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FeatureEdmodoMy Big CampusCollaborize ClassroomSchoologyHaikuCanvas by Instructure
CostsFreeFree for individual teachers as standalone. Free for customers of Lightspeed Systems content filtering or mobile manager solutions.Free - Not actually an LMS; geared to class (group) discussions.Free for individual teachers. Paid for districts.Free for individual teachersFree for individual teachers to use web-based. OPENSOURCE if you want to run it on your own servers. Paid subscription service for those who want hosting.
Student Email Required?No. Teacher can reset password at any time.No. (But includes internal, filtered messaging system.)No. Students can register without an email. Registration asks for email, but students can click "Don't have an email?" It walks them through the process of setting up an account without an email. No. Teacher can reset password, too.No. Also includes an internal messaging systemNo, Includes internal messaging system too. Internal messages can be forwarded to SMS, Facebook, personal email, Twitter, etc.
ProfilesYes with preset content including an avatar, learning style and favorite quote (chosen from a database of quotes). No student "wall" for posting of messages.Yes. Users can add image and other basic information. Users can also upload photos, blogs, and follow other users.Only personalization is screen name.Yes. Students can add an avatar and introduce themselves. They can add as much as as little info as they want (short bio, activities, interests, etc.) They can post on the class news feed, but they don't have their own "wall.Photo and screennameYes. Basic profiles, avatars, and unlimited ePortfolios that can be public, private, or semi-private.
Class OrganizationCan organize into groups & small groups within the larger group. Groups can have co-teachers. Groups can be set so that all posts and replies by students are moderated. Students can join groups created by other teachers which means schools can work together in Edmodo by having students from both schools join the same group.Groups can be created for a class, club, activity, or other group. Each group has a main page, discussions, resources, pages, chat, video chat, members, calendars, and more. Group settings are controlled at an administrative and teacher level so teachers can turn on/off any features they want.Can organize a grade or class or subset of students into groups.Can organize by class. You can assign work by student. Teachers can manage the groups they own.Lot's of flexbility here as well. Organize by classs, roster sections, small groups, and one-on-ones.Courses can have many sections (periods). Sections can have different due dates to accommodate the block schedule. Any number of groups can be created within a course or globally.
DiscussionsNon-threaded on Group (or small group) wall.
Teachers can set students to read-only status at any time.
Attachments only available on initial discussion post not on replies.
Teachers can add poll discussions.
Can add a reaction (similar to FB "like") to initial discussion post.
No ability to "pin" a post. Posts can easily get buried.
Yes, threaded discussions are a key part of every group. Discussions can be closed or open to only select members. Discussions can also be linked to quizzes and assignments.Discussions are the heart of Collaborize Classroom.
Different question structures: Yes/No (great for argument writing!), Multiple Choice, Suggestions/Voting, Forum discussions.
Can attach multimedia to the discussion item.
Discussions have their own space. You can create different discussion threads and return to them at anytime. Very well-organized. Easy to find.Discussions take place in context with the learning material. Very nicely done and include great shortcuts for scoring/grading.Robust discussion features. Teachers decide if discussions are threaded or not. Teachers decide is the discussions are graded or not. You can hide all posts until a student posts one original post themselves. Posts can be filtered by student to see quickly how many posts a student has done. Graded discussions can have an assessment rubric linked to the assignment that is aligned with standards. Student attachments, and the ability for students to edit posts are teacher options too.
Private Messaging?Teacher to Teacher, Student to Teacher, Teacher to Student, Teacher to Parents - NO Student to StudentYes. Settings allow controls for student to student messaging or just student to teacher. All private messages are archived, filtered, and saved for reporting.Teacher to Student. Student to Teacher.Teacher to teacher. Students and teachers. Students can't message each other.Teacher to teacher. Students and teachersYes. Teacher to one or many. Student to one, many, or nobody depending on settings. Teacher can NOT turn off student to student messaging.
QuizzesYes, with Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Fill in the Blank & Short answer. Media can be added to whole quiz or individual questions. Timed option. Can randomize question order for students. Can be automatically added to Gradebook.Yes. Schoolwork includes quizzes, assessments, assignments, polls and more. Questions can be multiple choice, true-false, fill in the blank or long answer. Quizzes can be automatically graded, timed, allowed for re-submission, and more. Questions can be tied to standards and academic reporting shows progress toward standards.No. Yes. Many types of quizzes allowed: multiple choice, short answer, matching, true/false, ordering, fill-in-the blank. You can also add math formulas, media, images, and LaTex code. You can import tests. You can create timed tests. Integration with certain grading programs.Assessment engine can power self-grading quizzes. Import questions. Math formulas. Images. Multi-media. Also support "safe exam browser" for taking tests in a lab environment.Yes. Very advanced quizzing engine that allows rich content, including video into the quiz questions and answer choices. Time limits, graded, non-graded, surveys, many question types. IP address filtering for proctored settings. Quizzes can be password protected. "moderate" feature allows teachers to discreetly give extra attempts or more time to specific students. Advanced quiz item data.
AssignmentsYes including:
Multiple ways of turning in
Assignment ratings
Online annotation of turned in documents
Online commenting
Can be assigned to individual student, small group, group or multiple groups.
Yes. Assignments can be assigned to an individual, select list, or whole group. Options include the ability to resubmit, and a set due date. Teachers can comment on assignments within the system, and responses are relayed to the student.Discussions are the assignments and they can have ending dates & times. Analytics are available when the results of a discussion are published.Yes. You can upload files, respond in the text window, or import from Google apps. Teachers can score, annotate, and comment on work turned in. Teachers can assign work to individual students or students and the entire class.Assignments are built into many aspects of Haiku. Students upload or attach google docs. Teachers can view and annotate assignments in the browser.Yes. Assignments can be offered in countless ways. Teachers can choose if the assignments are on paper or online submissions. Interactive rubrics with standards alignment can be added to any assignment for grading. Assignments can be turned in as a file upload, media recording (web-cam), a URL (canvas goes out a grabs a screen shot), a goodle document, or a rich text box. Group assignments are an option as well as peer review. A teacher can restrict the permitted file upload extension.
GradebookYes. Can be exported. No assignment or category weighting. No attendance. No automatic reset for new grading period.No, but grades can be exported to csv files to upload to gradebooks.No. Reports on student activity and participation available to assist in grading.YesFull featured points-based gradebook. Just purchased ActiveGrade.com and implementing standards-based grading.Yes. Full assignment group weighting. Rules like "drop lowest 2". Complete version-ed grade-book history feature that permits reverting back to a previous score. "Message Students Who" feature that allows teacher to message students who scored less than, more than, not graded, etc. Easy CSV upload and download. Column sort and drag and drop to reorder. Shading to indicate late and re-submissions. Student gradebooks permits students to test out "what-if" scores
gDocs IntegrationYes for Google Apps for Ed
Can "turn in" any Google Document even if not in Google Apps for Ed using the link option.
Yes. Districts that decide not to use Google doc integration can still have interactive docs available through MBC docs. Also integrates with SkyDrive.No. Yes. Students can use their own Google login. Don't need to be a Google Apps for Ed school.Yes, great reviews in the google apps marketplace - https://www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/viewListing?productListingId=7566+1875579201173098458&pli=1Yea. Students see their personal GD library to submit assignment in Canvas with out having to submit a URL or inviting their teacher as a collaborator. Canvas goes out an grabs the student's GD at the moment of submission and displays it in Speedgrader for the teacher. "Collaborations" feature in Canvas permits students and teachers to stand up a real GD from within Canvas wtihout needing to invite by email.
CalendarYes - has all assignments & quizzes. Student can add their own items. Can export but does not integrate with other calendar systems directly.Yes. Calendar can be pushed out to an iCal and Google cal as well. No.The calendar reflects all quizzes and assignments the teacher has created.Yes. Integration with Google Calendars as well.Yes. Month and week view that is color coded by course. Every user also has personal Calendar. Assignments and events can be created right from the calendar. Assignments, discussions, quizzes created in Canvas automatically show in the Calendar. Teacher can drag and drop calendar items to change dates. Calendar feed is available to send Canvas cal data to ical, google cal, exchange, etc.
Integrated AppsMany from various companies - some free, some paidYes, iWorks "Open In" MBC and saves the work in the students "Your Stuff". Many more open in MBC, DropBox, Good Reader, Notablility, and several others.No.Many from various companies - some free, some paid.Yes, via Embed the Web and soon with LTI integration.An entire library of LTI (open standard) Apps.
Mobile AppYes (iOS & Android). Website works well on iPad. Notification settings for email and/or textYes, for iOS and Android.iPad App 99¢Available for iPhone and iPad. Notification ruls can be set.Coming June 2013Yes. TWO Native and Free iOS apps and one Native Android apps. iOS app even permits assignment submission and integrates with Dropbox, google drive, skydrive, etc. The other iOS app is speedgrader (for teachers) Allows teacher to grade with rubrics and give A/V feedback right from iPAD
School and/or District NetworksBoth school & district networks availableYes. Also have hosted school and district websites available for free.No.School/District networks available in paid version.Paid versionOpensource or Paid
Parent AccountsParent accounts. Can see Student's assignments and gradebooks and public posts to student's groups.Yes. Parent Portal is included. Usernames are generated through SIS. Parents can access student groups, assignments, calendars, and contact teachers.No.Parent accounts. Can see Student's assignments and gradebooks and public posts to student's groups.Yes, parent accounts are included.Yes, parents are free. They can be linked to their students as "observers". Schools have much control over who see what.
File StorageCan upload any 100mb (or less) file to Library/Backpack. Teacher can share folders in their library with groups.Unlimited storage for Lightspeed integraetd users. 2Gb for each individual for free accounts. Can upload any file type. Files are scanned for security, virus, and image skin-tone analysis. Can NOT preview files in Library without downloading them.Can upload documents, PDFs & images. Not sure of upload limits.15G per every 100 students in the school. (150MB/Student) Can purchase additional storage as a premium feature Paid Version allows 500MB per user. So 100 students would be 50GB!!! Only costs 50 cents/user to double that storage. Can upload any file type. Evey 2000 users is 1TB of storage! Also the included media server converts your media into many different file types like HTML5 so Canvas will give each user the best version of the video based on bandwidth, mobile, flash, etc. (You are only docked for 1 of the file types against your storage)
Teacher Tools & CommunitiesConnections to other teachers for messaging. Many teacher communities available to join organized by subject area. Publisher communities are also available.EduTalk (integrated Twitter feed), Topics (professional learning networks), following of other users for personalized live Activity feed, search for users.Free lesson plans. There are great ideas in these for classroom discussions / digital citizenship even if you are not using Collaborize.Many teacher communities grouped by topic. Can connect with other educators.The ability to have Master Courses, PD courses, and PLCs around content.
OtherStudent Badges
Apps integration
Content/resource discovery
Integration with Facebook & Twitter. Live 24/7 support through Bob Campus. Resource library of educator-approved materials plus YouTube, Khan Acaademy, and NROC + NBC Learn resources for subscribers. Bundles used to collaborate, share assignments, and create units and modules. Bundle locks allow for self-paced learning units. Bundle Exchange lets educators find and share standards-aligned lessons. Acadmeic reports now support all US/UK/Australian learning standards (or districts can add their own) for evidence of growth reporting by individual or by group over time. Non-student users have access to reports and student activity.Results page provides feedback to the students & teacher at close of a discussion.Analytics available in free plan. Analytics for course, user, assignments, discussions, and links. Teachers can poll students on the class news feed. Students can also comment on the poll underneath the poll. Great for asking students to defend their vote. There's also a folder called "Albums" where teachers can add media. Teachers can allow students to add to this if they enable it for students. 99.9% Uptime Guarenteed. Free synchronous web conferencing, Integrated video server, ePortfolios, Analytics, State and CC standards included in paid version. Beta and Testing server in paid version. Open MOOC platform www.canvas.net. Very advanced notification prefferences that integrates wtih Facebook, SMS, twitter, gmail, etc. FREE and open API. Integrates with LDAP, AD, CAS, SAML, SHIB
SafetyYou have to have parent permission forms and keep the signed permission slips on file in the classroom. http://www.edmodo.com/corporate/terms-of-service
Student accounts can be set so that they are read only which means they can not post to any groups; can still message teachers. Groups can also be set so that all posts need to be approved before they are posted.
You have to be associated with a school to get an account. All teacher accounts are verified. Parents do not have to sign an agreement to get a MBC account because of all of the safety features. Safety features include: comprehensive reporting, user flagging, content filtering on links, flesh tone analysis on images, profanity interception, emergency contacts, and more. Also, the ability to integrate with the Lightspeed Systems web filtering solution.Support materials available to guide a teacher in setting up a "safe space" online and teach students how to communicate respectfully, supportively and substantively. http://www.collaborizeclassroom.com/resources/getting-started
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