(video, article, collaborative doc, etc.)
Calendar of Upcoming Online LS (and related) events CiofficalendarUpcoming LS online events started 3/2020
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Virtual LS Community Handbook
Started by David HeathCollabortive handbookShow online process for each LSstarted 5/2020
Power Dynamics and Inclusion in Virtual Meetings
AspirationtechArticleBeyond LSAntiracism for online meetings5/27/2020
Virtual Liberating Structures Journal
Started by Jim BestCollaborative journal
GeneralMeeting notes of the vLS CoP
Catalog of LS Experience on Platforms
Case histories and stories
General V-LS Lessons
Started 01/27/17; continuously updatedList of experiences quite limited so far (Zoom; 2-3 structures)
Great General vLS lessons somewhat hidden at the end of the document
Playing With the Possibilities of Liberating Structures Online
Leva Lee
BC Campus
Blog post
GeneralReflection on experiments with BC Campus and the Vancouver practice group9/5/17Insights & lessons captured by vLS Journal (
Could be used to help to convince a group to just try vLS (e.g. as a link in the invitation to the play)
Liberating Structures Online
Nancy WhiteBlog Post
GeneralReflection on using LS in an online CoP meeting on LS which led to compiling a list of Min Specs virtual LS ( be useful to add the bits from that piece in order to give some context / intention to the "effective Design"-Doc (
LS Online: Mad Tea
Tracy KellyBlog Post
Mad Tea
Debrief on using Mad Tea (punctuation) online
includes application of structural elements for the virtual arena & post-session reflections, tips, etc…
LS Online: Troika Bowl
Tracy KellyBlog Post
Riff of Troika Consulting & User Experience Fishbowl: "Troika Bowl"
Debrief on using a combination of Troika Consulting & User Experience Fishbowl online
includes application of structural elements for the virtual arena & post-session reflections, tips, etc…
Liberating Structures for Knowledge Sharing
https://www.slideshare net/choconancy/liberating-structures-for-knowledge-sharing
Nancy WhitePresentation
Field StorySlide deck used n a virtual session on knowledge sharing; structures used virtually:
What, So What, Now What
2/11/2014Even though it's already 4 years old it is an important resource; an introductory text would help (e.g. what was the intention of the session; how many took part; how did it go; for whom could this be of interest..)
Liberating Structures for Online Learning
Nancy WhitePresentation
Field StorySlide deck used in a virtual session on using LS for online learning. Structures used:
15 % solutions (maybe only presented?)
25/10 Crowdsourcing
What, So What, Now What
2/27/2014There's an introductory text who could benefit from an update on intention, how many took part, how it went and what happened next
Keith virtual LS experience 1
?Collaborative (?) ListGeneralA matrix of all LS with an overview of who tried them virtually and to which extent (e.g. breakout groups)Created June 2014; last update Dec. 2017Would be good to clarify the intention and the contribution to the document - is this intended to be updated by anyone who tries out a structure virtually? -> do an introductory text; if the intention is to give help to others who might want to try out sth. then it would be great to have their contact information
also, it would be great to see which platform was used as a sort of third (fourth?) dimension of the matrix
Virtual LS Master
Jim BestCollaborative (?) ListGeneralA matrix of all LS with an overview of who tried them virtually and to which extent (e.g. breakout groups)Created 6/27/2014; last update Jan 2017Looks pretty similar to the 'Keith virtual LS experience 1; if both are intended to be a collaborative journal it would be great to consolidate; notes regarding the other document apply as well
Nancy WhiteChecklist / decision "tree"GeneralKey questions to consider when planning to design a virtual session using LS building up on each other to help decide whether or not to do this virtually using LScreated 9/29/2014; last update 12/02/2017Would be great to get context&intention of this document -> do an introductory text
RRU debrief of using LS online
CTET RRUVideoField StoryDebrief on how RRU used LS online5/30/2016It's a looong video - there might be good stuff in there but it's hard to keep with them through the whole video; a short content description would help; min specs: who is RRU? What was their challenge/what did they do? How many took part? What Structures did they use? can we learn sth/get tips?
Using BB for breakouts
Vancouver Liberating Structures User GroupVideo/ How-ToStructure
BB Collaborate Ultra
A how-to video showing how one can set up breakout-rooms for 1-2-4-all using 'BB Collaborate Ultra'11/27/2017
LS Platform Experiences
Nancy White (& Keith?)Collaborative journal
Notes on virtual platforms enabling LS
What platform did you use? What worked? What would you have liked additionally or differently in terms of features?
Created 6/18/2014; reviewed Dec. 2017Looks like this got an ethousiastic start and was discontinued; -> do we still need this document? --> could we merge it w/ 'Keith Virtual LS experiences 1'?
Using Adobe Connect
Keith McCandlesVideoField StoryKeith: "Here is an example of a session convened in Adobe Connect for the Organization Development Network (ODN in the USA).  This is a link to the recording (90 minute session) with all the screens and text as it unfolded.  Approximately 35 participants joined in from across N. America. "
?it has a menue to navigate to "group activity" - so don't be afraid to review 90 minutes ;-)
Could benefit from a list of structures used
Virtual Tool Min Spec v0.1
Nancy White (& Keith?)Checklist / decision "tree"PlatformsAn overview of specifications a tool/platform needs to have in order to enable Virtual LS
a second sheet within the spreadsheet lists experiences (like
9/29/2014To clarify: is this still state of the art? a lot has happened since 2014.
lacks an introduction