Dalton J Lind
"DeeJay" / "Sissy Princess Danni" / "Chase Carter"
This workbook is meant to serve as a directory of contents for my public Google Drive Workspace detailing the torture and unfortunate events incurred upon me over the past 3 years. Police refuse or are uncooperative to helping me investigate and stop my trafficking, and I am not yet informed verbally or in writing about being illegally monitored. I now have indisputable evidence of gross medical malpractice at several Chicago hospitals, but am yet to find adequate medical screening. I need support and advocacy to stay alive- please submit a report for me to police, FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security, or other local anti-human trafficking organizations.
Pictured above are 3 skull x-rays of myself from 3 different hospitals with the area around my sinus cavity edited out to hide the involuntarily implanted monitoring device in my skull. This has been the source of my issues over the past 3+ years of my life and will continue to be the reason the people responsible stay one step ahead of everyone - 24/7/365 non-stop monitoring of my life complete with incredibly obnoxious audio commentary broadcasted inbound to my skull.
CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT is responsible for my murder
CRIMINAL1.) Several groups of people online and in-person are destroying my life under false pretenses of me being some sort of serial killer, rapist, human trafficker, hacker, or whatever other BS they can think to call me.
1ACrimes🚧2.) I am getting robbed of previously unrealized income from my porn content - potentially a 7 digit total figure - it appears to be the main reason this has continued despite there being no other logical reason for it (other than sexual gratification)
1BFederal Crimes✅3.) Hospitals are handing me false radiology images (100% certain of this- just look above). They're also failing to disclose what was revealed in the real images.
1CPolice Reports✅4.) Police will not let me report the crimes I'm a victim for and if I say too much about what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING I am involuntarily admitted to the psyche ward
EVENTS5.) The "hacking" issue is WAY WAY WAY more f***ed up than you're thinking. This is not just an ex-boyfriend reading my texts. This is total hijacking of every device I possess, and AI silently downloading spyware onto anyone's device who does as much as messages me. My communication is completely blocked other than messages from white-listed contacts who have been contacted before reaching me and interviewed about the situation .
2APeople Involved🚧6.) I am ABSOLUTELY GETTING RAPED after I fall asleep. I fall asleep alone and wake up alone with someone having physically touched me sometime between...and no toxicology report was done after two separate police reports of sexual assault / rape kits at hospitals
2BOrganizations Involved❌7.) I AM GETTING TEXTS FROM DEAD PEOPLES' PHONE NUMBERS (actual confirmed dead people)
2CPlaces✅WHAT THE F*** is going on???!?!?!?!?
2DEvents❌☹️ Denied trying to report ID Theft
☹️ The group in the next motel room is audibly discussing my outfit, but the officer says there's no issue
3AHospital Visits✅
☹️ CPD would rather not come check out the bomb installed in my vehicle
3BRadiology (IMPORTANT)✅
☹️ Maybe I sounded a little paranoid, but is it too much to ask to send an officer?
3CMedical Issues to Note❌
☹️ FBI hangs up on me after I hit "3" to report a radiation incident and told them I had information of dead police officers
☹️ This doctor tells me there's no test for cancer after refusing to test me for COHgb which is what should be tested for to determine carbon monoxide poisoning (the reason for my visit)
4BHack Examples (IMPORTANT)✅
4CPhone Calls❌
4DISPs (Internet Service Prov.)🚧
4EIPs to Check❌
OTHERRead about me first!
0ABank Deposits🚧
0BUseful Info✅
The below written statement is to let any and everyone know there is no investigation necessary on me, and any "monitoring" would be unnecessary as they can show up and search me and my place without a warrant any day or time. Just ask when you knock on the door!About What's Happening
⦾ I have been getting maliciously stalked in person and on the web since at least September 2020. They're using the money stolen from my porn content income to hire hackers / human traffickers who perform man-in-the-middle attacks on my communication and web traffic. I'm watched 24/7 in my home and car, and followed closely elsewhere. They are more than likely using stringrays and to manage my calls and texts, and a cisco umbrella to filter web traffic.
⦾ An ID thief has been stealing my porn content income while hacking me to fool me into thinking I'm making less $$$. DO NOT BE MISTAKEN- I am not that random friend of yours who does OnlyFans on the side; the traffic driven from my porn content has major income potential for a large amount of PASSIVE income (I don't have to work a single hour for the income to continue for several years). They intend to take my life silently and then continue profitting from the passive income earned from my content. They have taken out student loans in my name, opened bank accounts with my SSN, and financed iPads on my Verizon account.
⦾ I have a mountain of physical evidence of tampering / bugging in nearly every electronic device I own (especially anything with a battery). It's wildly excessive...
⦾ I have never once been questioned by Police or any government employee about crimes committed against me or involving me / my friends / my family.
⦾ I was never informed by any organization or individual about being recorded live in my home, vehicle, or elsewhere.
⦾ You DO NOT need to be a doctor to see there is clearly something wrong with the radiology performed on my body over the past few years. A protrusion above my brain & under my skull shows exponential growth over multiple x-rays taken over 2 years time (clearly seems to be brain tumor). They're editing out the bones and everything above my teeth in 3 different skull xrays at 3 different hospitals. My 4 chest x-rays over the past year have been edited and/or literally are not images of myself - from one chest x-ray visit I have two images in which my heart doubles in size in comparison to my ribcage (one image is another person).
⦾ There is no criminal investigation on me. I have not committed any crimes worth investigating!! Members of law enforcement who have contributed to my torture and trafficking should be punished to the full extent of the law as a common criminal, not as a peace officer. Please fact-check any false statements made about me, expect planted evidence, and expect a short murder investigation that somehow leads nowhere despite the mountain of information I'm giving in this sheet.
Newly transitioning after years of wanting to but being to afraid of what people would think or whether I would look "passable". I don't give a f***⦾ I graduated from Westmont High School. I have a bachelors in Corporate Communication & Business from Eastern Illinois University, 2 years vocational study in computer information systems from the Technology Center of DuPage, and I'm currently pursuing an associates in applied science of cybersecurity from Wilbur Wright College of the City Colleges of Chicago. If I have enough years left in my life to continue on with a new career, I am planning to continue my education in cybersecurity in the path of cyber criminal justice and then pursue a career in federal law enforcement (as long as they aren't too 'disgusted' with me as a trans person with a sexuality).
I AM AN AMERICAN TOO, and I want to help evolve the infrastructure that's allowed for me to endure unparelleled misjustice!
⦾ I worked as an account manager / project manager at an ERP software startup for 4 years after college, I've also held several jobs in sales, and have always aspired to be a successful entrepreneur. I've been involved in escorting since the age of 16 - (over a decade!). I am a porn content creator of self-shot and produced videos and have gained an immense viewership online with an est. 50M+ views and 100k subscribers cross-platform. I created a business Sissy Princess Studios LLC (SP Studios) named after my porn persona "Sissy Princess Danni", of which upon establishment I was immediately prevented from building and operating via 24/7/365 illegal monitoring, computer fraud, and aggravated computer tampering.
Check out this video of the involuntarily implanted speaker in my ear giving microphone feedback
To clarify some things in the event of my death...

Click the links for pictures!!
Useful Info
56 website shows you websites as they appeared in the past - try it!
57 Patent on Wireless Neural Interface
Strathspey Crown LLC Announces Issuance of US Patent of the First Implantable Intraocular Lens (IOL) with a Video Camera and Wireless Transmission Capability — CEYEBERThe 1st US Patent on an implantable intra-ocular lens w/ a camera and wireless capability.
59 Princess Studios, LLC Article of Organization
I've been in a constant battle for ownership over my Facebook account for at least the past year. They are able to manipulate pictures I post AFTER I post them and it is blatantly obvious that my reach is limited on any post I make that includes incriminating content to my traffickers. An investigation into my personal account or my group Stop Dalton's Torture & Trafficking ( and the overtly negative comments from people towards a person who is reaching out for help will indicate a paid campaign of bots has been applied to my profiles, and it may be discoverable who financed it. They're also flagging anything that works against them, such as the post below of mine which apparently was too well-liked, thus adding to much attention to me and adding risk to getting away with my eventual murder. apartment building -
4629 N Damen #1
Chicago, IL 60625
Howard Brown LGBT Cybercrime???One of the strangest examples of cyber crime I've experienced. I went to while at Howard Brown Health Center (on my cellular data, NOT ON THEIR WIFI) to try finding which location my old doctor transferred to and this is what was on the homepage. Not only is it one of the stupidest things I've ever seen a person BS in 2 minutes about a largely LGBTQ-friendly medical center's website, but why would they change it on my phone before I even connected to Howard Brown's wifi? That tells me Howard Brown did not get hacked, and tells me they were watching me VERY closely. I believe this was the occaision I was attempting to tell staff I was being human trafficked
ModernHumanTrafficking.comThis is what the homepage of my website should look like. It is most likely re-directed for others who try to visit the site.
Sissy Princess WebsiteThis is what the homepage of my website should look like. Same deal
64's Parent company?? No...1099 Form from an imposter company claiming to be the parent company of Note that their website has less than 5k visitors monthly as shown here on SimilarWeb (this is not even remotely possible for a parent company of a site with over 300 million views monthly)
65 is where we were in 2014 in regards to vulnerability to hacking. It has not gotten better, just much much worse.
Extermination during "Social Engineering"Social Engineering - the term used for the mass genocide occurring in the US towards the LGBT community; specifically to trans people. would frequently give me a notification "You may be a victim of social engineering. Please call 800-XXX-XXXX" when I tried to report fraud or edit settings to un-f*** my cell phone. Of course it'd be some complete mind-warpingly terrible customer service which was so bad it was actually worse than the real Verizon customer service - listen to my super boring POINTLESS calls with on on YouTube (Dalton Lind)
4 Chest X-Rays, 4 Medical Facilities, 1 person (me)My 4 chest x-rays from the past 14 months. Together it becomes clear they've all been edited/ fabricated. How would the heart be perfectly identical in all 4 when the rest of my body is skewed? How does my Sept 2021 scan look exactly like my July 2022 scan when I intentionally posed differently and the nurse forgot to take off two of my metal EKG stickers when she took me for the scan
IR X-ray cam in my resrview mirrorVideo about the monitoring device found in my rearview mirror. **not an auto dimmer** I believe there's similar tech all over my apartment behind the walls.
I've got over 25,000,000 views on my videos on this platform alone (at least twice as much elsewhere). My profile is at
(beware! VERY explicit XXX content). This is important to mention because it's the reason my website and onlyfans and manyvids profiles get visits and produce income from paid content. Based on my recent investigastions into each of my income-producing accounts, it appears a large portion of my income has been getting ciphoned while I have been getting paid out a smaller portion and am only able to view the smaller portion due to the websites themselves running through a proxy and/or website spoof / cisco umbrella.
YES IT IS AN X-RAY CAMERA. Gentex is the manufacturerVideo from Gentex (the manufacturer of my after-market rearview mirror) about their vehicle cabin monitoring systems with infrared cameras built into the mirrors. Gentex has coincidentally IMMEDIATELY removed any advertisements of "In-Cabin Monitoring" as soon as I discovered them as the manufacturer. Screenshot of previous site linked to the right.
"Invisible" ....more like "clear"This is going to sound a little strange, but it's no delusion or paranoia of mine; it's a reality with 100% certainty...
Hollywood, extremely wealthy people, and government agents have access to cloaking technology that completely hides a person from sight (essentially "invisible men" really do exist). They appear more "clear" than "invisible" as a gaseous body that forms waves in the open air similarly to natural gas from a stove before it's lit. They cannot physically collide with objects with much pressure without leaving/disabling the cloak, but they can touch you or move objects (I have been kicked in the stomach repeatedly by an "invisible man" and have also been willingly sexually intimate with several invisible men. They have literally made me levitate from a laid down position).
Although the technology is fascinating and could serve a justified purpose, it also poses an ENORMOUS security and privacy issue and can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. My traffickers have relied heavily on the cloaking technology for at least the past year or so and are stealing property of mine on a daily basis, and also using the technology to intimidate and most likely to sneak up on others to harm them.
It would be in the U.S. Governments', as well as any other world superpowers' best interest to end the people who are making this really real thing become REALLY real in the public's eye. At some point it will no longer be a viable method of security for the president or alike.
***One thing to also consider about this is there are several ways to make an "invisible" man. Don't just try to disprove me based on the assumption that it could only be done using one method. Also- why are you trying to disprove me??
RentMen (deactivated) I have been involved in sex work for over 10 years (started at 16 years old). It has been the single most beneficial component to my life while also being the ultimate cause of my death. (hopefully this will stay deleted)
TS4RentRentMen has a sister site for transwomen, which I've been on for a few years. Recently back on after a full year break, but my clients are getting re-directed to use me while I'm unconcious instead of awake. Don't judge me on the old pics- it won't let me upload new oens
Google AccountI have a Google Business Enterprise Workspace account with the admin . It shows detailed audits and reports of login activity, account changes, and much more detailed information that can be retrieved per request by Google. In many cases (such as on this sheet) every change is recorded and available to view within the user interface. Google will have a log of any change to any account data for at least 30 days. The data found on this account can lead to several arrests if examined carefully. In the event of my death, I give my consent to all data being accessible to the public to view and download / copy
How they've selected to silently murder me pictured below. The induced brain tumor remains untreated until the interferences with medical providers cease.To anyone who has been involved...Despite the tragedies surrounding my life and the people in it over the past couple years, I am proud to say I made an impact on the world which I hope will serve as a catalyst for social change and ultimately a clean cut to justice for people victimized under similar circumstances. There are many others like me who did not get the opportunity to be heard before their voices were silenced permanently. I thank everyone in my life for spending time with me and being a part of what's been a fulfilling 30 years. I hold no ill will towards anyone who's been deceived by lies and a false narrative written about me. Please do everything in your power to make sure the evil people who've cost me everything are forced to pay an overpriced amount for their senseless violent crimes. I told them in confidence I won this game at least 3 months ago, and it will still hold true regardless of what happens to me or any of their obnoxious tricks. They don't realize I already know about the thing they think will save them, and I've already planned ahead for it. 😝🖕
I am not signed with a model management company, no one else has power of attorney over me, and I have never employed anyone to work for Sissy Princess Studios LLC (SP Studios). There is no legitimate criminal investigation on me, as you'll see a background check will show you I haven't been arrested since 2011 and I do not commit crimes worth investigating. Your communication with me has been completely fabricated or edited (texts, calls, emails, anything) and it is the same vice versa. I have no true friends (anyone I know is helping to hurt me) and I am not close with any family members. My only request when I die or permenantly disappear is that the person stealing my physical identity does not succeed in wiping away my memory. This cannot happen to innocent people. If they close the investigation having not found what I could have with th
Pictured above in an meningioma brain tumor and unkown involuntarily implanted devices in my head. You will not find another x-ray image of a person's skull that has the obsure features mine does. I am more than likely the first person to ever publicly display an image of an x-ray after being tortured in this way (at least the first to do it whose image was actually seen by a large amount of people)CONTACT ME (last tab)
When you start to think what I'm "claiming" i's too insane to actually happen to a random person, stop and realize THAT is why this is your problem too.
It sounds too crazy to be happening....which is why it keeps getting dismissed as not being true...
T-mobile phone #773-865-4697
ATT Phone #773-569-1674
Boost Mobile #773-461-9035 **UPDATE** The phone with this # on the Sim card was stolen from my AirBNB rental 4/12/23. They only stole the one phone and lingerie from me (strange)
Assurance Wireless #872-568-5403
Google Voice #312-487-1667
TextNow #773-676-9466