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Isaac Marvene (Shadow)n0Anthro/SkunkMale25Begger/Mage?Good/NeutralBiAverage
Knife storm. Throws all knives at one foe. Each extra knife after the first blow
deals First hit damage, 20 damage from two knives then each knife used with stamina deals 5 extra damage.
(15 stamina used to throw first two knives, after each knife thrown uses 3 more stamina each. can be used up to 10 more times. requires shy personality to be dominant)
Gale of blades: using his speed he is able to attack multiple times slashing at the
target rapidly, has a chance to inflict bleeding effect on unarmoured or light
armoured targets (25 stamina, shy personality) Deals 20 damage, has 75% chance to cause bleed on unarmored foes and 45% on light armored, 15% on any higher up armored folks. 10 damage per turn if causes bleeding
Ray of frost: cast a ray of ice at the enemy for three turns each turn slow enemy
down more of spell succeeds it freezes them on third turn for two turns
(10mp per turn, requires focused personality, can add more mp to freeze the target in place frozen but mp required to freeze target varies on target)
Shocking grasp: Fires small steams of lightning at a foe, does 10-15 damage per turn and
shocks the target while spell is in effect (10mp per turn, requires focused personality, can use more mp to do a single bolt strike)

split personality: having 2 'minds' in one body has its benefits, isaac has extra resistance to mind control effects (+2 to will)
athletic superiority: isaac is surprisingly fast naturally and is able to jump further then normal people and is able to climb walls and objects with ease (+2 dex)repulsive smell: given isaacs shy and jumpy nature and his race he tends to release very repulsive smells when scared or terrifieddark mage aura: those with magical senses will sense a dark magic aura surrounding isaac, he also suffers the fragile body of a mage and his immune systems are weaker then others (appears evil to magic senses, - 2 to str and con)No
Alister (Shadow)n0Asuar/WolfMale27Templar WarriorLawful GoodStraight
Strong, toned muscles
scar on right eye
Mana burn- damages mana for half the damage caused (normal damage
deals half damage to mana - 20 stamina and mana) deals 25 + STR, half damage done to mana (will round to highest number)
Magic null seal - stabbing his blade into the ground Alister can create a magic null field
around him but prevents him from moving while the seal is active
- 25 mana, unable to move, range up to 10 feet to protect himself and other closeby allies
Mana leech - deals less damage but steals a small portion of the enemies
mana - 20 stamina, Deals 15 damage and can steal damaged dealt in mana (15 damage for 15 mana)
Shockwave slash - sends a powerful shockwave in a 50 degree arc infront front of him
causing damage and knocking the enemy down -55 mana and stamina, Deals 40 damage + STR + INT and knocks down foes. (can't be used for 3 turns after used)
strong man: years of swinging heavy weapons and carrying heavy objects has made you stronger (two handed weapons can be held in one hand with ease, +3 strength)Magic attacks that come near you seem to be weakened, you and amy ally near you takes less damage from hostile magicscar's of the past - seeing bandits and burning towns bring back horrible memories (-3 willpower when fighting bandits and fighting in burning towns or villages)Protector of the people- no matter what the cost those who cannot defend themselves need to be saved (will refuse to leave civilians or wounded allies during combat)No
Katherine (Red Mage)n0Anthro/CatFemale24Ex-Transport GuardNeutral, GoodBiLean, Muscular
Thrust (Cost: -25 Stamina) -
Katherine thrusts her spear forward stabbing the target with a strong stab.
Deals 25 Damage + STR, can cause bleeding
Crescent Moon (Cost: -30 Stamina) -
Katherine spins and slashes her spear horizontal hitting all enemies with a spin attack.
Deals 20 + STR and hits all enemies around her
Piercing Stab (Cost: -35 Stamina) -
Katherine charges forward stabbing a foe piecing their defenses with a strong stab.
Deals 25 + STR but pierces through an enemy's armor.
All out Assault (Cost: -75 Stamina) -
Katherine unleashes a barrage of stabs in quick motions stabbing the foe multiple times.
Deals 3-6 hits each hit dealing 20 damage + STR per hit.

Cat reflexes - Katherine's cat body allows her to be faster and more nimble when jumping and dodging and climbing.
Heighten Awareness - can see further ahead and spot traps more easily.Cat tail - Katherine loses all senses and balance and becomes very vulnerable if her tail is yanked on or damaged.Daddy issues - often gets pissed easily if someone insults her old man who raised her and cared for her.Finished, ready
Ashe (Red Mage)n0Anthro/SharkFemale28
Leader of Holy Brigade
Lawful GoodBiMuscular and built all around.
Flurry stabs - Ashe launches forward at her target stabbing them multiple times.
For the finisher she then delivers a strong kick knocking them back.
(Cost: 40 Stamina)
Deals 25 + STR, knocks foe back
Guardian - Ashe gets into a protective stance and protects an ally from harm
using her body and her shield to absorb attacks that are directed at said character
she is protecting. (Cost: 15 Stamina, remains active till she stops doing guardian)
Crusher - Ashe lunges forward and strikes her foe's
defenses weakening them (Cost: 30 Stamina)
Deals 15 + STR, lower's enemy's END
Willpower - Ashe gains a second wind regaining lost
stamina and some health
(Cost: 35 Mana. Also one time use only in every battle)
Restores 60 Stamina and 30 HP
Super Strength - Ashe seems to have much stronger strength than most others being able to move large boulders with ease and deals more damage. (+5 STR)Ace swimmer - With Ashe being a shark she is the best swimmer and can easily fight underwater with her rapier or great sword without being slowed down much.Overprotective- Ashe can be very protective of those in danger and is more willing to put herself in harms way then let others be harmed. Fragile heart - often afraid to lose anyone dear to her that she begins to get scared if someone dear is in danger.Finished, ready
Grey Shimmershade (CoxTH)n0Asuar/Cat ears and tailMale 19Dark/Light MageTrue NeutralStraightFrail
Light Orb: Creates an orb of light which lasts 5 turns and heals
allies in a range of about 10 meters a bit each turn. (25 Mana, 15 HP + INT Healed)
Dark Orb: Creates an orb of Darkness which lasts 5 turns and siphons a
moderate amount of Mana and Health from enemies in a range of about
3 meters each turn. (25 Mana) (10% mana & 5% Hp)
Light Shot: Shoots many fast-moving, weak projectiles made of light. (20 Mana, 20 DMG + INT)
Dark Shot: Shoots a strong but slow projectile made of darkness. (30 Mana, 20 DMG + INT, 5% Mana siphon)
Mana-sensitive: Able to feel the presence of large concentrations of Mana.Cool-minded: Able to make split-second decisions when in a pinch.Light-Dark-Cancellation: Cannot switch between Light and Dark magic right away due to both of them cancelling each other out. Has to revoke all Orbs and has to wait at least 1 turn between the use of Light and Dark magic
Scatterbrain: Often loses things and forgets what he wanted to do a few moments prior.
Needs to be finalized
Alicia Dedlif (CoxTH)n0HumanFemale18Bard
-Song of healing: A soothing melody that gives every ally a bit of
health regeneration for five turns. (25 Mana, 7% healing per turn)
Song of strength: A stimulating melody that enhances the strength of
all allies for five turns. (30 Mana, +5 STR to everyone)
Song of resistance: A bolstering melody that enhances the defense of all allies
for five turns. (30 Mana, +5 END to everyone)
Song of confusion: A dissonant melody that confuses all enemies. (40 Mana,
85% from afar and lowers by 10%. Next to Alicia 90%)
-Musician: Can play publicly to earn gold.-Charismatic: Has an easier time persuading other people due to her time as a showman.-Musician's ears: More susceptible to loud noises.-Low alcohol resistance: Since she doesn't drink, she is easily drunk.Needs to be finalized
Zeoth'Laran Feonoram (Lykan2)n0Dragonkin/AnthroMale Herm20MageGoodBiMusclar,
Spider Summon – Zeo casts a Spider, fighting for him and trying to poison the enemy
depending on the strength of the enemy
it either works not at all, only paralyzes or kills..(-25 Mana and 5 Stamina, 20 DMG + INT/2, 30% chance to poison)
Magic Prison – Zeo casts a wall of magic light around the enemy, the willpower of an
enemy decides how long it will last. If the willpower is to high it has no effect at all.
(-35 Mana and 10 Stamina, can use more mana to imprison a target)
Fireball – Zeo casts a Fireball out of his hands to attack the enemy as you can
imagine very effective against something out of Ice, something out of Fire is
most likely unimpressed. (-25 Mana and 10 Stamina, deals 30 DMG + INT)
Knockout – Zeo attacks his enemy with his Staff, trying to knock them out thus may ending the fight.
(- 20 Stamina, can stun the foe)
Fire ResisentMagic senseMagic Sense
easier to be attarcted
to corrupted magic
Fragile BodyFinished, ready
Mirie (Darklove)n0Anthro/LynxFemale18Bounty HunterNeutralStraightSlim
Berserk (Cost: -50 Stamina, deals 20 DMG + STR per hit, 2-3 hits possible) - Causes the attacker to perform three hard hitting attacks.
Only usable when Mirie in angered.
Jump-land-strike attack (Cost: -35 stamina, deals 30 DMG + STR, 35% to inflict bleeding on foe) - Mirie's horribly named attack.
She does a jump over her enemy, lands behind them and attacks from behind.
Needs to be at a higher elevation in order to work on a large opponent.
Pack a punch (Cost: -30 Stamina, deals 20 DMG + STR, knocks over small foes) - Punches with enough force to
knock smaller enemies on their ass.
In the zone (Cost: -35 mana, gains abilty to dodge with 25% chance added, deals 10 extra damage to all strikes for 3 turns) - Becomes really focused on the fight, making her move and strike faster.
Ease dropper: She can usually hear an attacker before she sees them due to her sensitive hearing, making sneak attacks very hard to perform on her. can also ease drop on other peoples conversations without having to get as close as most people.Student: Mirie can learn how to use other weapons effectively as long as an ally will teach her how to use the weapon. Though she starts with a poor performances the first few battles after starting to develop skills and may have "bad luck" during these battles.Bad swimmer: Mirie knows how to swim, but fears of dying from drowning or being killed by sea creatures. She doesn't swim unless someone is with in arms reach away from here.Naive: easily tricked and likely to spring traps if no one warns her away from it.No
Acel (Darklove)n0Asuar/Cat GirlFemale18NobleGoodStraightSlim
Cripple Strike (Cost: -25 stamina, makes a enemy's ATK weaker by 5, also 25% to cause bleeding): She aims for a spot on the body
to cripple a limb, making it easier to deal with the target the next turn
Cheerleader (Cost: -35 mana, the cheer boosts ally's stats by 5): Cheers on her friends, making them do better.
Connections (Cost: -5 mana): She uses her name to try to get what she wants.
(Higher chances of not working outside of citys.
Can also back fire if dealing with slavers/robbers/ect.)
Quiet like a mouse: (-20 mana and 15 Stamina, can become "invisbile" to enemies, less likely to be targeted) Thanks to her small structure,
Acel can hide perfectly as long as their is suitable cover, and as long as no one knows of her presence.
Practiced fencing: While holding a light sword she seems more focused and can strike and dodge better.

Small frame: Her small frame makes her look like a weak target, causing not as many enemies to focus on her. Doesn't work with lone enemies or boss type enemies.

Extremely Naive: Due to living as a higher class person, she's used to people treating her properly and acting truthful to her. As a result she is easy to trick and confuse. Ex. Someone could offer to take her money bag for safe keeping's and she'll think its a good idea.
Weak body: Due to years of being pampered, Acel's body isn't used to punishment, making her easier to beat.Finished, ready
Shadoon "The White Beast" Aziro
(Kai Shadoon)
Saber Slash: Using a fast move, the target gets a long cut, it can cut trough the bones
(uses 25 stamina, deals 25 DMG + STR, can cause bleeding )
Hook grab: Launching the hook towards the target, he then tugs him closer while
making them bleed (Uses 30 Stamina, pulls target to self, deals 10 DMG + STR, can cause bleeding)
Drink rum: raises strength temporarily, but causes disorientation,
may cause higher disorientation the more it is used,(Cost: 5 mana, increases STR by 5 per drink, however each time used gives a -10% miss chance to attacks)
Rum spit/fire breath: Spits rum on the target's eyes blinding them(requires rum drink),
using the oil lamp lights the rum on fire (requires rum drink and have oil on the lamp,
(Cost: 10 Stamina rum spit, 20 Stamina fire breath, deals 25 DMG + INT, possibly sets them on fire)
Heavy drinker: Reduces the effect of alcoholic drinksCold blood: Can make decisions even under heavy stressLadies man: Can be easily distracted by pretty womenSea traitor: Since you killed a man of sea, being close to the ocean might get you bad luckFinished, ready
Cale Bloodfang(Lykan2)
n0Anthro/WolfMale32Monster HunterChaotic Good"Straight"
scar = left eye
- Focus: Recovers Stamina at the cost of Mana. (- All Mana, recovers 10 HP )
- Holy Fury: Attacks an Enemy in a Berserk-like behavior (-35 Stamina, deals 20 DMG + STR per hit, can hit up to 3-5 times)
- Bash: Knocks down an Enemy if not to big (-25 Stamina, Deals 20 + STR, knocks over foe)
- Cleansing: Nullifies nearly every form of Dark magic or can blind
enemies for a brief amount of time (Cleansing is an AoE, so it can blind several Enemies
(if they look at least somewhat in his direction)) (-All Mana)
Superior SensesStrong BodyBlood of the BeastNightmares of the PastFinished, ready
Elizabeth Aziro(Kai Shadoon)n0Asuar/PantherFemale19Nature CallerGoodStraightCurvy
Weak Slash: Attacks the target slicing with her scimitar,
while not having too much strength, the blades
sharpness compensates making it a hurtful atack (uses 10 stamina, Deals 15 DMG + STR)
Elemental Arrow: Channeling her elemental powers into her bow, she fires a
wind or earth arrow, wind arrows summon a whirlwind on hit and
earth arrow summon vines that can break rocks crack the ground (10 stamina, 25 mana, deals 20 DMG + INT, Wind used can blow enemy back, Earth used can immbolize foe)
Fairy of the Spirit: Calling upon the blessings of a guardian fairy,
she gets a spirit clone arround her, for the next 5 turns, all her skill
have double the effect but require 50% more mana/stamina (25 mana)
Song of destiny: An ominous tune that has different effects (75 mana)
(If fairy is struck by enemy that deals 30 damage or more, fairy will be KO'd and out for 3 days in rp)

-Wearing no mask: The tune is calm and relaxing. All allies are blessed by
the fairy of the mind and recover 15% health, mana and stamina for 3 turns

-Happiest Mask: The tune is invigorating. All allies are blessed by the
fairy of the spirit and obtain 20 points of destructible defense

-Saddest mask: The tune is sad and depressing. All enemies are
cursed by the fairy of the body and have their stats halved for 3 turns (foes will need WILL to resist affects)

This skill can only be used once per battle for any of the effects,
none of the effects are applied to the user and the user has to
rest for 1 turn, this skill is not stackable with fairy of the spirit skill
Fairy of the mind: High
resistance to mind
control skills,
can see thru illusions
Fairy of the body:
regenerates 5% health
each turn of battle
Feral Instinct:
requires a close
ally to calm her down
Big Kitty: Can be easily fooledNo
Caim-Rodavin (RandomTiger)n0Lizard AnthroMale26Spell BowGood
Bisexual, leans to men
Lean, no muscular tone, lots of scales.
Homing arrow: Caim focuses his inner magic into his finger tips imbuing the arrow with the ability to follow a target, making it more likely to hit. (25 Mana, deals 20 DMG + INT)
Arrow storm: Caim focuses his magic into the air making a arrow out of complete magical energy, anchoring it onto his bow and aiming towards the air, once released it will travel above the enemy he is focused on and rain arrows in the surrounding area and on-top of the enemy. (AoE attack) (40 Mana, deals 25 DMG + DEX + INT, can hit other foes surrounding his target within 15 feet)
Strong anchor: Caim uses all of his strength to pull his drawstring back releasing the arrow with extra speed and strength giving it the ability to pierce through at-least two enemies. (20 Stamina, Deals 25 DMG + DEX, 70% to pierce through non-armored foes to hit another target for half damage)
Healing bolt: Caim focuses his love into a magic bolt, creating an arrow made of magic imbuing it with the ability to heal, releasing it at an ally to heal major scraps and bruises. (40 mana, heals ally 30 HP + INT)
Hard scales - His scales have hardened due to age giving him a slight resistance to physical attacks. (+5 to END.)Quick footed - He has trained himself into being able to be quick on his feet and have a higher chance of dodging attacks. (+3 to Dex.) Untrained muscles - Due to his lack of physically working out, his arm muscles are not as toned as the rest of him. (-2 to Str.)
Easily confused - Caim is pretty easily taken off of track and confused, making it easier for him to be controlled. (- 4 to Will.)
Catharine (Shadowpane)n0Human?Female25?Shadow sorcerers ChaoticBisexualslim build, pale skin
Toxic miasma 20 mana + 10 per turn to maintain it. - casts a spell that forms a toxic cloud in an area but thin enough to see through, the cloud remains in a large area but can be moved slowly, after casting Cathrine will usually make a crude joke. Deals 25 Damage first round then deal 10 + INT damage each round held
Vaporous form 30 mana + 15 per turn in form - turns into a dark shadowy form that can move through small spaces or pass through other people, can only be damaged by explosives or arcane magic in this form. (Since its just a form to move away or around folks, Form can be ended next turn without cost of holding form. (meaning form can be used turn 1 and then ended next turn only using the start mana needed for it)
Shadowstake - 35 mana causes a shadow of a knife or spear to hit the targets shadow, holding the person in place till the shadow of the weapon is covered or till another spell is cast. Deals 10 + INT damage and stuns/holds foe in place.
Vampiric grasp - 55 mana, drains the life of those she touches, damage is 1/2 of damage dealt, she can also enchant the weapon she uses for the effect (melee only) Deals 30 + INT, Recovers half the damage dealt
shadow connections - mana costs and maintenance costs for spells are reduced to half in pitch black or very dark areas (no moon or sunlight or torches nearby)Not dead yet: HP won’t reduce past 1 while she still has mana, mana is drained to stabilise her (damage reduces mana instead of killing her) has no effect in anti magic zones.Undead appearance - because of how Cathrine’s skin and condition most people mistake her for a vampire or undead being usually leading into accidental conflict or long explanations.High born mentality - despite wanting to leave the nobility life, the mentality never left so she easily forgets to talk to common people as Equals and not as servantsNo
Rash‘iin K‘hir (Rash for short)(Lykan)n0Snow LeopardMale29
Knight of the Order of Fire
Lawful GoodBiMuscular-thin

Guard: Gets into a protection stance with his Shield ( 10 Stamina each round, remains active until cancelled, takes half damage)
Hands of Healing: Heals either himself or another person to some extend if used on another person he can also “replenish” this persons Stamina to some if needed. (25 Mana (+ 25 Stamina))

Whirlwind: An attack in rapid succession with his sword against one or multiple Enemies (25 Stamina, deals 15 damage + STR))
Wings of Dawn: Rashiin gets into stance and casts Wings of Fire, causing him to be able to fly for a short amount of time and is letting him “shoot” fire towards his Enemies with his sword. (Costs all of his Mana and all of his remaining Stamina except 1 point, can fly for however much 10 mana was used. example: 10 equals 1 turn of flight))

Ability: Cat’s Nature – Being a Feline he as much faster and precise reaction and movements ( + 5 DEX)
Ability: Trained Body – Through his Years long training and experience he “ignores” pain easier, allowing him to continue fight even if he is stabbed or shot (+ 5 END)
Weakness: Overprotective – His sense of duty can cause him to be a bit “careless” if protecting those in need.

Weakness: “Naked” - His Armor is not protecting his entire body, is practically naked under it, thus making it easier to inflict harm to his body.
Lionel Owens/Mason (Darklove)n0Asuar (Has Lion ears and tail)Male24KnightGoodStraightAthleticShield Bash: Lionel Bashes his shield against his target, stunning them and causing minor damage. (-25 Stamina, deals 15 DMG + STR), high chance to stun)Clean Cut: Lionel cuts straight through his enemy, causing base damage, plus bleed damage (-35 Stamina, deals 25 DMG + STR) high chance to cause bleeding)There and Back Again: Lionel Swipes through his target with one edge of his blade, then brings it back to hit them with the other edge, causing two strikes to occur (-40 Stamina, deal 25 DMG + STR) per hit. deals 2 hits)Savage Cut: Lionel tears through his enemy with a single strike, causing heavy damage, a bleed damage (-60 stamina, deals 45 DMG + STR) 75% chance to cause severe bleeding)The Best Defense: So long as Lionel has his shield on hand, he is much harder to stun or knock down.The Counter Master: Lionel has a small chance to counter attack anyone that misses a melee attack on him.Iron Rod: Due to having so much metal on his person, he is easily stunned from electrifying attacksPrideful: Lionel feels like he has an image to uphold and may not share that he ‘needs’ help when fighting or while hurt unless he shares a lot of trust between someone, or if he feels like death is
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