AEF DCNA - Event Log 2019
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Date TimeWhich Adult or eagletEventDescription of Event
2/28/201911:12 AMMrPArrival/PerchingMrP lands on the OH branch. He’s on watch, often looking in an upward direction, and he vocalizes as if to say, “I’m here. This is my tree and I’m king of this kingdom.” What a wonderful guardian he is.freebird_AEF
2/28/201911:41 AMMrPDepartureMrP flies off the OH branch and leaves the nest tree.freebird_AEF
2/28/201911:46 AMMrPArrival/DepartureMrP Flies below the nest, loops around and returns with a stick. He wing walks up the Left V, stops to perch and look around, before departing at 11:54. A large bird is seen in the distance flying across the skyline at 11:56am.freebird_AEF
2/28/201912:33 PMMrPArrival/PerchingMrP lands in the nest and lightly fluffs nesting material, then slowly spins around in a circle while standing over the nest bowl. After a few minutes, he heads out to perch on the Lateral branch and vocalizes. MrP perches, preens and waits, letting out squonky squees on occasion. MrP goes back to the nest and begins doing some cleaning and fluffing.freebird_AEF
2/28/20191:10 PMMrP & TFLArrival/Mating/DepartureAt 1:10, TFL arrives and lands on the OH branch. MrP joins her at 1:14, and a noisy mating with both of them chattering and squeeing occurs. MrP departs at 1:15 and TFL departs moments later at 1:17pm.freebird_AEF
2/28/20196:18 AMMrPArrival/Nest WorkMrP perches on the same branch as he did last evening. It appears that he spent the night watching over his nest from there. He flies over to the nest as the sky begins to lighten. MrP likes to get his morning chores finished early before TFL’s arrival. He aerates the moss and goes about the task of rearranging some sticks, paying particular attention to the V Perch. He’s made a concerted effort to fill in that area and it looks like all of his hard work is paying off. Our handsome MrP finishes up his chores for now and attentively looks around at his domain. He’s been extra vigilant since the hawk tried to enter the nest yesterday. That’s not going to happen again on his watch if he has anything to say about it. earlybird_AEF
2/28/20196:45 AMMrPDepartureMrP marches up the Right V Branch to keep an eye on things from there. He had an enormous crop yesterday and that’s more than likely why he has several crop drops now. He gazes around for just a bit longer before he flies off at 6:49am.earlybird_AEF
2/28/20197:00 AMEagle VocabularyCropCrop – widening in the esophagus where a hawk, eagle, falcon or vulture can store food.earlybird_AEF
2/28/20197:31 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Nest Work/Mating/DepartureMrP returns with a lovely mound of fluff at 7:31am and distributes it around the nest. TFL arrives a few minutes later to help with the renovations. They aerate the moss in companionable silence before TFL marches up the Left V Branch and onto the Overhead Branch. MrP jogs up to join her and they mate at 7:38am. So sweet when TFL turns her head to give him a beak kiss while he’s still on top of her and sings out with joy when the mating is over. What a heartwarming moment. The interaction between the two of them has been wonderful to see. MrP flies off in search of the perfect stick. TFL chirps her approval as he returns with a nice one. MrP moves up the Left V Branch once again, getting a little closer to his lady. TFL calls with some soft chirps as they survey their domain in the golden sun. MrP’s off again at 8:00am and returns with another stick. TFL flies down to help him with the nest work before she flies off a few minutes later. MrP follows soon after.earlybird_AEF
2/28/20193:06 PMMrP Arrival/Departure MrP flies by on this beautiful sunny day and arrives in the nest at 3:06pm. He aerates the fluff and fiddles with the sticks in the V for a short while before moving up the Left V Branch. He flies off at 3:16pm. earlybird_AEF
2/28/20193:30 PMWeather WeatherIts a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the mid to upper forties. Tonight, we’re expecting intermittent snow with 1-2 inches possible. There will be a changeover to rain tonight and occasional rain will continue tomorrow with temperatures in the upper thirties. earlybird_AEF
2/28/20196:00 PMMrPArrival/DepartureMrP arrives, lands in the nest and fluffs his precious nest bowl, making sure it’s nice and soft in anticipation of egg laying. He’s really out done himself on the nest rails this year. They are higher than I ever remember. He appears to be waiting to see if TFL will arrive. In the mean time, he decides to snuggle down into the nest bowl. Ahhh… so comfy! MrP continues to wait and then departs at 6:08pm. Sweet eagle dreams, MrP.freebird_AEF
2/28/20197:00 PMEvent Log UpdatesEvent Log UpdatesPlease click on "March" to get the current updates.earlybird_AEF
2/27/20196:16 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/DepartureIt’s a clear and cold morning with temperatures in the mid-twenties. We’re expecting partial sunshine throughout the day with a high of 46 degrees. MrP arrives promptly at 6:16am, his feathers all puffed out against the chill. He aerates the fluff and lies down in the bowl, pulling the blanket of moss all around him. He stands and aerates one more time before he wiggles down again. The bowl looks ready, full of fluff, an egg cup nicely formed. The fortress is in place, the side rails high, the sticks intertwined. All we need now are two sweet eggs to fill the cup. Our cup runneth over with love for MrP and TFL and all the eaglets before. MrP spends some time looking out at his domain, perhaps contemplating the future on what is yet to come. He flies off at 6:32am.earlybird_AEF
2/27/20197:52 AMMrPArrival/DepartureMrP stopped by briefly at 7:52am. He did a quick nest check and was on his way at 7:58am.earlybird_AEF
2/27/20199:11 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/DepartureMrP returns to the nest at 9:11am. He aerates the fluff and is off again at 9:15am.earlybird_AEF
2/27/20199:19 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Prey Delivered/Mating/DepartureTFL arrives in the nest at 9:19am with her own breakfish. It’s rare that TFL delivers her own fish, she must have been very hungry this morning. MrP returns with a stick as TFL enjoys her meal. TFL finishes up her fish and marches up the Left V branch. MrP flies off and flies right back in to mate with TFL on the Left V at 9:30am. MrP flies off and quickly returns with a stick. TFL moves up to the Overhead Branch and departs at 9:35am. MrP flies off soon after.earlybird_AEF
2/27/201912:52 PMMrP & Red-tailed hawk.Alert/Chase/ArrivalMrP has spent a good part of the day in or around the nest. The Red-tailed hawks have been a nuisance again today and MrP has been keeping watch over his nest. There was a brief confrontation at 12:52pm with one of them. MrP was in the nest when one of them made a very misguided attempt to enter. Our fearless MrP jumped up in the air with his very large talons outstretched in front of him as the hawk was flying towards him. The hawk, obvious seeing the error of his ways, skedaddled out of there as fast as his wings would take him. MrP took off in chase but was quickly back and voicing his annoyance from the Overhead Branch. He flies off at 1:29pm but is back to the nest a few minutes later. earlybird_AEF
2/27/20193:01 PMMrP & TFLArrival/Mating/DepartureMrP has continued to stand guard in his nest this afternoon. He flies off every now and then to get supplies or check on his surroundings. He’s making sure that those pesky Red-tailed hawks stay far away from his beautiful nest. MrP’s back to work on the nest again at 2:59pm. TFL flies onto the Overhead Branch where MrP joins her and they mate at 3:01pm. MrP flies off with TFL following soon after.earlybird_AEF
2/26/20196:26 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/DepartureIt’s a very chilly morning with sunny skies and a temperature of 27 degrees. Its expected to be near fifty degrees with clear skies this afternoon. A perfect day to lay an egg. I wonder? The anticipation is growing day by day as we get closer and closer to the big event. It could be any day now. We’ll try our best to be patient but it sure is exciting to think about. MrP arrives in the nest around 6:26am. He’s been hard at work getting the nest ready for his littles ones. Every morning he aerates the moss and rearranges the sticks in preparation for the first egg to be shown off to the world. Today is no different. He’s back to work on one of the big sticks that he delivered previously. He’s stripped most of the bark off and moved it partially in the V Perch. So cute the way he stands on it with one foot, holding it in place as he nibbles at it. It appears that for the moment he’s happy with its placement. He marches up the Left V branch and over to the Overhead Branch to enjoy a well-deserved break. He flies off at 7:54am.earlybird_AEF
2/26/20198:16 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/PerchingMrP returns with a stick at 8:16am. He places it quickly in the V Perch, moves on to aerating the fluff and then back to the big stick from earlier. Apparently, he wasn’t finished with that one yet. No surprise there. He didn’t get the name “Mr. Perfectionist” for nothing. “Mr. Perfectionist” or MrP as we so fondly call him finishes up with the big stick for now and moves back to the fluff. So sweet how he wiggles himself down in the nest bowl and pulls the moss all around him, not once but twice. He must be practicing for the big day. I think he’s as excited as we are. He jogs up the Left V branch and enjoys that beautiful view before flying off at 8:33am.earlybird_AEF
2/26/20199:09 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/DepartureMrP’s back at work in the nest at 9:09am. He flies off at 9:16am.earlybird_AEF
2/26/20199:44 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Mating/PerchingTFL arrives on the Overhead Branch at 9:44am. She greets MrP with some vocals as he flies to the nest at 9:47am. MrP does quite a spectacular maneuver as he departs from the nest, flies in a big loop around it, lands directly on TFL and they mate at 9:49am. TFL throws up her head and sings out her appreciation. “Nicely done Dear!” MrP with his chest all puffed up in pride flies off once again and returns with a bouquet of fluff for his lady. She’s so appreciative that she gives him another shout out. MrP jogs up the Left V branch and onto the OH where they mate yet one more time. They perch quietly for a minute or two before TFL cuddles up close to him with some sweet talk and her cute wiggle dance.It appears that TFL is ready for a little more romance but MrP doesn’t oblige this time. They perch contently together gazing out at their beautiful surroundings. earlybird_AEF
2/26/20191:30 PMMrP & TFLArrival/Perching/DepartureMrP and TFL continue to spend some time together on the Overhead Branch, basking in the golden sun and enjoying each other’s company. MrP flies at 10:25am with TFL flying off into the big blue sky soon after. MrP returns to the nest at 12:54pm and gets a little more nest work done before he moves up to the Overhead Branch. He watches over his domain until 1:30pm when he’s off again.earlybird_AEF
2/26/20192:09 PMMrP & TFLPrey Delivered/Nest Work/Mating/DepartureMrP returns with his catch of the day at 2:09pm. TFL follows him into the nest whistling her approval. MrP has delivered a perch for her and she couldn’t be more delighted. She grabs it up and begins to eat while MrP gets back to the nest work. He’s apparently still not happy with the stick placement from earlier so for now that’s priority number one. He pulls and pushes on it with more foot stomping until he finally gets it in the V Perch. He appears quite pleased; a celebration seems to be in order. Perhaps something special like a fish dinner for two. Of course, his lady will be more than willing to share after all his hard work. Oh no she won’t. MrP reaches over to get a bite and the tea kettle whistles begin. Not a happy tea kettle but one that’s boiling over. TFL’s not about to give up her fish. MrP tries to get a bite one more time. TFL gives him some pecks to show she means business. MrP will have to wait his turn. Perhaps they’ll be a little something leftover. TFL finishes up her meal and makes her way up to the OH branch. There are a few morsels left and MrP relishes every bit of it before he’s off again at 2:23pm. But he doesn’t go far. He takes off towards the trees, makes a loop back around to the nest, lands directly on top of TFL and they mate. What an amazing maneuver for the second time today. He’s off again for more supplies a few minutes later. He brings back a stick and gets back to the nest work. TFL departs at 2:43pm with MrP following at 2:49pm. earlybird_AEF
2/25/201910:00 AMMrPPerchedMrP does a bit of work in the nest while stopping to look out on his surroundings. He heads out to perch on the lateral branch and shows off his awesome balancing skills, as wind gusts blow through the area, giving him a branch bronco ride. Yee-haw, MrP! As of 11am, MrP stays in place watching over his territory and the fish that’s potentially waiting for TFL in the nest.freebird_AEF
2/25/20197:00 AMMrPArrival/DepartureWe’re aware of the technical issues with the cams and we hope to have them streaming again soon. The winds are gusty this morning with a high wind warning in effect until 6:00pm. We can report that everything is fine at the nest. MrP arrived at 6:20am as is his usual pattern, tidied up the nest and flew off a short while later. earlybird_AEF
2/25/20198:47 AMMrP, TFL, Sub-AdultArrival/ Alert/Mating/DepartureWe have a brief visit by a lovely young sub-adult at 8:47am. TFL voices her annoyance as she flies in and perches on the Overhead Branch. MrP follows her in and quickly escorts the beauty away. The sub-adult clearly gets the message and flies off without a backwards glance. MrP returns and gets some work done in the nest before marching up the Left V branch to join TFL on the OH Branch. They share some sweet conversation before they mate at 8:56am. MrP flies off with TFL following soon after.earlybird_AEF
2/25/20199:41 AMMrPPrey DeliveredMrP delivers a fish at 9:41am but immediately turns around and flies off with it. He returns at 9:57am with the same fish. He doesn’t eat it but lays it in the nest and gets on with the morning chores. This yummy looking fish might just be a special gift for TFL.earlybird_AEF
2/25/20191:14 PMMrP & TFLMatingMrP and TFL were both back at the nest at 1:14pm. TFL was simply delighted to see lunch waiting for her and proceeded to eat it with gusto. MrP spent some time working on the nest before flying over to the Big Branch. He returned a short while later and had a few sweet things to say to his lady before they mate at 1:30pm.earlybird_AEF
2/25/20192:45 PMMrPArrival/DepartureMrP ‘s back on the nest at 2:45pm. He rummages around for a minute or two before he finds what he’s looking for. It appears to be a leftover piece of fish and MrP appears to be hungry. No reason to let this delectable morsel go to waste. TFL’s already had her fill and MrP wouldn’t mind a bite or two for himself. So cute to see him look around before flying off with it. Was he waiting to see if TFL was coming in to claim the leftovers? Or was he trying to sneak out before she saw him? Lucky for MrP that she didn’t return, and he was able to fly off with his prize. Bon appetite MrP.earlybird_AEF
2/25/20193:00 PMMrPArrival/Nest Work/DepartureMrP delivers a stick to the nest at 3:00pm. This stick just will not cooperate. MrP pushes down one end of it, the other end pops up, MrP pushes that end down, the other is back up again. This will never do. MrP has had enough with this stick. He gives it a good old-fashioned foot stomping. MrP can be so cute when he’s assertive. He steps away and seems quite pleased with himself. The stick looks perfect. He marches proudly up the left V branch, looks down to admire his stick work and flies off into the trees.earlybird_AEF
2/24/20196:30 AMMrPPerching/EatingThe rain continues in the Arboretum but we’re expecting skies to clear with temperatures in the low sixties. MrP has continued to keep watch from a tree near the PPT throughout the night. He stretches his wings and flies over to the nest at 7:00am. Apparently MrP is a little hungry this morning. He grabs up a piece of leftover fish with his beak and departs for a tree in the distance to enjoy his breakfish. earlybird_AEF
2/24/20197:15 AMMrPPerchingThere’s a mystical, magical feeling as the fog rolls in. MrP continues to perch on a distant branch, the fog obscuring the foliage behind him, his white head brilliant against the background. MrP has finished his meal and watches over his nest once again. The nest is empty now except for one lone fish tail, perhaps left there for TFL. MrP repositions himself on the branch and out of our view. He moves up higher on a branch and we’re able to see him again. He flies to the nest at 7:51am. A very wet and soggy MrP perches on the Lateral Branch and moves into the nest. He gives that fish tail a second look. It looks so tempting and delicious. Can’t let a good fish tail go to waste. He eats some of it but not all, marches up the Left V Branch and onto the Overhead Branch. Off he goes to a tree at 7:59am.earlybird_AEF
2/24/20199:07 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Mating/DepartureMrP flies over to the Overhead branch at 9:07am. The rain appears to have stopped. MrP perches with his wings outstretched, letting them dry in the breeze. TFL joins him as he moves down in the nest at 9:34am. A delicious fish tail still waits for her dining pleasure and she’s only to happy to eat it. After a nice meal, TFL’s ready to enjoy the view from the Overhead Branch. MrP follows her and they sweetly mate at 9:37am. MrP departs as TFL continues to perch on the OH Branch. earlybird_AEF
2/24/201910:29 AMMrP & TFLMatingMrP’s back with a stick at 10:29am. He joins TFL on the Overhead Branch and they mate once again at 10:34am. MrP flies but is back within minutes carrying a bouquet of fluff for his lady. He marches up the Left V branch and is off again at 10:42am.earlybird_AEF
2/23/20191:45 AMMr. PPerchingMr. P has continued to perch in the PPT as of 1:45 am. He has been there since he departed the nest hours ago, just before it became dark out. His head is tucked into his back to relax his neck and he looks very content. Perhaps an egg today? We shall see! It's 43 degrees and partly cloudy. Sweet Eagle Dreams, DC Eagle Family! FreeSoars_AEF
2/23/20195:00 PMMrPArrival/Prey Delivered/DepartureMrP arrived with a fish and bulging crop shortly after 5pm. He carried it in with one foot and proceeded to walk around with it like a shoe. He didn’t stay long before he and the fish took off flying towards the PPT. Within a minute or two, MrP and his new friend returned to the nest. He continued looking around for TFL but finally gave in to temptation and devoured a good portion of the fish. Around 5:20, MrP, who at this point I’m calling Mr. Pop-A-Crop, settles in to perch either at the PPT or a tree next to it. He appears very well fed as he perches, continues to look around for TFL, does some feaking to clean that beak of his and takes a moment for relaxation and digestion. I believe he left a tail portion of fish in the nest for TFL (or for a snack later).freebird_AEF
2/23/20196:30 AMMrPArrivalNest Work/DepartureIt was such a sweet sight to see MrP sleeping in the nest before first light this morning. It was quite unexpected, we had to do a double take. Is this TFL? No, just the very watchful and ever steadfast MrP. He stayed nearby the entire night, perhaps he was guarding his nest from those pesky but adorable Red-tailed hawks. They seemed to make themselves right at home yesterday, even going as far as sneaking off with MrP’s fish. That will never do. MrP will be keeping an eagle eye on them. MrP tidies up the nest before he flies off at 6:37am.earlybird_AEF
2/23/20197:03 AMRed-Tailed HawksArrival/Nest Work/DepartureThe Red-tailed Hawks are back for another visit this morning at 7:03am. They go about the business of redecorating the nest. I’m not so sure MrP and TFL will appreciate that. As far as I know they haven’t hired an interior decorator, but I could be wrong. They did hire the Blue Jay cleaning Crew and we can see how that turned out. Instead of cleaning up the nest, they’ve been cleaning out the fluff. Fluff snatchers just like that bushy tailed tree climber Nutterbutter. I do miss him. We’ve been told that Nutterbutter may have been spotted recently. I’ll be keeping my eyes out, just in case he shows up again. The Red-tailed hawks both are gone by 7:09am. But not far. We see a fly by on cam B shortly after. earlybird_AEF
2/23/20197:39 AMMrP,TFL, Red-tailed HawksArrival/Chase/Departure/MatingMrP’s back at 7:39am and he’s anything but happy. He sounds as angry as we’ve ever heard him. He tracks something above and sounds the alert vocals. It’s the Red-tailed hawks waiting to get back in the nest and MrP’s not having it. Off he goes, the chase is on. Back and forth they go, the Red-tailed hawks and MrP and perhaps even TFL. She arrives and perches on the Overhead Branch and sounds the warning sirens. “Stay away from my nest!” It seems like this goes on for an eternity but it only lasts minutes. MrP’s back in the nest and jogs up the Left V branch to join TFL and amid all this chaos, they mate. This is a time to strengthen their bond and to show all that this is their nest and they are here to stay. They continue to vocalize after the mating. One of the Red-tailed hawks tries to dive bomb them as they perch on the OH Branch. Not a good thing to do. The Red-tailed Hawks are no match for these two fierce eagles. MrP and TFL continue with the vocals and continue to be on guard but things begin to calm down. MrP flies down and begins to work in the nest. MrP looks on as TFL flies at 8:04am. MrP stands guard in the nest a while longer before he too flies off at 8:12am.earlybird_AEF
2/23/20199:07 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/PerchingIt’s a cloudy morning with temperatures in the mid-thirties and rain expected. MrP returns at 9:07 and gets back to the nest work. It appears that one of the long branches that he delivered yesterday isn’t where he wants it and he’s bound and determined to get it in the V Perch. He pulls and pushes on it with wings flapping and does manage to move it without it falling off the side. At least not yet. We can only imagine how many sticks are piled up under the nest from all the ones he’s lost overboard. Its always funny to see his expression when that happens. He marches up the Left V branch for some morning preening and keeps watch over his nest. No sight or sound of the Red-tailed hawks now, hopefully they’ve got the message that its time to move on. earlybird_AEF
2/23/20199:50 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Nest Work/Perching/MatingMrP flies back down into the nest and back to rearranging that long branch at 9:50am. Apparently, he’s still not pleased with its location. TFL returns to the Overhead just a minute or so later. MrP jogs up the Left V branch and they mate at 9:54am. So sweet to see how TFL sings out with joy and side steps closer to her handsome mate. These two are precious together. Their love and devotion seem to grow each year. MrP departs from the OH in search of the perfect stick. He’s quickly back with another long one and comically maneuvers it around in the nest as TFL supervises from above. earlybird_AEF
2/23/20192:30 PMMrP & TFLPrey DeliveredUpdate: 10:10am TFL seems quite pleased with all MrP’s hard work as she supervises from the Lateral Branch. She gives him a special call and a special look at 10:10am. MrP, always eager to please his lady prances up the V Branch and onto the Overhead. It appears that TFL has romance on her mind once again. She wiggles herself against him with some soft chirps, letting him know how much she cares. This should win the prize for the cutest moment ever. MrP just hangs his head down with a hangdog expression. “Sorry dear. It’s been a busy morning. I just need a little break for now.” Simply adorable. No mating this time but MrP more than makes up for it later. They both fly off but return around the 11:00 hour.. MrP doesn’t arrive empty taloned but instead brings a fish for TFL. Now, that’s the way to TFL’s heart. She is more than pleased now. earlybird_AEF
2/22/201912:05 AMMr. PArrival / Departure / PerchingWhat a surprise. Mr. P came to the nest just after the stroke of midnight. He had a full crop and his white blaze was showing. He picked up a few pieces of nesting material and walked around the nest a few times. Being that it is so quiet at this hour, you could hear the crunching sound of the hay as he side stepped around in a circle. If you didn't see an eagle on the nest, you'd think it was a late night critter that made its way up there. But nope, it was our dear Mr.P doing a late night check on his fortress. After spending about 10 minutes in the nest, he took off across to the PPT, where he is still is perched at 1:20 AM. He is definitely anxious and restless waiting for an egg! Considering we are up as late as he is, we are just as anxious, too!FreeSoars_AEF
2/22/20196:20 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/Perching MrP has arrived a little earlier this morning. The fish that he brought in last evening must have been too tempting for him to resist. He enjoys some breakfish before he gets on with his morning chores. He fluffs up the moss and lies down in the bowl. MrP doesn’t stay there long. The Arboretum is filled with the sounds of birds and other wildlife. He stands, looks around intently and moves up the Left V branch. He can get a much better view from up there. He continues to watch over his nest at 6:55am.earlybird_AEF
2/22/20197:31 AMMrPNest Work/DepartureMrP flies from the Left V Branch at 7:31am and much to the Blue Jays chagrin, he’s back in two minutes. The Blue Jay Cleaning Crew was busy at work, snatching some fluff but MrP’s return curtailed all that. He brings a stick along with him and gets to work in the V Perch. He seems pleased with the results and flies off again to a tree in the distance. He returns at 7:41am to perch on the Overhead branch, perhaps waiting for TFL’s arrival. It doesn’t appear that he ate all the fish this morning. He may have left a little something for her. He’s off again at 7:48am.earlybird_AEF
2/22/20198:40 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Nest Work/Perching/MatingThe skies are cloudy this morning with temperatures currently in the mid-thirties. No precipitation is forecasted today but tomorrow we can expect periods of rain. MrP returns at 8:40am. He aerates the fluff and moves up the Left V Branch to enjoy a short break. He flies back down in the nest just in time for TFL’s arrival on the Overhead Branch. She looks so fetching this morning that MrP can’t resist. He jogs up the V and they sweetly mate on the OH Branch. TFL looks on as MrP flies off. Will he bring back a stick or fluff for her? That’s the burning question. He always likes to please his lady especially after a romantic interlude. He returns with a very large branch. Oh yes! She’s very pleased about that. So pleased that she sends him some soft chirps and some special looks. He jogs up the V and they mate once again. Their second honeymoon continues. What a joy it is to see them so loving together. MrP’s off again and returns with yet another stick. He finishes up with some nest work and moves up the Left V Branch while TFL remains on the OH Branch.earlybird_AEF
2/22/20199:38 AMMrP & TFLMating/Departure/PerchingIt appears that this last branch pleased TFL too. MrP joins her on the Overhead Branch and they have mating number three at 9:38am. MrP’s off again and returns with another large branch. Will there be mating number four? Not quite yet. MrP works on the renovations, tries out the nest bowl and looks up at TFL. “Look Dear, it’s ready for you.” I think MrP wants those eggs as much as we do. He flies off once again. What will he bring back this time?earlybird_AEF
2/22/20199:58 AMMrPNest WorkMrP’s outdone himself this time. He brings back a huge branch. He awkwardly straddles it as he lands in the nest. He pulls himself off and with wings flapping and talons stomping he manages to maneuver it around the nest and partially into the V Perch. Don’t lose it MrP. He pushes it with his talon, he nibbles it with his beak, all in an attempt to place that ungainly branch right where he wants it. Finally, he appears to be pleased with the results and moves onto another stick. But he’s not quite there yet. He’s back to pushing and pulling it for just a minute or two more. Whew. That was hard work. Time to move up the Right V Branch for a little R&R.earlybird_AEF
2/22/201910:29 AMMrP & TFLDepartureDuring MrP’s shenanigans with the huge stick, TFL flew off from the Overhead branch at 10:04am. MrP flies off a short time later at 10:29am from the Right V Branch.earlybird_AEF
2/22/20196:30 PMMrP,TFL, Red-tailed HawksNest Work/Departure/PerchingIt’s been a lively afternoon at the DC nest. The Red-tailed Hawks came for another visit at 1:00pm. They brought in some small sticks to assist with the nestorations and even went as far as snatching MrP’s leftover fish without even a backward glance. What little mischief makers they are but as cute as they can be. The two of them poked and prodded around the nest for awhile and snuck out the back door before MrP or TFL saw them. Or so we thought. Things seemed to change at 1:48pm when MrP and TFL came flying in full speed ahead and sounded the alert vocals. It appeared that a chase ensued but hard to tell who chased what. We believe that MrP may have been escorting the hawks out of the area while TFL watched from the Overhead branch. But still, we can’t be sure. We did hear some of the red-tailed hawks’ beautiful calls before and after the possible encounter so we may just be seeing them again sometime soon. I must admit that I wouldn’t mind that one bit. They are adorable. The rest of the day went on as usual for MrP and TFL. TFL flew off to have some time for herself before the big day and MrP continued getting the nest ready for his little ones. MrP now perches quietly on a tree nearby watching over his nest as night draws near. He’s had a busy day and deserves a good night’s rest. Sweet Eagle Dreams MrP.earlybird_AEF
2/21/201910:28 AMTFLDepartureAt 10:28, TFL departs the tree from the Overhead Branch and flies out of cam view.FreeSoars_AEF
2/21/201912:30 PMMr. PArrivalMr.P arrives at 12:30 with a massive crop. He aerates, moves a stick around and jumps up to the Overhead Branch to perch.FreeSoars_AEF
2/21/20191:20 PMMr. PDepartureMr. P has departed the tree from the Overhead Branch and out of cam view.FreeSoars_AEF
2/21/20192:32 PMMr. PArrival and DepartureMr. P arrives at 2:32 with a big wad of fresh hay. He drops it down and begins to dig up existing nesting material. Aerating and moving it all over, mixiing it in with the fresh hay. The snow in the nest is almost all melted. Mr.P departed 8 minutes later.FreeSoars_AEF
2/21/20195:45 PMMr. PArrival / Prey Delivery / DepartureMr. P flew in with another fish. The weather was so beautiful today so I'm sure it was an easy catch with calm water. After he dropped the fish down he proceeded to do some tyding up and messed with the fluff. Before taking off to the PPT, he ate some more of the fish, his white blaze expanding with each bite. It was a busy day at the nest, and I'm sure he's ready to close his eyes. Sweet Dreams, DC Eagle Family. FreeSoars_AEF
2/21/20196:39 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/DepartureWe have clear skies this morning, the Arboretum an enchanted winter wonderland with a pristine covering of snow on the ground and branches. We expect to see MrP here soon. His talon tracks still remain in the nest from last evening’s attempt to uncover the bowl. Today his job will be much easier as temperatures reach the low fifties. MrP promptly arrives at 6:39am with a stick in his talon. He’s ready to get to work. He quickly places the stick in the nest, marches up the Right V Branch and flies off, perhaps to get more supplies.earlybird_AEF
2/21/20198:44 AMMrPArrival/PerchingMrP returns at 8:44am. He does a quick check of the nest, jogs up the Left V Branch and onto the Overhead. He rouses, preens, gives a little shake of his tail feathers and he’s off to a tree in the distance at 8:52am.earlybird_AEF
2/21/20199:09 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Mating/Perching/DepartureMrP flies off from the tree and returns at 9:09am with a lovely sprig of leaves, perhaps a gift for his sweetheart when she arrives. The sweet interaction between the two of them has been a joy to see. MrP gets onto the work at hand, rearranging sticks. He tries his best to reach one that’s in the V Perch but it just doesn’t want to cooperate. So cute to see him pull and pull on it but it snaps back like a boomerang. Never mind with that. He flies off again. TFL arrives on the Overhead branch at 9:20am looking as beautiful as ever as she basks in the golden sun. MrP obvious agrees. He flies up to join her and they sweetly mate at 9:22am. MrP returns to the nest but he just can’t resist his lovely lady. She calls out to him with some soft chirps and he’s only too willing to answer the call. He jogs up to join her with some sweet talk and they mate again at 9:29am. They give each other some special looks and share some happy conversation before MrP departs. He’s quickly back with a stick but flies again at 9:37am. earlybird_AEF
2/21/201910:00 AMTFLPerchingTFL continues to perch on the Overhead branch, preening her lovely feathers. It’s a beautiful sight to see as she cleans and straightens each one, flaring her tail out at one point like a lovely handheld fan. She’s very slow and meticulous as she works, she wants to look her best for MrP when he returns. Perhaps he’s bringing back a special surprise for her after the wonderful morning they had together. A romantic breakfast for two would be nice.earlybird_AEF
2/21/20193:30 PMEmpty NestEmpty NestThe snow has almost melted, just a sprinkling left on the ground. The warmer weather has done its work. MrP has been busy at work this afternoon too, bringing in new moss and digging up the old. The nest bedding is full and fluffy once again, the only snow that’s left is around the perimeter. What a difference a day makes, a cliché but so true. Yesterday we were in the chill of winter, today it feels more like the warmth of spring. Spring, a season of new beginnings and new life. Our anticipation is growing. Maybe we’ll see an egg laid soon. MrP and TFL are both out and about enjoying this beautiful day. We hope to see them back here soon.earlybird_AEF
2/21/20193:38 PMRed-Tailed HawkArrival/Nest WorkWe have a beautiful visitor on the nest at 3:38pm. No, not an eagle but a Red-tailed hawk. But wait! Not one but two Red-tailed hawks and they appear to be a pair. One of them actually lies in MrP’s freshly brought fluff. That will never do. MrP will not be happy. The second one flies off and brings back a stick. “Nestorations” we ask. Apparently so. S/he’s off again and brings back yet another stick. Well, MrP and TFL sure won’t appreciate this but they’re doing a dandy of a job. The stick gatherer flies off one more time. The other one moves over to perch on the Lateral branch. What! TFL will not appreciate someone sleeping in her bed and someone perching on her branch. Enough is enough. Fly along little beauty before the occupants return. The Red-tailed hawk flies off at 3:54pm. But wait! The stick gatherer returns with another stick and flies off again. But s/he's back at 4:11pm with, you guessed it. Another stick and off s/he goes again.They are adorable!earlybird_AEF
2/21/20195:08 PMMrP & TFLArrival/Prey Delivered/DepartureMrP returns to the nest with a special surprise for his lady. No sign of the hawks now. TFL follows right behind MrP and claims her prize, a juicy, delectable large fish. She digs right in and enjoys her meal while MrP moves up to the Overhead Branch. Maybe she’ll save a little for him. She finishes her fish and marches up the Left V Branch and onto the OH Branch. She did leave some leftovers but MrP has already flown off. TFL flies off herself at 5:21pm.earlybird_AEF
2/20/20196:30 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/DepartureThe snow has begun to fall, giving the illusion of confetti being tossed up in the air. A celebration of sorts of what’s yet to come. It’s a beautiful vision of white, a light covering on the nest already by 7:00am. The forecast is still predicting 2-4 inches and changing over to ice then rain later tonight. By tomorrow, it may just be a memory as temperatures will rise in the fifties. The winter weather in DC is ever changing. MrP’s talons are the first footprints in the snow as he arrives at 7:11am. He digs through the snow and quickly uncovers the nesting material, revealing the bowl that they have so lovingly formed. He looks like he’s about to fly but not just yet. Instead he wiggles down in that special cup meant for his eggs, his body melting the snow with its warmth. MrP is always prompt and prepared. The three P’s; Prompt, Prepared and Perfect. Even in the midst of a snowstorm, he’s always at the ready, staying prepared and making sure that everything is perfect for his family. That’s our MrP and we love him dearly. He flies off into the snow filled sky at 7:24am.earlybird_AEF
2/20/201910:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestIt’s been quiet at the nest, just the muffled sounds of snow drifting through the air. MrP hasn’t been back since early morning and TFL has yet to make an appearance. The snow has continued to accumulate since, the nest bowl now covered once again. No doubt, MrP will dig it out when he returns. We look forward to seeing MrP and TFL back here soon. earlybird_AEF
2/20/20195:47 PMMrP & TFLArrival/Mating/DepartureThe nest is covered in a carpet of snow, the branches encased in glistening ice. Our beautiful pair have been elsewhere today, perhaps the weather will keep MrP from his nightly nest check. I should have never doubted you MrP. The diligent and dedicated MrP arrives at the nest at 5:47pm. Neither snow nor sleet nor freezing rain will keep you away from your nest. He does just a bit of digging before he marches up the Left V branch and over to a nearby tree. It looks like he may have to wait for the melting warmth of tomorrow before he can clear the nest bowl from the ice-covered snow. He returns within minutes and brings TFL with him. How wonderful to see her. She moves up the Left V Branch and onto the Overhead Branch. MrP marches up to join her and they sweetly mate at 5:53pm. TFL looks on as MrP flies off. TFL follows shortly after at 6:05pm. See you both tomorrow. Sweet Eagle Dreams.earlybird_AEF
2/19/201910:12 AMMr. P Arrival / Prey Delivery MrP arrives with a huge catfish. He plops it down, moves some hay around and makes a mess of it. It appears like it is now a catfish on top of hay spaghetti. Like Fish Parmesan. After a few minutes, he hops up to the left V and perches there.FreeSoars_AEF
2/19/201911:14 AMMr. P DepartureAt 11:14, Mr.P departs the tree from the left V. Catfish remains in the nest.FreeSoars_AEF
2/19/201911:20 AMMr. P Arrival / Prey Delivery Well, that was quick. Mr.P returns to the nest screaming and calling out, as he drops another headless fish in the nest. After a hot minute of giving off some warning vocals, he quickly departs the nest and out of cam view. 2 fish are in the nest now.FreeSoars_AEF
2/19/20192:46 PMMr. PArrival and DepartureMr. P arrives back at the nest, just moments after leaving. He futzes quickly with nesting material and then jumps to the Left V. He stops short and starts to stare out into his domain. Paying close attention to movements and sounds within his nest territory. Mr. P departs at 2:58FreeSoars_AEF
2/19/20194:40 PMMr. P Arrival / Eating / Departure Mr.P came to the nest at about 4:40, and he went right for one of the fish. He didn't want that fresh fish for TFL to go to waste, so he enjoyed a nice dinner for himself. He also departed with the Catfish in his talons just three minutes later. Perhaps bringing it to TFL or just another meal for himself off of the nest. Freesoars_AEF
2/19/20194:50 PMMr. P Arrial / Nest Work Mr.P is back with a massive in-your-face crop and white blaze. So....I guess he ate the Catfish afterall. He immediately goes to the nest floor and digs deep, like way deep, like all the way to South America deep. He aerates like a mad man. Then he checks out the nest bowl for comfort and decides that if TFL doesn't lay an egg soon, he will. He currently is standing at the V. His white blazes stands out - as his ginormous crop protudes a few feet away from his chest. He's stocked up for the storm to come.Freesoars_AEF
2/19/20195:25 PMMr. P DepartureAt 5:25, Mr. P departs the nest after doing one more check on the nest bowl. He fluffs the hay and off he goes. Surprised he was able to. I thought that crop would weigh him down and he'd go overboard, like most of his sticks.Freesoars_AEF
2/19/20195:40 PMMr. P and TFLMating / Nest Work / PerchingAt about 5:40, Mr. P and TFL show up at the nest, they mate on the OH, then Mr. P drops to the nest to do more work in the nest bowl, as well as check it out for comfort. He looks precious as he moves hay around him. I'm telling you...he is more prepared for this than she is! LOL! TFL stays on the OH. Freesoars_AEF
2/19/20195:53 PMTFLDepartureTFL departs the nest from the OH. Mr. P is looks up as she leaves and has a look on his face like " get back here and lay an egg!' Freesoars_AEF
2/19/20195:58 PMMr. PDeparture / PerchingAt 5:58, Mr. P departs the Nest Tree and heads to the PPT. at 6:01 he departs the PPT.Freesoars_AEF
2/19/20196:30 PMWeather AlertWeather Alert - Evening UpdateA winter storm warning will be moving into the DC area in the very early morning. It will snow, with approximate accumlations in downtown DC between 2-4", it will then transition over to sleet by midday and then rain, possibly into the evening, as the temperatures rise into the high 40's. An expected quick melt should happen with this snow as temperatures will be in the mid 50's on Thursday. Earlybird will post an update in the morning should anything change with this impending wintry mix storm.FreeSoars_AEF
2/19/20196:33:00 AMMrPArrival/Nest Work/DepartureMrP is the first to arrive at first light as is his pattern. He gives the nest a quick check, aerates the fluff and flies at 6:39am.earlybird_AEF
2/19/20197:49 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Nest Work/Mating/DepartureMrP arrives with a huge branch at 7:49am. He nips and bites and pulls and prods to get it exactly where he wants it. He trots up the V branches but quickly returns to the nest. His lady has arrived and she seems in a very loving mood. She softly chirps and does her little wiggle dance before moving over to the Lateral branch. An invitation? We wonder. MrP seems to think so. He joins her with some sweet talk and they mate at 8:00am. MrP flies off for more supplies while TFL preens her lovely feathers in the morning sun. He returns to the nest work for just a bit before joining TFL on the Lateral Branch once again. TFL softly chirps, MrP sweetly talks and they mate for the second time at 8:15am. They contently perch side by side on the Lateral Branch, giving each other some special looks and enjoying each other’s company. So beautiful to see them together like this. MrP finally flies at 8:19am and is quickly back with a stick. He finishes up the work at hand and marches up the Right V Branch for a well-deserved break. TFL looks on as he departs at 8:44am.earlybird_AEF
2/19/20199:00 AMTFLDepartureIt’s a chilly but beautiful morning at the Arboretum with temperatures near thirty degrees. TFL continues perching on the Lateral branch with the sun shining down on her and the birds serenading her with their morning songs. Finally at 9:00am, she rouses her feathers and flies off into the trees. earlybird_AEF
2/18/20194:12:00 PMEmpty NestEmpty NestIt's been quiet at the nest for most of the afternoon. Mr.P made a brief stick delivery during the lunch time hour, but sigh, it went overboard. Since then, there have been no sounds other than some birds chirping in the background and the howling wind.FreeSoars_AEF
2/18/20196:45:00 AMMrPArrival/Vocals/DepartureI believe this is MrP who arrives on the Lateral Branch at 6:45am. He seems to be on alert as he intently looks around the area and sounds the vocals. It’s hard to know what’s got him so excited but he flies at 6:59am.earlybird_AEF
2/18/20197:24:00 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Mating/Departure MrP returns to the nest at 7:24am and aerates the fluff. He moves up to the Overhead branch at 7:27am to join TFL where they sweetly mate. MrP flies off to a nearby tree while TFL continues to perch on the OH Branch. So cute to see MrP grab up a stick in his beak and come flying back to the nest. TFL calls out with some soft chirps. It sounds like a little romance might be on her mind. MrP quickly finishes up the task at hand and marches up the Left V Branch. “I’m here sweetie”. TFL softly chirps again and MrP joins her on the OH Branch. They share some sweet conversation before they mate for the second time this morning. MrP flies off, returns with some nesting material and moves back up the Left V branch. TFL softly calls out again but no mating this time. MrP is departs at 7:50am, TFL follows at 7:54am.earlybird_AEF
2/18/20199:50:00 AMMrPArrival/PerchingMrP’s back in the nest at 9:50am. He briefly works on the nest chores before he jogs up the Left V Branch, flies over to the Overhead branch and off to a tree near the PPT. As of 10:10am he remains perched on the branch.earlybird_AEF
2/18/20194:30:00 PMEmpty NestEmpty NestThe roar of the wind continues this late afternoon, the nest sways back and forth. The Tulip Poplar Tree cradles the nest in its branches, protecting it from the elements. What a beautiful nest it is. MrP and TFL have done well. All looks ready. We hope to have a visit from MrP before the setting sun. He’s usually the first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening. MrP likes to make sure his nest is in tip top condition before he goes off for the night, just in case precious egg DC8 is ready to make its appearance into the world. Everything has to be just right for his little ones. The nest bowl looks perfect to us but MrP is the perfectionist and he’ll make sure that every stick and every bit of nesting material is put in exactly the right place over and over and over again. Have I mentioned lately how totally adorable he is? MrP has not returned as of 5:30pm. Perhaps he and TFL are cuddled up on a branch together enjoying the beautiful sunset.earlybird_AEF
2/18/20196:01:00 PMMrPArrival/Nest Work/Departure MrP arrives for his nightly check of the nest at 6:01pm. His nest work is interrupted by the sounds of rustling below. It could just be a squirrel or a deer but MrP doesn’t like anything near his nest. He stops, looks down and listens. He doesn’t seem too concerned and just gets back to aerating the fluff. The nest looks neat and tidy now, MrP seems pleased with his work. He flies off for the night at 6:07pm. We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow MrP. Sweet eagle dreams.earlybird_AEF
2/17/20196:30:00 AMMrPArrivalThe Tulip Poplar Tree stands tall and proud, an eagle’s nest nestled in its strong and sturdy branches. A nest lovingly built by two very special eagles for their very special little ones. A nest surrounded by intricately woven sticks that MrP and TFL have so carefully and diligently placed one by one. A fortress made with love and care to keep their little ones safe and secure. The IR gives it a welcoming glow that only we can see. MrP arrives promptly at 6:30am. The first order of business, check out the nest bowl. Is it comfortable? Check. Is the bowl nice and deep? Check. Is there plenty of fluff? Check. Will TFL be pleased with it? Check. All systems are go. All we need now are the eggs. Our excitement and anticipation are growing. MrP flies over to the Primary Perching Tree, perhaps he’s waiting with excitement too.earlybird_AEF
2/17/20196:41:00 AMMrPDepartureThe sky looks gorgeous in shades of gold, lavender, pink and blue as the sun rises. MrP continues to perch on the Primary Perching tree but not for long. He flies off into that beautiful sky at 6:41am.earlybird_AEF
2/17/20198:15:00 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Mating MrP arrives with some fluff at 8:15am with TFL arriving on the Overhead branch soon after. MrP flies off but immediately returns when TFL flies down to the nest. She softly chirps and does her little wiggle dance against MrP to let him know how much she cares. She moves over to the Lateral Branch and gives him some special looks. He doesn’t hesitate to accept the invitation and joins her on the branch. They share some sweet talk before they mate at 8:23am.earlybird_AEF
2/17/20198:24:00 AMMrP & TFLPerching/DepartureTFL and MrP sweetly perch together on the Lateral branch in contented bliss. No words are needed, just two eagles enjoying each other’s company in companionable silence. MrP flies off at 8:24am. He may have noticed that some of the fluff is missing from the nest this morning. The Blue Jay Cleaning Crew has been at it again. Their idea of cleaning seems to be snatching MrP’s fluff while he’s out and about. That’s no way to run a business. This will never do. MrP has his work cut out for him this morning. Time to replenish the nest.earlybird_AEF
2/17/20198:29:00 AMMrP & TFLArrival/Nest Work/DepartureMrP returns at 8:29am with a stick. He quickly places it in the nest as TFL supervises from the Lateral Branch. He flies off again a few minutes later. TFL remains on the Lateral Branch until 9:05am, when she too flies off. earlybird_AEF
2/17/20192:28:00 PMMrPPrey Delivery/DepartureMrP arrives at the nest with a catfish at 2:28pm. He may have had a nibble or two or three but the rest of this delicious fish is a gift for TFL. He places it carefully in the nest and looks all around. “Where can she be?” She’s nowhere in sight, he picks it up in his talon and flies off into the trees with it. Is he worried that this fish will be swooped up by another eagle before TFL gets a chance to eat it? Perhaps. Or is he planning to eat it himself? Perhaps. It does look mighty tempting. MrP’s back in two minutes flat with the fish. MrP has been known to sneak an extra bite or two but this time it appears that he’s saving this fish for his very special lady. He carefully places it in the nest again. This time he calls out for her. “Dinner is waiting Dear”. Still, no sign of TFL. But does he eat her fish? No, he does not! MrP is a wonderful mate and provider and this fish is meant for TFL. He calls out again in just the sweetest voice but to no avail. TFL must be out and about running some errands before the big day. Finally, at 2:43pm, he flies off, leaving the fish behind. I wonder if he’s going out to find her. I bet he is.earlybird_AEF
2/17/20193:25:00 PMMrPArrival/Departure/Perching/EatingMrP’s back for a brief check of the fish at 3:25pm. He perches on a branch, takes a quick peek in the nest and flies off. Yes, the fish is still there. You are adorable MrP! He returns once again at 3:33pm and immediately flies off to the big branch. This time the fish goes with him. It looks like TFL won’t be having this fish dinner after all. Enjoy MrP. earlybird_AEF
2/16/201911:35:00 AMMrP Arrival / Prey Delivery At about 11:35, Mr.P flies to the nest with quite a large fish. Half eaten on one side. He drops it down and starts fussing with the nest materials. He seems on alert for a short moment as his neck cranes and he traces the sky. He adds some simple warning vocals for whatever is in the area, to be gone. Forever and a day, he stands behind his beautiful fish, looking out. He seems tempted for a split moment or two to take a bite, but he wants TFL to come enjoy it. So, he sits and sits and sits....he does some crop drops and you can ever so slighly see his white tie buried behind his fluffy brown feathers. He certainly had his fill with the portion of the fish he ate. As of 12:46 pm, he contines to stay in the nest, presumably waiting for TFL. He does look a bit tense as he bucks up his chest and then let's it stick out. His neck is "arched" in a way he appears to also be on alert. FreeSoars_AEF
2/16/201912:48:00 PMMrPAlertThe year is 2025 and MrP still has not budged. For well over an hour he has protected the nest, the fish and his territory. He does some side steps, finally, and moves a stick into place, then, back to attention. Standing tall with his eyes wide open, listening, looking and remaining on top of his game. I truly want to rub some Aveeno lotion on his feet. I have never seen such rough, bumpy, dirty feet on an eagle, as MrP's. It's for sure a sign of a hard and dedicated worker and provider. He does not slack in that area.FreeSoars_AEF
2/16/20191:30:00 PMTFLArrival / Mating / DepartureFinally! At 1:28 Queen TFL arrives to the nest and goes right for the fish. Mr.P's attitude did a 180. He gleamed, looked excited to see her and started messing more with the nestorations instantly, as TFL ate her plump, juicy and perfectly Old Bay seasoned fish. At 1:38, after a quick digestion, Mr.P and TFL head to the Lateral Branch and mated. At 1:39, Mr.P flew off the Nest Tree, out of cam view. TFL remains perched on the Lateral as of 1:43 PM. Mr.P now is seen doing some fly-bys. Within moments he arrives with a new stick, places it at the V and checks out the nest bowl. TFL gives him the side eye as she watches him. He then jumps the the left V, as now both of them are looking out into their domain. FreeSoars_AEF
2/16/20191:53:00 PMMrP and TFLDepartureAt 1:53 PM, TFL and MrP fly off in sync, out of cam view. FreeSoars_AEF
2/16/20192:35:00 PMMrPArrivalMr.P arrives back to the nest with a stick, places it and jumps up to the left V.FreeSoars_AEF