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IVF - Winter and Beyond
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COLOR KEY: (1) waiting=black; (2) on BCP/Lupron=red; (3) started stims=orange; (4) had ER=blue; (5) had (F)ET=purple; (6) beta drawn=pink;
Cancelled/BFN/MC=gray italics
Screen NameFirst name0LocationAgeReason for IVFHistoryMedications/ SupplementsBCP
Start Date
Start Date
Start Date
Trigger DateER Date# Retrieved# Mature# Fertilized# Biopsied (if relevant)# normal (if relevant)(F)ET Date# Transferred# (still) frozenBeta #1 DateBeta # 1 (# only)Beta # 2 (# only)Beta # 3 (#only)Ultrasound DateComments
MizSassyJenee1NC35Me: DOR DH: MFI: IVF only option3 cycles on Clomid to increase progesterone levels (worked) IVF#1 Feb 2/15.. cancelled prior to ER. Poor responder to meds.BCP, Follistim, Lupron Menopur,Ganirelix,Ovidrel/Trigger, low dose ASA, Z-pak, Prednisone, PIO, Vit D, CoQ10Tentatively end of March
Chica74Sarah6VA35Unexplained, slight MFITTC #1 since Oct 2013. 3 IUIs all BFN. Moving straight on to IVF for Christmas.Prenatal vitamins, CoQ10, Gonal F, Menopur, Ganirelix, Novarel, Estrace, Endometrin11/25/2014n/a12/24/20141/2/20141/4/2015242117n/an/a1/10/2015191/23/2015
Kmccarthy24Kelcie 1AZ24Severe MFI, only option. No previous infertility treatments other than ovulation tracking. IVF is our only option for pregnancy.
marabones74Stefanie1Reunion, Islandalmost 40age, pcosivf cancelled, uterine too thin, only 1 frostie Fet hopefully in 1.5wksoromone (progesterone)
molleveMolly1MN38Unexplained IFTTC #1 since 9/13. Never had a BFP. Had 3 cycles of 50 mg Clomid. DH & I decided we would not go the IVF route due to finances and IUI was next step. Learned about Ivy Study and was accepted into study. Will have to travel out of state for IVF but have very supportive manager. Due to start stims in April 2015.Prenatals, CoQ10 (Ubiquinol), Fish Oil, Probiotics, and misc herbs as "prescribed" by acupuncturist (will stop all herbs prior to stims).3/11/20153/31/2015est 4/10/15
LOinILLauren1Illinois31Endo, elevated autoimmune panel, thin uterine liningATTC since July 2013-- lap revealed tubal cysts, scar tissue, and mild endo. Also with short LH (unmedicated) and erratic cycles. Hx thin uterine lining requiring sildenafil and estrace. Elevated autoimmune panel. IVF cycle 1 cancelled, 2nd cycle BFN. Awaiting mock cycle endometrial biopsy in April with a plan for ER in June/JulyMetformin, prenatal, CoQ10, Calcium/vitamin D, metformin. Will start Short Lupron protocol in Juneest April 2015 (mock cycle)
pandorasmuseSara1MD31Unexplained IF, T1 diabetes.TTC since 8/11, ATTC since 1/12. 16 IUIs (progressing from natural cycle to Clomid to injectibles), with one M/C in late 2013 (chromosomal abnormality). IVF #1 & #2 = BFN, no frosties.BCP, baby aspirin, prenatals, Bravelle, Menopur, Cetrotide, HCG, Zithromax, Estrace, Endometrin.April?ICSI
Junebug012Susan1Texas31PCOS, unresponsive ovariesNTNP for seven years. ATTC #1 since 04/2013. D&C 4/14, HSG 8/14, Hysteroscopy/D&C 81/4, 11/14. Four failed cycles of Clomid, and one cancelled injectibles IUI cycle. One BFP from IVF resulting in m/c at 6w5d with blighted ovum.
BabyOnMyMindNYCLisa1NYC37Unexplained IF, recently diagnosed with APSTTC#1 since 2012, ATTC since Feb2013: 1 Clomid IUI + 2 Femara IUIs = All BFN. IVF#1 (Mar2014) = 11 retrieved, 10 fertilized, 4 embyros. FET#1 (Apr2014) = CP. FET#2 = BFN. Took a summer break and started acupuncture. IVF#2 (Oct2014) = 18 retrieved, 16 mature, 11 fertilized, 5x D5 embyros, 1x D6 embryo. FET#3 = BFN. FET#4 = BFP = MC; IVF#3=Mar2015baby aspirin, CoQ10, Vitamin D, Royal Jelly, Omega 3, prenatals, herbal tea, estrace, progesterone suppositories, prednisone, antibiotic --2/22/20153/4/20153/6/2015221813963/12/2015243/20/20150PGS
CharlieebeeCharlie1Bay Area, CA - soon to be Idaho36Unexplained, AgeATTC #1 since 4/2013, 7 IUI cycles all negative. IVF#1 8 Follies, 5 mature, 4 fertilized, 2 implanted, no frosties = BFP = MC 8w3d (T13).Micro Lupron or Antagonist. Not sure on the details just yet.
Prenatals, CoQ10, Royal Jelly, Calcium & Vitamin D, Maca, L-Arginine
RaityCaity2NV43Unexplained IF/not ovulatingATTC since Jan 13. Two rounds of Clomid March 14 and April 14. Surgery to correct bicornate uterus August 14. MC April 12 with previous partner. BCP, Metformin, Baby Aspirin, Doxy, Ubiquinol, PNV, VitaminD, Royal Jelly, Iron, Omega3, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, ad infinitum3/1/20153/17/2015
Akse929Alicia2New England28PCOS/RPLTTC #1 since August 2013. 2 Clomid + 1 Femara + 3 Gonal F/IUI's = 3 early losses. Doing PGS to hopefully avoid another loss. No MFI.BCP, Provera, Gonal F, Cetrotide, Lupron trigger, Lovenox, baby aspirin (Supplements: CoQ10, Vit D)N/A3/31/20154/10/20154/12/2015282716
37andhopingAmy2Kansas37MFIDH diagnosed with azoospermia due to CBAVD. Testicular biopsy done 1/29/2015. IVF+ICSI with frozen sample at end of March/early AprilBCP, gonal f, menopur, ganirelix, novarel hCG2/20/2015n/aest. 3/24/2015
history2013Tabatha2Michigan26Potentially genetic carrier (not finding out), crohn's, severe PCOS, PCOS related egg quality issues ATTC since Feb 2012. Fertility coverage starting 4/14. RE Appt 6/14. SHS revealed open tubes and no issues. Started Femara. BFP. Ended in MC at nearly 11 weeks in 11/14 (1 other MC 8/13 and 3 CPs). Donor eggs suggested, doing donor embryos instead. FET of DD Embryos at Reprofit Clinic end of May 2015.Estradiol 2mg 3x daily, Crinone 8% once daily3/15/2015n/a5/28/2015226/5/2015
Journey2cPam2MI40Age, possible PCOSTTC #1 since 7/2013; male factor issues initially, which have improved significantly; never had a BFP; fibroids on outside of iterus may have been impacting fertility as they are causing the position of the ovaries to be much higher in pelvic cavity than normal. Surgery is scheduled for January 21, 2015. IVF start BCPs around end of MarchBCPs, Metformin, Bravelle, Menopur, Ganirelix, Ovidrel, Endometrin3/25/2015N/A4/12/20154/20/20154/22/2015Est April 27ICSI and PGS
HopefulbellyJessica3TX31Unexplained IF, intrinsic follicle dysfunction (very low % of mature eggs at time of retrieval and all arrest by day 5)TTC 3 years, 1 year natural, 2 years with RE. Several failed Clomid/ Fermara/ Follistim + Ovidrel cycles. 3 failed IUIs, 3 failed IVFs. Intrinsic follicle dysfunction- very low % of mature eggs at time of retrieval and all arrest by day 5. Moving on to IVF # 4 in April 2015 with Dr. Sher3rd IVF cycle: Menopur 150 days 1-5, increased to 225 days 6-12; triggered day 13 and ER day 153/8/20153/20/20153/31/2015
TraceylooTracey3Cape town33No tubesTtc for 5 years. Countless timed cycles. 1st bfp May 2012-ectopic twins. Both tubes removed.Zoladex, will get the list of the rest MondayLate January2/26/20153/8/20153/16/2015 ?3/18/2015
MrsNFisherNicolette3California30MFIATTC since 10/2014 - Diagnosesd with MFI 1/2015 - I have no known reason for infertitlity yet. RE appt on 2/2015 Doctor recommeded IVF + ICSIBCP, aspriin, FSH, Menopur, Azithromycin, Estrace, Endometrin, prenatals, omegas2/9/2015n/a3/6/2015Tentative 3/16/2015Tentative 3/18/2015TBDTBDTBDN/A14/1/201542097IVF +ICSI
ReddyratAlison3Montana33Mild PCOS and Mild MFITTC#1 since January 2012, off and on. 4 IUIs, all unsuccessful. IVF planned early 2015. Plan to do PGS and FETBCP, Lupron, Menopur, Follistim2/20152/26/20153/8/20153/18/3015
AgilityMammaKate3STL37PCOSTTC #2 for 1+ years. Did three frozen cycles in 2014 (placed 6 embryos), Third FET had a positive Beta, but second number fell. No. 1 took us 5 years and 2 fresh and 2 FETs to achieve. If we don't achieve pregnancy in 2015, we will be calling it quits.Gonal-F, Menopur, prenatals, metforamin, HCG Trigger, and PIO.1/25/20152/9/20152/20/2015TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDN/ATBDTBD3 (planned)
Lola241987Lauren3TX28PCOS and male factorTTC #1 2.5 years. DH had varicocele repair in November 2013. 6 Failed IUIs - 3 pre surgery and 3 post which included injectible/femara combo that pretty much ruined my lining.BCP, Bravelle, Meopur, Cetrotide, Prednisone, Ovidrel, Endometrin, Estrace, Motrin, Metformin, CoQ10, Vitamin D, Prenatal2/2/2015n/a2/20/20153/2 Estimated3/4 estimatedICSI
egangal327Amy3NYC, NY39Endo, DOR, mild MFITTC #1 since March 2013. 3 failed IUIs (clomid & femara), use of clomid resulted in cysts. HSG clear, hysteroscopy for suspected polyp clear, endometrioma/cyst discovered on right ovary. Laproscopy to remove cyst, diagnosed mild endo. Due to DOR/low AMH, FSH which is sometimes normal sometimes high, and mild MFI, IVF in Nov 2014. estrogen patch protocol, 4 mature eggs retrieved, 2 fertilize, but none made it to 5 day transfer. New RE Jan 2015 and starting new cycle, estrogen patch protocol, plan is for an aggressive 3 day transfer if we make it that far!Estrogen patch protocol (to address FSH issues), and highest dose of stims due to DOR. Climara patch & 3 ganirelex until AF arrived, now Follistim (450), Menopur (2 vials daily), Ganirelex, Novarel. Other: prenatal vitamins, COQ-10N/A1/28/2015TBD
phdmom11Marie4Midwest34Unexplained IF, RPLNTNP (while actively tracking cycles) since 11/12, ATTC since 4/13; two M/C (11/13 and 4/14) one of which was confirmed to be chromosomal; 5 cycles of femara + TI = BFN; 3 cycles of Follistim + TI = BFNBCP, baby aspirin, prenatals, a boat load of other supplements, Lupron, Follistim, Novarel, PIO2/12/20152/25/20153/14/20153/23/20153/25/20152622157 (5 on day 5, 2 on day 6)75/22/20151ICSI and PGS
BirdieMaeBirdie4California40Unexplained, Possible scar tissue blocking tubesTTC for 15 months, Clomid, IVF recommended due to age and uncertainty of diagnosisBCP, Follistim, Pregnylmid-January2/15/20152/24/20152/26/201544
HopefulDCMomCarly1DC35DORATTC since 10/12. #1 IUI 09/14 (Clomid + injectables), 1 dominant = BFN; awaiting insurance change to approve IVF beginning with EPP early 2/15CoQ10, DHEA, PrenatalsN/A
Dray819Desiree4San Diego CA29PCOS, hypothyroidTTC #1 Since June 2013, 4 Failed IUI's (Femara, Follistim, Trigger, Estrogen), HSG cleared in March. Prenatal, aspirin, follistim, menopur, ganirelix, leupron, hcg, 12/31/20141/25/20151/27/201511875 frozen blastocyst4/23/2015145/4/2015
JoostBeaBea4CA39Age, possible DOR, borderline morphologyTTC #1 x 2 years. Pregnant naturally twice, one MC one ectopic. 3 medicated & 1 un medicated IUI 2014. All BFN
myomectomy & cistectomy July 2013. IVF fall 2014 big epic fail. New IVF Jan 2015
BCP, Lupron, Ganirelix(250mcg), Follistim(600, 375), Menopur (1/2vial), HCG trigger, prenatal, coq10, Larginine,Synthroid,Vit D, Metnx)12/3/20141/4/20151/11/20151/29/2015532;
1 at 8 cells on day 3
In SuspenseKat543ageThe hard stuff: Estrace at 8dpo, Gonal-f, Luveris, Ganirelix, Endometrin, Other supplements: PregVit Folic 5, CoQ10, Vit D, Omega 3, wheatgrass, spirulina, Thyroid Pro, Ashwaganda, probiotic, and baby Asprin during FET1st appt to determine o for Estrace: 1/12/15Estrace Start Date:  1/16/151/28/20152/3/20152/5/2015161413 fertilized normally413/9/201513/18/2015ICSI and PGS
(FET # 4)
Cassy5Asheville, NC35MFI, mild endo, MTHFR and Factor V LeidenATTC since 5/2012. 5 iuis - bfn, ivf fresh cycle - bfn, fet 1&2 - mc, iVF #2 with PGS, FET 3 - cp. Depot Lupron, lupron, baby aspirin, doxy, Femara, lovenox, Medrol, Minivelle patches, estarce, pio, Thorne prenatal, calcium, vitamin C, methyl folate, p5p, methylcobalamin N/A11/14/2014N/AN/AN/A1/8/2015Will transfer 1 boy5 PGS normal left. 2 from DH's sperm 3 from donor sperm. 45 eggs retrieved, 27 fertilized with ICSI, 14 made it to PGS, 6 normal. 5 boys and 1 girl!
kf5195VA35PGS for recurrent pregnancy lossAll tests normal for DH and I. TTC#1 for 3 yrs: 2 ectopics (1 presumed & treated with MTX, 1 treated with laparscopy with 1 tube removed), 2 chem, 1 mc, 1 missed mc (D&C, then misoprostol, then hysterscopy for retained tissue. Test results showed that pregnancy had trisomy 16.). Have gotten pg naturally and on clomid. Also tried injectables w/ TI, then injectables w/ IUI. Now doing IVF/FET (with PGS embryos). First FET=BFN. BC, Lupron trigger, Menopur, Gonal-F, Cetrotide, Zithromax. Prenatals, Vitamin D3, Del Estrogren, Estradiol (3 times/day), Baby Aspirin, Millipred (5mg), PIO, Vitamin E, Lovenox?9/21/2014possibly 10/1910/30/20142420181072/11/201525 after transferFET in February 2015 was BFN. Changing med protocol for next FET and planning to do an endometrial scratch.
KimWalk1Kimberly5TX32MFI4 failed IUIs (2 w/ Clomid, 1 Natural and 1 w/ injectibles), 1 Natural MC 12/13, Lap 3/14 to remove Stage 3 endoLupron, Gonal F, Menopur, HCG and Novarel trigger6/9/20146/30/20147/11/2014Est 7/21/14Est 7/23/14Est 9/4/14ICSI (if needed)
Snrkleupagus (bobby)Nicole5Ks29MFI & recurrent lossATTC for almost 4 years with MFI. 3 ICI's and 2 IUI's with 100mg clomid and donor sperm. IVF Dec/Jan. BCP12/6/2014est Dec 23
StavaAshley5MN34MFITTC on own for couple years using fertitilty monitor. Last year started seeing an RE and found out my husband has low numbers. Tried 6 IUIs all on Clomid. Developed a polyp that was discovered during IUI #5. Had surgery to remove, then tried 1 more IUI before moving to IVF.BC, Z-pak, Lupron, Menopur, Gonal-F
other: prenatal and fish oil
Amber183Amber6FL31Stage 3 EndoTTC #1 since Aug 2011. 3 failed IUIs with injectables. IVF#1 Dec. 2014, 26 Retrieved, 11 fertilized, 4 frozen blastocysts, Froze All due to risk of OHSS. 1st FET scheduled 2/19BA, Lupron, Prenatals, Vivelle Patches, Prometrium 200mg, PIO, Medrol, Doxycycline 12/25/20141/13/2015NANANA2619114 Frozen Blastocysts2/19/201513 left after FET#12/28/2015
l1141Ashley4VA29EndometriosisTTC #1 since 4/13. 3 Femara IUI- all BFN. lap 8/14 found stage 2/3 endo on uterus, uterosacral ligaments and rectum, all excised but pain came back a few months later. Slightly low AMH for age (1.08) and DH with borderline morphology (4%). All other tests are NORMAL! Have never had a BFP prenatal, baby aspirin, ubiquinol, fish oil, vitamin d, pycnogenol, BCP, lupron, gonal-f, menopur, estrace, endometrin11/21/20141/18/20151/26/20152/6/20152/8/20151087with ICSI. Probable "freeze all" due to elevated progesterone prior to trigger
jdimauro7510Jen6Lynn, MA33Blocked left fallopian tube, AMH of 1, possible adendomyosisTTC #2 for 5 plus years. Heading straight to first IVF. Mock transfer scheduled for Friday, October 1, 201411/8/201411/26/201411/27/201412/8/201412/10/201411812/15/20142012/27/2014
SuskyLisa639Unexplained, ageATTC since 9/2012 3 failed IUIs with ClomidMenopur, Ganirelex, Gonal F for stims 12/18/20141/10/20151/20/20151/22/20154332 on 1/272/6/2015
CCotton14Chrissy6KY29PCOS, tubal factor and MFITTC #1 since Sept. 2013. We tried 4 Clomid only cycles--all BFN. Did 2 Clomid/Trigger/IUI cycles--all BFN. Due to my blocked side being my active side and my open side being my lazy side, combined with our MFI, RE recommended IVF. Lupron, Follistim, HCG, doxycycline, prometrium, prenatal, Vit. D. N/A1/6/2015
RedSoxNati0nKA6Midatlantic39Age, mild endo, unexplainedATTC since 6/14 (generic TTC since 6/11). Lap surgery, failed monitored cycle and IUI.Metformin, Gonal-F, Menopur, Cetrotide. Trigger-Pregnyl.11/29/201412/7/201412/9/20145?Hopefully Jan 2015ICSI/Assisted Hatching
ProfessorMcgonagall6NE26Unexplained IFATTC #1 for 18 months. 2 failed IUI's. 75 Menopur + 75 Gonal-F, Ganirelix, Possible lupron trigger (overactive ovaries). 1/2/2015n/a1/31/20152/10/20152/12/2015272016n/an/a2/17/2015162/25/2015 - Early 8dp5dt46.2566.26Transferred one 5AA blast
LOinILLauren6Illinois31Endo, elevated autoimmune panel, thin uterine liningATTC since July 2013-- lap revealed tubal cysts, scar tissue, and mild endo. Also with short LH (unmedicated) and erratic cycles. Hx thin uterine lining requiring sildenafil. Elevated autoimmune panel. IVF cycle 1 cancelled, 2nd cycle with ICSI/time lapse in Feb 2015Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix, Sildenafil, Prednisone, Baby Aspirin, Lovenox, prenatal, CoQ10, Calcium/vitamin D, Azithromycin, estrace, endometrinN/A2/2/20152/10/20152/12/20151277N/AN/A2/17/2015202/27/2015145.5ICSI/Assisted Hatching and Time Lapse
babybumpmxusTayde (tie-day)4Memphis, TN35Unexplained IF? 6-7 years of childhood chemo is a possibilityTreated for Leukemia from 1987-'95- ATTC #1 since 2012. Strated tracking cycles with calendar- BFN- OB started clomid- did it for 7-8 months- BFN, started on Femara and went to see RE. got tested, SHG, a little low thyroid but everything else was fine. then we did 2 regular IUI's - BFN- then hysteroscopy after 2 fibroids found on Sep 2014, then IUI #3 with stims on Nov 2014- BFN- WTF meeting with RE in Jan then a polyp was found in uterus hysteroscopy #2 in Feb 2015 and decided to do current IVF(#1) with RE's mid MarchLevothyroxine. BCP, Menopur, Gonal-f, lupron, gonarelix, doxy. Novarel, prenatals2/5/2015?3/6/20153/14/20153/16/20158743/21/201523/30/2015BFN
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