Empire Avenue Surveys Aug 2011
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1. How long have you been on EA? 2 mos? approxTwo months, I think?2 days5 months 1. three months 1. How long have you been on EA? 2 months1. four months1. How long have you been on EA? 2 mth1) Around three monthsI have been here for three days now.10 days..1. 4 hours. 1 3 months 1. One week 1 One months 1 About two months1. Six months or more. 1. 3 months1. About 2.5 months
2. How did you find out about EA? Referred by a friend on FBMashablecnn.comTwitter2. Chris Pirillo2. How did you find out about EA? Jane Chin via twitter2. received invite2. How did you find out about EA? someone posted on my 365 GRATEFUL FB - they all loved our movie trailer2) From Chris Pirillo (e)PIRILLO tweeting2: Found about it by and accident looking at a local market website. Facebook2. SEO wizardy 2 A friend told me at work2. Suggestion from fellow group member on LinkedIn 2 From a contact on SM2 From a friend on EA2. I don't have a clue.2. a famous internet celebrity brian brushwood.2. I was invited to check it out
3. What do you want to get out of EA? Here's my #1 goal: Make new connections
#2: Build an awesome email database --- like the one you are mailing to right now!
Business Networking, New content, the game, and to be firmly entrenched as EA growsa new, novel way to measure social media influenceFun3. networking, relations, fun3. What do you want to get out of EA? Contacts, connection, networking, fun3. networking3. What do you want to get out of EA? I want to let people know about the power of gratitude3) Just fun3: I dont want anything from anybody, I'm here to make myself better and maybe teach others my ways. New contacts?3. a replacement for farmville3 It takes my mind off of my problems in real life and I've met some new friends who make me laugh and are good people, plus I like the game part also3. Don't know3 New business contacts3 Expanding my contacts3. Fun.3. just a bit of fun3. Connections and a way to gage my social media activity
4. What do you like best about it? What do you like least? Best: Fun & challenging LEAST: Time it takesBest: Meeting new people Least: That your price can fluctuate so easily and it seems hard to bring it back upnot sure yet. slow to updateIt's fun, i've met a few interesting people / can't really say 4. Connecting and rising the leaderboards. I dislike the fact that there is a limited amount of social networks.4. What do you like best about it? Meeting new people
What do you like least? I take one day off and it all goes to heck
4. I like the new connections that I've made, but least enjoy the tweets generated by EA activity - they are simply not interesting tweets.4. What do you like best about it? it makes me use SM What do you like least? takes so long and you lose value very quickly4) It's fun and addicting. I dislike the method for notifications, something more like Facebook has would be nice.4: I like everything about it although. No complains so far. Fast/ no ipad app (flash...) 4. cool idea / lack of explaination of what dividends are and how you get them. I answered 4 in 3 I like the new friends most4. Best: too soon to tell; Least: too many emails. 4 Allows to meet interesting contacts on the SM. A little too much people do not consider this game as a real means to be known professionally.4 No Opinion4. My share value is too unstable.4. a) getting the eaves, b) how slow the site is4a. Love the many things I have learned meeting new people and enjoy the connections.4b. A shame there isn't a better way to communicate how to effectively get started on EAv. I think some get frustrated and move on.
5. What SM do you use the most? FB I use Facebook most- Twitter 2nd. facebookTwitter5. Twitter5. What SM do you use the most? twitter5. Twitter5. What SM do you use the most? facebook5) Facebook and YouTube5: I utilize everything, a business in this day and age should actively invest in and use of social media and internet technology.5 lack of explaination of what dividends are and how you get them. 5. facebook5. Twitter and Facebook5 EA, LinkedIn, Ecademy5 It varies, right now, probably Facebook5. Twitter.5. twitter5. Facebook and twitter
6. Has EA impacted the way you use SM? Causes me to be consistent daily EA has caused me to add some incredible people to my other SM a bit. I updated foursquare more than normal todayYes, I now dump all my tweets onto FB (I have no interest in FB)6. Became more active on Twitter and Flickr.6. Has EA impacted the way you use SM? Yes. Created a youtube channel, have made more effort on twitter and facebook6. Yes, I used to have days where I'd skip social media entirely, but now I try to have at least some SM activity each day.6. Has EA impacted the way you use SM? yes i post more often6) I post a lot more content now6: Yes, it has given me ability to connect with likely minded entrepreneurs.6 facebook 6 Linked In6 I never used twitter, instagram, foursquare, klout, or flicr before eav6. Added several contacts to Twitter and signed up for StumbleUpon6 No6 Not really6. Yes.6. i have been a bit more active on all sites not just one6. In a big way
7. Have you made any new contacts? Do you connect with them on other SM sites? ABSOLUTELY! #1 benefityes, and I've connected with several on twitter and a couple on fFB not really contacts, more like bumping into people in a crowdYes7. Yes (both)7. Have you made any new contacts? Do you connect with them on other SM sites? Yes and yes!7. Yes, the connections have mostly crossed over to blogs, YouTube, and Twitter.7. Have you made any new contacts? not really Do you connect with them on other SM sites? no7) I've made a couple of contacts who I've followed in other places, mainly Twitter and Flickr.7: Yes I made staggering number of new contacts and my network expanded by about 2000 ppl indirectly in 2 days.7 yes/ sometimes7. yes7. yes I have new friends on several sites7. See Q6.7 Yes 7 Yes and Yes.7. Yes.7. no7. Lots of new connections that I connect with primarily off of EAv.
8. Do you have a strategy for EA? Have you set any goals? Yes...hire someone to do the tasks Strategy- other than grow slowly? No. I do want to hit my first million. no and noNope8. Buy people with big dividends and buy from those willing to buy back. Have some fun.8. Do you have a strategy for EA? Have you set any goals? Strategy: buy people I like and who are willing to invest in me. Goal: have fun8. No strategy really, other than to use an initial investment as a calling card.8. Do you have a strategy for EA? Have you set any goals? no, but I am not here to win in the sense of a game8) I invest mainly in people with high dividend yield (Dividends per share * 100 / share price). No goals in particular.8: Yes, strategy and plan are the basis of life. People need to move and grow, in physics objects that move tend to stay in movement due to momentum. It is the momentum which actually minimizes the amount of power(work) required to achieve what you want to do and then plus.8 no/no 8. yes. part b no. 8 not yet.8. Yes I'm working on purchases at least 100 shares in all who have purchased 100 or more in me and matching anyone below, then I'm going to work on increasing my daily earnings so I can start putting more in those who own more than 100. On the social side I plan to get to know everyone better as time allows.8. Buy based on Divs and shoutouts, still learning. 8.Buy back immediately the same amount investing and hold. 8.Buy and hold. Invest in investors. Invest in friends. Look for high dividends, keep some Eaves on hand in case something interesting comes up8. Buy the best div people, buy the new good shares and understand why my share value is too unstable.8. a) buy the best div people b) just want to make a couple of mil8. My strategy keeps evolving. I invest primarily now for connections and rarely sell an investment.
9. How many hours per day do you spend on EA? *** Have it on throughout the dayfifteen minutes to half hour at most. 1 so far1 ... multitasking9. tons9. How many hours per day do you spend on EA? 19. Hard to tell. EA is often open in a tab, so I check the community activity as it appears.9. How many hours per day do you spend on EA? i started at about 2-3, now i keep it under 19) 2 or so…9: I rather not answer this question ;P9 2 hours 9 4 hours. 9 Maybe 30 min on a really busy day solid then off and on randomly on my iphone or macbook if I get 5 min here or 5 min there so maybe a total of an hour. Every now and then about 2 hours if I'm trying to endorse feeds, leave comments, read inboxes, comment in communities, and check progress.9. As little as possible, less than an hour, dip in and out prompted by email. 9. In all about 30 min (fast check during the day).9. Frequent, brief checkins throughout the day, rarely extended time.9. 30 minutes, at least.9. around an hour maybe 2 if i have to reinvest when people invest big9. To many :)
10. Will you continue to use the site?Will never be able to live without itYep, as long as I can continue with my time investment and still improve. yesfor as long as it's fun.10. Yes, as long as it is enjoyable10. Will you continue to use the site? Probably...so far, so good :)10. I have no plans to leave.10. Will you continue to use the site? If I can get interest in what we are doing but I do wonder if anyone reads anything here.10) Definitely!!10: This is pretty much the future of social media, so of-course! 10 yes.yes. 10. Right now for a while I will unless real life interferes as long as I have the few friends that I have made on here that keep making me smile and are so supportive and very fun loving people.10. Probably10. Yes.10. Yes.10. I'm addicted.10. yes10. I'm here for the long term.
11. If you are a new user (within the last 2 weeks) what are your expectations from the site? I hope to get some friends signed up to compare networksBonus question being on for only 4 hours I expect to bump up my traffic on other social medias.
(e)CHOCOHOLIC Jean Kelsey
1) Memorial day 2011
2) Some friends on Twitter kept telling me GET ON EA! for months. Finally found time on a Holiday.
3) To meet new people, educate them if they choose to learn about good chocolate that can help them heal their body by restoring and repairing cells vs the stuff laced with refined white sugar, chemicals and waxes that are contributing to disease.
4) Worst: It is time consuming. Best: I like that I've extended my reach to meet new people, (worst) but the whole process is painfully slow.
5) Twitter, FB and Google+
6) It is another place for me to educate. The communities are filled with information. The health & medicine community allows me to interact with doctors and the average person. I learn new things and I share information that I have discovered.
7) I have made a few new contacts, have had the opportunity to share my product and business but nothing formed. People need to be educated that this isn't your average chocolate. This is magical chocolate and IS changing lives. I have connected with several on on SM sites.
8) I do have a strategy. It changed when I began to figure this 'game' out. I have not set any goals.
9) Day 1 I spent over 9 hours! I had no idea what the heck I was doing. Kept my fingers in here to learn. Went to 4 hours a day, down to 2 and now 30 mins. It's a game and although I'd love to play games all day it won't help me to help other people improve their health and live longer.
10) Yes. I don't plan to close my account. I also don't plan on living here for hours *see #9