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NameEmailPhoneDescriptionAmount RequestedHow funds will be used What grades will funds be spent on
2/27/2016 21:30:01
Simona Dumitru-Rose
(415) 850-6808
Reading Specialist for Scott Campus, Increased Supervised/Facilitated Play Staff at Scott$70,000Not sure on how much it will cost - I believe there is already a proposal from the CL administration for a Reading Specialist at Scott (with all the details) and it will be great to add additional the supervision/ facilitated play staff at Scott. The latter will aid students with conflict resolution, supervise the entire playground and prevent aggressive play.
2/27/2016 22:11:29Aki Kerner
(415) 440-2381
Please consider to fund and hire a full/part time Reading Specialist for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade on Scott campus to help students who are in needs to improve their readings level. It will benefits both students and teachers. My daughter had a reading specialist on Madison campus on 1st and 2nd grade. To get that great help, her reading level improved a lot and to have more one on one or a small group reading practice was very helpful. It would be helpful if she and other students in needs could continue to have a reading specialist on Scott campus too. Thank you!Full time Reading Specialist on Scott campus for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.
2/28/2016 13:42:35Julie Binkley
(415) 260-5974
Allocate funds for reading and math specialists at both campuses for graded k-5. Divert funds from technology towards these specialists.$40,000Funds used for 1 math and 1 reading specialist at both campuses for grades k-5.
2/29/2016 9:38:18Kristi Estes
(415) 971-8563
Please see the attached link for the PTA funding request for Silvia Vega Ashe.

Thank you.
3/3/2016 18:59:48Carlene
(415) 750-8603
The cost of the 8th grade graduation and reception is $10,000. The total with ceremony, reception and activities (i.e. dance, bus to six flags, class gift to school, graduate photos, plus more) is $17,000

This year and in the past the PTA has reserved $3000 for the graduation. The $10,000 is for the graduation and reception. Additional funds for addition activities will be raised by the committee.

I will bring a spread sheet of costs to the PTA meeting.
$10,000Eight grade graduation, day of ceremony and dinner reception
3/4/2016 9:28:41Tyler Graff
(415) 749-3516
Instructional Reform Facilitator: $48,000

This position would be replacing the CTIS. The role of the new IRF would be to support and coach teachers to innovate in their classrooms and implement new instructional initiatives across the school.
$48,000This position will be a full time position and they IRF would be working with teachers in Kindergarten through 8th grade. The remaining portion of the IRF would be paid for by the Salesforce grant (if we end up getting that funding this year).
3/4/2016 9:32:50Tyler Graff
(415) 749-3516
1/2 (0.5 fte) Counselor/Social Worker: $48,000$48,000This position would be working at the Madison Site to coordinate individual and small group counseling and social skills groups. They would help with school culture, behavior management, and Restorative Practices. Ultimately, they would work with administration and our full time Social Worker to help implement cohesive systems from K through 8. This position would also allow our full time counselor to to more fully support the Scott Campus. She would be freed up to do more small group and individual counseling sessions along with some middle school academic counseling and parent education opportunities.
3/4/2016 9:35:54Tyler Graff
(415) 749-3516
Reading Specialist: $20,000$20,000This position would be used to fully support the Madison Campus. Currently we're implementing a system for early intervention with our struggling readers with a 0.8 FTE Reading Specialist and we'd like to expand that to be a full time position at Madison.
3/4/2016 9:39:41Tyler Graff
(415) 749-3516
Tier II Intervention Teacher: $96,000$96,000This position would be to support the Scott Campus. Currently we have very few supports for our struggling students at the Scott Campus. Similar to the Reading Specialist position at the Madison Campus. This person would help to provide extra support when needed and may have the potential to integrate into the classroom or provide enrichment opportunities as well. The type of work this person does will largely be based on the student data we have at the beginning of next year.
3/4/2016 10:21:18Angela Sheredy
(415) 572-2417
Community/ Cultural Fund$5,000Covers K-8
Includes community and or cultural event such as
- dance or theater performances at one or both campuses.
- Day hikes
- Rocket days
- Overnight camp outs
- Rob Hill and other locales
- Pine Wood Derby
- Your ideas
5/9/2016 12:53:40
8B Ms. Cheungs Class
(415) 749-3516
Money for the prizes to motivate kids to pick up litter and participate in the contest.$500For motivation for our prize, pizza, candy, etc.
2/3/2017 10:55:12Tyler Graff
(415) 749-3516
The third grade team is using a Science program to teach their kids. The cost is roughly $1,000. The principal's discretionary fund is down to $500. Is there a way we can split the cost or have the PTA cover this one?


I've put the "bill" in the treasurer's box at the Scott Campus


$1,000To teach 66 3rd graders science using technology and hands on teaching experiences.
4/6/2017 9:48:21Caren Park
(415) 602-8555
KIP Translation and Language Support$5,000Small fund to assist KIP teachers with getting language materials or materials translated to teach their curriculum in Korean. SFUSD is required to provide assistance with translation services; however, because KIP is the only Korean-language program in Northern California, it is extremely difficult to get translations for core subjects like Math, Science, etc. Tyler is working on getting more assistance at the school district level so the initial ask from teachers should start there. If no traction is made in a timely manner, KIP teachers K-8 can make a request to hire a translation service or purchase language materials to support their teaching in Korean using these funds. This will hopefully alleviate time KIP teachers need to spend on translating materials or enhance teaching in Korean because there is more time/materials to share with the students. We should evaluate this at the end of the year to see if it has been used, if it has helped the teachers save time and teach in Korean more, and whether it is enough budget moving forward.
4/6/2017 22:23:44Tyler Graff
(415) 749-3516
This is for the Office Support position at the Scott Campus. The majority of this work will be focused on supporting the Outdoor Education program at Lilienthal. This position will also help with administrative tasks needed to be handled for the PTA in addition to support for teachers. A more detailed job description is to come.$8,000The funds will help to keep the administrative portion of Outdoor Education running smoothly through closely managed office support on the Scott Campus. This 2 hour a day ($20 an hour) position will be focused on Outdoor Education administration but will also include support for PTA events such as forms needing to be handed out, Wednesday envelope hard copies, and other PTA related events.

The 8,000 will be paid in 10 installations of $800 based on $20 an hour for 10 hours a week for each month.

A full job description has been drafted and will be ready soon.
4/10/2017 18:16:03Carlene Lim
(415) 750-8603
Scholastic News for all classes grades k-5
6th grade ELA & Social studies & science
7th grade science and ELA
8th grade ELA
$4,000To purchase scholastic news subscriptions for all students K-8

Possibly add $4,000 to classroom materials line item.
9/18/2017 23:52:05Jinee Kim Rebouh
(415) 987-1016
Dance & music performance for KIP's Chusok (Harvest) Festival. This annual celebration is wonderful, indeed. Adding traditional Korean dance and music would only make it more festive, meaningful and educational as it will expose the students to important aspects of Korean culture that is difficult to experience. The beauty of traditional Korean dance and music can grace our school for a short period but most certainly, will leave a lasting impression on our students.$400The requested amount will be used to provide an honorarium for traditional dance and music performer, Ilhyun Kim (trained in Korea and the U.S. and has 20 + years of experience performing and teaching). This is lower than her normal rate but she knows our school and fully agrees to the value of exposing young children to traditional arts. She would perform for both campuses on the day of the Chusok event, 10/6, if this fund request is approved.
2/20/2018 14:56:43Kristi Arnold Estes
(415) 971-8563
Please see attached document requesting funding for Silvia Vega Ashe.
3/5/2018 21:21:51Ashley Bond
(415) 722-6093
This request is for a continuation of the Outdoor Classroom program at both Madison and Scott campuses. The amount requested is $55,000 and will be spent as follows:
$50,000 paid to Education Outside (EO) for 2 F/T Education Outside educators, one for each campus, to teach science standards based curriculum in the gardens/outdoor classrooms.
$5,000 available to use for outdoor classroom materials and site development projects.
$55,000Description of how funds will be used above. For grades K-5.
3/12/2018 11:47:18Karen Hadley
(415) 749-3516
Athletic/Physical Education Funds$5,000The funds will be used for CPR training & certifications for 7th & 8th grades; Unity Dance, Giants game, equipment for athletics and PE.
3/16/2018 9:20:10
Simona Dumitru-Rose
(415) 850-6808
SchoolPages data/directory upload at the beginning of the school yr and data/directory management.$750SchoolPages data/directory upload at the beginning of the school yr and data/directory management. SchoolPages will bill us if this exceeds 10hrs for the year. I have estimate for more details.
3/19/2018 12:25:38Annemarie Fortier
(415) 244-0799
8th Grade Graduation Fund

1. Donors to the PTA are not allowed to earmark their donations. The understanding, and trust, is that PTA and school leaders will consider the broad needs of our entire community.

2. This issue is among the biggest complaints I hear about, and I don't even have a middle school kid. There seems to be much stress, angst and, frankly, resentment around this issue.

3. Equity. My children benefit directly from some items, such as Outdoor Ed. But not from the reading specialist and other items. I don't keep score, and I don't think the majority of (reasonable) parents do either.

4. Divisiveness. I was told by one parent that the KIP families "never" give to the graduation fund. It just makes me sad that anyone is keeping score, that anyone is put into the "giving" vs. "non-giving" category....So many reasons this statement is wrong.

5. These graduating 8th graders are OUR kids. (This is where I get a bit emotional) I have been leading the school tours for a couple of years now. It is always a pleasure to hear Patty and Tyler speak about what makes our school great, and to give an honest presentation of the limitations of a public education in a big, urban district. But since the introduction of 8th graders participating in the tours, I have been completely awed at their intelligence, awareness, humility and kindness. I don't know what the secret ingredient is, but our school makes great kids. We should all congratulate them
$8,000Graduation committee, comprised of 8th grade students and their parents, plus at least one parent with no children in 8th grade.
4/11/2018 10:50:38Tyler Graff
(415) 749-3516
Korean Immersion Program Support:
These funds would be used to support the Korean Immersion Program and its efforts to spread cultural learning throughout the school. Much of the funding would help put on the Chuseok and Seollal celebrations at both of our campuses. Food, singing, dancing, and some learning will take place for all 700 of our kids on these two days. By helping to fund this initiative, other funds are freed up to allow our KIP teachers to meet on a quarterly basis to plan lessons, improve program initiatives, and reflect on their teaching practice.
$5,000These funds will be used to purchase food, utensils, and cultural items used in teaching the entire student body at Claire Lilienthal. These funds will be paired with support from SFKIEA and the Korean Consulate to host cultural celebrations and fund collaboration time for our seven Korean Immersion Teachers.
4/11/2018 13:02:18Tyler Graff
(415) 749-3516
Middle School Support Person:
This initiative will be a personnel position used to support the Middle School students and staff. As of now, the exact details of that position have not been worked out with our teaching team. Once the administration and staff collaborate on the specifics of the position, we will get back with a detailed plan and timeline. This could be support for struggling students receiving D's or F's, High School Counseling, in-class support for students, more developed parent education, and more.
$180,000These funds will be spent over the course of three years in service of our Middle School program. $60,000 each year for three years will be dedicated to this support position. Although these funds don't fully support the1.0 FTE needed, these funds will be combined with other sources including Salesforce's Principal Innovation Fund and our SFUSD budget to fully fund the position. Depending on how the staff designs this position, the person hired could support with parent education (for high school applications), conflict resolution, academic support, and more.
4/30/2018 10:39:05Jennifer Romero
(415) 279-8567
This request is for school year 2018-19 to allocate $50 per student to help cover Outdoor Education program out of pocket costs from grades 3rd - 8th. These are the trips that become more expensive due to longer overnight stays, and farther distances traveled. This request is in addition to budget already allocated for Outdoor Education scholarships. If there are an estimated 520 3rd-8th graders, the budget request would be 520 students x $50 = $26,000$26,000Grades 3rd - 8th Outdoor Education programs when trips become more expensive due to longer periods away, and farther distances traveled. The funds will help offset the out of pocket cost per student for the trip.
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