Tesla Model S Facts and Unknowns
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confirmedAir SuspensionHow do I adjust air suspension while driving?Originally Posted by Walter Franck, Tesla Motors
Dynamics on how the active air suspense will handle when corn[er]ing is to be announced, but I can expand upon the height levels. Manual Adjustments are as follows:
•Normal height = 6”
•High Level 1 = 0.90” taller; When the vehicle accelerates above 19 mph, the clearance adjusts back to Normal height.
•High level 2 = 1.3” above Standard and can be used for ascending a steep driveway or fording deep snow. Clearance reverts to High Level 1 above 10 mph.
•Low Level = 0.79” under Standard; Active Air Suspension will automatically lower the vehicle for highway driving to improve aerodynamics. Low Level is also accessible from the touchscreen for loading/unloading of passengers. When the vehicle begins driving the clearance adjusts back to Normal height.
•The suspension will also self-level the car. For example if you load a lot of weight in the trunk the vehicle will remain level.

You must be driving less than 15 mph to adjust the air suspension manually while driving. (confirmed on Get Amped test drives)
confirmedAir SuspensionDoes Air suspension adjust to road conditions? How?Speed only.Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedAir SuspensionDoes Air suspension adjust to road conditions that it remembers from GPS location?No. Perhaps this could be added later, but definitely not in 2012 release.Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
openAudioDo I really need the advanced audio package? A: Not sure. Even sales guy had not heard the new system yet.
This is really a subjective question.
The Get Amped cars (VINs 102 and higher) have the premium sound system so you can judge.
openAudioWill the volume be speed-sensitive? A: Unknown yet.
confirmedAudioCan I play 5.1 FLAC files in the stereo?Multi-channel FLAC files do not play properly in Model S.Tested by AndyM in VIN 50
openAudioHow long is XM subscription? how much? A: Unknown.
openAudioMusic control: Can you edit and add to your music library over wifi? What form of iPod/iPhone/MP3 player functionality will it have?Can only add music to hard drive from USB port - not wifi. Some reports say adding over wireless LAN will happen.
openAudioWhat formats does the audio system support?Tesla publish specs: AAC, MP3, MP4. (Some are claiming other formats may work, including FLAC)

Also see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsHl1RiqRRYgdDVRbVpYV0V6U2RJM3NCRHFwSzBDYXc for other's test results
confirmedAudioWill the stereo playback multichannel? Surroundsound?Specs published that the base stereo will play left, right, and one center channel speaker. Its not clear if this is a 5.1 system. The Sound Studio Package is 580 watts, 7.1 Dolby Pro Logic, driving 12 speakers.
Some formats of multi-channel will play back, using the Dolby Surround, it sounds as if the multi-channels are coming from the correct locations. FLAC is notably not supported, but WAV, MP3 do work - there may be other formats for which multi-channel works.
confirmedAudioWill the Model S will be able to access sources like Pandora, MOG or Spotify?Elon Musk demonstrated the use of Slacker on stage on Oct 1, 2011. TuneIn announced it will be on the Model S. Other services may be available, but have not been officially announced or included.

Update: VIN 114 supports TuneIn radio service, and other reports that Pandora is on some models.
openAudioCan I connect to the car and transfer music to it over WiFi?
What is the best way to sync music with the hard drive?
Sound system should be connected to your computer via wifi and you will be able to upload your music into the system from your computer. I was told that the guys working on this are all from Apple, using apple computers. AAC should be supported.
confirmedAudioDoes the volume go to 11?The volume increments to "11"Various videos on YouTube
confirmedAudioCan we adjust the volume to go in smaller increments than 11 steps?This was added in Software version 1.15.8. The numbers still go from 0 to 11, but there are several "clicks" of the scroll wheel between each number.
confirmedAudioCan I play 5.1 WAV files in the stereo?YesTested by AndyM in VIN 50
confirmedAudioSpeakers: How bad do the standard speakers sound?All betas have had them so far. The Get Amped cars seem to have them. There are a few comments about poor bass response (Andy confirmed its not stellar). The PDX Get Amped test drive cars each had the Sound Studio Package, drives didn't allow much time to analyze though. ***It's been stated that all cars (test mules and Get Amped) have only been installed with the premium (Sound Stage) package. Bass currently sounds great when Fade and Balance are set to 0 (centered). Bass falls off rapidly if music is taken off center. (Originally confirmed by Greg, and backed by others on TMC). No Standard sound systems have yet been available for review.This is really subjective, so no source
confirmedAudioCan I control music on an external hard drive connected via USB (without importing to the internal drive)?Yes, this is how the music is done on the GetAmped tour.Visual confirmation by many
confirmedAudioWhere are the speakers? What does the Sound Studio add?Basic: Center 80mm, front tweeters (2 x 30 mm), front doors (2 x 160 mm), rear doors (2 x 160 mm) (total of 7)
Sound Studio: Adds two front speakers (80 mm each), upgrades front doors to 200 mm, adds liftgate speakers (2 x 80 mm), and a subwoofer in the right rear (200 mm)
confirmedBackup CameraWill there be markings on the backup camera, guide lines?Grid lines and turn guide lines for the rear camera are a software update away. Portland, 19 July: these will not be included in the 2012 release.Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
openBadgingBadging: How will it be badged? P85? R60?
openBadging* No Signature badging? Any identifying markers besides the trim on the outside for Signature cars?
confirmedBatteryDoes a degraded battery affect acceleration?Not likely, until the battery gets down to 70% of "brand new" capacity.http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9601-Does-the-performance-degrade-with-battery-age?p=171777
confirmedBatteryBattery swapping: Can you rent a 85 kWh pack for a road trip?Not likely. Tesla is promoting their supercharger network, and has no plans to support swappable batteries. How an owner cares for their car's battery is a very personal thing, and you may not know how another person has treated their battery, or how they might treat yours.Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedBluetoothBluetooth: How will the phone contacts work? A2DP?Yes, over A2DP.
confirmedBrakesWhy do my brakes squeal?If the brakes are not used hard enough, a glaze might develop and cause the noise.
openChargingWill the UMC have a working adapter for CHAdeMO?Store reps think it will be available for about $500, but that's not confirmed. Portland, July: CHAdeMO will not be supported, it's not electrically compatible. Later, some report that a CHAdeMO adapter is in the works... need confirmationTesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedChargingWhere can I get a NEMA 14-50 extension cord?Extension cords are not recommended. If you want, you can build your own, but power attenuates and waste heat rises with distance.
confirmedChargingCan the Roadster HPC be used to charge Model S? Do you need an adapter?Roadster HPC is definitely able to charge the Model S. June/July's Get Amped tour featured an orange cable adapter to connect the HPCs to the Model S connector. This cable will be made for sale, but as of 6 Oct 2012, it was not yet. Tesla stores use HPCs to charge their cars, since the HPWC are not yet available.
confirmedChargingSupercharger locations north of San Francisco on I-5? How about between Portland and Missoula? Portland and Seattle? A: Only asked about en route to Missoula. There’s a roadster owner who lives in Kalispell and who has paid for chargers to be installed at key places along I-90 from Seattle! Ask Lance to put him in contact with me to find out where. Expect an announement in July from Elon Musk.

UPDATE: On Sep 24, Elon Musk made a big announcement about supercharging. As of the announcement, 6 locations in California were confirmed, with more to be announced as time goes on.

California and I-5 from Canada to San Diego will be covered within two years, as well as east-to-west Interstates I-40 and I-80. Northern-tier states (including Montana, Minnesota and points between) will remain largely uncovered until a long-term plan is complete.
confirmedChargingDoes the charge port ring indicate charge level?The only difference between the S and the Roadster is they dropped the yellow color. all other features
are the same. Green now flashes with speed of flash based on battery fullness. Light count does not change.
Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedChargingI’m planning to get the twin chargers in the car. Do I really need the home charging unit, too? A: Maybe not. Check out the times for charging compared to the dryer outlet... you also might not need twin chargers. You can ADD the twin chargers after-purchase, too.Lans, Bellevue WA store manager
confirmedChargingHow long will it take to completely recharge using 240V? A: See the charging kiosk/app in the store, or the new charging time function on the Tesla Motors website, here: http://www.teslamotors.com/models/charging#/calculator . About 8 hours on NEMA 14-50 for 85 kWh batteryLans, Bellevue WA store manager
confirmedChargingWhat amperage will the 240V connector deliver to the Model S (twin chargers)? A: 40A.Lans, Bellevue WA store manager
confirmedChargingWhat options do i need to get to support Supercharging?85 kWh battery option will include Supercharging hardware. The hardware is expected to be optional and available for 60 kWh batteries. Supercharging is not available on 40 kWh batteries
10 Aug 2012: Tesla's web site now indicates that supercharging hardware will be standard on 60 and 80 kWh batteries
confirmedChargingWhat amperage will the home charging unit deliver? A: 80A at 240VLans, Bellevue WA store manager
confirmedChargingWhat charge schedule options are available? Is there a "complete by" option?It will be in the release, but was not present in VIN #50's software version as of 24 July 2012Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedChargingWhat does the J1772 adapter look like? Is it something I connect directly to the J1772 plug so I can connect it to the charge port on the Tesla? Or is it something I connect to the J1772, then attach to the UMC, which connects to the car's port?You will NOT need the UMC to use the J1722 adapter. The adapter is a short barrel adapter that locks into the Model S with an electromagnet and provides a J1772 port for station cables to connect. To remove, press the release button on J1772 handle and remove the barrel from the Model S by hand with the J1772 connector.Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening, and TMC video posted 5 Aug 2012
confirmedChargingHow is the Model S connector held in place?The car plug has an electromagnet to hold the charge plug in. The plug switch turns it off.
confirmedChargingHow much with another Universal Mobile connector (UMC) cost?$500http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9081-Model-S-FAQs?p=173317&viewfull=1#post173317
confirmedChargingHow well does air conditioning work during charging, especially in warm climates? Heater during cold climates? Can other functions work while it is "on"?The A/C and accessories can all work while the car is charging.http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9081-Model-S-FAQs?p=196929&viewfull=1#post196929
openClimate ControlHow well does ther air conditioning work in Florida summer? How well does heating work in Norway in winter?These may be subjective questions, and we'll have to wait for actual reports.
confirmedCloth seatsWill the cloth seats have a "map pocket" on the back, reachable from the rear seats?They will not have map pockets. (Portland, July 2012)Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedColorsWhen can we get Sunset RedI was told at the Palo Alto event: mid 2013. Reason is that there are 10 paint setups in the factory--one for each color. Sunset red is the 11th color and will take the place of signature red once all sigs have been produced (incl. international). http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9081-Model-S-FAQs?p=173724&viewfull=1#post173724, mulder1231
openConnectivityThe web site says “WiFi enabled. Mobile connectivity available”. What does that mean? how much? A: This just in! A plan will be available for the car for $18/month from AT&T or VZW, not sure which or both. BUT: it will use the tethering plan on your phone if you want. They set it up to use your home Wifi when they deliver at home.

F017: The touch screen hardware is capable of 4G, but the current service provided to Signature owners for the first year is only 3G.
The $18/mont came from Lans in Bellevue Mar 2012. F017 was delivered late Juy 2012.
confirmedConnectivityIs the SIM for connectivity removable? If so, where is the SIM swap slot for GSM?It is absolutely not removable. it is inside several nested devices and not field-servicable.Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedConvenience LightingConvenience lighting: Where is it? When does it turn on?A. Under each footwell in front row, door handles.Maria, Portland store manager
confirmedCreep* Under which conditions does the car creep and is creeping user modifyable?The Model S will not "creep forward" when you remove your foot from the accelerator from a standstill.
Founder VIN #17 reported creep and hill hold are on their "due bill"
This is expected in a software update after Sep 2012
Measued and reported in GetAmped tour as missing; due bill from F07 late July 2012
confirmedCruise ControlIs there a coast button (so you don't have to tap the brakes) to pause using cruise control?-To pause the cruise, push the stalk away from you and to turn it off all together, push the stalk in towards the steering column. http://teslamodelsxc.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/your-best-friend-cruise-control-explained/
confirmedCruise ControlCan you select the increments for Cruise control stepping?So here’s how the cruise works. To turn it on, push the stalk in towards the steering column.
-To set a speed, move the stalk up or down. It’ll engage at the speed you’re currently traveling.
-To accelerate or decelerate by 1 mph (helpful when trying to follow the inconsistent speed of trucks, not their fault), nudge the stalk up or down, stopping at the first detent.
-To jump up or down by 5 mph, mash the stalk past this first detent, until it stops, and you’ll be catapulted forward almost instantly, or go into full regen as the car slows.
-To make gradual but large speed changes, you can push and hold the stalk up or down and the car will change speed by ’2mph per second’, according to the manual. We’re not sure this is an exact calculation but it’s effective, none the less.
-To pause the cruise, push the stalk away from you and to turn it off all together, push the stalk in towards the steering column.
confirmedCruise ControlDoes the instrument cluster show the current setting for the desired speed?Yes. By a tick mark on the outer ring of the speedometer, and a displayed number above the numeric speed display, center of the dial.Yes. Confirmed by J in MN at Chicago Get Amped
confirmedCruise ControlWill there be an adaptive cruise control?The car is undergoing the necessary engineering mods to install adaptive cruise control. It will be an add on option for the car, time frame is unknown. [SOURCE?]Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedDeliveryEstimate of delivery charges, extras, etc.- what’s the bottom line going to be for delivery to my home? A: The goal is to keep the total deliver and setup to $1500 or less.
A delivery to Corpus Christi TX was reported to be $990.
Lans, store manager Bellevue, Mar 2012. STxTesla reported $990. http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9081-Model-S-FAQs?p=171803&viewfull=1#post171803
confirmedDeliveryPlease explain the difference between "Founders", "Signature Special", "Signature", "Roadster" and "Production" reservations- Founders are the cars bought by insiders (board members, investors etc)
- Signature Special is for the roadster friends and family that ordered a signature S
- Signature is the first 1,000 (in the US) cars off the line. They have a couple options lower-tiered cars won't
- Roadster friends and family production is for cars that are normal production run, but part of the roadster friends and family "program". They will be delivered before normal production
- Production is, of course, all other "normal" cars. The first one of these should be delivered around November-December
openDefectsWhat ared the current known bugs or defects in Model S? There is a post on Tesla Motors Club that is tracking these: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/10398-Model-S-Technical-Mechanical-Issues?p=192968&viewfull=1#post192968http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/10398-Model-S-Technical-Mechanical-Issues?p=192968&viewfull=1#post192968
openDefrost / FoggingWhy does front Defrost crank the temperature to HI (90 F)?Not sure. Suggest setting manually to A/C on, outside air, air to windshield, fan to medium or higher, and a temperature to your liking(hands-on report, AndyM)
confirmedDefrost / FoggingWhy does a new Model S fog up so quickly?Many theories, including coatings on the windshield, and off-gassing of plastic in the car. Best suggestion is to clean the windows thoroughly. Other cures include RainX anti-fog, applied sparingly, and buffed off mostly.http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/11704-Fogging
confirmedDeveloper ModeWhat is developer mode?- There’s a Developer Mode to the panel! Press and hold logo for 5 sec until the logo flashes, enter code
AndyM, visual inspection and pictures of VIN 48 and 50.
confirmedDiagnostic ModeWhat is Diagnostic mode?Looks like a new version of Developer Mode, in VIN #105 (perhaps later)
openDisplayIs there an instant button on the control bar at bottom of main display to switch between outside air and recirculated air?Not clear in 2012 release, perhaps in later releases.
openDisplayHow do you switch between english and SI units on the speed display?No, in these test drive cars the speedometer was in miles only. Switching between metric and imperial units for the speedometer will be possible later in the production cars.http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9229-Get-Amped-Tour-Toronto-Ontario-8-3-8-5?p=171471&viewfull=1#post171471
confirmedDisplayWhat is the operating system display engine?- The panel is X windows!! I saw the telltale X appeared when it rebooted back from Developer mode.AndyM,visual on VIN 48, Mar 2012, cooming out of dev mode
confirmedDisplayDash "panels" adjustable?The screen directly in front of the driver has three zones, the speedo and two zones on either side. Those zones are adjustable using the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel. The left scroll wheel controls volume and on/off. Press and hold either scroll button to bring up the options for either side. Scroll the wheel, press to select. Or, you can map it onto the other side. The options were: Phone, Stats, Music, Nav, and a few others.Get Amped tour copoilots (numerous, it was part of the demo)
confirmedDisplayIs the display accurate to real-time configuration of the car?Control panel images of the car react in real time to lights, including turn signalsSeen in Get Amped videos
confirmedDisplayHow do you turn the car completely off?You can turn the car OFF via the menu. I have a photo demonstrating this.AndyM, from Get Amped in Portland, with photo
confirmedDisplayHow do you reset the display if it locks up?Press and hold both steering wheel buttons simultaneously to reset/reboot the main display. It takes upwards of 90 seconds, and apears to reset the display, not the back-end (dev mode remains in dev mode after this procedure)Confirmed by AndyM in VIN 50.
confirmedDisplayWhat happens if the display fails while you're driving? IDGNS: So if the Linux crashes, the car won't go off the road?
JBS: That's a key point. The whole entertainment system, those touchscreens, all of the applications you might load are totally separate from the propulsion of the car. In fact you could, if you had to, turn off the screens in the car while driving and the car still drives just fine. You couldn't see your Google Map, but you could still drive and stop and do everything else.
openDisplayIs Tesla planning to support playback of video on the 17" display, from local storage media devices or internet? Assuming the car is in park, of course.
openDisplayCan the Day/Night mode display be set to change on time of day (almanac sunrise/sunset times based on GPS) instead of the light sensor only?Early Signature owners report the display going into day mode going through brightly-lit tunnel at night, or going into night mode when entering a garage, which is not desired.
confirmedDoor locksHow do you unlock the doors if the battery and 12V system are dead?You get a physical key for emergencies. To unlock the car from the outside in the event of complete power failure, you use the physical key in the hidden key hole, which is under the wheel well on the front drivers side. There is a small window that you slide open to get to the key hole. Reported by JRod0802from a visit to the Seattle store
confirmedDoor locksFor auto-unlocking doors, does it detect you are near a specific door and unlock that one, or does it just detect that you are near the car and unlock the driver's door (or all doors if you have it set that way). Does it unlock just the trunk/frunk if you are at that end of the car? What if two people with different fobs approach the car at the same time, on the driver and passenger sides? Do both doors unlock?With the tech package, the locks will unlock as the fob approaches the car. Which doors unlock is customizable.
confirmedDriving ExperienceHow is the Visibility?Not great. Some say its good, so subjective. The rear view is smaller than most autos, and some have reported the curved glass distorts objects. There are not reports of poor side or front visibility.This is very subjective, so nosource should be considered authoritative.
confirmedFloor matsWhat are the floor mats? Cloth? Carpet? Rubber?They are cloth, and have velcro backing to hold them in place to the floor.AndyM, VIN50 in Portland
confirmedHill AssistIs there a Hill Assist function (Hill hold)?not yet, but may be coming soon with a firmware update. Portland, July 2012: this will not be in the 2012 release. Founder VIN #17 reported creep and hill hold are on their "due bill"Tesla rep Miki, Portland store opening. VIN F17 reported the due bill in late July 2012
confirmedHitchIs there an aftermarket hitch solutionTorklift Central provides one: http://torkliftcentral.com/ecohitch_tesla_model_s.phphttp://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/4498-Model-S-Hitch-discussion
confirmedHitchIs there a hitch/towing optionNohttp://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/4498-Model-S-Hitch-discussion
openHomelinkFor the Homelink buttons, it would be cool if the car detected you were nearly home and automatically put the buttons on the screen in an easy to use place. Not present in the software in VIN #50 as of 24 July 2012.AndyM, portland
confirmedHomelinkHomelink: how to control garage door?In the Roadster, Homelink is in the VDS, so there are no physical buttons. It's programmable, and you can have up to 3 devices programmed in. The manual also says the third button on the key fob can be programmed to operate a device, but does not say whether that's in addition to the three, or whether that operates one of the three. So the S will certainly allow at least three devices, and probably will be operated by the touch screen.
openHornIs the horn sound customizable?Prrrrrrrobably not.
openHornIs there a second, muted pedestrian warning horn for parking lots? Prrrrrrrobably not.
confirmedHornWhat does the horn sound like?Robust, good sound (thanks to Trnsl8r's video). Not wimpy.Trnsl8r's Get Amped video
openKey fobWhat happens if the key fob leaves the vehicle? Or if the car drives off without it?No reports of this test. a video from Owner #10 shows what might be this test, and the car keeps going. Some speculate that the car will continue to function but once the driver leaves the vehicle, it is shut down completely.
confirmedKey fobKeyless entry available at launch?yes.
confirmedKey fobIs the key fob water proof or at least water resistant? Nohttp://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9081-Model-S-FAQs?p=196929&viewfull=1#post196929
openLeatherHow will the leather hold up after 6 or 7 years? How have longevity tests been done?
confirmedLicense Plate FrameWhere is the front license plate holder, if needed in your state?Centered, bottom of the black "nose" area.
F017: A technician installed the front license plate frame on July 30 at our house. He said he thought the current design was slightly different from the design used at the June 22 delivery event, but still required drilling holes into the front part of the Model S. He was not aware of any design effort at Tesla to create a front license plate holder that did not require drilling holes.
confirmedLicense Plate Frame How are front plate bracket’s attached(are holes drilled)?The frame was seen at some of the Get Amped events, and appears to be centered within the black nose-cone of the car. More pictures are needed. At Portland July 2012, cars delivered in markets requiring the plate will have the mount.
confirmedLightsAuto brights?No
confirmedLightsHow to activate brights? Push back/forth on the turn signal/wipers/brights stalkVisual, Get Amped tour
confirmedLightsHow to activate fog lamps?The stalk doesn't appear to have this option, nor does it seem to have an option to turn the lights on. These are controlled only from the display.Visual, Get Amped tour
confirmedManualWhere is the manual available in PDF online?As of 19 July, the manual has not been released. Some fans have seen the manual in the onboard display, and taken pictures. The manual should be out "Any day now".

F017 reported: Three hard copy manuals were provided: A Guide for Owners, Owner Safety Information, and New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Our Specialist said that the digital owners manual would contain more complete information that is present in the hard copies.

As of 21 Sep 2012: http://www.teslamotors.com/sites/default/files/blog_attachments/ms_owners_guide.pdf
Emily, Tesla's web site designer, Portland Opening. F017 delivery July 2012
confirmedMirrorsIs interior rear view mirror electrochromatic?YesTesla Web site
confirmedMirrorsDo mirrors tilt down when in reverse?YesTesla rep Miki, Portland store opening
confirmedMirrorsWill there be folding side mirrors?F017: Our Specialist said that Tesla is not currently working on powered folding mirrors as far as he knows.
confirmedMirrorsWill the mirrors have memory settings per driver?THE KEY / WORTHY OF THE CAR / Programmable for individual drivers, the unique Tesla key is easily sensed by the vehicle, loading preferred settings like seat, steering wheel, and mirror positions. As you approach, the key commands the door handle to unlock, waiting for a simple tap to present itself. With it in your pocket, Model S turns on as you buckle in to the driver’s seat.
confirmedMirrorsWhy don't my mirrors tilt when I go into reverse?The mirrors will not tilt until you go into reverse, manually adjust them down to where you want, then save the settings for that driver on the display. From then on, the mirrors will return to that setting for that driver when selecting Reverse.
confirmedMotorHow are the electric motors wound? I heard by machine for standard and by hand for tighter wire overlays for performance?All by robot. None by hand[ NEED TO CITE THIS SOURCE ]
confirmedMotorHow fast is the theoretical limit of the motor?The motor is designed for a top speed of about 200 mph with proper gearing.[ NEED TO CITE THIS SOURCE ]
confirmedMotorWhen will Model S be able to go faster than 135 mph?They are looking at upping the RPM limit to 18K vs 16K, but this is a hardware change, not software, so later builds will benefit. No timeline on when/if this will happen.[ NEED TO CITE THIS SOURCE ]
confirmedMotorWhat's making the high-pitched whine in power acceleration?F017: Our Specialist stated that the hum or squeal heard when the motor was under load at some ride events was electronic in origin and was eliminated by making appropriate adjustments in the drive train system.
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