Sixth Grade End of the Year Survey (Responses)
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What was your favorite course in Sixth Grade this year?
What was your favorite memory from your year in Sixth Grade at Cardigan?
What was your favorite Humanities Unit and why? Canaan Community Unit, American Presidential Election Process Unit, Mapping Unit, Africa Unit, 12 Angry Men Unit, Middle East Unit
What did you like about Humanities class and why?
If you were the teacher, what would you change about Humanities class and why?
What was your favorite STEM Unit and why? Chemistry of Sixth Grade, Physics of Everyday Life, Think Like a Stock Market Scientist, Our Changing Planet
What did you enjoy about STEM class and why?
What advice would you give the teachers regarding how to make STEM class even better for next year?
What did you like about PEAKS class and why?
What would you change about PEAKS class for next year if you were in charge?
Is there anything else we should know about your Sixth Grade experience that would help us better plan or prepare for next year? Did you like or dislike the furniture or class setup? Did you like or dislike the field trips? Did you like or dislike having the Marble Jar?
Mapping Unit
I liked all the projects because we got to use are hands, learn, and have fun.
reading days in hummanities because i fell 80 min is to long and some kids would do things they arn't allowed to do at half of class because bored so only 40 min would be good.
Physics of Everyday Life,
making a catapult
Not having forest plot project
the brain
i would make the hygeine part longer because some kids dont understand it quite yet
i liked setup of things and feildtrips. and like marble jar really fun and great bonding time with class mates
Enjoying a cookout on the beach with my other sixth grade friends whom I will never forget.
Canaan Community Unit because I enjoyed learning about all of the amazing things that happened where I live now.
I liked learning about new things and doing fun and engaging projects like creating a tri-layer map or turning a globe into a flat map.
I would make the sixth grade library a little more organized and clear.
Our Changing Planet because I liked that it brought awareness to the fact that our planet is being affected by the amount of carbon that we put out into the atmosphere and that if we continue to do it there will be consequences.
I enjoyed working with partners to complete a project like building a pinball machine or figuring out how the stock market works.
I would tie the outdoors into our everyday lessons a little more.
I liked learning about MLA citations because it will help me a lot in both school and society.
I would make it so that there would be more interactive projects that involve building.
PEAKSThe cap cod trip.
Middle east unit, because we get almost a 100% free on this topic, for example, we can choose almost every thing in this topic.
The Humanities class gives me lots of knowledge while having fun.
I will not do the farm project.
The stock market, because in this unit, we have lots of fun while leaning how is stocks works.
I enjoyed every topic because we get to build things our self in all these units.
I will not do the forest plot project.
I like the health unit in it because it teach me lots of useful information that you will probably learned in college in china.
I like the field trip a lot and also like to have the marble jar.
Cape cod and farm fun fridays.
12 angry men, because of the anticlimax and how the men judged this kid that they think killed his father
I liked the readers workshop periods because of the small group read alouds.
I wouldn't change anything because 6th grade has been a phenomenal year for me.
Stock market scientist(blantly the correct answer), because I won the game and ended up as 1st place.
I enjoyed going to the farm the most because the rabbits and other things.
More projects!!!(don't take out the pinball machine and the farm)
the health unit. nothing
Even more fun farm visits, and please try to persuade Mr Doherty( or whoever is in charge) to raise the sixth grade budget
Gatescapecod trip!!!
12 angrymen because it give us a very good feeling of being in a play
I like the i-search project because we can learn by our self
noneastronomy unit
i enjoy stem class because i did an hand on activity
i like the brain unit because it is fun to learn about the brain
I like every thing in the six grane.
Team Time
My favorite part of the whole year in sixth grade was on the last day of the cape cod trip when we climbed the pilgrim monument. On the way up I was very scared but once I got to the top it was amazing how far you could see.
12 angry men unit.
I loved the brain openers like the read-aloud and trivia time.
If I was the teacher in humanities class next year I would do two readers workshops per week on Monday and Saturday.
Chemistry of Sixth Grade.
My favorite part of STEM class is when we do science projects, I think that science is very fun.
I loved STEM class and wouldn't change it.
I liked the health unit and I think I got a lot of important information out of that.
Nothing.I liked all of these.
Getting burned by caden at cape cod.
The 12 Angry Men Unit was my favorite because
I liked that we read a lot, because I used to not like reading, but now I do.
I would change the current events and do them more because they are very important for us to learn about.
My favorite unit was the Physics of Everyday Life unit because I like physics and how it works.
I enjoyed making the projects that we did because i had a lot of fun.
having a little more room to invent, not just one specific category. this happened in the astronomy unit.
I like the project we are doing right now because it is interesting and independent.
More projects like the one we are in right now.
Make the maker space bigger, like the size of the reading nook.
Team Timeslip and slide 12 angry men
readers workshop because it encouraged me to read a lot more than I use to
give us more reader workshop periods so we have more time to READ
Astronomy unit
the physics partner project when we made the pinball machine because it was a great learning experience and it was fun
let the students pick the best partner for them
i like the health unit and the different things we learned
health unit was a good thing to learn but maybe learn more on what is going on in their body
love' em all
My favorite memory was when we did our field trips, especially Cape cod. When we sang together in the av and when finn landen and I did garageband on the bus and the memories we made together during the trip as a class. On the night on the beach when we played a keepaway tackle game really made great memories with each other.
My most favorite unit was when we did the American presidency unit. Splitting into two groups and fassing off brought in a great friendly rivalship with our class similar with Eagle Brook. Having a large diversity of topics gave us a lot to think about and how we need to change the world
My most favorite part of humanities was the interactive activities and units. This not only let us bond but we learn a lot more when we can interact and learn what others know. This is a good way to get rid of single stories and know that we aren't always correct. we can also know more about the topic and turn to our classmates instead of our teachers.
I would use a different unit than the canaan unit because the borders will not find this as enthusiastic because they won't live here for their entire life. Even though I live here I didn't find it as fun
I like the stock market the most because this came to me very easily. wanting to own a business after my sports career I needed to know about the market and learn how to invest and and make money. I needed to know what to invest in because people are always looking at future tech and material. Learning about the different stocks and ways to invest will come in hand when I am older.
I enjoyed our math program because Mr. Holt and Ms. Murray were always there to help and we had a lot of time to work.
I would get rid of the forest plot or the forest plot end of the year project because to many of us we found that it was not as awaring to many and it kind of took time away from more fun stuff to do and create.
I enjoyed the sex ed unit because we learned a lot and had great conversations of what not to do and what we didn't understand. it was interactive and fun.
I wouldn't change anything
I would get rid of one handful of marbles. :)
Team TimeCape cope trip
Middle East Unit, because Middle East is pretty interesting.
I like humanities class, because it told me many history information.
I will change to help student to learn more English, because in 7th student need to use some difficult English.
Stock Market, because it help us to try something new like stock.
I enjoy STEM class, because it practice our math.
I think teacher can make some torment of the stem class.
I like the technology in peaks, because it told me how to use computer, that make me easy to do something on my computer.
Make more technology using. Because student are use computer to work so, student need to practice some of the technology things.
Six grade can play more fun thing but I don't like sixth grade to delete the field trip. I like All the thing that say on the top.
Team TimeCape Cod Trip
Middle East Unit, First, because in this unit we have a lot of presentation to do,I think is fun to listen the presentation from my classmates, and do my presentation. Second, I really learn a lot of thing from it, interesting facts, real information, and the I can research the topic I like.
We have the read-alound section, that helps a lot in reading skills and listening skills. We always have the all kinds of brain opener, it makes the class more interesting. We always learn a lot of interesting information
Nothing, I think every thing is good.
Stock Market Unit, because we can actually buying stock and sell it, it is really cool.
I can do a lot of math, and I think it is fun. I can learn a lot of science, watch interesting video.
More class period on math unit.
Ms murray teach us really important information, she always explain knowledge patiently , I feel really helpful and good about it. I like the information most.
Can be more PEAKS period in a week.
All the things is really good, I think we should keep it next year, too.
My favorite memory is spending time with people in 6 grade.
I think it is Middle east Unit, because we can learn a lot things about hanging gardens like those stuff about adventure and the thing we didn't find yet.
Because in Humanities, we always have a pretty big project like I-search, I like to do those thing and it let me feel I have a really good time.
I would like to give more times to every big project but if we all finish it early, we can do this early.
I think I more like Stock Market, because it can let us study more about the market and how can we do that.
I really enjoy about when we make a model about what we are learning and it is really fun.
I think I don't have any advice.
I like about when we study brain because we know a lot about my brain and who it work.
I have no advice about it.
No. I like it I think. Yes I like. Yes I really like it.
My, favorite memory that I had was halloween. Because we don't have homework, watching movie in study hall, and if you are the one of the top 3 costume, you can have prize! Mr. Holt costume was awesome (Dorothy)
My favorite unit in Humanities is 12 Angry Men Unit because I really like to read the story very real and watching movie after. My favorite part of the unit was to write a story like 12 Angry Men.
I really like Humanities because I never learn about "Humanities" in my life except when I was in Cardigan. I thought Humanities is good because we are learning new thing every day!
I will not change at ALL
Think Like a Stock Market Scientist.
I liked having grope project to communicate with new friend.
I hope every one start Khan academy 6th grade because I mastered 6th grade math but not 7th grade which it was very hard for me. (I start at 7th grade math)
The brain. Because it was very unique to build the brain and hat whit paper and clay.
I will not change marble jar. Nothing will be change if I'm 6th grade teacher.
My favorite memory from the sixth grade was walking down the beach at Cape Cod doing the whale watch. It was very exciting to be one of the only people in the world ever to see a Right Whale.
I really enjoyed the Africa Unit because it gave me a lot of knowledge about things I didn't even know existed.
I REALLY liked readers workshop because I got to read self-chosen books at my own pace.
Think Like a Stock Market Scientist because I was learning fun stuff.
For the Climate Change Solutions Exposition Project, have both second and third place have a slightly smaller box then first place.
The brain unit because we got to make our own hats.
Have less disgusting topics please.
Loved it all, man.
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