Date and TimeMortgage Training Conference Schedule
Wednesday, June 13th, 2018Reverse Mortgage IntensiveSpeakers
11:30AM-1:30PMRegistration on Lower Level of Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre
1:00PM-2:00PMReverse Mortgages: Origination and Post-Closing: This session will provide an overview of the key vocabulary and regulations surrounding reverse mortgage loans. We will also explain what happens to HECM's post-closing, including their sale and securitization.Sarah Mancini (NCLC), Tara Twomey (NCLC)
2:00PM-3:00PMLoss Mitigation for T&I Defaults: A detailed overview of the loss mitigation options HUD allows servicers to offer to cure a default on property charges, including problems and issues that may arise with each option. Brenda Grauer (Housing Options Provided for the Elderly), Joanne Savage (Legal Counsel for the Elderly), and Sarah White (Connecticut Fair Housing Center)
3:00-3:15PMCoffee Break
3:15PM-4:15PMNon-borrowing Spouses: An exploration of the Mortgagee Optional Election (MOE) program and legal claims and defenses that may be raised by non-borrowing spouses when the MOE is denied. Michael Froehlich (Community Legal Services), Rachel Scott (Atlanta Legal Aid), Sarah Mancini (NCLC)
4:15PM-5:15PMLitigation & Bankruptcy Options: This session will explore litigation and chapter 13 bankruptcy options for avoiding foreclosure of HECM loans. Lynn Drysdale (Jacksonville Area Legal Aid), Ainat Margalit (LAF Chicago), Sarah White (Connecticut Fair Housing Center)
5:00PM-7:00PMRegistration on Lower Level of Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre
Thursday, June 14th, 2018Track OneSpeakersTrack Two Speakers
8:30AM-10:00AMSession 1: Current State of Foreclosures, Mortgage Servicing, and Origination: In our conference opener, Tara Twomey will give a historical grounding for the current status of our work defending homeowners from foreclosure. We will consider changes in the servicing and origination markets over the past ten years and look at current challenges. This plenary session will be followed by a roundtable discussion among conference attendees.Tara Twomey (NCLC)
10:00AM-10:15AMCoffee Break
10:15AM-11:30AMSession 2A: Introduction to the RESPA & TILA Servicing Rules: This ABC's session will provide an overview for newer advocates of the mortgage servicing rules under RESPA and TILA, including rules regarding loss mitigation, mortgage statements, payment application, and notices of error.Libby Benton and Nick Gable (Legal Services of South Central MichiganSession 2B: State law claims - Negligence, UDAP, Trespass: Most advocates consider RESPA claims in all of our servicing cases, but there are other claims you should consider - either alongside your RESPA claims or when they are not available. The availability of a claim for "negligent servicing" has been a subject of much debate in courts, with much recent caselaw to explore. We will also touch on unfair and deceptive practices claims and intentional torts. Jeff Gentes and Emily Wanger (Connecticut Fair housing Center), Lisa Sitkin (National Housing Law Project)
11:30AM-12:30PMSession 3A: Introduction to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA Loan Mods: This ABC's session will provide an overview for newer advocates of the rules surrounding eligibiltiy for a loan modification for FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac mortgages. Steve Sharpe (Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio), Kristen Tullos (Atlanta Legal Aid) Session 3B: Depositions: This session will provide a discussion of the strategy and mechanics of depositions, including fact witnesses versus corporate designees and taking remote depositions. Jeff Gentes (Connecticut Fair Housing Center)
12:30PM-2:00PMConference Luncheon with Professor Judith Fox (Notre Dame Law School) with introduction by John Brengle (Indiana Legal Services)
2:00PM-3:00PMSession 4A: Home Purchase Scams and Community Alternatives: In this session, we will explore the recent home purchase scams targeting communities with uneven access to credit. We will consider legal claims and defenses, with some comments on policy advocacy too, for dealing with contract for deed and lease-purchase scams. Steve Sharpe (Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio), John Brengle (Indiana Legal Services), Kristen Tullos (Atlanta Legal Aid)Session 4B: Taxability of Atty Fees: The issue of the taxation of attorneys' fee awards is an area of great concern, especially for attorneys who work in private practice. This session will discuss the impact of recent changes to the tax code, existing legal arguments for dealing with the problem, and possibilities for legislative change. Ira Rheingold (National Association of Consumer Advocates)
3:00PM-4:00PMSession 5A: Access to Credit: Fostering Sustainable Homeownership: When faced with limited access to credit and the proliferation of home purchase scams, the natural question is: what alternatives exist to create viable pathways to homeownership, and how can advocates help to develop programs that lead to sustainable homeownership? This session will explore the community development questions, with perspectives from local government, CDC work, and land banks. Jessica Powell (Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority), Stephanie Moes (Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio), Steve Sharpe (Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio)Session 5B: Practice Management: Having a Profitable Mortgage Practice:This panel will present views of private attorneys who handle mortgage servicing cases about practice management and how this practice area can lend itself to "doing well while doing good." Brian Flick (The Dann Law Firm)
4:15PM-5:15PMSession 6A: Disaster Relief: In the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and wildfires in California, advocates may be called on to respond to a range of questions about forbearance and loan modification options as well as dealing with insurance and FEMA claims processes. Advocates with a wealth of experience from Hurricane Sandy will guide us through options and avenues for relief for struggling disaster victims. Maryann Flanigan (Legal Services of New Jersey), Joseph Sant (Center for NYC Neighborhoods), Tara Twomey (NCLC)Session 6B: Saving Homes in Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy, especially chapter 13, offers an array of tools that can dovetail well with mortgage servicing and foreclosure defense work. These practitioners will discuss options and strategies for incorporating bankruptcy into your mortgage practice and vice versa. Ainat Margalit (LAF Chicago), Brian Flick (The Dann Law Firm)
Friday, June 15th, 2018Track OneSpeakers
8:30AM-10:00AMSession 7: Loss Mitigation: Where are We Now? : This session will explore current updates in loss mitigation options post-HAMP, issues with the new GSE Flex Modification, and updates on the CFPB mortgage servicing rules. Lisa Sitkin (National Housing Law Partnership), Sarah Mancini (NCLC), and Sara Singhas (Mortgage Bankers Association)
10:00AM-10:15AMCoffee Break
10:15AM-11:15AMSession 8: Proving damages: As you're litigating your case, the ultimate goal of substantial relief for your client can only be obtained if you know how you will prove actual damages, including emotional distress, at trial. This session will provide an overview from experience trial attorneys who are trying mortgage servicing cases on the issue of proving damages.Jeff Gentes (Connecticut Fair Housing Center) & Melissa Huelsman (Law Offices of Melissa A. Huelsman, P.S.)
11:15AM-12:15PMSession 9: Top TILA Origination Claims and What they can Get You: An overview of TILA origination claims and what to watch for as more clients start to come in our doors with recent vintage loans, including contracts for deed. Sarah Mancini (NCLC)
12:15PM-1:30PMLunch break (Networking Lunches and Lunch on Your Own)
12:15PM-1:30PMBrownbag Lunch: Disaster Relief
1:30PM-1:45PMWashington D.C. UpdateAlys Cohen (NCLC)
1:45PM-2:45PMSession 10: The Ethics of Confidentiality: This session will focus on confidentiality in both settlements and discovery (protective orders), including ethical issues that attorneys must navigate and best practices for dealing with the issue proactively. Jennifer Bennett (Public Justice), Tara Twomey (NCLC)
2:45PM-3:15PMSession 11: Conference Take-Aways: Saving Homes Between the Last Foreclosure Crisis and the Next: In our conference conclusion, we will discuss the main take-aways from various sessions and opportunities for future work. Sarah Mancini (NCLC)