AEF NEFL - Event Log 2018/19 (Responses)
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9/11/2018 11:16:479/11/201811:15:00 AMtesttesttestearlybird_AEF
9/11/2018 16:41:089/11/20184:40:00 PMWelcome to our viewersNEFL Event LogWelcome to the premiere of the NEFL Event Log! We are so pleased to be able to share this sweet family with all of you. You still will be able to go to the chat window for updates and information from our fabulous cam ops and mods but now you have this added resource to help keep you informed. We don’t want you to miss a minute of this delightful couple’s joyous journey. As many of you may know, our two stars, Romeo and Juliet have returned from their summer hiatus. They look rested and relaxed and have already started the nest renovations. If you’re already a fan, you know how totally adorable they are together, if you’re a first-time viewer, you’re in for a treat. So, put on your reading glasses, pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy this amazing experience with us. You might even want to grab some popcorn.earlybird_AEF
9/11/2018 19:01:539/11/20186:57:00 PMRomeo and JulietNest WorkMorning Update. 6:57am What a beautiful sight to see Juliet fly into the nest this morning in all her grace and glory with Romeo following only seconds behind. They didn't even stop for chitchat but went straight to work. Juliet began aerating the nest and relocating some sticks, Romeo kept an eagle eye on some noisy crows above. Romeo, always the protector, made sure those pesky crows stayed far away from his Juliet. Juliet finishes up the task at hand and departs. Romeo moves up to Lookout Branch and sees a branch that he must have. No matter that he can barely reach it, he must have this branch. It's the perfect one, he knows just the right spot for it and Juliet will be so pleased. So he stretches out that handsome neck of his but no, he can't quite get there, so he tries it again and again. This is so funny to watch! It's like this is the only stick left in the world. You are adorable Romeo! He finally manages to grab onto a piece of it and pulls with all his might. But he loses his grip and down goes Romeo and out of our sight. What an undignified dismount, but oh my, it did make me laugh out loud. Nothing was hurt but his pride and he more than made up for it later with all the other sticks he brought to the nest. Sticks, sticks and more sticks today. The nest is coming along nicely. Good job Romeo!earlybird_AEF
9/11/2018 19:47:189/11/20187:19:00 PMRomeo and JulietArrivalHow nice to see Juliet return to the nest on this beautiful summer evening. She takes a quick look around and flies up to enjoy the view from Lookout Branch. Another nice surprise, here comes her handsome Romeo. He stops by for a fast check of the nest and quickly flies off. More sticks, I wonder? That sure didn't take long. Here he comes with yet another stick.earlybird_AEF
9/11/2018 20:21:499/11/20187:40:00 PMRomeo and JulietDepartureRomeo and Juliet work side by side in the nest. They want to place each stick perfectly, so it's strong and secure for their future eaglets. How sweet to see the beak nuzzles that Romeo gives to his lovely Juliet. How sweet to see the special looks they give each other. How lucky we are to follow along on this beautiful pair's journey. 7:47pm Juliet flies off into the sky and who should follow but her sweet Romeo. Enjoy your evening together Romeo and Juliet. Sweet eagle dreams.earlybird_AEF
9/12/2018 6:57:559/12/20186:54:00 AMCamCamGood morning! Live stream is not live at this time. Our tech has been contacted. Thanks for your patience.earlybird_AEF
9/12/2018 7:05:099/12/20187:00:00 AMRomeo and JulietArrivalJuliet arrives at the nest at 6:47am with Romeo flying in right behind her at 6:49am. Thanks to our cam op for this update.earlybird_AEF
9/12/2018 7:26:049/12/20187:19:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo and Juliet are already busy at work this morning. Romeo returns with a huge branch, Juliet flies off to find one of her own. Now, where to place them? Decisions, decisions. earlybird_AEF
9/12/2018 7:39:239/12/20187:27:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkJuliet flies off to Sunset Branch while Romeo continues bringing in branches. You can be sure Juliet is keeping her eyes on Romeo and where he's placing those sticks. She might just have to jump in there and arrange them herself. The interaction between the two of them and their sticks is always amusing. earlybird_AEF
9/12/2018 9:31:249/12/20189:25:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo must have ate his Wheaties this morning. No doubt that he's Juliet's "champion". He's a bundle of energy, bringing in stick after stick much to her delight. Romeo knows just how to keep his Juliet happy.earlybird_AEF
9/12/2018 10:09:579/12/20189:58:00 AMRomeo and Juliet.Perched/PerchingRomeo and Juliet are taking a well deserved break on the Wallenda branches. They have been hard at work this morning.earlybird_AEF
9/12/2018 10:30:309/12/201810:21:00 AMRomeo and JulietDepartureRomeo departs and Juliet follows soon after. Perhaps they're off getting some breakfast together. I wonder what's on the menu?earlybird_AEF
9/13/2018 7:13:179/13/20187:08:00 AMEmpty NestGood morning!It's a beautiful morning in the Hamlet, currently in the mid seventies, with light winds and partly cloudy skies. The view from Sunset Branch is breathtaking, the sky in hues of gray, yellow and blue, the trees below in various shades of glorious green. Our stars, Romeo and Juliet have not arrived yet this morning. We wait in breathless anticipation to see them once again. They have been busy the past few days, bringing in sticks and moss. We hope they stop by to do some nest work again today. Come on home sweet Romeo and Juliet. We can't wait to see you.earlybird_AEF
9/14/2018 6:41:079/14/20186:39:00 AMRomeo and JulietUpdate: Arrival/DepartureUpdate: It was such a pleasure seeing Romeo and Juliet at the nest last evening. Juliet arrived at 7:23pm and Romeo flew in right behind her. After some nest work, Juliet flew up to Lookout Branch and Romeo moved down to the Sleeping Branches. That didn't last long before Juliet moved down to one of the Sleeping Branches herself, to be close to her Romeo. 7:46pm They both flew off to find a comfy place to roost for the night.earlybird_AEF
9/14/2018 7:19:409/14/20186:46:00 AMRomeo and JulietArrivalIt's another beautiful morning with light winds and temperatures in the mid seventies. Juliet arrives at the nest and begins to work on the renovations. She moves one of the branches over near the V and almost loses it. Hang on Juliet! But Juliet knows what she's doing and places it nicely between the V. 6:51am. Look Out Juliet! Incoming! Juliet ducks her head as Romeo flies in with a rather awkward looking stick. As he lands, it gets caught up under him so that he is actually straddling it with one leg on each side. He prances around, carrying it in his beak and with a little help from Juliet, manages to get it dislodged. But Juliet isn't as lucky with this branch as she was with the first one. As she maneuvers it around, she gets it a little too close to the edge and down it goes. Whoops! Romeo can't believe what happened. "You lost my stick!" Juliet gives him a little beak bump. "Don't worry about it Dear. You'll find another." earlybird_AEF
9/14/2018 7:52:369/14/20187:03:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo, of course, goes off to find another stick. He quickly returns and finds the perfect spot for this one with no trouble at all. He gives Juliet a sweet beak kiss, "All's forgiven now sweetheart." Juliet flies over to Sunset Branch for a short break, Romeo goes off to find more sticks. Now that Juliet is refreshed from her break, she returns to the nest to get on with the business at hand, finding the perfect spot for those sticks. Romeo flies in and attempts to help her. They seem to have a difference of opinion on where this stick should go. The shenanigans that they go through together to place this stick is comical. Each pulling and pushing on it until finally Juliet gives Romeo a few beak bumps to let him know that she means business. earlybird_AEF
9/14/2018 8:40:369/14/20188:15:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo and Juliet have been back and forth with so many sticks this morning, that I've lost count. It's so much fun watching their interaction as they try to place each and every stick in the perfect spot. The affection they have for each other is apparent with all the beak nuzzles and beak kisses. Juliet gazes out the V and flies over to the Wallenda Branches. Romeo looks on for a few minutes and departs from the nest. He's back within minutes with yet another stick. earlybird_AEF
9/14/2018 9:42:119/14/20189:00:00 AMRomeo and JulietPerched/PerchingThe sticks keep coming! Juliet brings in a large branch with a lovely drapery of moss flowing from it. Romeo returns soon after with a branch of his own. They have been busy this morning, a nice long break finally seems to be in order. They perch near each other, preening themselves as they bask in the golden sun. 9:28am Romeo departs from the branch as Juliet looks on. earlybird_AEF
9/14/2018 10:06:389/14/20189:38:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkIt seems that "Moss Man" hasn't just been busy bringing in sticks. He's brought in a nice mound of fluff and places it in the center of the nest. He flies off again and brings in another stick, Juliet flies in with one too. So cute how they each grab an end and swing each other around in what looks like a Square Dance. "Swing your partner round and round." These two are entertaining in every way.earlybird_AEF
9/15/2018 7:23:549/15/20186:52:00 AMRomeo and JulietArrivalRomeo and Juliet are very vocal this morning as they arrive and perch on the Wallenda Branches. "Good morning fans, we are here." Juliet moves into the nest and begins the morning chores, Romeo flies off to get some supplies. Juliet works on relocating a huge stick until Romeo returns, with what looks like a clump of fluff. He departs again but is quickly back with a large branch. Romeo attempts to find a good spot for this one but stops and gazes around the area. Juliet steps in to help and tries her best to get that pesky stick into the V branch. She pulls and prods but it's just not happening. Finally Romeo comes to assist and they manage to find the perfect spot next to the V. Romeo flies off once again and returns with stick number two.earlybird_AEF
9/15/2018 7:40:219/15/20187:22:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo departs from the nest and quickly returns with yet another stick. They work in quiet harmony together for a few minutes until Romeo flies off once again and comes back with another branch. Juliet moves up to Sunset Branch for her morning break, Romeo flies off and returns with stick number five.earlybird_AEF
9/15/2018 8:03:179/15/20187:37:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkNow that Juliet's refreshed from her break, she returns to the nest to help out Romeo. She grabs a branch and attempts to move it around but Romeo steps right in and takes it from her. "Let me help Dear." Juliet says "No thank you" and pulls it away from him. Romeo once again insists that he can do it better and grabs it away from her. This time Juliet let's Romeo have his stick and gets on with some morning preening. So cute how she gives a little pull and tug on Romeo's tail as he turns around. Allopreening or reminding Romeo who's the boss in this nest? I wonder.earlybird_AEF
9/15/2018 8:58:549/15/20188:52:00 AMRomeo and JulietDepartureRomeo and Juliet have continued with the "nestorations" throughout the morning, only stopping every now and then for a quick break. We watch in amazement as Romeo flies back and forth, returning with a new stick each time, some of them huge and difficult to maneuver. We watch in wonder as they carefully place each stick in the nest, intertwining them to make a safe and sturdy barrier for their young ones. We watch in delight at their silly and loving antics together. We watch as they fly off, one after the other, perhaps on their way to enjoy some breakfast together.earlybird_AEF
9/15/2018 14:53:539/15/20182:45:00 PMRomeoUpdate: PerchingUpdate 1:17pm Romeo flies in and perches on Lookout Point. A gentle breeze sways the branch as he attentively looks around, perhaps searching for the lovely Juliet. He looks so handsome with the wind ruffling his feathers and the sun smiling down on him. 1:32pm He rouses his feathers and flies off into the sky.

9/15/2018 14:58:089/15/20182:55:00 PMRomeoEagle Vocabulary: RouseRouse – when the bird raises all their feathers and shakes, a sign of contentment.earlybird_AEF
9/16/2018 7:13:099/16/20187:03:00 AMJulietArrivalThe sky has brightened, the trees are gently swaying back and forth, the birds are serenading us with their sweet morning songs. The Hamlet is waking up. Juliet arrives and gives us some sweet songs of her own. She perches on the Wallenda branches, looking intently around. Where are you Romeo? There is work to be done.earlybird_AEF
9/16/2018 7:36:109/16/20187:30:00 AMJulietPerched/PerchingJuliet continues to perch on the Wallenda Branches, looking lovely as the golden sun illuminates her feathers. Some feathers gently float through the breeze as she preens herself, gracefully stretching out a leg to give it a rest. She continues to gaze around but still no sign of Romeo, perhaps he hit the snooze button this morning.earlybird_AEF
9/16/2018 8:01:359/16/20187:48:00 AMJulietPerched/PerchingJuliet flies over to the nest, stops to take a quick look around the area and begins to aerate the fluff. This only lasts but a second or two until she stops to take another look around and moves up to Sunset Branch.earlybird_AEF
9/16/2018 11:34:409/16/201811:00:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkUpdate: 8:24am Juliet moves back into the nest and takes a look around. What needs to be done today? She flies off and quickly returns with a branch. She finds the perfect location for it and trots back up to Sunset Branch. Romeo come flying in, full steam ahead, with a stick in his talon. He attempts to move it around and Juliet is right by his side to give him a little help. She seems to have this one under control so off he goes again. In the meantime Juliet is doing her best to fit this stick between the V branches. Easier said than done. She bites and nibbles at it over and over again, trying to get it to fit in that space. Still no luck. 8:41am Romeo returns with another stick and easily places it. Juliet continues working on her branch, Romeo departs again. Romeo is back, this time with a humongous branch. It's so big, I wouldn't be surprised to see a root ball at the bottom. This branch will not budge, Romeo pulls and pushes but it still is stuck in place. Romeo is one determined eagle and doesn't give up. He stops to give Juliet a look, "I could use a little help here" but Juliet pays him no mind. She's also determined to get her stick into that V. Finally close to thirty minutes later, Juliet gets her stick right where she wants it and flies over to the Wallenda Branches. Whew! That was hard work and she needs a break. 9:04am Romeo decides to leave his stick for the moment and flies off once again.earlybird_AEF
9/16/2018 11:51:379/16/201811:38:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkUpdate 9:05am Romeo returns with another stick, places it easily in the nest and gets back to that gigantic branch. Juliet flies off and brings in one of her own. Romeo helps her out with this one, each of them grabbing an end and finally finding a good spot for it. This is always entertaining to watch. Teamwork at it's finest. Our sweet Juliet moves on to help her handsome Romeo with his huge branch. It takes a little bit of work but she does manage to find a spot that they both seem happy with. Nicely done Juliet.earlybird_AEF
9/17/2018 7:06:319/17/20186:46:00 AMJuliet, Romeo and JulietArrivalJuliet quietly arrives at the nest and begins the housekeeping chores. She grabs a stick, relocates it and moves on to another one. This one goes tumbling down to the ground. Whoops. The expression on her face is priceless as she watches it fall. Romeo is up bright and early this morning too. He flies in and they give each other some good morning beak bumps. They work on the nest together for just a short while before Romeo moves up to Sunset Branch. The view from there is breathtaking as the sun rises, the sky in hues of lavender, yellow and blue. Juliet continues with the renovations, Romeo departs but quickly returns with the first stick of the morning. No doubt, there will be many, many more.earlybird_AEF
9/17/2018 7:35:019/17/20187:10:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo and Juliet work together in companionable silence, each with their own stick. Romeo tries to assist Juliet but she gives him a little shove with her beak and says no thank you. Romeo flies off but it doesn't take long before he returns with another branch. Juliet moves up to Sunset Branch to have a little time to enjoy that gorgeous view herself. Romeo gets to work on that "tree" from yesterday. earlybird_AEF
9/17/2018 8:02:479/17/20187:57:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo and Juliet continue with the nest work. They are perfectly attuned to one another, each knowing what the other one needs. They are such a "touchy, feely" pair. That sounds like a cliché, but it's so true. The allopreening, the beak nuzzles, the beak kisses are all so heartwarming to watch. Even when they have their little disagreements, just a little beak push or wing shove usually does the trick. Of course, not always. They both have their own ideas where the sticks should be placed and that's always comical to watch. earlybird_AEF
9/17/2018 8:12:399/17/20188:04:00 AMRomeo and JulietDepartureRomeo has flown off, Juliet takes a break on the Wallenda Branches. 8:08am Juliet departs from the branch.earlybird_AEF
9/17/2018 8:17:289/17/20188:12:00 AMJulietArrival/DepartureJuliet returns with a stick, places it in the nest and moves up to Sunset Branch. 8:15am She's off once again.earlybird_AEF
9/17/2018 14:06:189/17/20181:40:00 PMRomeo and JulietNest WorkUpdate: 9:38am Romeo and Juliet weren't gone very long. I wonder if they even had time for breakfast. They have been so diligent about getting their nest ready. It seems like these two are just as anxious to have some little ones to take care of as we are. That's going to be quite awhile yet, for the moment they have branches to deliver, moss to fluff and they are still trying to move that huge treelike branch from yesterday. They've both taken a turn, many turns, pulling and pushing it, but it still doesn't seem to be where they want it. This one seems to be a challenge but our master architects will persevere. Romeo puffs up his chest, flaps his wings and gives it a mighty shove. Well, now it's hanging on the outside of the nest. Is there where you want it Romeo? Time will tell, for now he heads up to Sunset branch for a little R&R. You deserve it Romeo. earlybird_AEF
9/17/2018 14:25:229/17/20182:15:00 PMJulietNest WorkUpdate: 10:00am Juliet arrives with another branch and begins to tidy up the nest, moving sticks here and there. In her zeal to get things done, she accidently moves that "tree" partially into the nest once again. I'm not so sure that's where Romeo wants it but we will have to wait and see what his next move will be. Who knew a branch could be this entertaining?earlybird_AEF
9/17/2018 14:37:309/17/20182:34:00 PMRomeo and JulietDepartureUpdate: 10:37am Romeo and Juliet have both departed from the nest. Maybe now they'll take the time to get a bite to eat.earlybird_AEF
9/18/2018 7:08:519/18/20186:58:00 AMRomeo and JulietArrivalThe Hamlet is alive with the sound of birds, the sky has changed from black to shades of gray, eagle calls are heard. Romeo and Juliet are announcing their arrival. They stop to perch on the Wallenda Branches, take a quick look around and fly into the nest. Juliet gets to work on some sticks near the V branches as Romeo surveys the area and then flies back to the Wallenda Branches. earlybird_AEF
9/18/2018 7:21:439/18/20187:10:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo returns with a stick, quickly places it in the nest, takes a look around to make sure all is safe and secure and departs once again. Juliet continues with her stick placement and moves over to the Wallenda Branches. earlybird_AEF
9/18/2018 7:41:149/18/20187:21:00 AMRomeoNest WorkRomeo is back once again and back to working on the treelike branch that he brought in two days ago. He pulls and pushes it. No, that isn't working for him. He finally grabs onto it using his wings for balance and gives it one last tug. That stick still doesn't move. It appears that a break is in order as he moves up to Sunset Branch. He gazes out at the gorgeous view, the pale blue sky as his backdrop, the golden sunrays filtering through the trees.earlybird_AEF
9/18/2018 7:58:369/18/20187:31:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkJuliet flies back into the nest and works on the renovations once again. Romeo departs from Sunset Branch, returns with another stick and they get back to the nest work. 7:45am Romeo is off again but is quickly back with one more stick. earlybird_AEF
9/18/2018 8:56:549/18/20188:14:00 AMRomeo and JulietPerched/PerchingJuliet finishes up the nest work for the moment and moves over to the Wallenda Branches to be closer to her Romeo. The two of them never seem to be far apart, usually within eyesight of each other. It's a lovely sight to behold as they preen themselves in the morning sun. A gentle breeze is blowing as they gaze out at their kingdom. The persistent screeching of a hawk, the piercing caw of a crow, the exotic sound of a pileated woodpecker, all can be heard in the distance. 8:27am Romeo departs from the branch and returns to the nest as Juliet looks on. It doesn't take long before Juliet flies off also. She returns with a branch and they resume the "nestorations". 8:46am They have both left the nest but not for long. Romeo returns with Juliet not far behind, each delivering another stick. And the work continues...earlybird_AEF
9/18/2018 19:21:509/18/20186:05:00 PMBlack VulturePerched/PerchingA beautiful black vulture has stopped by for a visit. S/he looks like s/he's ready to go out on the town with black epaulettes on his/her shoulders and a feather boa thrown around his/her neck. Our beauty perches on the Wallenda branches, looking intently around, tracking everything with his/her gorgeous dark eyes. S/he swivels his/her head around, looking side to side and behind him/her. The sound of crashing branches seems to startle him/her. S/he leans down to take a look, but s/he still stays in place. His/her feathers now look golden as the sun slowly creeps over to shine down on him/her. What a treat to have him/her stay with us for this long. 7:14pm S/he crouches down to take one last look before s/he flies off and disappears out of our view. earlybird_AEF
9/19/2018 7:04:059/19/20186:44:00 AMRomeo and JulietArrivalJuliet arrives and begins tidying up the nest. She's looking exceptionally lovely this morning as she wears some feather bling in her nare. I doubt if that will last long with all the stick moving that she's doing already. Our Juliet doesn't waste a minute, but gets straight to work, relocating some sticks and aerating the fluff. 6:56am Romeo flies in with a stick and lends a helping hand...well..lends a helping beak. 7:00am Off he goes to get more supplies.earlybird_AEF
9/19/2018 7:40:209/19/20187:02:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo quickly returns with a stick and attempts to find the perfect spot for it but Juliet jumps in to help. "Let me take care of that one Dear." Romeo obliges and moves onto another stick. 7:09am Romeo is off again to get another branch. He returns and Juliet moves over to the Wallenda Branches. She only perches for a short while before she flies off. Juliet returns with a lovely branch, draped in moss and sprigs of green. Nothing like a little greenery to give the nest a nice homey feeling. earlybird_AEF
9/19/2018 7:45:479/19/20187:31:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkBoth of our hard workers fly from the nest and each return with yet another stick. After a little more nest work, Juliet goes off to take a break on Sunset Branch, Romeo departs from the nest to get one more stick.earlybird_AEF
9/19/2018 7:53:549/19/20187:46:00 AMRomeo and JulietPerched/PerchingRomeo looks on as Juliet flies over the nest. Romeo takes this opportunity to move up to Sunset Branch and enjoy some of that beautiful scenery himself. Juliet returns to the nest with another branch.earlybird_AEF
9/19/2018 8:57:189/19/20188:00:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkThis has been the Romeo and Juliet Comedy Hour. They've been trying to get all of the sticks in some kind of order, we know that they will get there, but it's so entertaining to watch the process. There are so many sticks in the nest already, they've been hard at work, bringing them back and forth. They stumble over the sticks, they bump into each other, they each grab an end and seem to want to go in opposite directions, Juliet gives Romeo a beak peck to show her annoyance, Romeo insists that he wants to help her, Juliet pulls on Romeo's tail feathers to move him out of the way. They are like an old married couple at times. It's hilarious! Yet, even with all of this commotion, they are still getting the job done. The nest is shaping up. I can't wait to see the finished product.earlybird_AEF
9/19/2018 18:52:349/19/20186:07:00 PMJulietPerched/PerchingWhat a pleasure to see Juliet for the second time this afternoon. She visited briefly around 4:30pm and she's back once again. She's the Queen of the Hamlet, a vision of loveliness as she gazes out at her domain, her feathers and beak all aglow from the golden sun, the wind ruffling her feathers. earlybird_AEF
9/19/2018 19:48:319/19/20187:28:00 PMRomeo and JulietNest WorkJuliet moves into the nest, Romeo arrives soon after to help out with the sticks. They work side by side in perfect harmony as darkness starts to fall. 7:43pm Juliet flies off for the night, Romeos follows soon after.earlybird_AEF
9/20/2018 6:52:409/20/20186:46:00 AMJulietArrivalThe sky is changing from black to gray, we see beacons of light filtering through the trees, giving the appearance of starbursts as they move on by, the hoot of an owl can be heard in the distance. Juliet arrives at the nest with a graceful landing. Our morning has begun.earlybird_AEF
9/20/2018 6:58:279/20/20186:52:00 AMRomeo and JulietArrivalRomeo flies in to join her, bringing in a stick draped in moss. They greet each other with some beak bumps, Juliet moves over to the Wallenda branches, Romeo departs, perhaps to do some stick shopping.earlybird_AEF
9/20/2018 7:10:199/20/20187:02:00 AMRomeo and JulietPerching/Nest WorkJuliet continues to perch on the branch, gazing around her domain and doing some morning preening. Romeo is back with another stick, places it quickly near the V branches. The nest bursts into color as the sun rises, the sky in shades of yellow, lavender and blue. Romeo is off once again, Juliet quickly follows.earlybird_AEF
9/20/2018 7:13:209/20/20187:05:00 AMEagle VocabularyPreeningPreening – grooming of the feathers, pulling the beak down the feather to clean and straighten it; preening is a behavior of birds in a relaxed state.earlybird_AEF
9/20/2018 7:30:329/20/20187:08:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo is back with stick number three, Juliet is not far behind with a stick of her own. Our dynamic duo work together to place these sticks, Romeo flies off to find another. We get a spectacular view as Romeo returns with another stick. It's a beautiful sight, seeing him gracefully fly towards us. He quickly places this one near the V branches. Juliet attempts to move in and help but Romeo gives her a peck to say no thanks. Juliet may be the boss but her handsome Romeo does have a mind of his own. He seems to think this is where his stick should be placed and lets her know just that. So sweet how she just calmly backs away and lets him have his way. earlybird_AEF
9/20/2018 9:07:189/20/20188:58:00 AMRomeoNest WorkRomeo and Juliet have been hard at work throughout the morning. It's been thoroughly entertaining watching them fly back and forth with sticks and watching their antics as they maneuver them around the nest. The side rails are being built up nicely, the nest is taking shape. Juliet has left the nest for the moment, Romeo has brought in one more stick. He places it quickly, takes a look around the area and flies out into the trees.earlybird_AEF
9/21/2018 6:59:099/21/20186:44:00 AMJulietArrivalJuliet has arrived at the nest. She relocates some sticks and aerates the fluff stopping every now and then to look around the area. She moves up to Sunset Branch to enjoy the view as the sun begins to rise.earlybird_AEF
9/21/2018 7:06:589/21/20187:04:00 AMJulietDepartureJuliet continues to perch on Sunset Branch as a hawk serenades us with it's morning song. The drone of the cicadas is deafening as Juliet gazes out at her domain. She departs from the branch and we hear eagles calls nearby.earlybird_AEF
9/21/2018 7:22:479/21/20187:08:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkJuliet has returned and brings with her a lovely branch with sprigs of green attached. Romeo is right behind her and begins to help with the renovations. Juliet continues to move some sticks as Romeo heads up to Lookout Branch and flies off. Romeo's quickly back with a stick and keeps a watch on the area as Juliet works in the nest. They stop to give each other some sweet beak kisses before Romeo flies off to get another stick.earlybird_AEF
9/21/2018 8:01:069/21/20188:00:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo and Juliet have been busy. They've been working almost non-stop with only a few short breaks in between. Sticks, sticks and more sticks. The stick shenanigans continue....earlybird_AEF
9/21/2018 19:45:569/21/20187:15:00 PMJulietArrival/DepartureSo nice to see Juliet this evening. She perches near the nest looking intently around the area. Maybe she's waiting for Romeo. That would be a nice treat to see him this evening also. 7:23pm Juliet flies off, perhaps in search of her handsome mate.earlybird_AEF
9/22/2018 7:07:199/22/20186:54:00 AMRomeo and JulietArrivalHappy first day of Fall! A lovely time of year when the air gets cool and crisp and the leaves burst into color. The lovely Juliet has arrived at the nest and begins the "nestorations". She aerates the thick and fluffy moss that was brought in yesterday and repositions some sticks. 7:00am Her Romeo arrives. He commences with aerating the moss as she builds up the side rails. They are making a fortress around the perimeter, a strong and sturdy barrier. Juliet stops to preen herself, Romeo nibbles at her tail feathers. They are so adorable together.earlybird_AEF
9/22/2018 7:20:539/22/20187:08:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo and Juliet stop their work and gaze around the area. We can hear a lot of bird activity nearby so perhaps that's what's distracting them. They give each other some beak kisses, Romeo departs from the nest, Juliet gets back to tidying up. Juliet's looking quite festive this morning as she sports some beautiful feather bling on her beak. Such a fashion statement. Such a trend setter. I expect we'll see this in all of the eagle boutiques in the near future. earlybird_AEF
9/22/2018 7:47:077/21/20187:32:00 AMRomeo and JulietPerched/PerchingRomeo has been enjoying some time on Sunset Branch while Juliet has been working on the renovations. Juliet flies up to Lookout Point to take a look at the scenery from there. What a magnificent view it is. No colors of red, orange and yellow here but trees as far as we can see in various shades of glorious green. 7:41am Juliet flies from the branch, eagle vocals are heard nearby.earlybird_AEF
9/22/2018 7:52:409/22/20187:45:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkJuliet returns with a stick, Romeo is not far behind. Time to do a little more nest work.earlybird_AEF
9/22/2018 8:09:169/22/20187:52:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkJuliet moves over to the Wallenda Branches, Romeo remains in the nest. He crouches his head down and tracks something flying by. Romeo is such a fierce protector, always keeping an eagle eye on the surrounding area, always looking out for his Juliet. All is well, off he goes again. 8:00am Juliet flies off from the branch but is quickly back with another stick.earlybird_AEF
9/22/2018 8:51:209/22/20188:30:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkOur handsome couple continue with the nest work. Juliet has brought in some lovely greenery to freshen the nest and give it a splash of color. Romeo has returned wearing his own feather bling, obviously the trend is catching on. 8:36am Romeo flies off, Juliet soon after. earlybird_AEF
9/22/2018 19:30:219/22/20187:14:00 PMJulietArrivalOur beauty Juliet has arrived at the nest for her evening visit. She does a quick nest check and moves up to Sunset Branch. She gazes around her domain with the ever changing Florida sky as her backdrop. It's a lovely evening with light winds and temperatures in the mid 80's. The cicadas are loud, almost drowning out the sound of the wind but Juliet pays them no mind. She's busy with her evening preening, perhaps making herself ready for her evening rendezvous with Romeo. earlybird_AEF
9/22/2018 19:58:589/22/20187:38:00 PMRomeo and JUlietDepartureJuliet moves back into the nest, takes one more look around and departs. I wonder if she's on her way to meet her Romeo? 7:44pm Romeo arrives at the nest. He stops at the edge and looks out as the sky begins to darken. "Where is my Juliet?" Do you see her out there Romeo? I bet you do. He takes one more look, raises his magnificent wings and flies out into the nightearlybird_AEF
9/23/2018 6:57:599/23/20186:42:00 AMRomeo and JulietArrivalJuliet arrives at the nest and begins the housekeeping chores. Romeo flies in to help, not three minutes later. Together they aerate the fluff and spread some of the grasses around the nest. So cute how Romeo grabs up a clump and passes it to Juliet. Obviously Juliet is the interior designer in this family. earlybird_AEF
9/23/2018 7:14:409/23/20186:51:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkRomeo moves up to Lookout Point and flies off. He's quickly back with the first stick of the day. Just minutes later, he's off to find stick number two. Together, they build up the side rails, the bowl is looking more defined now, everything is coming together. Romeo gives his sweetheart a few beak kisses, "Take a break Dear, you deserve it." Juliet says, "don't mind if I do" and moves up to Sunset Branch. Romeo flies off to get more supplies.earlybird_AEF
9/23/2018 7:41:149/23/20187:09:00 AMRomeo and JulietPerched/PerchingRomeo is back and places one more stick in the nest. He stops his work to gaze around the area. Some crows can be heard nearby, perhaps that's what he's watching. He finally flies off again, Juliet returns from her break. She gets back to moving the sticks but she too, stops to take a look around before moving back to Sunset Branch. The view from there is always spectacular and today's no exception. The puffy white clouds against the pale blue sky, the golden rays of sun filtering through the trees, totally mesmerizing.earlybird_AEF
9/23/2018 8:09:239/23/20188:00:00 AMRomeo and JulietNest WorkThe stick work continues, with both Romeo and Juliet flying back and forth with branches. They work so well together, each helping the other if the stick is a little difficult to manage, moving it every which way and that to fit it perfectly in place. The interaction between them is priceless, with the beak bumps, the beak kisses and the neck nuzzles. These two are perfectly matched and perfectly attuned to one another. No wonder we love them so much.earlybird_AEF
9/23/2018 11:33:189/23/201811:15:00 AMEmpty NestAfternoon BreakIt appears that Romeo and Juliet are off on their afternoon break. They had a very busy and productive morning. Most of the sticks have now been moved to the outer edges of the nest, the bowl becoming nicely formed in the center. It was exciting to see Juliet shimmy down to try it out for size. It was quick but it made our hearts beat faster nonetheless. There are still sticks to be stacked and moss to be spread, their work has just begun. We will sit back and enjoy every minute of it.earlybird_AEF
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