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4There's a bit of a chill in here.It's winter. You're at work. The room is colder than normal. You say something about it to one of your coworkers.F1Aaron
4I'm just putting the finishing touches on it.You like baking fancy cakes. You've made a cake for your nephew's birthday. Now you're decorating it. You say this to your husband when he comes into the kitchen.F2Aaron
4Crank it up!You're riding in the back seat of your friend's car. A song that you love comes on the radio. You tell your friend to turn the volume up.F3Aaron
4Ew! Don't slobber on me!Your dog licked your face, and it was wet. It's gross and annoying, so you say this.F4Aaron
4I'm going to go check out the farmer's market in Union Square, if you want to join me.It's Saturday morning. You're getting ready to leave your apartment. You invite your roommate to come with you.F5Aaron
4Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.You're watching the news. The announcer is talking about a disease which is spreading across the country. She explains that certain people should be very careful.F6Aaron
4I mean, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.Someone has offered to buy a business that you own. You're discussing whether to sell it with your husband. Your husband really thinks that you should sell the business, but you're not sure.F7Aaron
4What's the special occasion?Your husband brought you flowers. He doesn't usually do that except on your birthday or anniversary. You ask why he brought them.F8Aaron
4The pace here is a lot slower.You recently moved from a big city to a small town. You're talking to a friend about life in the new town, which is less busy.F9Aaron
4Can you pick up a loaf of that wheat bread I usually get?Your husband is going to the supermarket to buy groceries. He asks if you want anything in particular. You do, so you tell him what you want.F10Aaron
4We've been cooped up in here for too long. Let's go get some fresh air.You and your husband have been at home for a few days without leaving. You want to go out for a walk. You try to tell him why he should come with you.F11Aaron
4Whose move is it?You're playing a board game with a group of friends. Everyone has been chatting and having fun, so you haven't been paying attention to the game. You ask which player is next.F12Aaron
4Wow, what a performance!You're watching a singing competition show on TV with your roommate. Someone sings a song really well. After she finishes you comment.F13Aaron
4I was kind of disappointed with how they turned out, to be honest.You baked cupcakes for a party. Someone complimented you on them, but you weren't satisfied with them.F14Aaron
4Bugs got to the squash last summer, and we ended up with nothing left.You're talking with a neighbor about your plans for your garden this year. You tell her about some problems that you had last year.F15Aaron
4You want me to hook 'em up for you?Your aunt just got new speakers for her computer. She hasn't opened the box or started using them yet. You offer to connect them for her because you know that she's not very good at figuring out technology.F16Aaron
4You've taken on way too much. You need to scale back.Your friend has a job, volunteers three nights a week, and is a part time student. She's been feeling stressed lately, and today she is staying home because she's sick. You're talking to her on the phone, and tell her that she need to relax.F17Emily
4There are people that you just 'click' with immediately, you know?You have a new job and a new boss, who you really like. You find her easy to talk to, and you always feel comfortable with her, like a friend. You tell a friend how well you get along with your boss. F18Emily
4A lot of people can't stand to sit through a three-hour movie.You and your friend are at dinner after seeing a three-hour-long movie. The movie was good, but the cinema was almost empty. You and your friend are discussing why people didn't go to that movie. F19Emily
4A woman wants a guy who she can click with, in terms of, like, her interests and hobbies.Your friend is complaining about not having a girlfriend. He usually just watches TV during his free time. You explain to him why this might not be good for finding a girlfriend. F20Emily
4It takes a lot of people 15 years, sometimes even more, to work off their college loans.You're talking with a friend about your future plans. You're considering an expensive US University, but you're unsure because the tuituion is so high. F21Emily
4She's off her rocker.The woman in the apartment next door complains about you every day, but you are very quiet and respectful. You talk to your roommate about her. F22Emily
4Lucky for you, shipment just came in this morning.You need paper to make copies at your office. You ask the office manager for some paper, and she says this as she hands you a box.F23Emily
4Ah, you got here on time for once!Your coworker is usually late, and it makes you angry. Today he arrives right on time, but you still complain.F24Emily
4All right, I'll let it slide this time.You get on the bus, but you don't have complete fare. You tell the bus driver you're very sorry, but you're late for school. The bus driver says that you can ride anyway.F25Emily
4All packed up for the big move?You go to dinner with a friend who is moving in three days. You ask if she is ready for it. F26Emily
4You made a promise. Aren't you going to follow through on it?Your son said he would walk his dog every day. Today he doesn't seem interested, so you remind him of his previous promise. F27Emily
4Are you seeing anyone?You're having coffee with a good friend, who you haven't seen in a long time. You want to ask if he has been going on dates or romantically involved with anyone. F28Emily
4Any update on how uncle Harry is doing?Your uncle went to the hospital last week. Your call your mother to ask about his condition.F29Emily
4Are you still pissed off at me about what I said this morning?You had an argument with your boyfriend in the morning. This evening he's acting cold and distant. You ask if he's still angry. F30Emily
4Aren't these great? I came across them at a thrift shop a couple weeks ago.Your friend is visiting you for lunch. You show her the colourful drinking glasses you bought last week. F31Emily
4Aren't you just the slightest bit curious as to what he's been doing all these years?Your friend's ex-boyfriend added her on facebook. She says she didn't accept it and didn't look at his page. You can't believe she doesn't want to know about his life now. F32Emily
4Hold on, aren't you supposed to be at work right now?Your friend calls you and asks if you want to go a movie. It's a Tuesday afternoon, and you remember that your friend has an office job. You ask him why he isn't there. F33Emily
4As my friend, tell me the truth: do you think I'm making a huge mistake? You've decided to return to school to study art. You truly love this subject but are worried about your future (and your money). You ask your friend for honest advice. F34Emily
4Ashley, for God's sake, go to the doctor and get that checked out!Your friend Ashley has beem coughing for more than a week. Every day, the cough sounds worse. You've told her to go to the doctor, but she hasn't yet. She coughs near you again, so you yell at her about it.F35Emily
4Could be...You tell your boyfriend that you have a surprise gift for him. He asks if it's chocolate, but you don't want to tell him. F36Emily
4Did you catch what she was saying?You walk by a woman on the street who is holding up a sign and yelling, but she's difficult to understand. After you pass her, you ask your friend if she understood the woman's message.F37Emily
4Did you get much for the Toyota?Your friend recently sold his car, an old Toyota. He wasn't sure how much money he could make from it. You ask him what ended up happening. F38Emily
4Do you want me to leave you alone? You are asking your boyfriend what he wants to do this weekend, but he seems very quiet and unresponsive. You think you might be bothering him. F39Emily
4Does anyone want to split this with me?You bought an enormous sandwich for lunch, but you're not very hungry. You ask your classmates if someone would like a half of the sandwich. F40Emily
4Don't build it up into a big deal.Your friend is nervous about asking a girl on a date. You tell him not to say too much, and just ask her casually. F41Emily
4Don't mind me!Your roommate is doing yoga in the living room. You come in quickly to get your computer, but don't want to interrupt her practice. F42Emily
4Don't tell me you're tired already!You take your kids to the amusement park for a day of fun. After an hour, your youngest says he wants to go home. F43Emily
4Everyone there seemed super cool.You went to a job interview today, and found the people there to be extremely nice, smart, and interesting. You tell your friend about your experience. F44Emily
4Excuse me, Ma'am. You dropped this on the sidewalk back there.A woman is walking in front of you, when a piece of paper falls from her arm. You pick it up, and run ahead to give it back to her. F45Emily
4Excuse me, would you happen to have a pen I could borrow?You sit down in class and realize you have paper but no pen. You ask the student next to you for a pen. F46Emily
4All I had to wear was an old worn-out pair of jeans.You went on a trip last week, and were invited to a formal party. However, you only had casual clothes in your suitcase. You tell the story to a friend. F47Emily
4Are you referring to Eve?A customer in your store asks for the salesperson with short brown hair, which sounds like your coworker, Eve. F48Emily
4So according to your records, your last payment went through correctly?You call your cable company because the TV in your home won't work. The agent says that your last bill wasn't paid, but you say that it was. She asks about it again.F49Emily
4Have you been by Edith's new house? It's way out in the sticks.You visited your friend Edith's new house last week, and you had to drive twenty minutes to get there. You tell your friends how far away it is. F50Emily
4All right, I think I'm going to head off to bed now.You're staying at a friend's house. You're feeling sleepy now, so you announce that you're going to go to sleep.M501Aaron
4I want to have plenty of money left over to leave to my grandkids.You're getting close to retirement age, but you want to keep working in order to save more money. You're explaining to a friend why you don't want to retire yet.M502Aaron
4Hey! Come on! There's no need for that.You're taking care of your friend's young child. He gets angry because you won't let him play with something dangerous, and starts crying loudly. You try to calm him down.M503Aaron
4Aha! Here we go.You were looking for a document which you needed in order to file your taxes. Now you've found it, so you say this to yourself.M504Aaron
4It was completely infested with these enormous cockroaches!You used to live in an old, dirty house when you were younger. Now you're telling your children about it.M505Aaron
4Don't try to do too much at once. Just ease into it.You're a personal trainer. One of your clients is trying to get in shape, so he's exercising really hard. You think that he should go slowly at first.M506Aaron
4This is not just a black and white, open and shut issue.You are debating with a friend about whether it's right or wrong to hunt animals. Your friend is strongly against hunting, but you're not so sure about your opinion.M507Aaron
4It'll be a good chance for us all to let loose and blow off some steam.Your company is having a party at the end of the week. You're looking forward to it. You tell a coworker why you think the party is a good idea.M508Aaron
4An unbelievable amount of work went on behind the scenes to make this happen.You've organized a professional conference. You're giving an opening speech. You want to thank the people who helped you, so you start by talking about how hard those people worked.M509Aaron
4It made this weird screeching noise and then it died.Your laptop has stopped working. Your roommate knows more about computers than you, so you've asked him to try to fix it. You describe what happened to it.M5010Aaron
4Ah, what was the name of that little diner on the corner of 69th and Broadway?You're telling a story about something that happened while you were eating out with a friend. You can't remember the name of the restaurant, so you ask your partner to help you remember.M5011Aaron
4Hey, you're going to tip us over!You're riding in a small canoe with a friend. Your friend doesn't know how to ride in one correctly, and he tries to stand up. You yell at him.M5012Aaron
4Go easy on me!You're playing ping-pong against a friend. Your friend is very good at the game but you're not. You don't want to lose really badly, so you ask your friend not to play hard.M5013Aaron
4He caught him with a devastating right hook and knocked him out cold.You watched a boxing match yesterday. You're telling a friend at work how the fight ended.M5014Aaron
4They've been getting a bit of media attention lately.Your friend is in a band. The band is starting to become successful and was recently featured on a TV show and in a magazine. You tell another friend about it.M5015Aaron
4See those tracks? A herd of deer came through here.You're hiking in the woods with a friend. You notice animal prints in the wet mud next to a creek. You point them out to your friend.M5016Aaron
4He says that it took him many years to find his true voice.You're talking about a famous standup comedian that you like with someone else who's also a fan. You heard something interesting about the comedian recently, so you share it.M5017Aaron
4I can't help but think that you're wasting your potential.Your brother is very intelligent, but he spends most of his time playing games on the internet. You know he could be very successful. You try to give him some advice.M5018Emily
4There'll be a bunch of people all sitting together, but everyone's staring at their phones. It's so lame.Your friend is visiting you from another country. Your are comparing the nightlife in your two cities. You are explaining to him why you don't like to go to bars in your city. M5019Emily
4I'm inclined to just let it go, I guess.Your cousin owes you some money. Every time you ask, he says he will repay you soon. You think he will never repay you, and you want to forget about it. You tell your brother this. M5020Emily
4It's adjustable.You bought a new baseball hat. Your friend tries it on, just for fun, but laughs because it's much too small. You point out the velcro in the back. M5021Emily
4It's all done in-house.You are visiting a nice new coffee shop. You tell the barista that the shop smells delicious. The barista explains that they roast their own coffee beans.M5022Emily
4"I'm working the late shift tomorrow."Your friend invites you to play pool tomorrow night, but you can't because you have to work from late afternoon to midnight at the front desk of the hotel you work for. M5023Emily
4Nah, she's way out of my league.A friend suggests that you ask out a girl that you have a crush on. You think she's too pretty and doesn't like you in that way.M5024Aaron
4Actually, can I get plastic instead?You ask for paper bags at the grocery store, but change your mind because they don't look strong enough. M5025Emily
4Let's go for a stroll after dinner.You're on vacation with your family. You would like to take a walk on the beach after your family has dinner. M5026Emily
4After we left the bar, I wound up going over to James's place and sleeping on the couch.You went out with friends last night. You call your friend in the morning to tell her what happened at the end of the night. M5027Emily
4Akane's been slaving away in the kitchen all day.Your friends come over for dinner. You greet them at the door and explain that your wife has spent all day cooking tonight's meal. M5028Emily
4Any objections?You are ordering pizza for your office. You want to make sure everyone likes this plan. M5029Emily
4Anyone can do it. It's just a matter of practice.You play guitar really well. Your friend asks how you got your skills, so you explain that it was actually easy. M5030Emily
4Just watch it... you'll get the gist.You want to show your friend a video in another language. You tell your friend that by watching, he can understand it enough without the dialogue. M5031Emily
4Ah! It's nice to finally get a few days to relax.You've had a stressful, busy workweek. Now it's Friday and you're enjoying a beer with a friend. You tell him how glad you are that the week is over. M5032Emily
4As soon as he said he needed to talk to me, my mind started racing, like "Uh oh. What could this be about?"Your boss asked to meet with you, which made you very nervous because you thought you might be fired. You tell the story to your friend the next day. M5033Emily
4I was on the verge of going to go to sleep at one point.You went to an extremely boring movie last night. You could hardly stay awake. You tell your friend how terrible it was. M5034Emily
4Be careful stepping on that. It's not steady.You are hiking with friends and need to cross a river. To do this, you step carefully along some large rocks. One rock shakes when you step on it, so you warn your friend behind you. M5035Emily
4Big deal! Get over it.Your brother is complaining about a leaky sink in his apartment. Your apartment is much worse-- you saw a cockroach last week. You feel annoyed and tell him he really shouldn't complain. M5036Emily
4Mind if I squeeze past you guys?You're at a very crowded restaurant. You need to get to the door, but two people are standing in front of it. You politely ask to get past them. M5037Emily
4Can you give me a hand with this?You're trying to pick up a heavy box, but it's too difficult. You ask your brother to help you lift the box. M5038Emily
4Can you maybe turn the volume down just a little?The people in the next apartment are playing music very loudly. You can't sleep. You decide to politely ask them to turn their music down. M5039Emily
4Can't you do that in the other room?You are studying in the living room. Your brother is playing games on his phone, loudly. Feeling annoyed, you ask him to go to another room in the house. M5040Emily
4Did she mention me in the article by any chance?Last week, a newspaper journalist interviewed you about your business. You don't read that newspaper, but your friend tells you about the article and you wonder if your name was included. M5041Emily
4Dude, did you eat the whole pizza yourself?You see an empty pizza box in the kitchen. Your brother is the only person home, so you ask him if he ate it all. M5042Emily
4Could I sleep on your couch for a few nights?You are visiting Miami for business, but you don't want to stay in a hotel. You have a good friend from university who lives there, who has a big, comfortable couch. M5043Emily
4Dude! You totally nailed it!Your friend gave a presentation in front of forty other students today. He was very nervous, but he did a fantastic job. You congratulate him when class is over. M5044Emily
4This happens every time we eat here. They screw up our order.At a restaurant with some friends, you order french fries but receive chicken wings. This has happened a few times in the past. You complain to your friends. M5045Emily
4Fine, I'll cook.You're tired from work, and so is your wife. She cooked last night, but you cooked the two nights before. After ten minutes of arguing, you give up and unhappily volunteer to cook. M5046Emily
4They're going to fly me in and put me up in a hotel.You're being recruited for a job by a company in another city. The company is going to pay for you to travel to the interview. You tell your father about it.M5047Aaron
4Aren't you going to get in trouble for that?Your roommate shows you a whiteboard he got from his office. You think he shouldn't have taken it. M5048Emily