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Using near real-time morbidity data to identify heat-related illness prevention strategies in North CarolinaRhea, S., Ising, A., Fleishauer, A.T., Deyneka, L., Vaughan-Batten, H., Waller, A.Heat-related illness; prevention; emergency department; North CarolinaHeat
The assessment of sultiness: part I: A temperature-humidity index based on human physiology and clothing scienceSteadman, R.G.Heat
Heat Index characterization of the human body for a wireless track and alert systems (WTASS)Fadiran, O., Kaya, T. (2011 ASEE NC & IL/IN Section Conference)Heat
Disaster Risk Communication (Ch. 141)Tinker, T.L., Covello, V.T., Vanderford, M.L., Rutz, D., Frost, M., Li, R., Aihua, H., Chen, X., Xie, R., Kan, J. CommunicationFrom Disaster Medicine
Heat-related deaths---United States, 1999-2003MMWR, CDCHeat7/28/2006
Hospital stays resulting from excessive heat and cold exposure due to weather conditions in U.S. community hospitals, 2005Merrill, C.T., Miller, M., Steiner, C. Heat
Environmental and Exercise Precautions, Ch. 13Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Health Services ManualHeatThorax 1997; 52: 938-939 (Germany)
Ozone is bad for health-but only for some?Spix, C.Ozone
Heat exposure and socio-economic vulnerability as synergistic factors in heat-wave-related mortalityRey, G., fouillet, A., Bessemoulin, P., Frayssinet, P., Dufour, A., Jougla, E., Hemon, D.Heat wave; mortality; vulnerability; ecological study; deprivationHeatEuropean Journal of Epidemiology (2009)
Global warming: impacts to public health and air qualityAmerican Lung Association (in California)
Estimating the national publich health burden associated with exposure to ambient PM2.5 and OzoneFann., N., Lamson, A.D., Anenberg, S.C., Wesson, K., Risley, D., Hubbell, B.J.Air pollution; mortality; ozone; PM2.5; public health burdenSociety for Risk Analysis
Birth outcomes and prenatal exposure to ozone, Carbon Monoxide, and Particulate Matter: results from the Children's Health StudySalam, M.T., Millstein, J., Li, Y., Lurmann, F.W., Margolis, H.G., Gilliland, F.D.Air pollution; birth weight; carbon monoxide; intrauterine growth retardation; maternal exposure; nitrogen dioxide; ozone; particulate matterEnvironmental Health Perspectives (2005)
How are ozone maps calculated?Airnow.govOzone
How are particulate pollution maps calculated?Airnow.govPM2.5
WFO Heat CriteriaNWS (non-public document)Heat
Measuring the effects of heat wave episodes on the human body's thermal balance Kataboutas, G., Theoharatos, G., Flocas, H.A., Asimakpoulos, D.N.Biometerological index; heat fluxes; sensor measurements; thermophysiological parametersHeatInternational Journal of Biometerology
Heat wave: A major summer killerOffice of Climate, Water, and Weather Services (NOAA's NWS)Heat
Heat stress standard ISO 7243 and its global applicationParsons, K.ISO 7243; standards; heat stress; WBGT; clothing; hot environmentsHeatIndustrial Health (2006)
California's Progress Towards Clean AirCAPCOA Report (2012)
The influence of environmental parameters on heat stress during exerciseYoung, K.C.HeatJournal of Applied Meteorology (1979)
Evaluation of a heat vulnerability index on abnormally hot days: an Environmental Public Health Tracking studyReid, C.E., Mann. J.K., Alfasso, R., English, P.B., King, G.C., Lincoln, R.A., Margolis, H.G., Rubado, D.J., Sabato, J.E., West, N.L., Woods, B., Navarro, K.M., Balmes, J.R.Climate change; extreme heat; hospitalizations; mortality; vulnerable populationsHeatEnvironmental Health Perspectives (2012)
Contingency Plan for Excessive Heat EmergenciesCal E.M.A.Heat
A simple method for estimating excessive mortality due to heat waves, as applied to the 2006 California heat waveHoshiko, S., English, P., Smoth, D., Trent, R. Climate change; global warming; heat wave; mortality; monitoring; surveillanceHeatInternational Journal of Public Health (2010)
Estimating the mortality effect of the July 2006 California heat waveOstro, B.D., Roth, L.A., Green, R.S., Basu. R.Mortality; heat wave; apparent temperature; meta-analysis; time seriesHeatEnvironmental Research (2009)
High ambient temperature and mortality in California: Exploring the roles of age, disease, and mortality displacementBasu, R., Malig, B.Temperature; mortality; age; time series; mortality displacement; CaliforniaHeatEnvironmental Research (2011)
An analysis of effects of San Diego wildfire on ambient air qualityViswanathan, S, Eria, L., Diunugala, N., Johnson, J., McClean, C.Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association
The 2006 California heat wave: Impacts on hospitalizations and emergency department visitsKnowlton, K., Rotkin-Ellman, M., King, G., Margolis, H.G., Smith, D., Solomon, G., Trent, R., English, P.Climate change; electrolyte imbalane; emergency department; global warming; heat strike;l heat wave; hospitalization; morbidity; renal failure; temperatureHeatEnvironmental Health Perspectives (2009)
Review of the July 2006 heat wave related fatalities in CaliforniaTrent, R. (for CDHS, Epidemiology and Prevention for Injury Control Branch) (May 2007)Heat
Modification of the association between ambient air pollution and lung function by frailty status among older adults in the Cardiovascular Health StudyEckel, S.P., Louis, T.A., Chaves, P.H.M., Fried, L.P., Margolis, H.G.Aging; effect modifier; epidemiologic; environmental exposure; frail elderly; respiratory function tests American Journal of Epidemiology Advance Access (2012)
Monitoring air pollution: Use of early warning systems for public healthKelly, F.J., Fuller, G.W., Walton, H.A., Fussell, J.C.Air quality alert; communication; environmental monitoring; forecasting; public healthRespirology (2012)
Use of mass media campaigns to change health behaviorWakefield. M.A., Loken, B., Hornik, R.C.CommunicationThe Lancet (2012)
A 10-year retrospective of research in health mass media campaigns: Where do we go from here?Noar, S.M.CommunicationJournal of Health Communication (2006)
Measuring exposure to health messages in community-based intervention studies: A systematic review of current practicesMorris, D.S., Rooney, M.P., Wray, R.J., Kreuter, M.W.Exposure; health communication; health promotion; disease prevention; community health; interventionCommunicationHealth Education & Behavior (2009)
An audience-channel-message-evaluation (ACME) framework for health communication campaignsNoar, S.M.Health communication; campaign; media; intervention; theory; practice; evaluationCommunicationHealth Promotion Practice (2011)
An aggregate AQI: Comparing different standardizations and introducing a variability indexRuggieri, M., Plaia, A.Aggregate AQI; standardization; air quality categories; variability indexScience of the Total Environment (2012)
The effects of outdoor air pollutants on the costs of pediatric asthma hospitalizations in the United States, 1999 to 2007Roy, A., Sheffield, P., Wong, K., Trasande, L. Asthma; air pollution; healthcare costsMedical Care (2011)
Ozone and short-term mortality in 95 US urban communities, 1987-2000Bell, M.I., McDermott, A., Zeger, S.L., Samet, J.M., Dominici, F.OzoneAmerican Medical Association (2004)
Human exposure assessment for airborne pollutants: Advances and opportunitiesCommittee on Advances in Assessing Human Exposure to Airborne Pollutants, National Research Council (1991)
Heat wave morbidity and mortality, Milwaukee, Wis, 1999 vs 1995: An improved response?Weisskopf, M.G., Anderson, H.A., Foldy, S., Hanrahan, L. P., Blair, K., Torok, T.J., Rumm, P.D.HeatAmerican Journal of Public Health (2002)
Temperature and mortality in 11 cities of the Eastern United StatesCurriero, F.C., Heiner, K.S., Samet, J.M., Zeger, S.L., Patz, J.A.Aging; cause of death; climate; heat; mortality; weatherHeatAmerican Journal of Epidemiology (2002)
Climate change and air quality: the potential impact on healthSpickett, J.T., Brown, H.L., Rumchev, K. Air pollution; climate change; health impact assessmentAsia-Pacific Journal of Public Health (Supplement to 23(2), 2011)
An evaluation of climate/mortality relationships in large U.S. cities and the possible impacts of climate changeKalkstein, L.S., Greene, J.S.Acclimatization; air mass; climate and human mortality; climate change; human health; synoptic climatology. Environmental Health Perspectives (1997)
An new approach to evaluate the impact of climate on human mortalityKalkstein, L.S., Greene, J.S.Environmental Health Perspectives (1997)
Modeling mortality fluctuations in Los Angeles as functions of pollution and weather effectsShumway, R.H., Azari, A.S., Pawitan, Y.Environmental Research (1988)
The distribution lag between air pollution and daily deathsSchwartz, J. Pollution; mortality; elderly; barometric pressure; particulate matter; urban environmentEpidemiology (2000)
Reconciling observations of global temperature changePanel on Reconciling Temperature Observations; Climate Research Committee; Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate; Commission on Geosciences, Environment, and Resources
The development of a warm-weather relative stress index for environmental applicationsWatts, J.D., Kalkstein, L.S.HeatAmerican Meteorological Society (2004)
Does temperature modify the association between air pollution and mortality? A multicity case-crossover analysis in ItalyStafoggia, M., Schwartz, J., Forastiere, F., Perucci, C.A., and the SISTI GroupAssociation; climate; effect modifiers (epidemiology); environmental exposure; mortality; particulate matter; seasons; temperatureAmerican Journal of Epidemiology (2008)
Does weather confound of modify the association of particulate air pollution with mortality? An analysis of the Philadelphia data, 1973-1980Samet, J., Zeger, S., Kelsall, J., Xu, J., Kalkstein, L.Particulate air pollution; daily mortality; weather models; synoptic approach; model fitEnvironmental Research (1998)
Outdoor air pollution: impact on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patientsKo, F.W.S., Hui, D.S.C.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; morbidity; mortality; outdoor air pollutionCurrent Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine (2009)
Does particulate matter modify the association between temperature and cardiorespiratory diseases?ren, C., Williams, G.M., Tong, S.Air pollution; interaction; mortality; particulate matter; temperatureEnvironmental Health Perspectives (2006)
The effects of components of fine particulate air pollution on mortality in California: Results from CALFINEOstro, B., Feng, W.Y., Boradwin, R., Green, S., Lipsett, M.EC: fine particles; mortality; nitrates; OC; particulate matter; PM2.5; speciesEnvironmental Health Perspectives (2007)
The impact of components of fine particulate matter on cardiovascular mortality in susceptible subpopulationsOstro, B.D., Feng, W.Y., Broadwin, E., Malig, B.J., Green, R.S., Lipsett, M.J.Occupational Environmental Medicine (2007)
Recommendations for Schools and Others on Poor Air Quality Days* (Air Quality Index (AQI) Chart for Ozone (8-hr standard))Breathe California; Spare The Air; County of Sacramento; Yolo-Solano AQMD; El Dorado county Environemtnal Management Department; Placer County APCD; Sac Metro AQMD
Wildfires in Northwest California Keep Air Quality Index in the Unhealthy to Very Unhealthy Range Cal EPA Press Release (Dimitri Stanich, ARB); August 18th, 2008
Opposing effects of particle pollution, ozone, and ambient temperature on arterial blood pressureHoffman, B., Luttmann-Gibson, H., Cohen, A., Zanobetti, A., de Souza, C., Foley, C., Suh, H.H., Coull, B.A., Schwartz, J., Mittleman, M., Stone, P., Horton, E., Gold, D.R.Air pollution; ambient temperature, blood pressure; diabetes mellitus; epidemiology; ozone; particlesEnvironmental Health Perspectives (2012)
Health Threat From Wildfire SmokeCDC and P; Emergency Preparedness and Response; Wildfires (Fact Sheet)
Top-10 Hot Tips to Stay Safe This SummerDr. Horton (CDPH)Heat
Officials Offer Summer Preparedness Tips for Seniors and Individuals with DisabilitiesCal E.M.A.Heat
Preventing Summer Heat IllnessCDPHHeat
Treating Summer Heat IllnessCDPHHeat
Protect Yourself: Health Precautions for Southern CaliforniansUnknown
The impacts of summer temperatures and heat waves on mortality and morbidity in Perth, Australia, 1994-2008Williams, S., Nitschke, M., Weinstein, P., Pisaniello, D.L., Parton, K.A., Bi, P.Extreme heat; heatwaves; mortality; morbidity; air pollution; public healthHeatEnvironmental International (2012)
Heat and health in Adelaide, South Australia: Assessment of heat thresholds and temperature relationshipsWilliams, S., Nitschke, M., Weinstein, P., Pisaniello, D.L., Parton, K.A., Bi, P.Temperature; mortality; morbidity; air pollution; extreme heat; public healthHeatScience of the Total Environment (2012)
Cost of excess hospitalizations and emergency department visits for the 2006 California heat waveSrinivasan, T. (reviewed by Norgaard, R.); analysis prepared by the Natural Resources Defense CouncilHeat
Fine particle pollution responsible for 9,000 premature deaths in California each yearARB report based on EPA peer-reviewed study (Dimitri Stanich and Stanley Young, ARB)PM2.5
Ozone-the pollution paradox: Where makes the differenceNew York State Department of Environmental ConservationOzone
Particle Pollution and Your HealthUS EPA (Fact Sheet)PM2.5
How Smoke From Fires Can Effect Your HealthUS EPA (Fact Sheet)
Air Quality Index (AQI)-A Guide to Air Quality and Your
Outdoor air pollution: Asthma and other concernsTeague, W.G., Bayer, C.W.Children's Environmental Health (MD Consult)
GHSA Looking To Prevent Heat-related Deaths On Football FieldsGoolsby, Kerrell (07/13/2012)
Climate change, the environment, and health: Why is climate change a danger to public health?EHIB
Placer County Health Advisory Through July 20, 2012Placer County News (Robber's Fire, July 17th, 2012)From July 16th-20th, 2012Communication
The Burden of Asthma in California: A Surveillance ReportCalifornia Breathing and California Department of Health Services (June 2007)
What's New in the U.S. with the Air Quality Index (AQI)?Susan L. Stone (US EPA)Powerpoint presentation given at the Air Quality Health Index Research Workshop on January 18th, 2012)
Smog-Who Does It Hurt? What You Need to Know About Ozone and Your HealthUS EPA Ozone
Rule 701. Air pollution emergency contingency actionsSouth Coast AQMD (Amended last on June 13th, 1997)
Running in the heat: 2000 version (You've got a 15 miler bad does it feel today?)Dr. Stephen M. Pribut's Sports PagesHeat
Emissions pathways, climate change, and impacts on CaliforniaHayhoe, K., Cayan, D., field, C.B., Frumhoff, P.C., Maurer, E.P., Miller, N.L., Moser, S.C., Schneider, S.H., Cahill, K.N., Cleland, E.E., Dale, L., Drapek, R., Nanemann, R.M., Kalkstein, L.S., Lenihan, J., Lunch, C.K., Neilson, R.P., Sheridan, S.., Verville, J.H.PNAS (2004)
Heatwaves and public health in EuropeKovats, R.S., Ebi, K.L.Early warning, elderly, evaluation, heatwaves, heat strokeEuropean Journal of Public Health (2006)
NOAA Heat/Health Watch Warning System Improving Forecasts and Warnings for Excessive Heat: Excessive Heat Program Piloted in Philadelphia Is Becoming Worldwide ModelNOAA News Online (Story # 2366); January 11, 2005
heat watch/warning systems save lives: Estimated costs and benefits for Philadelphia 1995-98Ebi, K.L., Teisberg, T.J., Kalkstein, L.S., Robinson< L., Weiher, R.F.American Meteorological Society (2004)
The physics and chemistry of ozone (1.0 Introduction)Feather River AQMD via Cal EPA's ARB & OEHHA
Relation between elevated ambient temperature and mortality: A review of the epidemiologic evidenceBasu, R., Samet, J.M.Epidemiologic Reviews (2002)
Daily mortality in relation to weather and air pollution in Christchurch, New ZealandHales, S., Salmond, C., Town, G.I., Kjellstrom, T., Woodward, A.Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health (2000)
Extreme Heat: A Prevention Guide to Protect Your Personal Health and SafetyCDC and PHeat
Heat-health warning systems: A comparison of the predictive capacity of different approaches to identifying the dangerously hot daysHajat, S., Sheridan, S.C., Allen, M.J., Pascal, M., Laaidi, K., Yagouti, A., Bikis, U., Tobias, A., Bourque, D., Armstrong, B.G., Kosatsky, T.HeatAmerican Journal of Public Health: Research & Practice (2010)
Association of heat index and patient volume at a mass gathering eventPerron, A.D., Brady, W.J., Custalow C.B., Johnson, D.M.Heat index; patient volume; mass gathering event; football gamesHeatPrehospital Emergency Care (2005)
Mapping community determinants of heat vulnerabilityReid, C.E., O'Neill, M.S., Gronlund, C.J., Brines, S.J., Brown, D.G., Diez-Roux, A.V., Schwartz, J. Climate, environmental health, geographic information systems, heat, public health, vulnerable populationsHeatEnvironmental Health Perspectives (2009)
UTCI-Why another thermal index?Jendritzky, G., de Dear, R., Havenith, G. Outdoor climate, thermal assessment, index, thermal stress, thermo-physiology, modelHeatInternational Journal of Biometeorology (2012)
Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health OfficialsPM2.5
The development of an evaporative cooler warning system for Phoenix, ArizonaKalkstein, A.J., Kalkstein, L.S.Heat
Challenges in estimating the health effects of biomass smoke: Response to Sverre Vedal and Steven J. Dutton: Wildfire air pollution and daily mortality in a large urban areaHanninen. O. Environmental Research, Commentary (2008)
Respiratory symptoms following wildfire smoke exposure: Airway size a susceptibility factorMirabelli, M.C., Nino, K., Avol, E., Gilliland, F.D., Gauderman, W.J., McConnell, R., Peters, J.M.Epidemiology (2009)
A screening-level assessment of the health risks of chronic smoke exposure for wildland firefightersBooze, T.F., Reinhardt, T.E., Quiring, S.J., Ottmar, R.D.Cancer; firefighters; health; risk assessment; smoke exposureJournal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (2004)
Wildfire smoke and respiratory symptoms in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseLetter to the EditorJournal of Allergy Clinical Immunology (2005)
Concentrations of PM2.5-associated OC, EC and PCDD/Fs measured during the 2003 wildfire season in Missoula, MontanaWard, T.J., Lincoln, E. Elemental carbon; forest fire; dioxins; organic carbon; PM2.5; smokeEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment (2006)
Wildfire air pollution and daily mortality in a large urban areaVedal, S., Dutton, S.J.Air pollution; mortality; particulate matter; forest fires; cardiovascular diseaseEnvironmental Research (2006)
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