EdTech2U 2014 Schedule
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Session TitleMaterials RequiredPreferred session time: DescriptionPreferred session time: PresenterSuggested Experience LevelTargeted Grade LevelsRequired MaterialsAre you interested in volunteering during the Conference? Additional Feedback
Session 1: 8:30-9:15
Taking Advantage of the My Big Campus Library8:30- 9:15BoardLearn how to find and use resources in the My Big Campus Library to make your lessons more engaging.Tom BorerBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/AnyNone
Learn from the Best for FREE 8:30- 9:15PineDo you want to learn more about a subject area, student engagement, or tech? Find out how you can take online classes for free from leaders in their fields. MOOC's(Massive Open Online Classes) give you the opportunity to attend classes from universities all over the world. Come learn how they work and the best places to find them for both professional and personal learning.http://goo.gl/QejFwVBrenda HeilBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/Anylaptops would be nice
1 Teacher 1 iPad8:30- 9:15MapleIn this session you will learn how to use the iPad as a presentation tool that allows you to move around the room while writing on "the board." You will learn how to wirelessly connect your iPad to your computer, then project it for all your students to see. A variety of presentation apps will also be shared. You will also learn how to use the iPad to manage student data and classroom information. http://goo.gl/aCHsyVColin HanelBeginner , IntermediateAll/AnyNothing, but an iPad would be nice
Modeling Real LIfe with Math (Practice Standard # 4)8:30- 9:15WillowMeet some whole class on-line activities that will strengthen your students' number sense. Great web sites you can start using Monday.
Find out how students can begin to see the math in their surroundings. A camera, an interested teacher and some student problem solvers is all you need!
http://goo.gl/eq6y6cChris Harris and Ted KirkbrideBeginner 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8none
Poll Everywhere8:30- 9:15PalmDid you know EUSD has a districtwide premium subscription for this easy-to-use, engaging software? Come and see a demonstration of how this online tool works! Classroom and school examples will be shared, and you will receive your own personal account!http://goo.gl/gAfmTBKathy ShirleyBeginner , IntermediateAll/AnyiPods (provided) or laptops
MBC Essay Assignment Workflow 8:30- 9:15CedarThere are 2 main ways to use My Big Campus for student essays?
1. Use MBC Docs: Students write (or copy-and-paste) their essays into an MBC Doc, then share it with the teacher. This works much like a Google Doc, where teacher and student collaborate on one document in the cloud.
2. Upload word processing files: Students write their essays using a word processing application such as Pages or MS Word, then upload the file to a MBC Simple Assignment. The teacher downloads the files, makes comments, then re-uploads the files back to the students.
This session covers the workflow for both.
Todd MattoxBeginner , IntermediateAll,Anynone
Session TitleTimeRoomDescriptionPresenterSuggested Experience LevelTargeted Grade Levels
Session 2: 9:30-10:15
My Big Campus Schoolwork9:30-10:15BoardWhat is Schoolwork? This is an overview of MBC Schoolwork. We will go over how to create and assign schoolwork to students.goo.gl/OBeIGIChia GrossmannIntermediate, AdvancedAll/AnyKnow MBC login
Integrating Technology into the Common Core9:30-10:15PineThis session will cover the basics of how technology is written into the Common Core with specific examples of what it looks like with dIfferent levels of technology use and dIfferent devices (computers, laptops, computer lab, iPods, iPads). **Repeated during Session 3**Krystle MillerBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/AnyLaptops helpful, but not necessary.
Teaching with Youtube9:30-10:15MapleYouTube is an excellent resource but also plagued with non academic content. Find out how to use a teacher and/or student My Big Campus accounts to access the excellent resources on YouTube safely. In addition, student work and video examples will be shown to inspire you teaching creativity. ** A teacher My Big Campus account is recommended**Paul EricksonBeginner , IntermediateAll/AnyMy Big Campus Account
Best practices for a 6 iPod/iPad classroom9:30-10:15WillowThis session will explore ways to manage an iPod:Student ratio of 1:4 or 1:5. This is a beginning course to help teachers manage technology in classrooms with limited resources. We will plan for various management practices and ways to hold students accountable for their independent learning. Voice memos, Sonic Pics, My Big Campus, and many more apps will be used as examples.http://goo.gl/0iH7j7Ted KirkbrideBeginner , IntermediateAll/AnyiPod? Laptop? or a Notebook
How to Use DonorsChoose.org9:30-10:15PalmDo you need books, headphones, iPods or iPads in your classroom?
Learn how to use online media to advocate for your classroom needs.
Julie ChoudharyBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/Anyaccess to the internet
Does Your Smartphone Really Make You Smarter? ...Smartphone Apps to Support Your Teaching Profession9:30-10:15CedarHarness the power of your smartphone! Learn about and share apps to support you professionally. Bring your own smartphone* (Hands-on)
*A smartphone is defined as a mobile phone that has advanced features allowing access to the Internet.
http://goo.gl/97QKD9Heather PetersonBeginner , IntermediateAll/Anysmartphone
Ask Me Anything9:30-10:15LoungeIf you have a question or problem about anything technology related, stop by.Tom BorerBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/Anynone
Session TitleTimeRoomDescriptionPresenterSuggested Experience LevelTargeted Grade Levels
Session 3: 10:30-11:15
Google Tips and Tricks10:30- 11:15 BoardDid you know that your @eusd.org email account is more than just an email account? It allows you access to the vast world of Google. This session will show you how to make the most of your eusd Google account by sharing some tips and tricks about gmail, docs, sites, and video conferencing. Plus I will share with you some other amazing tools you can use like Google Earth and Google Hangouts to connect your class with the world. http://goo.gl/Q7FI5TJo-Ann FoxBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/Anylaptop, iPad
Integrating Technology into the Common Core10:30- 11:15 PineThis session will cover the basics of how technology is written into the Common Core with specific examples of what it looks like with dIfferent levels of technology use and dIfferent devices (computers, laptops, computer lab, iPods, iPads). ** A repeat of Session 2 **Krystle MillerBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/AnyIt would be helpful If they could bring a laptop but its not necessary.
Create a Google Website10:30- 11:15 MapleHands-on session! In our brief 45 minutes, you will create a Google Website, choose a cool theme template, and add links for your students so they can easily find resources you want to share. If time, we will add other pages and graphics. Other resources will be shared so you can continue on your own.Brad PascoeBeginner All/Anywill we have laptops in the room
ClassDojo10:30- 11:15 WillowClassDojo is a free app that can help you keep track of student behavior, motivate students to remain on task, and provide data for parents. It can also be used on a computer if you don't have a mobile device. There is even a optional student app that accompanies the teacher app. Needs iOS6 or better.Terri PriceBeginner , IntermediateAll/AnyiPod, iPad, or laptop
Introduction to Programming/Coding10:30- 11:15 PalmHour of Code and beyond! Learn how to introduce the concepts of coding to your K-8 students, and what options are available regardless of the technology configuration in your classroom. Overview and featured activity: coding with cups!https://docs.google.com/document/d/19D3LlztBePfs0GOxq93rCX9GUzucDOg1CztVpn71yPE/edit?usp=sharingScott SoucyBeginner , IntermediateAll/AnyCups will be provided
Pinteresting Ideas10:30- 11:15 CedarHave you always wanted to know what Pinterest is or how you can use it in your lIfe? I will explain it and more! You will learn how to start your own board, how to search for useful items, and how to "pin" on your board. I will also show you how to share your pins, collaborate with others on a board, and start a secret board If you desire.http://goo.gl/oYP5mvSonya ShafferBeginner , IntermediateAll/Anylaptop, iPod, or iPad is useful but not necessary
Ask Me Anything10:30- 11:15 LoungeIf you have a question or problem about anything technology related, stop by.Tom BorerBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/Anynone
MBC Student Access10:30- 11:15 BirchAre you ready to use My Big Campus with students? Are you eager to integrate technology with the Common Core? If so, the My Big Campus Student Access Training is for you. This will include an overview of student access features, groups, and a proactive approach for teaching digital citizenship and avoiding issues.Chia GrossmannBeginner , IntermediateAll/Anylaptop or mobile device
Session TitleTimeRoomDescriptionPresenterSuggested Experience LevelTargeted Grade Levels
Session 4: 11:30-12:15
Mastering the Word Problem11:30- 12:15 BoardI will be going over how to use Mathematical Practices to solve high engaging word problems. I will also show how to have kids post their reasoning in My Big Campus so that their work can be evaluated with others. Go to MBC Library and search word problemJoey BensonBeginner , Intermediate, Advanced1, 2, 3, 4, 5Computer or iOS device
Odyssey (CompassLearning)11:30- 12:15 PineAre you ready to expand your knowledge and use of CompassLearning Odyssey? Do you need guidance searching content, building an objective-based test, or creating an Odyssey Writer assignment? Join us to learn a new trick in CompassLearning Odyssey.Go to MBC> EUSD resources> PD>OdysseyGina BaldwinIntermediateAll/AnyCompassLearning Odyssey login
Awesome Computer Lab Activities11:30- 12:15 MapleDown with Funbrain! Learn some innovative lab activities that will keep your students engaged and maximize their learning. Explore options that use programs currently installed on all lab machines across the district. https://docs.google.com/a/eusd.org/document/d/1tG3sfo5TQfaUK5TRb53RcIqfFQOi5nGaLqNXRRv5t7k/edit?usp=sharingScott SoucyBeginner , IntermediateAll/AnyA weekly computer lab slot
Comic LIfe11:30- 12:15 WillowWe've got it, let's use it! Walk through on "How to Create a Page" with handout. Bring your MacBook to follow along.

Project samples, to show some possibilities for what you might want to create with your students, K-5th grades.
http://goo.gl/pMPr1LMichele LopezBeginner K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Macbook
Common Core Writing with Technology11:30- 12:15 PalmWith the new Common Core Standards and the integration of technology within the standards, students are being asked to use various tools during the writing process. Come and find out how I use technology during writing to engage students and improve writing. You will leave this session with ideas to use Monday morning for any part of the writing process. Ideas for use with and without mobile devices will be given.http://goo.gl/tYAeJjKyra BowersBeginner , IntermediateAll/Anynone
iPods, Little Kids & Language Arts11:30- 12:15 CedarCome and see how we have integrated iPods into our daily language arts instruction. We will include ideas for reading comprehension/fluency, learning new words, writing, and independent activities.http://tinyurl.com/n8ou9tpMaria Saavedra & Brenda HeilBeginner K, 1iPods
Ask Me Anything11:30- 12:15 LoungeIf you have a question or problem about anything technology related, stop by.Tom BorerBeginner , Intermediate, AdvancedAll/Anynone