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Snatch Pull + Power Snatch:6 Sets, Every 2 Minutes:Power Clean:6 Sets, Every 2 Minutes:For Time:6 Sets, Every 2 Minutes:10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps For Time:
2 x (2 + 1), 3 x (1 + 1)5 Back SquatsHeavy 35 Back Squats5 Bench Press (185/133), 20 Med Ball Sit-ups (20/14), Max Rep S2OH (75% of BW) and Max Rep Deficit Ring Rows5 Back SquatsDeficit HSPU (4”), Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups, TGU (53/35)
Record: heaviestRecord: weightRecord: heaviestRecord: weightRecord: time and weightRecord: weightRecord: time and weight
*Alternate between S2OH and Ring rows until you have accumulated 50 reps of each. Maximum of 3 efforts per exercise.
AMRAP 17 Minutes:For Time:Every 3 Minutes, for 21 Minutes:4 Rounds For Time:For Time:
10 Snatch (185/133), 10 Burpees, 20 Snatch (155/103), 20 Burpees, 30 Snatch (115/83), 30 Burpees, Max Rep Snatch (75/53)"The Hurricane" (compare to 092217)3 Muscle-ups, 4 Power Cleans (185/133), 5 Box Jumps (AHAP)60 Double-Unders, 18 KB Swings (53/35), 15 Wall Balls (20/14), 12 Pull-Ups1000 M Row, 60 DB Snatch (40/25), 6 Rope Climbs
Record: total reps500 M Row, 15 Deadlifts (315/223), 500 M RowRecord: weightRecord: timeRecord: time and weight
Record: time and weight
OLY: As stated last week, there was some good feedback about the snatch pull-downs, and clean pulls last week. So we'll be incorporating the snatch pull + power snatch. This is in turn will allow us to work on the pull from the floor, and then apply it to a lift (power snatch). If the lifts were solo, the snatch pull would be significantly heavier than the power snatch. So, today with the combo of movements, gauge your sets based off of your power snatch. Metcon: Below is a link to the open workout from 2013 that this was modeled after. With an AMRAP there are multiple ways to test yourself in this couplet. Yes I know it's a lot of snatches and burpees. VERY IMPORTANT: the snatches at any point in the workout can be a snatch (squat), power snatch, or muscle snatch. Burpees are regular. Heavy bar to start when the body is fresh so that the attempts to move a heavy bar don't fall at the end of the workout when everything is gassed. The burpees increase with each corresponding round to add some time between the barbell as the reps increase. The entire goal of the workout is to get to the last (light) bar with a decent amount of time. At any point during the 10, 20, 30 snatch efforts, you should choose a weight that you are always able to do at least 1 rep at, and hopefully a weight that you won't miss.Strength: These will follow the same format as the first two weeks of the cycle. Some slight changes will be 2 less per set, 30 versus 42 total, and the speed of the reps. As we move throughout the next 9 weeks and the time between sets expands, so will the time within each set as the weight starts to increase. In the 7's the goal was to choose a loading that allowed for constant movement within each set. In the 5's that speed should slow and the weight should jump, therefore forcing you to move a little slower, and significantly stronger under load during each rep. Metcon: We have a very short turnaround for the Hurricane, 0922 to be exact. This is extremely physical, but also mental in your ability to push beyond the fatigue and pain. The entire workout is a relative sprint, meaning you have to know a lot about yourself in terms of when to really push, and when to be steady. Generally speaking to the entire population, the first row should be pretty steady. The mindset on the deadlifts should be to hang on for all 15 reps. The bar feels twice as heavy in the this workout every time you drop it and have to pick it back up. The last row is a dog fight. Go as hard as you can, with what you have left, and know at what point that you can absolutely kick it into high gear.OLY: Simple complex today, increase loading until you've hit a substantial load for a set of 3. Last week we had the clean pulls + power clean. If you visited that day the emphasis was pulling the bar off the floor with a strong back position, weight distributed in the correct part of the foot, and bar into the hip so that your shoulders shrug, and hips extend together. After the hips extend and the elbows bend, that's your cue to race under the bar and shoot the elbows through to catch the bar. MOVE. FAST. Metcon: If you don't have muscle-ups, come into today with a part of the movement that you'd like to work on. The movement can be broken down as: the kip, the pull, the turnover, the catch, and the dip. 5 parts to choose from, and you could work on multiple parts of the muscle up in different minutes. The idea here is that the high skill portion falls at the beginning of every set. For the power cleans, you'll have a better idea of what may be doable for 10 sets coming off of a heavy three. Keep in mind, the OLY portion is not against a clock, there is siginificant rest between sets, no other pulling movements, and another exercise to follow. This should be a weight that could potentially be touch and go, or performed as VERY QUICK singles. Box jumps should be something challenging that you cannot rebound. It's 12 reps and everything has to be done within a 3 minute window. It will feel like a time crunch, at the end, but it is also a reasonable window to attempt something new on the muscle up, go heavier on the bar, and higher on the box jumps. I'd try and plan for around 1 minute of rest.Strength: This is our 5th of 6 chances to do the 5 back squats. As mentioned in the notes from Tuesday, the goal of the 3 weeks involving our volume of 5 is use these days as a set-up for the 1 x 5 to come next week. Also, the 5's are a good indicator of capacity in a workout. 30 reps (6 sets of 5) is a more familiar rep total in a workout than the previous three weeks of 42. At this point, you should have a general idea of what you'd like to attempt next week for a 1 x 5. Metcon: Double-unders may be your kryptonite, but they will forever be implemented into our workouts because it is a great skill, and it is an awesome conditioning exercise in any workout to keep the heartrate elevated. Considering the amount of rounds to complete, let's keep the work time on the DU's under 90 seconds (or shorter). Looking at the "fastest potential" time in this workout, it could be done in around 10-12 minutes. With that timeframe in mind, 13-16 minutes is a more reasonable window dismissing the outliers. It is also NOT a 20 minute workout. With all this in mind. Consider the time, and then decide time to spend on DU's, an appropriate weight of the KB and WB, and then the best option for your pull-ups. If your first round is longer than 4 1/2 - 5 minutes, something should be scaled in the next round. OR shorten up your rest and transition and move quicker!Metcon: This is a day to work on 2 barbell exercised in the middle of a metcon. IMMEDIATELY read above where the asterisk is. The score of this workout is an accumulation of 50 reps for both the S2OH (press, push press, jerk) and deficit ring rows. The bench press should be a challenging weight, but also something that is unbroken. Question: how can we spot each other in the middle of a workout? Answer: there will be people resting between "efforts", as well as coaches walking around to help. At NO point in this workout should you get done with a Max effort of S2OH or deficit ring rows and feel like you can hop immediately back on the bench press. If that is the case, something is too light, and the intensity is WAY too low. Let's talk max rep efforts. First the barbell: you may only rest in the front rack or OH. No resting on the back or in the hang. Cheaters gonna cheat, but not today. Once the bar hits the floor the effort is over. But also take a look at the other caveat, you only gett 3 attempts at hitting 50 reps on the S2OH. So that first attempt better be big baby. Now, max effort of the deficit ring row is a little bit gray. In order to gauge "Rx" reps we're going to talk about body position. So long as the body is flat (tight stomach and firm glutes), that is a good rep, no matter how long the rest between reps is. However, any rows with a soft midline, and softened glutes can count but will not be "to standard". May seem a little picky, but a ring row should never invlove a vertical hip thrust to assist the pull. At least not in the gym. Good luck.Strength: Last day to do the 5's. If this is the 6th time you've done this congratulations to you, your quads, and your butt. That is quite an amazing feat. No matter how many times you've attempted the 5's, as mentioned in Thursday's notes the goal is to set yourself up to attempt a 1 x 5 next week. After today, have in mind a weight that you may be able to 5 times. Metcon: Another little spin off of the workout Jackie (for time: 1000 m row, 50 thrusters (barbell), 30 pull-ups). This should be pretty darn close to the same timeframe as Jackie, 6-10 minutes. Row is not a sprint, but instead more like cruise control at about 55 MPH on the interstate. Think of it this way, it's like you doing 55 MPH with cruise control set, and the car hauling ass by you at 70 MPH, and then like a mile down the road they get boxed in and you cruise by laughing and chucking the deuces. Steady wins the race here. The DB snatch will be some more pulling on the hammies, but for most of us a bit easier to stay moving with alternating reps. 40/25 is a lighter loading and should be something that can be done relatively quick. The rope climbs are placed at the end of this one to test your skills under fatigue. Your coach will have some good scaling options to sample for this one, but go wtih something that keeps you in a reasonable timeframe relative to what the row and DB snatch took.Metcon: We'll break this workout down one movement at a time, HSPU: think back to last Thursday (when no one showed up because HSPU and L-Sit's are [fill in the blank]). The goal of the 10 minutes of HSPU was a number of things dependent on where you are in your ability to do a single HSPU. From there we talked about the spectrum of strict deficit HSPU, all the way down to inversion for the first time. Same goes for today. It's a total of 55 prescribed reps. Make a realistic decision based on what you know you can do, and what you want/need to work on. Then decide an appropriate volume for that range. Then, if possible, a reasonable timeframe solely for the HSPU. UNBROKEN strict pull-ups, meaning the standard is all reps are completed in each set before coming off the bar. The next scale would be completing the total volume of reps where some of the sets are broken up. Next would be lesser volume. Again, think about ability and total time spent overall. Lastly, the TGU's. These should be very challenging, and feel heavy the entire time. Also important to remember here, split each round in half. 10's - 5r, 5l; 9's - 5r, 4l...and so on. Attempt to start each round of TGU's on the opposite arm. Overall, this workout will be in the realm of 30 minutes, give or take 5 on either end. This workout is labeled as "for time", but it's also the end of the week and a chance to work on two movements we see a lot of. With all the detail above, approach the workout in the most productive way for yourself individually.