This spreadsheet was created at the beginning of the COVID19 lockdowns (Spring 2020).
The data is no longer editable and may be out of date - PLEASE CONFIRM with individual companies before assuming offers are still valid.
THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!
Online Offer DetailsDetailsTutorials / Cheat Sheets
--> who has great "how-to" info?! <--
ABC Mouse technology provider Age of Learning, Inc., is offering families at affected schools free at-home access to ABCmouse, the research-proven learning resource for ages 2–8; Adventure Academy, the award-winning educational multiplayer game for ages 8–13; and ReadingIQ, a digital library and literacy platform for children 12 and under.
Aleph Beta"Aleph Beta Academy is committed to the relevance of Jewish learning. We want to help our students struggle with some of life"s biggest questions, and to achieve answers that are meaningful and satisfying. We believe Torah study should be evidence-based, intellectually stimulating, emotionally gripping and relevant to your everyday life."
Another Resource Doc (Like this one)*MwnkG3j88Qh0KIZcjBIEMgAnother list of companies offering free subscriptions due to school closures. Also refers to FB page for educators planning for online learning.
Audible as long as schools are closed, we're open. Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.
Book Creator"...offer everyone the ability to collaborate together on books in real-time. This is a premium feature that is usually only available with a paid subscription, but we’re offering 90 days free use of this tool, to help keep students and teachers connected."
BrainPOP "ICYMI, we're offering free access to BrainPOP for schools affected by #coronavirus closures. Learn more here: " USERNAME RSTEM PWORD 55423
Breakout EDU Free Breakout Games
Buncee who are experiencing school closures will be able to gain free access to Buncee Classroom, that way teachers/students can connect virtually and continue learning together. Contact us at
Canva graphic design for schools, can be segmented out with teams/clasrooms
Online learning Checklist
FREE printable checklist. How to organise your online training: from communication to students, how to organise your classes, a large list of resources and acivities to incorporate in your course, among others. It also has a shortlisted curated set of free tools to use and short tutorials for each programme.It has a list of how-to links connected to each app.
Classcraft now until the end of the school year, we’re offering district administrators FREE schoolwide access to Classcraft.

We’re offering free PD to educators who are using Classcraft to keep students motivated as schools are responding to COVID-19.

Understand how educators can effectively use Classcraft to motivate students in a remote learning environment.
Classwork Zoom Access for closed schools

Computer Science Paper 2
Revision Guide iBook to teach iGCSE Computer Science. - Free to keep, but claim by June 2020.
Discovery Education U.S. schools or school systems that are not currently using Discovery Education resources, but are experiencing closures due to the Coronavirus, we are offering free access to Discovery Education Experience through the remainder of the school year.
Education PerfectComplimentary - no time limit given The system is amazing and full of resources for nearly every subject area - specifically it is more suited to 10-18 year olds - they will also jump on a call with you if necessary to help
Elementari access to Premium plans to schools affected. Write and code interactive stories with over 13,000+ professional illustrations/sounds. Teachers have access to student stories, give student feedback (per page), and acccess student anaytics/engagement (time spent writing/coding, characters written). Can be used 1st-12th grade (ELA, language learning, coding, etc).
Epic!Always Free35,000 books, videos and quizzes for kids up to 12
EVERFI's digital curricula empower teachers to bring critical skills education into their classrooms. Our interactive, game-based lessons help prepare students for success in the real world.
Explain Everything
FlipgridAlways Free
Fogstone IsleAlways FreeHighly engaging virtual world where students create with math intrinsic to every activity. Completely free, Common Sense 5-Star rated and a Digital Promise certified research-based product. Free research-based math supplement for 3rd through 6th grade students.
Formative Team makes it easy for teachers to collaborate and improve as a group, not just within individual classrooms. It is our mission to help you teach your students. Therefore, Formative is donating access to all of our features for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year for teams who may be in need of virtual teaching due to COVID-19.
Genially are going to make dozens of templates and premium resources freely available with the intention that students, professors, and professionals can have access to diverse and qualified material for any topic they want to work on.
Google Hangouts MeetUntil July 1, 2020 - " access to our advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally including:

Larger meetings, for up to 250 participants per call
Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain
The ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive"
Kahoot access to Kahoot! Premium to any educational institution impacted by the coronavirus.Kahoot Guide to Distance Learning
KajeetKajeet SmartSpot - LTE hotspots on any LTE carrier networkWe do this in over 1200 school districts, private, charter, parochial and independent schools today across the US and Canada.
Distance Learning Bundles come in 4-mo, 6-mo, and 12-mo options. SmartSpot device is included with CIPA-compliant Custom LTE data that shares across all devices, all carriers and over the entire term. Sentinel allows complete customization of filters, bandwidth policies, time/day restrictions, reporting & analytics, notifications, auto-summer-suspend, lost/stolen suspend, etc. Available on VZW, ATT, TMO, Sprint, US Cellular, Bell Mobility. Starting as low as $156 each.
Kami"Get access to Kami’s free offer
💌 Email us at "
Kapwing Educators 🚨 (posted March 17, 2020)
We're making Kapwing Pro FREE to all teachers and educators for the next month.
Sign up here -
Laliloalways freePhonics and reading for years R-3
Loom Pro Free forever for educators and students. Screenrecording with no time limits, super easy to share with a link immediately after recording. You can also download the video, and share it that way, if preferred.
Lunch Doodles with Mo WillemsMo Willems invites YOU into his studio every day for his LUNCH DOODLE. Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo to explore ways of writing and making together.
Mangahigh episodes will be posted each weekday at 1:00 p.m. ET and then remain online to be streamed afterwards. Check back each weekday for new LUNCH DOODLES!
Minecraft Education Edition Education Edition is now available through June 2020 for all educators and learners who have a valid Office 365 Education account.
Mobile Guardian
Mobile Guardian is providing remote Classroom Management Tools and premium Web-Filtering free to all schools subject to enforced closures. This enables teachers to monitor what students are doing in lessons on their Chromebooks in real-time from their Mobile Guardian dashboard. They can also view how students spent their time during class. Web-filtering allows schools to secure devices that are now going home, as well as facilitate an academic environment.
Mouse Create is a free tool for schools and youth serving organizations to access creative STEM, computer science, and technology curriculum. Educators can sign up for a free account at to gain access to over 200 projects and 15 courses in topics like circuitry, game design, web literacy, coding, green technology, and more.
Mouse Open Projectsprojects.mouse.orgWe selected STEM, CS, and technology projects for Mouse Open Projects that students can work on at home without an account, educator guidance, or materials. Have students choose a project and get started! Each project has a lesson plan and step by step instructions, so students can work by themselves or with an adult.
Mystery DougFree science videos and min-lessons
Mystery Science have pulled our most popular science lessons and are offering them for anyone to use for free. No account or login is needed
NearpodAlways freeslides, links, quizzes, teacher led activities instant assessment
NessyReading and Spelling program 8 weeks free trial for up to 30 students (per teacher)
New York Tines Learning Network Free lessons, resources, discussion prompts, etc. for middle and high school students using NY Times content
Newsela want to support you however we can, starting with this: we are making Newsela’s entire product suite available to all teachers, free of charge, through the end of the school year.

Getting free access takes just one-step. Simply visit our COVID-19 resource center, click “Get instant access”, and you’ll immediately see Newsela ELA, Newsela Science, Newsela Social Studies, and The Newsela Social-Emotional Learning Collection in your Newsela account. If you don’t have a Newsela account, you’ll be able to set one up in minutes.
OnCourse using the OnCourse SIS can access their LMS features free through 2020; includes classroom message boards, Kami document editing, resource/assignment posting, class calendars, Google integration, and tech-enhanced assignments.
Oxford OwlFree after registrationFree ebooks in multiple subjects including math
Packt (Programming) any workshop on to your cart and use the code PACKTFREE to unlock access. Filled with videos, quizzes and step-by-step instruction, they are the ideal replacement for instructor-led training and a great way to learn a new programming language or brush up on your data science skills.
PadletFreeOnline learning wall with various formats.
Parlay will be free for everyone until April 30th 2020. Online code to upgrade account.
PBS while school is out
PearDeck throught Twitter account - "... providing educators impacted by emergency closures with Pear Deck Premium access. Please send us a DM so we can get you set up!"
Peergrade with code:COVID19 (4 months free) Allows students to use a rubric to give feedback of peer work.
Poll Everywhere
To support educators transitioning to online classes, Poll Everywhere is providing a free 90-day trial of our education plan. Users will have access to the following:
-700 max audience size
-Response moderation
-Username customization
-Import and export participants
QuizizzNew feature, student study group. Quizzes can be set for homework. (Always free)Sign up as a teacher or student at:
Quizlet for using Quizlet when in-person teaching isn't possible
repl.itAlways free for non-profit schools. Willing to extend limits for affected schools.Coding platform enables students to code online together. Either school sign up or indivduals can sign up. (Very useful for Python)
ScholasticFree daily virtual learning plansEvery day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. K-12
Screencastify"If your school has temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus and is looking for a solution for remote learning, please have an administrator contact us at We’ll do whatever we can to help at no cost."
Simple K12 Webinars for online training
Skype for classroom is always free. (Also used in Microsoft Teams)
SMART Technologies the dedicated teachers and students currently or potentially affected by the coronavirus outbreak, we’re here to support your distance learning for the rest of the school year.
SMART Learning Suite Online enables students to connect remotely to live lessons delivered by teachers and engage in real-time with lesson activities.
Cloud-based classrooms powered by SMART Learning Suite Online easily enable student collaboration on devices anywhere, anytime breaking down the barriers of distance learning with.
Socrative Pro & Showbie Pro
Update 3/13 - system overwhelmed, change in offer - "...We are pleased to provide existing and new school customers with 5 additional free teacher licenses to Showbie Pro and Socrative Pro through the end of July. "
Story Time from SpaceAlways freeAstronauts reading picture books on the International Space Station
Storyline OnlineAlways freeActors reading illustrated stories
Sutori"*Teachers* We are providing educators across the globe impacted by emergency closures with Sutori Unlimited access. Please email us at so we can get you and your students set up"
TechSmith Snagit and Video Review screen recording tool, TechSmith Snagit, and our asynchronous collaboration platform, TechSmith Video Review, will be provided for free through the end of June 2020 to any organization that needs it.
Texas Instruments
Request your free six-month subscription of TI software
Twinkl the teachers and parents of children in schools which are closed, or facing closure, free access to all Twinkl resources for a period of one month in the first instance.
Tynker "If your school or district is planning a closure for preventative health-related reasons, please complete this form to get full access to the entire Tynker curriculum and platform at no cost. This will give you and your students access to our self-paced, on-demand courses until May 2020, but we will happily extend this offer until your school reopens.

In addition to our existing free online professional development, we will be running a series of webinars to train teachers on how to use Tynker in a remote learning environment. Please visit our training page for details and schedules. "
Vidcode Vidcode team knows how concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been for educators and students, and we would like to support you in any way we can. As such, we’re offering our full platform and curriculum for free to help schools and districts as they plan for potential school closures and student absences.
Vooks Storybooks. 1 year free for teachers.
we-teach-well guys. As promised yesterday, here is a link that will take you to our site where you can access all the material for free at the moment. The coupon code is 'covid-19' and you enter it at checkout.
Zoho Zoho Remotely suite includes Zoho Cliq for audio, text, and video chat, Zoho Meeting for web conferencing, Zoho WorkDrive for curating and maintaining remote collaborative team spaces, and more specialized solutions for a variety of professional needs.
Zoom your school or district is planning a closure for health-related reasons, please submit this form to get access to Vidcode’s full computer science curriculum and coding platform at no cost. We will provide you and your students with access to our courses, lesson plans, and virtual PD resources until May 2020 (but we will happily extend this offer until your school reopens). Students will be able to access courses from home as a supplement to your other e-learning measures.