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DefenseHub Approach DrillHub approach:  Set up a box of cones 10x10 with one cone in the middle. A player will stand at each of the outside four cones while four defenders go to the cone in the middle. At each whistle, the four defenders go out and approach the right way and tap the gloves of the man standing at the cone. On the second whistle the defenders turn facing the pass and retreat to the hole (middle cone) repeat 4 x then switch groups. Defense goes out, the four offenders on the cones go to the middle cone, four new players go to the outside cones. Setup multiple groups to account for all players
DefenseScarecrow & PokerHave all the players line up along one side of the field with enough space between them so they can hold their stick out away from their body with their left hand. The first player steps out in good defensive position and shuffles and poke all the sticks down the line. Have players shift down to make room for the man who went to jump on the end. Repeat going from the opposite end after 5 minutes.
DefenseClose the GateCones at GLE on both sides - offense runs the man up to the cone and the defense turns him back at GLE - offense runs the arc to the opposite side of the field and the defense turns him back on the opposite side of the goal at GLE - players switch from offense to defense then defense is out
DefenseForce the AlleyCone at top center - offense dodges the man up top and the defense works to get the player down the alley focusing on good foot positioning and stick position up top - players switch from offense to defense then defense is out
DefenseScarecrow Hub DrillSetup five cones in a pentagon above GLE and four cones inside to represent the hole. Five players on the outside on the cones have their stick out like a scarecrow. Remaining players are in the hole. Players move out from the hole to the players on the outside, break down with the proper foot and poke check the man on the cone then retreat to the hole, break out to the next player, etc until they complete all five players on the outside. Rotate players from outside to inside.
DefensePentagon DrillSetup five cones in a pentagon above GLE and four cones inside to represent the hole. Five players on the outside on the cones and five matched up on defense. Players on the outside have a football and pass around the horn. The goal is to teach the players how to approach the ball and where to position their body when off the ball.
DefenseMarquette - Defensive On-ball Approach & Body PositionHave all players form one line across the floor. Teach approach with shoulders over feet, chest up, stick out in a poke check position. Progress to teaching inside foot upfield forcing the alley. Progress to approach then shuffling right and left (separate reps). Progress to teaching approach to a drop step, opening hips and run/recover.
DodgingPass - Dodge - Roll BackTwo lines at the top cones. Pass from one cone to the next. Players dodges to the first cone then cuts to the outside cone and rolls back to make a pass back to the opposite line.
DodgingZig Zag DodgingSetup 5 cones appx 5 yards apart in a Zig Zag pattern down the alley. Teach the basics of the split dodge and roll dodge and have them go through the zig zag dodging to the goal. PROGRESSION: Finish with a shot.
Dodging / Shooting
Time and Room HitchTwo lines up top - one line passes to the other and on the catch the player steps inside and then hitches to the outside for a shot on the run - players go from passer to shooter and switch lines after their shot
Dodging / Shooting
Catch - Split - Roll - ShootPlayers start up top and receive a pass from the coach then dodge to the first cone and split dodge, run to the next cone and roll then finish with a shot. Run on both sides.
Dodging / Shooting
Catch - Switch - ShootSimple catch and shoot drill - the players start with a pass from the opposite line, switch hands and then shoot on the run- first round is with a split dodge and the second round is with a roll dodge.
Dodging / Shooting
Pick the CreaseTwo coaches with ball buckets behind, lines up top and on the sides, player on the side cuts into the crease then up to pick for the top man who runs off the pick for a pass and shot, pick man rolls for a pass from the other coach
Dodging / Shooting
Alley Split & FeedTwo lines of players one top left and one GLE right. Coach throws the ball to a player up top and he does a split dodge down the alley. The GLE man cuts up the pipe for a feed from the dodger and a shot. Shooter catches on the run and finishes moving toward the goal. Switch lines each time. Switch sides half way.
Dodging / Shooting
Scoop - Switch - Shootsimple scoop and shoot drill but the players start with a GB, switch hands and then shoot - first round is with a face dodge and the second round is with a roll dodge.
Dynamic Warm-upDynamic Warm-upFrankenstein, Quad Pull, Knee Hug, Figure Four, Walking Spider Man, high knees, butt kickers, shuffles, carioca
Game SituationLob and DodgeSet four offensive players around the perimeter above the goal and one defender on the crease. A coach is at GLE and lobs a ball to one of the offensive players, and the single defensive player sprints out to guard him. The offensive player catches the ball, dodges the defender and goes to the goal. Once he takes a shot or turns the ball over, a new defender steps in, the coach throws a new ball to another offensive player, and the drill repeats itself. Use two goals to increase the reps.
Game Situation2 v. 2 Double TeamStart 2 v. 2 - on the whistle the defense MUST double team the ball - offense is working to move the ball faster than the players can recover on defense - move to 3 v. 3 if time
Game SituationOne Less Ground BallFour cones set up in a box in front of the cage 20x20. Roll out three balls and have them fight for a ball and score. Whomever doesn't scoop up a ball can play defense.
Game SituationBuild UpStart 1 v. 1 and add one player until we get to 3 v. 3 - switch the team with the advantage each round
Game Situation21 RecoverSplit the players into three groups of one side of the goal. The two outside lines are offense and the middle line is defense. On the whistle the first three players run and touch the cone located top center from the goal then drop to the hole. Coach throws ball to one of the offense. He reads the defense and either shoots or passes to the open man.
Game SituationOver the Bucket 2 v 1Set up two lines of players at GLE appx 10 yards away from the goal and one line up top with a bucket 5 yards above the crease. Player in the top line rolls a ball to either line at GLE and then runs under teh bucket to play defense. O players run over the bucket crossing sides. Player with the ball can flip it to his teammate or keep it, then play out a 2v1.
Game SituationNumbers DrillSplit the players into two teams, one on each side of the goal. Coach calls a number for one team and the opposite team sends in one less player. Alternate sides for who has more players. Keep score for offense (goals) and defense (clears past a cone up top).
Game Situation3 v 2 to 2 v 1Set up two goals about 20 yards apart. Divide players into two teams by color. Start with one team on O playing a 3v2. On a goal, shot or turnover, last O player to touch the ball becomes D on the opposite net. 2 D players become O going the other way and will go 2v1.
Game Situation3 v 2 to 4 v 3Divide players into two teams by color. Start the drill by running a 3 v 2. On a goal, shot or turnover, send two additional players from the D team color into the drill. Defense now becomes offense playing a 4 v 3 on the same goal. Allow long sticks to play offense to improve their stick skills.
Game SituationShort FIeld 3 v. 2Setup the small goals and start with 2 players in on one net - three players come down from the opposite end to go 3 v. 2 - on a score or turnover the defense sprints down the field and the next man in line brings the ball up the field.
Ground Balls5 Yard Ground BallsSetup two cones 10 yards apart. Players are on the right side of the cone and the coach is on the left side of the cone where the players are standing. The other cone is 10 yards away. The coach rolls a ball less than 5 yards and the player sprints and scoops. The player then carries the ball up and around the opposite cone and then carries the ball back to the coach. As soon as the first player scoops, the coach rolls a ball for the next player. Go as fast as the players can scoop and run. When the player gets back to the coach they drop the ball and gets back in line. Go right handed for 1 minute, then scoop LEFT and switch RIGHT for 1 minute. Have the players and coaches switch sides and then go LEFT for 1 minute and the change to scoop RIGHT and switch LEFT for 1 minutes. Split the players so there are 6-8 players per group. Total time for the drill is 5 minutes. Don't wait for the player to get back to send the next one. As soon as a player scoops, get the next ball out to maximize the reps.
Ground BallsCarolina Ground BallsSet up two lines 7-8 yards apart. Left line will roll a ball out to the right line. Right line player scoops and passes to the left line player. Right line player cuts back to his line and receives a pass from the left line player. Repeat. Move balls to the right line and have the right line player start rolling the ground ball.
PROGRESSION: Set up the drill on GLE. Player who catches the last pass finishes with a shot.
Ground BallsYork Ground BallsSet up even lines with the ball starting at the front of the line with one cone 5-7 yards from the start of the line. The 2nd player rolls a GB for the first player, First player scoops, runs around the cone, then passes pack to the 2nd player. 2nd player moves out and toward the player to catch the ball. Upon catching, player 2 drops the ball, becomes player 1 and scoops the next ground ball. PROGRESSION: Add two cones 3 yards to the right and left of the cone players run around. Players must run around the middle cone and cone to the left or right. Emphazise running to space then making a pass.
Ground BallsHand, Head and Stick GBsSet up two cones appx 7 yards apart. Players will start without their stick or gloves (GB with hands only). Players line up beind one cone and coach is at the opposite cone. The coach rolls a toward the player who will scoop the ball with both hands (butts low, foot next to it, eyes over it). The player then cradles the ball in his hand next to his ears. Progress to players using a lacrosse head without a shaft. Progress to players using their sticks.
ShootingPick the CreasePick the Crease: two coaches with ball buckets behind, lines up top and on the sides, player on the side cuts into the crease then up to pick for the top man who runs off the pick for a pass and shot, pick man rolls for a pass from the other coach
ShootingPass Pick AwaySet up 3 lines (two up top, one side right). Player top left passes to player top right. Player top right dodges down the alley with his head up ready to feed. Player top left cuts and sets a pick on D/plyons near side right player. Side right player cuts off the pick (rubs shoulders), catches a pass and shoots. Picker should roll to the ball and backup the shooter. Coaches emphasize rubbing shoulders with picker and shooter and for the shooter to cut to the ball. PROGRESSION 1: Shooter catches and feeds the picker for an inside finish. PROGRESSION 2: Feeder can pass it to the picker for an inside finish.
ShootingInside FinishingInside Finishing: Two lines at top of the crease, 8 yards from the crease. Players go back and forth passing and finishing on the crease.
1st bucket, catch and shoot
2nd bucket, one fake
3rd bucket, two fakes
ShootingAlbany Shooting DrillOne line up top and two lines on GLE about 7 yards from the crease (balls with two lines at GLE). First player cuts right, receives a pass, and shoots on the run. Second player cuts left, receives a pass, and shoots on the run. Shooters go to the line where they received the pass. Feeders go to the line up top.
ShootingTwo ShootersCoaches off to one side high and low. Pick from the inside to the top right. Cut man gets pass from low coach. Picker rolls for pass from top coach.
ShootingGLE Bucket ShootingTwo lines at 5 yards from the pipe on GLE on opposite sides of the goal. Two buckets 5 yards off the pipes above the goal. Balls at each line. Cut from GLE to first bucket and catch pass from opposite line. Finish by the second bucket.
StickworkMonkey in the MiddlePlayers form groups of 3. Set up cones by each player on the outside appx 3 yards apart. Players on the outside (appx 7-10 yards apart) pass and catch moving their feet in between the cones. Player in the middle is D and will try to knock down the pass. D player must be open to see the passer and catcher with his stick in the passing lane. Rotate players every minute.
StickworkHamster DrillHamster Drill: groups of 3 players spaced across the field one one each side and one in the middle. The two players on the outside each have a ball. The player in the middle runs back and forth catching and throwing back to their teammate on the end. Rotate every minute. Younger kids we can do 2 lines partner passing on the move-5 yards apart catch cradle and release
StickworkTriangle FinisherSet up 3 lines in a triangle around the goal with balls in the bottom right corner. Bottom right passes to top center, who passes to bottom left. Bottom right cuts to the goal, catches from bottom left and shoots for net. Players rotate going from bottom left, to top center, to bottom right.
StickworkSquare Over the Should PassingSet up 4 lines 10-12 yards apart. Player that starts with the ball will run to the next line and pass to the first player who will catch over the shoulder running away from the player with the ball. Repeat. PROGRESSION: Alternate between players rolling a ground ball and making an over the shoulder pass.
StickworkSet up 4 cones10 yards apart in a box. Assign three players to three adjacent cones. RULE FOR THE DRILL - no skip passes, all passes must be made to a player at an adjacent cone. Start balls with the player who has a player to his left and right. On the start, the player with the ball will pass to a player on either side of him. The other player must run to the cone adjacent to the ball and receive a pass. Repeat with players running to the open adjacent cone to receive a pass.
StickworkMeatloaf Passing6 lines all about 12 yards apart - 3 lines on one side and 3 opposite from them.

1 2 3

4 5 6

Players pass according to the following pattern: 1 > 5 > 3 > 6 > 2 > 4 > 1
Add more balls as the players get the hang of the pattern to challenge them to keep it moving.
Start with all players in their strong hand and then use the following rules for switching hands

1 - catch R throw R
2 - catch L throw L
3 - catch R throw R
4 - catch R throw R
5 - catch L throw L
6 - catch R throw R

Reverse the pattern to focus more on the left hand. Players should always be moving toward their target when cathing and throwing.
StickworkStar Drill5 lines in a pentagon formation about 12-15 yards apart. Players start by skipping the line to their right. The player catching the ball should always be a mirror to the man passing the ball. For example 1 start right handed and passes to 5, who is in their left hand. PROGRESSION: Add a 2nd ball. You can run this drill with lines 5 and 4 at GLE, start the ball in line 5 or 4 and have 1 finish with a shot


2 3

5 4

1 > 5 > 3 > 2 > 4 > 1 (skipping the line to the right)

1 > 4 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 1 (skipping the line to the left)
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