminate's LiG will grade all your MC questions at 100 pages a minute from a scan file and/or capture responses with your doc/web camera. We will go over everything you need to know for scanner grading, camera grading and other nuts and bolts processes. We will also touch on some other new cool stuff you will be able to do with paper assessments!Elijah StambaughIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Training/DnA LeadRoom 25C9:3010:30
Illuminating as a School PrincipalDid you know, after teachers, the school principal has the greatest impact on student learning? If you are a school principal and would like to learn a few ways that you can make Illuminate work for you, while ensuring that Illuminate resources are being used on a regular basis at your school, then this session is for you.Melissa WheatleyIlluminate EducationBeginning AdminRoom 31A2:109:30
Illuminating Parent Engagement - How to Leverage Reports and the Student/Parent Portal to Communicate Student Data with ParentsIn case you didn't know, Illuminate has a number of reports tailored for parents for the purpose of communicating how their individual students are performing across the board from state assessments to formative classroom assessments. The parent portal is an under-utilized tool in Illuminate that has a wealth of student data. This session will show you how to find such reports and how to communicate complex data into common language that both students and parents can understand.Justin GarciaIlluminate EducationReportingRoom 26A9:3010:30
Improvement: Leveraging Data to Build Effective Schools by Design Not by Chance During this session, educational leaders will engage in conversations and learn about effective research-based school and district-wide improvement efforts to ensure equitable outcomes for all students. Session attendees will understand what a data-driven leadership agenda looks like while also understanding the need for a strong data system. Participants will gain an understanding by discussing examples of learning that have resulted because of data-driven practice which has yielded significant increases for ALL students.Abram JimenezIlluminate EducationEquity, District LeadershipRoom 24B2:102:10
Inspect and Fluence - When More Is Better!Exciting times are among us! Inspect and Fluence have joined forces in the formative assessment world to provide educators with even more. Come learn about what this merger means for you and why we chose to come together. Hear about the new resources you’ll have available and what you need to do to access them.Shannon Wells, Anne Kel-ArtinianKey Data Systems, Fluence LearningDistrict LeadershipRoom 30A10:3010:30X
Inspect® 101Come learn more about the Inspect® itembank and 500+ pre-built assessments available to use at no additional cost. We'll discuss how you can use Inspect® to create and administer custom formative assessments right in Illuminate. This is a great session for Inspect® newbies or users looking to further unlock the power of Inspect®’s formative assessment tools.Ashley Klint, Kendall WeiserKey Data SystemsDistrict LeadershipRoom 31C, Room 32B2:109:30X
Intermediate Custom Reports - Form Letters, Labels, and more ... Learn about form letters, labels, and other custom reporting hacks that will make your reporting journey a delight!Rick FranceIlluminate EducationReportingRoom 28ABC10:309:30
Introduction to the BI ToolDuring this session you will learn how you can create your own data visualizations in Illuminate using the Business Intelligence (BI) Tool.  Examples of reports will be demonstrated to show the power of this tool and how to take your reporting to the next level within Illuminate.Franck ReyhermeIlluminate EducationReporting; Data AnalysisRoom 26B10:309:30
ISI Implementation PanelThis panel will consist of District and Site administrators who have recently implemented Illuminate Student Information System. Each member will briefly review their Implementation peaks and valleys before they answer questions from Illuminators and the audience.Kendall BakasIlluminate EducationISI - District AdminRoom 23C10:3010:30
ISI OverviewHave you heard the buzz about ISI and want to see what it is all about? Come see how the Illuminate Student Information system stacks up against your current student information system.Ben StarIlluminate EducationISI - District AdminRoom 28DE10:308:30
ISI Year End RolloverRollover is a prerequisite to master scheduling. Come and see how the rollover process is done in Illuminate. We will be going over what's new, the process, things to consider, and best practices. Be prepared with questions at the end! Kendall BakasIlluminate EducationISI - District Admin, ISI - End UserRoom 21X2:10
Itembank Activities for TeachersWhat do I do with my data! Come learn about Kagan activities you can do before the assessment, the day of your assessment and during the following days. Make your students a part of the data!Alina GonzalezIlluminate EducationAssessments, Beginning TeacherRoom 25C10:302:10
Leaders on Fire! Beginning Custom Reporting for Administrators and Site LeadersIlluminate brings the state of student learning to those who can use it to answer the important questions. Come to this session to learn where to find the answers hiding in all that data your school collects. Build your own reports in less time than it takes to explain what you need to someone else! Attendees will leave this session with at least one custom report of their own making. Topics will include adding calculations for tracking progress and ranking.Bill StormIlluminate EducationBeginning Admin, ReportingRoom 29C2:102:10
Leadership for SuccessWhether putting in place new benchmark assessments, a new phone system, or determining new school improvement goals, a leader needs to implement these well. We will discuss leadership strategies for the District Leader that will help promote success for everyone. Topics include Two Step Decision Making, aligning new initiatives to school improvement planning, leading through change, and mapping processes. Mike OswaltIlluminate EducationDistrict LeadershipRoom 31C10:3010:30
Lighten Your Load with Lightning Grader (LiG)Don’t take home those stacks of paper to grade when you can score student responses inside DnA. Scanning isn’t just for multiple choice anymore. Use the LiG Sheet Designer to customize your answer sheets to meet your constructed response needs. CR items can be from one line to multiple pages with a lined background for those essay responses. Or consider a gridded background to graph the y-intercept and see student work. Use a blank background to have students draw a plant cell and label the parts. If you are adventurous, take this data into Live Proctoring for an interactive lesson. Come explore the countless possibilities of Lightning Grader.Katy NipperIlluminate EducationAssessmentsRoom 32B2:108:30
Lightning Grader: Rubric Upgrade or 80s Rock Band?Spoiler: It's a rubric upgrade, and it's fantastic! Come take a tour, see applications, and ask how-to questions from a classroom teacher and a Technology Coach.Matt Duvall, Matt VaudreyBonita USDTraining/DnA LeadRoom 31B1:101:10
Live Proctoring! Take Your CFUs to the Next LevelOne of the biggest challenges teachers face in the traditional classroom is inciting information from multiple students quickly. Use Live Proctoring to easily breach that gap, and develop a data-driven classroom. It even works across multiple item types!Jennifer Kalis, Tony BadellaIlluminate EducationAssessments, Beg TeacherRoom 31B9:308:30
Looking at the Bigger Picture of RTI/MTSS in IlluminateRTI is a great feature in Illuminate and by using other features in Illuminate, you can help gauge student success and improve communication to teachers. This presentation will present ways that schools can use different tools in Illuminate, like assessments (summary, demo) and custom reports/forms to make RTI work for your school and students.Heather Juarez, Ricky BacaLewis Center for Educational ResearchMTSS/RtIRoom 23A2:108:30
Make Teacher Support Easy with Google AppsHelp your teachers as you implement your new student information system and grading program. This session will provide participants with templates and examples of teacher support materials, including creating a help website, tip sheets and FAQ guides. Linda Kastanis
Santa Rosa City Schools
System Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA LeadRoom 211:108:30
Making Sense of Data with Assessment ReportsYou're finished giving your test - now what? This session will show you which reports can help you understand your data, identify the misconceptions that might have tricked your students and see how they did in a school/district context. These concepts are critical drivers for data-driven PLC and teacher team discussions.Mark AdatoIlluminate EducationGrading for Learning, Beginning Teacher, Beginning Admin, ReportingRoom 27AB1:108:30
Managing Your District's AssessmentsSetting up and managing assessments can be an overwhelming task! This session will introduce you to the tools available in Illuminate to streamline how you organize, share, and communicate your assessment plan with your district, site, or team. You will see how one district's assessments plan is organized and communicated. Carol SylvesterChico Unified School DistrictSys Admin/ Implementation, Training/DnA LeadRoom 30B1:101:10
Mapping Local CTE Courses to the New CALPADS State Course CodesThis workshop is intended for district and school-level staff at the LEA that have a knowledge of local CTE course content and sequences, as well as those individuals who are responsible for creating these courses in the master schedule (i.e., District Administrator, Site Administrator, CTE Coordinator, CTE Lead Teacher, Counselor, and District Staff).Brandi Jauregui, Michelle McIntoshCalifornia Department of Education - CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Office, Education Administrator, CTE Leadership and Instructional Support OfficeISI - District AdminRoom 23B1:101:10
Master the Art of the Practice AssessmentCome and learn how to use Illuminate's existing itembank to prepare short assessments for primary classes based on specific standards. Kellie SteinbachChico Unified School DistrictBeginning TeacherRoom 30C9:309:30
Meet 1:1 with a Support AgentCome have your questions answered by the excellent Illuminate Support Team in person. Each session is a 1:1 meeting with a support agent. Unlike the other sessions at IEUC, you need to sign-up for an appointment. Don't forget to swing by Room 28DE and sign-up early. There are only a limited number of sessions available during the conference.Illuminate Support TeamIlluminate EducationRoom 28DE1:10, 2:109:30, 10:30, 1:10
More than Exit Tickets: Leveraging On the Fly for Higher Level LearningIlluminate's On The Fly is not just for knowledge and recall level questioning. It can be an incredibly powerful tool for deep discussions and student reflection on their own thinking and the thinking of their classmates. Learn simple techniques to use On The Fly assessments and the data they generate to capitalize on the formative capabilities of your assessments. Help your students become active participants in their own high level learning.Melissa WheatleyIlluminate EducationBeginning Teacher, Grading for LearningRoom 24A, Room 31A9:308:30
New Online Testing Features you may Have Missed!Learn all about the Illuminate online testing features that have been released in the past year. Topics include live proctoring, quick rostering, annotation of student responses and new Online testing tools that your students will love!Jennifer KalisIlluminate EducationAssessments, Beginning TeacherRoom 31B10:309:30
NGSS Formative Assessments and the California Science FrameworkThis session is for anyone interested implementing the California Science Framework. We will cover the basics of the Framework, including, how these standards are different from earlier standards, the structure of the standards, and the additional dimensions embedded in the standards. The session will also walk you through topics such as modifying the assessments to fit your instruction and interpreting results in Illuminate.Anne Kel-Artinian, Sheridan DoerrFluence LearningDistrict LeadershipRoom 31C, Room 30E1:108:30x
No More Half-Measures: Understanding Your State/Known Data ImportsThis session will walk you through common troubleshooting issues with importing data. Get an overview of the process, the requirements for requesting new data sets, and an understanding of how our system imports the data and matches it to students in the system.Chris Balow Jr., Paul HansenIlluminate EducationSys Admin/ImplementationRoom 29A1:102:10
Online Registration and Pre-RegistrationInterested in using technology to simplify the amount of manual entry you have to complete when enrolling/registering a student? Then this session is a "must attend"! Covering both our Online Registration and Pre-registration features, this session is absolutely essential to any district looking to make the switch to Online Registration.Ann StefanoIlluminate EducationISI - District Admin, ISI - End UserRoom 24A1:101:10
PLCs - Leveraging Prebuilt Assessment ReportsPLCs and collaborative teams are fueled by data from common assessments. The report you choose with guiding questions to accompany can be pivotal in driving the action you want to see. Illuminate has 23 prebuilt assessment reports that serve many purposes. This session will focus on which reports will best serve the work of a PLC/Collaborative Team, guiding questions to accompany the reports that will help meet different PLC goals, and sample reports for documenting the ongoing work of a PLC.Kate PechacekIlluminate EducationGrading for Learning, Training /DnA Lead, ReportingRoom 25B1:1010:30
Predictive Analytics in Illuminate - Say What?If you thought you could not do predictive analysis within Illuminate you would actually be right.  However, when you combine Illuminate DnA along with some other easy to obtain tools you can do some high level predictive analyses.  For example, many districts are very interested in using benchmark assessment data or data from specific vendors to predict which students are most at risk for not being proficient on their state accountability assessment.  In this session you will learn the basic statistical methods of predictive analytics and learn several methods of extracting your data from Illuminate. You will use some web-based and common software tools to conduct a variety of predictive analyses. Learn predictive models to identify at-risk students or a variety of selection criterion procedures.Chris BalowIlluminate EducationData Analysis, District LeadershipRoom 25A10:309:30
Project Manage your Master ScheduleDoes Master Schedule cause you to break out into a cold sweat? Do you supervise multiple schedules at multiple sites? This session will help you manage a busy scheduling schedule. Use our suggested scheduling calendar, scheduling task checklist, and post-scheduling analysis to turn your scheduling process into a manageable project. Reclaim your summer break!James FlemingIlluminate EducationBeginning Admin, ISI - District Admin, ISI - End UserRoom 23AX10:30
Putting To Bed What Keeps Technology Leaders Up At NightThis session will be an open sharing session from those in attendance on relevant topics that are important to district/county technology leaders. The intent is for those in the session, who are currently a leader of a technology department, to have a safe place to learn from and share with each other what has worked, and what hasn't, as a technology leader. Topics can include: * What technology support staffing model is best for a district?
* What help desk ticketing systems work well?
* What support model is best for managing a....iPad? Chromebook? Laptop?
* What 1:1 models work at what grade levels (check out, carts, labs, assigned, etc?)
* How are districts meeting the Blended Learning needs of teachers?
* Topics that are brought up on the fly in the session! Mike Oswalt, Illuminator and retired Assistant Superintendent of Regional Technology and Data Services at a county office in Michigan, will moderate. Mike has nearly 30 years of experience in leading technology initiatives at district, county and statewide levels. We'll use collaborative technology to capture and share ideas brought up in the session.
Mike OswaltIlluminate EducationDistrict LeadershipRoom 31CX1:10, 2:10
Removing Roadblocks for Resistant UsersWe all have users that are tech-challenged and don't fully use the tools that are available to them in Illuminate. How do you provide support and TLC to get these users more enthusiastic about giving the assessments and generating reports to plan their next steps of instruction? Come pick up some tips and tricks to make everyone’s life easier. Scott NorvellCutler-Orosi Joint Unified School DistrictSystem Admin/ImplementationRoom 29A10:3010:30
Report Cards in IlluminateThe session will provide an overview of Elementary Report Cards, and walk you through the major steps in creating, implementing, and managing elementary report cards in Illuminate. Learn the tips and tricks that make this easy but thoughtful in making Illuminate sticky and more meaningful to your teachers than ever before!Jim Hudson, Seth DiazIlluminate EducationGrading for Learning, Sys Admin/Implementation, ISI District AdminRoom 26B1:101:10
Report Design ConceptsDuring this session you will learn design concepts including how to best use charts, fonts, layout, graphics and colors in reports. A "before and after" comparison will be shown in order to allow you to see how to improve the visualization of data, discuss appropriate ways to report various data points and how to approach reporting for various audiences.Christine Olah, Leah RowlandIlluminate EducationReporting; Data AnalysisRoom 26BX10:30
Responding to Assessment Shifts with Formative AssessmentCome learn how to improve your formative assessment cycle to meet the expectations of College and Career Ready Standards. We’ll walk through how to navigate the major shifts in assessment and how you can reflect these changes in your assessment plan. We will discuss what research suggests to be the best tools for increasing student achievement and identify key reports in Illuminate that can be used to positively impact student learning.Shannon Wells, Ashley KlintKey Data SystemsDistrict LeadershipRoom 30A2:102:10X
RTI and MTSS with IlluminateDo you track student participation and progress in interventions, small group tutorials or after school programs? Have you been asked to monitor programs with student sub-group achievement? Learn how you can maximize Illuminate’s summary assessments, custom reports and/or intervention tracking tools to manage and monitor student participation in a more personalized learning system.Kate PechacekIlluminate EducationBeginning Admin, MTSS/RTI, ReportingRoom 25B10:309:30
Secondary Report CardsLearn how to successfully set up Secondary Report Cards and be a savvy report card builder! This hands-on workshop will guide builders (those with the ability and/or permissions to build Report Cards) to building a Secondary Report Card while learning troubleshooting tips and tricks to best support users. This workshop for ISI clients only.Hang NguyenIlluminate EducationISI - District AdminRoom 23BX9:30
Show and Share BI Tool ReportsFor BI Tool Users ONLY- Come and see what our district has been creating in Jasper and share what you have been doing. Make some helpful contacts and get some ideas of where the BI Tool can take you. Brittany DimickSalt Lake City School DistrictReportingRoom 29A9:309:30
Skills Assessment 2.0You have all heard of the Skills Assessment, but have you seen the new and improved Skills Assessment 2.0? With this sleek new design, teachers have the added ability to import pictures, change the font, change color, use drawing tools and shape tools and much more. Come see the newest exciting tool for primary teachers in Illuminate- Skills Assessment 2.0April BeasleyIlluminate EducationAssessments, System Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA Lead, Beginning TeacherRoom 25B2:101:10
Skills Assessments: Basics and BeyondThis is an exciting developing module allowing one-on-one assessment to measure attainment of skills. Skills Assessments are primarily used to assess skills for early literacy but the possibilities are endless. Our library of prebuilt assessments includes BPST, Dolch and Fry Sight Words, CORE Phonics Survey, and more. Learn how to access the prebuilts and build your own with the new option to add images. Learn about the reporting option for the classroom, students, parents, and how to use custom reports to take your Skills Assessment data to the next level.Katy NipperIlluminate EducationAssessments, System Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA Lead, Beginning TeacherRoom 32B10:3010:30
Speed Data-ingCurious about how others use Illuminate? Wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to collaborate and share your successes and challenges with each other? Come for a fast-paced, fun hour of networking and sharing.Val CoffeyIlluminate EducationSystem Admin/Implementation, Training/DnA LeadRoom 30D10:308:30