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Do you want DO to usher?
Do you want PMA to stage crew?
Do you want the office to make programs?
Faculty or Student Request?
Applied teacher
What is the price structure for the event?
Provide a short (25 word) description about the event for the Lively Arts website and live stream. If this is not a concert or recital write "NA".
Live stream event?
8/4/2017 16:39:44asdfasdfGorell Recital Hall8/10/2017asdf5:55:00 AMConcert/RecitalYes55Yes
8/4/2017 16:45:37ffffffffFisher Auditorium8/8/2017ffff5:55:00 AMConcert/RecitalYesfffYes
8/14/2017 8:56:02Jeff Wackerjwacker@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/10/2017Crimson Youth Choir Concert2:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYes
Will update the Lively Arts calendar through Lively Arts access. Nothing to post yet.
No (all students should select "No")
8/14/2017 8:58:37Jeff Wackerjwacker@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/16/2017
Indiana Community Choir (ICC) Dress Reh.
6:00:00 PMRehearsalYes
Will update later through the Lively Arts calendar.
No (all students should select "No")
8/14/2017 9:00:26Jeff Wackerjwacker@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/17/2017
Indiana Community Choir Concert
3:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYes
Will update through Lively Arts calendar at a later date.
No (all students should select "No")
8/17/2017 13:27:36See-yin Loslo@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)10/14/2017NATS Student Audition9:00:00 AM
Booking is from 9am to 6pm
NATS Vocal Competition
No (all students should select "No")
8/19/2017 16:37:49See-yin Loslo@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall2/6/2018Voice Faculty Recital8:00:00 AMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
IUP Faculty Oliver Lo and Sun Min Kim will present a vocal recital featuring Compositions by Bach, Schubert and Duparc.
8/21/2017 10:35:16Heidi Lucasheidi.lucad@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/3/2017
Horn Studio recital dress rehearsal
5:00:00 PM
The rehearsal should go 2 hours and end at 7 pm. (5-7, no load time needed)
RehearsalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/21/2017 14:48:58Linda Jenningsljenning@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall9/24/2017
Guest Recital with Lauren Hodges, viola, and Doug Jurs, piano
5:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
This recital features Guest Artists Lauren Hodges, viola, and Doug Jurs, piano. Dr. Hodges is currently is Assistant Professor of Viola at the University of Florida where she teaches viola and music appreciation. Dr. Jurs is Assistant Professor of Music at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. The evening of chamber music will highlight works by Libby Larsen, Alan Shulman, Paul Richards, and Johannes Brahms.
No (all students should select "No")
8/21/2017 16:18:04Christine Clewellorgel@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)8/31/2017
Scheduled class time for APMU Organ Lessons
12:30:00 PMLessonsNo
registered classes/apmu lessons
Weekly, Thursday lessons in the morning from 9A-10:30A, and 12:30P-1:45P for make-up and ensemble rehearsals during the faculty common hour.
No (all students should select "No")
8/21/2017 16:20:14Christine Clewellorgel@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)8/31/2017
Tuning and general maintenance for the PYO, AGO approval pending
7:00:00 AM
Thank you for your time with this maintenance request, payment approval pending.
RehearsalNoFor IUP-free
Tuning and maintenance to prepare for the academic year 2017-2018.
No (all students should select "No")
8/21/2017 16:40:21Linda Jenningsljenning@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall12/2/2017
Dress Rehearsal for Faculty Recital on 12/3/17
2:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Dress Rehearsal for faculty recital that will take place on Dec. 3, 2017
No (all students should select "No")
8/22/2017 11:26:50Sun Min Recital Hall11/9/2017
Faculty/Guest Artist Recital: Meredith Blecha (cello), Sun Min Kim (piano)
8:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
IUP piano faculty Sun Min Kim and OSU cello professor Meredith Blecha will be performing a program by Beethoven, Schumann, Martynuik, and Martinu
8/22/2017 13:59:44Jeff Wackerjwacker@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/9/2017Crimson Youth Choir Concert3:00:00 PM
This concert is currently on the calendar for Dec. 10 at 2:00 p.m. in DiCicco, but it's up against the IUPCMS band concert at 3:00 p.m. in Gorell. I'm still checking to make sure moving it to Dec. 9 is OK, but if directors, etc., are all fine with it, will move from the 10th. Will confirm, but if 3:00 p.m. Dec. 9 is available, please hold for CYC concert.
$3 Regular, Seniors, I-Card; children 12 & under free
This will be updated by the Lively Arts staff at a later date
No (all students should select "No")
8/23/2017 11:15:18Joe Baunochj.baunoch@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall9/7/2017Voice Area Recital3:30:00 PM
Voice Area Recital (Not for Public)
YesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/23/2017 11:16:43Joe Baunochj.baunoch@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall9/21/2017Voice Area Recital 3:30:00 PM
Weekly Voice Area Recital
YesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/23/2017 11:18:01Joe Baunochj.baunoch@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall9/28/2017Voice Area Recital3:30:00 PMVoice Area RecitalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/23/2017 11:30:29Joe Baunochj.baunoch@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall10/12/2017Voice Area Recital3:30:00 PM
This is the weekly Voice Area Recital. It will always be from 3:30 - 4:30. Listed here are all of the dates we would like: 9/7, 9/21, 9/28, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30. Thank you.
Voice Area RecitalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/23/2017 15:06:04Tim Paultpaul@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/9/2017Festival of Bands4:30:00 PM
Would need the room from 4:30-6:30 to setup and provide dinner for the Festival of Bands students and others.
Festival of Bands Dinner
NoNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/24/2017 0:59:30Michael Bilikzcwv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/11/2017
The Junior Voice Recital of Michael Bilik, Tenor.
8:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Junior voice recital of Michael Bilik, tenor. Featuring the works of Handel, Schubert, Poulenc, Hahn, Barber, and Britten. Accompanied by Esjoy Wong and featuring Elizabeth Heckman on horn.
No (all students should select "No")
8/25/2017 11:12:48Heidi Lucasheidi.lucas@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall4/12/2018
Lauren Hunt, Guest Horn recital
8:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket requiredTBAYes
8/25/2017 12:47:05John Jay Clinton
Gorell Recital Hall12/10/2017Mondlieder5:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
A voice recital featuring works of Schubert, Ropartz, Heggie, Roven, and others.
No (all students should select "No")
8/26/2017 11:33:29Victoria CotterSCBV@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall4/8/2017Senior Trumpet Recital3:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Senior trumpet recital, featuring music from different historic eras performed on a variety of trumpets.
No (all students should select "No")
8/26/2017 14:02:36Rosemary Engelstadrosemary@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall2/12/2018
Dr. Jackie McIlwainGuest Artist Clarinet Recital
6:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Dr. Jackie McIlwain is Professor of Clarinet at the University of Southern Mississippi and a Vandoren Performing Artist/Clinician. She will present a recital of solo and duo repertoire for clarinet and piano. Dr. McIlwain is also an Andover Educator, helping musicians move optimally and prevent injury through Body Mapping.
No (all students should select "No")
8/28/2017 9:49:01Sun Min Recital Hall10/3/2017Piano Area4:15:00 PM
Piano Area is between 4:15 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Piano AreaYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/28/2017 9:50:00Sun Min Recital Hall10/31/2017Piano Area4:15:00 PM
Piano Area is between 4:15 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Piano AreaYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/28/2017 9:50:35Sun Min Recital Hall12/5/2017Piano Area4:15:00 PM
Piano Area is between 4:15 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Piano AreaYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/28/2017 9:51:39Sun Min Recital Hall11/9/2017
Sun Min Kim/Meredith Blecha Dress rehearsal
2:00:00 PMRehearsalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/28/2017 11:07:03Andrew JunttonenRWNW@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall12/2/2017
Andrew Junttonen Sophomore Recital
2:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket requiredna
No (all students should select "No")
8/28/2017 11:18:31Nicholas Kloszewskivjgt@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)3/16/2018
Nicholas Kloszewski, graduate choral conducting recital
6:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/28/2017 13:10:24Curtis GayNXGV@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall12/2/2017
Curtis Gay's Senior Saxophone Recital
1:00:00 PM
Is it possible to get the live stream for a student recital by the gentleman who does the faculty and ensemble recitals?
Concert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Curtis Gay, a senior BFA Saxophone Performance major, will be performing works that demonstrate an advance understanding of the saxophone. Genres vary form baroque to contemporary including works by Villa Lobos, CPE Bach, Christian Lauba, Paul Creston and Alfred Desenclos.
No (all students should select "No")
8/28/2017 13:26:35Janet S Kim
Gorell Recital Hall11/14/2017
Janet Kim, Graduate Master's Conducting Recital
7:30:00 PMConcert/RecitalNoNo ticket requiredTbdYes
8/28/2017 13:29:26Hayley PlaugerTCGV@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall12/2/2017
Hayley Plauger, Senior Sax Recital
6:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
The Senior Saxophone Recital of Hayley Plauger. Works by Bach, Albright, Tomasi, etc. We hope to see you there!
No (all students should select "No")
8/29/2017 14:19:39Jocelynn Ziegmannczhv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall12/2/2017
The Senior Recital of Jocelynn Ziegmann, soprano
8:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. HastinsNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/29/2017 21:00:34Jocelynn Ziegmannczhv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall12/10/2017
The Senior Recital of Jocelynn Ziegmann, soprano
12:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. HastingsNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
8/30/2017 8:16:06Gabby Gorilphrv@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)10/29/2017Student Recital2:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. LucasNo ticket requiredStudent Horn recitalYes
8/30/2017 9:48:54Elizabeth Heckmantcfv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/18/2017Student Recital2:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. BaunochNo ticket requiredStudent voice recitalYes
8/31/2017 13:24:13Kayla Marie Deyarminvdfv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall12/10/2017Kayla Deyarmin, Voice Recital7:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. Joseph BaunochNo ticket required
Kayla Deyarmin will be giving her senior voice recital to fulfill the requirements of her Vocal Performance Major. She will be accompanied by Maria Baldoni on piano. Guest musician Anthony McDonnell will be joining her on a German cycle on the Clarinet.
No (all students should select "No")
8/31/2017 21:53:23Juliana SenykXJWV@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/12/2017
The Joint Recital of Juliana Senyk and Morgan Johnson
3:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYes
Dr. Rosemary Engelstad
No ticket required
Come hear the works of Weber, Lefebvre, and present day music! Enjoy light music on a cold, November Sunday with some clarinets of all shapes and sizes!
No (all students should select "No")
8/31/2017 23:40:04Dr. Christine Gorell Recital Hall9/7/2017
Private Organ Lessons--APMU 102
3:30:00 PMA class--a lessonNon/a
Julia's is available for lessons on Thursday afternoons. On non-departmental days, she would have a 45 minute lesson.
No (all students should select "No")
8/31/2017 23:43:23Dr. Christine DiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)11/12/2017
Christine Clewell, faculty recital
4:00:00 PM
Rehearsal and warm-up time before 4P. The originally requested time was 3P.
Concert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Description is forthcoming--Organ Faculty Recital, Dr. Christine Clewell
9/1/2017 15:36:31Elizabeth Heckmantcfv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/12/2017
Elizabeth Heckman, student voice recital
2:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. BaunochNo ticket required
Senior voice recital of Elizabeth Heckman, Mezzo Soprano
No (all students should select "No")
9/2/2017 16:36:13Kayla Marie Deyarminvdfv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/29/2017
Kayla Deyarmin, Senior Voice Recital
7:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesJoseph BaunochNo ticket requiredSenior Voice Recital
No (all students should select "No")
9/3/2017 21:08:36Molly Brolaskijgzt@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/2/2017
Molly Brolaski, Senior Tuba Recital
6:00:00 PM
I would like the room 5pm-7:30pm
Concert/RecitalYesZach CollinsNo ticket required
Molly Brolaski's Senior Tuba Recital. Featuring pieces by Vincent Persichetti, James Curnow, Jean-Baptiste Senaille, Jules Levy, and more!
No (all students should select "No")
9/4/2017 12:31:50Nicholas Kloszewskivjgt@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)2/9/2018
Nicholas Kloszewski, graduate conducting recital
6:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. BeekenNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/4/2017 17:30:43Molly Brolaskijgzt@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)11/30/2017
Molly Brolaski, Senior Tuba Recital
6:00:00 PM
May I have the room 5pm-7:30 for warm up prior to recital and clean up after?
Concert/RecitalYesZach CollinsNo ticket requiredSenior Tuba Recital
No (all students should select "No")
9/5/2017 12:45:58James Flowersjflowers@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall10/25/2017Saxophone Ensemble Recital8:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
This recital will feature IUP saxophonists in wide variety of settings that include, solos, chamber ensembles, and large ensembles performing traditional and holiday appropriate music.
9/5/2017 15:26:06Anthony McDonnelldmyt@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall10/29/2017
Anthony McDonnell, Senior Clarinet Recital
12:30:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. EngelstadNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/5/2017 17:12:29Rebecca Bridgmanzwhv@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)11/30/2017
Rebecca Bridgman-Stephanie Firestone Joint Recital
7:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesTherese WackerNo ticket required
Rebecca Bridgman and Stephanie Firestone's joint Senior Flute Recital.
No (all students should select "No")
9/5/2017 18:07:48Michael Bilikzcwv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/11/2017
The Junior Voice Recital of Michael Bilik, tenor
2:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. Oliver LoNo ticket required
Featuring the works of Handel, Schubert, Poulenc, Hahn, Barber and Britten
No (all students should select "No")
9/5/2017 18:33:08Kevin Eisensmithtptprof@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)9/26/2017Museum Gala rehearsal4:00:00 PM
will include Gala little big band and members of the IUP Dance Theater
RehearsalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/6/2017 11:25:35Brooke Nilssonjsykbrooke@gmail.comGorell Recital Hall2/24/2018Student Horn Recital 4:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. LucasNo ticket required
Student Junior Solo Horn Recital
No (all students should select "No")
9/6/2017 15:20:04Esjoy Su Seen Wonggsbw@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/16/2017Esjoy Senior Piano Recital7:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr Henry WongdoeNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/6/2017 17:40:26Sun Min Recital Hall9/30/2017
Dorothy Sutton Piano Festival Awards Ceremony and Recital
2:30:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Dorothy Sutton Piano Festival hosted by Indiana Music Teachers Association
No (all students should select "No")
9/7/2017 11:25:35Heidi Lucasheidi.lucas@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)9/29/2017
Faculty recital dress rehearsal
2:00:00 PM
We will need the hall from 2-3:15
RehearsalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/7/2017 12:17:06Sun Min Hall (Cogswell 121)2/24/2018Monster Piano Concert 8:00:00 AM
We would need this space from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. for the day.
Piano Area will take care of the tickets
Annual Monster Piano Concert hosted by Indiana Music Teachers Association
No (all students should select "No")
9/7/2017 12:18:34Sun Min Hall (Cogswell 121)2/23/2018
Monster Concert Piano Moving
3:00:00 PM
We would need the space between 3 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. in order to move 20+ pianos into the venue.
Piano moving YesNo ticket requiredPiano moving time
No (all students should select "No")
9/7/2017 13:28:26Chanel Holteykhv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall10/28/2017Junior Recital5:30:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. HastingsNo ticket required
Soprano, Chanel Holte, will be performing her junior recital at Gorell Recital Hall on Saturday October 28th. She will feature Rameau, Schubert, Mozart, Handel, and more. Come enjoy a night of magical and essential classical music.
No (all students should select "No")
9/8/2017 10:42:34Jeff Wackerjwacker@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/4/2017
Indiana Community Choir Rehearsal
7:00:00 PM
Rehearsal for the choir with Dr. Clewell on the PY organ. If confirmed, Rm. 120 - their normal rehearsal space - can be released.
RehearsalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/8/2017 10:44:28Jeff Wackerjwacker@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/4/2017Indiana Community Choir Reh7:00:00 PM
Rehearsal for the choir with Dr. Clewell on the PY organ. If confirmed, Rm. 120 - their normal rehearsal space - can be released. This currently conflicts with the organ studio recital; however, Dr. Clewell indicated to me in an email that the time was not going to work for all students and would be released. I will confirm this with her by email.
RehearsalYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/9/2017 23:02:38Jocelynn Ziegmannczhv@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall4/21/2018
Delta Omicron Solo Competition
7:00:00 PM
Delta Omicron Solo Competition
Therese Wacker (Faculty Advisor)
No ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/11/2017 15:48:42Christine Clewellorgel@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)9/15/2017
Organ lessons--Fridays from 2:30 to 3:15P
2:45:00 PMOrgan LessonNoN/ANo ticket required
This is a private organ lesson--if this Friday time is approved, I will request that the Thursday lesson time from12:30P-1:45P (Faculty C/H) be used for students to practice lesson material.
No (all students should select "No")
9/12/2017 13:38:41Dominic Gaudiogvnv@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)3/23/2018
Dominic Gaudio, junior horn recital
3:30:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. Heidi LucasNo ticket requireda junior horn recital
No (all students should select "No")
9/12/2017 19:23:13Carol Ann McCloywtgv@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/2/2017
Carol Ann McCloy, Senior Percussion Recital
6:30:00 PMConcert/RecitalNoDr. Michael KinganNo ticket required
Senior percussion recital of Carol Ann McCloy
No (all students should select "No")
9/12/2017 21:51:47Henry Wong Doehwongdoe@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall4/13/2017
Jerry Lee, Guest artist piano recital
7:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Jerry Lee, Professor of Piano at West Liberty University, will give a guest recital.
No (all students should select "No")
9/13/2017 12:20:34Alexander Swackhamerykjs@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)11/27/2017
Alexander Swackhamer Graduate Horn Recital
6:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. LucasNo ticket requiredGraduate Horn Recital
No (all students should select "No")
9/13/2017 13:36:13Carolyn Seppcsepp@pennterra.comGorell Recital Hall10/22/2017
Carolyn Sepp, Masters Degree recital
2:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. Wong DoeNo ticket required
Masters Degree recital presented by Carolyn Sepp, pianist. Featuring the works of Beethoven’s Sonata No. 27 in E Minor, Op. 90, Brahm’s Six Pieces for Piano, op.118, and Bartok’s Three Rondos on Slovak Folk Tunes.
No (all students should select "No")
9/13/2017 13:54:38Christine Clewellorgel@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)9/26/2017
Rehearsal for an AGO-Teti guest artist.
12:30:00 PM
Hello--the organ lessons that are scheduled for Tuesdays during this time will be rescheduled. I will request this now for Friday, September 29. Thanks!
RehearsalNoNo ticket required
This rehearsal is to prepare literature for an organ scholarship fund raising event.
No (all students should select "No")
9/13/2017 13:57:59Christine DiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)9/29/2017Private Organ Lessons--make3:15:00 PM
Thank you for your willingness to consider these IUP students needs.
make up lessons NoNo ticket required
These are rescheduled lessons because of the need to accommodate practice time for our guest artist on Tuesday, September 26.
No (all students should select "No")
9/16/2017 12:29:05Linda Jenningsljenning@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall9/24/2017Guest Artist Recital 2:30:00 PMRehearsalYesNA
Dress rehearsal for Guest Artists Doug Jur and Lauren Hodges
No (all students should select "No")
9/17/2017 10:07:37
Andy Junttonen (Heidi Lucas)
heidi.lucas@iup eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/3/2017Sophomore Horn Recital 5:00:00 PM
Trying to request a date change, will move Horn Choir rehearsal to be 6-7 that day, HL
Concert/RecitalYesHeidi LucasNo ticket required
Move 12/2 recital to 12/3
No (all students should select "No")
9/18/2017 14:31:46Shannon Quinnynsw@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall2/10/2018
Junior Voice Recital of Shannon Quinn
8:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYes
Dr. Mary Logan-Hastings
No ticket required
This concert will include classical art songs, from Schubert, Handel, and other classical composers. It will also include musical theatre pieces from My Fair Lady, Sweeney Todd, and the Music Man.
No (all students should select "No")
9/19/2017 8:13:46Rosemary Engelstadrosemary@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall10/10/2017Clarinet Guest Artist Recital4:00:00 PM
Happy to schedule in 121 or 126 if Gorell is unavailable
Concert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Rebecca Rischin and Youmee Kim will perform a recital of works for clarinet and piano. Rischin and Kim are faculty at Ohio University.
No (all students should select "No")
9/19/2017 15:29:07Kye-Won Kopkok.kopko@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/30/2017
Choral Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal
5:00:00 PMRehearsalYesCraig DenisonNo ticket required
"Home for the Holidays" Winter Choral Concert Dress Rehearsal
No (all students should select "No")
9/19/2017 16:27:55Henry Wong Doehwongdoe@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall4/9/2018
James Iman, Guest Artist piano recital
8:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
James Iman, IUP Alumnus, will give a solo piano recital and pre-concert talk.
No (all students should select "No")
9/19/2017 22:37:19
Monique Redman and Katie Smith Gorell Recital Hall12/9/2017
Monique Redman and Katie Smith, senior voice showcase
4:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesRaquel Winica YoungNo ticket required
This is a collaborative senior vocal showcase between Monique Redman and Katie Jo Smith to demonstrate our vocal growth throughout our time at IUP.
No (all students should select "No")
9/20/2017 9:23:26Raquel Winnica Youngjzzt@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/29/2017Vocal Rep Sings7:00:00 PM
This is a 45' performance
Concert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Final exam / performance of the pieces worked throughout the semester by the Vocal Repertoire Class - focused on musical compositions by major composers from Baroque to romanticism with small lectures introducing each piece.
No (all students should select "No")
9/21/2017 16:53:42Christine Clewellorgel@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)9/25/2017Studio meeting and photos.8:00:00 PM
We should be done in 121 by 9P
PR-photo sessionNoNo ticket required
studio meeting and photo session
No (all students should select "No")
9/21/2017 16:56:00Sun Min Recital Hall2/27/2018Piano Area4:15:00 PM
The event starts at 4:15 p.m.and ends at 5:00 p.m.
Piano AreaYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/21/2017 16:56:53Sun Min Recital Hall3/27/2018Piano Area4:15:00 PM
The event starts at 4:15 p.m.and ends at 5:00 p.m.
Piano AreaYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/21/2017 16:57:41Sun Min Recital Hall4/24/2018Piano Area4:15:00 PM
The event starts at 4:15 p.m.and ends at 5:00 p.m.
Piano AreaYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/24/2017 8:39:44Catherine KasunLSFV@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)9/24/2017Catherine Kasun4:30:00 PMRehearsalNo
Dr. Rosemary Engelstad
No ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/25/2017 10:49:02Linda Jenningsljenning@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall9/26/2017Litton Trio rehearsal11:00:00 AMRehearsalYesNo ticket required
rehearsal for concert on Oct. 2
No (all students should select "No")
9/25/2017 10:50:13Linda Jenningsljenning@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall9/29/2017Litton Trio rehearsal3:00:00 PMRehearsalYesNo ticket requiredrehearsal for Litton Trio
No (all students should select "No")
9/26/2017 10:03:12Henry Wong Doehwongdoe@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall11/13/2017
Albert Tiu, Guest Artist dress rehearsal
9:00:00 AM
Please make a request from 9am onwards for dress rehearsal. Thanks! Henry
RehearsalYesNo ticket requiredN/A
No (all students should select "No")
9/26/2017 10:06:39Henry Wong Doehwongdoe@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)2/3/2017
IMTA Monster Piano Concert rehearsal day
9:00:00 AM
Please reserve room 121 from 9am -2:30pm. I will do a separate request for the recital portion of the day and the move in of pianos
Concert/RecitalYesNo ticket requiredN/A
No (all students should select "No")
9/26/2017 10:08:40Henry Wong Doehwongdoe@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)2/3/20182018 IMTA Monster Concert2:30:00 PM
Sorry if I did the wrong year in the previous request! Please check. Thanks, Henry
$5 ticket, but will be ticketed separately and not through Lively Arts
Indiana Musicale will hold it's 5th Annual Piano Monster Concert.
No (all students should select "No")
9/26/2017 10:10:25Henry Wong Doehwongdoe@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)2/2/2018
IMTA Piano Monster Concert piano move in
5:00:00 PM
Please reserve from 5pm (following any band rehearsals) until 9pm.
Piano move inYesNo ticket requiredN/A
No (all students should select "No")
9/26/2017 11:39:59Madeline VaillDYPV@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)10/6/2017SAI Event8:00:00 PM
Sigma Alpha Iota Ceremony
NoDr. James FlowersNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/26/2017 11:52:06Raquel Winnica Youngjzzt@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall12/6/2017Vocal Rep Sings7:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Vocal Rep Class will present a concert featuring music by the prominent composers throughout music history. They will introduce each piece with a brief explanation and trivia about the composition. The purpose of this class is to study musical pieces from major works of different musical periods that the students will encounter in their professional life as musicians.
No (all students should select "No")
9/26/2017 13:44:23Stephanie Caulderscaulder@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)10/5/2017
Symphony Band Brass Sectional
6:00:00 PM
Reserve room from 6:30-9:00 to allow for set up and tear down
RehearsalNoNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
9/27/2017 14:28:16David Martynuikdmartynu@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall10/4/2017Guest Artist Jessica Renfro 11:00:00 AM
Is it possible to have 60-90 minutes in Gorell at any point during the day/ evening on Oct. 4 for a "dress rehearsal" in the hall? (Please disregard the specific time listed above.)
RehearsalYesNo ticket required
Rehearsal for recital (already booked)
No (all students should select "No")
9/27/2017 15:20:51Heather Yeagervmfv@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/10/2017
Heather Yeager's Senior Recital
4:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesDr. CollinsNo ticket requiredA
No (all students should select "No")
9/28/2017 12:25:32Ryan Beekenryan.beeken@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall10/10/2017CHICC7:30:00 AMRehearsalYesNo ticket required
I need rehearsal space - too many students - We won't fit in the Fisher Dance Rehearsal Hall!!!!!
No (all students should select "No")
9/29/2017 22:11:27Molly BrolaskiJgzt@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)12/3/2017Senior Tuba Recital11:00:00 AM
I would like to have the room 10am-12pm
Concert/RecitalYesDr. CollinsNo ticket requiredSenior Tuba Recital
No (all students should select "No")
10/2/2017 14:41:18Christian Dickinsoncmdkson@iup.eduDiCicco Hall (Cogswell 121)11/11/2017
Trombone Studio Alumni Recital
4:00:00 PMConcert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
Four IUP Trombone Studio Alumni return to campus to perform works for trombone and piano, as well as chamber music for trombone.
10/3/2017 17:46:23Henry Wong Doehwongdoe@iup.eduGorell Recital Hall4/8/2018
James Iman Guest Artist recital
8:00:00 PM
Hi Zach, please see the emails I just sent... Thanks, Henry
Concert/RecitalYesNo ticket required
James Iman, IUP alumnus, will give a solo piano recital with pre concert talk.
No (all students should select "No")
10/5/2017 15:11:22Sun Min Recital Hall10/13/2017Cahill Smith Masteclass4:00:00 PM
the event is between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.
MasterclassYesNo ticket requiredNA
No (all students should select "No")
10/6/2017 9:56:47Ryan Beekenryan.beeken@IUP.EDUGorell Recital Hall10/13/2017Rehearsal for Concert3:00:00 PM3:00-5:00 RehearsalYesNo ticket requiredrehearsal
No (all students should select "No")
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