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Total Recall:5 Rounds, Each For Time:EMOM 30 Minutes, Alt. b/w:Thruster (behind the neck):Snatch:For Time:Power Clean:
Establish 1 RM of the following:500 M Row, 400 M Run, 30 M HS Walk1 Clean (AHAP), (-1) 15 HSPUHeavy 110 Lifts to Establish 1 RM:50 Wall Balls (20/14), 1 Mile Run, 10 Rope Climbs, 1 Mile Run, 25 Burpees, 50 Push-ups, 25 Burpees, 300/250 M RowHeavy 3
Bench Press, OHS, Deadlift...rest 1 minute b/w rounds...Record: heaviestRecord: weightRecord: heaviest*If you have a weight vest wear itRecord: weight
Record: heaviest of each and TotalRecord: slowest, fastestTime cap: 45 minutes
For Time:For Time:Record: time5 Rounds For Time:
3 Thrusters (185/123), 21 Pull-Ups, 4 Thrusters, 15 Pull-Ups, 5 Thrusters, 9 Pull-Ups
5-4-3-2-1 Reps of Snatch at 80% of 1 RM3 Power Cleans (245/163), 2 Front Squats, 1 Jerk
Time cap: 8 Minutes*20 TTR after each setRecord: time and weight
Record: timeRecord: time and weight
Metcon: Today's workout mirrors the CrossFit Total with a couple different movements, which may actually align your CF total and whatever you happen to get today. Similar to the CF total you'll approach this workout with the goal of completing 3 attempts: the first attempt should be a weight that you know you can do for a heavy set of 3. The second attempt shoulde be a weight that without any doubt you know you would be able to do for a single, having just made the first attempt. The third attempt is a weight you want to do for your 1 RM. If you end up missing, the weights will obviously need to be adjusted thereafter. You should know what you can do for a triple, and this is always a safe bet for your first attempt. In terms of warming up use the lighest weight that you normally begin with and then your last warm up rep should be 90% of your first attempt. For example, if your first attempt is 405, it may look something like this: 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 275x1, 325x1, 365x1...take attempt at 405.Metcon: This was originally going to be later in the week, but with a big running workout on Saturday, and the forecast looking to be rainy wednesday and thursday we're moving it up in the week. For anyone not super excited that there isn't a barbell, this workout is sandwiched by heavy barbells. For anyone who isn't thrilled about the idea of walking on your hands, good news is that there are options outside of walking on your hands. And anyone who may not be thrilled about all the endurance in this workout, again, there is heavy barbell yesterday and tomorrow with little to no endurance. Bottomline, let's get to class and go hard. Also, it's supposed to be like mi-60's today, and we had a blizzard last week, so let's celebrate the fact that it's not shit outside. With all that said, let's actually talk about the workout. With it being each for time and a brief rest between you'll want to try and keep the time it takes to row and run as close as possible throughout. The HS walking portion of this workout is what's going to separate the rounds as you move through it. So in terms of scaling this for HS walking specifically. If 30 M per round is a lot, you could set a specific amount of time in an attempt to complete the 30 M; you could adjust the meters and walk less than 30 per round. 2 options if you aren't going to HS walk: 1) 8 wall climbs per round, or 30 M of bear crawling.Metcon: Today's workout is going to swing 180 degrees from heavyish barbell and high volume gymnastics, to super heavy barbell and ultra low volume gymnastics. The idea is to spend the first 10-14 minutes pulling a heavyish clean; something that is heavy but you know without any doubt that you will make. And during the gymnastics minutes spend the entirety of the minute (if needed) completing the HSPU. At about the midpoint on the clock is when the workout with adjust, and it's at this point where you know you're done doing the really big sets of HSPU, and should start to push the loading on the cleans. The idea with cleans today is to build on every minute. So plan to start with as heavy of a barbell as you can so that it's heavy and you'll make it early on in the EMOM, and then as you near the end of the workout they barbell should be loaded to very challenging lifts. For the HSPU, feel free to moify this to regular push ups if you are looking to be more focused on the cleans, it will be a similar stimulus with the push modality of the HSPU. You could also do a strict DB press standing, kneeling or in a seated position. Another way to modify this is start the HSPU at a volume less than 15 and maybe it ends up being 10-9-8-7....and when you get to 1 maybe you do 1 through the end of the workout. Also consider your options based on whether or not you're coming tomorrow with there being heavy thrusters.Strength: With 12 heavy thrusters from the front rack in the workout, we're going to switch up the thruster in the strength portion and take it from behind the neck, similar to the transitional rep in the bear complex which most people end up converting into a thruster from behind the neck. So this is essentially a back squat into a push press. The benefit of a thruster off your back is you're not hindered by a poor front rack. At times during a heavy thruster the front rack is pulled down and we're unable to generate a lot of power and force. Focus on squatting very tall so when you go to drive the bar OH off your back the bar can go straight north with a little tuck of the chin into the chest. Should you need to bail a missed rep on this movement, once the bar is above the head push it forward over head, duck an get out of the way. Metcon: Heavy ass Fran is what you're looking at today, but with significantly less volume on the thrusters. This should be, doesn't need to be, but should be unroken sets of thrusters. AND SUPER HEAVY. Whatever is heavy for you for sets of 3, 4 and 5 is heavy for you. Don't worry about how heavy the prescribed weight may seem. You should know what you are capable of for a set of 5 (when you are pretty gassed) and you should go with that. Notice there is a time cap, so this may play into what weight you choose for the thrusters as well as what you decide to do on the pull-ups. This gives you an ample amount of time to go for it both in terms of a heavy barbell and also attack the prescribed amount of pull-ups. Outside of that adjusting the volume to less than what is written is a common scale for this type of volume. Band assistance and jumping pull-ups are also never a bad idea for a workout similar to Fran where you want the pace to be high.OLY: Our goal today is to hit a heavy single, maybe a 1 RM. However, you only get 10 attempts at establishing the heavy single today. This doesn't include the general warm up and any true warm up attempts you take. True warm up would be weight that is significantly lighter than anywhere you would ever begin to build if we were doing something similar. For example, if you're goal is to get to 200#, you're 10 attempts would probably begin somewhere in the neighborhood of 135-145. These are full snatches: from the floor, caught in the bottom of a squat. Metcon: For the workout you'll use 80% of what you made in the OLY portion, not 87% because you "can", 80% because that's what is written. If the workout isn't "heavy" enough, than neither was the lift you made in the OLY portion. This past wednesday we had the heavy snatch at the end of the day, which was a bit challenging after the hang snatches and box jumps. Although comparable, the shoulders should feel better when we do the OLY portion today allowing you to hopefully pull more today than last wednesday if you attended that class. The TTR are insert to add a pulling modality to this workout and affect the midline a bit on the catch portion of the snatch in the workout. Yes, these are also full snatches, from the ground and caught in a squat. 60% of the time, everytime.Metcon: This workout is influenced by the hero workout Glen. Glen has 30 power clean and jerks (135/93) in place of the wall balls, and 100 burpees in place of our 25-50-25 portion we see at the end of the workout. Thought is the wall balls are far quicker than the clean and jerks, and the 50 push ups will speed up the 100 quicker than it takes to do 100 straight burpees. So all in all this workout should be super quick. This workout may go as fast as 25 minutes, and take as long as the 45 minute time cap. Think about the break down this way: wall balls in under 3 minutes, first mile under 12, rope climbs under 3 minutes, second mile under 13 minutes, first set of burpees under 3 minutes, 50 push ups under 4 minutes second set of burpees under 4 minutes, and the row is about 90 seconds. Those times added up gets you to 43.5 minutes. This is always a great way to construct a longer workout. Seriously consider how YOU would break up these volumes, how long it would take you to do even an individual rep, and then time it out for yourself. A lot of the programming is set based on average cycle time of reps specific to a movement. Lastly, if you have a weight vest put it on and deal with the suck.Strength: Complete the set of 3 as three heavy singles. Lift, drop, lift, drop, lift, drop. Touch and go is really irrelevant for the entire day with the barbell in the workout being ultra heavy and of the same approach. Focus leveraging your pull against the heavy weight of the barbell by pushing your feet through the floor. This will allow you to keep your shoulders over the bar, and hip/shoulder angle set in a strong position. Remember you want to arrive at the hip with the barbell in th same position that you would take off from if you were actually doing a high hang power clean. In the catch get your elbows through so your shoulders and catch the heavy weight of the bar and land flat footed with the knees out in the direction of your toes. Metcon: So coming off the OLY portion you will have established a heavy triple. Let's just for example's sake say you were able to make 200# as a heavy triple. This should not be the weight you choose to do for the workout. Think about it this way, the workout calls for 15 heavy power cleans, 10 heavy front squats, and 5 heavy jerks (either push or split). You're weight should be based off of the movement and it's corresponding volume overall that is the most challenging for you. On top of that think of each round this way: 2 heavy single power cleans, then 1 heavy power clean + 2 heavy front squats + 1 heavy jerk. So essentially each round is 2 heavy power cleans + the aforementioned complex.
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