Social Distancing Educational Resources
1. This is a living document. I will be adding to this document as I discover and vet various resources. If the resource seemed too complicated to procure or only led to a short trial with a credit card requirement, I did not list it. The assumption I have made is that if teachers are wanting digital resources, they likely already have a learning management system such as Canvas or Google Classroom, so I didn't list many systems like that. I wanted all of these resources to be able to be used by both teachers and parents. 2. Another important factor is that these grade bands are based on my judgement after playing around with the link a bit. If anyone working for a website or tool has a correction, or if you try something and the grade bands don't seem to align, please let me know.
Places for Text AccessDescriptionGrade Level
Common LitThis is a digital library of an assortment of texts, featuring multiple topics and genres. There are several text sets by topic and theme, so if you're asking students to read through a topic, this is a great resource!3-12
Epic! Books40K+ books including comics, novels, picture books, audio books, you name it! Books can be read to students. There are also helpful links to inquiry-based projects.EC-7
NewsELAInformational articles updated daily on a variety of topics. Lexile level can be adjusted and each article can be paired with questions and annotation devices.2-12
Libby by OverdriveIf you have a library card, this app connects to your public library account and allows you to check out ebooks! All level
ListenwiseShort micro-podcasts on topics from all contents. The free version includes several discussion questions, whereas the premium will include assessments. The link will take you to the request to premium, but anyone can create a free account at the basic website.3-12
Pebble GoPebble Go is a database for students! You do have to put specific information in about school closures, but it seems to be a simple process. Students can investigate various topics of interests to learn more about animals, places, etc.K-3
ScholasticNot only do you get access to Book Flix and the Watch and Learn Library, but Scholastic provides mini lessons to do with books and suggested activities for each day! EC-12
Blog Post - Pernille RippIn her post, Pernille lists places you can find picture book read-alouds of books that do not infringe upon copyright restrictions (which is very important).All Level
NY Times- Corona ResourcesI love NY Times for lots of reasons, but if you're wanting to challenge your students to use what's happening in the world as a way to increase their critical thinking/literacy skills, this is a fantastic curated set of texts.9-12
Audible (Free Student Page)Audible has curated a selection of free audio books for students. Several choices per age group, plus a collection of "classics."EC-12
Entire Animorphs SeriesThe 54 book series Animorphs is available in ebook format for free!3-6
New York Public LibraryOver 300,000 titles for free (ebook format) through the NYPLEC-12
Resources for PublishingDescriptionGrade Level
Book CreatorThis website & app is a great way for students to have some fun publishing their own books about any subject. Online, you can create a free account that lets you publish up to 40 books without paying. If you are using your phone or iPad, you can download Book Creator One for free (the paid version is $4.99, and you have access to more features, including comics). All Levels
AnchorAnchor is a tool in which students can create their own podcasts. You can record, add music/effects, and edit your podcast, then publish, all for free!All Levels (will need adult assistance K-8 to publish)
GeniallyTemplates for infographics, presentations and more! 6-12
Nimbus CaptureRecord and annotate on web pages6-12
Storyboard ThatA website where students can digitally design a storyboard, featuring a variety of genres and types. You can design characters, setting, and colors as well! 4-12
Adobe SparkThis website allows students to create visual stories. I prefer the video option; it's app based or web based, and very user friendly!K-12
Other Content ResourcesDescriptionGrade Level
Read Write ThinkFree resource for lesson ideas, graphic organizers, and all things literacy.K-12
Breakout EDUNormally used for classroom "escape room" style learning, this resource has curated several digital escape rooms that are content based across math, science, social studies and ELAR (and more) and are organized by grade level. Students can simply go to the website and play! Each game shows which grade level and content it utilizes, plus overall learning topics. All Levels
Brain PopMovies, games and activities on all subjects! K-6
CircletimeSeveral classes available to teach your child. Read alouds, science, yoga, and other topics! 0-6 year old
CK-12This is a resource in which there are premade lessons for various grade levels and topics. You can create a "class" and assign your student different lessons and tasks! All Levels
ConjuguemosVarious LOTE lessons with learning and listening activities, complete with assessments. When you sign up for free it will upgrade you temporarily to premium but there's no credit card, so no commitment. :)9-12
MembeanVocabulary resource that individualizes instruction for each student. Account is free until September 1.6-12
ProdigyMath game that resembles old school Zelda in appearance. The math content is differentiated by grade level. Students can create their own avatar and have "wizard battles" where they solve math problems to cast spells. It's really fun!K-8
Discovery EducationPlease Read: This specific link connects to resources specific to helping students understand the current pandemic and corona virus. If you have access to Discovery Education (if you are a Region 11 ISS contract holder, you do) you can access all of the resources! There's also a request form anyone can fill out right now to use Discovery Education that does not require a district admin approval. D.E. is a collection of videos, electronic books, lessons, and other things across all contents and topics!EC-12
Dyslexia AcademyThis is a resource that may be helpful for parents of dyslexic students. The free account has access to the community forum and to a list of resources.EC-12
Khan AcademyKhan Academy is a free resource where students can be assigned an entire course, or get practice in specific skills. The material aligns very well with SAT/ACT practice for upper grades.3-12
FiveableFree AP Resources! All subjects9-12
FreckleA differentiation platform for all subjects, all grade levels. Student data is sent to teacher and activities are altered based on student performance to each student's level.K-12
Fluency and FitnessStudents review reading and math topics, while experiencing opportunities for active movement. Parents get 3 free weeks.K-2
HippoCampusOver 7,000 free videos in 13 different subjects.6-12
InThinkingTeaching resources for IB classes.9-12
Izzit.orgVideos and Lessons on relevant, current thematic topics and events. Spanning several subjects and cross-curricular lessons.K-12
PBS Learning MediaVideos on multiple subjects; series of current event learningsEC-12
Minecraft for EducationLessons using Minecraft spanning subjects and grade levels. The free account includes a free trial of the coding lessons!EC-12
Mystery ScienceFree science mini-lessons for elementary students! Written in formats for both teachers and parents.K-5
PenPal SchoolsThis platform allows classes across the world to connect with each other over various topics. All Levels
RockalinguaMusic based Spanish lessons. Includes video, games, online dictionaries.All Levels
ScholasticHighly recommend this resource. You can select a grade band and have access to mini lessons for each day, with text access and activity suggestions! No approval needed- Scholastic gives you the login codes! EC-12
Sight Reading FactoryFree exercises for students to practice sight reading for music.All Levels, depending on one's background in music
Typing ClubLessons based on skill that progress as typing skills progress.3-12
Raising DragonsSeveral interactive art projects for young kidsElementary
Cosmic Kids YogaKid-friendly yoga on YouTube Kids, themed based on songs and movies. So much fun! Elementary
GoNoodleGreat for a brain break, or for some quick P.E. movement! on YouTube.All ages (it's fun!)
30 Day Lego ChallengeLooking for something for freetime, art, creativity, etc? This is a fun printable to encourage kids to use their imaginations with LEGOs. I plan on pairing this with the show "Lego Masters" because several of the days and themes match up!All Ages
ScholaboxMonthly boxes come with books and curriculum on specific topics! Right now, instructional guides and family guides are available for free upon request.All Levels
At Home with Kwame AlexanderFree resources, videos and lesson ideas from author Kwame Alexander.6-12
NY Times- Daily Writing PromptsFree writing prompts each day.7-12
Student/Teacher Feedback ForumsDescriptionGrade Level
ClasstimeSimilar to an LMS. Provides assessment and feedback tools.6-12th*Note: I am not comfortable recommending video messaging or other apps like this to anyone not in at least middle school. This is a tool that should be used carefully and thoughtfully with your students.
EdConnectVideo Messaging for Teachers and Students6-12
FlipgridOnline boards where students and teachers can post short video responses to text, video, or questions.K-12
Google Hangouts MeetHost video forums with students or with other families (if you're a parent); individuals can type into the sidebar to chat in addition to live stream9-12 (unless with adult assistance or teacher-led discussion)
KahootInteractive quizzes to assess students on a variety of topicsK-12
NearpodTeachers can create interactive lessons, or students can select from pre-made interactive lessons. Takes normal presentations and makes them much more engaging! Several lessons on Nearpod are tied to current events/issues to promote learning transfer.K-12
ParlayThis site creates opportunity for collective inquiry. Starting with an essential question, students can read materials, write responses, and engage in a digital socratic seminar. Teachers can provide feedback to the class or to individual students. Topics span across contents. Parlay is free until May 14.6-12
Virtual Field TripsDescriptionGrade Level
Connect2TexasConnect2Texas is a network of Texas-based educational content providers including museums, cultural, historical, and scientific organizations, and authors. These providers utilize interactive videoconferencing to deliver live educational programs and professional development to school children and educators across the country. Bring the scientists, experts, and authors directly to your students without leaving the classroom! NO ACCOUNT NECESSARY- just click on the link! I love this resource!All Levels
San Diego ZooThe kids' website for the San Diego Zoo has opportunities for students to research various animals and watch videos of animal interactions. There are printables and games, too! Elementary
Boston Children's MuseumTake a virtual tour through this museum!Elementary
The LouvreSeveral exhibits offer virtual tours via the website.All Levels
Yellowstone National ParkThe park's website allows you to virtually visit many highlights within their grounds.All Levels
MarsExplore the surface of Mars through the lens of the Rover.All Levels
Georgia AquariumSeveral live animal cameras, including the beluga whale, otter, piranha, and more!All Levels
British MuseumConnected to Google, students can explore the museum and click on various exhibits and artifacts to learn about places and people all over the world!All Levels
Guggenheim MuseumYou can explore the spiral staircase and look at the famous art along the walls.All Levels
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.If you have the Google Arts and Culture app you can access several in-museum features. Lots of art to be viewed!6-12
12 Digital Museum ToursSeveral art museums around the world; digitally you can have access to many collections!6-12
Zoo Atlanta PandaYou can watch this sweet panda from his exhibit via webcam!All Levels
Ouwehand Park Polar Bear CubsLive webcam to see this polar bear family!All Levels
Virtual Field Trip Lesson Plan - Read Write ThinkGreat activity to pair with any virtual field trip!3-5
Skype for EducationThrough Skype, you can do virtual field trips, or "mystery" Skype from another group around the world!K-12 (adult assistance)
Live Interactions/LessonsDescriptionGrade Level
Jarrett J. Krosoczka lessonsEvery weekday at 1pm CT, author Jarrett Krosoczka will be webcasting drawing/illustrating lessons.All Level
Scholastic Book FestFriday, March 27 from 2-4pm. Online festival with authors, activities, etc that students can explore! All Level
Author Read Alouds (livestream)Stimola Literary Studio has curated several author/illustrator read alouds all in one place. These events are livestreamed.All Level
"Make" Art lessonsBased out of the "Make" facebook account, each weekday the host will do an art lesson for all levels. These lessons will take place on weekdays at 1pm CT.All Level
Ben Clanton author visitAuthor of the "Narwhal and Jelly" books, Ben Clanton will talk about lots of fun things and draw with viewers of this Facebook Live event (from the Narwhal and Jelly FB page). Right now, the scheduled events are Wed, March 18 at 11am PST and Fri, March 20 at 2pm PST.Elementary (but honestly all level if you enjoy graphic novels!)
Lunch Doodles with Mo WillemsMo Willems, author of the Piggie & Gerald books, will be doing live broadcasts every weekday at 1pm ET.Elementary...but I'm in my 30s and am very excited.
Daily Book Readings with Author Kenneth OppelKenneth Oppel will be reading parts of his books daily. He writes YA fantasy, and his read alouds are less than 15 minutes each!5-12
15 Broadway MusicalsGreat resource for theater teachers. List of Broadway musicals that can be accessed from home, and where to stream them.9-12
Houston Zoo Live Zookeepers are hosting live events at 11am CT every weekday. It's through Facebook, so students can type questions as the keepers share things about the animals they are showing (elementary students may need adult assistance with this)All Level
Center for PuppetryThe Center for Puppetry will be streaming live shows. EC-4