AEF NEFL - Event Log 2018/19 (Responses)
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2/21/20199:27 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Prey Delivered/DepartureSamson flies off but is back again at 9:27am and who should fly in with him but A2. So nice to see them together. A2 perches on the Wallenda branches while Samson perches on the Overhang branch. Samson flies at 9:45am while A2 departs at 9:52am. Samson’s back again at 9:57am with a fish that he devours in less than five minutes. He flies off again at 10:01am.earlybird_AEF
2/21/20198:19 AMSamsonArrival/PerchingThe sun is shining in the Hamlet with temperatures in the mid- sixties and only a small chance of showers. The nest tree stood empty last night but we’re hoping for a visit very soon. The sound of vocals filters through the trees. Samson announces his arrival at 8:19am. He spends some time gazing around the Hamlet before he flies to the Wallenda Branches. He looks so handsome with the sun smiling down on him as he keeps a watchful eye on the area. Is he expecting A2 to return? We sure hope so.earlybird_AEF
2/20/20199:52 PMSamson & A2Depart/Perched/Arrive/OffWhat a wonderful morning with A2 staying around so long! She sure enjoyed her nest time. Samson was staying close to the nest tree today as well. He did fly off @11:45 am but came back not long after & perched on the Wallenda Branch. Both of them are still watching something flying around out there & still alerting. Maybe some birds enjoying the thermals today, getting too close to the nest or flying through the Hamlet. What bird would not want to check out the beautiful Hamlet! Samson stayed for about 20 minutes, flying off @12:20 pm. A2 seemed content to stay on longer, flying off @1:54 pm. Vocals were heard @2:44 pm & Samson shows up. He stayed in the nest until he once again flew off @3:04 pm. Do they see other birds out there? Are they going to hunt for food? Do they have a few other favorite trees they fly to for perching & mating? Maybe all of these. We were lucky enough to see Samson come back one more time before dark - @4:21 pm he flew in to the nest then hopped up to the Sunset Branch. Off he went @4:40 pm. So far no sign of Samson or A2 back to the nest. The moon is still very bright. I am imagining seeing them both, side by side, in a tree close by with the moon above. Stay safe & rest well Samson & A2. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF12/12/2018 (1) Sub-adult arrived @6 PM (2) Injuries first noticed on Juliet's beak/facial area @10 PM 12/13/2018 Arrival of A1 (unknown adult female BE) 12/17/2018 Juliet last seen when she flew @9:15 AM 12/18/2018 Arrival of A2 (unknown young adult female BE) 12/19/2018 Arrival of A3 (unknown adult female BE) 12/22/2018 A2 & A3 scuffle on the nest 12/24/2018 Confirmed pip on NE21 @7:21 AM (changed to NE20 as first egg NE20 non-viable) 12/25/2018 Loss of NE20 RIP little one 12/26/2018 Romeo last seen (confirmed) @2 PM. A3 last seen this date also. 12/27/2018 (1) Adult Female Visitor(F) arrived @9 AM (2) Young adult male arrived @12:33 PM 12/29/2018 Possible sighting of A2 at Tatine's Tree (TT) 01/02/2019 Female Visitor (F) & Young adult male attacked on the nest by unknown BE
2/20/201910:27 AMSamson & A2Arrival/VocalsA2 flies off but she’s back again at 10:27am. She attentively tracks something above. Could she be watching Samson? It appears that she is. The vocals begin and who should fly in but Samson. He arrives in the nest and the vocals continue. There seems to be something flying above that’s annoying them. All gets quiet and calm again, except the wind. The Hamlet is getting some brisk winds today. That may be why A2 lies down in the nest, perhaps to shelter herself from the wind. Samson moves up to Lookout Point, A2 is up and standing in the nest again at 11:06am.earlybird_AEF01/07/2019 Female Visitor (F) last seen @10:53 AM 01/09/2019 New female arrived @8:20 AM with young adult male (now believed to be Samson) 01/13/2019 (1) Sub adult (@4 years old) arrived @6 PM then Samson arrived (2) BE (believed to be GF or girlfriend) @ Lumber Yard Tree @6:15 PM. 01/14/2019 (1) GF returned & chased off Sub adult after midnight (2) GF flew off with Samson @1:12 PM and (3) A2 returned to the nest with Samson @3:48 PM
2/20/20196:33 AMSamson & A2Arrival/DepartureIt’s always a beautiful morning when Samson and A2 arrive together and that they did this morning. They fly in at 6:33am announcing to all around that they are back. Such a sweet sight to see them perched together with the fog as their backdrop in muted shades of green and brown. A2 is anything but muted as she sings out her lovely morning songs. Samson joins in the chorus as their voices echo throughout the Hamlet. To say we’ve missed seeing them together is an understatement. A2 looks on as Samson flies off at 6:50am.earlybird_AEF01/16/2019 Samson & A2 together; GF last seen 2 days ago 01/18/2019 Arrival of unknown visitor @4:32 pm 01/19/2019 Samson not seen since 4:22 pm on 1/18/2019; Young adult with dark splotches on top & back of head, visited nest 1/19/2019 & 1/20/2019 01/21/2019 A2 & Unknown Visitor still in & out of the nest tree
2/19/20199:46 PMSamson & A2Arrivals/DeparturesShort visits from our eagle pair late this afternoon. Samson was in & out 4:00 - 4:06 pm. A2 arrived @5:30 pm before the evening Chat started. She did stay for the chatters for a little while. Thank you A2. She was perched on the Wallenda Branch, did a PS then off she flew shortly after 6 pm. The Ground Crew was watching & they did see her fly but did not see where she went. They heard, along with us, some vocals not too far off & it sounded like mating sounds. We are assuming it was A2 & Samson. They have not returned this evening but with the beautiful "Super Snow Moon," it is possible one or both may fly to the nest tree sometime during the night. Wherever they are, stay safe Samson & A2. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF01/22/2019 New male visitor to the nest, appears to be known & accepted by A2 01/25/2019 Young adult BE with dark splotches on top & back of head returned today 01/27/2019 It is believed Samson returned today. Confirmed to be Samson. 01/30/2019 Two Visitors arrived, one is similar to GF (not confirmed); other U/K mature BE 02/02/2019 Still A2 & mature BE from 1/30/2019 (also known as Visitor/ white head or Whitey) visiting nest; Samson not seen since he flew off with A2 on 1/30/2019 @5:17 pm 02/03/2019 Samson returned with A2 @6:14 pm.
2/19/20191:30 PMA2Arrival/PerchingA2 announces her arrival at 1:30pm. She spends some time relaxing in the nest and gazing around, looking as beautiful as ever. It’s so nice to have her stop by for a visit. She moves up to Sunset Branch at 1:52pm and sounds out with some vocals. Perhaps she’s calling Samson. No response from him yet. A2 flies at 2:23pm.earlybird_AEF02/04/2019 Samson flew off @7:30 am 02/08/2019 A2 & Visitor have been back & forth to nest for a few days now. Visitor appears to be a male. 02/09/2019 @12:32 pm Samson has made his return once again, with A2. Visitor flew @6:55 am (last seen)
2/19/20191:10 PMSamsonPerching/DepartureSamson stayed for a nice long visit this morning. He spent some time enjoying the view from Lookout Point, rummaged around in the nest for some leftovers and perched for a while on the Wallenda Branches. He flew off at 11:30am.earlybird_AEF02/14/2019 A2 was last seen at the nest tree @3:40 pm on 2/12/2019 02/16/2019 A2 returned to the nest tree @10:19 am with Samson 02/17/2019 Sub-Adult arrived @5:20 pm & perched for the night (no other eagles present)
2/19/20198:00 AMSamsonPerchingSamson returns at 8:00am. A2 isn’t with him yet but we’re still hopeful that she’ll join him soon. He perches on Lookout Point and gazes all around. He may be hoping that she’ll join him too. earlybird_AEF
2/19/20196:57 AMSamsonPerching/DepartureSamson gives out a call to A2 at 6:57am. Well, perhaps he was calling out to A2. My guess is that he was. Samson and A2 are two very independent eagles that like to go off and do their own thing but when they come together its magic. The change in personality when A2 is with her Samson is totally captivating. No longer the feisty and very vocal eagle but more the quiet and docile companion. It’s really sweet to see. Samson moves over to the Wallenda Branches and continues to watch for his sweet A2. It would be so wonderful to see the two of them in the nest together this morning but it doesn’t look like that will happen just yet. Samson waits no more. He flies off at 7:27am, perhaps to join her.earlybird_AEF
2/19/20196:25 AMSamsonPerchingSamson sleeps on a branch tucked close to the nest. It doesn’t appear that A2 made it to the sleepover but we hope to see her as the sky lightens. Samson wakens and gives himself a rouse at 6:25am. He doesn’t move from his perch yet but gazes all around. He calls out a greeting at 6:36am and flies to a different branch a few minutes later. Samson’s day has begun and so has ours.earlybird_AEF
2/18/201910:01 PMSamsonArrivals/Eating/Departure/ Back/PerchedWe were fortunate to see Samson come to the nest a few times today with a fish. The first time was @11:30 am when he gulped it down quickly then flew off not long after. The second time was @2:25 pm when he ate just as quickly, feaked his beak a bit in the nest then went to the Wallenda Branch where he feaked some more. He then flew off. He returned to the nest @3:38 pm, enjoyed perching on the side of the nest then flew off @4:09 pm. Back again @6:30 pm & this time Samson perched on the Sunset Branch. But just for @6 minutes. He flew down to a lower branch where he is more out of sight. He has been there all evening - snoozing, rousing, preening & snoozing again. Not sure if he will stay on this branch all night but it is windy & he may feel more protected where he is perched. Stay safe Samson & also A2 wherever she may be for the night. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/18/20198:51 AMA2Arrival/DepartureA2 arrives for a brief visit at 8:51am She flies at 8:56am. Short but sweet.earlybird_AEF
2/18/20196:38 AMSub-Adult & SamsonPerching/DepartureThe sub-adult moves up to Sunset Branch at 6:38am and that’s when the warning vocals begin. Samson’s back and is not happy with someone sleeping in his bed. Run along young whipper snapper. Samson doesn’t have to say it twice; the young beauty knows when its not welcome. Off s/he goes into the big blue sky while Samson remains perching on the nest tree. Samson flaps his wings and flies at 6:48am.
2/18/20196:00 AMSub-AdultOn NestThe sky is still dark, the Hamlet is quiet with temperatures in the mid-sixties. What a treat to wake up and see the young sleeping beauty still snoozing in the nest. S/he stopped by last evening and apparently needed a safe harbor to spend the night. Her/his eyes are closed as s/he sleeps upright in the sentry position, shaking her/his head every now and then from those pesky bugs. S/he opens her/his eyes, takes a peek around, stretches her/his wings, preens her/his feathers and goes off to dreamland once again. By 6:30am, s/he’s awake and aware, closely watching her/his surroundings as the birds begin their morning songs. How long will this young beauty stay with us is hard to say. But while s/he’s here we will enjoy every minute of it. earlybird_AEF
2/17/201910:17 PMSub-AdultArrival/On Nest/PerchedSurprise!! A beautiful sub-adult just seemed to come out of nowhere & landed in the nest tree @5:20 pm, perching for all of the Chatters who were enjoying a Sunday evening Chat session. That salt & pepper head, that almost yellow beak, that tail with the dark terminal band & white feathers - appears to be a 3 + year old. Could it be one of the offspring from the 2015/2016 season? Liberty or Justice? Oh it is always nice to think it could be one of them! This Sub continued to perch even when vocals were heard off the nest @5:59 pm. It was thought that Samson and/or A2 may be on their way to the nest. But no arrivals. @6:38 pm the Sub started moving around, first to the Sunset Branch, then to the nest & it even laid down. "Do you remember this nest?" I bet it does. It did dig around a bit, possibly looking for nestovers & it even moved a few sticks. @6:51 pm it flew back up to the Sunset Branch then back to the nest. It perched on the edge of the nest for awhile, shaking its head a lot from the bugs. Warm weather has ascended on the Hamlet & area. @7:43 pm it was back to the Sunset Branch again where it preened, shook its head some more from the bugs & stretched its feet. @9:00 pm it was time to go back to the nest where this beauty has been standing & closing its eyes. Hard to believe that it is getting a good night's sleep with the bugs bothering it so much. Hope it will take advantage of the tuck method soon. There were some more vocals off the nest @9:28 pm but still no other eagles have shown up, as yet. I do hope that the Sub has a quiet night. There is a full moon so it remains to be seen if the Sub will have the nest alone all night. Samson & A2 do not seem to have any hesitation flying at night. Hoping for all eagles to stay safe & for no serious interactions. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/17/201910:10 PMSamsonArrival/Perched/DepartSamson returned a few more times this afternoon - @1:17 pm he made a quick appearance, then again @4:06 pm when he flew in & perched at Lookout Point. He stayed longer the second time, departing @4:44 pm. There were some vocals earlier @ 1:56 pm, heard off the nest but no eagle showed up. babyhawk_AEF
2/17/201910:24 AMSamson & A2Arrival/DepartureSamson did return at 10:24am. No fish for A2 but it was sure nice to see Samson’s handsome face. It appears that A2 feels the same way. She’s not letting him get out of her sight this time. They both fly off together at 10:32am, perhaps Samson’s taking A2 to his favorite fish bistro nearby. They return and briefly spend some more time at the nest, A2 on Sunset Branch, Samson on the Wallenda Branches. They both fly off together once again at 10:58am.earlybird_AEF
2/17/20196:30 AMSamson & A2Perching/Vocals/DepartA2 did indeed sleep on the Longleaf Pine but not alone. Samson joined her in the wee hours of the morning. Such a pleasure to see the lovebirds snuggled up together once again. There was no doubt at all that it was them on this early Sunday morning. Their vocals sang out loud and clear, announcing to all that would listen that they were back. And believe you me it was hard not to listen. I think everyone both near and far could hear their piercing vocals. Even the normally quiet Samson couldn’t contain his excitement. Such a wonderful sound to hear at first light. Samson flies off at 6:50am. Wouldn’t that just make our day and A2’s if he came back with breakfish for two? earlybird_AEF
2/16/201910:07 PMA2Arrival/Perched/DepartYes Samson, she gave you a piece of your own medicine - staying away for several days & making you & all of us wonder if she was going to return to the nest tree soon. Well you probably knew where she has been hanging out but not us humans. It was wonderful to see A2 this morning, and it was wonderful to see her again in the late afternoon @5:56 pm. She flew in & landed on the Wallenda Branch, and we knew just by her position on the branch then the PS, that she was not going to stay long. But we will take that short visit any day. She flew off @6:18 pm. The Ground Crew was not available this evening so we do not know what direction A2 flew but maybe she was heading wherever Samson was perched so she could spend the night next to him. I like that thought. Thank you A2 for showing up today even though you have no idea that you made a bunch of humans very happy. A2 is looking great, and so is Samson. Just stay safe out there & come back to visit the longleaf pine more often. Goodnight to all. **Update: Eagle has returned (maybe A2?) @10:26 pm & is perched close to the nest, down below.babyhawk_AEF
2/16/201912:22 PMSamson & A2Arrival/DepartureSo nice to see Samson and A2 back again at 12:22pm. Together. They spend some time at the Longleaf Pine, Samson in the nest, A2 perched on Sunset Branch. They fly off at 12:35pm, A2 first with Samson following not far behind. Together.Their love story continues…earlybird_AEF
2/16/201910:24 AMSamson & A2Departure/PerchingA2 looks on as Samson flies off at 10:24am. A2 remains on Sunset branch and gives out a call at 10:48am. Does she see Samson nearby? We sure hope so. Samson doesn't return just yet. A2 departs at 11:15am.earlybird_AEF
2/16/201910:19 AMSamson & A2Arrival/PerchingWishes can come true. A2 announces her arrival as she arrives with a flourish to join her Samson. What a wonderful sight to see her. Samson moves over to the Houdini Branch while A2 flies up to enjoy that beautiful view on Sunset Branch. earlybird_AEF
2/16/20199:30 AMSamsonArrivalIt’s another quiet morning in the Hamlet. The eagles slept elsewhere once again and haven’t stopped by yet this morning. This makes us wonder if our season is ending. The visits by Samson are getting fewer and fewer, we haven’t seen A2 at the nest since 2/11/2019. We know that she has been in the area since then, they both may still be nearby. Their relationship seems to be growing, they appear to be a pair by their interaction together. But as far as renovations to the nest, delivering sticks and fluff, there has been little to none. As a young couple they may not be ready yet to start a family, perhaps that will happen next year. But this year has been so unpredictable, its anyone’s guess what the near future will bring. We’re still hopeful that good things are yet to come. As if on cue, Samson arrives at 9:54am. He moves into the nest and rearranges a stick. What a joy to see him here. Another eagle is circling above. Could that be A2? They’re such a delight to watch together. We’re on the edge of our seats waiting, watching, wishing. Samson’s watching and waiting too. Come back A2. Your Samson is waiting.earlybird_AEF
2/15/20199:26 PMNo eaglesEmpty NestSo what is worse than not seeing much of the eagles today? Seeing an empty nest. It is way too early for this, and something we are not used to at this nest. It has been a season of so many changes and so many ups & downs. Samson has cheered us up, and not seeing Romeo & Juliet since December 2018, has saddened us. But "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the Soul, and sings the tune without the words, and Never stops at all." (Emily Dickinson) To hear those familiar vocals from Romeo & Juliet are what I and so many of us will hope to hear in the Hamlet again, no matter when. We will not stop hoping & believing that they are out there, somewhere. I leave you with that empty nest, and nothing to report from the Ground Crew from earlier this evening before darkness set in. But most of all, I leave you with Hope. Safety to all the beautiful eagles - Samson & A2 and Romeo & Juliet. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/15/20191:58 PMSamsonArrival/DepartureSo nice to see Samson stop by for a short visit at 1:58pm. It was brief, it only lasted a few minutes but any time we get to see the handsome Samson is a treat. Hope he stops by again soon and brings sweet A2 with him. earlybird_AEF
2/15/20199:30 AMEmpty nestEmpty NestAll has been quiet at our NEFL nest. Samson and A2 apparently slept elsewhere last night and they haven’t made an appearance yet this morning. We are keeping our eyes and ears open for their return.earlybird_AEF
2/14/20199:37 PMSamsonPerched/Departure/ Empty NestThere is not much to add to the events of the day. When Samson moved up to Lookout Point @2:28 pm, he perched there & then left @2:55 pm, out to check the Hamlet, then maybe to pick up his date, A2, for Valentine's Day early bird dinner. He has not returned as yet this evening, and we have not seen A2 for a few days. She is taking a page from Samson's play book - staying away, and biding her own time. She is one independent lady. The Ground Crew did check the area before dark but no eagles were seen. I did forget to mention that a beautiful Kestrel visited the snag tree this morning, just before Samson returned @10:23 am. It looked like a male with its beautiful blue & tan colored feathers. The snag tree is the same area where the hawks like to perch. So the Hamlet continues to attract many different birds, and continues to be a special place in our hearts. Samson & A2, hope you come back to visit the nest more often. Stay safe out there. Goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
2/14/20192:15 PMSamsonPrey DeliveredSamson flies off at 12:26pm. We hear vocals nearby at 1:03pm. Our first thought, maybe Samson and A2 are on their way back to the nest. But no, that’s not to be. At least not yet. Samson does return at 2:15pm with a fish. A fish for two perhaps? But no, that’s doesn’t appear to be the case. It looks like Samson ate the whole fish himself. He seems he has a thing or two to learn about wooing a mate. Samson finishes up his meal and moves up to Lookout Point to enjoy that beautiful view.earlybird_AEF
2/14/201910:23 AMSamsonPerchingToday is a special day that we set aside for our loved ones. A time to express to them how much we care. Samson returns at 10:23am. It’s so nice to see him here especially on this day filled with love. He reminds us of all the sweet memories that we store in our hearts. The sweet memories of Romeo and Juliet. They were always such an affectionate couple, giving each other special looks, perching side by side, sharing beak kisses. The nest building was both amusing and endearing with their differences of opinions. Juliet usually got her way but with one sweet look, Romeo could change her mind. Sometimes. Lol They did adore each other, of that there was little doubt. They were the perfect parents, so tender and caring with their little ones. Romeo, always making sure the pantry was full, Juliet always making sure that each of her sweet bobbleheads were fed. It always amazed us when she would reach over the oldest to make sure the youngest had it’s fill. We now are able to see what all of their wonderful parenting skills have accomplished with Samson. He will carry on their legacy as he matures and has little ones of his own. We hope to see this happen. It would bring us so much joy to see Samson and A2’s relationship blossom into something permanent. It would also bring us so much joy to see Romeo and Juliet’s return. Of that we are not giving up hope. We sit back and enjoy the old memories but we wait in anticipation of the new. Happy Valentine’s Day Romeo and Juliet. Wherever you are, our hearts are with you. earlybird_AEF02/02/2019 Still A2 & mature BE from 1/30/2019 (also known as Visitor/ white head or Whitey) visiting nest; Samson not seen since he flew off with A2 on 1/30/2019 @5:17 pm 02/03/2019 Samson returned with A2 @6:14 pm. 02/04/2019 Samson flew off @7:30 am 02/08/2019 A2 & Visitor have been back & forth to nest for a few days now. Visitor appears to be a male. 02/09/2019 @12:32 pm Samson has made his return once again, with A2. Visitor flew @6:55 am (last seen) 02/14/2019 A2 was last seen at the nest tree @3:40 pm on 2/12/2019
2/14/20196:20 AMSamsonPerching/DepartureWe wake up this Valentine’s morning to find Samson sleeping on the nest tree. But where is his sweetheart? A2 didn’t sleep here but she may not be far. We know how much she adores her Samson. He calls out a greeting at 6:20am. No answer just yet. Samson flies at 7:02am, perhaps on his way to find his Valentine. earlybird_AEF
2/13/201910:23 PMSamsonArrival/PerchedA quiet afternoon as far as the eagles were concerned! But the resident red-shouldered hawks could be heard close by, flying around & one was seen perched on the snag tree @2:35 pm. Could very well be Bo & Ali, the beautiful Hamlet pair. Then just before dark, a nice surprise arrived - Samson flew in @6:14 pm & perched on the Wallenda Branch. Had a nice crop - eating well out there! He has stayed there all evening, and not having to deal with the bugs tonight with the cooler weather. A2 has been seen over at the Lumber Yard Tree in the morning so perhaps she is there tonight or close by. Hoping to see them together tomorrow for Valentine's Day. Stay safe sweet eagles. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/13/20192:30 PMSamsonPerching/DepartureWe had another visit from Samson at 11:56am. He perched on the Wallenda Branches and flew at 12:23pm. earlybird_AEF
2/13/20196:50 AMSamsonArrival/PerchingRain is expected through the morning, followed by cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper fifties. Samson and A2 slept elsewhere last night, perhaps they were not too far away. Samson arrives bright and early at 6:50am. He continues to perch nest side at 7:50am, attentively looking around. A2 was out and about most of the day yesterday, we hope to see her join Samson at the nest soon. Samson flies at 8:30am.earlybird_AEF
2/12/20199:24 PMA2Arrival/DepartureWell if A2 & Samson are not going to be nesting this season then I suspect that we will only see them occasionally. Then they will eventually make their way out of the Hamlet in a few months time & head further north. In the meantime, we will enjoy them. Samson & A2 sure seem to be bonding well so far, and they are enjoying the trees in the Hamlet (think Samson likes the Lumber Yard Tree - remembers that one from his early days, only it had more branches on it back then). A2 seems to like that tree as well. We did see A2 for a few minutes this afternoon @3:40 pm when she flew in to the nest. Off she went minutes later. The Ground Crew saw one of them perched in the Lumber Yard Tree (LYT) later before the rain started. They could be in the area, perched close by from when they found a sheltered spot from the rain. One of the chatters thought they heard some vocals when we had Chat open. No sign of them though. The Ground Crew did see 3 deer down below the nest tree. We will see if one or both of them decide to return to the nest tree sometime tonight. We never know with them. For now, stay safe Samson & A2 and of course Romeo & Juliet who we continually think about & hope for their return. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/12/201911:18 AMSamsonPerching/DepartureSamson was back at the nest at 11:18am. He spent some time branch surfing on this windy day before he flew off at 11:55am.
2/12/201910:01 AMSamsonPrey DeliveredSamson returns with a beauty of a fish at 10:01am. He digs right in and appears to enjoy every bite of it, down to the very last morsel. That was a huge fish. Samson obviously has a hearty appetite. He cleans himself off with some feaking and moves over to the Wallenda branches. He flies at 10:22am. earlybird_AEF
2/12/20198:00 AMSamson & A2Perching/Vocals/MatingSamson and A2 did indeed meet up for a romantic rendezvous. Thanks to the great reporting from the ground crew, we know that they met up on the Lumberyard Tree and shared some sweet vocals and some sweet mating.earlybird_AEF
2/12/20196:15 AMSamsonPerching/DepartureSamson sleeps soundly on the Wallenda Branches, head tucked in his chest feathers, eyes closed. He looks so vulnerable in the darkness but we know better. His eyes may be closed but he’s aware of everything around him. He awakens, opens his eyes and holds his foot up in a relaxed position. It appears that A2 slept elsewhere last night but its doubtful that she’s far. These two lovebirds have been getting closer every day. The sweetness between them has warmed our hearts and given us hope for the future. Samson gives out a call at 6:31am, moves on the branch and looks all around. No response from A2 just yet. He flies off, perhaps on his way to join her.earlybird_AEF
2/11/201910:16 PMSamsonArrival/Departure/ PerchedSamson returned in the early afternoon @2:00 pm - catfish in talons! He ate most of the fish on the nest, leaving a few pieces either for later or maybe for A2. He went to the Wallenda Branch first then over to Lookout Point. Flew off @2:45 pm. The afternoon was quiet. @6:21 pm Samson came back, flying in magnificently & landing on the nest. He munched on the nestovers - A2 never did show up so Samson finished off his fish.There may have been some vocals heard off the nest but not for sure. @6:37 pm Samson made his way to the Beak & Tail Branch, or a version of it because we could see pretty much see all of him on Cam 2. He has been there all evening, snoozing, stretching, preening, rousing & repositioning himself.He has been shaking out those legs. resting one then the other. Not sure if he will stay on this branch all night - maybe do some branch hopping at some point. Hope we see more of A2 tomorrow. She flew off this morning & could be out there this evening, close by in another tree in the Hamlet for the night. Stay safe A2 & Samson. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/11/20196:50 AMSamson & A2Arrival/DepartureThe rain continues to fall as Samson sleeps on the Sleeping branch. How appropriate. The weather will be improving today with cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-seventies. The rain slowly dissipates and the fog rolls in. Samson flies at 6:53am, perhaps he’s off to find A2. The lovely sound of vocals is heard in the distance at 7:18am. So sweet to see A2 and Samson arrive together at 7:29am. They make such a beautiful couple, each complimenting the other. Samson, the more strong and silent type, A2 the more vocal and feistier of the two. They are adorable together. A2 flies up to Sunset Branch while Samson moves over to the Wallenda branches. They spend some time gazing out into the fog before Samson flies off at 7:39am with A2 following close behind.earlybird_AEF
2/10/201910:16 PMSamson & A2Arrivals/On Nest/Perched Departure/RainSamson has been back 'n forth to the nest @ 3 times this afternoon & evening - first @3:25 pm when he arrived on the Wallenda Branch after being seen at the Sleeping Tree (ST) & also catching a fish in the lake near the ST. Then he flew from the nest tree @3:49 pm. Second time was @5:30 pm. He perched & waited for the arrival of A2 who showed up flying in onto the nest @ 5:53 pm. Samson joined her on the nest, both doing some nest work, beaking together then Samson went to the Wallenda Branch & A2 went to the Sunset Branch. No surprise there! @6:07 pm A2 went back to the nest, followed by Samson. More nest work. A2 sporting a dirty beak from digging. @6:14 pm Samson started his branch hopping while A2 stayed on the nest. She almost has the beak cleaned off. She laid down momentarily but @6:27 pm she went to a branch then flew off. Samson flew off right after she left. Could hear some vocals close by. The rain started after 7 pm. @8:44 pm vocals were heard & an eagle was seen perching below the nest. Maybe Samson. @9:15 pm he moved, trying to find an area that is more protected from the rain. The Cams are finding him but it has been difficult to see him with the rainy conditions. @9:47 he has moved possibly to the Sleep branch area. @10:24 pm it is believed the shaking of wings was heard, shaking off the wet feathers. Stay safe Samson & A2. The rain may last for several hours yet. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/10/20191:19 PMSamsonArrival/DepartureSamson returns at 1:19pm. He spends some time at the nest tree before he departs at 2:18pm.earlybird_AEF
2/10/201910:21 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/DepartureSamson joins A2 in the nest at 10:21am. They dig in the moss, planting their seeds of memories, just like Samson’s parents did before. All the memories of Romeo and Juliet that we unbury from time to time, to hold, to touch, to remember. Each petal sweeter than the next. It appears that A2 and Samson’s relationship is growing too. We couldn’t be more pleased to watch it unfold. As we wait for Romeo and Juliet’s return, we stop and smell the roses as this new flower blossoms. Enjoy the moment and bask in the sunshine. Samson becomes a little agitated, perhaps there’s a thorn nearby. He flies off with some vocals at 10:57am. A2 graces us with her presence until 12:37pm and she too flies off. earlybird_AEF
2/10/20199:53 AMSamson & A2Prey Delivered/PerchingSamson’s back at 9:53am with a headless fish. So nice to see him enjoy his meal on the nest. He finishes up the fish and moves up to perch at Lookout Point. A2 announces her arrival as she returns at 10:08am. She enjoys a tidbit or two of some leftover fish before helping Samson with the nest work. Samson moves up to Sunset branch while A2 remains in the nest.earlybird_AEF
2/10/20197:47 AMSamsonPerchingThe sky is cloudy with temperatures in the sixties and rain expected. Samson returns to the Wallenda branches at 7:47am. No sign of A2 just yet, perhaps she had a few errands to run before the rain begins to fall. Samson seems quite content as he gazes around the Hamlet, looking as handsome as ever with the wind ruffling his feathers. He continues to perch at 8:57am. After a nice long visit, Samson flies at 9:38am.earlybird_AEF
2/10/20196:40 AMA2 & SamsonDepartureIt was so sweet to see A2 and Samson all snuggled up together on the Wallenda Branches. The Longleaf Pine did not stand alone last night, its long and secure branches holding our lovebirds in a warm embrace. Samson was up bright and early this morning to tidy up the nest a bit before he headed up to Sunset Branch. They joined up later to aerate the nest and to spend some time together, giving each other some special looks. Oh yes! A2 appears to be smitten and it seems that Samson feels the same way. These two sure enjoy each other’s company. Samson flies off at 6:42am as A2 looks on from the nest. A2 gives out a call. No response back. She gives out another call and still no response back. A2 can wait no more. She flies off at 7:21am. In search of her Samson? My guess would be yes. Perhaps they’ll meet up and have a breakfast for two.earlybird_AEF
2/9/201910:07 PMA2 & SamsonArrivals/Depart/PerchedSamson did not disappoint - he was back @3:06 pm, perching on the Wallenda Branch. Then off @3:27 pm. He must not be flying very far when he departs each time as back he came again @4:20, with vocals. Then off he goes @4:45 pm. The Ground Crew arrived close by @5:30 pm. They saw A2 arrive @6:02 pm & saw her take off @6:07 heading out, towards the Lumber Yard Tree perhaps. But she turned around it appears as she was back in the nest , with Samson, @6:23 pm. Went out to greet him maybe. They both dug in the nest for a bit then Samson went to the Sunset Branch & A2 stayed in the nest. When Samson started to move to another branch below the nest, A2 chirped a few times, and Samson made it down to one of the Sleeping branches @6:42 pm. A2 settled into the nest & had a snooze. Both were resting. Some light rain started falling @8 pm. We may see more rain throughout the night. @9:40 pm A2 made her way to the Wallenda Branch - stretched & did a PS. @9:51 vocals were heard from both as Samson tried to make his way further up closer to the nest. He made it to one of the Beak & Tail branches under the nest. Then @10:33 pm he finally got up closer to A2 on another Wallenda Branch, not without lots of vocals from A2 though. Stay safe with the rain tonight. Looks like the wind has died down. Goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
2/9/20191:51 PMA2 & SamsonDepartureSamson flies off at 1:51pm, A2 quickly follows. We hope to see you two lovebirds back here soon.earlybird_AEF
2/9/201912:32 PMA2 & SamsonArrival/PerchingThis has been a beautiful afternoon in more ways than one. A2 returns to the nest and look who’s with her? Samson! What a wonderful surprise. A2 seems pleased as she can be to have him back at the nest. We couldn’t be happier either. They’re so sweet together, sharing beak kisses and sharing the nest work. A2 never seems more content than when she’s with her Samson. She quietly perches next to him in the nest, giving him some special looks. The mate of her dreams. Samson looks so handsome; how can she resist. We’ve never seen her so quiet and so at peace. She’s a sweetheart. A2 = Adorable x 2. Samson moves up to Sunset Branch at 1:28pm. A2 hunkers down in the nest as it sways back and forth in the brisk winds. They both keep their eyes to the skies, watching attentively but quietly. earlybird_AEF

2/9/20196:30 AMA2 & VisitorPerching/DepartureIt’s expected to turn cloudy and windy today with temperatures in the sixties. A2 and her companion slept at the nest tree last evening and remain perched at the moment. A2 doesn’t sound at all pleased to have the visitor on “her” tree. It doesn’t appear that she’s warmed up to him yet by the sound of her vocals. The visitor shares in some of the conversation, perhaps just trying to win her over with some sweet talk. He flies at 6:55am while A2 remains on the Sleeping Branches. She flies at 7:02am.earlybird_AEF
2/8/201910:04 PMA2 & VisitorArrivals/On Nest/PerchedFirst in was A2 @5:48 pm with her signature vocals, then the Visitor arrived @5:52 pm. More & more vocals. A few minutes later the Visitor was laying down in the nest. A2 joined him @6:05 pm - she was chirping at him & even nipping him a few times, like she was trying to get him out of the nest. They worked the nest a bit & moved some sticks & then the Visitor flew to the Wallenda Branch & perched @6:18 pm. A2 stayed in the nest. The Visitor was back to the nest & A2 to the Sunset Branch - back 'n forth. The Visitor went to the Sunset Branch as well & tried to get closer to A2 but she just moved away from him. They stayed like this for awhile. Then @8:26 pm the Visitor moved to the nest, waking up A2 who then repositioned herself so that she could get closer to the nest. Did you all notice the size difference at this time? The Visitor looked smaller than A2, and had those skinny legs. Thinking this one is a male. @8:31 pm the Visitor flew to the Wallenda Branch & @8:38 pm A2 made it to the nest. She was digging around & even laid down for a short time until the Visitor decided to join her @8:53 pm. He nipped at her, trying to get her attention - she got up. But that was about the extent of that. The Visitor went to the Wallenda Branch within a few minutes. Nice crop on the Visitor. A2 then moved back to the Sunset Branch. The Visitor made his move again to the nest, digging in the nest & even grabbed at one of the railing branches but did not move it. @9:28 pm he was trying to decide which branch to fly to - head was going this way & that, maybe not seeing the branch well in the dark. But finally went to the Wallenda Branch. Tucked for the evening. Stay safe & rest well A2 & Visitor. Nice to see you both again tonight. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/8/20196:59 AMA2 & VisitorDeparture/Perching/PelletIt’s another beautiful day at the Hamlet with temperatures increasing to the mid seventies and no rain expected. The visitor flies off at 6:59am. A2 remains nest side, casting a pellet as she perches on Sunset Branch. She flies off at 8:10am.earlybird_AEF
2/8/20196:20 AMA2 & VisitorPerching/VocalsIt’s so nice to see occupants in the Longleaf Pine once again. A2 and the mature visitor arrived last evening and both spent the night on the tree. They’re wide awake and ready to start their day at 6:20am, sending vocals throughout the Hamlet. A2 perches near Sunset Branch and continues the conversation. A2 always has a lot to say. The white-headed visitor perches on the Wallenda Branches. S/he’s more the quiet type and only joins in intermittently. earlybird_AEF
2/7/20199:25 PMA2 & VisitorArrival/Vocals/Perched@5:24 we were happy to see the arrival of A2 along with her vocals, and a white headed Visitor. Is it the same one that has been around for over a week? I believe it is. Maybe if this Visitor is still around when daylight comes in the morning, we can look at its feathers, nares, etc for better ID purposes. For now, it has been perched on the Sunset branch with A2, no vocals being heard. Both are resting well after they were both on the nest, first A2 then both of them together then back to perching. A2 did sound off a little with some soft chirps, nothing like the constant vocals when they first arrived, one after the other. I did not see which one arrived first. It is just nice to see eagles visiting, Thank you A2 & Visitor for arriving & staying for the Chatters & Viewers. Stay safe & Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/7/201912:25 PMVisitor (WH)Perching/DepartureIt’s been another very quiet day at the nest. The white-headed beauty made a brief visit at 12:25pm. S/he perched on Sunset Branch and flew at 12:30pm.earlybird_AEF
2/7/20196:30 AMVisitor (WH)Perching/DepartureThe white-headed eagle is awake and perching on the Wallenda Branches. No sign that any other eagles slept on the nest tree last night. The mature visitor gives out a call at 6:38am. S/he inquisitively looks around the area as the sky lightens. The mature beauty stretches out it’s magnificent wings and flies off at 6:44am.earlybird_AEF
2/6/201910:18 PMVisitor (WH)Arrival/PerchedIt sure looked like we were going to have an eagle-less day but the white headed Visitor saved the day or evening I should say. Just before daylight was coming to an end, in flew WH announcing his arrival with a few vocals. It was @5:58 pm. Great to see you! We have been so spoiled throughout the last 6 years - always seeing Romeo & Juliet and then their eaglets on the nest from the end of August until April or so. We do hope that next season will bring all of us some normalcy once again. For now, the Visitor is perched higher up above the nest, its eyes seen in the IR on Cam 3 from time to time. Stay safe up there & rest well through the night. We are not ready to see an empty nest or nest tree but I will keep telling myself "Things happen for a reason." Continuing to hope the reason is: "keeping the door open for Romeo & Juliet's return." Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/6/20198:35 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestIt’s a beautiful morning in the Hamlet with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-fifties. Apparently, a perfect morning for the eagles to be out and about. The hawks and robins have been active nearby but no sightings of any eagles since yesterday afternoon. We’ll keep our eyes to the sky and watch for their return. earlybird_AEF
2/5/20199:28 PMVisitorArrival/DepartureNot much new to add to earlier events. @3:32 pm vocals were heard & the white headed Visitor flew in landing on the nest. More vocals are heard & another eagle flew in, landing on one of the Wallenda branches. It was A2. Who else with all of those vocals! The Visitor then flew to the Sunset Branch, perched & did some feaking - nice crop! Hopped over to another branch & feaked some more. Not long after they both flew off. It has been another quiet evening. The eagles are hopefully enjoying the Hamlet & the surrounding areas. Stay safe & soar high. Goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
2/5/201912:32 PMVisitorArrival/DepartureIt’s been quiet at the nest today. We had one very brief visit by an eagle at 11:42am. If you blinked you missed it. The mature white-headed beauty stops by at 12:32pm. S/he perches on Lookout Point for a nice long visit. 2:45pm S/he sounds the vocals, moves into the nest and flies off.earlybird_AEF
2/5/20196:45 AMVisitorArrival/DepartureA2 and Samson slept elsewhere last night, perhaps they needed a little alone time, out of the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Sometimes its hard being a star and these two have surely become just that. We love watching the sweet interactions between them, they are adorable together. The white-headed eagle stops by at 6:45am. Sorry beauty but A2 hasn’t yet returned. S/he attentively watches the surrounding area. Not a sign of A2 or Samson yet. S/he moves over to the Wallenda Branches with some vocals at 6:46am. Off s/he flies at 6:53am.earlybird_AEF
2/4/201910:14 PMA2 & VisitorArrival/Perched/DepartNot long after the white headed Visitor (or WH) arrived & perched, A2 came flying in @4:30 pm, with her signature vocals, and landed on the nest. The WH flew off, maybe not so content to listen to her vocals, and A2 flew off shortly after @4:33 pm. The Ground Crew visited the area @6:10 pm & were thrilled to see 3 deer roaming around near the nest tree. Ten minutes later WH flew in to the nest for a few minutes then flew up to Lookout Point. @6:24 pm WH flew off. It has been quiet since then. The nest tree is empty. The eagles have many places to perch in the Hamlet as they are no doubt finding out. Wishing them safe travels & a good night's rest! Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/4/20194:17 PMA2 & VisitorUpdate of visitor's beakJust a quick update; A2 and the mature beauty arrive in the nest at 4:17pm. There’s no sign of anything on the white-headed visitor’s beak. Whatever was there is now gone. All’s fine in the pine.earlybird_AEF
2/4/20191:35 PMVisitorArrival/DepartureThe white-headed visitor returns at 1:35pm. No sign of A2 or Samson, the beauty lies down in the nest and gets comfortable. There appears to be something hanging from the visitor’s beak. It may only be nesting material but we’re monitoring the situation. S/he has a few things to say before s/he moves up to Lookout Point and flies at 2:16pm. earlybird_AEF
2/4/20199:37 AMVisitorArrival/DepartureThe mature eagle stops at the nest for another visit at 9:37am. S/he calls out briefly and keeps watch on the area. S/he flies at 10:10am.earlybird_AEF
2/4/20198:04 AMEaglePerchingVocals are heard again at 8:04am. An eagle is perched high in the nest tree. All we are able to see are its talons so identification is not possible. S/he flies off at 8:12am.earlybird_AEF
2/4/20197:25 AMSamson/A2/VisitorVocals/Arrival/DepartureSo much for the peace of the morning. A2 and Samson seem to be on high alert. Their vocals are loud and shrill as they track something above. A2 joins Samson on Lookout Branch and they squeal in unison. Whoever it is better move along. Samson moves back into the nest and over to the Wallenda Branches. He flies at 7:30am. An eagle returns to the nest. Is it Samson? No, it is not. It’s none other than the white-headed eagle who has been visiting of late. A2 is so not happy about this new set of circumstances. She wants her Samson back and she has a whole lot to say about this new situation. The mature beauty doesn’t seem fazed in the least but remains in the nest. Something finally gets the visitor excited at 7:58am. S/he jumps up and loudly vocalizes in the nest before moving up to Sunset Branch. S/he intently watches the area as A2 continues to voice her displeasure. They both fly at 8:02am with the squeal of vocals trailing after them.earlybird_AEF
2/4/20196:30 AMSamson & A2Perched/MatingThe Longleaf Pine didn’t stand empty last night. Its welcoming branches were stretched out strong and proud as A2 and Samson sweetly perched on them. It was such a thrill to see both of them arrive in the early evening hours. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Is it them?! Can it really be A2 and Samson?! Oh, yes it was. Samson, looking fit and handsome as ever, A2, quiet and seemingly more content than we’ve ever seen her. I think there’s little doubt that A2 has found the mate of her dreams. She’s so much more laid back when he’s around and she’s more than happy to share “her” nest with him. The interaction between them is priceless. A2 appeared to have mating on her mind last evening, her head down in a submissive posture as she softly chirped to Samson. Samson appeared to completely miss the invitation or perhaps he was just being a gentleman and didn’t want to take advantage of the lady on his first night back. So cute how he just moves over to a branch. They were already awake and working on some nestorations at 5:43am. Samson moved up to Lookout Point while A2 snuggled down in the nest. It was precious to see A2 tossing around some moss as she remained lying in the nest. A2 sounds some loud vocals that quickly change to soft chirps as Samson joins her in the nest. They share the morning chores with a few beak kisses for good measure at 7:02am. Samson moves up to Sunset Branch for a well-deserved break, A2 remains in the nest. A2 gives out a call to Samson at 7:18am. This time he doesn’t miss her cue but quickly joins her in the nest and they sweetly mate. earlybird_AEF
2/3/20199:40 PMSamson & A2Arrival/PerchedWell what a nice surprise! We got our Super Bowl win with Samson returning to the nest with A2 @6:14 pm. Cheering all around! The Chatters just missed him before Chat was paused but no doubt they were ecstatic to read the update & see them first on the nest then up to perch on the Wallenda branches. It took a few minutes to positively identify Samson as well as A2 but their telltale speckles & side stripes were there in their head feathers. They have been tucked/looking around ever since. And no vocals from A2 during the fly in with Samson or at any time so far during the evening. She is a happy lady! Or so it seems. Welcome back Samson! Last time you were away from 1/18/2019 until 1/27/2019 - that was 9 days. This time you were gone from 1/30/2019 until today - that was 5 days. Great to see you! Stay safe Samson & A2. Rest well. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/3/201910:30 AMA2Arrival/Perched/ DepartureA2 arrives fashionably late to the nest at 10:30am. She calls out a greeting as she makes her grand entrance. The lovely diva trills out her songs as everyone listens spellbound. A2 has returned and we couldn’t be happier. She perches on Sunset Branch with wings outstretched, paying no mind to her admirers. She sings out chorus after chorus with her sweet-sounding vocals. We sit back and enjoy every minute of it. Her audience gives her a round of applause as she makes her departure at 11:10amearlybird_AEF
2/3/20199:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestThe Longleaf Pine had no occupants last night. No sightings of any eagles this morning. We’re missing A2’s sweet morning greetings, the sound of her vibrant vocals echoing throughout the Hamlet. There’re many places yet to explore, perhaps she’s doing just that with her eagle friends. We’ll continue to watch for her return. earlybird_AEF
2/2/20199:54 PMVisitorArrival/Vocals/Branching/ Feaking/DepartNot much more activity this evening. There were lots of birds singing in the late afternoon - they were certainly busy. Keeping the nest tree & the Hamlet alive & happy. Just before dark, @6:10 pm, in came the Visitor or white headed eagle, letting everyone know it was there with its loud vocals. It went to the nest first, then up to one branch where it feaked and then to another branch where it feaked again. @6:16 pm it flew off. No sign of A2 this evening. Perhaps she will visit later, or maybe she has found another tree or area she likes as well. Maybe the Visitor went off to join her. They were not at the Lumber Yard Tree as per the Ground Crew. Wherever you are A2 & Visitor, and wherever Samson, and Romeo & Juliet are, we wish them well & safe travels. Goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
2/2/20191:57 PMA2 & VisitorIt’s been a quiet day on the nest. The eagles have been elsewhere but we did see some beautiful Red Shouldered Hawks mating at the Snag Tree earlier today. A2 announces her return at 1:57pm. Her vocals reach a crescendo as the mature visitor also returns. I’m not so sure those are welcoming vocals from A2 but sometimes it’s hard to tell with her. She really likes to speak her mind no matter what the situation and she seldom uses a quiet voice. But I bet you already know that. The mature beauty doesn’t stay in the nest but instead moves up to Lookout Point while A2 remains on another branch at the tree. Probably a good idea on the visitor’s part. It doesn’t appear that A2 is really in the mood for company. The visiting eagle doesn’t outstay it's welcome but flies off at 2:08pm. It doesn’t take long before A2 flies off herself.earlybird_AEF
2/2/20198:08 AMA2 DepartureA2 continues to perch and has a few things to say before she flies off at 8:08am.earlybird_AEF
2/2/20196:45 AMA2 & VisitorPerching/DepartureA2 and the beautiful white-headed visitor are still on the nest tree this early Saturday morning. A2 is enjoying some time on Sunset Branch while the mature visitor perches on Lookout Point. Apparently, the mature beauty’s persistence is paying off. Both of them were busy with the nest work at 5:00am, sharing beakies and soft vocals. It’s taken A2 awhile to accept this beauty on “her” nest but this morning may have been the turning point. Time will tell if the relationship between these two continues to evolve. A2 is her usual vocal self this morning, letting all of the Hamlet know that she’s awake and ready to get on with her day. The mature beauty flies off at 7:05am while A2 continues to perch on Sunset Branch.earlybird_AEF
2/1/201910:55 PMA2 & VisitorOn Nest/PerchedVisitor down onto the nest, soft vocals from A2 then Visitor to Wallenda Branch just above A2. Vocals from A2 for a short time then all quite, for now.babyhawk_AEF
2/1/201910:11 PMA2 & VisitorVocals/Arrivals/Departure/Perched@3:55 some eagle vocals could be heard off in the distance but none were seen. But @4:37 pm when vocals were heard, in came A2, chose the Wallenda Branch to perch on & displayed a good size crop. The Ground Crew was there & was able to see A2 perching & doing her best "Batwoman" pose (wings spread out). We have seen her do this before. She must know that we like it. Show off, lol. The peace & quiet was soon to end as in came the Visitor or white headed eagle @5:36 pm & A2's vocals were piercing the air once again. The Visitor landed in the nest, does not make a sound, and soon laid down & looked quite comfortable there. A2 did not appear to be very happy about that. But she did not give this visitor a hard time or chase it off. The Visitor soon got up & flew up to Lookout Point then headed out into the Hamlet. @6:17 the Visitor returned, laid back down in the nest again, got up & chose a branch above the Sunset Branch to perch on for the evening. Still had that cute, fluffy down feather bling stuck in its nares. We have two eagles tucked & catching some sleep! Quiet time in the nest tree. @7:54 pm it was cute to see A2 tucked with one foot hanging down, giving it a rest. Rest well & stay safe eagles. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
2/1/20193:01 PMEagleArrival/Vocals/DepartureWe hear vocals at 3:01pm but someone is doing a good job of hiding in the tree. Come out! Come out wherever you are! The eagle does just that with a beautiful fly off at 3:11pm. Who it was is anybody’s guess. earlybird_AEF
2/1/20192:32 PMVisitorArrival/DepartureThe lovely visitor announces her/his return at 2:32pm. This mature beauty just isn’t giving up on this high-rise nest condo. S/he perches on the Wallenda Branches, takes a look around, flies into the nest and watches…and watches. No nest work is getting done this time. Twenty minutes later s/he’s still in the nest and attentively looking around. Something seems to get her/his attention and s/he’s out of there at 2:53pm. I have a strong hunch that we’ll be seeing this beauty again. I sure hope so. earlybird_AEF
2/1/201911:32 AMA2 & VisitorArrival/DepartureThe mature beauty returns to the Wallenda Branches at 11:32am and understandably A2 begins the vocals again. A2 isn’t shy about letting this beauty know that s/he’s not welcome in “her” nest but she hasn’t initiated any kind of confrontation. Of that we are grateful. A2 can get more than a little loud with the vocals but she appears to be sweet natured, with her “bark” much worse than her “bite”. That is one of the things that we find most endearing about her.The visitor flies off at 12:02pm. A2 stays perched a bit longer and flies off at 12:32pm.earlybird_AEF
2/1/20199:28 PMA2 & VisitorPerching/ArrivalThe beautiful visitor has continued to quietly perch as s/he gazes around the Hamlet. It’s very relaxing to watch her/him after all the turmoil we’ve had here this season. It reminds us of how wonderful and idyllic the Hamlet can be. There’s a longing for that once again that can’t be denied. The Hamlet can be the perfect place to raise a sweet pair of bobbleheads. Through the years we’ve seen that happen time and time again under Romeo and Juliet’s care and guidance. We’re still hopeful that we will see that once again. The visitor has one quick outburst of vocals at 9:28am. S/he moves down in the nest at 9:42am to tidy up a bit more. Since s/he’s been visiting s/he’s been very conscientious about keeping up with the nest work, not even letting A2’s warning vocals stop her/him from aerating the fluff. S/he finishes up with the task at hand and moves back up to Sunset Branch. S/he’s a vision of loveliness and serenity as she keeps watch. The quiet of the morning is broken at 10:26am, A2 has returned with vocals to the Wallenda Branches. The visitor moves down in the nest, aerates the fluff and calmly lies down. A2 gives out a call at 10:35am, the visitor quietly gets up, repositions itself and snuggles back down again. Another sound off by A2 and the visitor flies off at 10:40am.earlybird_AEF
2/1/20198:53 AMA2 & VisitorPerching/DepartureA2 and the visitor continue to perch at the nest tree, A2 on Sunset Branch and the visitor on the Wallenda Branches. While A2 continues with the vocals, the visitor preens her/his feathers. It’s a lovely sight to see the tail feathers spread out like a beautiful hand-held fan as s/he preens each feather individually. S/he pauses for just a minute as A2 flies off at 8:59am but s/he goes right back to the work at hand, cleaning and straightening her/his feathers. S/he really is a beauty with a calm and majestic demeanor much like Juliet’s. We still are not certain if s/he’s a male or female although many are leaning towards her/him being a female because of A2’s reaction to her/him. But A2 hasn’t really been pleased with anyone in the nest except Romeo and Samson so for now I won’t even try to make that determination. It there’s a mating or an egg laid, then we would know for sure. 9:23am The mature beauty continues to quietly perch on the Wallenda Branches as the birds serenade us with their morning songs.earlybird_AEF
2/1/20197:53 AMA2 & VisitorPerching/Vocals/DepartureThe visiting eagle didn’t stay away for long or the trickster was hiding on the tree the whole time. I see movement on a branch near A2 at 7:53am. It’s the visitor and that can surely explain why A2 continues with the incessant vocals. The visitor appears to be just as stubborn as A2 about who should be on this tree. But enough is enough. The visitor finally flies, perhaps s/he’s off to get the ear plugs after all. S/he’s back and perching on the Wallenda Branches at 8:29am. earlybird_AEF
2/1/20197:30 AMA2 & VisitorArrival/Vocals/DepartureThe Longleaf Pine stood empty last night. The mature visitor from yesterday arrives in the nest at 7:30am. A2’s right behind him/her with piercing vocals. The visitor calmly aerates the nest and moves up to Sunset Branch, all the while A2 is voicing her annoyance. The visitor doesn’t seem perturbed at all and returns to the nest at 7:35am to tidy up a bit more. This is one laid back eagle, I must say. But even s/he has her/his limits. A2 screeches again and again, “Get out of my nest” with some more ear splitting squees. The visitor has finally had enough or has gone off to get ear plugs. S/he skedaddles out of there at 7:37am. A2 high tails it up to Sunset Branch. But does she quietly perch now? Of course, she doesn’t. A2 has a lot more to say.earlybird_AEF
1/31/20199:40 PMA2 & VisitorArrivals/On Nest/Perched/ Feaking/VocalsNothing like having 2 eagles flying in to a nest & one of them feels the nest is hers - all hers! @3:47 pm A2 arrived with vocals, landing on a branch & looking down at an eagle on the nest like "What are you doing there?" More vocals, and A2 started feaking, then lots of vocals. A2 was on a roll. The Visitor has been quiet. A2 went down onto the nest @3:54 pm & she fluffed up her feathers in front of the Visitor. The Visitor then went to the edge of the nest. The visiting eagle was the mature one with the all white head. A2 flew back up to the branch @3:57 pm (Sunset Branch I believe). Vocals. She feaked some more. Nice crop A2! @4:15 pm she went back to the nest with the Visitor, and A2 fluffed up again. It appeared that she was not happy that another eagle was there. The Visitor got the hint this time & flew up to a branch @4:15 pm. A few minutes later A2 flew off & the Visitor flew not too long after. There have not been any eagles back all evening. The Chatters were curious if this Visitor is a male or female. Hard to know. This eagle does look fairly large so could be a female. Other than wanting the nest to herself, A2 does not seem to be aggressive to this Visitor, and the Visitor seems very relaxed there. Maybe a sign that it is a male. But at the same time, I do not think that it would matter to A2 if male or female as she has not been happy with any eagle on the nest except for Samson & Romeo, from what we have seen. We will continue to watch & learn. ** Earlier this evening, there were 2 eagles perched over at Tatine's Tree (TT). Maybe these two were there. A2 does know that tree as she was seen perched there back on Dec 29th, 2018. We will wait & see if any of the eagles return tonight. Stay safe eagles. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
1/31/20192:55 PMVisitorArrival/DepartureThe mature eagle’s back again at 2:55pm. S/he spends some quiet time in the nest before making her/his way up to Sunset Branch at 3:17pm. S/he flies off into the big beautiful blue sky at 3:24pm.earlybird_AEF
1/31/20192:05 PMVisitorArrival/DepartureA2 made one very brief visit to the Wallenda Branches at 10:53am that lasted all of one minute. The mature eagle that was at the nest earlier this morning has been the most consistent visitor on the nest today. S/he stopped by for two additional visits at 11:57am and 1:13pm. The mature visitor’s back again at 2:05pm. S/he crouches down and appears to be tracking something as s/he sounds the vocals. S/he flies off at 2:15pm.earlybird_AEF
1/31/201910:19 AMVisitorArrival/DepartureThe white-headed visitor flies off but returns at 10:19am. S/he wiggles down in the nest and calmly looks around. S/he’s gets up and repositions her/himself twice before settling down once again. S/he sounds the vocals at 10:29am and departs from the nest.earlybird_AEF
1/31/20197:49 AMVisitorArrivalThe beautiful white-headed visitor announces her/his return at 7:49am. S/he snuggles down in the nest as the wind softly sways it back and forth. S/he looks very comfy as s/he reaches over to rearrange some sticks. The beauty’s up again at 7:58am to gaze out at the Hamlet, giving him/herself a rouse of the feathers at 8:02am. This visitor certainly has a quieter and calmer demeanor than A2. It hasn’t seemed confrontational at all, just hanging out at the nest. The visitor has a few things to say at 8:16am as s/he continues to watch the Hamlet. Just a few brief vocals and s/he’s quiet again. earlybird_AEF
1/31/20197:20 AMA2 & VisitorArrival/DepartureThe white-headed visitor quietly returns to the nest at 7:20am. It’s hard to tell at this point if its male or female but it’s a pretty thing. Just one more eagle passing through or looking for a place to call home. It’s hard to tell what the ultimate outcome is going to be but for now we just sit back and enjoy gazing at this beauty. The vocals begin at 7:28am as A2 arrives in the nest. A2 has a lot to say as the visitor calmly fluffs the nest and moves over to the edge to gaze around. S/he moves over to the Wallenda branches as A2 remains in the nest. They both fly at 7:41am.earlybird_AEF
1/31/20196:27 AMA2 & VisitorVocals/Arrival/DepartureIf we’ve learned anything about the eagles this season, it’s that things don’t always stay the same. Yesterday morning, all was right with the Hamlet and now this morning things are uncertain once again. The Hamlet is prime real estate, a ready built nest with all the amenities and fishing close by. What eagle wouldn’t want to call this lovely place home. It’s not like they can sign a contract and put a down payment on it. An eagle has to stake their claim and protect what they perceive to be theirs. Now that Romeo and Juliet have gone, it appears that we have many eagles trying to do just that. It would be a perfect world if we could choose the next inhabitants but it’s not up to us. We now have at least two new eagle visitors that have been added to the mix. A2 is still our one constant this morning. She slept at the nest tree, actually moving down into the nest to sleep sometime last night. She’s up and calling out at 6:28am, presumably for Samson. An eagle does arrive to answer her call but it’s not Samson. It appears to be the same white-headed visitor from yesterday. A2’s not at all happy about this and persistently and shrilly lets him/her know it. The white-headed visitor doesn’t seem to be very rattled by this at all and just calmly goes about the business of tidying up the nest. A2 doesn’t make any attempt to approach the visitor but instead continues with the incessant vocals. The visitor has a few things to say before it moves over to the Wallenda Branches. They both fly at 7:12am.earlybird_AEF
1/30/201910:27 PMSamson, A2 & VisitorArrivals/ Fly Offs/On Nest/ Perched@5:17 pm Samson & A2 came to the nest very briedfly, flying off a few minutes later. The Ground Crew was watching not far away. They saw an eagle land in the nest @5:36 pm - this appeared to be the GF lookalike. It was very vocal. @5:48 pm it ps'ed in the nest then flew off. The Ground Crew saw the fly off. They also mentioned that they had seen 3 eagles soaring above & then a 4th joined them. So it was possibly Samson & A2 plus the 2 visitors & just maybe the visitors were being escorted away. No report of any fighting in the air. @6:20 pm A2 came back & perched on her favorite branch, the Sunset Branch. She has been there all evening - tucked with her head hanging down her back & tucked with her beak snuggled under her back feathers. Tired lady! She has been preening some as well. No sign of Samson yet. Stay safe sweet eagle pair! Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
1/30/201910:06 PMVisitorsArrival/On Nest/Perched/ DepartureAnd we have added yet another visitor or 2 to the list of eagles who just want to visit this special nest in the beautiful Hamlet. Early this afternoon @1:33 pm an identified eagle flew into the nest - this eagle did appear to look like GF or girlfriend in that it had some salt & pepper splotches on its otherwise all white head like GF had. It seemed to be comfortable with the nest, first doing some digging then vocalizing shortly after. This eagle looked around, then vocalized some more only to fly off @1:49 pm. More vocals were heard @3:09 pm & this same eagle flew in & laid down on the nest. Another eagle flew in as well & perched on a branch. This eagle had a completely white head, not seeing any speckles or splotches but its head feathers were all over the place so not easy to see if any pattern in its head. Its feet did appear to have some cuts. @3:23 pm the one on the nest, who looked like GF, let out some vocals then flew @3:30 pm. One remained perched but had gone down onto the nest at some point. Then the GF lookalike returned @4:54 pm & perched on the Wallenda Branch. @4:58 pm both flew off. babyhawk_AEF
1/30/201912:26 PMSamson/A2/VisitorArrival/Vocals/DepartureSamson returns again at 10:00am, perhaps with an extra spring to his step after his morning rendezvous with A2. The interaction between the two of them has been heartwarming to see. No sign of A2, Samson flies off at 10:15am. We have two more visitors arrive with screeching vocals at 12:26pm. One of them flies directly into the nest, the other lands on the Wallenda Branches. I believe the eagle on the branch is A2 because of the dark feathering or “racing stripes” near her eye. She is partially blocked by a branch so it’s hard to get a good visual but the high sounding squees are hard to miss. She doesn’t appear to be at all happy with the white-headed visitor who has dared to enter “her” nest. A2 has been getting more and more possessive of Romeo and Juliet’s nest as time goes by. Thankfully there is no confrontation between them. They both fly at 12:29pm.earlybird_AEF
1/30/20198:36 AMSamson & A2Mating/DepartureSamson’s back at the nest with some vocals at 8:09am. He watches the area and has a few more things to say before he flies at 8:18am. Samson and A2 both return at 8:36am. They perch on the Wallenda branches and share some conversation as they intently look around the Hamlet. A2 gives out a call to her handsome Samson and puts her head down in a submissive posture. She’s done this before but Samson didn’t seem to get the message. Will he this time? Oh yes, he does. He joins her on the branch and has a few special things to say to her before they sweetly mate at 8:56am. It appears that A2 has indeed found the mate of her dreams and we couldn’t be happier for them. Love is in the air once again in the Hamlet. Our two lovebirds fly together at 9:06am, perhaps they’re off to have a romantic fish dinner for two. earlybird_AEF
1/30/20196:30 AMSamson & A2Vocals/DepartureIt appears that A2 and Samson did indeed sleep in the Longleaf Pine. Both eagles were spotted in the tree after dark but we weren’t able to identify them with certainty until early this morning. We almost thought they were going to be a no show since they only stayed for a brief visit during chat last evening but these two apparently have no problem flying around in the dark. The street lights and the moon must be enough of a beacon to show them the way. We are more than happy about that. There’s nothing sweeter than to wake up with eagle vocals as your alarm clock. The vocals did sound off, right before the two of them flew off at 6:40am. We’ll be watching for their return.earlybird_AEF
1/29/201910:03 PMSamson & A2Arrive/On Nest/Depart/ Vocals/Back to perch@5:02 pm Samson flew in & landed on the Wallenda Branch then went down onto the nest. As the Ground Crew was watching, Samson then flew off right over the top of them. He returned with A2 later @5:55 pm & they both went to the nest. It was looking good for the Chatters but their stay was only for a few minutes. They were off & we could hear their vocals off in the distance. Maybe they went over to the Lumber Yard Tree. Well one of them did as reported by the Ground Crew. Also 3 deer were seen walking around down under the nest tree. Crunch! Crunch! @8:53 pm the sound of an eagle landing in the tree was heard along with vocals. It looked like A2 but not definitive under the IR. She landed on the nest then went to the Sunset Branch, calling out some more. Was there a 2nd eagle that landed as well? It cannot be seen at this time. In any case, Samson is probably not too far away. For now, A2 is perched for the night it appears. Stay safe eagles. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
1/29/20193:00 PMSamsonArrival/DepartureSamson is back for a visit at 3:00pm. He rearranges a stick or two, aerates the fluff and attentively watches the area from the nest. He flies at 3:20pm.earlybird_AEF
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