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Bench Press:Superset:For Load:5 Sets:For Load:In 3:30 Minutes:Back Squat:
5 x 53 x 8 Bulgarian Lunges (per leg)(AHAP)1 Snatch + 1 OHS1 Strict Pull-Up + 2 C2B Pull-Ups + 4 Pull-Ups1 Power Clean and Jerk7 TTB, 400 M Run...50 Box Jumps (30/24), 50 Burpees (6" touch), 50 Wall Balls (20/14)4 x 3
Record: weight3 x 8 Bent Over-Row (per arm)(AHAP)Record: weightRecord: absolutely nothing at allRecord: weight*Repeat sequence until all 3 movements have been completed...then...
Tempo: 3 seconds down, FAST upTime Cap: 36 minutes3 x 1
3 Rounds For Time:Record: weight8 Rounds For Time:For Time:AMRep's 3 Minutes:Record: timeRecord: heavy 3 and heavy 1
11 Deadlifts (225/153), 11 Bar-Facing Burpees200 M Run/250/200 M Row (4 of each), 5 OHS (155/103)In 5 Minutes:10 Power Clean and Jerks (155/103), Max Meters...7 Power Clean and Jerks (185/123), Max Meters...5 Power Clean and Jerks (225/153), Max Meters
...rest 30 seconds b/w rounds...5 x AMRAP 3 Minutes:Record: time and weight10 Strict HSPU, 30 Pull-Ups, 400 M Run...rest 5 minutes b/w cycles...For Time:
Record: time and weight30 Double-Unders, 25 Sit-Ups, 20 Russian KB Swings (53/35), 15 Box Jump-Overs (24/20)In 5 Minutes:Record: total meters and weight40 Russain Twist (20/14), 60 Alt. DB Snatch (AHAP), 40 Russian Twist
...rest 1 minute b/w AMRAP's...10 Strict HSPU, 20 C2B Pull-Ups, 400 M RunRecord: time
Record: rounds + repsIn 5 Minutes:
10 Strict HSPU, 10 BMU, 400 M Run
*15 Minute time cap
Record: time
Strength: This portion of the day should consume the majority of the hour today. Not including the general warm-up, plan on spending a good 25-30 minutes warming up to your weight and actually completing the 5 working sets. The workout is going to be over in the blink of an eye and won't need a ton of warming up so have some fun with the strength portion today. Your 5 sets need to be done at the exact same weight. NO adjusting midway through because you want to go heavier, or went to light and you're not getting out of it what you want to. On that note, this is why it's very important to spend an adequate amount of time building to the correct weight that you are going to use. Also, be sure to rest as needed between sets so each one of them feels like a heavy 5 each time you lay down on the bench. Metcon: Today's workout is in reference to a historical gym workout: 30 dealifts, 30 bar facing burpees for time. An absolute sprint, and absolute burner. Today is very similar with 6 extra reps overall, but broken up both into multiple rounds and prescribed rest. The rounds will lengthen the workout from it's predecessor, and the rest will give you the ability to hold a high pace for each round. Also, with the rest the sets of deadlifts should be unbroken. Load the barbell with a weight you know you can hang onto during each set. The 30 seconds is really just a mental reset to know you don't have to pick up the bar right away.Strength: We're mixing in a couple of different unilateral auxilliary exercises both to build some strength in some of our smaller muscle groups, and also just to switch it up a little bit and do something different. Below is a video of a bulgarian lunge. It's a really great glute exercise, and will also work the front quad being that it is technically a lunge. We'll be using DB's, one in each hand for the lunges, and with the tempo - 3 second descent - 50/35 is a pretty heavy loading. Make the tempo the priority rather than the loading because you'll be in the set for a bit. For the bent-over row you can use a box or bench. You'll have one hand and one knee on the box with the other hand holding the DB to do the row. The tempo for this one will be a FAST pull from the hang into the shoulder, and then a 3 second count as the arm descends back down to extension. Make sure this is completed as a superset: one set of lunges followed by one set of bent-over rows. Metcon: At a minimum we should be able to complete at least one round in each AMRAP section. The general list of our approach to dubs remains the same: do them as prescribed, pick a lesser volume, pick a timeframe lesser than 1 minute, do 30 singles, do a combination of both. No more than a minute here. The sit-ups are always inserted to keep you moving, tax the midline a bit, but they will always be about the same timeframe so expect about 30--45 seconds. The RKB swings are light so let's go with something that you're able to hang onto every round. Lastly, the box jump-overs fall at the end because we transition back to a jumping exercise in the dubs. These should be pretty quick. On average, you have :45 to complete each exercise within the 3 minute window.OLY: Think back to Friday when we had a ton of time to do our 10 lifts and establish a heavy single. Today will be pretty similar, but we're adding in the OHS at the end of the lift. This is to warm-up the movement for the workout, but also to test some OH stability after a dynamic lift off the floor. The thought here is if you can pull a heavy bar off the floor, and get under it super fast to catch it OH and then stand it up, you should be able to squat it one more time. Whatever angle your lower back and shoulders are at during the beginning of the lift, focus on holding this position until the barbell passes the knees and you begin to extend your hips. There were a lot missed opportunities on Friday because this position was sacrificed early on in the pull. Treat the beginning of the snatch like a heavy deadlift. During the OHS find your heels (and a flat footed postion) and force some pressure into the bar with your shoulders. Metcon: Today's workout is a play on the workout Nancy: 5 RFT 400 M Run, 15 OHS (95/63). So less running and OHS, but a heavier barbell and similar intensity. First about the "4 of each" for the run and row. You MUST complete 4 - 200 M runs, and 4 - 250/200 M rows during the workout. You can complete them in any order. 4 runs, then row; or alternate each round; or go 2, then 2 and so on. It doesn't matter the order, just make sure you do 4 of each. Coming off the snatch + OHS in the OLY portion ideally you should use a weight that you can snatch as this always counts as a first rep, and also hang onto for the next 4 reps. Regardless, pick a weight you can hang onto for 5 reps and get back to the enduranc portion quickly. Gymnastics: Prior to the workout we're going to practice a few variations of the pull-ups, and have some time to practice. During the first part let's treat it from three different angles: 1) I'm still working on unassisted reps: for this angle let's use a band and work on control of the movements with the assistance of the band. Yes, we want to work our way out of a band, but if we're not there yet the band can help teach a lot mechanically. 2) I can do the entire complex via regular kipping, but want to work on butterfly: complete the strict pull-up, do a regular kipping C2B pull-ups and then use the 4 pull-ups to practice your butterfly work. 3) I can compete the entire complex doing butterfly pull-ups: stay away from the butterfly for the entire complex and work on a strong, short, powerful kip because we cannot butterfly a BMU. Metcon: Let's start with the format of this workout being that it's "for time", but there's 5 minutes per section with a time cap of 15 minutes. So for each section you have a maximum of 5 minutes to complete it. If at the end of 5 minutes you have not completed the work requirement you MUST move onto the next one. Now from a different perspective, remember this 5 minute per section is a cap, so if you complete the 10-30-400 in part 1 in 4 minutes you can move onto part 2 and begin your work requirement there. So this is why there is a "for time" score; you may finish the workout and have a time. This is also why there is a time cap, because the workout may not be completed and your score is 15:00. Modifying/scaling strict HSPU: do less than 10 (between 7 and 3), convert the strict to kipping, pick a timeframe (no more than a minute), or go to regular push-ups. Now there are 60 pull-ups in this workout, and within each section the movement gets progressively harder so you'll have to play around with volumes, time spent on the movements, and modifications to them. Here are a few progressions to consider as far as scaling goes: ring rows, jumping pull-ups, banded pull-ups; jumping PU's, banded pull-ups, unassisted pull-ups; banded pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, C2B Pull-ups. The running distance can be scaled, but we should scale the first two movements with the goal of being able to complete the full run in the window as well. So, we want an appropriate push and pull gymnastic exercise and volume per section, and the ability to run the full amount in under 5 so tha we have a cushion into the next triplet, and ultimately a time less than 15 minutes.OLY: Another day where we have a heavy version of the workout complex beforehand to warm us up for the workout. Specifically let's focus on footwork during the power cleans today. Consider the foot position you are in when you take off to perform a box jump - feet are more narrow and ideally under the hips. We would consider this our power position, it gets body moving in one linear position upwards with force. Now think about the foot position when you land on the box - feet are wider, knees are out, chest is up, you're in about a quarter squat and you've slammed your feet into the box quickly to arrive at the top of the jump sooner. These two positions are identical to the lower body action that is happening during a power clean and power snatch. Now the jerk is somewhat similar. There is a tall, controlled dip that occurs so the bar stays upright on the front of the shoulder. Then we have an aggressive drive up with the legs and finishing with an extension of the hips, and then similar to the end of the box jump where we land, we drive ourselves against the weight of the bar underneath it and catch in this same active position - feet slightly outward from their starting postion, knees out, hips down to the position of a quarter squat and chest up. Metcon: Heavy and shorter volumer power cleans followed by max distances relative to the time it takes you to complete the barbell work, followed by larger rest periods between. As far as th weight goes, and should I or shouldn't I be able to touch and go: couplet 1 there should definitly be an oppotunity to touch and go. It's still a moderately loaded bar, but heavy enough to be a challenge to touch and go all of them leaving you gassed for the rower. Couplets 2 and 3 will most likely be singles in order to encourage you to push the barbell load a bit. Touch and go will affect the row capacity, so if you want to do singles throughout and then really make this workout a row workout with that being the scoring portion, do it. Load the bar as heavy as you are able, move it as quick as you can, and then get some meters.Metcon: This is going to be extremely nasty, but it's Saturday, it's supposed to be really nice outside - again - and you can come in and suffer with one of your pals! Now to be clear about how this thing works. 3, 2,1...GO! you'll do 7 TTB, or knees to chest, or leg raises, or some other modification that takes you 10 seconds or less. You'll then go out on your high-paced 400 M Run. When you get back in, any time remaining in the 3.5 minute work window will be dedicated to getting through as many box jumps as possible. The hope is that even though we'll get more tired as this thing progresses that we'll still have about a minute of work time on the 50's. If you find yourself coming up hot on that 3.5 minute cap with very little time to work the first thing to modify is eliminating the TTB portion. Although that seems minor and pointless, mentally knowing you can get right out on the row is a little easier, because now you don't have to chalk up, take 5 more big breaths, jump up to the bar, set up for your kip, and then maybe break it up into two sets. Because next thing you know you blacked out and the TTB took you 90 seconds and you still have to run. Second thing to modifiy is the run distance if necessary. This will most likely be a minimum of 24-27 minutes with it potentially pushing the time cap of 36.Strength: Similar to Monday we're going to do a heavy and lengthy strength portion at the beginning followed by a shorter sprint workout at the end of the day. Also similar to Monday the back squats are going to be working sets, so the 4 x 3 is all at the same weight, and then you're going to jump in weight and do 3 x 1 at the same weight. Very important that after the general warm up you spend some time building to the working weight for the sets of 3, no adjusting in the middle. What should make this hard is knowing that it's heavy from the onset, and that mentally having to repeat that effort will be really taxing physically. When you're done, take a couple warm-up jumps to the working weight that you'll use for your 3 x 1. Same thing, should almost feel like 3 heavy 1 RM efforts. Metcon: It's been a while since we did the Russian twists, but you'll take a set on the floor sitting up with the feet off the ground. Grab the med ball with both hands and then as fast as possible rotate side to side touching the ball on the floor as you rotate. Keep the feet off the floor. Just like it says, no prescription, meaning as heavy as possible. So that means equal opportunity for everyone, ladies and gentlement can grab the 55's. So, what weight would it be if there was a prescribd loading: 55/55. Cheers.
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