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ProgressStructureSentenceSituationGender51 Female items50 Male items
4We're trying to come to a consensus on where to go for drinks.It's Friday evening, and you arrive at your friend's apartment. You have plans to go out. Your friend explains that the group is discussing what bar to go to. Male01
4Do you want to go see a movie maybe?It's Saturday afternoon. You and your girlfriend have been lying around all day, but you want to go out. You suggest going to the cinema. Male02
4I'm so out of it this morning.You accidentally give your coworker the wrong file. He points this out, and you apologize. You explain that you've been making a lot of small mistakes this morning, and can't focus well. Male02
4I think I'll be able to squeeze everything all in one bag.You just paid for your groceries at the supermarket. You brought a bag, but the cashier asks if you need another. You tell him you think your bag is big enough. Male02
4Could I get change for a ten-dollar bill?You need some change to take the bus downtown, but all you have is a ten dollar bill. You stop in to a corner store and ask for change. Male03
4I know that all of you have really busted your asses on this project, and I really appreciate it.You're a manager at your company. Your team just finished a big project. You take them out to lunch to thank them. When the drinks arrive, you make a toast to their hard work. Male04
4I've got to get a new laptop. Mine is absolutely ancient.You're at a cafe with a friend, working on your laptop. You're getting frustrated because your computer is so slow. You mention to your friend that you need to get a new one. Male05
4My ears are ringing.You're driving home with your girlfriend after a loud concert. Because of all the noice, you hear a kind of high-pitched sound in your ears. You tell her about it. Male06
4I've been trying to cut down on caffeine.Your boss buys coffee for everyone on Monday mornings, and you usually get one. Today you ask for tea instead. You explain that you're trying to change your diet and be healthier. Male06
4I've never been into baseball.Your city's baseball team is playing an important game tonight. Your coworker asks you if you're going to watch it. You explain that you don't really care about baseball. Male06
4I think you need to go to a mechanic.Your friend's car is making a strange noise. You think the problem might be serious, so you recommend her to go to a professional.Male06
4I don't know what to say.Your girlfriend has just told you she wants to break up. You're deeply shocked. You don't feel ready to speak, so you say this. Male07
4Back when I was in school, teachers would spank you with a paddle if you misbehaved.Your grandson got detention today for being rude to the teacher. You think his punishment wasn't serious enough. You tell him what happened when you misbehaved in school. Male08
4Don't forget to wipe down the counters and the top of the refrigerator.Your son is cleaning the kitchen to make some extra allowance money. He usually goes too fast. You remind him of some spots he may forget to clean. Male09
4Cut it carefully, OK?Your son received a present from his grandma in the mail. You let him use scissors to open it, but want to make sure he doesn't cut what's inside.Male010
4I don't have any plans for Thursday. Do you?You and your girlfriend just found out that a band you like is coming to your city next Thursday. You want to go, so you ask her if she's free that day. Male011
4Animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite.You are explaining some basic science to your fourth grade class. You describe the difference in how plants and animals "breathe": Male012
4Did you go in to work today?You arrive home early from work, and your room mate is in the living room. Normally he gets home much later. You ask him if he stayed home today. Male013
4I got mixed up and took Highway 50 South instead of North.You arrive late to a family reunion in a nearby city. You explain how you got lost on your way there. Male014
4I don't think it'll be a problem.You invited a friend to your neighbor's barbecue party. He asks if he can bring his girlfriend. You tell him you think that will be fine. Male015
4There are a few people who actually earn a good living as bloggers.You just started a blog and are hoping to make some money. Your friend doesn't think anyone can maka a living this way. You tell him he's not quite right about that. Male016
4Yuuki in particular seemed interested in going.You're a teacher having lunch with your colleagues. You tell them about an idea you suggested to your class: going to visit City Hall. You mention to the other teachers that one of your students seemed especially excited. Male017
4Can you tell me who that is?You're at a coffee shop, and a song is playing that you've never heard. You really enjoy it, so you ask the barista who the artist is.Male018
4I can't carry a tune at all.You're at a karaoke bar with some friends. One friend asks you to sign up to sing a song with her, but you tell her you are a terrible singer. Male019
4Back in the '80s, there was graffiti all over the place in the city.You're at dinner with some friends, discussing politics in your city. Your friend thinks that the mayor isn't doing a good job. You point out how much better some things are now than they used to be. Male020
4Do you have any recommendations?You're at dinner with some friends. You tell them you're going to Seattle next week. One friend says he just visited Seattle last month, so you ask him what he liked when he was there. Male021
4I've managed to do OK.You're chatting with someone at the bar about being a graphic designer. You explain that it can be difficult for some people to make money, but you've been somewhat successful. Male022
4Every time I ask her to help out, she gets all angry and defensive!You're complaining to your friend about one of your room mates. She rarely cleans anything. Your friend suggests talking to her about it. You tell him what usually happens when you do that. Male023
4There're some good restaurants around here.You're driving to the cinema when your friend says he doesn't know the neighborhood you're in. You tell him it's a nice area with some good places to visit. Male024
4When was the last time we saw each other?You're getting coffee with a friend from high school. You've been friends for a long time, but you live in different cities now. you're trying to remember when exactly you last got together. Male025
4He says he bought a 90-dollar tie.You're hanging out with your friend, talking about another friend who just started a new job. It's a big change for him and he's making a lot of money. You give an example of how his lifestyle has changed. Male026
4Could you pass me the salt?You're having dinner with your family. The food needs a little bit of salt, but the salt is across the table. You ask your brother to pass the salt. Male027
4His work isn't that innovative.You're having drinks with some friends after an art show. Your friend didn't really like the art because he thought it wasn't original or interesting. He explains his opinion. Male028
4The clouds seem to be clearing up, so that's good.You're headed to a barbecue with some friends. It looked like it might rain, but now the weather is improving. You point this out to your friends. Male028
4I don't get what I'm supposed to do.You're in a training session at your job. The trainer has given a long explanation of a new product, and then asks you to try it together with another person. You're confused about what exactly your task is. Male029
4I'm looking for a gift for my wife.You're looking at some items in a boutique. The salesperson asks if you need any help. You explain what you're shopping for. Male029
4You should say something to the waiter.You're on a dinner date and just received your food. Your date asked for salad but got fries instead. You encourage her to tell the waiter about this. Male030
4When are tomatoes in season?You're planning a family dinner with your brother. You have to find a salad recipe to make for everyone. You see a great recipe for tomato salad, but you aren't sure if you can find good tomatoes right now. Male031
4The refrigerator's broken.You're sitting in the break room at work when you're colleague enters. She goes to put her food in the refrigerator, but you tell her that it's not working. Male032
4Before you know it, you'll be finished with school and ready to find a job.You're talking to your nephew at a family party. He's starting his third year of university. You comment on how fast time passes. Male033
4He's got a lot going for him.You're talking with your mom about your brother's job interview yesterday. You point out that he has excellent qualifications, a good personality, and many other attributes that should help him get the position. Male034
4He has a kind of solid build, right?You're talking with your mother about your second cousin, who you haven't seen for many years. You think you remember him being broad-shouldered, muscular, and maybe a tiny bit overweight. You check with your mother to see if your memory is correct. Male035
4All right, how about this: I'll pick Oliver up after school and take him to practice, and you can go with Emily to the dentist.You're talking with your wife, trying to manage your kids' schedules. You suggest a plan for tomorrow.Male036
4My photo collection is scattered across three or four different computers.You're telling your friend about an amazing trip you went on seven years ago. He asks if you have pictures, but you explain that you're not sure exactly where they are. Male037
4Can someone help me with this?You're trying to carry a big box from one office to another. It's a little too big for you to carry by yourself, so you ask for assistance. Male038
4Have you guys been here before?You're walking with some friends to a bar downtown. You ask your friends if it's their first time at this bar. Male039
4Whoa, don't shoot the messenger.Your boss says that everyone needs to stay an hour late to finish a project. You tell the other employees. A few people are angry. You tell them it wasn't your idea. Male040
4The good thing about it is that it doesn't need to be watered that often.Your coworker comments on the new plant in your office. You tell her that it's really low-maintenance. Male041
4I don't really want to go, but I feel kind of obligated.Your coworker has invited you to her birthday party. Because you see her every day, you feel like you should attend, but you would rather stay home. You explain this to your room mate.Male042
4I don't watch much TV these days.Your friend asks you if you like a popular new TV show. You tell him you've never seen it because you don't watch a lot of TV anymore. Male043
4Their staff is extremely helpful.Your friend asks you to recommend him an electronics store. You tell him about your favorite one, where the employees always are friendly and give you helpful tips. Male044
4Are you interested in going back to school?Your friend is depressed and can't decide what to do with his career. You ask him how he feels about using education to boos his career. Male045
4I actually got quite a bit for it.Your friend is telling you about the time when he was in a movie. He was only on screen for one second, but he got a large amount of money. Male046
4You look like you got some sun.Your friend just got back from a long hike. Her skin looks noiceably red. You tell her she might be a little bit burned. Male047
4Give me five minutes.Your friend texts you asking if you can chat on Skype. You just need to finish writing an email and get some water. You ask him to wait a bit. Male048
4The bigger your down payment, the lower your monthly payments will be.Your nephew is thinking about buying a car. He asks you for advice about getting a loan. You recommend he pay as much up-front as he can. Male048
4Would you know how to change the tire if you got a flat?Your teenage niece just got her first car. You wonder if she's ready to handle any emergencies that may happen. You ask her about changing a tire. Male049
4Why have you been coming home so late every night?Your teenage son has been acting strange lately. He comes home around nine or ten every night. Before he came home by six. You ask him what's going on. Male050
4Who are you leaning towards?Your wife is a manager at her company. She has to pick one person to promote. It's a difficult decision. You ask her if she is closer to making a decision.Male050
4There's a fine line between helping your kids with their homework and doing it for them.You are an elementary school teacher. You're talking to your colleague about how some of your students get too much help with their homework. Female150
4There must be a house party going on.You arrive home on a Saturday and notice that there are a lot of cars parked on your street. You also hear loud music playing. You tell your friend what you think is happening. Female250
4I showed up right on time, but she was nowhere to be found.You had an appointment with your professor, but when you arrived, the entire office was empty. You tell your friend about your strange experience. Female350
4Why don't we go ahead and get started.You're running a meeting that starts in one minute. Everyone has arrived and seems ready, so you decide to start now. Female450
4He offered to sell me his car for two thousand bucks. You think I should take him up on it?Last weekend your wife went out to visit her grandparents. Her grandfather is trying to get rid of his second car and offered her a very good price. She asks for your advice. Female550
4He swears that it wasn't him.Someone in your office drew a funny picture on the whiteboard. Everyone wants to know who did it. You suggest that it was Mike, but someone says they already asked, and it wasn't him. Female650
4Are you sure that's what happened? Did you see it first-hand?There was a fight at your son's school today. Your son is telling you the story, but you don't completely believe it. You ask him if he is speaking from what he saw, or what he heard.Female750
4Coincidence? I think not!Two of your coworkers are out sick on the same day. You think they are secretly dating each other. You mention to your friend that they are both absent from work, and that you think they aren't really sick. Female850
4He's a struggling actor.Yesterday you met your best friend's new boyfriend, who's an actor but isn't very successful yet. You tell your other friend about him.Female950
4Ooh, pretty!You and your sister bought a gift for your mom's birthday, but you wrapped it at your house yesterday. You show her the ornately wrapped present on the way to the birthday party. Female1050
4Ah, Good to know.You are talking to your coworker about your weekend plans to drive to the beach. She tells you that there's going to be major construction on some roads that could cause traffic for you. You tell her that you appreciate the information.Female1150
4I asked him to stop on numerous occasions. (many times)You are talking to your manager about your coworker. He always is making sexist jokes. You explain that he doesn't stop even when people complain. Female1250
4Did you rearrange the furniture in here?You are visiting your aunt's house. The living room looks different from what you remember. You ask if she moved the furniture around. Female1350
4At the tone, please leave your name and a detailed message.You call your dentist's office on a Saturday, but they're closed. You listen to this voicemail greeting before you leave a message. Female1450
4They just contacted me out of the blue.You just started a new job. Your friend asks you how you found it. You tell her that a recruiting company contacted you unexpectedly a few months ago. Female1550
4He can be painfully shy when he's around strangers, but to those of us who know him he's actually really sociable.You're at a parent-teacher conference. Your teacher says that your son seems to have difficulty in social situations. You explain your son's personality to her. Female1650
4You know, this would actually be a great place to have our wedding reception.You're at a summer office party with your fiance. The location is really beautiful. You recently started planning your wedding. You realize that this venue would work really well well for the party after your wedding. Female1750
4Final boarding call for Asiana Airlines flight 221 to Seoul.You're at the airport to go to Korea. You want to buy a coffee and wonder if you have time. You hear this announcement and you know you need to run to the gate. Female1850
4I'm so glad to finally meet you! I've heard so much about you!You're at your friend's birthday party. You've never met his girlfriend, even though they've been together over a year. You tell her how glad you are to finally meet. Female1950
4I bet you five bucks that you can't name all of the states in the United States without looking them up.You're babysitting your nine-year-old neighbor. You know kids like to compete, so you give him a fun educational challenge. Female2050
4I hear you're training to run a marathon.You're chatting with a coworker. You heard someone talking about her last week because she's training intensely for a marathon. You mention this to her because you want to learn more. Female2150
4Just let it go, hon.You're driving with your husband when another driver cuts you off very rudely. He's very angry and wants to respond. You tell him to just relax and forget about it. Female2250
4That guy you introduced me to at your party? I liked him.You're getting drinks with a friend. Last month, you went to a party at her house. She introduced you to a guy who you thought was attractive. You mention him, hoping to get his contact information. Female2350
4Almost everything has been taken care of at this point.You're getting married in two days. Someone asks you if you're stressed out. The truth is, you've been organized, worked hard, and your wedding plan is simple. You answer that you don't have much left to do.Female2450
4How much would it suck if it got rained out?You're going to a music festival with your friends next week. You notice the weather report says it could rain. You mention that you'd rather not get rained on. Female2550
4Babe, you might want to trim that beard.You're going to the ballet with your boyfriend tonight. When you get home from work, you notice that his beard looks a little messy. You suggest that he clean it up.Female2650
4Did you print out a copy of the itinerary?You're going to to Europe with your best friend. You're waiting for your first flight at the airport, and thinking about your plans. You ask her if she printed out your travel plans. Female2750
4Could you tell I wanted to leave?You're in the car with a friend afer a party. You didn't really enjoy the party. You ask your friend if she could see that you weren't having fun Female2850
4A good speaker understands the power of a simple message that is repeated again and again.You're in your after-school debate club. The instructor is giving you her best tips for being an excellent speaker. Female2950
4Oh, good thinking. That would be great.You're making plans with a friend to go to the park this weekend. She offers to bring some sandwiches. You tell her you think that's a great idea. Female3050
4Oh yeah. When does your passport expire?You're planning a vacation to Mexico with your husband. You suddenly realize you should check both your passports in case they expire soon. Female3150
4I just googled "new york florist" and that was the first shop that came up, so I called them.You're showing your friend some pictures from your wedding. She compliments the flowers and asks about the florist you chose. You explain how you found them.Female3250
4He's fiftyish, I'd say.You're talking to your friend about your boss at your new job. She asks you to describe him and asks how old he is. You're not sure, but he seems like he's around fifty years old. Female3350
4I'll tell you, one thing I can't stand is olives!You're talking with friends about foods you hate. For you, the one food you never eat is olives. You tell your friends how much you dislike them. Female3450
4Due to construction, the uptown 1 train will not be stopping at 59th, or 63rd Street. The next stop is 72nd Street.You're waiting for a train in the subway station. You hear an announcement about some service changes. Female3550
4You can tell that she's had work done.You're watching a talk show on tv with your friend. The actress on the show is almost 60, but her face looks like a doll's face. You comment to your friend about how unnatural she looks. Female3650
4Before you go, can you take a quick look at this email I'm sending to Tracy?You're writing an email to your cousin. You have to tell her that you can't come to her graduation ceremony. You want to make sure that your email sounds apologetic, but not too dramatic. Your boyfriend is leaving for work, but you ask him to take a look at the email. Female3750
4Sweetie, can I ask you something?Your boyfriend has been acting strange recently. You want to have a serious talk with him. You start the conversation this way.  Female3850
4Oh, hi Charles. I swear, was just about to call you!Your client calls you on the phone. You've been meaning to call him for a while, and planned to do it this morning. You tell him this so he knows that you haven't forgotten about his account. Female3950