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Developer 1Log In
Provide an ability to log in and recover password
Display Account Info & Transactions
Display list of Accounts, Account Balances and Recent Transactions and Transaction details
Polishing and QAV1 ReleaseEssential Move Money Flow Foundation
Develop the framework for all move money operations and screens.
Has to be done before any further Move Money flows are developed.
Main Move Money screen
Display Move Money screen
Move money Between Accounts
- Ability to move money between accounts
- Without Advance Schedule feature
Pay Bills
- Ability to pay pills
- Without Advance Schedule and Favorites features
Polishing and QAV2 ReleaseSend Money To Another Person
Ability to send money to another person via ACH, to any financial institution. Powered by Zelle.
Without Advance Schedule feature
Make a Wire Transfer
Ability to send a wire transfer to any financial institution in the world.
Without Advance Schedule feature
Schedule a Transaction
Ability to schedule a transaction from inside any Money Money flow.
Ability to schedule a transaction from Future Transactions screen.
Polishing & QAV3 ReleaseAdvanced Chat Functionality
A suite of additional UI enhancements for easier consumer interaction (buttons, custom inputs, other elements that can be displayed to the user by the Chase representative)
Intelligent Fraud Alert
Powered by Smart Money
Polishing & QA
Developer 2Basic Misc Info
- Contact Us
- ATM&Branches Locator
Basic Chat Functionality
- Direct, text-only conversations with a Chase representative
Transaction Details - Fraud AlertPolishing and QAAdvanced Log In Functions
- Touch ID
- Personalized welcome message
- Personalized background
Account Alerts
- Display on Account screens
- Display list of alerts
- Filter alerts per account
- Display alert details
Alerts Settings
Ability to set up various alerts and notification preferneces in Settings section of the app
Miscellaneous Settings
Account Security Settings
Touch ID Settings
Check Deposit
Ability to deposit checks using the application
Polishing and QARequest Money From Another Person
Ability to request money from another person via email or phone number. Powered by Zelle.
Future/Scheduled Transactions
- Display a collapsible list in Accounts to show Future Transactions
- Ability to see list of scheduled transactions
Favorite Transactions
- Ability to set any Move Money transaction as a Favorite for easy repeated use
- Display list of Favorites
Polishing & QASmart Money Set of Features
- Cash flow projections
- Projected transactions
- Goals
- Safe-to-Spend
Polishing & QA