"Northstar 967"Deadlift:OHS:Bench Press:Front Squat:Row:Back Squat:
AMRAP 9 minutes: 1 Power Clean (185/123), 4 Push Ups, 7 Air Squats10-10-4 x 64 x 7 5 x 5 @ 65-70% of 1 RM8 x 200 M6-6-5-5-5 @ 65-70% of 1 RM
...then...2 x 7Record: weightRecord: weightRecord: weight*Rest 1:1 b/w effortsRecord: heaviest
In 5 minutes complete: 967 M RowRecord: heavy 7Record: slowest effort
...then...Every 3 minutes, For 18 Minutes:AMRAP 18 Minutes:EMOM 12 minutes:4 Rounds For Time:
AMRAP 6 Minutes: 1 Clean and Jerk (185/123), 4 Hand-Release Push Ups, 7 Stationary Lunges...then...AMRAP 16 Minutes:5 Power Snatch (95/63), 5 Bar-Facing Burpees, 5 Power Snatch, 12/10 Bike Calories60 M Farmer Carry (AHAP) 40 M Bear Crawl -or- 20 M HS Walk, 20 M Broad Jump7 Hang Power Cleans (95/63), 6 Front Squat, 5 Latreral BurpeesFor Time:3 Muscle-ups, 6 Hang Power Cleans (AHAP), 12 Box Jump-Overs (30/24)
In 5 minutes complete: 967 M Row36 Double-unders, 12 Slam Balls (40/30), 8 C2B Pull-upsRecord: slowest roundRecord: rounds + repsRecord: weight20 Alt. DB Snatch (AHAP)...10/1...1/10 Reps of: S2OH (135/93), Back Rack Lunge...20 Alt. DB SnatchRecord: time and weight
...then...Record: rounds + reps*Penalty: 15/12 Bike Calories
AMRAP 7 Minutes: 1 Thruster (185/123), 4 Burpees, 7 Jump SquatsRecord: time and weight (DB)
Record: rounds + reps (pick up where you left off)
Metcon: On Dec. 5, 2019, at 1:58pm a Black Hawk Helicopter with the call sign Dustoff 967 took off from the St. Cloud Army Aviation Support Facility, to conduct a routine maintenance test flight. At 2:04pm the crew called mayday and operations lost contact with the aircraft.

The helicopter was reported missing for almost two hours before it was found by a Minnesota State Patrol trooper near Pearl Lake, just south of Marty and about 15 miles southwest of its departure point.

The crew was Chief Warrant Officer 2 Charles P. Nord, Warrant Officer Candidate Kort M. Plantenberg, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 James A. Rogers Jr.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Charles P. Nord was 30 years old and served in the Minnesota Army National Guard since 2007. He is survived by his loving wife, his daughter, and his son.

Warrant Officer Candidate Kort M. Plantenberg was 28 years old and served in the Minnesota Army National Guard since 2016
He is survived by his parents and sister

Chief Warrant Officer 2 James A. Rogers Jr. Was 28 years old and served in the Minnesota Army National Guard since 2010
He is survived by his parents and sister. Metcon: Today is a tribute workout as you can tell from Rick's write up above. Modify any movements as we normally would, and scale the loading of the barbell as needed so that you are able to complete all three movements Rx. Tribute/Hero workouts are typically long and challenging. If you don't love this workout, don't come and do it. If you do show up to do it know that you are working out in memory of three other people who are no longer with us, and no longer allowed to exercise. There are 3 AMRAP's for the 3 soldiers who passed away. The number on the tailwing of the Helicopter that crashed was 967, which corresponds with the length of each AMRAP. The accident happened on 12/5: 1) the rep scheme of 1-4-7 adds to 12, and 2) the 5 minutes to complete rows corresponds to the day.
Deadlift: Going to be doing a bit of deadlifting and bench press this cycle. Today we'll have a couple sets of touch and go 10's that should feel like an endurance set. Similar to the workout a couple weeks ago that was 5 rounds of 11 at 225/153. You could also reference a bit heavier workout and use the weight from the row/deadlift workout last week. The 2 sets of 7 should be about 10-15% heavier than your sets of 10. These sets should also be touch and go as well. Last cycle we did a lot of dealifting with a clean-grip; not going to be a requirement this cycle so go with whatever grip you feel strongest using. Metcon: As we begin a new cycle, on the days when we have double-unders, one of the things we need to continue to develop no matter what ou skill level is, is the ability to be calm while doing them. On top of that, we also want to develop the ability to relax our upper body so that the only thing that is controlling the rope is our wrists. Your wrists should ultimately form a conal shape as they help rotate the handle of the rope. A great way to develop all of these skills is to begin with singles, working on rotation solely at the wrist with a very light grip on the handle. Slam balls should be similar in pace to this past Wednesday's workout that began with 100. Make sure the ball gets all the way overhead before slamming it back down to the ground. For the C2B pull-ups let's first modify the movement today by reducing volume, somewhere between 4-8 reps. From there let's go to pull-ups. With an AMRAP, if you can do even a handful of either C2B or regular pull-ups go with one of these options. It gives you a lot more practice under fatigue and in the long run will help to improve your overall skillset.OHS: We'll be mixing in a lot more OHS this cycle with a normal dose of front and back squats. We won't be doing a steady progression of percentages like we've seen for the past two cycles. For today start on the lighter side if it feels like it's been a while since doing strength based sets of OHS. The OHS involves a lot more stability, so this will some good strength building in that area. A few key things to focus on during the movement: neutral wrists, active lats (squeeze the muscles under your armpits), and make your arms long. In an OHS your arms, and upper body are the framework of the movement. The higher the quality of your upper body position, so goes the quality of the squat. Choose a single weight that seems to feel better throughout your 4 sets today. Metcon: Keep the loading feeling light on the barbell today. Both bookend sets should be unbroken and very fast. A good way to think about it is a weight that you could potentially do as a muscle snatch. The bar-facing burpees should be close to a sprint like speed. These fall in the middle to break up the barbell and test your ability to get through both movements and transitions quickly with little to no variance each round. Lastly, this workout will be about your stamina through the 6 rounds on the bike. This will be the ultimate separator in today's workout, and will ultimately see who can hang on for several rounds. This is one of those workouts where we make take it a little too easy in round 1 and find out that it was our slowest round when all is said and done. Take no rounds off, and again, try to keep the variance small.Bench Press: We're going to mix in a heavy dose of bench press as well. Mixing this in with an equal dose of deadlift will incorporate a healthy push and pull sequence throughout the cycle. Plan on this starting a lot like the squats have where the volume is high/percentages low, and then we'll reverse that and work our way into some heavier weights. The thought with this is much like the last cycle when we worked on clean-grip deadlifts to help improve our OLY lifts from the floor, hopefully the deadlifts will help with our 1 RM as well as continued progress in building up our starting positions from the floor. Meanwhile, the bench will greatly benefit any of our OH lifts as well. Like yesterday's squats start light. With no percentage listed, and all the sets being at the same weight, pick a weight that is heavy and one that you can move quickly. Never really pausing at the top during any set. Metcon: GO HEAVY on the farmer carry so that although you aren't doing any "cardio", you feel like this portion of the workout is quite a bit of work. At this point you have a couple choices: 1) you can either do, and/or practice our HS walking, or 2) perform the bear crawl. Go with 1 or the other option, or a combination of the two (i.e. 10 M HS walk and 10 M bear crawl). Lastly for the broad jump you'll take off and land from two feet. You can catch your jump in a quarter or full squat. Try to avoid repetitive "hopping", and instead work on the explosiveness of your jump. Front Squat: As mentioned earlier in the week we will not see the same steady build in percentages that we saw for the last two cycles. We'll still mix in front and back squats, and more than likely the majority of those days will feature a percentage weight, but the sets and corresponding volumes will be totally random. Alright, just wanted to put that out there. Hopefully this percentage falls both into the category of kind of heavy, and also a weight you can move up and down quickly without really have to reset at the top between reps. We're kind of restarting again so don't sacrifice your depth, keep pushing yourself in the weight category and also to be a better mover overall. Metcon: Today's workout is gonig to be a self-test. It's going to test you on how quickly you can pull, squat and be agilie down-up-and over the barbell. Be smart about the weight choice. The bar should never feel heavy, but you should get tired today from the repetitive movement, and short breaks between rounds. A good choice on the weight and a solid pace should have you finishing each round somewhere in the 0:40 range. Now should you find yourself unable to but some rest time, here's a couple suggested modifications: 1) scale the weight, 2) scale the volume down to something like 6-5-4. Or remove a rep or two from the movement that is slowing you down round-to-round.Row: Easiest way to do this portion of the workout today is with a partner, you go, I go format. Even if your times don't match up perfectly it will constitute enough rest between you and them to create the stimulus necessary. For the score today we have "slowest round". Now with 16 intervals between you and someone else this can be hard to keep track of. So here is an easy way to set up the rower for intervals so that you can go back into the memory and check the scores at the end so all you have to do is row. SELECT WORKOUT --> NEW WORKOUT --> INTERVALS DISTANCE --> CHANGE THE DISTANCE TO 200 M --> CHANGE THE SPLIT TIME TO UNDETERMINED, THEN START ROWING! At the end of the workout go into the memory of the monitor and click into the most recent entry. You and your partners' times will be every other number on the monitor. Find the slowest one. Metcon: Today's format is a classic that we've seen a bit throughout the programming history of the gym. This workout involves a buy-in, buy-out of heavy DB snatch, an unbroken barbell portion in the middle, and a potential penalty should you set the barbell down. Go heavier on the DB, but something that you can still move well - think 55/40. For the barbell this should ideally be a weight that you can hang onto for what is going to feel like forever. You can utilize any OH pressing movement during the S2OH portion, and you are allowed to step forward or back during the lunges. Think 3 tiers of barbell loading for the workout today if scaling the weight: 135/93 - 115/83 - 95/63. If you set the barbell down before the final 10 lunges are completed, leave the barbell, perfrom the Bike Calorie penalty and then resume the workout where you left off.