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Sally Tran 10/2/2018 20:52:25Zoe TaiFurther AppointmentHave set regular bible study time with Carmen and Zoe on Wednesday 12pm
Cindy Kung10/2/2018 20:50:55Zoe TaiAppointment after initial contactCome to sister Joan’s place for dinner with her friend Ming
Andrew Ramirez30710/1/2018 19:45:45James ShauStatus updateAndrew came to the first bible study 9/27, at a table first with Emily, then I joined. Later brother Spencer spent time with and then I returned to be with. (I only got his name Andrew. I guess him to be this one; possibly the other one #296). He lived in Sunnyvale, a family with Catholic background. He had a serious incident when 14-15 (21 now). His vocal cord was damaged, so he does not sing (his speech was not very clear). He's taking just one class (English reading). He said he's not working because of "disability". His favorite food is (some kind of) chichen. He seemed a bit religious and wasn't happy with his family not worshipping God on "Sunday". He became more friendly when I chatted more with him.May the Lord, who does not break bruised reed, gain Andrew and His family.
Eden Sayyad22610/1/2018 19:34:54James ShauStatus updateEden came to the first bible study 9/27, waiting while we were still setting up the table. He joined the bible study, together with Wilfredo (but they didn't know each other before), and Spencer, me, and Zoe Tai. He was a bit quiet but seemed friendly and open and stayed till he and Wilfredo both needed to go to class at 12pm.May the Lord continue to draw Eden to the bible study and open the opportunities to build up more relatedness.
Wilfredo Concepam25810/1/2018 19:28:54James ShauFurther AppointmentWilfredo, first year stuent from Philippine (good English), came to the first bible study 9/27, waiting while we were setting up the table. He was really open, sharing he's suffering anxiety attack since last December and felt better when praying to the Lord. We shared with him Phil.4:4-9 and prayed for him. He was in tears and kept thanking us when needing to go for class at 12pm.

He responded my text Monday afternoon immediately and said he felt better since, thankful for the prayer, and asked for another bible study this Thursday. He text'ed "Praise the Lord!" after some exchanges.
Please pray for Wilfredo to continue to experience the Lord as peace releasing him from the attack of the enemy, for him to come this Thursday and to enjoy further His word and to build up relatedness with more saints.
Li Yan(Melinda)30910/1/2018 19:19:23Nina ChenEXCLUDE: asked not to contact any moreLi Yan(Melinda),a classmate of our sister Anita(李虹樂)joined Bible study yesterday. She is a Christian for 12 years(10 years in China,2 years in US). After the first Bible study she told sister Anita that she won’t join future Bible study, and showed disagreements about the practice in local churches and some of brother Witness Lee’s teaching. Especially she felt the footnote on the recovery version is the interpreting word from man instead of God, which is against the teaching she received in the past. Since she already showed no interest to our sister, I think we may consider not to contact her for a while till she is open and seeking.
Youra Cho2569/28/2018 11:58:28Sunhee Choi
EXCLUDE: asked not to contact any moreAt first, Youra told me she would come to bible study and my place for dinner on Thurs as well. but she changed her mind at the last minute. Then, texted me that
she appreciated our warm welcoming but wanted to commit herself more to the denomination where she started to attend one month ago. So I replied to encourage her to have more intimate conversation with the Lord.
It seems like there is no need of further contact for a while.
Yosif Younam63/14/2018 22:57:35James Shau..Further AppointmentYosif is having regular 1-1 Tuesday morning reading the book "A practical and living way to enjoy Christ". He comes to THU bible study sometimes (life-study of Genesis). He would like to "give a a try" to come to the small group meeting this Friday.Please pray for Yosif to enjoy the small group meeting & the saints, for the Spirit to testify in him that this is where he belongs.
Spoorthi373/14/2018 13:26:27Ruth ChoiPrayer requestStill replied to texts but hasn't been able to make it to any gatherings. not sure if she's simply busy or there's something else. tend to not reply when invited to gatherings although she mentioned she wanted to come previouslythe Lord will release another appointment so she can join the gatherings/Bible study.
Jennifer Lee1293/14/2018 13:24:07Ruth ChoiAppointment after initial contactcame to Bible study on 3/1. never read the gospels before and started to be christian when she started praying for her sick father who is still alive until now. read Ephesians, Timothy, and other books. started to read John now in the Bible study and said will come weekly on time to read the Bible around 10:40. lives in los altos and goes to de anza. a bit older than regular students. goes to korean church on sunday and sometimes american church in mountain view.her eyes to be open to the truth and see the revelation. we can get to know where she is at and what she needs.
Winnie Tse423/14/2018 13:20:49Ruth ChoiPrayer requestregularly joining Bible study on thursday. after she got baptized, her family still did not know about her baptism. went to college conference for one day 3/3 and enjoy the singing and message. learn that she needs to just depend on Jesus instead of figuring out right or wrong. realize she has more things to learn and there is so much more in the Bible than what she understand just by reading it. her and her dad looked at sis Kitty's place to possible move in by end of March. that way she is closer to school and able to meet with saints. the Lord will work in her parents heart to consider letting Winnie move in to sis Kitty's place
Evelyn(Jung Hyun) Yu653/14/2018 13:16:24Ruth Choi
Appointment after initial contactjoined combine friday meeting during GTCA. went to dinner at the Peng's, Abraham and Amelia Lee's and Rabbi and Emily's place. joined table meeting 3/11 and said she likes the prophesying meeting more than table meeting. connected with Rabbi, Emily, Carmen and Josephine. will keep inviting her. she puts Lords day meeting as priority then if she has time will be more open to other meetings. but quite open for short dinner invites.She will be open to come every Lords day and feel more comfortable with the saints. also to get connected with Josephine.
Kankartu Kandikathn1573/13/2018 22:47:37Hannah Kan..Prayer request(js replayed John's input on the Google sheet March 5th)Probably for her coming to the next YP meeting. And that she'd feel welcome and shepherded by the saints. She's a little nervous at times but I think we should pray that the Lord would give her a heart to come to the meeting and that the YP would take up the role of shepherding her (we're never too young to shepherd!)
Julian Ruano Perez1402/21/2018 19:52:23James ShauStatus updateJulian responded to my text (3rd) asking him for his correct e-mail address and gave me his e-mail address. We had little note on him, only that "not Christian".Lord, bless Julian and increase the opening in him. Bring him to meet with the saints and receive salvation thru the hearing of faith.
Daniel San Jose1132/21/2018 13:22:10James ShauEXCLUDE: no valid contact infoHis phone number is correct. But he asked us to contact him only thru e-mail, which bounced but he said in text is correct. The e-mail still bounced after the exchange. We concluded that he has no desire to be contacted at this point.
Yosif Younan62/20/2018 15:14:45James ShauPrayer requestWe had our 2nd Tuesday morning appointment in two weeks. Yosif would like to go to the conference but did not think his parents will approve for him to stay over night. He'll check if he could at least go just Saturday.Please pray for Yosif to have the parents approval to attend the college conference.
Spoorthi372/17/2018 18:41:45Ruth choiFurther AppointmentSupposed to have Bible study on 2/15 at 10:30-11:15 but she came later to campus and after class she was busy. Said will come next week and love the singing gospel songs during the reaping meeting and would like to be invited to any gatherings
David Herrere562/15/2018 21:10:18James ShauBACKBURNER: not to actively contactNo responses over 3 weeks after 3 texts (plus the email notices) for Bible study and 1 for the gospel meeting.
Hooman Irani132/15/2018 21:09:13James ShauBACKBURNER: not to actively contactNo responses over 3 weeks after 3 texts (plus the email notices) for Bible study and 1 for the gospel meeting.
Sarah Lynn Hudson1222/14/2018 23:22:52Ruth ChoiStatus updateI texted her, she said she did not receive a Bible but it's fine because she has her own. and she would like to join the Bible study and gave me her e-mail which was previously not given. *e-mail updated
Alice Fahina922/14/2018 17:37:39Ruth ChoiStatus updateshe replied to my text. she did not get a chance to read the Bible yet because she is busy but she said she will stop by if she has is free
Duong1562/14/2018 17:16:56David Choi
Appointment to comelate 40s chinese speaking. to be followed up with both chinese and english NT. got David's contact info for him to reach out. but we can try to reach out to him again.
Yosif Younan62/13/2018 19:31:11James ShauFurther AppointmentYosif and I now have a weekly appointment 7am Tuesday at Cafeteria. We are reading the book: The Living and Practical Way to Enjoy Christ. We had our first such reading time yesterday between his classes. Today, before his classes, it was more relaxed and we had wonderful time of fellowship, including singing hymn #348 where Jesus is my joy is there.Please pray for our new-born brother to grow healthily in Him, learning to drink the milk of the word, loving Jesus. Also for his health, he's got a bit of cold and also tried to quit noicotine desiring to sanctify himself for the Lord; also for his feeling to have proper companions to pursue the Lord together.
Airan Sanchez262/13/2018 19:10:51James ShauStatus updateTake over followup of Airan from Ruth. We had quite a few text exchanges today. He's open. He would like to come to the bible study next week. (He is somewhat attached to an existing group.)Lord, bless our young brother Airan. We pray that we would minister life for his growth every time he contacts us.
Daniel San Jose1132/13/2018 19:02:58James ShauStatus updateHe responded to my text today, saying the e-mail we had (but bounced) was correct and preferring us to contact him by e-mail. I tried to reply by e-mail but it still bounced. Texted him again for clarification. No response. Will try his e-mail again before putting to backburner.
Sean ?992/13/2018 13:50:16James ShauStatus updateHe responded to my text in Chinese and corrected the typo we had in his e-mail. He responded also to my further greeting and stopped short of committing to come this Thursday. Lord, keep Sean open, while the chinese-speaking saints are attending the Chinese-speaking conference.
Kankartu Kandikathn1572/13/2018 0:56:57June Shau
Sister Kankartu's follow-upKankartu goes to Cupertino High (Sophomore). She and her mother, Suhasini, her older Sister Spoorthi came to the reaping meeting, all very open. Sister Hanna spent some time with Kankartu after the meeting.Kankartu may come to the Saturday YP meeting to get to know the Lord better and blend with the sisters.
Suhasini1582/13/2018 0:52:16June Shau
Mother, Suhasini's follow-upSuhasini accompanied her daughters, Spoorthi and Kankartu to the 2018/02/10 reaping meeting. She works for Mitel in Sunnyvale and is open to meet near work.Some sisters may be able to connect with her to read the Bible.
Wenjie (Wendy) Lei1512/13/2018 0:35:08
Nina & Tiffany (June input)
possible applintment timeShe would like find time during after class from ~3:45pm-7pm Tuesday/Thursday to read the bible, when she usually stays in the De Anza Library. She's been to Santa Clara Sister Janet's home on Thursday evening before. Because she needs to work on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, she may need to do her home work on Lord's day.The Lord can sanctify a set time and proper shepherds for her to be nourished, perfected and ushered into the church life.
Evan Wang & Winnie Liu842/11/2018 18:39:57
J Shau & Thomas Tsui
Further AppointmentThomas w his kids and I revisited Evan. We knocked on his door last LD. Evan was away but his wife Winnie let us in (primarily because of the kids). They used to meet in Texas w a Chinese-speaking group. They moved here last August. Evan working for Apple. They had received the Lord 2011 & 2016 (wording suggests a dominational group) but only read part of the gospels. They had some questionings and did not look to meet after moving. (They are NOT ATTACHED). Winnie was warmed up after the fellowship and prayer at the end. She showed a lot of appreciation and willingness to meet with us, ideally a chinese-speaking group good for their 2 & 5 years old and her parents in 60’s. Evan was back from grocery shopping w Winnie’s dad. They agreed to our visiting again next LD. We also gave Evan the Basic Elements (they need those messages, maybe good to have chinese version). Winnie gave us her phone number. It may be good to visit them next LD, say JS and some Chinese-speaking saints (Thomas in Taiwan) before inviting them for Friday SG. Winnie’s father, a retired cook, wanted us to stay for dinner.Please pray for the Lord to continue to preserve them for the genuine church life, for the our next visit next LD with chinese-speaking saints picking up the burden for this household.
Yeuk Laam Chan472/11/2018 0:51:43June Shau
Phone number had a strange greeting, may not be validEmail address was noted not goodShe may contact us again
Spoorthi Kandikathn372/11/2018 0:46:09June Shau
Appointment after initial contactStudy Bible at Cafeteria Thursday 10:30-11:15 (Lucy and Mingjune)She'll know and receive the true God.
Ricardo Rivas482/10/2018 13:15:25James ShauEXCLUDE: no valid contact infoemail bounced; phone# disconnected
Stephen Yang22/10/2018 0:49:23Nina ChenBACKBURNER: not to actively contactjs: He's still a minor and attached, regularly going to youth group with his parents. We'll let Rcv and the ministry do the work for now.
Xiaoqi Ye962/9/2018 11:55:00
(Joan & Grace Chen made contact)
BACKBURNER: not to actively contactSister Joan got her text reply. She is involved with another group regularly Friday and could not come Saturday due to volunteer work. It is a big rush for her Thursday bible study time. (js:) my suggestion is just keeping her informed of the bible study notices.
Venkartar852/7/2018 11:44:40
Thomas and J Shau
Revisit homeVenkartar was very open when we knocked on his door 2/4. We plan to revisit him after visiting Evan Wang, either also 2/11 or later.Please pray for the release of a revisit according to His timing. Also for the Lord's sweet presence when we visit him, and the Lord to gain and fill this seeking vessel for His house.
Evan Wang842/7/2018 11:39:42
Thomas & J Shau
Appointment to comeEvan was very open when we knocked on his door 2/4. He agreed to our revisit of his home after 3pm LD 2/11. Thomas and J Shau plan to go.Please pray for the release of this appointment and for the Lord's sweet presence and for the timely word to supply him and to meet his need.
Xiaoqi Ye962/7/2018 11:30:30
(Joan & Grace Chen made contact)
2/10 gospel meetingShe prayed to received the Lord. Very open. Chinese-speaking. She said she will come to the gospel meeting and THU bible study. (js:) Please pray for this son of peace to be picked up by saints with burden as sister Joan will be traveling for a month. Also for her coming to the Bible study and especially to the gospel meeting.
Aida1082/7/2018 11:23:18Lucy ChaiCall to 2/10 gospel meetingFemale. Lucy to call her to the gospel meeting. She'll need a ride.(js:) Release the connection through the phone call and her coming to the gospel meeting
Kaung Hein San1092/7/2018 11:20:07Lucy & BoazCall to 2/10 Gospel meeting Male. Buddhist background. Boaz to call him to the gospel meeting. He'll need a ride.(js:) Release the connection through the phone call and his coming to the gospel meeting
Yosif Younan62/6/2018 17:40:04James Shaugospel meeting 2/10Yosif got baptized today! Thank Him for the prayer of the saints. He would like to come to 2/10 gospel meeting. We will arrange rides. BTW, during the fellowship after baptism, he recognized that book Mystery of Human Life and said you people came with the book to my house. Apparently his house in Sunnyvale was knocked on!Please pray for our brother to grow in life by longing for and drinking the guileless milk of the word. Pray for his coming to the gospel meeting and becoming more related to the saints and one step further into the church life.
Maria Victoria742/5/2018 16:17:48Joseph Tsai
gospel meeting 2/10She replied that she'll come.Please pray to bind the enemy and release the coming of Maria to the gospel meeting. May she enjoy the speaking and become related to the saints (The Tsai's are going back to Taiwan 2/7 - 3/5).
Spoorthi Kandikathn372/5/2018 16:17:44Joseph Tsai
gospel meeting 2/10Her e-mail reply (also added her phone number): Thank you so much for the invitation . I will be attending the gospel meeting on February 10th along with my family .Please bind the enemy and release the coming of Spoorthi with her family to the gospel meeting. May they enjoy the speaking and become related to the saints (The Tsai's are going back to Taiwan 2/7 - 3/5).
Yosif Younan62/3/2018 0:01:35James ShauBaptismYosif got clear with baptism and wanted to get baptized. He will come to the meeting hall to be baptized 3:30pm next Tuesday 2/6.ANSWERED: Please pray for the Lord to set up a watch over him that there is no delay to his baptism. Pray for a dynamic transfer bringing our brother into His kingdom, the church life enjoying the pasture with the flock.
Airan262/1/2018 22:38:08Ruth ChoiAppointment after initial contactCame to Bible study at 11 and looking for us. seem to already have a pastor.
Yosif Younan62/1/2018 8:52:47James ShauAppointment to comeYosif was burdened for the lost souls of Jehovah Witnesses tabling on De Anza. I asked him to come together and pray for them and get some guidance from His word. He agreed and we have an appointment 11:15am Friday 2/2 on campus. ANSWERED: Please pray for the Lord's sweet presence in our time together, joining as the Corner stone this seeking brother with us; for the Lord's wisdom and guidance for a word full of His anointing, keeping us in the way of life.