EdCamp Citrus 2016 Session Schedule
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ROOM 1 L. Stanton
ROOM 2 K. Bingham
ROOM 3 C. Porrino
ROOM 4 L. Thompson
Room 5 K. Brown
ROOM 6 C. Morris
SIMPLE K12 Webinars
915 AM - 955AMSession 1Plickers: Great for law tech schools/Formative Assesment Class Dojo: connecting with students, parents, eampus, student tracking video series, and more awsomenessBeyond Your Building... Building responsive pln includes TwitterEd Tech Best Practices: What's working in your classroom (forum)Buncee presentation platformBreakout EDU - An AMAZING activity for your classroomGoogle Docs: An Intro to Creating, Formatting, Sharing, and More
1005 AM - 1045AMSession 2Google Classroom for grade recovery: a descussion on optionsLevels on interpretation reading stratagiesBomb Squad 101: reduce classroom disruption, practical positive classroom techniques.Math Tech Apps: nearpod, desmos, geogebraThe Why of Ed Tech: Presentation + formBreakout EDU - An AMAZING activity for your classroomFabulous Forms: Amazing Ways to Integrate Google Forms in the Classroom
1055AM - 1135AMSession 3Creating Hyperdocs Using GoogleNearpod - quiz - poll - extra *data colection *diferentiate instrutionStrategy Discussion what works for students in the Spectrum?: Living With Your Ancient Light Speed SystemThe Why, How, and What of Genius Hour: Stubenbont + LeonardBreakout EDU - An AMAZING activity for your classroomCreative Activities, Projects, Tutorials, and More with QR Codes
1145AM - 1225PMSession 4Inquiry Based Learning>Evernote/Quizlet -Paperless INB >Quizlet.live - team learning Primary Idea ShareEdmodo + Google ClassroomGamifying Your Classroom and Your Life: Kristan H.Breakout EDU - An AMAZING activity for your classroomSimple Google Search Tips and Tricks to Save You Time and Frustration
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