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Snatch:Clean:Bench Press:Tabata Row:Back Squat:Deadlift:OHS:
1 RM1 RM1 RM2 Cycles1 RM1 RMBuild to Heavy 1
Record: weightRecord: weightRecord: weight...rest approx 4 minutes b/w cycles...Record: weightRecord: weightRecord: heaviest
Record: total of 2 worst effort in each cycle
5 Rounds For Time:For Time:AMRAP 12 Minutes:EMOM 15 Minutes:For Time:"Nancy"
5 Hang Power Snatch (135/93), 100 M Farmer Carry (AHAP)30 Hand-2-Hand Swings (53/35), 30 Box Jumps (24/20), 30 TTB, 30 OHS (75/53), 30 TTB, 30 Box Jumps, 30 Hand-2-Hand Swings21 Push Ups, 7 Muscle-UpsIn 3 Minutes For Max Reps:10 Air Squats, 4 Burpees, 2 - 10 M Shuttle Sprints500/400 M Row...rest 3 minutes...1 Mile Run...rest 3 minutes...40/30 Calories5 Rounds For TIme:
Record: time and weight of BBRecord: timeRecord: rounds + reps400 M Sprint, Round 1) Max Rep Ring Dips, Round 2) Max Rep DB Snatch (40/25), Round 3) Max Rep CaloriesRecord: Rx if completedRecord: time400 M Run, 15 OHS (95/63)
...rest 2 minutes b/w rounds...Record: time
Record: total reps
OLY: This is the last week of the cycle, so it's going to be 1 RM week. Here's what you should expect going into almost every day this week with a big focus being on maximizing your max lifts: a quick general warm up with maybe one mobility stretch; a fairly brief movement review and prep, and then a transition into the strength/OLY portion so that you have 25+ minutes to lift. Couple reasons this is being mentioned. If you think you're going to want more warm-up (strentching) prior to the workout because you know it takes you a little longer to get the engine going, show up early and get yourself ready. On the same note, if you end up getting to your 1 RM with time left to spare you can do a couple of things: 1) depending on the workout, there may be a movement you've been wanting to add some extra practice to and this could be the time to do so. 2) Once you get up to your 1 RM for the day, deload the weight a bit and get a few more lifts in below the weight you've established as your 1 RM. For the snatch today here are some cues to think about in the set up: knees out towards the elbows, weight in mid foot, knuckles down, squeeze your triceps, shoulders back/chest tall. In the catch: weight in the heels and feet flat, hold your breath, knees out, and apply pressure up on the barbell. Metcon: Power snatch volume is low, loading is moderate, so let's find a weight that allows you to complete the reps unbroken. They can be taken anywhere in the hang, however, base the weight you are using on where your ability to pull from either the hip or above the knee. With farmer carry as the supplemental exercise it may be a good idea to pull above the knee and use your triceps to assist in the pull as your grip fatigues. Choose a loading where you can at least carry 50 M before you have to set them down. OLY: Same cues as yesterday, only thing that is super different is the grip and finish position of the barbell. Here are some cues to think about in the set up: knees out towards the elbows, weight in mid foot, knuckles down, squeeze your triceps, shoulders back/chest tall. In the catch: weight in the heels and feet flat, hold your breath, knees out, full grip on the barbell, drive the front of your shoulders up against the weight of the barbell. Hold your set up position until you get the barbell above your knee caps by pushing your feet into the floor and ensuring that the hips and shoulders rise together. Once the barbell gets past the knee caps get your torso upright as quick as you can. If you can make this happen thee bar should be "at your hips" and you can "jump" the bar off your thighs as you extend and pull. Metcon: hand to hand swings are a single-handed russian KB swing where at the top of the rep the KB changes hands. If you've never done with before we'll revisit the sequence in class. As far as strategy goes, the workout calls for 60 box jumps and 30 OHS, so it may be a good idea to step down on the box jumps because rebounding and light weight OHS will really tax the calves. While we're on the OHS. The loading is very light so hang on for as long as you can. Some modifications for the TTB are: kipping knees to shoulder height (legs remain extended), kipping knees to chest, strict knees to chest, or lay on your back with arms fully extended OH with your hands holding on to something and raise your toes above your head. KB swings are an option, but with hand-to-hand swings already in the workout it may not be a great substitution today.Strength: With push-ups in the workout it may not be a bad idea to get a few sets of high volum bench pressing in to warm-up th shoulders. From there work through a sequence of heavy singles until you can't complete a rep. Sequence for a heavy bench press: get the bar off the rack and with extended arms let the shoulder blades push into the bench; squeeze your butt and get lift your stomach up in the air so just your shoulder blades and butt are on the bench; last thing, drive your feet into the floor. This should stablize your body and allow for a strong reception of the bar into your chest and press back up, and also keep the bar on a steady bath with little to no variance. Metcon: Today's workout is an AMRAP because we have muscle ups. Please, please, please don't be turned away from attending class today because there are muscle ups. They are just as challenging as perfecting both of the olympic lifts we do. So, here's where we go with this; in descending order from the prescribed movement here is a laundry list of suggested scaling/modifications: muscle ups, jumping muscle ups, transitions (feet on the ground, feet on a box), chest to ring pull-ups, ring pull-ups, ring dips, BMU, C2B Pull-ups, pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, ring rows + jumping ring dips. That's 11 different options. Now again, it's an AMRAP, so you can mix in several of these options based on how you want the workout to go. If it's for practice choose something you need to practice and pick either a reasonable amount of reps or time to work on it. If it's for max rounds, choose something you know you can do and try to keep working for the entire 12 minutes. Now let's not forget about the push ups, which are going to be just as challenging. Try your best to stay at 21 reps and work for quality. One cool way to modify in a similar way to HSPU is by placing an abmat under your chest elevating the floor and slightly decreasing range of motion. Endurance: Tabata is 0:20 of work, followed by 0:10 of rest for 8 cycles. Each 0:20 effort you'll need to try and accumulate as many calories as possible, resetting the monitor on each effort. In the end we'll have completed the sequence twice and you'll have a score from each. You're score is going to be these two scores added together, which will be the worst effort of the 8 cycles in both rounds. To get the max effort out of each pull finish each pull by fully entending the legs (push into the footbox), and while leaning back slighlty pull the handle into your abs. WAIT A SPLIT SECOND TO RESET. The next part is important. Keep the legs extended, and at the same time extend your arms and begin to move the handle back towards the monitor. Once the handle has passed the knee caps start to bend your legs again. The row then becomes very similar to the motor pattern we use when cycling a barbell. Metcon: Three rounds with separate max efforts. Depending on how fast you want to, are able to run, will determine both the amount of tim left to maximize your reps, and also the intensity you'll have to/want to go at. The faster you run, the more time you'll have to chip away at your score with smaller efforts. The slower the run, the less time you'll have forcing you to intensify your effort to accumulate reps. A couple ways to scale/modify the dips today would be on the parallel bars (more stablee than rings), jumping ring dips, or box dips (box behind you, hands on the box, legs extended in front of you, dip your butt down towards the ground and press back up). Strength: If you have to ask if the rep was low enough, most likely you already know the answer to that question. Mindset for a 1 RM should always be that quality of the rep preceeds loading. So if loading affects your ability to match quality range of motion, then you need to focus on a 1 RM at proper range of motion. This will increase strength in the correct way. Alright, let's talk about how to make the lift stronger and the outcome where you want it to be. First, position: grab the bar near the shoulders, with a grip that has you in a netural wrist position. There should be a 180 angle from your knuckles to the tip of your elbow. A break at the wrist allows the shoulders to move out of a strong position. Full grip on the bar so that you can pull down on it in the back rack activating the traps and the rest of the upper back. Now, how in the hell can we squat a shitload of weight at full depth really well? By filling the damn tank. The tank is your natural weight belt, and allows you to squat with you glutes and not your back. Before you squat take in a HUUUUUUUUGE breath of air, hold that breath, and brace your core (squeeze!). By doing so your creating intra abdominal pressure and allowing your body to support heavy load safely. Metcon: these are all sprint minutes. Get all the work done as fast as possible. If necessary, scale the volume of burpees first, then air squats, and lastly the shuttle runs. All of the cues for a 1 RM back squat apply to multiple sets of air squats. You should be doing the same things (minus the barbell stuff), but everything is just happening at a higher rate of speed. Strength: Back and leg day! WOOOOOOOO!!! No but seriously it is. Not many notes for today. At the bottom of the deadlift (pull) create as much tension in your stomach and back as possible by squeezing, and then drive your feet into the floor. Essentially you are holding onto a heavy object and standing up. In a different lift you should be doing the same thing as we talked about with the squats from yesterday, the natural weight belt. Inhale, hold and squeeze creating pressure to allow the body to move safely under heavy load. Metcon: If a time trial is 105% effort, today's 500/400 M row portion of the workout should be 95%ish. Fast, but not puking. The mile run is going to be the gut check. And if you ran it last weekend it'll be interesting to see how your time's compare with a row before. Treat the mile like a time trial. Comparatively the 40/30 calories should be close to your 500/400 M row time. You're probably looking at a 16-20ish minute workout including the 6 minutes of total rest. Strength: Again refer back to the squatting mechanics notes from Friday's back squats. With the OH squat your strongest option to get it OH is a snatch grip jerk. A snatch grip push press is doable, but won't be as strong when the weight starts to get really heavy. Also, the jerk is a bit safer should you fail to lockout it's a little easier to get out of the way of the bar and dump it forward. One other thing to note is that pace of our OHS is much slower than that of a back or front squat because of the stability factor of the barbell OH. So, take the descent slow and in ultimate control of the bar so when you get to the bottom you are in position to drive up and out of the hole with a lot of speed and power. Metcon: Oh Nancy, you are one of the worst. But that's a good thing. Pick a weight that you can for sure hang onto for 15 reps for at least 3 of the 5 rounds. Nancy is a better workout, and more true test if the intensity is high throughout because the weight of the bar was appropriate in the sense that the squats were really fast.