Copy of Steam-Gamers Summer Survey (Responses)
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What is your forum name?
How would you rate the direction of SG? (additions, changes, re-hauls etc.)
How would you rate our forums in ease of use?
How would you rate our forums in terms of design?
Do you have any thing you would like to be changed about the forums?
How likely would you be to recommend our community to a friend?
Are there any specific changes you would like to see at SG?
How would you rate the overall server management at SG?
How would you rate server managers oversight?
Do you have any suggestions to improve server management or oversight?
Do you feel your ideas are taken into proper consideration when suggesting changes to servers?
Please select one main server (the one you play the most currently)
Administration (amount and quality of admins)
Management (positive changes, rehauls, response time, and community interaction)
Do you have any suggested changes towards the server you selected?
How would you rate the events being done here at SG?
Do you want to see more events not related to CS:GO?
Which event has been your favorite? Why?
How would you rate the job the Event Team has done in more frequent & quality events?
Do you have any events you would like to specifically see done?
Which of the servers or games would you like to see more events on?
7/2/2018 19:25:364329A newer looking forum7NoSort ofJailbreak345No3YesNot sure4YesMG
7/3/2018 15:04:535541099more plugins for the ease of gameplayi think so as some have been implemented in the pastJailbreak455
i feel like sometimes we lack admins but feel like its currently being worked on, too many admins thatre inactive
yeah i feel like the community could expand if we go out of our CSGO boundaries after all we are STEAM gamers :D
i havent participated in events mainly because i just dont rly pay attention, but in the future i will be participating.
7/3/2018 15:07:43454no 8no it's all really good99Noyes but i haven't commented on anything recently because i have not been playing cs
Trouble in Terrorist Town
555no5maybe gmod
i loved race to the top it really help some servers like ze and i would love to see this to be a yearly thing
4no the events team has it under controlPB
7/3/2018 15:07:46433
I feel with time we can re-skin the forums to help the newbies and overall make a more modern and minimal design!
None at this time but I'm always thinking and will definitely suggest something if it pops in my head
76NoYes, most of the time the higher-ups do filter the good ideas!
Trouble in Terrorist Town
At sometimes the administration can be lacking, but I know we are always trying to improve!
Right now, I'm only playing CS most of the time!
The fortnite tournament going on is pretty neat
3I want to make the MG Server great again!MG
7/3/2018 15:16:50434
Update from vbulletin, anything more recent would probably be better
9Nothing I haven't mentioned99NoDefinitely
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Warday plugin could help, and might be fun, otherwise the plugins which are being implemented seem to be able to solve most problems
Fortnite tournament will be really fun
The juggernaut event on jb would be really fun with the increased health and heavy armour, someone suggested it I believe
TTT, 1v1 multi arena if it ever comes back it'd be a fun place to have a tournament on
7/3/2018 15:17:35544
Maybe some sort of tutorial for new people on how to post on the forums
1099NoYesZombie Escape5455Yes
They were all fun, I can't think of a specific one off the top of my head.
7/3/2018 15:17:47442
I feel we need an update to the layout and design to make it more attractive to new users as well as keep it fresh for older members.
Hopefully at least one new server and updates to plugins all around :) excluding TTT obviously.
88Recognizing up and coming role models in the servers.YesZombie Escape555
Maps I guess and maybe some zombie models.
I enjoy the idea of the event. Also the Anime Marathon (please)
5They're on the right track so nothing specifically
MG, Games like jack box etc.
7/3/2018 15:18:03344
Honestly the forums are well put together, there are some small features that I think would be a nice addition (i.e. a working reputation system) but there's nothing to complain about :p
I think the only change SG really needs and one that I would like to see is to find a proper way to expand. Expanding into other games to host servers on and having events on different platforms is a good step, but I think having good relations with other communities would be a healthy way to put our name out there and may also allow us to seek guidance from other thriving communities like us.
I believe that unless it's a god awful idea, most ideas are given a shot or are properly assessed before a decision is made instead of just being thrown out of the window.
Haven't been playing on the servers much lately, but I will select JB and my answers will be based on what I experienced during my last period of activity.
None at all, from what I experienced the management has been doing fine as the server really doesn't need any changes ASAP other than maybe some small issues and admins are usually on the server.
I think it would be good for us to host events on other platforms other than on CS:GO but also to stick to our roots and not completely abandon the game when it comes to events.
I would say that probably the scrim event we had a couple months back was one of my favorites. I felt it was properly put together and everyone was being responsible about playing their matches and not missing out too much or delaying the games. Was really nice considering we had a hard time with the 2015 Scrim tourney.
None that I can currently think of, I loved the MGTs and thought they were a good way to put something new on the table for a short while.
7/3/2018 15:20:24453
Looks very bland and monotone compared to most other community forums.
7Gimme that new TTT plugin por favor53
I do realise that it is hard to manage a server, however it is important to have people that actually go on and see what is actually happening on the servers and what needs to be addressed. Having people that manage the server go on like once in a blue moon and frankly don't really do much for the server in terms of game-play is really frustrating.
Yes, most suggestions on the forums do stir up conversation however the idea of implementing the ideas either never happens or takes forever.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
If this were made a few weeks prior to the new changes I would suggest that we attempt to just fix the plug-in rather than creating a whole new one which has been in the making for years now. However, I do think that it's great that new items have been added to /menu and problems such as the m9 and not being able to see your t buddies through certain walls have been patched finally.
Yes, the FortNite tourney was a fun one that we had done recently.
FortNite, it's a popular game thats a lot of fun to play with other people, recent events such as the karma contests or the bhop timed events don't really pique my interest.
5Haven't seen a MGT in a long while would be fun to hold one.
TTT, PB, Events such as karma contests have become repetitive and events like the players v.s admins need to be tested before doing as the latest one kept crashing consistently.
7/3/2018 15:39:14443
Make it easier to find the status of servers (what map they're playing, how many people are on, etc.)
More admin activity. It's been said a lot, but the !calladmin should be improved
can you bring back !ws, or fix the smoke glitch? Most of the scrim community just argues over how to fix the smoke glitch, while !ws stays disabled.
trying to beat project alcaria. also the bhop event was fun
3scrim tourneyMG, PB
7/3/2018 15:45:23343776
For now, the current staff is relatively new in managing their respective servers. I'd just like to see them get more familiar with their servers and post more about what they have in mind for them.
Not really. Just some issues/bugs that need to be ironed out. #BasedLiam
To my memory, the Drunk vs Sober CS:GO scrim tourney was pretty fun. Our drunk team won so that was good.
7/3/2018 15:56:18544No, it's fine10No, everything is fun and nice99NoTotally notJailbreak134Add a vote kick for a CT4Yes it would be nice
Fortnite, even if I could not attend because I like fortnite
4Another fortnite tournamentPB
7/3/2018 15:56:24444798NoSomewhatZombie Escape4434Yes
Karaoke Night as it allows people to sing and maybe show a hidden talent that they have.
7/3/2018 16:22:00343877
I feel like a lot of the managers we have now play on the servers very minimally compared to a lot of the regs, yet ignore a lot of the regs suggestions. Ask the community what they want before releasing changes
NopeZombie Escape3454Yes
Jack box games, hosted by Sean. Everybody was laughing and interacting, overall a good experience
7/3/2018 16:35:35441make it not old4BD's come home D= expect Deli, he's a good dad85dat sticky should be made :oIf the BD's look at it, I feel they have a chance to be incorporated, but...Prison Break245
Make PB great again(need more admins)
The Town Of Salem was pretty fun, we got together and screwed each other over
3Secret HitlerPB, Jail Break
7/3/2018 16:41:594549
Maybe a bit more for MG but it pop has been going up drastically so either way it think its good
Maybe cut out some maps that are never changed.
The rtv system is all over the place for some reason. i.e. used to be operated by game mode now it all mashed together
Somewhat but limited because some people can't always play and I think that CSGO related events will attract people more directly.
I haven't really partaken in events other than MGT occasionally but prop hunt was pretty fun
not really because what the events team are doing is already good enough
7/3/2018 17:10:30455Not really879NoDepends
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Town of Salem, just overall really fun
Another 10v10 on scrim or "big scrim", that was halarious and super fun
7/3/2018 17:41:10533899NoYesZombie Escape4554Yes
Jackbox. So much fun to get together with people on TS.
7/3/2018 18:04:29455865
all T’s for AO, also I personally would like to see some action being done when let’s say an SA falsely bans someone for something they know they shouldn’t have banned for, it’s pretty stupid that Bdcoll gets off of banning me for rdm and leave when it wasn’t even rdm and leave, or when xdoodles bans someone for harassment for utilizing an in game feature, stupid shit like that should not be happening if you want your community to grow, I think the community would benefit if they had a course for new admins to take so they don’t massively fuck up and abuse like I personally did, or how the 2 examples I’ve given you have. At tango they have a mentor ship program that is in place for all new admins/ admins found misusing/ abusing. They would have these admins log all of their commands for a week, and then take a test based on whatever server they’re admin for, and they would be tested on what to do in certain situations, ban times, protocols etc. one of the things that I noticed when I became an SA was that for the first few weeks I was allowed to do whatever the hell I wanted to do because there were never any admins on any of the servers I played on at the same time, I learned how to admin my own way and it was clearly a bad way, especially the way I personally turned out. Even though I was offered help from multiple people when I got accepted but obviously I didn’t bother with them, maybe if I was forced to go into a mentor ship program i probably would’ve kept admin.
The stubbornness of this community and the fact that it’s so hard-stuck on old traditions is probably what is gonna kill it.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
22455I think a Town Of Salem event would be neat All Ts for AO
7/3/2018 18:10:51323
Modernise it I guess, don't ask me what I mean by that because i don't know. Just modernise it
Trouble in Terrorist Town
I don't particularly participate so can't say
7/3/2018 18:39:07342544NoYesScrim3244Yes
Hide and seek/ prop hunt, because I felt that it was one of the more fun events
7/3/2018 19:13:42554
Event Suggestions, bring a sub-forum under Suggestions
7No98NoDepends on suggestion
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Admins VS Players JB, just fun in general, we had some extra plugins on and it was just fun ig
5Being on the ET I would like to do something MG or TTT relatedMG, TTT
7/3/2018 20:13:083447change of some rules like more lenient on racism88No50/50Jailbreak435no4yesThe fortnite event3another 1v1 in csgoPB
7/3/2018 20:30:44423
Easier to make tables, maybe a guide to the XenForo format available on the site.
I lost interest only from a change in interest, not because I felt there was anything wrong with the servers. Better physical server hardware would be cool so we could have more people on the ZE server with less lag again.
I feel like some good ideas that could work if trimmed around the edges are ignored because they are made by people with little or no status in the server, but the one's that do have status have been contributing and are understandably well known.
Zombie Escape333
Better hardware for the server, I want some i9's/threadrippers in there bois :P.
3Not really no.
I don't often participate in events, just come on when I want to, but events are fun when they are dedicated to a tryhard completion of a difficult map.
3Not that I can think of.MG, TTT
7/3/2018 20:40:14534No. 3
I would like to see the events team host weekly events/tournaments whatever it may be. They are fun and from what I've seen everyone likes them.
810We need some admins on PB constantly if that is possibleYes.Jailbreak234
While the idea has been brought up before, I would like new players to have a spend an hour on T before joining CT. I would be happy playing CT until the day I die instead of the new players who don't know the rules whatsoever.
I feel like the new Fortnite tournament has been the best so far because it's nice to see the whole community that is mostly CS:GO be able to compete in a different game together.
5No.MG, PB
7/3/2018 20:42:074558810NoYesZombie Escape455
A small trusted player team, in which said players in the team, that can provide optional information/feedback to higher admins/moderators
For zombie escape, themed maps event
7/3/2018 20:42:26443No, it's fine the way it is.7Everything is fine and easily accessible.78
Smoke glitch (you can see the enemy on the minimap where there is a smoke) in scrim sever to be fixed please.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
If possible, try to get it like Gmod TTT ( dna scanners getting dropped, etc...)
Personally, it's fine with me.
Don't have one.4Nothing I can think of.TTT
7/3/2018 21:12:0844410
More events in the form of featured get to feathers, different game modes being featured on a more frequent basis.
99NoYes. However, more implementation and consideration on community submitted ideas.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Yes. Target games that have a wider audience along with keeping a core focus around Cs:go and available game modes
Used to enjoy various game mode events ie zombie game modes, gun game, prop hunt, etc..
7/3/2018 21:39:49522
Comment and reply layout. Needs a tree system so that you can see who is replying to whom.
1A forum redesign is all that comes to mind.1010NoYes.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
That's a no. I am content.
Not really, as I can't think of other games that I own that most of the community has as well.
I can't say that I've participated in any events, due to a lack of interest.
Juggernaut on TTT. A few players are granted extra health. Hell, even giving everyone in the server a negev.
7/3/2018 22:02:455448910NoAbsolutelyZombie Escape444auto bhop - kappa4Yes
I really only ever came to the ZE events, so I'd say any event Leon puts on. Quality.
7/3/2018 22:12:26443
Nothing I can think of as of now.
A way to encourage members to talk to other members that are not necessarily in their friend group
66NoYes (even before applying for admin)Zombie Escape445
Remain open to change and not be afraid of taking risks
TOS, only one of recent I went to.
31 day tournaments
ZE, MG, Jackbox, TOS , Admins vs Members outside of CSGO.
7/3/2018 22:15:36241
Have it easier to find sections rather then just have lines of text next to the Sg logo
Make server stability better adding time stamps for ttt logs, fixing ct ban
45Have more people in the active roster of admins Somewhat
Ttt jb and ze there is no one that stands out from the other
i just want to see more events
Jackbox event since it was fun and people aren’t so serious in winning and would rather have fun
Try to get more people who aren’t just long time regulars and admins play
ZE, MG, TTT, PB, Anything works
7/3/2018 22:20:24245not really5un-cancerfy the servers96Nonah
Trouble in Terrorist Town
theres so much mic spam or bullshit in terms of TTT where you accidentally kill a teamate
all of them, i had fun in them all.
challenges on servers like beat a ze map, admins vs members, stuff like that
7/3/2018 22:41:30244No.5No.87NoI don't know since I've never really suggested ideas to improve the servers.Zombie Escape544No.3Yeah.
Diddle VIP Escape because it felt like it was a more unique event than the others that were just beating a certain map and/or changing the zombie or human skin. I'm fine with events for the sake of trying to beat a map, but this one just felt like it was more than that.
7/3/2018 23:24:40434New format and easier to use5
Re add minecraft server, Let the people that play the server have a impact on new rules and additions not just what the staff want/ who runs the server
76NoNo bc if the admins think its too hard of a job they dont do it Jailbreak243More admins online4YesJackBox5Comedy NightPB
7/3/2018 23:31:38454
I like the format but maybe a mkre modern um redesign would be a welcome change
7NOPE93NoMost of the time
Debating at the moment between ttt and ze due to the recent changes to ze
Cant think of any at the moment
All of them since there is always a positive attitude
7/3/2018 23:37:05434777NoyesZombie Escape3454yes-3ZE
7/4/2018 0:11:01355Negative 8
More effective response from admins when people use !calladmin
810NoNoJailbreak244More admins5
Yea maybe like gmod horror maps
Scrim league 5Negative ZE
7/4/2018 1:14:02543
Make it clearer how posting works
9nah not really fam. <3 u btw77Nonahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Trouble in Terrorist Town
UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Give it more love. idk.
Still waiting for Minecraft
Summerfest count? i wish i was in the fortnite but i was too late
uhhhhhhhh. idk i giant torny maybe between regs/admins of servers. like JB vs TTT and ZE vs some other server in a tourny. admins could b team captains. idk sounds like a good idea. Look into that bb <3. also if this is a thing i would appreciate the credit
7/4/2018 1:19:09412make it flat10free candy. plz88Nosure
Trouble in Terrorist Town
4413YesNot fortnite4pubgMG, TTT
7/4/2018 1:19:19445not really5no99Noim not sure since i don't think ihaveJailbreak443
a longer mute time with a full server
watching anime on weekends, because i love hentai
4not realllywZE, TTT, PB
7/4/2018 2:15:56544
I think the profile pages need a bit of work, they look plain and boring.
10Add retakes again pls810I think SG needs more active admins but other than that it’s fine.Yes
Trouble in Terrorist Town
All the changes I wanted came in the summer TTT update thing.
I think it would be great to have a bigger variety of games to make events for.
Karaoke night, cause it was extremely funny.
4Month long retake server eventTTT
7/4/2018 2:39:12243N/A5N/A34
I know there is no way to force this as myself has not been as active but I feel as ATs are barely active on their own servers and wish they interacted more
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Yes, CS:GO has became bland to me personally
Karaoke Night because it’s all fun and really just a good time.
3Can’t think of something MG
7/4/2018 4:26:02442
To be honest as pretty as skynets
8Nothing really79More activeyeshJailbreak355
Porfavor make little kids be gone
4yes, OfcAdmins vs Regs4PUBG PB
7/4/2018 4:39:37244577NoNot really.Minigames335
Who ever manages it needs to try to get more people to be active in it.
Yes, maybe PUBG or fortnite related events would be nice to see.
Haven't really done any of the events recently.
4SG Battle royale on PUBG/primate match.MG
7/4/2018 9:16:50544
The description for SA in the members tab still says 6 months instead of 3
1098NoYesZombie Escape4444Yes
Jackbox, it was the one where people played the game correctly
5I'm not a creative person :(ZE, MG
7/4/2018 10:09:59433
The dark gray background on the forums. It just looks droopy and bland to me.
Maybe servers on other games besides just CS:GO. The SG CS:Go servers will always be the most popular on SG but its called STEAM-Gamers so other games might be nice to have servers on. Maybe something like SCP: Secret Labratory because there are already communities with servers on there
88NoYesZombie Escape445
With the new point system that Wesker implemented, make it so players can get points for shooting the boss and helping the team out with stuff like that. With the new rank system and how as a human you can only get points for shooting zombies, a lot of players don't help out the team during the boss fights and instead just shoot zombies for points.
Karaoke night (because it was funny as fuck)
An April Fools event on ZE (Wesker promised me the exploding chickens from Dust 2 on every map)
7/4/2018 12:17:10323make easier accessibility 457Noyesnone3333yes3PB
7/4/2018 14:09:52454
More attention to the details that change. Basically just someone overlooking and making sure everything is up to date
Id like to see more emphasis and reasons for people to join the forums. Give them incentive to get into discussions in the community and be involved.
88Get better ATsYes, especially when responses are made thoughtfullyZombie Escape325
Get more fun maps, and make it more personalized for the player base
Yes, but only for games that seem fun or relvant
Race To The Top, because it encouraged everyone to play on the server a lot, except it was waayyy too long.
7/4/2018 14:27:00432
The current website is extremely slow I suggest that some of the older threads 2015 and older get archived.
Add an outgoing log to see what donation money is being used on
Currently there are no real qualifications to become a server manager. I feel that server managers should have basic skills before becoming an AT. Some skills should be using a console, file browser, basic configs, etc.
YesZombie Escape433
I would love to see a upgraded dedi in the future so the server can go back up to 64 slots.
Project Alcaria, it was a event on ze
7/4/2018 14:50:51434Mentions are unintuitive10Adding back ze_pidaras and ze_surf_froyo79Alot of the time calladmins are ignoredYesZombie Escape355
Adding back ze_pidaras and ze_surf_froyo
Movie event because I got to know more members from our other servers better
4Another anime event or kareoke event I missed bothZE
7/4/2018 15:36:47444
Not necessary, maybe a refreshing look could be a nice to have.
9Not that I can think of. 99NoYes.
I don't really "play" on the servers, I just manage them. A manager has no time to play games.
Yep. Could bring other people into our commubity that aren't dedicated to CS:GO
ZE, MG, TTT, PB, I just selected all, as I don't have an opinion on this.
7/4/2018 15:41:26543
Have a fb messenger type chat with friends
10More Admins77Noyes
Trouble in Terrorist Town
needs more events and maps
Drunk scrim only time im drunk
3Put me in the events teamMG, TTT
7/4/2018 16:52:59455
maybe there can be a small little guide in the beggining of when a new person joins they get like a gist of where the important or just where the things are.
9No79Nosometimes, but the admins and higherups do listen so kinda YesJailbreak434
The server is really fun and the whole consept of it, but the people there are really toxic with alot of mic spammers, people that are rulebreakers, people that dont know the rules and spread the wrong rules to others. so maybe if u guys can do anything about that it would be soooo much better.
the halloween events and such were pretty cool.
7/4/2018 17:02:204538710NoYesJailbreak453
As bad as JB is we need more admins on it as Lawool is the only one and feel like hes about to kill himself from how bad it is.
5yes please
Haven't been on in a while so can't tell
7/4/2018 17:30:49555
Nothing much really, website is easy to use
10None at all77Probably a few more server admins to help in just a littleI doubt it
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Just a few glitches and expliots
Fortnite tournament (even tho I missed out)
Instead of Karma Contest Reward have a Contest for most T, I, D kills and have a prize for that.
7/4/2018 17:49:54344766NoSome yes others not so muchJailbreak3444Sure
fortnite tourney, team i played against made themselves look like idiots was funny
7/4/2018 19:03:07444146
Maybe when server managers "promise" to fix complaints and add plugins they don't.
No, because the server managers say they will add stuff the community has been asking they don't do it.
When I do !calladmin no one ever comes. When jb is the server with the most rules and arguments. When a admin does come, they say to do a player complaint, but that should be a last resort. Witch is why I rated the fun requirement as a 3.
Probably the karaoke night, because everyone was having fun singing and making each other laugh. I feel like it brought the community together.
5noPB, Scrim
7/4/2018 19:06:51444
Not that I know of, currently is decent and good in my opinion.
I don't really mind, any will do.
The Jackbox game with Sean was fun! Just full of laughter.
5More jackbox games!Jackbox games + PB
7/4/2018 21:09:58233333NoNoTeamspeak211Move to discord1Yes
I haven't enjoyed any event
7/5/2018 2:43:25455No3No88NoYes
Trouble in Terrorist Town
555No, its great4
I think the bigger events should stay with CSGO because that's where most of the player base is, like the monthly get together if we still do those. I will always like some small events like jackbox and town of salem, and even some events that we can use tinychat with like karaoke.
Karaoke night march 3rd 2017, mostly because of RottenPickles dancing but also because alot of people joined, over 50 I believe, everyone was chill, no one was hogging the mic, and most of all, everyone had fun.
TTT hide and seek, if possible make the server private for 2hours and have a hide and seek game. With hide and seek maps of course. The plugin should still work, we could even remove radars, if possible. Don't know if a TTT hide and seek has been asked before but if not it would be a fun idea.
7/5/2018 10:00:184541078NoyesZombie Escape4444yes pleasecss mg4MG, PB
7/5/2018 11:54:25452N/A8More liveliness in the servers/hype. 97NoSometimes, but not guaranteed.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
544N/A4Yep.Juggernaut JB Event.4Drawful 2 community event?MG, TTT, Scrim
7/5/2018 14:13:43125
The website loads very slowly and it is not due to my internet. A lot of other people have the same issue. I think that it is odd that you can not be racist, but you can be homophobic all you want. It seems a bit ironic.
1Teach internet safety. 35NoYes
Trouble in Terrorist Town
241No, it is pretty good.1YesRegulars VS. Admins2
Maybe in other games that are more fun. It doesn't have to be about the servers every time
Any other game except for the servers. Why do events have to be on the servers? Why not other games?
7/5/2018 14:18:00325
It has begun to load very slowly, maybe some optimizations so that it doesn't take forever.
Discrimination isn't taken seriously unless it is racism, despite the stance people seem to take towards stopping racism
99Discrimination should be looked at.
I did when they told me they would, and then when a year goes by and nothing has changed I realized that maybe somethings aren't taken into consideration.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Claiming rooms should be brought back, it is something that I feel is ruining my fun of the servers since I can't defend myself in situations where I would otherwise be able to. Despite this, the way that the server has changed with the recent updates is good. I love the new items and interfaces, and am looking forward to the change the server is taking.
3YesPaintball3NopeZE, TTT
7/5/2018 15:57:20322
a more efficient search system/ redesign
765NoI am the servers(senate)
Trouble in Terrorist Town
I'm old and out of touch so i'd guess having a higher median age would be more enjoyable for me.
drunk scrim, i love game freak
7/5/2018 16:00:164338Possible servers on games outside of CS:GO 86NoIf you keep pushing and keep reminding, things eventually get done
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Recently the amount of admins on TTT have been getting better but I believe the quality in the admins have been drastically decreasing as more and more admins need help or assistance when explaining the basic fundamental rules of the game mode to someone new
4Absolutely TF2, (sorry Im biased) 5
Events outside of CSGO, try doing an event related to the arcade on the forums.
7/5/2018 16:52:22455No.8
The changes that were made while I was away are awesome, keep up the good work.
75NoN/AJailbreak4555No.N/A4Jailbreak events such as admins vs Regulars/non admins.PB
7/5/2018 17:14:45454Not in particular10No98NoYesZombie Escape355
More ZE admins and admins that actually eban/etransfer/etc. instead of it being just Wesker. It feels like there is a lack of admins and players really aren't afraid to troll with items and throw it down to "oh whoops wrong button". On the otherhand, I think that people with soundboards should be allowed to use them without being instamuted by some admins as long as they don't excessively spam them.
4I don't really care.
ZE Weekend Events Galore because it was a lot of fun and there were more models, zm, testing maps, etc. It was a good mix of casual and tryhard that I ended up enjoying a lot.
As a ze player, I would like to see more ze events, even if it is just attempts to clear some maps or have special settings to have fun more often.
7/5/2018 19:15:08354no7
Cheaper prices on store items and not so toxic admins
66i would like a little bit better adminsnoJailbreak354cheaper store items4no
i have not been in an event yet
a hide and seek event and the winner gets a game or a skin but its 3 games of hide and seek
7/6/2018 16:50:064449
More: ZE Maps, VIP/Sub features, General !store goods/skins (some can be taken from other SG servers).
Show in chat/log the number of times the !sm command is called against someone.
YesZombie Escape444
More vetted maps. Gives some guidelines for user created maps (I'll happily create some for SG, but no idea what's acceptable or how it needs to be tested)
Sure. I'd like to see more overall though.
Karaoke 3
Noob training: A good leader is assigned and maps are completed with an emphasis on helping new players learn the game/map. Cheesy/game-breaking events, eg. random knockback on weapons, shotguns knockback the shooter.
7/6/2018 19:06:49355
Nothing comes to mind instantly.
More admins to servers like jb, aswell as more control on toxicity on servers, as I have seen more anger on servers now when compared to before.
58NoHope so.Jailbreak112
Just wish to see more events to the server. Also the ct's do the same orders non-stop it's like a rinse repeat cycle. Hopefully there can be an implementation (I can start thinking of stuff), to make the game more interesting as 2 years ago it was more fun to play jb compared to now. I also wish that there was more involvement with the events staff to make the server more fun.
No, since I became apart of this community from cs:go and most of it's servers are cs:go, I don't mind a monthly thing, but I think we should stick more with servers we have inlcuding ones we already have up like rust and stuff.
Can't really recall too many events that really stood out from the rest.
7/6/2018 20:03:32453nope8nope98NoYesZombie Escape555nope4not particually
3x credit event because i got something
7/6/2018 20:17:20455999NoForums have great communication, sometimes hard to contact people but rarely a problem. Minigames434
Could use some more maps and active admins. Feels like the same 5 maps are always played because there are not better options. Also some maps are terrible and should be removed (batttlee sliddderr). Bhopping is a little too easy and takes little skill, I know thats for newer players but specific maps like super tower should not have auto hop enabled when there are already ramps for movement.
I wouldn't play non-csgo events tbh.
I like MG and scrim events. 1v1's was my favorite plz bring back.
7/6/2018 21:20:29254
delete posts that you put on profiles
7for jb to be less toxic65Nono because we r just regsJailbreak333
Make it so you have to play t a certain amount of time before you try to join ct, ruins the whole server with squeaker 12yr olds barking orders fighting for the spotlight every round. hurts my ears
3no i never go to them3idk anything about eventsPB
7/7/2018 12:49:293238910NoYesZombie Escape5322N/AN/A4ZE, MG
7/7/2018 12:54:59545
No i think you peeps at SG are doing great .
102 or 3 new maps in TTT and JB910NoYes I do
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Add more maps please. : )
Not really but i don't mind.
I don't have a favorite event.
4I don't know but i like the eventsPB
7/7/2018 13:10:20444
I don't see anything that needs to be changed, in my opinion.
7A more active TeamSpeak88NoNever asked, so couldn't tell you anything on that one.Zombie Escape434
Nope. Whenever I play Zombie Escape I have a fun interactive time with fellow members of the community. :]
No, there's been a decent variety lately.
Never partook in any events, yet.
3If nothing has been done for Zombie Escape lately, do it.ZE
7/7/2018 13:17:53333766NoyesZombie Escape4453N/AN/A3ZE
7/7/2018 13:18:393441088more ZE adminsNoZombie Escape545More ZE admins3YesGMOD TTT3GMOD TTTZE, MG, TTT
7/7/2018 13:32:43443
Its fine but it looks kinda old, a refresh would be nice :)
10Combat surf86
idk if this would work but if there was a role of trusted player that can report a player and admins can trust their word as if it were another admin. Exacmple, before casual was an admin im pretty sure he wouldnt lie when reporting a player and everyone trusts him. I probobly should have made a forum post ofr this
mostly yea, I sometimes see ideas getting rejected for vauge reasons but most of the time its not a big deal
Trouble in Terrorist Town
response times are iffy stiffy uh, also for the amount of admins we have there should be one on almost always. Ive been in servers with less admins but the server always has at least one on.
event idea: documentary of the duties of the marketing team
kareoke night. Another event idea: players from ZE vs TTT vs JB ect...
see last 2 answers^ event idea: what does caution do for sg? a documentary
MG, its JB not PB you pleb
7/7/2018 15:30:27443no idea8nope108Noyes
Trouble in Terrorist Town
555no4yesnew to forums4yeetTTT
7/7/2018 21:25:56113Everything4Remove CSGO TTT and Bring back GMOD TTT1010NoN/A
Trouble in Terrorist Town
7/8/2018 1:21:59543
The forums seem to have an old design too it in my opinion, maybe in the future if we could have a more modern version of it would be terrific.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Maybe a higher tick rate on TTT would help smooth out the gameplay and gunfights.
Movie nights; I'm going to say this was an event because it had a multitude of the community involved. I've never had this much fun at an event in which I didn't have to click my mouse or scream at anyone. Brought the community closer and got two emotes out of it.
Hide-n-Seek (without jumpscare maps); Also bring back monthy course event on MG
7/8/2018 20:33:18443
Nothing really, to be honest everything is consistent.
9Additional Perk Skins :)108No
Yes, I feel that my ideas are taken into proper consideration. As I continue to play the server, the staff consider both perspectives of opposing indviduals in order to come to a solution.
Zombie Escape545No.4Yes
Skribble, where Cretan created a private room for people to have fun while guessing each others drawings.
4Not Really.ZE
7/8/2018 21:26:02433
Make it easier to navigate for new people, was hard for me to figure out in newer days
8No77NoYesZombie Escape334
Some of the admins don't seem energetic and some just do their job.
One of my favorite events have been some of the zombie escape ones especially when wesker does the "mini ones" and he always finds a way to make ze fun and enjoyable when he is on.
4Possibly a black ops 3 hide and seek eventZE, MG, TTT
7/8/2018 23:04:15345
Nothing really. Very well organized and easy to find recent posts.
10Nope. Keep it as it is, it’s doing great.88NoYes. I made a suggestion today, and people give back great replies.Zombie Escape345
Just if more admins can play on ZE more often. Lots of times on ze, there are lots of people not following rules. Therefore, we have to call other admins from different servers to help us.
I think events on CSGO are great as it is so keep it on CSGO.
ZE events. The reason is because during events ZE is very populated which makes the game more fun.
7/8/2018 23:42:114541Maybe mor ZE events (like once or twice a month)1010NoN/AZombie Escape544
Maybe some kind of skin for players that have a higher gameme rank. I spent a lot of time on this server and enjoyed being able to receive some kind of skin. I like the new rankings, but it kinda stinks that I am unable to enjoy any of the higher rank skins since I can’t play as much anymore. But besides that I still enjoy playing ok the server.
ZE events and prop hunt event bcuz no one ever played that ok minigames
7/9/2018 12:48:514449Less toxicity89NoYes
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Fortnite cause it expands further from cs
41v1 In Playground for fortniteTTT
7/9/2018 12:49:19555No. 10No. 1010NoYes.
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Trouble in Terrorist Town because I used to play a minecraft version of it
7/9/2018 12:49:49324the setup876Noyes/noJailbreak345no ^-^4noall4noPB
7/9/2018 13:02:072336Just polish some aspects46NoI normally don't suggest ideas
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Lower Population Servers
3Depends on the games
I haven't participated in that many events
3Maybe more oftenTTT
7/9/2018 13:03:014449Never get rid of the power rangers colors.99Noyep
Haven't been able to game in a while but Escape
Just always make sure the zombies are nearly unkillable except by focused fire from a large number of people. "Hunting" should never seem viable vs running.
Not involved in events n/a
7/9/2018 13:07:06455
Nothing that would affect usage, just aesthetics, s'more colors would look great on the Overview page
Nope, this page runs surprisingly well and I find it easy to navigate
88NoI can't say, I've never made a change request.Jailbreak555Nah4
Yeah, spread your game coverage.
Don't get me started on Pictionary, that was the most unscripted wonderfull mess I've ever been a part of
7/9/2018 13:16:32455101010NoyesJailbreak5454Nah
Anything related to cs, I like cs :^).
7/9/2018 13:48:09452
let me throw some concept designs at ya
restructure the process of dealing with rulebreakers on the server, it should be case by case and not doing the same steps every time. ive seen mutiple occurences where someone clearly doesnt want to listen and does everything but what the staff says at the moment and they still follow their own set path, which in turn leads to more people losing outon rounds from rdm, they still spew racism, hate towars the community. why kick and warn repeatedly when they clearly dont listen.
67what was mentioned previouslynot really
Trouble in Terrorist Town
again with what i previously mentioned
raffle, giving back to the support of the community
3community nights, movie nights, simulcast events, tournamentsZE, MG, TTT, PB
7/9/2018 14:06:50555
7/9/2018 16:05:01435
the tabs at the top shpuld stay when looking at any part of the forums
1more admins68Noi havent suggested anythingJailbreak245a ct timer thing5idc
3x on jb cause it was when i first joined
4more 3x credits eventsZE, MG, TTT, PB
7/9/2018 17:18:57433784NoYesZombie Escape2434NoAny zombie escape one!4ZE
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