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President's Statement of PurposeExisting?PresidentPresident EmailVPTreasurerSecretaryClub AdvisorClub Advisor Room
Club Meeting Dates? (ex: second Tuesday of every month)
American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA)Raise money and awareness for the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).YesEden Farahmandedenfarah8303@student.lvusd.orgShay CohenBrian ValafarNoa KedmyMr. EdsallH110
Second Tuesday of every month.
Alex's Lemonade Clubraise money through bake sales for pediatric cancer YesKayla Shapiro kaylashapi4703@student.lvusd.orgMadi EsmalbeigiAdam SchwartzAmber PrestonCamachox204
first and third monday of each month
AP Human Geograph Tutors ClubWe train tutors to help current AP Human Geography students and oversee tutoring. YesAbby Nudellabbynudel7602@student.lvusd.orgZainab JamaliSarah BenjaminJamie KlinenbergMrs. CookH112
First Tuesday of every month
Arts Reaching TeensThe purpose of our club is to raise money for a place called Inner-City Arts which invites students to explore their creativity.NoDanielle RauchmanDanierauch9402@student.lvusd.orgSarah TurobinerSkylar SmithSam RudaMr. EdsallH110Last Monday every monthNoNothing more
Astronomy ClubTo educate people on astronomy while having fun with others who enjoy astronomy.YesKindred Bakerkindredbaker@gmail.comEwan McConKit Alcottn/aMs. LevenbergX-205
first and third monday of each month
Baha'i ClubThe Baha'i Club aims to unify the students to through service projects to betterment their own community and converse in meaningful conversations through interfaith dialogue. Everyone is welcome to join. YesNura Esmailizadehnuraesmai4102@student.lvusd.orgSalman JaberiSoltan JaberiBashaer JaberiTyler LeeH111
First Tuesday of each month
Ballet For All Kids ClubThe purpose of this club is to spread awareness about the Ballet For All Kids program and gain more volunteers for the program.YesSarah Benjaminsarahbenja6102@student.lvusd.orgMia BrookenthalJamie KlinenbergMatthew LorberMrs. CookH112
second Tuesday of the month
Business Bureau JrThe purpose of the club is not only to educate young minds on the positive ideas modern businesses execute, but also the unfair or manipulative tactics they may use.NoRy Kaganrykagan4903@student.lvusd.orgAdar AmbarEmon SayeriMarni MerittLevenbergX205
Second and fourth Monday
Calabasas Coterie: A Youth Empowerment MagazineDirected to enlightening Calabasas students to the power of youth and women in our community. The club consists of interviewing impactful young women at our school and adults as well and to inform our students about humane activities and inspire them.NoSophie Doddsophdodd123@icloud.comShaya McCordAbby SamovitzCate SundahlEdsallH110first and last Thursday
Campaign 4 FunThe purpose is to raise money to raise funds for underserved youth in order to send them to summer camps as well as donate supplies to the camp.YesPreston Esparprestespar4702@student.lvusd.orgHalston EsparAlexa ZatpouzinAlexandra AbromvitohBoelmanH111
CHLA Butterfly ClubThe purpose of this club is to raise money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles through the Junior Ambassador Program, the hospital’s official fundraising program for teens, by participating in hospital fundraising events, hosting fundraisers on and off campus and informing members about what CHLA’s functions. YesRachel Franklinrachefrank7202@student.lvusd.orgLeina HernandezMiya RosenthalAlexa SiegalMs HansenL4second and fourth Friday of every month
Christian clubAllows people to be able come together and feel welcome to express their beliefs YesKatie Poolkatelpool9303@student.lvusd.orgAdrianna RoeMichael ReedLeila MalakTaoukX102
second and fourth Tuesday at lunch
CHS Red Cross ClubWe organize and participate in events that help further the American Red Cross mission.YesRachel Weissmanracheweiss4603@student.lvusd.orgDaniel KukurudzKristen LarsonTiffany NyugenMrs. Nonhoff-ZiegH201
1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month
CHS Robotics Club The club will aim to increase knowledge and skill of the different aspects of robotics, including engineering and programming. It also aims to improve teamwork and cooperativity.YesKevin Fisherkevinfishe0503@student.lvusd.orgDouglas HouseN/AMichael YeungPA 4
Monday, Thursday, Friday
CHS Vip MentorsThe purpose of the club is to create and run events for the students in the special education program at Calabasas High, such as game days and holiday parties.YesSam Endesamueende1102@student.lvusd.orgCaitlin AndersonSkylar SmithChloe Kocar
Mr. Martin Pick (Special Ed Teacher)
h217first Friday
Club Francais To give students a chance to experience French culture in school and learn more about the similarities and differences between France and America. Yes
Jamie Klinenberg and Sarah Benjamin
jamiekline7102@student.lvusd.orgSalman JaberiMax LevyAbby NudellDidierjeanH101
second Tuesday of every month
Club MusicThe Purpose of the club is to create a healthy community for music makers to collaborately musically. This will promote new relationships through music and positive feedback on the musicthat the club members produce.NoJackson Pagejackspage5102@student.lvusd.orgAfra ZandKsea AinschindlerAlireza YahyaeLopezM1
Colon Cancer Awareness ClubThis club will bring more attention to the terrible disease that took my dad earlier this year. I want to help as much as possible to bring attention and prevent colon cancer and cancer overall. I will teach the club members how to try to prevent the cancer, how to get checked for it in the future, motivate students, and make donations and volunteer to help take a step forward in making it easier to overcome this cancer.YesRomy Reuveni romyreuve8603@student.lvusd.orgLeanne AzuraNoa KedmyNoam MoyalMr. EdsallH-110
First and third wednesday of each month
Current MedicineTo research current and new medical trends and commune with fellow club members over how to effectively use said medical trends in general hospitalsNoRobert Roysnerroberroysn6402@student.lvusd.orgZane TempletonTheodore MillerColby JochumMrs. DiamondPA7
1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
Developing ChangeTo inspire students to use their skills and knowledge of design, business, and coding to make lasting positve social impacts. As a group, members will choose a prevalent social problem to improve or potentially solve.NoLevi Klinelevikline1602@student.lvusd.orgRebecca CorominaRachel WeissmanNatalie ChowMr. MooreH-108every other tuesday
Dress for Success Fundraising for impoverished women in downtown Los Angeles to have nice clothes to wear for job interviews. Also provides confidence through fashion.YesSarah Turobiner satahturob1902@student.lvusd.orgLauren IsrowTBDKatie levitt Mr. EdsallH110
The second Tuesday of every month.
Dungeons and Dragons ClubTo encourage players to learn and play Dungeons and DragonsYesStephanie Changstephchang8704@student.lvusd.orgAnthony YoonOmeid MajdAaron AdriaticoMr. WeinsteinH107Every Friday
End Kids HungerTo raise money through bake sales and hold volunteering events that work to feed the hungry underpriveleged kids locally.YesCheyanne GatesCheyagates3503@student.lvusd.orgElla NissimovAva GevisserBryanna LapinerCookH112Every other Friday
The Feminist SocietyTo dicuss and learn about the feminist movement and to promote equality of the sexes while challenging gender norms that are widely accepted in modern society.NoEmily Salvayemilysalva9501@student.lvusd.orgSammie MayriNoneHudson PollackLance NomeH109
First wednesday of every month
FIDM Fashion ClubThe purpose is to celebrate the world of clothing in the means of style and design. Also aim to educate members about the history of fashion and the importance of the current and past styles.NoSami Weisssamanweiss0302@student.lvusd.orgSydney GoldflamGabby RovinRyan TristanMiss LevenbergX205
3rd Wenesday of every month
Fight Against Parkinson'sThe objective of this club is to help people who suffer from Parkinson's Disease, specifically volunteering with Ready Steady Boxing - San Fernando ValleyNoEdaan Moskowitzedaanmosko6203@student.lvusd.orgMataar MoskowitzMia RapaportNoa Ben-ShabattMr. GershM2
First wednesday of every month
Film ClubTo provide the students at a Calabasas with a voice through cinema YesMolly Gallenbergmolly.gallenberg@yahoo.comSonia LevinJimmy BermanAlly ScottEric GershM2Every Thursday
Films of the World ClubThe Films of the World Club watches and analyzes films in order to learn how accurate the geographical, environmental, societal, and cultural elements are. NoKellan Northcote-SmithKellanorth0003@student.lvusd.orgBenjamin RosenthalAriel TurobinerMagnus DamborgSeñora DijarH105Every other Thursday
Future Doctors of America ClubThe goal is to show students what the medical field has to offer. Whether its people who are set on being a doctor to those who are potentially interested, Future Doctors of America plans to show the ways to get there and what being a doctor holds.YesIdella Smolyaridellsmoly9501@student.lvusd.orgZainab JamaliNooria MazdeyasnanMaya ZuckermanMrs. JobszS 5
First Wednesday of every month
Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA)Offer a safe haven and community bonding for people of the LGBTQ+ community and alliesYesSarah Hazansarahhazan3302@student.lvusd.orgKaterina KerriganDrew HirschTru StoreyMr. DillonH207
Every second and fourth Monday of each month
GenUNGive an opportunity to students to benefit their community. Also to learn all the aspects, inner workings, and issues that are involved in the United Nations.Gives students an outlet to express their interests inn the government and inform other students at CHS.YesClara Daly claradaly0302@student.lvusd.orgDylan HamermanSachi GunderiaAdam ThawFreilichL5every other tuesday
Girls Learn International The club's purpose is to help kids that feel unequal to others to stand up for themselves. Inequality happens throughout the world with racism, sexism, and finacial levels. The club serves to empower everyone to stand up for our rights as humans and make a difference. Provides a safe and comfotrable environment to enable healthy conversations and ensure support towards each other.YesSasha Kaplowsashakaplo6702@student.lvusd.orgMaya ZuckermanKaitlin SchachterNico Zachharatos Mrs Chalian X106One Thursday a month
Give Kids the World Club (GKTW Club)The purpose of our club is to raise money for Give Kids the World Village, which is a resort in Central Florida that provides cost-free, weeklong vacations to children with critical illnesses and their families.YesNoa Kedmy noakedmy9803@student.lvusd.orgShay Cohen Eden FarahmandBrian Valafar Mr. EdsallH-110
The club will meet on the first and third Tuesday of every month.
Golden Heart RanchThe purpose of this club is for students to volunteer at Golden Heart Ranch, an organization that cares for autistic people, and to help raise money for the organization. Kaitlin Schachter kaitlschac8502@student.lvisd.orgBrianna Ahoubim Emily Salvay
Sasha Kaplow and Maya Zuckerman
Mr. LeePA 2
Second Monday of every month
Gratitude Toward TroopsHelp Operation Gratitude with collecting supplies and making packages for US troops and veterans Amaya Leiferamayaleife3602@student.lvusd.orgSaree LeiferJordana Gajhar Kayla ShapiroYeung PA4
first thursday of the month
HDC’s Jewish ClubWay for the Jewish community of Calabasas to learn the beliefs and holidays of the religion.Shay Cohenshaycohen6602@student.lvusd.orgBrian ValafarNoneNoneBrian CollinsLecture HallMondays
Heal the BayThe purpose is to help raise awareness about the polluted and trashed shorelines along with assisting with cleaning those beachesNick Pweenichopwee0502@student.lvusd.orgAtish GuptaJonah KoepkeBrandt FieldsMrs. FoleyH205
First Wednesday of every month
Honors Music ClubThe objective is to bolster the music community in our school, help expand member's musical knowledge and provide a platform for the creation of chamber groups.NoJoshua Piesnerjoshupiesn6504@student.lvusd.orgAlex KahnRens WeermanStan WeermanMr. KohenBand/Choir Room
Hope for the DayThe purpose is to raise awarness about mental health and suicide prevention.NoKaitlin Salzberg kaitlsalzb8102@student.lvusd.orgEmma HakkakzadehSarah HazanViola KalininMs. GardenerM5
First and fourth Monday
Hygiene HelpersOur mission is to provide feminine hygiene products and menstrual education to menstruators who are homeless, live in developing countries, or are affected by disasters... all while promoting a period-positive culture on campus and beyond.YesKristen LomeliKristlomel0002@student.lvusd.orgTaylor PichhadzeDaniela KukurudzBrianna AhoubimMr. WeinsteinH107Mondays
Investments ClubTeaches studennts how to manage thier money wisely. This includes all types of investments (bonds, stocks and metals). NoCasey Marvincaseymarvi6303@student.lvusd.orgAdam RosemanCanter MillerCade MillerMooreH108
first thursday of the month
Islamic relief USATo help children in the crisis in Syria NoOlivia OlsheverOliviolshe8002@student.lvusd.orgAlexa Lipman Maya angel Olivia GoldbergMr. EdsallH110Every 3 weeks
Jam ClubGive a place for people who like rock and metal music to congregate and discuss with their peers who have similar musical tastes.NoBen Kalminbkam707@gmail.comJacob haimoffEthan HowardMatt AlvarezFregosoH211 1st and third Thursday
JDRF Awareness ClubFundraise and spread awareness about Type 1 Diabtes.No Adam RosemanCasey MarvinCanter MillerCade MillerLapiner
Jewish Student UnionWe discuss the relation from current events and Judaism to educate YesNorlyn Brian VolafarJessica CohenSophia GracileEssonH104Fridays
Kiva ClubEducate and urge students to participate in helping out people in less-developed countries by sharing stories of people and donating.YesSavannah McReynoldssavanmcrey0101@student.lvusd.orgJack HandCaitlin AndersonJulia VadehraEmily CookH112
end of lunch, second Tuesday every month
Korean Cultural Clubto spread the culture of Korea in the school. This will be done through food, activities, trips etc.YesAndrew Kimandrekim1002@student.lvusd.orgRyan KimAcacia WhangTiffany NyugenCraig MooreH108
second Wednesday of every month
Larger than LifeThis clubs purpose is to fundraise money to a greater organization called Larger than Life. in this organization they travel kids with cancer to many places such as la. YesLeanne Azuraleannazura5903@student.lvusd.orgRomy ReuveniNoa KedmyShay CohenMr. EdsallH110
Last wednesday of every month
Light for the Children ClubOur purpose is to provide insight to students into the lives of orphans who live in third world countries. The club's goal is to help raise money for the orphans who are suffering from poor living conditions and povertyYesLauren Sebastian lauresebas3801@student.lvusd.orgKayla VillonViola KalininMadison SegerKelly OrtizH217
First and Third Friday of every month
Little Dreamers Big DreamsOur club is based solely on helping children in need. It’s so children can experience things they would never thing they would be able to experience. For example, going to a sleep away camp. We are raising money for camp ubuntu which solely does this, bringing up new kids that can not afford to go to camp go up for a weekend. This allows them to get involved in activities that will help raise there self- esteem, make long lasting friendships, and helping them realize that there are people that care about them and having bright futures. YesSkylar Smith and Chloe & Chloekocar0102@student.lvusd.orgCarla Antypas Sam EndeHudson PollackMr. FregosoH211
once or twice every month
M.A.R.C.H. (Modern, Action, Revolution for, Community, Health) Serves as a call to action for those who want to get in touch with modern culture, and improve the communityNoTru Storeytrustore8103@student.lvusd.orgShayna CaoMia BrookenthalAmanda LeeMrs. CookH112
Third Thursday of every month
Math Honors SocietyWe help math teachers grade and tutor math students.YesAdam Mohiuddinadammohiu5302@student.lvusd.orgKai DaiAlex DaiLeo DaiMrs.ChalianX105Every FIrst Tuesday.
Mental Health Awareness clubThe purpose of this club it to introduce the students of calabasas to ways of coping with or learning about mental health issues, identifying warning signs of deteriorating mental health, suicide prevention, and fundraising to donate to Hope For The DayNoKaitlin Salzberg Kaitlsalzb8102@student.lvusd.orgViola KalininDylan Salzberg David Quinn salzbergViolina Mckiene M5
3rd Friday of every month
Miracle For KidsThe objective of this club is to help raise money for the organization Miracle for Kids and get involved in giving back to the community.NoDanika
Emmi Marx, Sophia Goldsmith
Ela TrivediCaly PlowmanBoelmanH111
1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month
Model United NationsTo teach Calabasas High School students the strategies and principles of Model UN, and to travel to Model UN conferences hosted by high schools, colleges, and universitiesYesAllie
Jeremy White & Mark Lowe
Rachel Burak & Mya Collins
Adam JaysenBradley BoelmanH108Wednesdays
More SustainableWe will educate people how to live a more sustainable life and create new ways of doing soNo
Charlie Klein/Leah Winter/Dariush Saleh
Charlie Klein/Leah Winter/Dariush Saleh
Charlie Klein/Leah Winter/Dariush Saleh
Charlie Klein/Leah Winter/Dariush Saleh
Mothers2mothers Fundraising for the treatment of HIV positive pregnant women in South Africa so their children will be HIV negative. YesSarah Turobinersarahturob1902@student.lvusd.orgRachel Rosenblatt Brooke FreedmanDani RauchmanMr. EdsallH110
First Tuesday of each month during lunch
MPTF Game Night ClubBingo nights with senior citizens while having fun and meeting new people. Yes
Hannah Jordan and Arthur Zhao
Coral NitzanBailey CampagnaElla MoseskaMr. WeinsteinH 107
One Wednesday or Thursday a month
National English Honors SocietyMembers obtain invaluable leadership and scholarship opportunities, assist their peers, showcase their literary skills, and foster an admiration and appreciation of the English language on campus and beyond. Service Learning Hours will be granted to members who log their support tutoring.YesRachel Rosenblattracherosen4502@student.lvusd.orgKatie PoolNANAMs. FoleyH205Every other Thursday
No Dogs Left BehindTo raise money to help save dogs from slaughterhouses in China, rehabilitate them, and help them find forever homes here in the U.S.YesJessica Cohenjessicohen7403@student.lvusd.orgEmma HakkakzadehNadia AhmedCamille BurkeMrs. Cook H112
Third Thursday of every month
No Planet BBring awareness to animal conservation and take action with hands on volunteering and fundraising.No Shane Levanonshanelevan3302@student.lvsud.orgEmma HakkakzadehCamille BurkeCassie ShubenDr. BennettS41st and 3rd Thursday
Operation HomefrontThe Purpose of Operation Homefront Club is to help support strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive in the communities that they’ve worked so hard to protect.YesCoral Nitzancoralnitza4502@student.lvusd.orgCarly ScamardoRobert RoysnerAnastasiya GromovaMs. GreenX202
Every three weeks on Thursdays
Operation School BellThe purpose of Operation School Bell is to provide better conditions for under privileged children by donating school supplies, clothes, and time to these children.YesAbby Endeabbyende2303@student.lvusd.orgCarlie WeissMohini ParmekarBryanna CapinerMrs. GrigorianH116
every second Thursday of the month
Operation SmileThe purpose of our club is to raise money to help pay for all team equipment for a softball or baseball team.NoMaya Wellbaummayawellb4803@student.lvusd.orgChloe AbramsRebecca CorominasAlex GomezMr. EdsallH110
First and last Monday of the month
Opportunities in TechnologyThe purpose of the club is to provide all students with a better understanding of different career options within the technology industry. NoRachel Burakracheburak7503@student.lvusd.orgMya CollinsJeremy WhiteQuynh-anh NguyenDr. BennettS4
Lunch every other Tuesday
Pass Down the 5Pass Down the 5 will collect used AP prep-books from students at Calabasas High School in May, and will donate them to low-income schools where students can not afford the books. After AP tests, we will setup places to drop off the prep books. Prep books are essential to passing AP tests, and we believe that everybody should be able to have one.YesSam Endesamueende1102@student.lvusd.orgAbby NudellZainab JamaliIlyssa GlickMs. CookH1123rd Wednesday
People of Color Student Union ClubThis club aims to promote diversity within multiple ethnic backgrounds and awareness about racial injustices in society.NoMya Grovesmyagrove8302@student.lvusd.orgNooria MazdeyasnanMarion SuchawieckySkylar HowardEssonH104Second Wednesday
Pep/LA (Peer Education Program of Los Angeles) for HIV/AIDS AwarenessBe a CHS satellite for the nonprofit organization Pep/LA by bringing HIV/AIDS awareness to our student body and fundraising for the organization’s HIV/AIDS educational outreach and international programs.YesAllie Leealexalee3402@student.lvusd.orgMaddy MettlerEmma ShpallAmaya LeiferMrs. TaoukX102Once a month
Psychology ClubTo provide an educational source regarding Psychology for peers interested in the field, exercising practices of mindfulness and coping with emotion, as well as providing opportunities for volunteering and involvement in the community.YesMadeline ParshallMadelparsh1602@student.lvusd.orgJasleen ChadhaSamantha YobsAyana PrewittMs. SwansonPA2
last Thursday of every month
Random Acts of Kindness ClubOur club's purpose is to spread kindness through our school and prevent bullying by encouraging a positive environment for CHS and our community.No
Camie Sniderman and Maddy Glave Eliza MazurskyAvery Grove Skye SmithMadame DiderjeanH101
4th Wednesdays at lunch
Real Teen TalkReal Teen Talk allows girls and boys to have a safe place to share their stories and experiences with bullies and the typical struggles of high school. YesMia Tianomiatiano5704@student.lvusd.orgSophia VineGia PerelGiordanna BakerRanieri X203
Last Thursday of every month
Rockin' Rescue RecruitersThe purpose is to bring awareness to the AGWC Rockin' Rescue organization, an animal rescue shelter that rescues dogs and cats and puts them up for adoptionNoKayla Villon, Madison
Kaitlin SalzbergLauren SebastianViola KalininGroperH216
1st and 3rd Thursday of the month
Roots and ShootsThe purpose is to educate others on the importance of their environment and surroundings. Roots & Shoots is the youth program of the Jane Goodall Institute, and all work is one under JGI's mission of caring for the environment, the community, and all other animals.YesNoah Weissnoahweiss7802@student.lvusd.orgAdam SchwartzZachary RossoffSarah TurobinerMs. FoleyH205
Every Thursday at lunch
SAFE BAEThe objective is spark change in culture by addressing sexual assault and dating violence starting as early as middle and high school.NoAlly Scottallyscott89@gmail.comMolly GallenbergLily TennerAdam RubinMrs. BuckS7Every Tuesday at lunch
Save a Child's HeartRaise money for the global organization "Save a Child's Heart."NoAlex Milleralexmille3604@student.lvusd.orgDylan MeleoJessica NaidrichAly PardoDidjieronH101
First Monday of every month.
Saving the Next GenerationThe purpose of the club is to fundraise and bring awareness for trafficked Nepalese children.Our club was created after reading Little Princes Freshmen year.YesAdam Jaysen adamjayse8102@student.lvusd.orgLeila SachMohini Parmeker Harlow GruendykeMrs. Nonhoff- Zieg H201
The club meetings will be the Thursday of each month
Science National Honors SocietyThe purpose of this organization shall be to encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought.NoNate Denlingernatedenli2302@student.lvusd.orgRoyce MettlerBardin KhosrariJeremy WhiteDr. BennettS4Every Tuesday
Science OlympiadThe club will prepare a team that will represent CHS in the Science Olympiad Regional tournamentNoViola Kalininviolakalin3902@student.lvusd.orgSundeep LoganiRoniel MeydanyGarret CollinsDr. BennettS4Every other Thursdsay
She's the Firstraise money for girl's education in underdeveloped countriesYesZainab Jamalizainajamal6202@student.lvusd.orgJasleen ChadhaNura EsmailizadehSarah BarderEmily Cook (Fillmore)H112
first thursday of every month
Siblings CountThis club is designed to unite the community in an effort to help the siblings and families of loved ones who are battling cancer. Their plan is to create goodie bags for those siblings waiting patiently in hospital rooms.NoCade MillerCademille8204@student.lvusd.orgCanter MillerCasey MarvinAdam RosemanWeinsteinH107
First wednesday of every month
Skate ClubFor skateboarders and skateboard enthusiasts to come together to set up in school events, plan charity events, and simply talk skateboarding. YesKai Rosenthalkairosen2902@student.lvusd.orgJackson PageBenny ReitzasJack ReedMr. DillonH207
Third Thursday of the month
Sneakerheads and BallersThe purpose of the club is to promote the interests, discussions, and activities associated with the widely-spread and culuturally-relevant hobby and passion for athletic footwar. Also, to promote the interests, discussions, and activites associated with being a Baller, i.e. a true lover of basketball.YesDavid Sorkindavidsorki6803@student.lvusd.orgAdam MinkowMiles OstrowLanden SmithMrs. ZengH 114
First and Third Friday of every month
Sports Debate ClubTo debate on the topic of sports and to discuss weekly discussion questions for each sport (NFL, college football, NBA, etc.)YesAren Kevakian Eric ZuckermanN/AMatthew ShapiroMr. FienbergX101Every other Monday
Stand Against Domestic ViolenceThe purpose of my club is to raise awareness about domestic violence and lend a helping hand to battered women shelters in our community.YesNooria Mazdeyasnannuraesmai4102@student.lvusd.orgNura EsmailizadehZainab JamaliJasleen ChadhaTyler LeePA 2
First Wednesday of every month
Student Action for Vaccine DeliveryStudent Action for Vaccine Delivery’s (SAVD) purpose is to help provide funds and volunteers for vaccine delivery and immunization efforts. We fundraise for organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF who specialize in immunization efforts in places such as Africa and Asia, where funds for vaccines are scarce. In addition, we are involved and volunteering for organizations who specialize in immunization through vaccine clinics in the southern California area (Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and City of Calabasas). We believe that SAVD is an excellent opportunity for students to lift up their community and leave it better than they found it. YesMarc Wahrmanmarcwahrm9402@student.lvusd.orgBenjamin FordGabriel WolfIdella SmolyarBradley BoelmanH111
Second Thursday of every month
Students For Equal Rights Foundation (S.E.R.F)Raise money for a burn clinic in India that provides free health care for patients who are women and children. YesNura EsmailizadehNuraesmai4102@student.lvusd.orgZainab JamaliSakman JaberiJasleen ChadhaTyler LeeH111
First Thursday of each month
Tarzana Hospital VolunteeringThe purpose of this club is to open more doors for the students that may or may not be interested in the medical field. Hospital volunteering is offered in various places, but many students don’t know how to get started.YesJasleen Chadha/Sarah Barderjaslechadh0702@student.lvusd.orgAllison AngellZainab JamaliElyssa GilbertsonMrs. CookH112
first Tuesday of every month
Tech Help for Senior CitizensThe purpose is to offer time and services to senior citizens, specifically at the Calabasas Senior Center, to aid them in their use of technologyNoSundeep Loganisundelogan8404@student.lvusd.orgBardid KhoshraviRoyce MettlerEthan MinoofarMrs. KreycikH204
1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month
Thirst Project CHSThe purpose is to raise money for The Thirst Project, an organization dedicated to providing clean water to countries who do not have access to it.NoTessa Scharff, Nicole
Hanna NouressadateJack EskiganGabriel ScharffMrs. FoleyH205
Second Thursday of every month
The Crayon Initiative Calabasas Chapter The club was started to give students a chance to learn about philanthropy, gain leadership experience, and work locally to collect crayons from schools, restaurants, and individuals to support the Crayon Initiative. Club members organize crayon drives, hold crayon sorting parties, raise funds to cover the cost of shipping crayons and other club expenses. YesDanielle Alexis SassounianSaree LAlexandra KMs. FurinoPA7
Every first Wednesday of the month
The SAT/ACT ClubThe purpose is to provide a group or forum for CHS students to discuss and share ideas and tips on how to improve SAT and ACT scores.NoMalyssa Eddymalyseddy1702@student.lvusd.orgMakayla LombardoAlex AbromovitchAlexa ZarpoushMs. LapinerH214
1st Wednesday of month
Theater Arts ClubTheater Arts club is in place to gather students from all areas of theater, be it tech or Comedy Sportz or mainstage productions, etc., to keep them updated on all events and opportunities within the world of CHS Theater. This is also a club that brings together all theater folk and makes everyone feel welcomed, included, and feel that they have a family that they can turn to at anytime.
YesMaddi Laskermadellaske7402@student.lvusd.orgBlake FerrisMateo GonzalezSami HarnickBill GarrettBlackbox
Two Wednesdays a month
Thriftin' For a CauseThe objective of this club is to collecte used clothing to donate to local collection sites or homeless shelters. This club will promote not only giving back to the less fortunate but the upcycle of clothing and the environment advantages that follow.NoMaya Simkinmayasimki1604@student.lvusd.orgSydney KoeppelJordyn GreenfieldMaddie KirkMadame DidierjeanH201
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month
Toys for totsTo provide toys for less fourtunate kids with help through the marine corps YesCoral Nitzancoralnitza4502@student.lvusd.orgCarly ScamardoSantiago YanezDylan FigeretMr. Weinstein H-107Every Tuesday at lunch
UNICEFThe purpose of UNICEF is to save and care for the lives of children. UNICEF works to provide safe environments to kids without one. When a disaster strikes, UNICEF is there to provide health care, immunizations, and more. As a club, we meet to support this organization.YesMaddy & tiffanguye4203@student.lvusd.orgN/ANicole RossN/AMr. GoldmanH113
first Friday of every month durng lunch
Warmkins for Healing HugsThe purpose to is to provide people in need with therapeutic comfort aids in the form of specially heated stuffed animalsNoMallory Coopermallocoope4803@student.lvusd.orgMadeline LoweAlexandra KurciskaWillow GavenMrs. DijarH105
First and third Mondays of each month
Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.The objective is to bring political and scientific happenings around the world to light by members of the CHS community. Events will be held to raise money to donate to children - specifically those to who can't afford or don't have books so they can learn to read.No Brandt Fieldsbrandtfields3802@student.lvusd.orgNatalia Qunitana-ReynsJoss CohenNick PweeDr. BennettS4Second week of the ,onth
Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)To provide an organizational framework to promote the general principles of Young Americas for Freedom NoMatt Rubinmatthrubin3001@student.lvusd.orgMatt LorberTy GarrickAnastasiya GromovaMr. GoldmanH113Every Tuesday
Young Entrepreneur's ClubThe purpose of this organization is to combine elaborate ideas and learn as a unit. The club will be focused on creative marketing, leadership, finacial literacy and risk-taking with an emphasis in entreneurship.NoYonny RustinenJonatrushi0502@student.lvusd.orgGuy RushinenMax KarpelPresto EsparChimei FregosoH211Every 2-3 Wenesdays at lunch