Engineering Offsite Summer 2015 - Roadmap 2015-2016
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TeamManagerQuarter 1 (Q3 EU)Quarter 2 (Q4 EU)Quarter 3 (Q1 EU)Quarter 4 (Q2 EU)Vision for the YearQ2 Dependencies
StrengthenFocusExperimentStrengthenFocusExperimentStrengthenFocusExperimentStrengthenFocusExperiment"move the needle"Teams you do not need to work with
AnalyticsKevinPublish daily Pageview counts per project in Vital SignsDeploy in production an API for PageviewsStream EventLogging into KafkaImplement & publish 23 metrics from Wikistats using our hadoop infrastructureBuild a Scalable Event System (w/ services team) and migrate EventLogging onto itN/ARelease dashboards for Wikistats 2.0Import Wiki DBs into Hadoop and update frequentlyAnalytics Data Stores (Druid)Continue improving visualizations for ad-hoc research into metrics by releasing SaikuBig Data StreamingBuild the infrastructure, APIs & dashboards so teams and the community can make data driven decisions.-Releases, -Design Research
APIs/ServicesGabrielExpand Cassandra cluster & set up cross-datacenter replicationMobile app service deployment and APIResearch reliable event bus, dependency tracking and change propagationREST API build-out: cover high-traffic use casesSet up a reliable event bus (w/ analytics); build a change propagation serviceWork out page component interfaces, prototype content assembly on client / edgeContinue REST API build-out and service development mentoringMigrate job queue to event bus / change propagation serviceStorage: Separate hot from warm content; import full wikitext historyREST API and change propagationAPI on the edge: Lower the latency for hot API end points by providing them directly on the edge, using data replicated from the main DCs.Depending on results of evaluation in Q3, replace ExternalStore for wikitext storage.Evolve our content platform to empower API users and service developers.-Design Research, - Arthur, -Community Liasons
ArchitectureRobArch Comm operational improvement.Dev Summit 2016 preparation- Arthur, -Design Research, -Community Tech, -Community Liasons, -Research
Community TechRyanDeveloper skills, team practicesIdentifying top-priority community technical requestsCollaborating with German TCB teamCollaborating with other WMF engineering teamsAddressing top-priority community technical requests (TBD)
Addressing top-priority community technical requests (TBD)Addressing top-priority community technical requests (TBD)Special interest workshops (GLAM? WikiProjects? Sister projects?)Build trust between the community and the WMF by addressing needs of the core community and being accountable and transparent to the community-Operations, -Reading, -API
Community LiaisonsRachelSupport VE rollout to enwikiCommunity collaboration process in productRoundtable discussionSupport VE rollout to en.wp IPs, es.wp & nl. wpUniques consultation Principles for Design/Development (owners, with support from product teams)Support VE development and rolloutsStregthen: Consult with communities for Superprotect use casesCL toolkit (for DIY community engagement support for users creating gadgets, etc)Support VE rolloutsRe-evaluate current collaboration methods in product developmentIncrease understanding and rebuild trust between communities and WMF product teamsAnything not User facing
DiscoveryWesElastic UpgradesKPIs, Dashboard & AnalysisZero ResultsWDQS, MapsMulti-Lingual SearchWikipedia.orgConsistent Search UXWikipedia.orgInterWiki integrationPerformance (tp99)InterWiki integrationAPIThrough data awareness and integration across wiki's we will keep people that search wikipedia on wikipedia
EditingTrevorStability of VisualEditor, Flow, ContentTranslationRelease VisualEditor to English Wikipedia; Beta Feature opt-in to Flow; client-side in-edit media uploadVisualEditor on mobile devices; global Echo notificationsInstrument, measure and improve an existing curation or admin toolRelease of VisualEditor to Dutch Wikipedia; VisualEditor on mobile devices; global Echo notificationsMerger of wikitext and VisualEditor interfaces; explore curation and admin workflowsInstrument, measure and improve an existing curation or admin toolRelease of VisualEditor to Spanish Wikipedia; Research curation and admin toolsPrototype and curation and admin workflowsInstrument, measure and improve an existing curation or admin toolRelease of VisualEditor to German Wikipedia; Beta test curation and admin workflowsIncrease the quantity, quality and diversity of contributions in text, translations, and media, and the capacity for curation and participation-Fundraising Tech
Engineering CommunityQuimGerrit Cleanup Day, GSoC & Outreachy----Wikimania Hackathon, Web APIs hub, Wiki Loves Open DataReduce code review queues, Google Code-inCode of Conduct for tech spacesWikimedia Developer SummitCode review queue cleanGSoC & OutreachyWikimedia HackathonCode review SLAWikimania HackathonEngineering Community
Fundraising TechKatieAmazon upgrade; PCI gap analysis and ImprovementsPrepare for Big English fundraiserGet France campaign readySupport the Big English fundraiserSupport Banner History rollout; start investigating smashpig as its own code projectSupport LATAM countries through Astropay; Implement performance-related changes to our CRM; Finish PCI A-EP certification processStart paypal re-integrationContinue exploratory work with Smashpig; Investigate ways to increase reach in Q4Increase fundraising reach as per the research in Q3Support year-end fundraising goalsIncrease the effective reach of fundraising campaigns worldwide by supporting new regional payment methods, while maintaining the integrity of the existing donation pipeline.-Community tech, -Editing, -Analytics
OperationsMarkReduce codfw dependencies, Reduce security attack vectors, Improve Labs reliabilityUpdate Wikimedia mail systemsEvaluate distributed cluster environment (Toollabs and future production)Authentication, Logstash, Distributed Cluster in LabsTraffic security (internal and external)Deployment orchestration (w. traffic segregation), Bare Metal Labs instancesDisaster Recovery test (codfw)Monitoring, Horizon (WMF Labs dashboard interface)Evaluate Varnish 3 replacements, Labs alternate storageDistributed cluster systemVarnish 3 replacementNeutron (OpenStack networking)Streamlining cooperation with Engineering teams and help accomplish their work-Design Research
PerformanceOriSubsecond page save time.----Subsecond page render time.Publish a clear and authoritative weekly report of key performance metricsProvide a set of tools and a workflow for editors to identify, triage and fix slow-parsing articles.Begin roll-out of multi-DC work. Begin working on overhaul of thumbnail stack.Reverse the editor decline.-Security, -Design Research, -Team Practices, -Analytics
ReadingTobyPerformance improvements in Mobile Web siteReadership Strategy Process (Start)App Engagement and Distribution (Banner tests and Link Preview)Auth Support Enhancements in MWStrategy Process (Complete)App Engagement and Distribution (Feeds and Preloads)Fix Skin System to support single progressive skin (Start)Community Consultation on Desktop/Web UXApp Engagement (Learning App Prototypes)Provide value to our users via awareness, distribution and engagment via systematic, data informed objectives supported by user understanding, community engagement and full stack engineering
Release EngineeringGregCI scaling support infrastructure (nodepool, etc)Deploy tooling (aka scap3), first steps (CI Proof Of Concept) for Differential migrationVoting browser testsCI scaling migrationDifferential (code-review platform) migration from Gerrit, MW 1.26 release, scap3 transition

Staging clusterDifferential migration (part deux)QA Health dashboardStaging -> nightly pre-deploy testingMW 1.27 releaseTightening the feedback loop-Research, -Analytics, -Design Research
Research & DataDarioProject documentation on wiki/tagging on Phab. Yearly hiring planningProductize revscoringArticle Recs testsResearch/data ownership guidelines. Discoverability / branding (Comms)Revscoring and Link Recs beta features. Increase Article Recs user base.
Reader segmentation research (Reading).
Value-added research (Editing)
Replicable data service productization process. Renew formal collaborations / outreach. Revscoring: New models and languages
Reader segmentation research (Reading). Fundraising optimization (FR). Contributor campaigns (Comms)Student mentorshipRevscoring: edit type classificationContribution campaigns
We prototype and test data products to engage our users (contributors, content curators, readers, donors) and intelligently route their attention where it's most needed. -Releases
Design ResearchAbbeyMentor other teams to do design research. Participant database migrationCollaborate with product teams Participant Outreach. Personas (12 interviews / New Editors) Mentor other teams/Design research workshop. Participant recruitment process. Project documentation on wikiCollaborate with product teams. Participant outreachPersonas (12 interviews / Readers)Mentor other teams to do design research
Collaborate with product teams. Participant outreach. Contextual survey tool. Community collaboration in DR.Stable Testing Environment. Personas (12 interviews). External collaborations (UW)Mentor other teams to do design research
Collaborate with product teams. Participant outreachPersonas design and delivery. Replace pragmatic personas in product dev.To engage and support our users, we design and implement human centered design research methods throughout the product development process in collaboration with all product teams. -Security, -Operations, -Releases, -Fundrising Tech
SecurityChrisPCI internal scanningAuth Manager support, Analytics assessmentAutomated security scanning, support Legal email encryptionNew security training ciriculums(possible Analytics remediation)Static security analysis in CI
Organizational penetration testStatic analysis tools (continued)Segment sensitive data within cluster (password hashes or checkuser data)Empower engineering teams to improve their security posture.-Design Research, -Team Practices
Team Practices GroupArthurDeliver team health check survey to most engineering teamsEngineering and Community Engagement projects on MPLCustomer satisfcation; Forecasting and project metrics toolsTPG Strategy; streamlined Team Health CheckHigh level product development process next stepsForecasting and project metrics tools, can we realistcaly implement Phabricator improvements for project management?Initiative to drive customer satisfaction (core KPI)Implement high level product development processReevaluate project management toolingInitiative to drive customer satisfaction (core KPI)Implement project management tooling updatesSupport the continual improvement and maturation of WMF product development practices and processes in service of increasing sustainability and the delivery of high user value. NB TPG vision/strategy currently being defined, to be completed Q2.
WikidataLydiaUnit supportImprove watchlist integration on the clientsArticle PlaceholderUX improvementsImproved referencingArticle PlaceholderMore datatypesData quality toolsStructured data support for CommonsStructured data support for CommonsEnable Wikidata to scale socially and technically through better tools and more integration with sister projects-Fundrising Tech, -Analytics