TitleDateCurrent PublisherPublishing HistoryCategoriesDescription
1 & 2 Corinthians1994Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, CorinthiansPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary.
1 & 2 Timothy, Titus1994Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, Timothy, TitusPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary.
A Consumer's Guide to Preaching1991Out of printVictor BooksPreachingA guide to listening to preaching. A serious book which the publisher mismanaged by adorning the cover with a silly cartoon character. They went out of business shortly thereafter. Republished by Solid Ground Publishing under the title Be Careful How you Listen.
Acts1999Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, ActsPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary.
Back to the Blackboard1982Timeless TextsP & R, Timeless TextsChristian EducationAdams' design for a biblical Christian school. Though widely panned as being too idealistic it will challenge the educator to think biblically about his ministry. The appendix entitled A Design for a Theological Seminary is especially important.
Be Careful How You Listen2007Solid GroundVictor Books, Solid GroundPreachingHow to listen to a sermon.
Biblical View of Self-Esteem, Self-Love, & Self Image1986Harvest HouseHarvest House, Timeless TextsSelf-Esteem, CounselingAn evaluation of a popular counseling construct.
Big Umbrella, The1972Newly republished by Calvary PressP & R, Baker, Zondervan, Calvary PressCounselingA collection of essays on biblical counseling featuring Adams' seminal article by the same title. Later published by Zondervan under the title Essays on Counseling.
Call to Discernment, A1987Timeless TextsHarvest House, Timeless TextsDiscernment, Pastoral MinistryExplains the importance of discernment for the believer today.
Case of the "Hopeless" Marriage, The2006Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounseling, FictionA fictional account of a marriage counseling situation.
Christian Counselor's Casebook, The1974ZondervanP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounselingSnippets of 105 actual cases encountered by Adams and his students. Designed to be used as a study manual. Includes suggestive questions about each case.
Christian Counselor's Manual, The1973ZondervanP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounselingA comprehensive manual on the practice of biblical counseling. Still unsurpassed as the best work available on the subject. Most other books on the subject are derivatives of Adams' work here. The second of Adams' four foundational volumes on counseling.
Christian Counselor's New Testament, The1977Timeless Texts - Temporarily (we hope) out of printBaker, Timeless TextsNew TestamentAdams' own translation of the Greek New Testament has undergone several revisions. The first edition (1977) included marginal notes and an appendix designed to aid the counselor. Baker also published a paperback version (1979) which contained only the English text without notes. Timeless Texts published a revision in 1994 but that edition was plagued with a number of typos. The third edition, which appeared in 2000, was a thorough revision which not only corrected typos but revised the text to make it a bit more conventional (e.g. the "empire from the heavens" became the more common "Kingdom of heaven").
Christian Counselor's Wordbook, The1981Out of PrintP & R, ZondervanCounselingDictionary of counseling terms. Combined with The Language of Counseling by Zondervan.
Christian Living in the Home1972P & RP & RMarriageOne of Adams' most popular books. Often used for homework assignments in counseling.
Christian Living in the World1998Timeless TextsTimeless TextsChristian LivingHow the believer is to relate to the world in which he lives.
Christian's Guide to Guidance, The1998Timeless TextsTimeless TextsChristian Living, GuidanceHow to make decisions in everyday life.
Committed to Craftsmanship2004Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingChallenges the counselor toward excellence.
Communicating with 20th Century Man1979Out of printP & RPreachingUrges preachers to carefully study how they communicate.
Compassionate Counseling2007Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingDefines what compassion is and its place in counseling.
Competent to Counsel1970ZondervanP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounselingAdams' groundbreaking book on counseling. Over 450,000 copies in print. The first of his four foundational volumes on counseling.
Coping with Counseling Crisis1976Out of printP & R, BakerCounselingLater reprinted in the volume Lectures on Counseling.
Counsel from Psalm 1191998Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounseling, CommentaryHow the Scriptures guide the believer through life's problems.
Critical Stages in Biblical Counseling2002Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingIdentifies three stages common to most counseling situations and offers help for the counselor at each stage--Getting Started, Breaking Through, and Finishing Well.
Day By Day along the Way2010Timeless TextsTimeless TextsDevotionalA 365 day devotional book with a focus on the believer's "walk" or "path."
Encouragement Isn't Enough2007Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingHow to give useful and biblical counsel instead of empty words.
Essays on Biblical Preaching1986Out of printZondervanPreachingContains Truth Apparent and Preaching to the Heart. A compelation of articles that originally appeared in the Journal of Modern Ministry.
Fifty Difficult Passages Explained2008Timeless TextsTimeless TextsExegesisAn examination of fifty commonly misunderstood Scripture passages.
Four Weeks with God and Your Neighbor1978P & RP & RDevotionalDevotional Workbook
From Forgiven to Forgiving1989Calvary PressVictor Books, Calvary PressCounseling, ForgivenessAn unwieldy yet apt title. Deals with a subject the counselor frequently must address. Adams' illustrations are priceless.
Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon1994Timeless TextsTimeless TextsPrison EpistlesPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary.
Gospel of John, The Letters of John and Jesus1998Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, John, RevelationPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary. Includes commentary on the first three chapters of Revelation.
Gospel of Luke, The1998Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, LukePart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary.
Gospels of Matthew and Mark, The1999Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, Matthew, MarkPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary which covers most of the New Testament and the book of Proverbs. Each commentary is focused on counseling issues that arise from the text. Not intended to be a substitute for more comprehensive exegetical commentaries.
Grand Demonstration, The1991Timeless TextsEastGate Publishers, Timeless TextsTheologyA study of God's providence, sovereignty, electing grace, and the so called "problem" of evil.
Greg Dawson and the Psychology Class2008Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounseling, FictionContinues a fictional account of the ministry of Pastor Greg Dawson
Grist from Adams' Mill1983Out of printP & RChristian LivingA collection of brief essays written while Adams was living in a converted gist mill in Georgia.
Growing by Grace2003Timeless TextsTimeless TextsTheology, CounselingA study of the doctrine of Sanctification. Christian Ministry Monograph Series.
Handbook of Church Discipline1974ZondervanP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounseling, Church DisciplineA clear defense and explanation of the practice of church discipline which Adams explains is the right and privilege of every church member.
Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Peter, Jude1996Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary - General EpistlesPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary.
Helps for Counselors1980P & RP & R, BakerCounselingA mini-manual for Christian Counseling. Contains the information from the appendix of Adams' Christian Counselor's New Testament.
Hope for the New Millennium2000Timeless TextsTimeless TextsChristian LivingLays out the basic biblical principles upon which believers may rest their hope.
How to Handle Trouble1982P & RP & RCounselingExposition of Philippians 1:12-18. Popular handout for counselees.
How to Help People Change1986ZondervanZondervanCounselingAn examination of the four-step change process as outlines in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. The fourth of Adams' four foundational volumes on counseling.
How to Help People in Conflict2005Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingBiblical principles for solving conflict.
How to Overcome Evil1977P & RP & RCounselingExposition of Romans 12:14-21. Popular handout for counselees.
I Will Tell You the Mystery1959Out of printA PressEschatologyAdams' first book. First published as Realized Millennialism, this material was later revised and expanded under the title The Time is at Hand and published by Timeless Texts.
Importance of Faith in Counseling2007Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounseling
Insight and Creativity in Christian Counseling1982Timeless TextsBaker, Zondervan, Timeless TextsCounselingAdams' antidote to rigid and formulaic counseling.
Is All Truth God's Truth?2003Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingMinistry Monographs for Modern Times. Challenges a common rationale for eclecticism.
Joyfully Counseling People with New Hearts2008Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingMinistry Monographs for Modern Times. Adams challenges the "Idols of the Heart" counseling construct.
Keeping the Sabbath Today?2008Timeless TextsTimeless TextsChristian Living, TheologyExamines the biblical concept of the Sabbath.
Language of Counseling, The1981Timeless TextsP & R, Baker, Zondervan, Timeless TextsCounselingExamines the function and use of language in counseling including the use of labels. Zondervan edition includes the Christian Counselor's Wordbook.
Lectures on Counseling1978Out of printBaker, ZondervanCounselingA collection of lectures presented by Adams in a variety of venues. Several were published individually as small books including Coping with Crisis Counseling, Your Place in the Counseling Revolution, and The Use of Scripture in Counseling.
Life Under the Son, Counsel from the Book of Ecclesiastes1999Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, EcclesiastesCommentary featuring Adams' own translation of the Book of Ecclesiastes.
Maintaining the Delicate Balance in Christian Living1998Timeless TextsTimeless TextsChristian Living
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible1980ZondervanBaker, ZondervanCounseling, DivorceWidely recognized as the best book on the subject. Most books on the subject omit the important issue of what a marriage is. This book is a more difficult read than most of Adams' books but that is largely because it is a more difficult subject.
Matters of Concern to Christian Counselors1977Out of printP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounselingSubtitled A Potpourri of Principles and Practices. Zondervan edition includes both Update volumes.
Meaning and Mode of Baptism, The1975P & RP & RChristian Living, TheologyShort explanation of Adams' view of baptism.
More than Redemption1979ZondervanP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounseling, TheologyNow published under the title Theology of Counseling.
Pastoral Counseling1975ZondervanBaker, ZondervanCounseling, Pastoral MinistryDeals with the pastor ministry of counseling. Second volume of a trilogy now published in one volume as Shepherding God's Flock.
Pastoral Leadership1975ZondervanBaker, ZondervanPastoral MinistryLeading and managing the affairs of a local church is the focus of this volume. Third volume of a trilogy now published in one volume as Shepherding God's Flock.
Pastoral Life, The1974ZondervanBaker, ZondervanPastoral MinistryDeals with the life of the Pastor Himself and various aspects of his ministry. First part of a trilogy which is now published in one volume entitled Shepherding God's Flock.
Power of Error, The1978Out of printP & R, BakerCounselingAdams' critique of a counseling case presented in class by a Freudian trained seminary student/pastor. Very instructive evaluation with a surprise ending!
Practical Encyclopedia of Christian Counseling, The2003Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingActually more of a dictionary than an encyclopedia. Deals with almost every aspect of biblical counseling.
Prayers for Troubled Times1979Out of printP & R, BakerPrayerA collection of prayers composed by Adams.
Preaching According to the Holy Spirit2000Timeless TextsTimeless TextsPreachingAn examination of the preaching done in the New Testament, preaching that was inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Preaching that Persuades2008Timeless TextsTimeless TextsPreachingHow to preach persuasively, as the apostles did. Christian Ministry Monograph Series.
Preaching to the Heart1983Timeless TextsP & R, Zondervan, Timeless TextsPreachingDefines the "heart" biblically and describes how preaching can effectively reach it. Combined with Truth Apparent in Zondervan's Essays on Biblical Preaching.
Preaching with Parables2007Timeless TextsTimeless TextsPreachingAn examination of the preaching of Jesus and His use of parables.
Preaching with Purpose1982ZondervanP & R, Baker, ZondervanPreachingAdams' foundational textbook on preaching.
Preterism: Orthodox or Unorthodox?2003Timeless TextsTimeless TextsTheologyMinistry Monographs for Modern Times.
Proverbs1997Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, ProverbsPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary.
Pulpit Speech1971Timeless TextsP & R, Baker, Timeless TextsPreachingAdams' Ph. D. was in speech, not counseling. This was his first book on pastoral ministry and focuses on sermon delivery. See Preaching with Purpose for a discussion of sermon content.
Ready to Restore1981P & RP & RCounselingAn introduction to nouthetic counseling written for laymen.
Realized Millennialism1959Out of printSelf publishedTheology, EschatologyAdams' first book. Later published as I Will Show You the Mystery and later still revised and expanded under the title The Time is at Hand.
Romans, Philippians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians1995Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCommentary, Romans, Philippians, ThessaloniansPart of the Christian Counselor's Commentary.
Sermon Analysis1986Out of printAccent BooksPreachingA preacher's personal Improvement textbook and workbook.
Shepherding God's Flock1979ZondervanBaker, ZondervanPastoral MinistryDeals with every aspect of the pastoral ministry. Originally published in three separate volumes.
Sibling Rivalry in the Household of God1988Out of printAccent BooksChristian LivingExplores the causes of and solutions for conflict in the church.
Signs and Wonders in the Last Days2000Timeless TextsTimeless TextsTheologyA defense of the cessationist view.
Solving Marriage Problems1983ZondervanBaker, ZondervanCounseling, Marriage CounselingAn examination of many of the marriage issues the counselor will face. Not intended to be a comprehensive volume on marriage counseling. Lacks a discussion of sex in marriage.
Studies in Preaching, Volume 11975Out of PrintP & RPreachingFirst of three volumes on specific aspects of preaching. Volume one is subtitled Sense Appeal in the Sermons of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. This book arose out of a thesis Adams wrote in Seminary.
Studies in Preaching, Volume 21976Out of printP & RPreachingSubtitled Audience Adaptations in the Sermons and Speeches of Paul
Studies in Preaching, Volume 31975Out of printP & RPreachingThe Homiletical Innovations of Andrew Blackwood
Teaching to Observe1995Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingEmphasizes the importance of teaching God's Word in the counseling room.
Theology of Christian Counseling1979ZondervanP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounseling, TheologyOriginally published in hardcover as More than Redemption. Deals with theological matters as they relate to the counseling process. The third of Adams' four foundational volumes on counseling.
Theology you can Really Understand2012Calvary PressTheologyA collection of short essays on a plethora of theological topics.
Thirst for Wholeness, A1988Timeless TextsChristian Living, JamesA study of counseling and Christian living themes in the book of James.
Time is at Hand, The1966Timeless TextsA Press, P & R, Timeless TextsEschatologyAdams' understanding of the Book of Revelation and the Doctrine of Eschatology.
Time of the End, The2004Timeless TextsTimeless TextsEschatology, CommentaryCommentary on the Book of Daniel. Co-authored by Milton Fisher.
Trust and Obey1978Out of printP & R, BakerCommentary, PreachingShort commentary and preaching outlines of 1 Peter.
Truth Apparent1982Timeless TextsP & R, Timeless TextsPreachingA collection of essays on preaching, some of which originally appeared in the Journal of Pastoral Practice. Combined with Preaching to the Heart in Zondervan's Essays on Biblical Preaching.
Truth Applied1990Timeless TextsZondervan, Timeless TextsPreachingStudy of application in preaching. Christian Ministry Monograph Series.
Types of People, How to Counsel Them Biblically2011Timeless TextsTimeless TextsCounselingHow to counsel the various types of people encountered in the counseling room.
Update on Christian Counseling, Volume 11979Out of printP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounselingCollection of brief articles on a number of topics. Zondervan edition includes Volume 2 and Matters of Concern.
Update on Christian Counseling, Volume 21981Out of printP & R, Baker, ZondervanCounselingCollection of brief articles on a number of topics. Zondervan edition includes Volume 1 and Matters of Concern.
Use of Scripture in Counseling, The1975Out of printP & R, BakerCounselingLectures originally presented at Dallas Theological Seminary. Later included in Lectures on Counseling.
Use of the Rod & the Staff, The2003Timeless TextsTimeless TextsPastoral MinistryMinistry Monographs for Modern Times. Examines a neglected aspect of the pastoral ministry, that of protecting and disciplining the sheep.