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Some people say that The Bible doesn't apply to modern life. Well, I couldn't disagree more. You're a Christian. You believe that people should follow the teachings of the Bible more, but you know that this is not a very popular opinion. You share your opinion with a friend.M4 - ready01
Employment in the region is relatively stable because the majority of jobs are in government and health care.You work for a company that owns stores across the country. You're making a presentation about where the company should build its next branch. You give one reason why the city that you picked is the best choice.M4 - ready02
Is it just me, or are these seats even more cramped than normal?You've just boarded an airplane. Your seat seems even smaller than most airplane seats. You complain to the person who's sitting next to you.M4 - ready03
I don't know — should I continue to look the other way, or rat him out to the professor?You know that one of your classmates cheats on his homework. You haven't told the professor about it yet. You're trying to decide what to do, so you ask your friend for advice.M4 - ready04
Oh yeah, they've been on the decline for quite a while.You and a friend are having a discussion. Your friend says that a lot of newspapers have gone out of business. You agree and add some detail to his point.M4 - ready05
My heartfelt thanks to our great #SalesConf speakers and attendees!. You organized a professional conference. The conference has finished now, so you write a message on Twitter to thank the speakers and the people who came to the conference.M4 - ready06
I was like, "What!?!" and Scott was like, "Yeah, right."You had a conversation yesterday with two of your friends. In that conversation, you heard something really surprising. You were shocked, but your other friend didn't believe it. Now you're telling your girlfriend about that conversation.M4 - ready07
All right, so much for that one.You're on a dating site. You've been writing text messages with a girl who you matched with, but after a few messages she stopped writing you back. Now you're removing her from your list.M4 - ready08
It's a true story about an unsolved murder mystery.You tell a friend that you like listening to podcasts. She asks what podcasts you listen to, so you tell her the name of one that you like. You're explaining what the podcast is about.M4 - ready09
You hear about how nice it is there, and I thought, "Yeah, OK." But it totally lives up to the hype.You went to Hawaii for the first time on vacation. Now you're back at work and you're telling a coworker about your trip. You explain how much you enjoyed it. M4 - ready010
To strike out on your own at that age, that takes guts.You have a coworker who's quitting his job so that he can start his own company. He's a little older, so it's surprising to you. You comment on how brave this person is to another coworker.M4 - ready011
How did the two of you end up collaborating with each other?You write a blog about fashion. You're interviewing a designer who partnered with a famous artist to release a new clothing line. You ask about how they decided to work together.M4 - ready012
It had a huge impact on, not just television, but the entire entertainment industry.You're watching an interview with the producer of a very popular television show that's been on the air for many years. The interviewer says this about the show.M4 - ready013
We're looking into replacing our current video hosting provider.Your company has a website which uses lots of videos. You're trying to find a new service to use for storing and playing the videos. You write this in a contact form for one of the services.M4 - ready014
A report I read said that genetically engineered crops don't pose any additional risks either to us or the environment.You and a friend are having a discussion about food. Your friend says that it should be illegal to sell food from plants whose genes have been altered. You're not so sure about that. You tell your friend about something you read.M4 - ready015
I count my blessings every single day.You took a great photo of your family, and now you're sharing the photo on social media. You write something to show how happy you are about your wonderful wife and children.M4 - ready016
The sun is many times larger than all of the planets in the solar system put together.You're a teacher in an elementary school. You're teaching your class about the planets and the sun. You explain the size of the sun.M4 - ready017
The question isn't whether or not we love each other. It's whether we're ready to make a lifelong commitment at our age.You and your girlfriend are young but you've been dating each other for 6 years. Your parents have started to pressure you to get married. Your mom asks whether you love your girlfriend, so you explain that you do love her but you don't want to get married yet.M4 - ready018
See if you can jump over that pit and grab the ledge.You're watching while your friend plays a video game. You have an idea about where your friend might find a hidden key, so you make a suggestion.M4 - ready019
I find that as you get older, you learn what your own strengths and limitations are.You're having a conversation with an old friend. You're talking about how your lives have changed since you were younger.M4 - ready020
At first I was nervous, but as time went on I got more and more comfortable, to the point that now I actually enjoy it.You joined an acting class because you were very shy. You explain that the class has made you more comfortable with performing in front of people.M4 - ready021
Oh, my gosh. Are you kidding? I'm ecstatic!You're leaving next week to study abroad. A friend asks if you're excited about it. You're very, very excited so you answer enthusiastically.M4 - ready022
At my work, they block a lot of sites that don't have a clear business purpose.The company that you work for has a very strict policy about using the internet at work. You explain this policy to a friend.M4 - ready023
It's nice not to have to switch back and forth between different tabs and windows.You use two computer screens. A coworker asks why, so you explain that you like to be able to see a lot of stuff at once.M4 - ready024
Strangely enough, I just bought a bike. You're welcome to have my old one.You're chatting with a neighbor. He says that he crashed his bicycle. You just bought a new bicycle, so you're not using your old one. You offer to give your neighbor your old bike.M4 - ready025
Obviously, I'm not exactly at peak physical condition myself, so who am I to talk?You and a friend were talking about a celebrity who recently gained weight and doesn't look healthy. You're also a little overweight, so you admit that you shouldn't criticize this person.M4 - ready026
I was going in for the handshake but he came in and kissed me on the cheek.You have a client who lives in another country. You made a business trip to visit him. When you met him, you were confused about which customs to follow. You tell a friend about the confusing greeting.M4 - ready027
You need to get the account manager on the phone and tell him you're sorry, but you made a mistake.One of your employees agreed to buy some equipment from another company. He wasn't supposed to do that without discussing it with you first. You're going to make him cancel the order.M4 - ready028
At this time, would all department heads please report to Conference Room A?There's an emergency situation at your company. You need to have a meeting with all of the managers. You make an announcement over the building's speaker system.M4 - ready029
I just thought I'd check in on you and see how you're doing.Your wife's aunt is in the hospital. You stop by the hospital after work to see her. You say this to explain why you came.M4 - ready030
Not sure. I'm still on the fence.You told your neighbor that you might buy a fishing boat. He asks if you've decided yet. You answer that you haven't decided.M4 - ready031
A find like this isn't going to stay on the market for long.You're a real estate agent. You're showing a really nice house to a young couple. They seem to like it, so you encourage them to act soon to buy it.M4 - ready032
Absolutely. Count me in!Your friend wants to rent a house at the beach for a group of friends to stay at. He asks if you'd like to come. You say yes.M4 - ready033
Ultimately, it's up to all of us as individuals to 'reduce our carbon footprint.You and a friend are discussing what the government should do to avoid global warming. You think that everyone, not just the government, should take responsibility for fixing the problem.M4 - ready034
Well, one way or the other, I'd better figure something out soon.You lost your job a few months ago and haven't been able to find work. You've been talking with a friend about whether you should keep applying for jobs in the same industry or try to change careers. You conclude by saying this,M4 - ready035
The gap between the haves and the have-nots just keeps getting wider and wider.You're discussing politics and economics with a friend. You share your opinion that poor people are getting poorer while rich people are getting richer across the world.M4 - ready036
There was a period when I was in school when I literally did not turn on the stove for like two years.You cooked dinner for some friends. One of them asks if you've always been a good cook. You tell them a story to show that you weren't always interested in cooking.M4 - ready037
I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him.You and a friend are talking about a TV show that you both watch. In last night's episode, it looked like the show's villain was caught in an explosion. You don't think the character is really dead, though, so you say this.M4 - ready038
For me, doing some sort of physical activity always clears my head and gets my creative juices flowing.You are a writer. You're talking to another write about how you come up with ideas and stay focused.M4 - ready039
Kids who learn martial arts gain not only strength and the ability to defend themselves, but confidence as well.You're a martial arts instructor. You're having a conversation with some parents who come to tour your school. You explain why they should enroll their kids in your class.M4 - ready040
Get down from there right this minute!Your daughter and her friends found a way to climb onto the roof of your house. You're worried that they'll get hurt so you yell at them.M4 - ready041
Jeez, how awkward is this? It hurts to watch!You're watching a reality TV show. One of the people on the show is asking another person out on a date, but he's doing a really bad job and you can see that it's making everyone on the show uncomfortable. You comment on it.M4 - ready042
Back in the day, your old man was the epitome of cool.You're talking with your friend's teenage children. They think of your friend as old and silly, but you remember when he was really cool. You tell them about that time.M4 - ready043
He said to get him a salad or something.You and your sister are ordering food from a restaurant to take home. You called your father and asked what he wanted. Now you tell your sister what he said.M4 - ready044
There's this myth that there's a perfect soul-mate out there for everyone, when the reality is that a lot of us just end up settling for someone.You and a friend are talking about dating. You're frustrated because you've tried to find a partner who fits you perfectly, but you haven't succeeded. Now you think that you might not be able to find a perfect partner. You share your opinion with your friend.M4 - ready045
It stood motionless for a moment and then it leapt away.You saw a deer in the woods when you were hiking. When you return from your hike, you tell your roommate about what happened when you saw it.M4 - ready046
If you're bored, I suggest that you take up a hobby.Your son did something bad so you're punishing him by not allowing him to use his phone or computer. He complains that it's really boring. You tell him to find something else to interest him.M4 - ready047
If you take a step back and think about it, college is just a brief period in a person's life.You are a university student. You and a friend are going to graduate soon. It feels like you've been in school for a long time, but now you've started to realize how quickly the time passed. You share this thought with your friend.M4 - ready048
If someone wants to smoke in the privacy of their own home, hey, knock yourself out. But other people shouldn't have to breathe that in while they're trying to enjoy a meal.You are not a smoker. You go to a restaurant that allows smoking, and the smell is very unpleasant. You complain to your friend that smoking shouldn't be allowed in restaurants.M4 - ready049
When did you first start to feel like, "Yeah, I made it?"You're watching a TV talk show. The host is interviewing a successful movie director. He asks the director about when he started to be successful.M4 - ready050
My ideal guy is someone who is confident without being cocky or arrogant.You're using a dating app to find a boyfriend. You like confident men, so you describe the kind of personality that you are looking for.F4 - ready150
He proudly served on the New York police force for over 30 years.Your father just passed away. He was a retired police officer in New York. You're giving a speech about him so you talk about his job.F4 - ready250
He has his father's stubbornness.Your son bought a motorcycle, even though you and the rest of your family told him not to. You're complain about him to his girlfriend.F4 - ready350
I couldn't help but notice that your shirt has something written in Korean on it. Do you know what it says?You see someone who's wearing a t-shirt with Korean writing on it, but it doesn't make sense. You ask whether he understands it.F4 - ready450
Essentially, what that means is that we'll have to replace the tiles as well as the pipes.You have a problem with the plumbing in your bathroom. Today, a plumber came by to look at the problem and gave you the bad news that he'll have to knock some holes in the wall to fix it. You've explained the problem to your husband, and now you're summarizing what needs to happen.F4 - ready550
Could you give me a few pointers?You're taking a martial arts class. You're practicing a technique, but you're not sure if you're doing it right. You ask a more experienced student to watch you and give you some advice.F4 - ready650
You just need a good night's sleep.Your roommate had a really bad day and she's upset. You think that she should go to sleep, and she'll feel better tomorrow. You give her this advice.F4 - ready750
Stop obsessing over it and just post it already!Your boyrfriend is going to post a photo from his birthday party. He's taking a long time to choose the photo and write a message. You want him to relax.F4 - ready850
No job is worth ruining your health over.Your sister has a great, high-paying job but she's always stressed out. Now she's having health problems but she doesn't want to take time off of work to rest. You say this to convince her to rest.F4 - ready950
I looked over your books, and I jotted down a few questions that I wanted to ask you.You're an independent accountant. One of your clients came to your office for a meeting. You tell the client that you want to ask some questions about the documents that she sent you last week.F4 - ready1050
So proud of my husband and his continued support and work with the veteran community.Your husband just raised $1000 for a charity. The charity helps soldiers who were injured while fighting in battles. You're proud of him, so you post this message about him on social media.F4 - ready1150
Whatever. I bet you use that line on all the girls.You were sitting at a cafe when a man approached you and told you how beautiful you looked. You don't trust him, so you say this.F4 - ready1250
Don't try to twist my words around.You're in an argument with your boyfriend. Recently you said that it wasn't a good idea to visit his parents now because both needed to save some money. Now your boyfriend says that you think money is more important than family. That's not what you think, so you defend yourself.F4 - ready1350
Yeah, no kidding.You're eating out at a new restaurant with a friend. After looking at the menu, your friend comments that the food is really expensive. You were thinking the same thing, so you agree.F4 - ready1450
Sweetie, Granny had a stroke.You get a call from your mother late at night. She tells you this bad news about your grandmother.F4 - ready1550
All I want to do is zone out in front of the T.V. until I pass out.You had a long, stressful day at work. Now you're at home, and you don't have enough energy to talk to your boyfriend. You tell him that you just want to watch television and then go to sleep.F4 - ready1650
On the other hand, it is in a really good school district.You and your husband are looking for a house to buy. You just saw a house that's for sale and you're discussing it. Your husband complained that it was a little small, but you point out something good about the house.F4 - ready1750
You make me sick.You recently found out that your ex-husband cheated on you with your children's nanny. You are very angry and you think he's a very bad person. You write a text message to tell him how much you dislike him.F4 - ready1850
You think you can just go around spending money left and right?Your girlfriend isn't very careful with money. She just bought some clothes online, but you don't think that you can afford them. You yell at her about it.F4 - ready1950
You need to floss, preferably every day, but every other day at the bare minimum.You work at a dentist's office. One of the patients has problems because he doesn't floss enough. You tell him how often he should do it.F4 - ready2050
Payment is due within 15 days. If payment is not received by that time, you will be charged a 10% fine.You just received a hospital bill. There's a note at the bottom that explains when you must pay the bill by.F4 - ready2150
You might be tempted to cut corners on your taxes, but when the government comes knocking on your door, you'll be sorry you did.You're an accountant. One of your clients is asking about way to pay lower taxes. You warn him that he should be careful not to break any tax laws.F4 - ready2250
Is that still a thing?You and your sister are talking about someone's clothes. He wears really tight pants. You know that that was fashionable a few years ago, but you don't keep up with fashion so you're not sure if it's still popular now. You ask your sister.F4 - ready2350
I tried standing on it and immediately fell flat on my face.You tried to use a new device that some people use to ride around on. The device requires good balance. You tell a friend that you tried to use it, but you got hurt.F4 - ready2450
Careful with that; it's fragile.You're moving to a new house. You notice that one of the movers isn't being careful with one of your boxes, which contains glasses and dishes.F4 - ready2550
They have a screened-in porch in back.You visited your boss's house, which was nice. Now you're describing the house to your boyfriend. You tell him about an outdoor area that's protected from bugs.F4 - ready2650
They have a loft with a spiral staircase leading up to it.You visited your boss's house, which was nice. Now you're describing the house to your boyfriend. You tell him about one of the rooms.F4 - ready2750
It's not just a conspiracy theory; it's been documented.You and a friend are having a debate about a government agency. You read that the agency was secretly selling drugs illegally, but your friend thinks that's untrue. You explain why you believe it.F4 - ready2850
The truth always comes out, one way or another.Your friend quit her job recently but hasn't told her parents. You think that she should stop lying to her parents, so you tell her this. F4 - ready2950
Like I said, you need to keep it bandaged until it's fully healed.Your friend just got her first tattoo. You've had tattoos before, so you gave her some advice. Now you see that she's taken off the bandage, but it's too soon. You tell her to put it back on.F4 - ready3050
It'll keep in the fridge for about 3 or 4 days.You made a traditional dish from your country and brought some for one of your coworkers. When you give it to her, you tell her how quickly she should eat it.F4 - ready3150
I considered going into medicine, but I decided that I wanted to do something a little more creative.You make pottery for a living. You're at a party and you're talking to someone who's a doctor. You tell her that you almost became a doctor before you chose pottery.F4 - ready3250
He would be the state's first openly gay legislator.There's an election coming up soon. One of the candidates for your state's congress is gay. This hasn't happened before in your state, so you're talking to a friend about it.F4 - ready3350
This is just a polite reminder to please notify me whenever you update the extensions spreadsheet.Your coworkers are supposed to email you when they make changes to a spreadsheet that you're responsible for. Lately, some of them have forgotten to do that, so you send a short email to remind them.F4 - ready3450
You reward them whenever they obey, so soon they'll start to associate the positive behavior with a reward.You've trained your dog very well. You're teaching your son how to train the dog properly. You explain when to give the dog a treat.F4 - ready3550
Oh, it was a no-brainer. I accepted right there on the spot.You recently were offered an opportunity to transfer to an office in another country. You're telling a friend about the offer. She asks if the decision was easy or difficult for you, so you tell her how easy it was.F4 - ready3650
I might be 90 years old, but I'm still young at heart!You're talking to an elderly neighbor. She says that she is 90 years old, but she jokes that she still has a lot of energy.F4 - ready3750
With a DSLR like this one, you can detach the lens and attach, like, a zoom lens or a wide angle lens.You are an amateur photographer. A friend asks you about what kind of camera she should buy. You explain one of the features of your camera.F4 - ready3850
Back before social media became big, it was easy to lose touch with people.You and your younger boyfriend are talking about old friendships. Your boyfriend thinks it's strange that you don't know much about any of your old friends from school. You explain that things were different when you were younger. F4 - ready3950
He has the attention span of a 3-year old child.Your boyfriend gets distracted easily. You complain about this quality to one of your friends.F4 - ready4050
When she said that, it kind of threw me off.When you were talking with your friend, she said that she was having relationship problems with her boyfriend. You thought that they got along really well, so you were surprised to hear that. Now you're telling your girlfriend about that conversation.F4 - ready4150
I was asked to give a commencement speech!You are the top student in your class. You're going to graduate soon, and you were chosen to give a speech at the graduation ceremony. You tell your parents the good news.F4 - ready4250
We design and sell high-end luxury apparel.The company that you work for makes expensive clothes. You're chatting with someone who you just met. You tell her about the company.F4 - ready4350
Things started out well, but we were never able to really gain traction.You owned a store for a while, but you had to shut it down. Someone is asking you why, so you explain that you couldn't get enough customers.F4 - ready4450
Putting together a fantasy football league for this season. Who's in?You had an idea to organize a game of fantasy football, where you and your friends each pick football players and compete to see whose picks do best throughout the season. You send a group text message to some friends to see who wants to play.F4 - ready4550
So then he whips out his phone and he's like, "Yo, let me get your number."You had a conversation with an annoying guy this morning. Now you're telling the story to a friend. You tell her about how he asked for your phone number.F4 - ready4650
Oh, you have no idea.You recently completed your first marathon. A friend asks you whether it was difficult. You answer that it definitely was.F4 - ready4750
WIthout further ado, allow me to present our keynote speaker, Ms. Jessa Montgomery!You are hosting a conference. Now it's time to introduce the main speaker. You've already talked about a few other items of business, so now you let the audience know that the speaker is going to start.F4 - ready4850