Attendance of Leather Bars
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What is your gender?In what year were you born?With which role do you currently identify?Do you attend any large leather events like MAL or IML?Do you frequent your local leather bar, or leather friendly bar?What keeps you coming back to leather bars?What keeps you away from leather bars?Have you been to a leather bar before?Do any of your friends frequent leather bars?What would make you want to visit leather bars more often?How often do you visit a leather bar?TimestampHow did you hear about this survey?What topic would you like to see the Leather Identity Project explore next?Do you have any feedback for the Leather Identity Project?Want to stay informed? Include your email below, friend us on Facebook, or follow us on twitter.
bio male1978SwitchYesYesThe clubs, the people, the freedom to be myself and speak my mind. The lack of judgement.I live there
bio male1981DominantNoYesMy friends frequent them. To meet new people.Once or twice every few months
bio male1959DominantYesYesIt serves as a living room for the communityI live there
bio male1968DominantYesYesFriendly environment, conducing to my wearing leather...being supported for LOOKING like a leatherman thereEvery Month
bio male1972SubmissiveNoYesPlay area.Every Month
bio male1969SwitchNoNoI don't own any leather and I do not find boots comfortable, so I don't think I would fit in. Also, as the third question points out, it seems that everyone I know who is in the leather community is so overtly concerned with who is top or bottom, dominant or submissive. I find that kind of environment stifling. However, I would add that outside of the leather environment, those same people are usually very nice people to know.YesYesI am not sure. I guess if it were to seem more open and welcoming, that might be a possibility. Maybe a dress-code free night once and a while would encourage others who do not have the expected attire to visit. The bars can get a little seedy in general and seem to lack windows in a number of cases, so a cleanup/remodel might help, too.
bio male1953DominantYesYesI don't think they're as important as in the past, since there are other ways to network virtually. We don't have a dedicated leather bar anymore, but we do have several leather-friendly bars where events and "flash-mob" gatherings happen regularly. Almost Monthly
bio male1970SwitchYesYesThe people and the events Every Month
bio male1948SwitchYesYesSince we have more than one in town I visit them all on occasion although one or two have the greater part of my business. Why?
1. The chance for meeting friends with whom I can speak.
2. The hospitality of the bartenders
3. The support the bars give the LGBT community in town in various ways.
4. The ability to hear without being overpowered by music.
I live there
bio male1964DominantNoNoThere are no leather bars, per se, in my area. One is a "leather-levi"/bear bar, located about an hour away from me. There's two leather bars located about 2.5 hours away.

As I get older, I just don't find them condusive to a good time - it's loud and not a good place to actually have conversation. And, because of the distance, I just can't stay out all night like I did when I was twenty years old.
YesYesIf the bars were less "dance music" oriented. There used to be one very small kind of "hole in the wall" leather bar I lived about an hour away from that I frequented quite often - it had spaces where one could talk, play and get to know people.
bio male1973SubmissiveYesNo* I don't drink.
* I don't like loud music, or places where I have to shout to be heard.
* I'm not a night-owl, and typically am in bed by midnight when most of my friends are just getting to the bar.
* I'm already in a relationship, and not looking to cruise or hook up.
YesYes* Club nights tend to get me out; knowing that I'm going to run into a lot of people that I know.
* Activities like SM how-to's are interesting, especially if they're early before the 'bar crowd' gets there.
* Seeing people actually playing in the bar; knowing that it's an acceptable place for SM to happen. The cross on the wall shouldn't just be decorative.
* Being able to get a decent cup of coffee at the bar. God forbid, maybe a cup of espresso? I'm not saying turn it into a yuppie Starbucks, but having options for the non-drinkers would be awesome.
* If the leather bar is our "community center", then lets shift the emphasis from getting trashed and laid to supporting each other and hanging out with these awesome people in our community. Is the local leather bar involved in making things better for our community? Or are they just there to make a buck on the drunks? Are they helping out the local gay charities? Do they support the local titleholders in their work for the community? The management of the bar and their willingness to be active in the leather community makes a huge difference in my decision to drag my butt out of my comfortable house on a Friday or Saturday night.
bio male1954SwitchYesYesFace to face socializing that online connections don't always offer.Almost Monthly
bio male1962SubmissiveNoNo- Travelling to/from bar/event in gear.
- Nervous about reaction from others at bar/event.
- in connection with above, being judged for gear choice/type/quality/cost etc.
- lack of leather bars/events close to home (Gloucestershire).
- Work committments and lack of social time.
- cost of staying over in town/city with leather bar/event.
YesNo- Changing clothes facilities at bar/event.
- Acceptance/non-judgemental
- Events closer to home.
- recommended accommodation - reasonable cost/quality, plus close to bar/event. Perhaps deals sought by bar/event for patrons.
bio male1962SubmissiveNoYesMy partner doesn't much care for nightlife.Once or twice every few months
bio male1957DominantNoNoWe live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, and as we have gotten older, we feel that going into the city is such a major hassle and inconvenience that we don't want to do it any more.

Further, the attitude of bartenders at the Green Lantern have been surly and rude, so we won't go back there any more, ever. The DC Eagle is okay, but has morphed into a "y'all come" bar with hardly any guys in leather any more, except once a year during MAL.
YesNoDo like Atlanta does -- when the DC Eagle finally accepts a buy-out offer and closes on New York Avenue, it should relocate to a place that has FREE PARKING, and is a destination, not a dump in the middle of an area that is dangerous late at night.

Have occasional "CODE" nights, like they do in London (England). That is, once a month, have a night where a strict leather dress code is enforced. I know bars need business, but I am turned off by being around a bunch of twinks in shorts and sneakers (or worse, flip-flops.)

Have these "CODE" nights on Saturday, which is the easiest night of all in the week to attend an event for guys who live in the suburbs. Weeknights are out with having to rise early for work the next day, and Fridays aren't good because we're tired after a long week of work.
bio female1981SwitchYesYesAcceptance for who I am and what I do. Hopeful cruising. Great place to smoke my pipes and cigars.I live there
trans male1969SwitchYesYesLike-minded people, hot men, friendly bartenders, good conversations and demos, owner supports the community. Almost Monthly
bio male1965SwitchNoNosmall dirty unfriendly bar eagle seattleYesNolarge upkept friendly
bio female1984SubmissiveYesYesWhile it is a a bit daunting for a queer femme with a hetflexible bio-male primary partner/Dom, I still firmly believe in the importance of leather bars and events. Luckily for me, there have been others making inroads for women at my home bar (The Dallas Eagle) for quite some time. I keep going because, other than dressing more conservatively (in the Leather sense-i.e. jeans, plain black/white shirt, and my boots with no/little makeup), I can be myself there with others like me and participate in one of our community's grand traditions.Once or twice every few months
bio male1965DominantYesYesmy friends, my man, my boy and his partner, the services provided such as boot blacking, the fundraisingI live there
bio male1963SubmissiveYesYesmy MasterEvery Month
bio male1978SubmissiveNoNo*YesYes*
bio male1957SubmissiveNoNoNothing. I've stopped going to bars in general, mainly because of the increasing noise.YesYesMeeting up with friends more regularly. I've already got the leather.
bio male1954SwitchYesNoIt's a gathering place of arrogant assholesYesNoNothing.
bio male1948SubmissiveYesNoToo old, too tired, the hard-core leather bars are all gone in NYC; not worth dragging myself out to a leatherette/twink place where there's not even any good eye candy for my tastes.YesYesReincarnation as a 30-year-old leatherman, or time travel back to 1975.
bio male1967SubmissiveNoNoThe very few leather-friendly bars in my area seem to each have their own scene or clique that I don't readily identify with. I don't know how well I would fit in and general social anxiety prevents me from spending a red-faced evening trying to find my conversational feet.NoNoA clearer picture of what kind of guys would fit in and are desired by the regulars. Perhaps a bar could make it easier with an occasional newbie evening or having members of the club available for some one-on-one discussion with the curious prior to visiting the leather bar. An FAQ section for the curious but timid who may fit in and not know it would also help.
bio male1959SwitchNoNoThere isn't one in a 50 mile rangeYesNoOpen one in my city
bio male1981SwitchYesYesfun exciting meeting new peopleI live there
bio male1975SubmissiveNoYesFriendly people, nice atmosphere, hot guysEvery Month
bio male1979DominantYesYesFriendly, no attitude and comunity feelEvery Month
trans male1985SwitchYesYesSupporting the local leather community and charities, also to socialize. Don't drink much myself.Every Month
bio male78SubmissiveNoNoToo many subgroups within leather community bitching about each other. YesYesLess bitchin.
bio male1950DominantYesYes
The men and boys! I can't stand to be in a twink bar for long.
Every Month
bio male1967SwitchYesYesFriendsAlmost Monthly
trans male1971SwitchYesYesI like the camraderie, and the feeling of community. Being able to express myself in ways that others may find confronting. Once or twice every few months
bio male1969SubmissiveYesYesBeing able to wear as little as I do when I'm there - being able to be an exhibitionist in an accepting crowd.

Also - being in an environment where I can be a boy, and be with my Daddy in public knowing that everyone knows what our roles are.
Almost Monthly
bio male1960SwitchNoYesIt's edgeyOnce or twice a year
bio female1966SwitchNoYesmy partner and i both like structure and the people are great to talk to Once or twice every few months
bio male1951SubmissiveNoNonone very close....NoYeslocation
bio female1970DominantYesYesOur culture Every Month
bio male1984SwitchYesYesUnlike the traditional queenly gay scene, leather bars are full of people who are confident and like to experiment with their sexuality. I also find people who are more understanding of HIV positive people.Every Month
bio male1963DominantNoYesIts the only place I can be myself and enjoy the presence of like minded peopleI live there
bio male1966SwitchNoYesA lot has to do with the age of the people in the bar, as they are closer to my age. I am a leather enthusiast but the leather culture here is much more about looking pretty rather than living the life.Once or twice every few months
bio male1973SubmissiveNoYeshanging out with like minded peopleOnce or twice every few months
bio male1956DominantNoYesLeather club nights and special events.Every Month
bio male1962DominantYesYesFamilyEvery Month
bio male1972DominantYesYesOur leather club has monthly 'club nights' to provide a place for continuing and building that 'brotherhood' bond. Also can a be 'safe environment' that the 'twinky boy' and 'preppy gay' cultures don't tend to invade.Every Month
bio male1960SwitchYesYesIt is the only place to regularly meet other leathermen outside of runs. Every Month
bio male1977SubmissiveYesNoThe lack of a dress code and the abundance of "wanna-bes" makes it a waste of time to seek out other LeatherMen in many bars.YesYesI would want to hang out at leather bars more if there were more *real* LeatherMen and leather boys there.
bio male1968DominantYesNoI don't drink.YesYesI can't think of anything.
bio male1943DominantYesYesMeeting friendsOnce or twice a year
bio male1962SwitchNoYesNone in my local city. I would go regularly if one was close and there was a dress code.Once or twice a year
bio male1973SubmissiveYesNoLoud music; smoking on outdoor patios/decks; disgusting bathroom facilitiesYesYesAmbient music to allow for conversation; no smoking anywhere; clean facilities
bio male1986SubmissiveNoYesIts where my club meets, where the small community meets, where we raise funds, see everyone, its out place.Almost Monthly
bio male1971SubmissiveYesYesmeeting dominant leather friendsEvery Month
bio male1950SubmissiveNoYesfriendsAlmost Monthly
bio male1948SubmissiveNoNoI don't drink that much.
I'm not seeking sex play or partners.
They are not busy until late at night.
YesYesSocial events & activities at the bar - and some light food.
bio male1951DominantYesNoLeather crowd is too small

People come with friends and talk to them only
YesYesIf it were a place for meeting new people in addition to drinking
bio male1971SwitchYesYesThe type of guys that go there, chance to wear my leather,
Almost Monthly
bio male1949DominantYesYeswhen you go to a leather bar you don't have to figure out who is top or bottom what they are into, what they want from you. Communication is visual. The sexual DANCE is much easier. You get to know what fetish or sexual activity that boy wants or what that slave is good for. Old Guard or New Guard newbie slave or experienced rubber boy can be found out in short time. Also, your home leather bar is like the one in CHEERS......where eveyone knows your name!Once or twice every few months
bio female1972SwitchNoNono bars like that in this townNoNoThe climate and atamophere and the be yourself with any quarms
bio female1960DominantYesNoOur leather-friendly bar closed - there aren't any in my city. In addition, I'm pretty much past the 'bar age' - seeing as I don't drink, smoke, or like yelling over loud music to have a conversation, I would go to a bar for a special event (like a fund raiser or show), but otherwise not. YesYesUmmmmmm.....see above.
bio male1982SubmissiveNoYesthe community, friends and the chance to gear upEvery Month
bio male1963SubmissiveYesYesBest place to meet other leather-oriented men, cruisy, and I feel I fit in better than at other gay bars.Almost Monthly
bio male1982SubmissiveNoNoInexperience.NoNoBetter knowledge of the protocol.
bio male1967SubmissiveNoYesI go a few times a month; I know I'll always bump into people I know, and I can have a chat, drink and socialise.

I have the opportunity to be geared up, in company, and have a cigar

If I want, there's the opportunity to cruise, though that's much less important than the socialising.
I live there
bio male1976SwitchNoYesJust to meetup and chat to guys that love what I love in terms of fetishwear and I guess hopefully find someone to become possibly a soulmate and live a life full of fetish wear & play.
Ireland doesn't have any fetish Bars as such but does have a monthly gay fetish night called R.U.L.E. in Dublin.
More details see
Every Month
bio male1972SwitchYesNoamsterdam staff is rude
amsterdam bars dont invest in their bars
Amsterdam gay leatherbar owners dont get involved in the gay scene....
after 20years of regular visiting ... never a free beer or a free drink.... never something special for theirt customers.....
YesYesmore guys in gear
bartenders in gear that are motivated
gear only nights *( dont tell me that does not work .. is a matter of onvesting and decentmarketing .... i know selfemployed myself / and have worked in gayscene for more than 20 years now)
bio male1964SwitchYesYesIt's my local and it is part of my life I live there
bio male1985SubmissiveNoNoNot one locally available. Additionally, at the bars I have been to, they seem to function like any other run-of-the-mill gay bar. No rules, no dresscode, no protocol.YesYesFollowing the leather tradition. Dress code, protocol.
bio male1981SwitchNoYesI have a real passion for leather and I like to be in the company of other leathermen. It's a place where you can meet other leathermen to chat and share your interests. Once or twice a year
bio male19)3SubmissiveNoYesCatch up on community news. Maybe see people I wouldn't see otherwise. Almost Monthly
bio male1984SubmissiveYesNoThe guys. Friends not there YesNoMore younger guys. Dress code required
bio male1966SubmissiveYesYesIt's usually a place where I can feel most comfortable wearing my hide in public. Almost Monthly
bio male1953SubmissiveNoNoToo far away, and generally not very friendly. Emphasis on youth.
Hoist is nearest to me, Backstreet way iver the other side of London.
YesYesGroup of mates to go with, hang out with. A more socially developed leather scene.
trans male1981DominantYesYesBeing in an environment where people look like me. Also I am a bootblack. I go to take care of and daddy the other leather men who have forgotten the basicsI live there
bio male1963SubmissiveYesYesLeather club nights.
Hoping to meet other leather men.
Every Month
bio male1964DominantNoYesSocial meetups and Mr. Boston Leather events.Almost Monthly
bio male1963SubmissiveYesYesI go The Eagle LA weekly, and so do some of my friends, but that wasn't an option on your survey.Every Month
bio male1975SubmissiveYesNoPrimarily location. I live in the south west of Ireland and the closest leather event is a monthly night in Dublin which is 200km away. Also, the monthly event is held on a Sunday which is not good if you work and don't live in Dublin.

Also, leather bars can be very cliqueish. If you don't know anyone it can be hard to strike up a conversation without the fear of either any approach being considered as sexual approach or being rudely ignored!! The scene can be very supportive, but it can also be very uninviting.
YesNoMore social events where sex isn't the be all and end all!!
bio male1983SwitchYesYesComradery, family, acceptance, friendsI live there
bio male1968SubmissiveYesYesLike feeling comfortable in leather, away from prying eyes who just don't get it. That, and the hope of meeting likeminded kinky menAlmost Monthly
bio male1964DominantYesNoThe lack of actual leather men in them, and Moreno, the lack of guys in gear. My local bar is full of non-leather guys just wanting to suck off someone in the corner.YesYesMore leather guys there, especially guys in gear of any kind.
bio male1978DominantYesYesFriends and the atmosphere. Masc, rock, fun, great staff!Every Month
bio male1964DominantYesYesMeeting and talking, cruising, shooting pool, looking good in public in my leathersI live there
bio male1959DominantNoNoa boyfriend interested in the leather lifestyleNoNoa boyfriend interested in the leather lifestyle
bio male1959SwitchNoNoThe nearest one is over 100 km awayYesNoOpen one in my home town (>200 thousend citizens)
bio male1959SwitchNoNoThey have little to offer me, and are excluding.YesYesThey are excluding places. More friends who also like them?
bio male1959SwitchYesYesI am member of a local leather organization in the Boston area.Every Month
bio male1986SubmissiveYesYesThere's a certain sense of belonging. Even though I don't know most of the people there, I know I have something in common with them, and there's a sense of safety in that. Because it's exclusive, it's comfortable.

And of course it's hot to get fucked in the back of a bar by some guy you just met. I don't know of any other quasi-public space where that's encouraged.
Every Month
bio male1974SubmissiveNoYesMeeting other guys in leather gear, either for sex or just to socialise with people that share the same fetish as meEvery Month
bio male1983SubmissiveNoNoThe closest leather bar is over an hour away.YesYesIf we had one closer.
bio male1980SwitchYesYesAn event that is interesting and where there is a sense of community. I don't mean raffles and prizes but instead a social and open atmosphere where people can talk about their fetish, get to know one another and where play is encouraged. I really like BLUF events - this is not only due to liking the full leather look but also because it is well organised as a club and community. I also like SM skills sessions where, as a relative newbie, I can learn in a pressure free environment. Once or twice every few months
bio male1968SwitchYesYesFriends, family, environment and non-judgemental people. Also hot guys ;-)Every Month
bio male1984SwitchNoNopeople conflictsYesNomore of them available
bio male1976SwitchYesNoToo far to driveYesYescloser locations, better specials
bio male1988SubmissiveYesNoMostly proximity, as I am far away, else it is the lack of more organized fun at them, I guess from what I have heard, I would like to see more parties related to gear and stuff so I can find and meet people with similar interests. It is also hard to get to the bar sometimes, especially if I am from out of town as I would need places to stay. But I am a youngin' and still a poor college student who can barely afford drinks let alone getting to a bar sometimes.YesNoI think more of a fetish community focus on them, like there are gear nights, but then there are nights that are not and it is either all or nothing, or at least it seems that way. There is nothing wrong with explaining gear to people, but I found it hard to be in a place once because there was a gear event and regular traffic...and it didn't really mix well.
bio male1982SubmissiveYesYesCommunity, comfort, gear. Every Month
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